Danish Alone - Season 4 ep 1 - An Ice Cold Dip - English Subtitles

Danish Alone - Season 4 ep 1 - An Ice Cold Dip - English Subtitles

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I'm trying to connect with the spirits that are out there. I see waterfalls. I see water. It's a natural disaster.

There are many surprises for me. I'm looking forward to it even more now. 8 Danes have said goodbye to life in Denmark - - to try to survive on their own in the Norwegian wilderness. It's a while before we meet, honey.

- But we're cool, the two of us, right? - Yes. - Are you coming out to pick me up? - I hope so. Now I come ashore with the boat. Shut up, how wild is that. Participants receive the same equipment and must each survive in their place - - in the same harsh area. Do not touch anything. Goodbye out there. See you on Christmas Eve.

Bring roast pork. Goodbye! But the participants have completely different prerequisites. You do not get fresher fish than when the heart beats. Who makes the right choices? I have to find somewhere else. Who has enough experience? I'm desperate to get something to eat. In the end, it's nature - - the insulation - - uheld ...

... and the emotions ... Why am I exposing myself to this? ... who decides who lasts the longest - - and is left alone as the winner. Alene! Trip, trap, clogs. I'm ashore. Jubii! Shut up, how beautiful it is here.

It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. Hi! Such. Then I'm alone in the wilderness. I have found a nice stick. Yes. I feel completely at ease. I'm in harmony with the place.

Over here, there is a birch tree that has been knocked down. So I have to have that emergency hero up to stand and put a yarn out. I'm going to live under that tree there tonight.

Shit, mand. That was it. Fuck, this is wild, this. I'm going to live here. Goodbye at home. Bye Bye.

This is completely insane . I dread that rain there. It does not take long before it rains here. So ... Yes, we have to get started. Here they are actually fairly well sheltered from the rain right now.

Then I have decided where I want to make a shelter here. It will be a fast one today, because you do not know when it will rain. So...

It's mega cloudy and it's raining - - so it's mega lucky that I 'm done building my bivouac. There is room for everything I need. It's dry. The selected participants must go through a bootcamp - - where they get their equipment. Delivery of gear. This is a good opportunity to get to know your stuff. A total of 60 meters of rope. Parachute line.

Compass. Knife. If you want to work harder, you have it here. The things I have been given are basic things - - as tools and equipment I need every day - - and essential for survival.

It's important to take care of things, because they can get me far. This is where I have to stay. I must have found a cool place - - and now I'm going ashore. Then there is the touchdown. Such. It's an insane place. Thank you very much.

Then it's just me and nature. Ha ha! How insane. Now I want to try to decide where I need to be.

It's nice enough to know the possibilities. But it is not super accessible. Well, then I came here, and the challenge is - - that it is very risky to have to crawl down here - - on the stones down here, put the yarn - - and drag it over to the point over there. So it's a no-go. I dare not. It's very nice that I'm wearing my life jacket. It's just down.

It's really harsh. At least some thoughts need to be thought through. This is damn exciting.

Okay. Now I'm on my way out to look at my area. Now I walk towards the creek I could hear when I came.

Because it's so damn fat with running water. You can drink it, and fish like to eat - - around where the water flows out. No, how perfect is that. It looks great too. Shut up, there are many things. There's so much I have to do - - and have investigated.

Now look there. I may well live right there. It's not entirely bad. I'm building the fast emergency bivouac here, and there I'm going to sleep tonight. Then I can start building ... the cottage, the castle ... I'm starting at my castle tomorrow. Here it will at least be a start. I have an idea.

Such. Yes. Here I have to sleep the first nights. That is not bad. It will not be the highest tipi on earth. The tarp I have - - is 2.9 meters times 4.3. But now I'm not fucking tall either, so it's okay to start with.

So ... am I ... actually ... ... quite satisfied. The tipi is big enough for me to stand up. Then I have my camera equipment.

I have my sleeping bag in full length plus a little extra legroom. Then I have all my equipment and my clothes. And then right here at the entrance to my tipi - - there's my campfire. So that's just nice. I've found something reminiscent of a half barrel of oil. And it's pretty interesting.

You have to say in a way ... It does not turn into a boat. At least I have some metal. Maybe a small kind of fireplace. Smoking oven. There are many options. It's super fat! Let's get started on making a bonfire. Then there is the bonfire.

I have to promise that it's hungry, the one who ... Holy shit. They dry so well when stacked on top. This is my only chance to get it dry enough. What the hell? It looks a lot like the excrement of a bear.

Moose are more some big round some. That's a big solid shit. I'm not sure, but usually there are more blueberries if it's a bear. I would say that kind of shit, it's a deer. These are small lumps. Now ... We have to see. Maybe there will be bears. It's getting fat. Jubii. The bear and me.

There may be wild animals, such as wolverines or bears. Participants have a security package. First aid equipment. We go through it all so you know what's in it. Safety equipment, whistle. I recommend that you always wear it.

Participants also have a GPS transmitter so they can call for help. You must make sure that there is always power on it and that it works. What needs to happen now is for me to go down and get some water.

What do you say then? Water ... I will not lack it. The goal when I sit now and look ahead - - is ready to be here as the last man. There is no doubt about that. But at the same time, I am also aware that it is not an easy task. It's going to require all the brain cells. I'm not very good at routines. They can get bored quickly. I think I have to go out with the yarn here the first day.

I can feel I need food if I am to move on. You can not sit on your ass all day. I have to get that net out. At the bootcamp, they were given various fishing equipment.

You have got two fishing nets. These are harsh conditions. My yarn is my primary source of income for food. They are also good.

I have practiced with my father with hooks and laces at home. I've gone all-in to learn it. Well, honey. Here comes a challenge. If you were to catch an eel ... Here's a live eel.

The head is here. Take it close to your head. I have been a vegetarian for five years due to climate and animal welfare. - Yes, it's alive. - I can see that. Squeeze hard so that it lies still. It's going to be hard to kill so many fish, but that's the premise. - It is well. - Fuck.

I appreciate my dad's help with cleaning and cooking fish. Without it, I would probably have been a little more lost. - Are you worried about me? - Yes, because I can not help you.

- Are you afraid I'll hit me? - More that you get angry. So you will be mad at yourself for a long time. You have a little temperament. I do not know if I fear hunger - - but I fear it may force a home.

Uh! I've just been out putting a net, naked. Fuck, it's cold! It's not just a little cold, but extremely cold. Fuck, man.

It was much deeper than I had anticipated. I fell deep in. Clothes on. Right out there, I can not bottom out. That yarn is going to be a challenge. Ah, man! I need to get a boat.

The question is whether I get something to eat. It will be interesting. How wild it was. An elk came wading past - - when I was about to shut the camera down. But the elk is standing right in there. So it's wild. Cool. See you tomorrow. It was fun ... Last night I had a dream, or a nightmare. I had come home early.

In a way, it could show everything that has worried me - - and the thoughts I have made about ... How's it going to go? How do I handle the task? How do I manage to be alone? There are so many uncertain things. My biggest fear is not to disappoint my family and my loved ones. They are already proud of me. My biggest fear is disappointing myself.

I want to go down and check my yarn. I can not wait any longer. I'm excited to see if it works. I really hope there is a fish - - because it will be an insane success experience. Just to get confirmation that I can figure something out. Exciting. One of the things I have been most looking forward to is winning with the fishing.

That has been one of my biggest concerns. Can I catch anything? It will show the hour of truth. Now I want to go down and see if there are any fish on my hooks. Breakfast? No not today.

Now I just ... Hi. Yes yes! Cool! You smoke right ashore. I can also see two fish. Ida in the wilderness day 2. Ah! Where is that fat.

Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! It does not look like there is anything. There is so little yet. It really does not look like there is anything. Pisselort. I dare not pull anymore. I just want to see how far I can go in this rubber boots. I can not see where it hangs.

It's stuck right out there. Fucking shit! It's only the second day and then my net gets stuck and I'm going out there again. That's not damn nice. Oh! Oh, fucking ... I just needed it to work.

Fucking shit! Oh! The feeling of what succeeds here fluctuates rapidly. I was just hoping for a single fish. Otherwise I will have to try a little with line fishing later.

Yes. Right now I just need a break - - so I do not get completely mad at it and die completely in it. Yes, I have to.

I can feel that the carbohydrates I am used to getting ... Sugar. It's ... It's given me a little headache. There is like a certain transition from being used to just eating and eating. Årh. I have to promise for - - that my body just needs to find out that there is no sugar to run on. To work with.

By now, I probably had a small glass of Pepsi Max. Something like Pepsi here becomes a bit of a challenge not to get involved. I'm a little addicted to it.

I drink Pepsi Max, like others drink coffee. So every day. It pollutes me, and in a way it makes a good grounding - - for all the other spiritual work I practice. My name is Jesper Westmark. I'm 49 years old. I work as a meditation mentor , trauma therapist and shaman. Breath. Shoulders. Chest. Stomach moving a bit. Being a shaman and a spiritual person is something I am.

Namaste. My chances of surviving in the wilderness are good. I know a lot about plants and fungi. These are blueberry bushes, but there are no blueberries on now.

I have the skills needed to survive. That's what I'm made for. That's what I can do. Then those fish can take care of themselves while I find some twigs in here. Off to hell. Satan too. Of. It did not go up through the foot, did it? I just have to check, because it does damn nas. Oh no.

A splinter. It is not good. There's something sitting. Okay. It's a rock. It is not good. I must have cleaned it and be aware of it. If I get infections, I can get blood poisoning and inflammation. It's a crisis.

There are so few things that decide it out here. If one can stay here. One has to think about all the time. I have to go out and find some firewood so I can make a little stock.

The big ones around the camp are rotten - - so I can not use them for so much. So I want to see if I can find a dead birch tree maybe. Shut up, how I would like to have my daughter with me. Lili would have loved this. I've got off to a good start. I have a good home.

I've caught something so I have food. Still, there's something I'm missing to feel - - that it is completely optimal. My name is Miguel. I live in Ans with my wife, Christina -

- my daughter Lili and the dog Hatzy. Do you think we can find deer today? Crowned or fallow deer. My family is the most important thing in my life.

It gives me peace of mind to know that I can come home - - and then things are okay. The. The. Se the. - A tiger. - Shall we catch a tiger?

- Shall we take Hatzy with us? - No. He does not like tigers? Came. Security means a lot to me, because I have not had most of it myself - - neither as a child nor as an adult. My youth, the late teens - - and the first years in the twenties were enormously difficult. I had for three years, I would say, a substance abuse. I was so far out that everyday life did not work.

But it really turned around when I was 23 - - and moved away from it all, to the North Sea. I ended up with my grandmother and grandfather. It changed everything. Getting out into nature and getting high in other ways. It was not drugs. Nature can give you a completely different feeling of happiness and joy. My Achilles heel up here will be my daughter. I expected that I would be affected by this need.

It surprises me that it goes so deep - - that I have a hard time getting myself started. I go all the time thinking ... "Hell, now just go home." On fucking day 2.

Right now, I'm a little mad at myself. Because for some reason - - have I let some negative thoughts come to the fore today this morning. All these thoughts should not be allowed to be here right now. It's a fragile time now. Now you're finally here, and it's time to prove - - that you can find out well here.

And then it does not work for me today. This is what I've been talking about. That I'm tough on myself - - and my expectations of myself are often too high in relation to reality. It's not fun to be in the mood to disappoint yourself. - Do you need a hug? - Of course. Who is it? Is that Grandpa? You told Grandpa today.

My family consists of my father, my mother, two sisters and me - I think my family is extremely good. I have a really good relationship with everyone. You will probably miss me more than I will miss you.

I have been a scout since I was 7 years old, and have been actively since. My knowledge of surviving in the wild is relatively good - - because through scout life you have gained many basic skills - - to survive in the wild. And then I have to pull myself together now. It's actually going well. I've started making a fishing rod. I have to change the strategy - - in that I have got that tear under my foot. I can not walk in the water the same way.

Being able to adjust is important. I'll throw it out, then we'll see what happens. There is a piece out to deep water. I try and hope for a trout to come.

It puts limits on my fishing that my foot is injured. So now the fishing is going on, because I can see - - that with the size man I am, there must be some food. The worm has been eaten. There's nothing on here either, I think.

Jo. Ha! It's a little shitty eel. Ha ha. Just try to see. It's sour.

I probably just have to eat it. Simply. No, it does not taste good. Practice.

To. To! I can not stand to eat this. No, how disgusting it is.

I'm not looking forward to tasting this ... eel decoction. Ej. It does not taste good, but there are damn ... There is oil in or fat from it. And that, I think, is really healthy to get down. Ej. Uh!

No, no, no, it was clammy. It was simply the meal of the day. I have to finish that fucking boat - - and then I have to have a net out so I can catch some big trout. Then I work at my shelter where I have to live.

It's going to be huge, that cabin. I have just started on my more permanent home. I'm building a bed. It's going to be here. I think I've come a long way. There is a lot of work. So. Now I've decided what I want to do - - to feel that the day is going to be good.

And I want to make a drawstring for my yarn out in the water. I've found this giant driftwood thing. I sawed this off. Then I'll tie something on there - - and a string down to a stone, which I bind on. I use the leash I have been given. There is not much. I can hardly do what I want.

Project boat starts now. I have a tarp and some string. I think I want to make it from spruce twigs. I got a rope made of some synthetic nylon. I'm considering if I can lace it out and get more small pieces of string. Okay. That's how far it can go.

I have used a whole roll on day 2 and have only one roll left. It's insane to think about. It's really scary. One two Three... Fire. Now I have 16 strings, if I can count correctly. I would have recorded that I put yarn, but it went into coke.

So did my yarn - - so neither photography nor yarn is my thing today. It's because my drawstring is too short for yarn length - - so that half of the yarn hangs on the pole. I do not feel terribly satisfied with that set-up. I just dare not use - - 50 meters of my 60 meter string on it. First I was afraid, I was petrified. I was thinking I could never live without you by my side.

I think how am I gonna ... Da da da, du du du ... I will survive, I will survive, I will survive, I will survive. I're cutting the tarpaulin now. Arch! What have I done?! Now I just have to hope it was the right thing to do.

Fuck. It was already on its way into the water. But look. There is a reason for that, after all. It's done, man. I'm standing by the water ... ... and looking beyond and have decided that I do not bother anymore. It's so weak-minded. I have the coolest spot, but the thought of ... ... that I should not see my daughter indefinitely, that ... It's harder than I expected. Before I go home -

- I want up in the terrain - - and see over behind my stream what is hiding. I've now reached the top - of my little mountain, which is not very high - - in relation to some of those around me. It's still amazing. There really is a delicious view from here.

What a calm. Burp. Now that I'm at the top, I'm going to reconsider - - my options. It could be cool to make a mountain home up here. Such a station away from my base. You could easily do that. "I...

... is... ... done." It would be so easy to just press "send". But on the other hand, I would be sitting at home next month - - and be disappointed to know that there are still some sitting up here. I had thought that when the fire was fine enough - must have roasted my mushrooms. It looks very delicious. I love chanterelles. It's wild. I've been here for under a day, maybe almost a day - - and my hands are already so disgusting to look at. They are ... dry.

Well, you have your own hand cream with you. Then they get just a little saliva hand cream. It looks very delicious. You could say that time usually goes by like this at home. Here time goes like this. There is even a lot of day left.

I have no experience of being alone like this. I really need to get used to just being in it - - and lie here and relax and think. Just sit and look out at the mountains and the lake and think. It does not have to be more than that.

But am I not getting better by the day? It really is a struggle with myself. To come home and ... sing for Lili. Come home and watch Disney movies. Now that I'm lying here, I can just show what I took with me of the picture. My wife and my daughter. I expected to be here for a long time - - so I also have a picture of a pair of breasts.

So I do not forget what they look like. Right now I just want to go home to my wife, my daughter and my dog. Good morning to day 3. I hope there is fish in the net. I simply think there is a fish in the net. Oops, a bass. Shut up, there's a big fish in it. It's still alive. Now I must have timed it - - so I do not lift the fish too much out of the water. It pulls.

I'd rather have it over the stone here. And in here on the big flat rock. It smoked off. The big trout smoked off. Arh, hell, man. It's lying there. Aww too bad. I still need to crack the key to this place. Then geese come.

If one just fell down here, flew into the tree - - and dumped down on the beach, would not be crazy. Goose roast. A lot of meat flies away there. Good morning, day 3.

What needs to happen is that in a moment - - I must have fried eel. I've slept in something like 14 hours. Just to get out of my little ... hole, I was in yesterday. No no. And really just wanted to go home. Of course it's too early - - on day 2 already.

We give it one more shot and see if we can not mess around together. Skin-fried eel. Oh! Shut up, it tastes good, man. If I catch one fish or eel a day ...

... on average, I can survive a really long time. Well ... I can not throw far enough, so I have to get started - to build a road to my fishing spot. I have to build a bridge. Then I'm ready to jump in the water. I have taken some very heavy strains - - in the hope that it will help keep it in place. I'm building a footbridge out into the bay - - to buy me more fishing water so I can cast the net further out.

It holds and seems stable. Then I'll see if I can get a system made here - - for my yarn. I am mega excited about whether it succeeds. Then the yarn must be hung up here.

It's a bit like trying to figure out ... ... how it works. How it works best. It just takes a few tries.

Fuck, man. That was not good. It hurt, that. It's been a little five to ten minutes since I crashed.

I've got a lacer - - right up from the start here where it started scraping. Then it has gone further in and ends here where it has gone deep. It needs some attention - - and I do not hope it sends me home prematurely. Right now I want to be able to build a cool shelter that I love.

It's starting to look like something. No, how good it will be. Woo-hoo. It is very pleasant work. Maybe that's the purpose of the experience.

Learning to get out of my head. It is also quite a task. Maybe because I'm used to being entertained. You hear music when you do something. When I apply nail polish, I watch Netflix. Right now I'm in good spirits because this looks fucking good.

Look here. My tarpaulin can reach down there. No, how amazing. Right now I have to go out and have my yarn fixed.

Otherwise I will not get any food. Juhu! I'm getting ready to saw some more firewood. It is a task to be performed and right now I have extra energy. I might as well take advantage of that.

Timber! Shut up, how could it be good to have a rifle with you. Even the birds think it is a place to be. Knock, knock ... Hello, we come from "From scrap to castle". Copyright Safri Duo.

Du-du-du-du-du-du-dut. I hate people with full beards. There's a long day yet. Reach.

Ha ha ha ha ... Oh-ha. Three days alone ... Then you lose ... the fart. Hi there! I have come to the thought that I would also like to enter again. So I have to find something I can row with.

I'm looking for a ... birch tree ... ... with a Y. Yes please! I know. Hold is ten. Just try to see, man. Just try to see! A vein. Two oars.

Well. Now it's power ... suseme exciting. Such. Oh! It works! Then it went to the bottom. Woo... Yes!

Woo... Woo! There is an echo. Woo! Fun. Then I suddenly feel ownership over this. I can shout it out. What I can shout out must be mine, right? Woo! Woo.

Juhu! Woo! Now I have a fire made and this is my new shelter. I'm not sitting in a tiny shelter like the other few days. I can sit in here. There are high ceilings. I can be here.

It's boosted my mood 100 times. It's too fat out here. Then there are fish in the net tomorrow. And then I can build on this lovely shelter. Then I have to have my first spruce tea and I have not picked up spruce. Then it's good, my mattress is made of spruce. We let it pull a little. The fire is still going on.

All this talk about negativity - - I'm going away with. It's cool to be here. And it sets thoughts in motion about how long I can be here. It could be cool to be the youngest contestant to win. I've made a decision tonight - - I would not have taken already. It came back to haunt me, but once a decision is made, it is made. I have chosen to move into my new cabin.

I've made a bed in here. So it's my kitchen and my oven. The stone reflects the heat. I think it's going to be really good. I washed underpants today so they hang to dry. In addition to the food , home is the most important thing to me. It does not look good, but when everything is closed, it should probably be good. Cozy. Maybe I need a kitchen over there.

It's probably going to be in the middle, so the fire is in the middle. I have to inspect the damage and start with wound washing. The tear I got on the left shin is over 10 cm long. It hurts insanely. I'm afraid it means a quick exit.

I am very concerned. I do not know if there may be inflammation in my foot. It puts a limit on everything that my foot is injured. I hope it heals. That there is no inflammation in. Then I'm out.

I think we're going to experience the first storm. It's not too funny that I experience water in my camp. It cascades down from the mountainside. I need to find another place to stay. It is a lie. There are no fish. I'm not going home today. This move means that it is quietly painting towards the end. I really do not want to go home.

You want to go home today?

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