Das Riese und Müller Multicharger ist das beste Cargobike für… - Fazit nach 8 Wochen

Das Riese und Müller Multicharger ist das beste Cargobike für… - Fazit nach 8 Wochen

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Moin, I'm Tilman from the cycling gang! This is the 2021 Riese & Müller Multicharger Touring. I've been on this bike almost every day for the last eight weeks and was able to find out the weaknesses and strengths. And I want to talk about them in this video . I said one thing in advance: this is the best cargo bike that you can currently buy ... so for a certain group of users. This video is about the evaluation of the bike. I've already made a video where I go into detail about the bike, all the equipment details , the features it has and give a driving impression.

I'll do that in this video is no longer, but I will, I really go in here in the ratings. I'll link the video up here somewhere, then you can see that first and then you come back and watch this video here. In the last few weeks, the Multicharger has been my everyday companion . I used it to shop, to commute with it, to take care of my baby and we went on one or the other little excursion. But that wasn't the only thing I did with this bike, because I also made two big trips , once in one day 170 kilometers over gravel routes through Schleswig-Holstein, and then I was there for two more days in the Harz Mountains and got to know the mountains a bit and also showed my daughter mountains for the first time. I link the videos to you in the description box below . These two trips have definitely shown me what this bike is

actually capable of and that it is not just a city / everyday bike , but is also really suitable for travel and off-road use. Be sure to have a look at these videos and if you want to see more videos like this and also want to find out more about other cargo bikes, then subscribe to this channel! I am now evaluating the bike using the Radelbande evaluation matrix . That's ten criteria based on two different categories. Namely, once "bicycle" and once "cargo bike". So how is it doing on the various points? And we start with the bicycle category and there with the point driving dynamics. The Multicharger is an elongated, late 90s early 2000s mountain bike. We have 26 inch wheels at the front and rear and they roll well enough over all kinds of obstacles. The

driving stability felt a lot like a normal bike. The seating position is quite sporty overall and the whole bike can be moved very intuitively and very actively. Even when I was out and about in Harz, I always had complete control of the bike and was able to align it with pinpoint accuracy. Even if some places were too technical and I had to get off and push. Some have suggested that the heavy point behind or above the rear wheel could become too high due to the large rear wheel. Yes, it is relatively high, but it is

still lower than on a normal 28 inch bike when a child is sitting on the back because the battery is down here, the motor, that pulls the total weight down quite a bit. And if you then load the side bags, you have a very balanced weight ratio, which, however, already puts a heavy load on the rear axle. The handlebars are then relatively wide, but not as wide as on modern mountain bikes. But you still have enough control to drive over more technically demanding passages or to be able to circle the bike well through everyday traffic . The Bosch Performance CX motor shows no weakness at all. The noise is a bit too penetrating for me, but the engine itself and the power it generates pulls you up almost anywhere, even when the bike is loaded. And in conjunction with the Shimano Deore XT derailleur, the motor can also develop its full potential because there is basically no loss of drive or power in the drive train. The brakes also decelerate very reliably and I liked the fact that the magura levers are in the wide version here. These are not the two-finger levers, but the

three-finger levers, so that you always have enough control over the bike even on longer descents and when you have smaller hands . However, if I were regularly out and about in the mountains and regularly descended for longer periods, I would go to bigger targets again. We have 180, 180 here; I would go to 203, 203 mm, especially if I were to regularly ride a fully packed bike. And i have to admit, i'm not the lightest rider either. The suspension fork also responds sensitively. When you drive up a mountain, it doesn't pump all the time, but cleanly swallows bumps. It's intuitive, agile and I actually have nothing to complain about. The second point in the Radelbande evaluation matrix

is innovation and design. And when it comes to innovation, we have the great advantage that Riese und Müller is keen to make the bikes smart, to integrate the bikes into their existing ecosystem and the Multicharger is not spared. We have the option of the RX chip, i.e. this gps chip, which also

enables other functions and offers, as well as the Nyon display or the smartphone hub. Here, too, the cable management that all cables or most of the cables run inside; it looks tidy, it is also easy to clean. Of course, when it comes to design, Riese und Müller is not the first manufacturer to rely on a longtail with 26 inch tires. With the specific focus on off-road use, if you opt for the gx option, that is actually almost unique in the cargo bike sector. When it comes to frame geometry, we don't have a one-size-fits-most principle, instead we have two different frame sizes that are suitable for two different riders: inside sizes. Of course, this has advantages and disadvantages. On

the one hand, there is the advantage that you can choose your bike and adjust your bike the way you want to ride it yourself. However, if you buy the bike for the family and one rider is taller, like our family, and the second rider is significantly smaller, then you have to buy two multichargers. That is the disadvantage of it all. Otherwise, the overall design is Teutonically clear and not very exciting. The only things are those yellow porters that want to oppose it so vehemently . But it's a phenomenon, this bike. Massive, it looks powerful and of course with this thick down tube it is also very clearly recognizable as a giant and Müller bike.

Two points that struck me negatively, in terms of innovation and design. First: the matt black gram is very sensitive to dirt. So you can really see every grain of dust, every pollen that gets lost on it and if you want to have the bike clean, then you really have to clean it regularly. And often it is not enough to just wipe over it,

but then the big wash has to be done. And the second point is removing the battery. We have a plastic cover behind which the battery is hidden. And that is then taken out downstairs. That means, when you want to take the battery out, you always reach into the

dirt. And today it's dry, that means I can just rub it off. But on wet days, when you have driven through mud, you have to wash your hands again and again afterwards . And then you have to hold it back a bit, then you loosen the battery here, it can't fall out, that's good. But if you take it out, then it falls towards you . Resetting the battery is only possible with two hands and you have to find the right point a bit. Then he's in and then you have to fix it with dirty hands again. The next point in the evaluation matrix is ​​the point of equipment, and as with most bikes, or all of them by Riese and Müller, there are only a few points to complain about. We have good grips from ergon, we have a good selle royal saddle, here in this version also the Cane Creek suspension seat post, which I like very much.

And everything you see here, all attachments, are of high quality. And what you shouldn't forget , we always have this integrated battery and always the Bosch Performance CX motor, always super nova lighting ... so there is little to complain about here. For the lighting, I would really like to have at least the option of a front lamp with high beam and maybe also a rear light with a brake light function. And then of course you are spoiled for choice

when it comes to the display, the gears, what suits you best and even the option of the HS version, i.e. the 45 km / h version . Overall, we have very good equipment, where the basic components fit well. But there are two things I don't like, and on the one hand the pedals, from which I slipped even in the rain and hit my knees . So with that I wouldn't dare to venture one meter into the terrain. And the bell ... these are cheap cent items that somehow don't really fit the bike . We come to the next criterion, namely the price. The Riese und Müller Multicharger gt lite costs from € 4,499. And if you then configure a few things so that children can sit on it

too , the bike costs less than 5000 euros. That is cheap. This is cheaper than comparable bikes from the competition, especially when you look at the equipment. Because there is always a front luggage rack with you, there is good lighting here, the one in tube battery is there, and that is really extraordinary. I didn't think I'd say that about a giant and a miller. Of course, you can make the bike very, very expensive if you opt for the Nyon display, the double battery, if you configure a lot in addition here , if you also choose the rohloff or the high-speed variant, for example. Then you can bring the bike pretty much into the high four-digit range. But still, you can

get an excellent, well-equipped, high-quality cargo bike for less than 5000 euros from Riese und Müller. It's good! The fifth and final point in the bicycle category is quality. And I have to say, there is nothing noticeable here. When I picked up the bike , there were no screws that were loose, no connections that we should have tightened, but I just had to insert the seat post, press the display on and off I could go. Of course, we still checked everything once to make sure that everything was correct. But it wasn't a problem at all. After a few days

the spokes started to crack a bit, especially here on the rear wheel. But I also have to say that overall I put more pressure on this bike than any other test bike before, with my tour over 170 kilometers of gravel or even in the Harz Mountains. These were routes that had already reached the limit of what the bike is actually suitable for, also according to Riese and Müller. But it did it all brilliantly! I did not have a breakdown, I did not lose the chains, the circuit worked perfectly from the day it was delivered. I could just pack everything in and go and that's really one of the points that I think is great.

I didn't have to worry about this bike. The only thing I had to do , of course, and that is simply due to the derailleur gears, which of course I had to maintain regularly , clean once and oil once. But, admittedly, I did that relatively seldom, and still everything works extremely well. Runs noiselessly! I am really excited about the quality. However, if you have to go here and want to maintain the bike yourself , then you could be confronted with one or the other problem, as the whole thing is very blocked here. In the weeks of the test, there was also no excessive wear

on any parts. We now have a bit of rust here on one or the other screw , which of course is not so nice, but I have to say that overall the quality is more than satisfactory. So much for the points from the first bicycle category. Now let's move on to the cargo bike category and start with variability. And the Riese und Müller is actually a very variable bike. The good thing is that the basic equipment already includes the large, in this case yellow, luggage rack at the rear and also the small luggage rack at the front.

This is now optional here, but the standard version has a small luggage rack that can withstand a weight of five kilograms. But of course you have to equip the bike in the way you need it for your own purpose. Here in this case now with the safety bar kit and the large side pockets, which, I guess, cover the usage scenarios of most people. The safety bar kit offers space for a euro box measuring 60 by 40 cm. It just fits in here and that's why the safety bar kit is, in my opinion , very, very good, because all sorts of things can be lashed to it. The possibility of mounting a children's bike

here in the back , with this solution that Riese und Müller offers itself, which is ingenious, but of course you can also put bikes here in these side pockets. Due to the fact that my daughter has refused to cycle a bit in the last few weeks , I unfortunately had no opportunity to extensively test this feature. But the couple of times I've tried it, it worked really well. You can of

course hang panniers in different sizes on the luggage rack or you can use panniers from Riese and Müller, which really have a large storage volume. However, with such a child seat they are not quite as practical as the bags cannot be closed when a child seat is installed. Then of course dirt comes in, then rain comes in and that limits the use a bit. The panniers are also a bit blended, I have to say quite honestly, because some of the space is wasted back here and the footprint of the panniers is not particularly large. But they are very stable and can be used in a variety of ways. There is theoretically the possibility of installing a towbar , but only if these panniers and also the rolling boards are not installed, as they are tilted a little downwards when the bike is moving . Then the coupling or the arm of the trailer would no longer have any space to move. I would have liked to have seen a way to also

mount a towbar with these rolling boards and bags in place. But maybe that is a possibility for the next version of the Multicharger. The next point in the cargo bike category is the criterion for children's sets or bench seats. And when we order the savety bar kit

or the passenger kit, we have a thick cushion on this luggage rack, which passengers can easily sit on. Riese und Müller releases the luggage rack for people up to 65 kilos. So even smaller adults or younger adolescents can simply sit on it and let themselves be driven through the area, if they want. If you have smaller children, the safety bar kit is definitely recommended. You may not necessarily be able to climb in here yourself, but this package has several advantages. On the one hand, as I already mentioned with regard to the variability, things can be lashed here , but on the other hand, a child seat, like this Hamax Caress, is also very well embedded. I didn't even need to strap my child's feet, as you

should normally do with normal bicycles, because where should they go ... and then she put her feet here or pressed against my butt here, and that gave me a little more freedom of movement on the sometimes somewhat longer tours that we have done. Child seats that have a side attachment can be mounted here on the luggage rack . However, it does not fit a child seat that has such a central attachment as is possible with some other cargo bikes, because this plate is in the middle of the luggage rack . Unfortunately, there is no way for very, very small children to take them with you with the Riese und Müller Multicharger. The point with the child trailer comes into play again. Then

you would have more space for everything that you simply need for such a baby . The Multicharger is therefore more suitable for parents with slightly older children. For the very, very small, there are naturally other options. The next item in the cargo bike category is accessories. And the accessories, i.e. everything you can choose from when configuring the Riese und Müller Multicharger, are sufficiently comprehensive for most applications. We have these different luggage rack options on the back, with the safety bar kit, with the passenger kit, with the selectable bags. At the front we have three different options for the luggage rack. We have the display options,

everything overlaps a bit in the direction of the equipment. There is also this lock bag, which is specially configured here on this bike. When I got the bike , I was very happy about the two bottles from fabric that were installed in the front . This is also something that does not even appear in the equipment list. What I would still wish for is somehow a bag for down here. This is currently unused space.

Here you can of course mount a bottle holder or something similar. I 'm not 100 percent satisfied with the bags . I've already said that, they are a bit blended, so the interior space is a little wasted. And the cordura material used, that literally attracts dirt and dust. And in the bag itself there is no way that water that has entered can run off. Then water collected below during a heavy downpour

and took several days to dry out. So, in my opinion, there is still a need for action. One thing that is missing from the selection of accessories at Riese and Müller is weather protection. And that is certainly something that would interest many parents, and would bring many parents to the bike again. Because children who sit on the back are simply exposed to the elements. And especially in colder climates or when it rains, the children simply have to be wrapped up very thickly because they simply cannot move at the back. So

, in my opinion, weather protection would also be very desirable for the Multicharger. The penultimate point in the Radelbande evaluation matrix is ​​the point of parking and maneuvering. With a total length of a little less than two meters, the bike is very easy to maneuver and is very easy to park, albeit with one or the other restriction. Because this bike is heavy! The advantage, however, is that because it basically looks like a normal bike, it fits in many bike racks. However, if you want to connect your bike to a kreuzberger ironing device, you have to use a somewhat longer lock , as the wide luggage rack at the back and the wide luggage rack at the front means that you don't get as close to such a bracket. The lock chain that came with me is, however, very, very long. I would still use

a second lock if I parked this bike anywhere. Fortunately, there are enough options with this frame to connect it. Of course we have this large space here, we have the opportunity here, we can draw something from it. The bike is sufficiently secure on the two-legged stand. Even if my child was sitting on the back and there was a load on the left and right inside, the bike really only tended to tip over on very uneven terrain. Parking and maneuvering can be handled just as easily

as a normal bicycle. With the restriction that the center of gravity is already relatively high and the bike is simply quite heavy! The last point in the Radelbande evaluation matrix is point security. And here the Riese und Müller Multicharger has a very clear advantage: it is a longtail! And especially when you come off a normal bike, it can be moved completely intuitively and without getting used to it beforehand. The engine allows you to accelerate sufficiently quickly when things get tough and the brakes also grip hard and are always there when you need them. Especially thanks to this three-finger lever. However, if you load the luggage rack heavier, especially at the front if you stretch the 15 kilos, the bike tends to flutter relatively quickly. So then it rocks a bit. So you always

have to grip the handlebars tightly and keep tight control. When it comes to lighting , we already have good material, but as I said, I would still like something with high beam. Maybe also a really thick headlight so that you have the opportunity to drive through the forest in the dark and not have to retrofit something like that afterwards . Another problem with the lighting is that the rear light is simply covered by the side pockets when viewed from the side. And here, too , from the side view, you can see that there are very few reflectors. We have the reflectors in the front and rear tires, but here too half the tire is covered by the pockets , and then there are no reflectors on the side of the pockets. For children and other

passengers, however, it is really great back here. With this safety bar kit, the children are really quite good here ... I don't want to say cuddled up, but a bit built in. So it's very safe for children back here. And even if the bike should tip over, there is enough space here that the poor are not immediately on the asphalt. And the

side steps are also wide enough to put your feet down and not hit the road immediately if the bike should tip over. All in all, the Multicharger offers a good level of security without standing out particularly well for any points. Yes, that is the evaluation according to the Radelbande evaluation matrix! And what did you say after the first video: this is not a touring bike, this is not a mountain bike, this is not a travel enduro ... but in the end it is exactly that. It is a bike that is ideally suited for cycling, a bike that is Suitable for easy to medium-difficult terrain, depending on who is sitting on it or whether someone is sitting on it and how much load you have, how much stuff you have with you. The Riese und Müller Multicharger Touring is, in this case, the best cargo bike for someone who wants to be in nature, who wants to take their children with them, who may always be traveling with a lot of luggage, but who also doesn't want to miss the engine. And I guess

and I am now making the claim that the Multicharger is the only cargo bike, the only long tail, that is so well suited for such a purpose. All other longtails all other cargo bikes have significantly more compromises when it comes to that. But is it now the best cargo bike for everyone? Definitely not! Hence the fact that it simply has some shortcomings that make other types of cargo bikes and other longtails better. This bike has a very special purpose and that's more ... I'll call it adventure riding, maybe luxury bikepacking, you could also say, and that, yes, supported travel. If you want to be out and about in the city with it in everyday life, there is of course the option of equipping it with an enviolo for a little less maintenance. The rohloff

would of course still be possible and that is certainly a good choice, but of course it is significantly more expensive. So in my opinion the derailleur is already the first choice for the Riese und Müller Multicharger and personally I would actually use the entry-level model . That is my conclusion on the Riese und Müller Multicharger touring in 2021. What would you do with a bike like that? Do you agree with my rating? Tell me in the comments below. Give me a thumb up if you like the video and if you want to be there the next time the gang is on tour, then subscribe to the channel! Bye see you!

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