David Reagan: Israel in Prophecy

David Reagan: Israel in Prophecy

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If. You are a bible-believing, Christian. You, know that, we're living on borrowed, time. And here, to talk about that, borrowed time is, a man I'm sure you've seen on, Christian, video yourself he's, David. Ragan and David, welcome, to prophecy watch, Thank You Gary it's good to be here I appreciate the invitation tell, everybody about lamb and lion ministries well. I, was a, college. Professor University. Professor, of international, law and politics for 20 years and in. 1980, I felt a call to God to give up that career and step out in faith and start. Lamb and lion ministries we, called it lamb and lion because, those, are the two great prophetic images of the Messiah in Old Testament prophecies, came in the first time as the conquering, is the suffering lamb and returning as the conquering lion and so, we formed it in 1980. It's, tough time to form a ministry because that was before the internet it. Was before well. We had no way of outreach, at all we just go, around preaching and, that was it but. The. Purpose of the ministry was simply to teach. The fundamentals of Bible prophecy and, to alert, people of the fact that we're living in the season of The Lord's return I don't think we can know the date when the Lord's come in but I think we can oh the season well in the opening I quoted, from your book which is entitled living, on borrowed time and by the way we're gonna be talking about three of David's books on, this, and another program we'll be doing, I love. The way you're right well thank you sir and the reason I do is because what. You're right is easy to understand, well that was the purpose I write, for the general reader I don't write for theologians. And and I really. Try hard to do that to make it very understandable. And I think God's given me a gift of making very being, able to take complex, ideas, and make them simple to understand, now, living, on borrowed time talks about the doctrine of imminency, and we're. Gonna get into that a little later but but before we do that I, want, to talk about Israel, and Bible prophecy that's, the title of this book and, this. Is a wonderful book for. Several reasons, I, love. Your, chapter, 7 and the. Revival, of the Hebrew language. Now. I've read about the. Revival of Hebrew in a lot of history books and sometimes it's kind of dry and hard to read but, you have made it a great story tell us about what it is incredible, store it's a story of a man by the name of Eliezer, ben-yehuda and you, have, a street, in almost, every, town of Israel has a street named Eliezer, ben-yehuda. Because. He's recognized, as the person, who revived the Hebrew language from the dead but most people do not realize is that when the Jews were distributed. All over the world by the Romans, and others they. Stopped speaking Hebrew the. Jews that were in Europe, took Hebrew, and mixed, it with, German. And came up with a language called Yiddish and the ones that went to the Mediterranean, Basin took. Hebrew. And mixed it with Spanish, and came, up with a language called Ladino, but, spoken, Hebrew just, ceased and the, only time you could hear spoken Hebrew was when you would go to the synagogue and the rabbi. Would stand up and read it and often he didn't understand it he just read it phonetically, and the people listening it was like going to a Catholic. Mass conducted. In Latin that nobody understood, but, the Bible's prophesied. In Zechariah 39 that in the end times God was going to revive, the pure speech of the Hebrew people and so. He, raised up this man Eleazer Ben Yehuda who was born in Lithuania, in. The nineteenth century and, he. Developed. A. Tuberculosis. Very early in his life and he. Was given only a few months to live and he decided if he only could live a few months he was going to die in the land, of his ancestors, so he went to Israel, worst place in the world for a sick person to go because Jerusalem was. Just, it. Was just full of sickness, and illness of all kind if that's where he went and, he lived another 60, years, it. Was amazing his, life was just extended, and he, worked day and night he was a great intellectual he worked day and night trying to revive the Hebrew language but just think about that you're trying. To revive, a language, nobody spoken. For 2,000, years and he was a purist, he would not take the word Telegraph, and put it in the Hebrew language I I, study, Russian for many years and I noticed that many, many words like telephone, telegraph or just telephone Telegraph in Russian he wouldn't do that had to be a pure Hebrew word he, had to invent words for all the inventions, he had in bit words for historical, developments, and things like that and and had a group around him and they would invent these words but, you, know some people might like take the word Telegraph and just reproduce, that Telegraaf right.

But But he'll but he took Hebrew, roots Hebrew. Roots and developed, these words and by. The time he died which i think was about 1922. By, the time he died he, lived long enough to see, the British government, who was in charge of Israel at that time adopt. Three, official, languages for, the, for, Palestine, as they call it and those three official languages were English Arabic and, Biblical. Hebrew, today. The, people of Israel, or speaking Biblical. Hebrew I went to the. To. The. Museum. There in Jerusalem. Not. Long ago I had a group with me and we went to the museum, of the Dead, Sea Scrolls and the centerpiece, is the Isaiah, scroll it's in a great, big centerpiece, of the whole museum and I, explained it to the people and as we turn to walk I heard somebody speaking Hebrew and I turned around and look and look like a 12 year old boy and, he was there with his parents and he had a pointer, and he, was reading that's. Growth that dates back to the first century reading. It line by line probably. Preparing, for his Bar Mitzvah and I thought what a miracle, of God what. Kid. 12 years old in America could, read anything, from Chaucer, yeah. And by the way I've studied Charleston what the answer is nobody nobody, okay, what great, kid 12 years old could read Homer I mean yeah, it's not possible Koine Greek is, gone I mean you can you can study it. Nobody. Speaks it that's right and yet here is this miracle of it being revived and it's, this you're. Excited, as you speak I love that yes because it this is an exciting thing I have, my Bible open to Ezekiel, 37, you can, probably recite, that whole chapter, the, hand of the Lord is upon me and carried me out the Spirit, of the Lord says Ezekiel, and then he proceeds, to talk about this. Valley full, of dry bones, and, that even became a very popular spiritual. Yes, those, dry bones yeah yeah and those. Drive we have watched during, our lifetime, the dry bones. Together yes it's one of the greatest miracles of history. And the revival, of the Jewish, people to their land to their homeland and that. Particular. That. Particular prophecy, is very interesting, in the Book of Jeremiah two times in identical, language he says that, when history, is over and done and the Jewish people look, back on their history they. Will no longer swear. By the God who delivered them from Egyptian, captivity but, they'll swear by the God who, regathered them for the four corners of the earth same God but, what he's saying is, they will consider their Rega during a greater. Miracle than the, deliverance from Egyptian captivity, and, and Gary you and I have lived to see that and the average Christian has no appreciation, with of it whatsoever and by the way may, I say that's what you convey in this in this book Israel, in Bible prophecy and. That, need that story needs to be told, for. The very simple reason that, everybody. Takes, the. Miracle of Israel for granted well I hear, a Millennials, for example all the time saying well it was just an accident of history that they all came back an accident. Of history what people, have ever been regathered, in the history of mankind if, they've been scattered all over the world for 2,000 years because, they first of all would lose their identity and, starting. With I believe, it was eleven Russians, back, in I believe. 1890. To. The. What they call the first aliens first, going up to the land and, they came back and they founded, a little city called Pataki, Kepha that's right which. Was. Included. The word hope, yes, the gate of Hope in. 1900. There are only 40,000, Jews in all of Israel in the world war two 600,000. Today, there's, almost, seven million more than were killed in the Holocaust and there's 14 million Jews in the world so almost half of all the Jews in the world are back in the Land of Israel and that's a accident, I mean, that has to be the. Will of God to draw, these people back it. Does indeed now. Let's. Go back into history because, this is more of a miracle than most people think the. Ten northern tribes. Were wiped out in 722. By. The assyrians, that's a long time, ago and and, the Assyrians, made sure that they would never come back they scattered a scattered. And everybody, said the ten tribes are gone and then. Came. The Babylonian, kept in, captivity and, there and the rest of the Jews were scattered, they came. Back, miraculously. And, then they were scattered again and, now. They're regather, yeah, I mean this, is but. Just amazing, think of the miracle of them keeping their identity for 2,000, years scattered all over the world I know that's, it is a miracle. It's. Just it's mind-boggling, in and for people to say well this is just an accident you.

Know I'm looking, at the table of contents, of your book Israel, and Bible prophecy, mmm. The. Dispersion, of the Jews was not just a local dispersion. Though went. Around the world I mean from. China, yes. By the beginning of the 20th century had Jews all over the world to England, I mean Africa. Everyplace yes, and. What. What in the world pulled. Them back maybe, the Holocaust. Had. A huge, effect on the Jews on the sense that you're right I think you're right on target there what, what, I usually teach is that that, World, War one made the land available for the people through. The Balfour Declaration and. So forth but they, didn't go back in large numbers World, War two provided. The people for the land because they came out of World War two saying never again never again are we gonna live under a person. Like Hitler never again are we gonna live in all over this world we're gonna go back we're gonna establish our, own state, and we're, gonna have our own nation, and so. The the Holocaust gave them that that motivation, and they. Came back in large numbers now. You've got your book arranged, as the past yet present and the future, yes it's very easy to follow and what. Is the future for Israel, here we are in, in the year 2018. Which is an exciting, year and. We, need to talk about the 70th, anniversary of, the nation yes, and everybody's. Talking about this 70th, anniversary you. Know, 70. You, go to Psalm 90, you know and, the song of Moses there and he talks about seventy. Being the years of a man a man's. Life, and everybody says you know when Israel, gets to be 70 years old something. Ought to happen. I. Also think about the fact that you and I are approaching. A major birthday, and the Bible says that 70, years is given anything you have above that you're living on borrowed time you and I remembered oh boy how. True, by. The grace of God. Isn't. It great it. Is and this is is what in fact Israel unless there's a war Israel. Will set a record this year for tourism, they said it last year they're gonna pass, that this year for the numbered millions of people coming, when. We were in. Israel a while back one thing blew, me away that, I had not expected we, were in the old city and at lunchtime, crowds. Everywhere and people. Walking everywhere, and I. Stood in one spot waiting, on somebody I stood, there for about 15 minutes and people going. Past me and the thing that that absolutely. Amazed, me was. That in that 15 minutes I'll bet I heard twenty twenty-five, thirty different, languages. Spoken every. Dialects. Of Chinese. You. Know Filipino. European. Languages, yes not, only from tourists, but this is true also of the Jews who are coming back they're coming back from over a hundred countries around the world and they, are speaking many different languages and so very, few of them know Hebrew so, when they come back to Israel the first thing they have to do is they have to spend one year in, an, open, school which is a school that teaches them that Hebrew language, it, takes a year and and, they live as. Ward's. Of the state during that time but they have to learn Hebrew to function, in Israel, and so. Everybody. Is in, immersed, 24. Hours a day in the Hebrew language hmm.

It's. Like no place else it is it, is you, know let's. Shift gears here for a minute I have. Another of your books here called living on borrowed time the, imminent, return of Jesus now, let's. Talk about imminency, is. But. There. Is a place where imminency. Act meets actuality. In other words we are historically. Appointed, to in particular time I, was that way, you put that Jesus, you know said through. Hosea, you. Know after, two days I'm gonna return that's. Right well two, days mm. At the end of that time we, seem to be at about, the right times right that's right and, yet. The. Coming, of the Lord for his people has, been imminent, yes and, and. They live in, a state of, hopeful. Expectation. Yes the Bible teaches that the Lord's return is imminent, that it could occur any moment that there's not one prophecy, that has to be fulfilled which is one of the reasons that both of us believe in a pre-tribulation, rapture, because. If you don't believe that and you, only believe in the second coming or you put the rapture at the time of the second coming there is no imminence because there's so many events that have to take place before the Second Coming occurs the only way the Lord's return can be imminent is if, there is a rapture, before the tribulation, not, one prophecy has to be fulfilled but. The, reason I think we're living on borrowed time is because, there. Are many many signs that weird look for but for the first time in history they've, all come, together, convergence. Is the number one sign really they're all together now for the first time ever so, clearly, indicating, we're living in the season of The Lord's return and, many, people have pointed out the the. Odd. Quote-unquote. Coincidences. In, the dating, for. Example, 1897. The first Zionist Congress and, exactly 50 years later Israel, statehood by 1947. 48 and then. You jump, ahead to, 1967. And you have the six-day war which changed, everything and. Anniversaries. Seem to be piling. Up in years that end in seven you know night 1897. 1917. 1947. 1967. And people have been saying. Hmm. It. Does how does that happen. And, we we are now in 2018. And, we, don't set dates let's. Talk about that for a minute because everybody. I meet, it. Says do you think the rapture is close, how. Close I mean. Six months a year year. And a half and, people are wanting I know and, I feel the same way myself I'd like to set a date but, we don't set a date no let's. Talk about that well I just believe, the rapture is imminent I think. That it could hurt any moment and I don't think there anything anything has to occur before it some, things make for example the Rhea Rhea gathering, of the Jewish people to reestablish them Israel occurred before the rapture it, could have occurred after because the rapture is not the beginning of the tribulation there's going to be a gap and we just don't know for sure how long that gap will be it might be a few months it might be a few years I, think it's going to be pretty short but. The tribulation, begins when, the Antichrist, signs some. Sort of covenant, with Israel that's the beginning of the tribulation not, the rapture and. I think most people are agreed Premal, pre-trib. Dispensationalists. I mean I'm all three of those and yeah III do, believe, that that we, are living at the end of the dispensation. Of grace and, that everything, will change when the church leaves, I think.

There's A transition, period, I've. Followed, a number of writers down through the years and and most, of them talked about like a transition. From the. Church age into, the the full-blown, arrival, of the Antichrist at, something like maybe three, four or five years just, well you know actually I think we're in a transition, stage right now and explain. What I mean with that when. When. Jesus. Christ died on the cross and the church was formed it. Was 40 years later before. God, poured, out his wrath upon Jerusalem destroyed, the temple and there was a transition, period there when he was working through the church and the Jews and I. Think, we're in a transition, period like that ever since the reestablishment of Israel, God is still working through the church but he is beginning now once again to work through the Jewish people to accomplish, his goals so, I think we're in a transition, period right now but we'll be in more of one when the church is taken out and. We are I think. At a critical stage in the United States we. Are the leader by the way if, you will quote unquote leader, of the free world and, have been recognized, as such for many years now we have a. Rather, unusual president. Who, is, standing. Up and and. With his. Usual style, announcing. That hey the embassy is going to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem well. You see, and yeah, you can only say praise God to the hat well and you really have to because I tell you that has been a tremendous insult. To the Jewish people and you think what it would be like if some nation came over here and said we recognize, the, United States but I tell you we don't recognize Washington. DC as your capital we're gonna put our embassy in Chicago, well we would be outraged, that we would and and the Jewish people should, be outraged, so Jerusalem. Has never, been the capital of any nation except, Israel it's never been the capital of any Muslim state it is it never has been only. The Jewish people they are the ones who have the claim on its mission what seven, hundred over eight hundred times, in the scriptures and, not. Once in the Quran, hmm. How. True and. Well. Let's put it this way. Jerusalem. Is the. Place. That God loves, yes, well, I read Psalm 87, yes and. And God pronounced his love for that place that geography, that, city he says this is the place I love on earth more than any other well, if it's good enough for God and Ezekiel. Says it's the center of the world and it is the center of the world spiritually. That's where God came in the flesh that's, where he's going to return that's where he's going to reign from over all the world it is the center of the world when I stand on the Mount of Olives and I look out over that city I tell. I get goosebumps all, over because, I realize this is this is where it's all hemp right here Mount.

Of Olives Wow. And and you've, been over there how many times 45 times 45 times, and. Every. Time, and. By the way let me just ask you a question I didn't plan on asking this question, but I'm gonna do. It anyway. When. I go to Israel, used I step, off the plane and I take that first breath of Israel, is air. There's. Something different about the air there. And you. Can feel it all the time you're there and then when you leave there's, something missing like, their, Indian do you ever have that feeling oh yes very much so very much so much I tell you one thing that that it, sounds sad to me and that is that 90%. Or more of all the groups that go to Israel, when they step off that plane in, Tel. Aviv they get on a bus and go immediately to the. Tiberias. And spend, no time in Tel Aviv and the. Reason for that is that most of these groups know nothing about Bible, prophecy well, the most important, things to do in Israel is take people to Independence. Hall in Tel Aviv and see where Bible, prophecy, was fulfilled in, 1948. With the reestablishment of the nation of Israel it is a tremendous. Experience. And. And will repeat. That again what kind of a program do they have on that because I I have not been there well the program they, have a program where a. Jewish. Historian will, come and tell you about the room and what happened there but I don't do that I do it myself that if I want to do it they let me do it and so I just go and I spill. Out the whole thing about how what. Happened there and the room is so small it only holds about a hundred, people there, was only one, reporter. There there, was no CNN, no Fox. News one, photographer one, reporter. Well. The most important events of the 20th century if. Not the most important, living. On borrowed. Time is. In the name of Dave's book David, dr., David Reagan if, I could call you Dave I, appreciate. That, living. On borrowed time. Somebody's. Out there right now watching us and. Maybe. All this is new too that somebody. Where. Are we in history, and how much time do we have left how much time is there to make that decision, that you've put off making, for, Christ, well. I believe that we're at a real crossroads in. History, we're, all of, the signs of the times and there are many of them there's there are there are signs of weather, of, nature there are signs of. Spiritual. Signs there. Are technological signs. There. All kinds of sizes and cluding the signs of Israel which I consider the most important, and for the first time as I pointed out a few moments ago they're all coming together which, indicates, that we are truly, living in, the season of The Lord's return our, time is short and I would say to you if, you, don't nothing, about Bible prophecy turn over to Matthew 24, and read the last great speech that Jesus, gave before his death about Bible prophecy look. At what, it said there look at the world that we're in you what when you're reading there it's like watching the evening news. The, events, that are occurring realize. That we're living on borrowed time and if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you need to get serious about accepting. Him as Lord and Savior because when that rapture occurs the. People who are coming out of this world are going to be the members of the church and you. Need to be a member of this church, you. Mentioned something there that grabbed, my attention I've, been doing a lot of reading lately, on technology. You mention technology. Yes I, hate. To say this but when you and I grew up we, had crank phones on them oh yeah we sure did and, kerosene. Lamps it would visit my grandparents, I know. Been, an outdoor toilet. Been, there done that and, then, we got telephones and. Then we got cars party, line telephone party, line telephones, and then you finally got your own line and then you, got a car. With a gear shift and then you got a cart with automatic, shift and then the phone's got a little bit better and, then along came you know television and, so forth and so on and now, everybody's. Carrying, something in their hand and looking, at all the time and they're in instant, communication, with the rest of the world we. Read about technology. We. Read about genetic. Manipulation, scares, me to death artificial, intelligence even, the people that are working on it it scares, them to death and when, I think in. Daniel, about the prophecy, of the Antichrist, he worships a God whom his father's, knew not, I. Think. He's going to worship a God of high-tech. Well, you know you mentioned Daniel Daniel at the end of his book says the Lord there's a lot of these prophecies you gave me I don't understand and then God said it's not for you to understand they, will be understood, when the time comes for them to be fulfilled and here that's exactly what's happening.

Revelation. 11 says, there's going to be two witnesses in Jerusalem, they're going to line the streets be, killed. By the Antichrist allowing, the streets for three and a half days the whole world will look upon him the whole world watch them raptured nobody. Understood that till the mid 1960s, before, satellite, television and so, many prophecies we're now thinking watch him while they're walking around yeah, you. Can be instantly in tune via satellite, so the many prophecies, that we're only understanding, now either because of technological. Developments, or historical. Developments, and. I'm example, how can you understand any of Bible prophecy without the reestablishment of Israel, in the end times, in 1909. When. The. The Study Bible was written, he. Said in Ezekiel 37 38 I don't understand this I can't explain it but now tarantia, it's gonna happen is Russia's gonna invade Israel the end times that's, 1909, Russia. Was a Christian Orthodox nation Israel. Didn't exist how could you understand, that because, you believe Bible. Prophecy, that's, it, we've. Been talking, to dr. David Reagan and I want to talk to you about three books we've been carrying, here at prophecy, Watchers, for some time but, hey we've got a, David. Reagan package. To offer you right now Israel. And Bible prophecy. This. Book living on, borrowed, time which we've been talking about we'll talk more about this, on another program and finally, a new. Book God's prophetic voices, to, America, that. The the. Slant, taken, by this book, is something that you, haven't run into before how would you like to talk to all the major voices. In Christendom, today and, sit down and have a conversation with, them and ask. Them what, do you think is happening right now and have them answer you well that's what this book is God's. Prophetic speakers. Of today famous, names name a few of the of the names in this well start, off with Peter Marshall and go, to, Francis. Schaeffer and, -. Believe. It or Not Alexander, Solzhenitsyn, a Russian, who was a prophetic, voice to America. Modern-day, people like Don Wildmon, of the American Family Association in, Jan Markell, of olive, tree ministries and. People. Like. Franklin Graham, and, jonathan, cahn and others and. You, can at, your leisure, kind. Of hear. What they're saying what they each one thinks, as an individual, who has with vast experience. Preaching. Teaching meeting. People it's. A marvelous book God's prophetic voices, to America all three of these books we're. Offering, to, you for. $50. Free shipping anywhere, in the United States and, all you have to do is call the 800 number on your screen or go to prophecywatchers.com. Hit. The online bookstore scroll, down and you'll find David Reagan's name right there, prominently. Viewable. And you can order via. The, web just. Remember. We're offering the David Reagan, package, all three books $50.

Free Shipping anywhere in the US Dave. We've got 30, seconds, what would you tell somebody, about. The, time in which we live get. Serious about it, truly. Believe we are living on borrowed time we, tend, to think that we've got forever I think the average Christian, believes Jesus, coming back here, but. They don't believe it here and there's a big difference you. Have to move from here to here and when you do it'll have any impact upon the way you live Wow. Thanks, so much it's. Been great talking to David, Reagan and, we're gonna do, this all over again in another program, and I hope you'll watch them both I'm Gary Stearman hey keep, watching everybody. We. Are thanks. For joining us on prophecy, Watchers, you can find us on the web at prophecywatchers.com. In. The, meantime keep, watching, everybody, and we'll see you soon. You.

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