Day 1: Arriving at Siguatepeque, Honduras

Day 1: Arriving at Siguatepeque, Honduras

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Here we are at the bus station in Progreso, it's 5 in the morning and a problem arose, Axel, my assistant forgot his ID in the house under the bed so we had to wake up a bilingual school student. Nicole to go get the ID. Axel is going to buy chicken for Nicole. Let´s go to Siguatepeque. Well, the bus has arrived, but Axel, be careful, he's parking the bus there! We are on our way to the beautiful city of Siguatepeque. we have just got off the bus and as you can see here is the road that goes from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa and as you can see there are restaurants here at the entrance of Siguatepeque everywhere since there are many people who travel between San Pedro Sula y Tegucigalpa and stops here to eat, drink coffee and use the bathrooms. We are going to

enter one of them. Look, the first thing that sells: ice cream and if you want to do a little makeup on the bus you can you can buy makeup. How big it is here! Up to 5 buses can stop here, 10 buses can enter. Look at the size of the chorizo, that chorizo is not just any chorizo, it is a giant chorizo from Siguatepeque.

let's go have a coffee. You can see, everyone wants the same thing: a banana cake, a loaf of bread and look, and two soft American coffees. Look what they just prepared for us, let's try our first meal, banana bread here in Siguatepeque, let's see: it's very good, very good, very fresh, this coffee is very good, it has a strong acidity, it is very good. Here by the road, here there are several hotels because there are many tourists, business people, they travel between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa and pay here in Siguatepeque for many years it has been such a place They can enjoy nice lodging and good food. -Hello. ¿Batidos? Made here? -Yes. -Really?

Well there on the border they call them nicos, but here they say batidos and how much does this cost? 20.00 lps.-Sopapos there. -They are called sopapos? -Sopapos but here they say alborotos. -Well, each country seems to have a different name.

I have the milk pill, I am dairy intolerant, but with this pill I save myself. They say batidos here in Honduras but in El Salvador they say nicos. It looks like a plate, but no, it is food. Are you sure you are not selling me a plate.- Break it. - ah, you're right Break the plate and eat it. take a piece and eat it. It's

very sweet. Let's bite the plate. I've never had a bite of a plate so far, but we're going to try it here in Honduras. Pure cane. Let's go to the Texaco gas station. How big! Wow! It even has a bank inside, there are many things here, it looks practically like a supermarket. Let's go upstairs, many of my followers recommended a cafe that is inside Texaco. Juan Cruz Café let's see if we can meet the famous Juan. "Come meet us, you will love it" It has good music.

a Salsita. How big is the baleada! -They sell them down there, they are very good. -People here eat very delicious in Sigua .. Hey, watch out Axel! There is a lady behind you, Axel, hahaha joking. Thank you very much, excuse me - Do you

want one? - Yes? - I´ll give you one- Really? Thank you very much, let's sit down, Excuse what is your name? -Victor Euceda. -We are with Victor, we have just met and he is offering me one of his baleadas. Great heart that you have, well thank you very much. Look at the amount of egg. Bon Appetite. Welcome to Cihualtepetl, according to that indigenous language, it meant mountains of women. We are with Ada, the coffee manager, we are

going to know the place a little more with her. Wow another area! Can you come in here for coffee, tea and all that? -Yes -Who is she? She represents the smile and the clothes of the 80's. -Car filters-look car filters. Very creative! This is how they traveled here in Honduras. This table is not just any table, it is a table to play table football. That awakens the soul. Well let's keep walking this is Well we are going to continue walking this is the main street the entrance to Siguatepeque as you can see this is a road to Tegucigalpa and right now we are going to enter the city of Siguatepeque towards the center. We find something interesting

Biblical Seminary is said it seems that here they do retreats as they can, see spaces for groups of churches to come together and have a nice weekend. On the other side of the road I believe that here is the entrance to the National University of Forest Sciences, 50 years ago. -Is it open? -Not right now? -Not right now- It is closed since the pandemic, right. Right now we are passing a supermarket here in

Siguatepeque It's called Maxi Despensa, you can see many of these everywhere in Honduras. I think that very few know that Maxi Despensa it is a subsidiary of a very giant company called Walmart. We are already reaching the center here in Siguatepeque, how beautiful the sign we have here! let's see, okay, it looks like there is a vase, they are empty, Axel, don't worry. Well then here we are entering the center of Siguatepeque and Let's see if we can find a comfortable hotel here in the city. Clothes are very cheap in Siguatepeque, 20 lempiras cost and it is seen that here in Siguatepeque eat Chinese rice too. We are a bit lost here in Siguatepeque, it seems that the

hotels are further ahead. Siguatepeque is seen to have grown a lot according to what they told us in the cafe there are more than 100,000 people who live here in this city. The hotel- Do you know where it is? - The hotel is here, Emilio- It is here, Yes? Oh, thank you. Look at the amount of beans they have here, Axel, here you can see that there are beans of all kinds, I think that's lentils too. Delicious!

Here you can eat very well in Siguatepeque. We are entering a hotel. Hello! We are pricing the hotels, how much is it worth for a room with two beds? -For two beds, 500.- 500 for two beds, perfect. Well, we are with Sofía, the

manager of the Hotel Emilio. Who is Emilio? Sofía is the daughter of Don Emilio who is the founder. Here you can see that in this sector of Honduras many buildings are built with bricks, you don't see much of that in the north, in Progreso, San Pedro. - How many floors are there here? -4. How big

here! Look at this here for the light to come in. Very large beds, it is not a small bed, everything is very spacious in this hotel. We look at something interesting that says Pasaje El Canal, let's see how it goes here in Siguatepeque. Here in Siguatepeque some children suddenly wanted to challenge me in kung fu. How is it guys, Do you train kung fu here? -Yes! -In Siguatepeque.-

What's your YouTube channel called? - Shin Fujiyama-. We found cut fruit for breakfast. "Hi!" How much does that fruit bag cost? 20 for all this? How much is this? - 10. -Is this 10? -Yes. What offer! 10 lempiras for this bag of fruit with: pineapple, melon, watermelon. What do we start

with? With the melon? What do you say? Yes. Very delicious. Are those lichas produced here? - Yes. How much does bag cost? -20. Can I have one? Well, 20 lempiras for a bag of lichas, look at how she is peeling them, that's how they peel, inside it has like a white fruit, right. Oops! Explodes, be careful, excuse me I sparked you with the juice. Well let's see, very sweet. People confuse between rambutan and licha, this is the

real licha. Let's see where the entrance is. There I see that there is an entrance. This market is like there is no end. What is the best store? -There is variety. She is looking like hers is the best.

Who knows what this is? That is called Doraemon is a very famous cartoon from Japan. I can't believe that Doraemon has come this far in Honduras. Here it says Doraemon in Japanese, this bag comes from Japan. I do like those caps, look, H, honduras 504, good caps. Here in Siguatepeque they seem to produce quite a bit of local vegetables. I have heard that there is a lot of orchards. Excuse me, we are looking for a market that is supposedly more over there- El San Pablo.- El San Pablo, yes. - All right go

straight ahead.- Here you can see that they sell quite a few things, righ?.-Yes-But, those knives look like very sharp. What It is for? So that the boyfriend does not behave badly. This knife scares me! We are going to leave it well away from the girlfriend, right? Here is a bit of everything.

Well thank you very much. Look, another Chinese restaurant in Siguatepeque they really like Chinese rice. A taxi has just called us, let's see what he wants. A taxi driver is going to give us a

ride. We are going to the market, which is supposedly there. El San Pablo market? -Yes, El San Pablo market. I'm going to take you to ...- Well, not right now, later-I'm not going to charge you -Really? For me it is a privilege.- The taxi driver who is one of my follower says that he can take me to various places without charging.- In this market is

where I am going to leave you, I just want to give you a tour of the entire boulevard. What neighborhood is that? - Las Colinas. Look at the sign of the Universidad Catolica, UNICAH Well, a great friend who gave us a ride. Mercado San Pablo Let's go! We are going to move on, we are going to continue to know this market for pure shoes. Excuse me we're looking for a place to have lunch-Here-Perfect Wow! Thank you very much.

Are you the one in charge? -No -You? -Yes? Where can you buy food? -Here! - Thank you. How much does chicken soup cost? - 80 lempiras- Give me one of those. There is a great variety of food here. What is it called here? Mercado San Pablo, you are in charge of the market.-No. -What are you? -Nothing-ah, nothing, you are the ones who take care of the place, right? Excuse me. Can we see the soup? Wow! What a big pot! There is

the chicken, right? Is very hot, with plenty of vegetables. Let's try this chicken soup. This soup is very tasty. Did you help your mom? Did you help cook the soup too? -No.- But to

eat you did, right? We are going to add this sauce, which you can see has no marks that have been removed, so it is not known how strong it is, dangerous. We'll see. Oops! it comes out at once. -This is more delicious- Is this more delicious? .-This is very spicy. - Is this dangerous? We are going to take a little risk since we are in a new city, Siguatepeque. Wow! look How much do I add? Like this? .- As much as you want- It smells a lot. What a smell! It has a strong odor. Why didn't you

warn me that this was so spicy? Let's eat the hen, Indian hen they say true. Let's try it, it's very tasty. Is it true that this is how they eat it with a tortilla? This is the Siguatepequeño way, right? Very good, very good. Do enough people from Japan come here?-Yes.-Well some are

from La Trinidad and some are from here. How much would it be? Eighty plus eighty. How much would it be, Géneseis? -160. We are looking for a pizzeria that sells ice creams that are Mennonites. -No- They told us that over here, we came from Japan to try that- Speak in Japanese. What does it mean? - Bye.

Well, we got to the place we were looking for, we had been told about some Mennonites from the church. They have a bookstore along with a cafe that sell ice cream as well. Let's see. Wow! Is it true that this place was built by a church? - Mennonites- Yes? Look at the number of books.

They have their own bakery. Granola, 100% whole grain bread that is very difficult to find here in Honduras. Two coffees this I'm going to ... how much does it cost? -20 lempiras-canelita just 20 lempiras handmade here. His first icre cream made by Mennonite hands, strawberry flavor. How is it? - It's delicious, a unique touch. Well here we have a canelita, from the coffee shop. Wow! This

is why many people come here. Let's see how the coffee tastes. Mennonites drink their coffee very hot but it is delicious too. Enjoy. Well, here we are with Natan, the manager he is going to tell us a little about the history of this incredible restaurant.

-We have been here since 2011 it is a family business that we started, we have dairy products- For people who do not know absolutely nothing of the Mennonites a brief summary of how it is. - We are a branch of the Anabaptists which is a movement that came out of the reform in the 1500s. From what I understand you have an emphasis on living very simply, not having much technology, cars and things like that.- It is because of the teachings of Jesus. He taught us that this is how we have to live.

Great project, we are with a great friend, Natan comes from far from Florida. They established this business together with the church to provide employment and to provide for the family and the Church here in Siguatepeque with great flavor and as you can see a great market for all the Siguatepequeño people. Natan, thank you very much. Good luck! The good thing here in Siguatepeque is that everyone has told us that you can walk quietly into the neighborhoods in the center without worrying about robberies and anything.

It's a safe city. Well here we are with Mark. -Hi, nice to meet you- Here we teach Spanish- To all foreigners who come from different countries What country do they come from? Most of the United States but also Canada - and Japan? -From Japan I think only once.- I'm the second Japanese here- This is the second time Can we come in? -Yes- Look at the flag, Axel. The cat, they

are great friends look, waving. In Progreso, where we come from, there is no such place-there are not many, there are two in Copán and we here in Siguatepeque and I think one in Tegucigalpa. Excuse me, let's go into the kitchen. Wow! How great! This is what I like the most about the United States because you can cook everything there. Here you can see that they love coffee, one, two, three coffee machines. And where do the students stay when they are in Siguatepeque? Different hotels or? -No, we have our own houses and apartments that the students rent.

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience, she was studying. Shin Fujiyma.-Hello, how are you? - Here knowing Siguatepeque.-Good! Welcome. -Thank you. What are we working on with her today? We are working subjunctive. You have

to give her an ice cream after this, a headache that she is going to have. -I like your shirt.-Thank you, proud, with great pride for the H. Good luck with the subjunctives the most difficult part of Spanish after that everything is easier. Well thank you very much. We found an interesting store, it is called Comercial Angel, we were struck by this sign "Art, life" Wow! Look how original.

How are you? - Hello very good, my name is Shin Fujiyama I am YouTuber from Japan. Everything here is handmade, right. -Yes everything is handmade. -Wow! Do you do it? -I work with the wood, the one who paints is my wife and her friend who is here working too. "Are they here?-One of them.-Hi! It was hidden under the table. Hello, the great artist.

Here we are with Joseph and Scarleth, husband and wife- She is my friend, my wife is the one who is in the house.- I'm sorry, they are not husbands.- If the wife watches this video, you know it can be confused. Only two people paint all this? -Just two people.-How incredible! and Is the place new? -We have been working for three years.-More or less the price of the art.-It depends on the design and the size -For example something like this.-

That one cost 1400 lempiras, 1200 the other one. A coffee shop or something, can comes to buy everything they need here. -Lots of people bring ideas and we make them here.- There is a Japanese section here, all that is from Japan, I like that section. It all started with an argument, between two people madly in love and now he has this great store. How old are you? - I am

34.-You seem very young, do you work out?.-No. - ¿En serio? just work with wood. So to have a lasting marriage, many arguments. Thank you very much for your time. Did you like Siguatepeque? -I loved it, good luck and I hope to return soon.-Thank you Here in Siguatepeque you see different types of churches, so it is a very Christian city, the church behind us is an Episcopal church as you can see on the sign there. They even

have a school for children within the Church. Well, our guide who is going to show us the city, supposedly lives here, let's see how it goes. Here tropical seeds, I imagine they sell seeds of all kinds. Well, let's go in, to see what awaits us, we have no idea. Reception. His name? - Shin Fujiyama- Ay! - Yes, it's a bit

complicated Nice to meet you, Oscar. This is Axel, my assistant. Axel, is he Honduran? -He's Honduran. -Of the good ones or the bad ones? - More or less. Here they sell all kinds of seeds. 148 species of seeds. -and we have to produce 243 million plants.-More than the

number of people who live in Japan and Honduras.-About 100 times the population of Honduras. Let's go this way. -Where are we? -In the world. -Do you export? We export to other places including Japan too. - Really? - Yes.

This is Honduran mahogany. Here is for about 20 trees. In this box? .- Yes.-Wow! .- This one has for 1000 cedar trees. -How much does this box cost? .- 50 lempiras.- But for you it is a gift. -Thank you , great gift, Honduran pine in my hands, we are going to plant in Progreso.

And here we have germination tests, trials. This is cedar.- Cedar baby.- ¿Are these mangoes going to be sown or?.- They are for eating.- Those mangoes are not for sowing, they are for

eating. Thank you very much, bye, see you. Thank you for your time. Well, right now we arrived at CORPOCENTROH, they invited me here in Siguatepeque to do an interview on the channel. we are going to wait for José Banegas, the journalist who is going to interview me here in Siguatepeque. We finished the interview and we are eating delicious Siguatepequeñas baleadas, look, here as I told you.

The people here love to eat healthy, eat vegetables even in the baleadas they eat like this, let's see how it is. crunchy and delicious that's why I loved it. it is time to rest. Today was a great day here in Siguatepe it all started with this boy that gave me a baleada. Tomorrow we have many things to do many things things to do many things to eat. many people to meet here in Siguatepeque.

So let's rest to have energy for tomorrow.

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