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I'm. Going out way tonight are. You close to. Here. I'm. Feeling down. So, surreal. I don't, ask for much no, I don't need them much. Baby. You, were like me wanna, be free like. A son. I'm. Feeling, down. Way wedding, bad. But. I'm glad you here. So. It. Slow. It, down. Baby. Can. You guys say good morning. You. Say good morning Jay. Can. You say good morning Grayson. The. Girls are obsessed with these body. Armor drinks I just went to the store last night after they went to bed and I, stocked up on these strawberry, bananas my favorite flavor is that what that is yeah. But, I cannot drink these drinks in front of them or they will want it right. There's. Apple in it too oh. Yeah. Maybe a little bit it just says strawberry, banana though. But. If I drink these drinks in front of them they. Just beg me for it so I had to give them each one because they were fighting over it. You. Ready for your breakfast, soon, yeah. Yeah. He's. So, handsome in your little onesie I love those onesie on him and he's about to grow out of it so. Sad. To. See Heidi. A. Once. Felt, I'm done with the defense. Draw, back and, come over your friends, hired to show show, you that. So. You were. Your, shoulders. And, closed-off, that's what I told her, soon enough. Everything, started, to change. Back no. Going back there's no going back to your. Good. Morning you guys I just got the girls off to school, we, are home now I just put Grayson down for a nap and Chloe. Is outside. Right now just basking, in the Sun. But. I stopped, my target, on my way home from dropping the girls off at school and they, have so many cute things in, the dollar section right now for like crafts for kids like, fall crafts, they have a ton of stuff for Halloween, to. Run. On the dizzying. Felt like, nothing. Could stop bus sunsets. Remember. The colors. They were, wrong it was way more than a dream. So, right down. You, throw. It on having, my mind. Back no. Going back there's no coming back to your. I'm feeling it tonight riding. On the dizzying. So. I picked up a couple things for them to do after, school today I still need to clean up everything from breakfast so I did not have time to do that this morning when we were running out the door but, this is everything that I got from Target today. From the dollar section and I. Stopped, by the crafts section as well and they had some cute pumpkins and stuff for the kids to paint, but. I went to Target yesterday, after the kids went, to bed to go grocery shopping and, I was just so tired to put all this stuff away that goes in the pantry I put, everything away in.

The Fridge that needed to be in, the fridge obviously, but I just didn't I didn't have time to do this I didn't get home until like 10 o'clock I closed, out the store so I'm probably gonna do this right now even though I really don't want to I decided to make myself some breakfast really quick before I put the groceries away because, I'm starting to get pretty hungry so I just, have some vanilla Greek yogurt in here and I topped it with this just. Because gluten, free chocolate chip granola this stuff is so good and there, wasn't very much left in the back so I just put what was left on top of my yogurt and I topped it with some raspberries, and then, I'm gonna drink this energy. What. Flavor is this cosmic. Cranberry. It's kombucha. I have, that with it and then my, girlfriend Vanessa the one that I work out with us so sweet and brought. This to me on Monday morning before our workout because she knows that my throat has been killing me so, sweet of her but. This stuff really works I tried it, yesterday, I think or the day before I, think, was Monday night actually um and, it really does help so I'm, gonna drink that as well cuz my throat is still killing, me you guys I just had a coughing, spree, like five, minutes ago and I started like basically, crying my eyes got so watery so I'm. Gonna drink that along. With this, for, my breakfast today okay I just finished my breakfast and I'm clearly procrastinating. At this point because I wanted to share this package that I just got in the mail if you guys follow Erin then you guys have. Probably heard of this brand it's called so. It's. Called so luxury. Yeah. So, luxury. A. Lot, of you guys asked, if I would try this stuff and I if I would review it because, of. Grace and skin you guys know he's been having a lot of skin issues. Like every single day at something new with his skin and I showed you guys in like, I think it was two vlogs ago how he had, really dry skin on his arms his elbows and then like his legs, he. Just doesn't, poor guy does not have the best skin so I figured. I would try this stuff out and I, will, test it on Grayson, and it'll be like the true test to see if the stuff really does work, Aaron, swears by it and she says it really helped Adaline skin so I have. High, hopes for this stuff so I think I'm gonna use it today we're. Not today about tonight when I give grace in a bath I don't give grace in a bath every, single night I give them a bath probably, once every 3. Or 4 days because. The skin is so dry and so sensitive I try and space it out as far as I can because. I don't want to irritate your skin anymore so I think, I gave him a bath like three nights ago I think I've logged in but I'm, gonna try this stuff out tonight. In his bath and I'm, really hoping this stuff works I've heard great things about it so I will keep you guys updated I was just taking out some of the products to see what, was in the package and how to use them and I think this, is the stuff that Aaron, swears by the coconut. And oat milk bath so, I'm really excited to try this in Grayson's bath tonight but. I was looking at the cards, too that were included in the package and I am like blown away by this photo you guys this poor, little. Girls eczema, on the back of her knee look how bad that is it, looks looks. Painful, and then, I think this is two weeks after. Using. So luxury products, that's amazing, so. We'll. See if it works for Grayson okay so these are all the things that I picked up from Target, for the girls to work on so, I picked this up from the target, dollar, section I don't really even know what this is but, I'm sure the, girls will enjoy oh it says right here color. Your own cling. Poster, set there's two posters. 41, window clings four adhesive strips to hang posters dry. Erase surface, color. On the clings with, crayons. Or markers. Interesting. Okay I'm sure the girls will love this though and then, I got this activity, pack from, the, dollar section too and I'm. Basically just gonna ask the girls these questions. And then have them color it and then I'll look back on them through the years I'll save this to. Look back on I think that'll be fun there's, a ton, of them in here too there's like at least I, don't. Probably ten of them in there this one I thought was really cute it's a little turkey so I'm gonna cut these out for them and then, they'll, place the correct color on the. Feathers for, the turkey I think. That's all it is I'm not really sure I need to open them up and figure it out but I'm sure the girls will enjoy. Them regardless and then I got this cute gratitude. Turkey, so I'll ask the girls what they're grateful for and, then we, can make a turkey using the little feathers and then I picked up two wooden. Pumpkins, for the girls to paint whatever they want to on, these and, these are the pink colors that I picked up from the crafts section these.

Are Also from the crafts section these weren't in the dollar spot and. Then I also picked up this paint, palette, set so I can pour the paint in here so, it's easier for them to, paint them but I think I'm gonna have them work on the wooden pumpkins, and paint those after, school today and then, I'll just leave these in our art supply closet, down here, and have, these on hand for them to do throughout the month but I'm. Glad up, on these because the, dollar section at Target the stuff there goes so quickly so if you guys liked. Any of the things that I got and check. Out your dollar spot because I did not see these last, time I was in Target not last night I didn't even look last night I didn't have time I was just in and out getting groceries but. The. Time before the Hat I did not see any of this stuff in the. Dollar section at Target so I think they like just stocked. Up on crafts for fall so check out your dollar spot before they're gone and this is what our art supply closet, is looking, like right. Now I just organized this well. Not just organized it it was like a few weeks before Grayson was born it's not too bad I guess there's just like papers that are out of order. But, I'm, just gonna set these right. There for now. And. Close the door. All. That, I do, is. Way, for you. I'm standing and I'm not being. Why. Can't you forget. The. Brazen, laugh. You. Tend to hide over you. Yeah. You keep thinking, is right to, the people. But. Back. To. I. Got. Chloe this cute little toy at Target, yesterday, when I went grocery shopping it's. A little llama let me see it messy. Not. So cute she. Loves it. Okay. I'm pretty much done organizing. All of our groceries, except I want to take the string cheese and the, baby Bell that I put in here last night out, of the packaging and just organized it in the little bins. And then I want to put these chea squeeze, pouches, in here. As well okay everything is organized, now easy. Access, for the kids if they need a snack so. Now I feel a lot better okay, it's like 12:30, Grayson is still sleeping he's taking a really long nap but I'm starting to crash myself, so. I think I'm gonna make myself a cup of coffee now and. I. Wanted. To share the creamer that I've been using because, it's really good if you guys don't like pumpkin, spice um. Pumpkin. Spice flavor which I don't really like it but I know. A lot of people that do but if you don't. That's. What I'm gonna I'm about to show you guys :. So. This. Is the one that I've been drinking. It's. The cinnamon, Dolce. Latte, by. The Starbucks, line, and. It's really good, and. A little bit goes a long way you guys know that I like my coffee really sweet and.

I Don't have to put as much creamer, in my coffee with this, creamer. I just. Realized I have not come on here on my channel and thank you guys for 400,000, subscribers we, hit that milestone I think, it was on Sunday and seriously. Just like going away by you guys and how, amazing you all are and I just want to thank you guys for, hitting. That subscribe button and tuning in to my channel and watching my videos and, watching. My family and I grow. Up it's, it's. Just, unreal, to me though we're, already at, 400,000. Subscribers it, just blows my mind you guys are incredible and I'm so grateful for each one of you and you mean the absolute world to me and my family. And. I just feel like so undeserving, like like. Why me I feel like I'm just so boring and I'm just a mom raising my kids and. I. Would, love to know in the comments like why you guys watch my channel and why you guys tune in to watch my videos and what. Videos you guys like, the. Most I'm. Just. So. Grateful. And, I want you guys to know how much I appreciate, you guys and your support it means the world to me okay Grayson is awake, finally, chewing. On his hands per, usual I, just nursed him but. This, is one of my favorite this little romper is one of my favorite pieces that, he, owns right now it's so cute I love Navy, on him because it like totally brings out his. Blue eyes they. Look black right now because of the lighting but. This. Is from box kids I'll link their shop down below but all their pieces are organic. He has a few of them he has a couple nodded gowns and then he has a. Bunny, bonnet, which is so cute but it doesn't fit him right now it's a little too big. For him he's got a small little head how. Are those hands. So, good huh. So. Good. Your. Sisters are on their way home from school I think I'm already mentioned this to you guys but Adam has a little, break in between his classes, for school so he's able to pick the girl's up on Tuesdays. After, school and drop them off at home before heading back to school himself, but I have the girls little pumpkins. Set up for them for when they get home so they can paint I should, probably get, this all set up though like put the paint in this little thing and then get the paintbrushes out. So. That when they get home everything. Runs smoothly because from, this point on until, bedtime it's, like pure chaos in, our house so. It's. The calm before the storm ha, but is. It the calm before the storm. Yeah. You know it gets crazy in here huh, that. Gets crazy in here. You're. So sweet. Are. You gonna be a thumbsucker. Like. Your mama. Yeah. Like, he's got that dumb in there. Yeah. You're. Gonna be a thumbsucker, hot bag. Okay. I just took a big piece of white banner paper that we had in our supply closet, and taped, it down with some scotch tape on the edges so that they don't get. A bunch of paint everywhere but. I filled up their paint in their little dishes and, they each have a water cup and a paintbrush we have a few other paintbrushes I might bring out that are a little skinnier, so that they can like draw. Designs on it but um I'm, excited they should have a lot of fun with this Adam just texted me saying he's on his way home and if I could make him a sandwich and I started, it but I can't stop. Staring. At, you uh, he's. Just the sweetest thing you. Did this. Yeah. He's got my happy boy. He's. Got a happy. Boy, I. Love. You I. Love. You. You're. My happy boy huh. Yeah. Yeah. What.

Are Those. Pumpkins. You, want to paint some pumpkin Shay. Come. See this come to this church I. Got. Them from Target. You're. Painting at all orange. I'm. Excited, to see what it looks like chopped, honey I. Love. It. That's. Pink, I'm. Into pink too. Wow. Beautiful. Good. Job baby oh that's really good. Here. I. Want. To change out the color and then put. The paintbrush, after it's done in the water on here, so that you can get some of the water off. It's. Not so wet yeah. I got some I. Love. It hon. Look. At chase. Doesn't. It like describe, their personalities, perfectly. Good. Job honey. I am. Doing a poke enough I love. It. What. Are you gonna do on the pink side. Yeah. Yours looks so good I love. How you mix all the colors together. Good. Job babe, what. Are you gonna do on that side. It. Looks so cute I love, it, what. Color are you gonna do the oh you already painted it blue. Okay. The girls have dipped into another, one of the crafts that I got from Target today but. While they're occupied I'm, gonna put Grayson down for a nap because he's starting to get fussy. But. They're. Having fun with this I think these are make. Her own stickers. Are. You copying them. What. Are you doing Shay, lighting. Is so bad. Right now Wow good, job baby. Allred. Okay. Good, job. Okay. I got Grayson down for, a nap and the, girls are having some dinner what are you guys having. Okay. I'm getting ready to I take, the girls upstairs to get them a bath for, bedtime and I'm. Making Shay her. Nightly. Bottle, and I've switched over to almond milk because. Her. Stool, has been like very, loose. And, it's, been a while since she's had like a normal, poop so. Sorry if that's TMI but I just wanted to share I don't know this is the yeah, this is gonna be the first night that she's having almond, milk bottle. Before bed, she, eats, a lot of dairy so I'm gonna try and cut back on that and see if that helps but. Let. Me know if you guys have had any experience. With that because we don't really know what's causing it but we're gonna start with switching over to, almond, milk and see if that helps. Can. You open it Hey careful oh you, want to do it okay. You. Turned it on okay. Put. Your clothes in the dirty hamper please. Okay. Just finished putting the girls to bed and I, am so exhausted you guys and I'm not feeling well at all I feel like I'm getting even. More sick so, I just feel like it gets worse at night and. I still have so much to do I still need to make dinner Adams, not home yet so I'm. Gonna cook us some dinner I still, need to prep the girls backpacks, for school tomorrow prep, their lunches, dyeing their paperwork's, lay out their outfits.

It's. Like never-ending, but. Today's video is gonna be sponsored, by home chef and I'm so excited to share that home chef's now has a new service called fresh and easy so if you guys were interested in home chef before but, you guys weren't like into the whole cooking process like, myself. You, guys know I do not enjoy cooking home. Chef is now offering, a service called fresh and easy so basically it's kind of like the same thing but everything is like already prepared, for you so all of the ingredients, that were needed for this recipe I'm making tonight I'm making chipotle. Chicken alfredo baked, penne came. Pre-measured, like it usually does in these little reusable, bags, the. Chicken was already cut up for me I didn't have to do any work there it basically just added, all the ingredients, to this pan, that was also provided. In this, bag they provide the pan that goes in the oven too which is really cool. Everything. Is pre measured like I just said but it was so excited to make dinner tonight because this. Recipe sounds, absolutely delicious, and I didn't have to do any work it literally took me like less than 10 minutes to do so. I just added all of the ingredients, which is what the recipe told me to do. And. I'm gonna put this in the oven and, that's, that's pretty much all I do so you just combine all of the ingredients and then I'm just gonna place this in the oven and let it cook and then dinner is done, but. They also have grill, options, as well and entree, salads, too so there's three different options to choose from oven, grill and, salads. But. I'm like in love, with this idea you guys it's just it's. Just made my life so much easier so, I'm so excited for dinner tonight this looks amazing and I didn't have to do any work you're, the last step that I have to do is just add the cheese on top but. Mixing all the ingredients together you guys literally, took me like two seconds. So. I'm just adding the cheese just. Make sure it's even and. Then. I, have, the oven preheated already, so I'm just gonna put this in the oven and. I'm gonna let it cook for 25. To 30 minutes and that is, gonna be dinner tonight, okay. I just tried it you guys so. Good and I'm like shook how fast and easy this was so if you guys want to check out fresh and easy too you can use the link in the description, box and enter, my code tara 80 free at checkout, for $20. Off your first four, orders so that's at $80 total savings, which is an incredible, deal and i cannot recommend these meals enough you guys i'm, obsessed so, definitely. Check it out if you guys are interested it, thanks to home chef for sponsoring today's video, i think, i'm going to end the vlog here you guys I still have so much work I need to do I still need to prep, for. Tomorrow, and, I, still need to edit this vlog I have not even started editing and usually, lately, I've been editing a little, bit of the video like.

Halfway, Into, the day so that I don't have as much work to do tonight but I did not have enough time to even think about opening my computer, to edit at all today so I have, a lot of work to do tonight and I'm. So. Tired I just want to go to bed but I can't but thank, you guys for. Watching today's, vlog I hope you all enjoyed it be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe, if, you haven't already I'd love to have you a part of our family here and I will see you guys very soon bye.

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I love you so much . I follow you from Egypt and I saw all your videos .l like all your videos. Good luck

Hi Tara, I’m from the Philippines and I really love your videos because you’re a very responsible and loving mom of your children.They’re so lucky to be your mom and You’re also lucky because you have very cute children❤️

I watch you because I just love your style and the way you go about your day and organizing. And I absolutely just love your family❤️congratulations!

Nohiboki lianaki tastahikina kol lhob wa ihtiram tahiya men maroc

I like to watch your videos because I loove the way you arrange your house and you dress up your children and plan out your day and it gets me inspired to do the same.


Your video super .and you so nice mom.and like your family love you all.

i love you tara you are amazing mom i love your routines and day in the life

Reason I'm OBSESSED w/ your have 3 kids and DO IT ALL! Clean house, perfectly dressed kids, you always look put together, you have a husband you take care of, all while managing your Youtube channel and consistently uploading. You seriously put in work girl and I respect and admire that so much!

I love your channel because you're always real and honest. Your family is adorable too. Keep doing what you're doing.

You are the best

Every day watched your Vlogs

I m indean

What’s the soundtrack in the beginning? Please let me know!! ❤️

SouthernMiss Marissa following! I need to know also lol

Hi dear your baby so cutie.... Hair front off forhad . Plz pinup hair

Your kids aren't boring! You and your husband seem to be relatively laid-back in your approach to life. It is interesting and helpful to see how others negotiate the demands of life. We can all learn from others. By the way, the dark blue outfit Grayson wore was just devastatingly cute with his gorgeous blue eyes.

I love watching you because you are so down to earth and you make motherhood look easy! I love that you love to organise (it just justifies my OCD

I really to watch ur vlogs it make my day great ideas u have god bless u dear from Pakistan

You definitely inspire me to create a loving family one day. I love all of them tbh

I'm from India

I find watching you organize all the snacks into those bins so satisfying!! Lol ... such a beautiful home and of course an even more beautiful family. Congratulations on 400k!! Following you from New Zealand

Your baby beautiful

You are super lady i love you

Idk if it’s just me but that chicken in your bowl does not look cooked all the way’re doing great! I feel your mom life. I’ve got a 5 month old, 2nd grader and 9th grader. I’m a nurse and work nights. So my day starts with getting off work and rushing home to take kids to school! Then it’s me and my 5 month old until it’s time for pick up. To mix things up even more both my 9th and 2nd grader are in soccer so I’m doing practice and games almost everyday! I’m not sure what gives moms the strength they need to push forward but I can say I am forever grateful! You are doing an amazing job! And thanks for the videos!

U r best orgnizer in your every thing is orginised

how did Chloe get so big so fast! :) she's growing almost faster than the kids!

I love all your videos and I love watching your kids grow

Hi.. Ur new subscriber

You should buy another one of those wood pumpkins and put Grayson's foot print on it. I'm going to with my 4 month old.

As a new mom it's nice to be able to step back and watch another momma. I love how you always upload that is so nice. I also just love watching your family grow.

Can you do a collaboration whit beauty and the beastons. She’s so sweet and a mom of 3 kids.

I love your vlogs and channel. I love all your videos.

My 5 year old is having loose stools also for quite sometime now and he deff eats ALOT of dairy. I would have never thought that the reason could be to much diary. For some reason I was thinking it was because of to much sugar .. I’d love to know if cutting down on diary products helped at all???!!!!!

انا من العراق اتابع قناتك انتي واولادك رائعون

I follow you from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I love you very much and I love your family and thank you very much for the translation of the video of the Arabic language and congratulations on your arrival 400 thousand subscribers ❤️

I LOVEEEEE your channel for the obvious, all of your videos are great! I feel like I can relate to you. No matter how big your channel gets, you’re still the same humble person. That shows and it means a lot!! Just keep going on the same path, you’re solid!

Too much music

I subscribed to your channel because you are just very genuine. You’re a good mom, and you’re just real I appreciate the mental health talk, and just the real ness ! Love your little family ❣️

You are doing such a GREAT JOB!

Tara I have been watching your channel for a while now I have 2 girls 2 and 6 so maybe thats how i started watching are a great mom and love your fashion and patience you have with your kids

You have good taste and good kid ideas as in crafts and snacks too lol

That chicken looked raw

I love all of your videos! I watch your videos because you are so sweet and so beautiful inside and out. You motivate me to keep going and and be a better mom! You’re absolutely amazing

Can someone please tell me the name of the song in the first few minutes?! ❤️

I start watching your channel because of your GREAT cleaning videos Tara!❤️ And then I loved your family and your content so I am still here

I really love decor, cleaning, everyday life type of videos for some reason. Yours are by far my favorite. It’s just real! I started watching your videos when I pregnant with my girly, and I’ve been here ever since!!

P.S. So much admiration for you waking up and looking gorgeous every morning, despite what life throws at you or how early it is. I am the same way and I have gotten ridiculed by the odd family member and friend for waking up before everyone else or on Christmas morning to "put my face on" for example. Love that about you!!

I have been following you for years now and I genuinely love your aesthetic. Everything you buy and share with us, I end up buying too and want to have lol I love how calm you are, you are an incredible mom, so dedicated, hard-working, and loving, and you literally have such a beautiful life. There's something so enjoyable about watching you. I love your vlogs and I love your organizational videos too! Love from Canada

Tara, you have great ideas! Can anyone tell me the name of the song at the beginning of the video? I searched everywhere :(

First off, I am SHOOK with your dark nails!

Young living thieves oil rubbed in with carrier oil like coconut or grapeseed oil on your throat is so good for sore throat!

Where do you shop for their clothes?

i love watching your channel because although i don’t have kids yet, i just love watching yours grow! and you are very consistent with posting no matter what you go through. you are so inspiring and i look forward to every video you post ♥️

Can you do a clean out car or what do you keep in your car please

Love your videos!! How did you get that background on your phone?

I love watching because your blogs and lifestyle is so relatable to mine right now. You have no idea how much you inspire me raising a newborn and preschooler!

Love you guys

I’m a grandma of 12 and I always watch you because you are such a sweet mom. Your very family oriented and I always get ideas for my sweet grandkids.❤️

اختكم مصريه هل من ترحيب

I enjoy watching you organize and outfits of the day. Thanks for sharing your life!

Hi I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful but I've noticed that Shay doesn't have nice things like baylee, baylee has a girly carseat and Shay doesn't her lunch box is nicely created and Shay's isn't.

Love watching it videos I look forward to watching them I'm a mum of 2 and honestly ur so relatable and real and also love stealing ur ideas lol

I cannot for the life of my remember how I stumbled across your channel, but you have very quickly became my very favorite to watch and I just can’t get enough of your sweet family!

Congrats on 400,000 subscribers!! I have been watching you since you were pregnant with Shay because I was pregnant with my baby girl too. I think your kids are beautiful and you are such a great mom! I love watching your videos!!

غاية في النظام

There are so many reasons why I watch your channel. I watch your channel because you are so funny, you totally share your ditzy personality, you are honest about the fact that you don’t eat all vegan and super healthy. I feel like you stay very true to who you are. You say how you feel, and I find it very relatable. We both have three kids, we both do YouTube, and we don’t have it all together. And you don’t pretend and I really appreciate that! I love that you guys have a typical Tara joke. At my house it’s very similar. I love your style! You are just very easy going in your videos and I love your vibe.

Is Adam in college or is he a professor?

الفديوات راحت منها الترجمه او بس عندي

Can’t wait to film my day in the life with 3 under 2

Your family is so cute!!! My favorite is living vicariously through all your junk food Hahahaha

I love you so much tara

I am 8 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I have enjoyed watching your videos for so long now. I wanted to know if you could do an update video when baby boy is 3 months telling us what are your tips for surviving the newborn stage with a toddler & a preschooler? Oh and maybe make it a collab video with Aaryn! Sending love from Canada

I just think you are so sweet and the babies are so cute

Love you tara

Your vlogs make me so happy and put me in such a good mood Tara ☺️

Your vlogs make me so happy and put me in such a good mood Tara ☺️

انتي ام رائعة حقا

You are the sweetest person and the most patient loving mama to your babies so that’s why I watch your videos. I also love your fashion sense! You’ve responded to my questions or comments several times on IG which is amazing. And lastly you inspired me to create a channel of my own

Totally relate to the coffee re heat . I do it so many times a day

أحسن حاجة هي الترجمة مشكورة

Love to watch because it’s relatable . I am a mom with young kids and can relate . It’s fun to watch your family go . I learn tips and get motivated to clean and do crafts etc. truthfully some days you are my only friend !

This Chanel is the first Chanel I follow It is very useful It helps me to improve my listening skill and also it learns me how I care about my little sister I hope being mom like you in future ☺️ Can I ask you a question? Where are you from ? Which state? I admire you Tara and please continue

how did you make the background on your phone

هلاوو مرحبا

You are extra like it is not that serious

Give her zymee for digestion

So beautiful

مقطع رائع وطاقه ايجابيه حلمي اسافر امريكا او أوربا واكمل دراستي واعيش هناك يارب

I love this channel because, you are a mother of 3! I am due at the end of October with my 3rd child. I need to get organized! I want to decorate my house better and you give good ideas, well ones that can fit my budget lol

I am so happy for you, Tara! It's crazy how excited I was when you were getting close and to see you get there and just pass it so quickly too! I'm 26 with no children, but a year ago or so I found you and I started watching because I liked the cleaning and organization videos, and quickly fell in love with your channel. I continue to stick around because your family is so adorable, and I love all of the cleaning, organization, home decor, and family vlogs. Although I have no children yet, one day I hope to, and you give such good advice and are such a great role model to me! You're hands down my favorite youtuber!!!

Your nails aren’t white! Nice change up!!

انا بحب اتابعك لان بلاقى عندك طاقة اجابية رهيبة وراحة احب عائلتك الجميلة

I just adore you! I feel like I love your channel so much because I can relate to you and your family on so many levls!

I am always waiting for you I love you so much

Hello mam , m from India .. i watch ur channel becuse i love to watch ur videos .. whtever u upload it seems so true and real .. i love ur older daughter , she is such a love ❤❤ .. you are so beautiful .. U and Adam sir look super cute together .. love from India mam .. keep uploding ur videos .. tc

انسانة منضمة في حياتها عجبني روتينك في الحياة

You deserve more than that, and I love your videos so much the first time I saw you, but your love is so much better. I'm Egyptian.

Your videos make me so happy! But as for the milk issue for Shae, it could be dairy that is causing it. Even if she is not allergic to it, she could have a small sensitivity to it. Talk with her pediatrician. Also, if she is older and in school a bottle for bedtime may be something you'll want to take away asap.. again I'm not her mama, you are so you know best. Just trying to give you tips and pointers! Also if you do give it to her wipe her teeth with a wash cloth and water once she goes to sleep otherwise the milk will sit on her teeth. You're a wonderful mama, please don't take my comment the wrong way. Happy Fall Honey

I absolutely love watching your channel you inspire me so much! I've been watching your channel for a long time now and no matter what the content I'm always so excited to watch it. I think you are such an amazing mother and I aspire to raise my children the way you have raised yours! Thank you for making us feel apart of your growth and journey. You're amazing

congrats on 400k!! it seriously feels like you just hit 100k and now ur channels already grown so much!! congrats tara! i love all of your vids! i love your style and keeping up with you and ur sweet fam ❤️

I like your channel because I love you, you are so real and super mama, love you from Iraq

When I look at u I feel like I'm looking at my mother

I really love Ur channel because my mother and u have the same qualities such as hardworking and both of u have lot of patience

I love you, because your voice is so calming. And I organised every closet in the house because of you. My kitchen counter is not a mess. You inspired me too do better.

Ur kids are very much adorable takes me back to my childhood days

The way u grow Ur child there is very much different from my country India

Congratulations on 400K! I watch your channel because I have a little one too and I like to watch other moms who seem to be doing it right, for inspiration :). You have a sweet spirit and seem to be really humble even though you are gorgeous. I love all of your content, especially vlogs.

I love watching your channel because you inspire me, you're family is beautiful, & I get really creative ideas from you! Keep up the amazing job you do!

your videos means marketing for everything and anything, I am sorry but this is the truth. Please make videos more natural and more simple, be your self.

I love watching your channel because: 1. The style of your vlogs is entertaining 2. The types of videos are relatable. I am a mom of 2 toddlers so the cleaning, haul videos and ditl are my life

I love Tara

i watch your channel and love you because you are gorgeous and i love your family! i loved watching your family grow and i just love your everyday vlogs and i love your morning and night time routine!

Bailey is right

You are an incredible mom and i love you and your family this is the reason why I’m watching you alot of love❤️❤️❤️

Because you are the best example of moms

I am actually watching you from Germany. In think you are so authentic and such a nice Person, your Family is the cutest and you literally make me feel better :-) Love from Germany

Adam in school what kind of school I don't understand

Tara, the most important thing you can do to keep your family healthy this winter is to wash your girl’s hands the second they come in from school. Before they eat or contaminate your home. Not being bossy. Just a suggestion that has helped my family through the years.

Omg he’s just the cutestttt.

Love you from Pakistan baylee

What do you use to cover the Dockatot?

I love you Tara and I enjoyed with you

You are beautiful

I am from Algeria I love you

I just watched your video and I got to the part where you say that you are boring. Not a chance!! I like you and watch you because you give us a real life struggle, joy and happiness with your videos. I like you because you don't do anything crazy just so people can watch more....and I like you because you are you with all problems and real life stories. Just continue being you and I will continue watching you. Maria

لا أدري إن كنت سوف ترين تعليقي انا لا افهم الإنجليزية ولكن أتابع كل فيديوهاتك انا جزائرية ام لطفلين احبك كتيرا اتمنى لكي السعادة ولعائلتك اتمنى من كل واحد شاف تعليقي ان يترجمه بلانجليزية شكرا

انتي تتحدثين الغة العربية


احبببك احببب قناتك بجد مغرمه فيك بانك اول اجنبيه احبهااا

Honestly - I have to tell you even though you’re so pretty, always have the cutest outfits, gorgeous home decor and precious babies you’ve NEVER come across as “all that” or snobby. You’ve shown so many vulnerable days, tears and emotions and THAT right there is why I love your channel and why you are at 400k+ subs! You’ve genuinely shown how nice you are, caring and humble no matter what. So congratulations girl! You definitely deserve it!! Also— thank you so much for being SO consistent!! M,W,F uploads have been so consistent and that def draws me in also! You go Tara

I watch you because your the kind of mom I hope to be one day. You’re so organized, your fashion & the way you decorate your house is always so cute. You’re so patient and loving towards your family even lil Chloe. I really look up to you & you inspire me.

hyyyyy mam i am from pakistan l like ur v logs sooooo much and love ur babys and specialy like ur easy langue because i am not highly educated but i understand ur easily and i am 1 of how like ur v logs from pakistsn i am married and i have 4 kids three boys and 1 girl and i realy apprishiate u for take care of ur babys house and all managements love u byyyyyyy

I enjoy watching your videos. What caught my interest on your channel was all the organizing you do (I love organization) You are awesome at your craft. I could watch you all day long if they let me. I look forward to being apart of all the many subscribers who love your channel as much as I do

As a mom its hard to find motivation to just keep on keeping on. When I watch your channel it makes me feel like im not alone. All the mundane chores and worries we all share as moms you voice and makes me feel like im not alone. You truly give me the confidence that if you can do it so can I

‏You're a wonderful, amazing and beautiful mother.your family and the dog are nice. I wish you a happy life and God bless you. ーー

....and close the door. Feel ya girl!

I just like to see if other toddlers act like mine lol ... and shay and my 2 and a half old do.

Found swaddling has been reduced. Good to go

You should give shay more bananas

I have to do the lactose free toddler drink (toddler formula basically) because my daughter has the same issue, even with lactose free milk.

You should try 2% milk that helped my daughter she is around the same age as Shay.

I watch your channel because I LOVE the way you organize your home always motivate me to clean and organize I love the way you talk and dress and it’s just the way your personality is that I LOVE it!!plus you have the cutest babies and also dress them amazing and you and Adam are the cutest!so I will tell you there is NOT one reason not watching basically!!!!!

I've been following since Shay, I stumbled upon your channel when I was pregnant with my first - him & Shay are only a month apart! I've kept watching because on days I feel overwhelmed or unsure that I am meant for Motherhood - your calm demeanor just brings a wave of relaxation over me

I love watching your channel because you are truly inspiring I’m also a mom and watching you and your lovely family makes me feel a bit less alone and I see you as a friend and very down to earth. I get excited watching your new videos.

مبتظلع لي الترجمة


You are a wonderful mum, I love you.

How did you clean the

What are the songs called that you used whilst getting ready and in Target? Love them, and now know all the lyrics to the sons you use


اني ابني بيضه وحده صبح ويشلع باب كلبي ياله تخلص اغني واركص واعيط ياله وره اتغده لا مامي شبعان اتعشى لا مامي شبعان لحمدلله والشكر ع كل حال

I don't have kids and a family yet but I always think in the back of my head that one I have when I will aspire to be like Tara. I don't know I am just inspired. I know this probably seems weird to you like your probably thinking that I am just living my life day to day but I don't know what it is I can't really describe it but I just feel warm fuzzy happy and I think more importantly just hopeful about the future. Your incredibly hardworking and that comes off and I have loved seeing your channel and audience grow, I have been here pretty much from the beginning. It really amazed me how consistently you were uploading days after you gave birth to Grayson. I really like the vibe of your family and how your so on-trend but still value important things such as religion and family. Your dad's relationship with you and the girls is absolutely precious. I like your style in terms of clothing, how you set up the pantry, nurseries, living room, I even like the way your fridge is organized. I was so happy when you moved and were able to decorate and set your house in a way that you wanted to. It was amazing seeing what you could do with the proper resources and space. Your whole approach to parenting is applaudable and I think my future goals and values are just really in line with where I want to see myself in the next five years and I just feel pure joy watching you and your family. I don't know I just feel like I know you and feel honoured that you choose to share your life with us. You are are just excelling at life and I know that your life is probably not perfect and you will certainly feel that way sometimes but the way that you gracefully handle anything life throws at you is really what puts you above the rest. I wish all the best for you and your beautiful family. Lots of love.

I am a unmarried girl I watch your channel so I can do something best at my future life

عندما اشاهدك اشتاق الى الاستقرار وعودة المياه الى مجاريها وان يهدي الله زوجي ادعوا معي فاني اعاني الالم لان زوجي يريد الطلاق

Hi! Iam from Algeria . You ´re really Nice well organized mom though you ´ve 3 kids .it's not Easy ! You ´re so calm and quiet!I like your videos !

The birth video it would take me a long time to say what ones I like I like all of them

I love your Channel because I want to be just like you when I am older,I look up too you and you are such a great mom I know you will never see this but you are an amazing human I hope one day I will meet you

I’m prego with number 5 all my kids have a had skin problems Tips Baby Ganic‘s body wash unscented right now I’m my youngest child I’m using homemade body wash and homemade soap No fabric softener or dryer sheets and a completely unscented free and clear laundry detergent even if the fabric softer says it’s free and clear steer away find a good lotion unscented that is for that Baby only gets full bath every two days My friend is very careful with her diet with her baby she notices a difference when she does that Some of my kids have had to use medications it’s so hit or miss


Honestly your videos are so relaxing and statisfying

I love you guys so much I love your nails you are so pretty

I subscribed because I am a military spouse as you were. And I didn’t know about any other military wives on YouTube so I felt like I could relate to you and I am a mom of 2 girls as well!! Congrats on 400k!!! That’s amazing!!

I love watching ur vlogs becuase u have the cutest babies ..baylee,shay&grayson

i love your content because it's relatable, i stay at home with a 3 and 5 year old plus you can tell you put a lot of love and thought into your channel and you're genuine!

I watch your videos because to you, it may seem like you are "boring", but to me, you are so relatable and your family is so loving and fun. You and your family are amazing! Don't ever stop what you are doing girl! Keep it up! xoxo

I enjoy your videos cuz your so real and down to earth..I can see how much you love your family and its a joy to watch.xo

Cleaning videos thank you

I follow you because you give me motivation to be a SuperMom!

جميله منظمه نظيفه بحب عيلتك

What brand washer and dryer and do you recommend them

Girl I love watching your videos because you’re personality is so mellow and so genuine. I love how you’re so real and happy and calm all the time no matter what. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and the reason I subscribed to your channel was because I was pregnant and I was gonna be a first time mom! So I was doing my research and watching different YouTube moms to get tips and just advice in general. And when I came across your videos, there was something about your energy that outshined all the other YouTube moms ❤️ My daughter is now 10 months and most of the things I do with her or for her are thanks to you. You’re such an inspiration to me and I admire you so much! My husband teases me all the time cause whenever we’re at Target, I go “I need to try this” or “I need to get this” and he always says “let me guess, Tara has it” or “Tara tried that”

You are natural and your family as well. You are nice to watch , I feel relaxed when I see your video's. Keep going you are doing a great job as a mom and with your YouTube channel. Greatings from Ireland (I am from Romania but I live in Ireland)

Can you show what you go to put Greyson down for a nap?

Your kids are so pretty and cute

Oh my goodness I’m so glad I’m not the only one with the loose stool issue with my two year old. She’s had the same issue as Shay for awhile now too and she also loves dairy so we are definitely switching to almond milk to give it a try. I also read somewhere that consuming a lot of fruit can cause it too which my daughter also lives off of

Your channel is so REAL! You always share the good, bad, sad. Your very comparable and an inspiration

I love to watch you because you seem to be really sweet and could be friends with anyone no matter the body size their money situation you would just see the beauty in everyone. I could see me coming over with my kids and drinking having girl talk time! I love watching vlogs and clean shop with me and everything lol

I love watching your channel because of how real your family is. It's not fake, it's real life struggles with ups and downs!! Love the girls and chloe too!!!

I love watching your videos because they are always so aesthetically pleasing and calming. I also love getting home decor and organization tips!!

The reasons i watch your channel is bc im 17. And ive always wanted to be a mom. I watch you because you are exactly the way i want to be as a mom. Your style, the way you raise your kids, the stuff you buy. I love it. Your like my role model for when i grow up. I love watching your day in the life videos. Your kids are so sweet and so cute.

هووواي احبج متابعينج من العراق

What's the first song named? Love your family btw ♥

It's adorable how Shay watches everything Bailey does. Your family is just beautiful!!

Let me know if this works my son has psoriasis or Eczema I can seem to control it

انا من العراق اتابعج لان فيديواتج حلوه

Love watching your channel becuase it motivates me, you and your family are beautiful!

Beautiful house and a beautiful family, i love the way you clean and organize your house although you are super busy! love from Malta x

Aaryn and you are so motivated and have so much ideas for the kids thats is like omg you guys put me(my experience) on top of my game. I have one child and i feel so overwhelmed at times and watching you is just like omg i have nothing similar to you. We live you and we are glad that you are there for us

I love everything!!! You have a beautiful family and you are all just so lovely and wonderful to watch ❤️

I watch because you’re so relatable. Also, when I feel overwhelmed as a mom I find comfort in your channel . I love that I can connect with other moms via internet and share some similar experiences .

Where did you find that organizer tray in you bathroom drawer? The one that you have your toothpaste and qtips in?

You making Momming look so easy and enjoyable! You are an amazing Momma!

You are not boring, you're the clean mom ever ... i love how u organized all the stuff and apart from beinging up kids, u never ignored yourself ... i love that

bcoz you have very kind heart tara nd loving caring women ❤

جميله جدا ومرتبة ونظيف ماشاءالله

You are real, sweet and just make my day. I'm from Poland and love You and your great family :-*

yea both of my boys CAN NOT EAT or DRINK anything with whole milk or they will have diarrhea. So we have used almond milk since they got off the bottle. We also use dairy free ice cream!

I like your copper kitchen utensil holder. Where did you get it? Thanks for sharing.

So cute family

I love watching you for motivation. Your family is beautiful an I feel like you an Adam are just real. I love how patient an kind u are with your kids something I'm always trying to improve on.

I watched your channel 2 years ago.I saw a cleaning video and needed inspiration then watched all your videos and started loving the way you talk to everyone and ur very real I just love ur family and your channel so much congrats!!

I love the amazing mom you are and how you care for the simplest details

My three 3yrs old boy been drinking almond Breeze for while too he been having a bad constipation so you doing well by doing that to her hope she get better.

hey Tara you’re inspired me a lot i’m commenting while i’m cooking & watching yo videos always makes me smile and relax whenever wherever i’m don’t say you’re boring you’re not i’m in love with your videos you hve a great family that we cherish al the times..i hav three l’il kiddos too ages 4, 3, 1/12

I love your vedio because you are great mom and so organized . From Algeria

I'm a new subscribe. I love watching you because u inspire me , and ur content is real genuine. Thank you for sharing !

I love you tara i live in iraq name is Banin

I watch your channel because your humble, loving, caring an amazing mother, you have great taste and I love how you dress all 3 babies. Its hard to choose a favorite video because honestlyI love all your videos I enjoy seeing you interact with the girls and the baby. We love you girl never forget that you are family to us sending hugs from Pennsylvania.

i love your videos so much. you are an amazing mom and you have a beautiful family. channel makes me so happy(:

Hi Angelica oritz

Hi Angelica oritz you have husand

You’re so clean! I cant keep it together and I only have 1 toddler. One of the reasons I follow you. You seem very genuine and you’re style is incredible. Give yourself more credit! You deserve all the subscribers

I love your channel because you are real . Because you are legit Because your family is beautiful Because you are an amazing mother Because you are not perfect ( like the rest of us ) and you are not pretending to be , hence there is perfection in your imperfection

I subscribed because I also feel like "just a mom" too but we are so much more than that.

Thank you for translating your videos into Arabic and your videos bring positive energy and I am Arabic and I don't understand English very much.I work a lot to develop myself in English

reasons why i love your Channel you inspire me to be better as a young adult mum to my daughter and you are so loving and joyful and your family is so cute. and no matter what happens throughout your day you strive to succeed. and i've learnt so much over the two years from you with my daughter and i cannot thank you enough. lots of love from the ware family. your beautiful and graceful and a so talented and i've been wanting to start my own channel but don't know where to start yet. could you give me any advise on it. thank you

I love your channel because 1.) you guys are adorable and you are so real. Sure you are goals, but you also are like “yeah I was too tired to put up the dry goods”

Beacuse its so fun watching your čute famaly

You are wonderful and entertaining♥️

I intially followed because of Aaryn Williams. But been following the last month or so and I relate to you, especially your last video about delayed speech and also, being in recovery. Mind boggles me why your so curious when it's all in the comment section. ☺

ترتيبك لمنزلك ووقتك تعطيني حافز لاعمل انا ايضا واحببت الترجمه للعربيه جدا i love you ♥️

Super ✋


How do you make the screen saver you made for your phone.


Lindo pricip

Just an FYI, the second ingredient is cane sugar in the Bodyarmor drinks. Theres 18 grams of sugar in one.

شكرا thank you

U r so decent n u look like my family thats why i love ur videos

I love watching your channel because I can relate to you. Your children are so adorable.

Can u deliever me these activity based stuff here is not available please for my daughters

الحيات عندكم ساهلة بزاف كولشي متوفر ومجهز عكس عندنا

Ne peynir var ne zeytin adam gibi kahvalri yaptirmiyo cocuklarina anca kendilerini suslesinler


For me, its a hope i will find a tutorial how to organize my whole effin life and mostly my apartment. Having 3 kids (6months, 2 y, 4y) my whole flat is total disaster, its freakin jungle, no matter what i do, the minute i clean smth up kids will make another mess and i dont know how you do it that everything is always so nice. And also, your voice is very relaxing and you are beautiful, always good looking.

You are just such an inspiration. ❤

Does anyone know what app she uses to get that homescreen picture of grayson on her phone its ADORABLE ❤

I watch your videos because I am a mother like you and I arrange daily like you and take ideas from you and I love you so much and I am an Arab

Because you old the best

I love your videos because you are such a calm spirit! You are a light and it is infectious. So glad I found you and hope you know you are such a blessing to so many just by sharing your story ♥️

Im also a mom. Thats why i watch your videos.

My little boy had a tongue tie as well and it was so nice to see someone else going through that tough situation.

Congratulations on 400k. I love watching your channel because you’re so raw and real, and you’re always consistent on uploading no matter what. And you’re a great mom!! You’re one of my favorites

I found your channel when I was trying to get pregnant and watched your video when you got your positive test with Grayson. :) I’ve been watching you ever since and I’ve loved watching your sweet family grow! I had my first baby boy on July 7th, so it’s been so fun having little boys close in age. You’re so relatable and down to earth so watching you feels like watching a friend who I can actually relate to with real life stuff. You’re awesome Tara and you and your family deserve it all!

I think there is a but of raw chicken in your bowl

I love you and wach vidoes Iam from iraq

Inspirational, motivation, I love your family. Helps my anxiety and your channel is something I love!

Misericórdia logo três.

My son was born with a belly problem like shay we currently see a gi and he recommended to try a kids probiotic and meta mucil sprinkle on the food and it should harden it we have been gluten free and dairy free since he has been 1 he’s now 3 still gluten free and dairy free we tried the probiotic it helps him

Tara ... you are superwoman .... I have one 13 week old puppy and no kids and I’m barely surviving

I just love how you don’t always have to put on that “my life is perfect” are a great mom and wife

أنا متتبعة وفية أتبعك في كل شيء حتى في تربية الأطفال ونظافتهم ،الله يوفقك واستمري حبيبتي

Why you? Because you are awesome. You’re sweet, kind to others, encouraging, funny, you are a great mom, beautiful children and you are an awesome mother. You are raising wonderful children for our future generation. And as a mom, it’s something only you can do. ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for your tradiction

اتابعكي لان فيديهاتك بتعطيني طاقة ايجابية في الحياة البسيطة وكيف بتستمتعي بحياتك مع اطفالك وبتخليني اكون اكثر نشاط مع اطفالي انت ام رائعة واطفالك اروع

Your great mother

I subscribed back when shay was a baby. It was a few months before her first birthday. I just love your channel and every single video you post. You’re awesome and FAR from boring. And I love the kids , your whole channel is just perfect

Is your delivery is cessarian

Heyat sizdedi. Yawayiw sizdedi.

شكرا على الترجمة للعربية ياريت تترجمي فيديوهات السابقة

اعجبني جدا اهتمامك لاطفالك وترتيلك للمنزل واكتر شي الترجمة بالعربي شجعتيني اكتر لاهتمام اطفالي نتعلم منكي احبكي كثيرا مزيدا من الفديوهات المترجمة متابعتك من فلسطين وشكرا لكي

I watch your videos because you are so nice and kind and you do so much for you kids and your husband. Number one mom

What kind of bowls are those that you used for the girls at breakfast? Are they bamboo or silicone?

Where is your shirt from? It looks so soft!

What is the name of the app you use for your background of Grayson on your phone?? It is super cute and I wanna use it to for my kids :)

Hi could you please help me finding that machine/tool which you use to take baby's cough out..

Tara you super

انا عربية مغربية مين يتابعني

هنيالج حياتج اشكد حلوه

Watching your channel because I like it or you are an ideal mother and ideal family love this channel because it is useful

ماشاء الله تبارك الله عليكم يا ربي يحميك

بيت جميل أم رائعة اطفال مذهلون نحن العرب لانملك كل هذه الاشياء بسبب الفقر وقلت الامكانيات لذا لايمكن تنفيذ كل مانرغب فيه فالحياة المثالية ليست صعبة بوجود الامكانيات كل ام تستطيع اعطاء الافضل عندما يتوفر لديها ماتحتاجه من المستلزمات

I enjoy watching you and your children you have the most beautiful family very nice house and your a pleasure to watch and listen to..

Hy I m sehrish from UK I love u bcz u learn me how to look after children I have my 12month son and I want to ask he is not still walking what can I do doct said it's normal bcz boys r lazy

اريد حل لمشكل حب شباب بشرة حساسة جدا

I look forward to every video I each Grayson birth all the way throw infill he was born in still each j Him just about to which it

Grayson is so cute I love him your videos are ignored !e to film and day in life as well

تعجبني فتي تربية اولادك ونضام ، انا من جزااؤر اتابعك كثيرا

I waching your videos becuse llove you so much you are so sweet mom

انتي فعلا رائعة واحب ترجمتك للفيديو

Amo esta familia son hermosos Dios los bendiga tienen una casa preciosa aunque no se si me entiendan jajaja besos

روووعه ❤️❤️❤️

انت ام رائعة

انا احبك لانك ممتعة وأنا اشاهد كل فيديوهاتك لانها رائعة

متابعتك من مصر

جودة لغه عربيه مميزة اول مرة ارى امريكيه ست بيت

أنا أحببت قناتك أكثر بالترجمة اللغة العربية وتربي وبناتك وأكثر دايما أنيقة الجمال وبيتك منضم أحسنت بالتوفيق❤❤❤

Love you Tara! ❤️ Love your style, product choices, your house decor, your drive, your authenticity, your levelheadedness, your balance with are literally what I strive to be as a mom, wife, and woman! Love your channel! You deserve it all! You and Adam are doing a great job!


تحمسيني ع حياتي اليوميه انتي خطوه حسنه

انت رائعه واحب اتابع فيديوهاتك لانها بصراحه حلوه

أنت إمرأة جميلة وعائلتك رائعة وأنا أتابعك من سورية

I like your videos. Hair and kids and your home to

love you tara

I really like your videos....your life looks so beautiful and peaceful..God bless u

I'm subscribe your channel


I love watching your channel because your voice is very calming and you keep it real, you show us the imperfections and talk about some of the struggles a lot more than other you tubers I've seen.

Super... super mamy...Tara... good...i love you Tara...

نحبك بزااف

جميله يوميات تارا غير متصنعه والاجمل انها مترجمه باللغه العربيه . Beautiful diary Tara and the most beautiful it translated in Arabic Thank you

احنه نتابعج نتعلم منج انتي نضيفه كلش وجهالج كلش كيووت وانتي هم كيوووت

قمت بالاشتراك لانك قمت بالترجمة مع اني افهم اامعنى من حديثك ستتحسن لغتي كثيرا بهذه الطريقة بالتوفيق

I watch your channel, because you make motherhood look like an amazing thing, even though I know it’s so hard... I really appreciate how organized, loving, and goal oriented you are. Cuz Lord knows I’m not! Lol! You ARE deserving! You work so hard!

Милота зашкаливает! Спасибо Вам большое.

Very Good!

Because I love you. From Algeria

Alot of dairy will cause that but almond milk should help

Very good

I love you so much today is the first day to watch you and your way to help and organizing your home and you time is just great❤

رائعه محفزه مفيده اخذت كثير من افكارك وحاولت اطبقها ..يعجبني النظام والنظافه ..

U r tooo much rich

فيديوهاتك كتير حلوة وكتير بتعجبني بتمنى تساوي فيديو روتين خاص فيكي روتينات بشكل عام

اي الترجمة انا لاتوجد عندي

انتي ام جدا مرتبه ونضيفه وتعتنين بل الاطفال

احبك قناتك حلوة

My husband and I are currently expecting our second son and we just purchased a new home. Your channel is so inspiring and helpful. I love your routines and I love how your home is decorated so I always take notes. Thank you ❤️ this mom in South Carolina appreciates you.

You’re definitely not boring- at all

اعجبني فيك الاهتمام الرائع و الكبير لاطفالك و بيتك انت فعلا انسانة رائعة.

انا بموت فيكي وفي أولادك انا من مصر مش عارفه هتعرفي تترجمي كلام ازي بس انا بحبك كتير جداااااا

شكرا لك لترجمة بلعربية فيدوهاتك جميلة

I luv your all vlogs and especially amylee and also luv your art of handling your family

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