day trip from seoul to the Lavender Festival in Goseong, Korea Vlog my life in korea

day trip from seoul to the Lavender Festival in Goseong, Korea Vlog my life in korea

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Good morning from noisy noisy Seoul.  I am at the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, the   east Seoul bus terminal, and I'm just waiting  for Kaila. We are going to head across the country   to lavender fields, a farm that I have wanted  to go to for a very long time so I'm very excited. This is literally the only day of 'not  rain' in the foreseeable future so we're   gonna try and thread the needle, hopefully. It's  beautiful, it looks beautiful out here in Seoul so   yes it's basically like we're traveling to the  south of France but it's only gonna take us a two   and a half hour bus ride. So yeah I'm gonna go find  Kaila, we don't have our tickets yet but I don't  

feel like it's gonna sell out. But yeah I will update you, I will see you in Gangwondo. Greetings from Wontong. We have 10 minutes, a10 minute break, so we're just gonna look at  

corn apparently. ~*countryside*~ oh there's a [market]! Easy peasy, here we go! If it's windy I apologize but we have made it   here in one piece and now we're gonna go  in and everything's purple, even the road! We got our ice cream and then it turned   into Disneyland because people  needed to take pictures with us. Ice cream has been had. It tastes like lavender -  I almost have vanilla - hint of lavender to it. Yummy.  

But we couldn't get good pictures of it - oh,  what? oh he's just yelling - we couldn't get   good pictures of it because I took a picture  for a couple and then she was like 'oh I'll take   a picture for you guys' and so we sat there and  then as we're sitting there, these other people   are like 'ooh foreigners let's take pictures  with them' so we had to do like Disneyland style photos. You're Ariel, who am I? Who has  short brown hair? Oh Rapunzel when she cuts it off.  When she like becomes sassy and free, on  brand. But yeah so we had melty ice cream but  

it was delicious and we haven't even walked around  the place yet so we're excited but we're gonna get   drank first? Oh my god this guy has a really big  camera lens and he's really serious about the   photos. He's screaming. He's screaming. Okay so we'll update you as we walk around to the farm   Wow beautiful, wait that is so not the angle.  Hold on. Oh sure, I just want people to know that this sky is not photoshopped. Look at it - show some of those ones No it really is that blue. Look at that! Oh it's up all the way.

~*totally unedited*~ Go Korea. Yeah blue and purple, stunning! You look like such a fairy I swear. To the farm! To the farm? To the farm! To the farm! I love tea pots like this. Oh look at the co- for coffee! Oh no I'm making Kaila buy one too. I think I'm gonna do it. So about four years ago, my mom and  I went to the Garden of the Morning Calm and got this like energy oil thing and she loved  it and when she ran out she's been searching for   it for literally years and so I just found one  that I think is the same mix of essential oils so   we're really hoping. We'll find out when I  go home next month but it smells amazing and   this entire place smells amazing but it's  a little overwhelming so we're gonna head out~ My tattoo is so faded. I don't know if you can even -

There she is! Golden poppy meet golden poppy! Twinning~ I can't even like properly  capture how many bees there are. I'm just loving this 'teamwork makes the dream work' kind of thing. Everyone needs an instagram husband.

So we spent a little over two hours there,  the only problem is that they don't have any   proper food so we are high on life, and our energy  boosting essential oils, and ice cream, and now we   need actual food. So we're gonna actually try to  take a taxi to the beach and get some noodles   I think. And yeah so this was lovely, this was six bucks.  Well worth it. Very cute. I want to live here. Bye.   So we had the cutest taxi driver in the world.  Hyunhee was her name. And now we're at the   beach and we're gonna get makguksu and that's all.  We're so hungry that I can't speak so let's go.

There's all these fish! Wow there's a dog! Oh my god it  has everything you could ever want! Hi! Nevermind. I'm interested in the sugar.    She's gone nervous now. She said we could use chopsticks well and now I'm flubbing. It's because the noodles are so heavy. Do you wanna do you want an apron? Oh can you do that? Yes two please! Thank you!!! She's so cute. She is cute. We've been getting a lot of nice old ladies today. So good.

Bye cutie! Hello from Seoul Coffee. We literally had to ask the taxi driver where the  terminal was even though he dropped us off right   in front of it because it just doesn't look  like it belongs here. But we're getting on the   bus and we're going home and I will update  you when I reach. Thank you for joining us! Bye! Hello! So I made it back from Goseong in one  piece. So Kaila and I went out on a little adventure  

and round trip, the bus from Dong Seoul, you'll leave  from the eastern - why can I? I always get east and   west mixed up in both languages but for some  reason Korean is extra hard. Dong is east. So you're leaving from the east Seoul bus station  and my air conditioner is very loud I apologize. Round trip that cost 42,000 won - it's 21 each way.  And then the taxi to the place was a less   than 10, so if you're splitting it with someone  it's fine. And then everything in the gift shop,  

which you'd think after living in Korea for this  long I'd be used to it, but in America what people   do is if it's a tourist spot, those items in a  gift shop or even just like food nearby will be   much more expensive because they know that they  can charge that and they'll probably get it, but   in Korea that's rarely the case. So everything in  the gift shop and stuff was totally reasonable, if   not alarmingly cheap. So it was just really  chill. Everyone there was having a lovely   quiet time. People were taking pictures of  each other, people were asking for help taking  

group photos, it was just like lovely and chill and  even though it was more crowded than I expected   because we went on a weekday, the space was  large enough that it didn't feel crowded. I think   if you're looking maybe for a seat like to sit  down and eat your ice cream then it felt a little   crowded but other than that, walking around  I didn't feel in any way that it was too busy.   And then after that we took a lovely little taxi  ride. Our taxi driver was so cute, she called me   because I used Kakao Taxi and she called me ahead  of time to be like 'just letting you know, I'm on   my way' and I'm like yes, I can see that on the app. But she called to say hey and she picks us up  

and she's like hey girls, gives us water bottles,  she's asking us like what we're doing here   and she just kept calling us cool and  then we went to this tiny little random town   and we wanted those noodles but they were  closed for a little bit and the people running   that, they were so nice kept checking on us like  it was just so chill and oh and then we when we   got to the bus terminal, as you saw, the terminal  did not look - it's, it doesn't have as much of   a presence as the bigger city terminals  might have. It was just kind of next to a cafe   and the ticket booth is actually connected  to the convenience store and so the little   young part-time girl who was working at the  convenience store was also selling the bus   tickets and I didn't realize that so I saw that  the ticket window was, no one was there, so I was   kind of looking around and this old man saw me and  he was like 'you got a knock!' and so I knocked and   no one came and he was like 'knock harder!' and  so I did but it was just like very nice that   people were clearly looking out for each other and so welcoming and so just calm. I love Gangwondo  a lot. So if you are looking to do that  next summer because I believe it's only until  the end of June, I highly recommend it. It was so  nice and calm and wonderful and the ice cream   was delicious. So anyway, thank you for joining  me. That was - it was nice to get out of Seoul   and I have a couple other trips that were going on  very soon that I'm excited to take you on. and 

yeah that was, that was all. That was a lovely day  and I hope you guys are getting out on little   summer adventures or if you  are in the southern hemisphere   lovely winter adventures. So anyway yeah  I will see you guys next time. I don't think   you can guess where we're going next, but if you want to try you certainly can. It is   south is all I'm going to tell you. South of Seoul. Goseong is right up, right up next to   the north Korean border so we're going further  south then Goseong for sure. So anyway yeah I'm  

going to leave you here and I hope that was a nice  little dose of summer flowers for you and yeah   I will join you on our next trip which is just  as green, just as flower-filled. See you then, bye!

2021-07-06 08:18

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