Day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a Epic Fail in the Mountains

Day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a Epic Fail in the Mountains

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In today's video we are going to explore, Santa, Fe New, Mexico. And, then that, lost in the Rocky Mountains. Riding. Riding, riding, with. My, RB, my RV. Wherever. -. You. Guys haven't, bring in. Miami. Let's. Begin by driving, up to Santa, Fe New. Mexico's, capital. I'm. Starting to see some Adobe. Style buildings, so we must be getting close. Actually. Let's, park right here here. I parked two dollars an hour not too bad, Hotel made to look like. An. Ancient Pueblo. Here. We have the Loretto, Chapel, famous. For its miraculous, spiral, staircase, which, seems. To defy, the laws of physics and, we, are going to see it here in a bit. This. Was actually the first gothic. Building, west of the Mississippi, and built in the 1870s. It's. Only $3, to see it so that's, reasonable. Nowadays. The chapel only works as a museum. And for special events, like weddings. There. There's, the miraculous, stare in the back the. Fact that it has no central, pole to support it is what, makes it so peculiar, it, is also supposed to be a remarkable, feat, of woodworking, especially. With the crude hand, tools, of the era in which it was constructed. It's. Silver. Here. We have another look at the gothic facade, and this. Nice, Park here with all the wind spinners. I continued. Walking around admiring, all, the quirky, art everywhere. And. I think maybe I made a scheduling, mistake again, because, the town is pretty much deserted, here. Was my plan I see a bit of Santa Fe in the morning then, have lunch and then go to the Taos Pueblo which, is about an hour and a half away I think, maybe I should have reversed it and don't house in, the morning and then Santa Fe in the afternoon, when, it is more lively and it, seems, like it might be a really touristy, area, at the right time, which, is not, right now, here's. The son of a plaza. And check. Out an old GMC. I love. Those old motorhomes. I. Continue. Walking around the plaza, admiring. All the Adobe's style buildings. This one in particular is, the palace of the governor's with, some Native American, craft, vendors outside. Inside. It. Is a museum, but, I didn't feel like paying for the full tour man in the museum, mood, today, it. Is actually, in the oldest, continuously, occupied public. Building, in the United States believed. To have been constructed in, around, 1610. And lots. Of, Native, American, crafts. Lots. Of museums, in, this area. I. Continued. Walking, around. Wandering. Into this interior, patios. Here, this, one a shop, called, the rainbow, man. Here's. One of the restaurants. That I'm actually considering. For, lunch later, today. Let's. Go and see the cathedral, this. Building, here with the colorful, columns, is the contemporary Native. American, Art Museum. In, there. It is, the Cathedral, Basilica of, Saint Francis of Assisi, commonly. Known as just the, Saint Francis, Cathedral, the. Romanesque Revival building. Dates back to the 1880s, built. On the site of an older, Adobe style church which was called la parroquia. There's. A st. Francis, surrounded. By all the saints of the new world. Here's. The very ornate, Our, Lady of the Rosary chapel. Well. Yeah that was the cathedral is very beautiful inside and. Let's. Continue exploring, it's very quiet today Healing. The. Sense of hey. Welcome. To explore and we'll see what we, can find. Diego. The Rodriguez sapota. In. This area we encounter, a bunch of art galleries, as we walk towards Canyon, Road which, is supposedly, an, artsy, neighborhood around. Here. Here. We have the New Mexico, School for the Arts how. Appropriate huh. It. Turns out however, that. People don't usually go out to look at art in the morning who. Would have thought. Not, this Canyon, Road is listed as one of the top things to do hearing.

In. Santa Fe is. Very very eerie feeling that there's nobody on the streets absolutely. No one. Well, I've seen the real ones all over the place here in the city. Apparently. This is the river and. There. The. River is kind of frozen, beer. This. Is the famous desert, in where the Santa Fe bite is located. Government. Building New Mexico State. Land, Office. Here. We have it the New Mexico, State. Let's. Continue exploring, and, there is what is called the family sculpture. Here, in front, of the Capitol also called the Roundhouse. Well. If you are into colorful, Native American, garments, there, is plenty of that here. The, chilli house. Let's. Go find something to eat with. Chilies, in it preferably. But. That cuz I seen a place looked fancy. So let's, check out the, shed. One, more time, well. I'm gonna begin with a local. IPA, yes, it is my tradition, now and it. Is very nice here good service, I am, having the carne, adovada mmm, very spicy. Ok. Let's, go. That. Was by far the spiciest. Meal, I've ever had, get. Back to the car. Funny. Thing as. I get ready to leave town it, is getting livelier, around, here they, even have live mariachi, music at the Plaza now. But, wait that's la, bikina one, of my favorite, Mexican songs, there's, something about the cadence, and the harmonic, progressions. And the rhythm. Well. As much as I am enjoying the, music I'm. Gonna have to get going, I've got more stuff to show you how. About we go to the oldest, house not, only here in Santa Fe but in the whole entire, United, States. The. Oldest house in the USA from. 1646. We enter through the gift shop. This. Section, here is an 800. Year old adobe. House, although. The tree rings dated, the house to about, 1646. It is believed this, part of the structure itself might. Be older, even, dating, back to the 1200. S. That. Was the oldest house in the USA how cool is that. Serendipitously. It just happened to. Device. Late. Taos. Pueblo may, close within one hour of when you arrive, head. Southeast, on east of Vargas Street toward orchard Drive there, I know I should have done Taos Pueblo earlier, but. Now. I've got less than an hour. Well. I changed my mind we. Are not going to Taos after, all perhaps. Another, trip. Actually. A viewer, recommended. This place in the mountains called, tent, rocks so. I'm going to try and make it there. This. Is cold in Los Alamos, and they just asked me for my ID. Of. Course, Los, Alamos you, know where, they invented, the atomic bomb, and. I was just oblivious, when I passed the checkpoint, who. Knows what kind of secrets, military, stuff they're making. Here at these days, by. The way we are really going up in elevation here. More. Research, should, have gone into this for sure. There's. Some, local wildlife. So. Cool. My. Altimeter says, that we are 8,000. Feet above sea, level. Then. 8900. We're. Really way up, here. This, is called a, fire. Grande. Of. Course we still have. Quite. A bit of snow here on the side of the road. I'm supposed to turn left here. But I think, we may have a problem the. Road seems, to be closed. Yeah. That's. A fail of epic, proportions, after so much driving. But hey at, least we get to see the snow and the.

Mountains And. The pretty scenery, and the. Highest, old Kia has ever been for sure. Let's. Go back to Albuquerque, actually. The RV park is in a suburb called Bernalillo. Now. Going, through the hay más Pueblo, here. And. Yeah we're stuck behind the school bus our, luck, will, be there soon. The. Sights of the Sandia, Mountains means. We are getting, really close and, I would love to show you Albuquerque. Today you, know but I have, so much to, show you we. Are going to do that on the next video. If. You have enjoyed traveling. With us and make sure you are subscribed and, check, out my other videos, also, share, it with your friends, spread the word and leave me a comment now, if you really, really liked it you have a chance to show your support at, slash, traveling, Robert as always, thank, you so much for watching and see you on the road.

2018-05-10 19:06

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I did not know New Mexico had freezing water. I really thought it was a deserty place where it's always warm! The more you know :)

Tent Rocks is a 15 minute drive off I25. You get to see Cochiti Lake and the Tribal Buffalo herd on the way there. Not as scenic, but open year round.

im waiting in anticipation for albuquerque, guess few more days wont hurt, #BreakingBadFan

on patreon now how do I see content?

You did a really great job with this video highlighting your trip to Santa Fe - The City Different. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Robert. Nice video. Churches were amazing and it was beautiful inside to look at. You went to a museum shows lots of history. Well done great video. Keep it up Robert your videos are awesome. Where your wife she was not with you. Hope u had a good time in Mexico.

Robert, when you went through Los Alamos, did you see the signs to Bandelier National Monument? Definitely a hidden gem.

Robert do you have any filming done in Albuquerque?

You should have stopped by and said hello!!

I was shocked at how empty Santa Fe was when you were there. We went in October two years ago and it was full of people everywhere! Probably because of the balloon fiesta. We tried to get a table at The Shed but it was a two hour wait and you got right in! We probably spent at least two hours or more on Canyon Road. So much art and sculpture to look at. So sorry you missed The Tents. The walk through there was awesome. Put it on your list for next time.

Santa Fe is so beautiful! When we visited ABQ a couple years ago, we went through the Turquoise trail to get to SF. Nothing like it!

Robert saludos tremendo video,siempre que puedas pones el precio de la gasolina y el clima...ahh y cuando haces el café cubano...☕️

Ted Cruz, a Cuban politician said he wants to get all Mexicans out of Texas so Cubans can establish communities there.

Robert do you think it’s fair that Mexicans have so many communities all across America, especially California, nice city’s and in Texas and in New Mexico, in Washington state,in Texas, in Arizona all over the northeast and south , and the only place that there are Cuban communities is in south Florida , does that piss you off?

Loved seeing the cathedral. Thanks for sharing.

Robert. if that was the oldest house why did it have glass for windows and doors????

This video brought back so many great memories Robert! The first time I ever went to the USA it was to visit my friend who lived in Albuquerque, well actually at the time he was living in Los Alamos! And I found that place so fascinating!! And we went to Santa Fe too, which was really interesting. Too bad you didn't make it to Tent Rocks or Taos. Next time!!

Cool video as always, Robert! Thx! So bummed you didn't get to see Tent Rocks. That place is AMAZING. Went there a few years back and was blown away. Hope you can get back there and explore one day. It's totally worth it. We stayed in Bernalillo, too. Very nice place.

Very pretty area, do the people come out at night? Just sayin..

Tent rocks was pretty neat! I remember driving through a Pueblo to get to it. I am not sure where you were, but i think it was all paved, until we turned right onto a short dirt road that lead right into tent rocks...

All of your videos are very enjoyable. Each one is interesting. If you showed only a black screen, I would watch it just to hear your music!


Can't believe how desolate the streets were in Santa Fe! You always find very interesting items of interest even if they weren't on your original itinerary. Loved the oldest house ... small doorways ... many religious displays ... crucifixes. The St Francis Cathedral was so beautiful! Thanks again Robert ... can't wait for the Albuquerque video!

I was there a couple weeks after you, we enjoyed they sights also. But this is where I discovered the infection in my toe and had to hurriedly leave for Denver and the VA hospital where they tried to save the toe, but eventually I lost it, it's better than losing the entire foot (diabetic). Going to give it a go this fall. Wee did pick up a few hints on where to go that we missed.

When I was there many years ago, there was a Mariachi band that used to walk into the local diner on the square and just start playing music.

I've been there in the fall. I had no idea spring was so slow to come to Santa Fe!

Robert thank you for the superb narration and, of course, the great video of Santa Fe.

Where are all peoples? City looks lije empty town.

The US government should give you a grant because you are do so much for the US tourist industry. I didn't realise Sante Fe was so attractive. Albuquerque will be fun as long as you don't start Breaking Bad…

My wife and I love your videos & music. Ordered CD, t-shirts & sticker. We will be passing thru there in 2 weeks on our way to Phoenix. Keep up the great work. Being a video/photographer, I know how much work it is to produce these videos.

Howdy Robert,thanks a lot for sharing yet another great video here !Much appreciated!Cordial greetings from William in Bruges,Belgium,Europe.

Very cool Robert..Santa Fe is such a cool town ! Been many years since I visited..watching your video makes me want to return ;-)

Photobomber@7:41. LOL. Too bad about the gate closure towards the roads.  Looks like something that I would want to see.  Thanks for the video!!

Did aliens beam up the population of Santa Fe? Maybe it's a scientific experiment from Los Alamos.

Before I retired from 38 years of trucking in 2015 I always LOVED going through New Mexico! Especially, traveling north of Albuquerque, on Highway 550, northwest up towards Farmington! Just simply breath taking! One of the perks for a truck driver in New Mexico is the abundance of indian casinos for parking, as, a lot of the casinos have truck stops attached as well! And, speaking of Mexican food, well, I could eat that stuff seven days a week! I think I'm just one of few Mexican Caucasians in Texas! LOL! Thanks, Robert, for taking me down memory lane once again! Travel safe, stay happy, and, God Bless! Hasta la vista! (5/9/2018 Wednesday 2:53pmCST Houston, Tx)

If you get any spare time , on your way back. Would you please take a stroll threw Gulf Stream park in Boynton Beach ? I used to live in that house in the park. Im in Ohio and cant seem to get back there. Lots of memories in that park. Even seen a turtle lay eggs once. Keep up the great videos ! I really enjoy them !

New Mexico is famous for their jalapeño peppers.

NM is famous for its Hatch chile peppers. Jalapenos are originally from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

Thank you Robert ! I would never get out of town , if i didnt follow you in your RV. ☺ Be safe !

These series of videos has to be my favorite after your trips to the Florida Keys. I wish I can have time to explore all these cities.

Nice Job Robert!

Hey Robert i was gonna ask if 8900 was the highest you have ever been up to. But you answered in the video thanks for sharing can't wait for the Albuquerque video. Awesome stuff!!!

great vid as usual tio....keep up the great work.

USA ONLY Do you want an iPhone? IT´S FREE!


Great video! I love your attention to not just the sights, but the sounds as well, and the footage as you drive. You have a unique talent to make the viewer really feel like we are traveling along with you. Who among us has not driven with great anticipation only to find our destination closed. I call that 'punching the moose'...from Chevy chase in Vacation when wally world was closed.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed traveling with me :-)

You drove by one of my favorite campgrounds. Paliza Family Campground. Quiet and Cool during the summer. Just above Jemez. No services but a great area to do some exploring in the mountains. Next time your in SF.

Cool, maybe I'll check it out next time I'm in the area

It's nice to see you in my home state. I was disappointed when you skipped NM when you visited 4 corners.

New Mexico has several distinct climate zones and areas, and it's impossible to see it all. There are still several areas (especially the NE forests), I myself have never seen. It would take years to see it all, even if you're a New Mexican!

And this time I didn't spend nearly enough time. I must return soon.

The Loretto staircase is beautiful but not miraculous. It has a central stringer that is wound in such a tight spiral that it acts as a central pole. It also has a number of iron brackets that tie it to the wall. It is not open for the public to use because it is not considered safe. It is more like a piece of art than a usable structure.

You should go back during the Balloon festival, the camping right next to the airfield is great as you don't have to mess with traffic and just walk across the street to the daily/nightly events. I bet there are over 300 campers in there so hanging out with other camper types is just as much fun.

Oh went all the way to Santa Fe to look at boring Catholic cathedrals but skipped the Native American museums?

What is your tow car? Looks like a KIA Sorento. If so which engine?

It is an old V6 3.5L RWD

Where did you get your picture of your suv and trailer for your logo ? Also we are rving full time and starting a business that has to do with wellness with the focus of senior wellness . We are just getting started do you have advice on starting a Facebook page on our rving business?

Traveling Robert thanks

The picture going over the bridge I took it in the Florida Keys with the drone. That's a great idea about senior wellness. I would suggest interacting in related Facebook groups without sounding too spammy. Give some value, and if people find it interesting they can follow your page.

You were so close to Bandelier National Monument when you took your epic fail drive, it is a shame you missed it. Good and entertaining videos Mister TR.

I definitely must come back to the area. It deserved way more than just one day.

Los Alamos has a free museum that explains the Manhattan Project showing the 3 bombs. It's the Bradbury Science Museum. It has short films and hands-on exhibits too. Just 30 minutes away is Bandelier National Monument. It has short, self-guided trails to the cliff dwellings. You can even climb ladders and go into their homes. Maybe another trip in that area for sure.

I will be going back to the area most likely next winter so I will visit those for sure

Really enjoyed it Robert. Tks.

You're welcome

In the winter it does get really cold at night in the desert, even more at higher altitudes

The more you know.... I'll check them out next year when I return

Still editing it, but will be done soon. Hopefully by this Sunday...we'll visit Walter White

Thank you, glad you liked it...very different for sure. I'll be back next year with better planning

Thank you!

I will visit next time.

Editing it right now.

Next year :-)

I plan to go back next year so, lots of new things on the list. Maybe I'll go a little later in the year, might be more lively, and the tent rocks will be open.

Thank you, maybe next time I will do that

Florida is not wha I imagined, I’ve seen so many videos of people saying they want to leave because of the traffic and crime, some of those most violent story’s always happen in Florida, I think Florida has the same problem California has its over crowded with to many outsiders, Florida has half the population of California but California is 10 times bigger than Florida, so Florida is probably more crowded

Not really. There a a lot more Mexicans than Cubans... btw there are small Cuban communities in New Jersey, Chicago, Oregon and many other places, even Kentucky.

Here is a little info about the house. There is a small store attached on the inside. I’m sure windows were put on years ago for security and to keep the weather out of the inside of the structure. True adobe structures need a lot of upkeep and maintenance or the weather just sends them back to the earth. My grandmothers home in Hatch,NM didn’t have windows back in the early 1900s, just a piece of material covering the opening, she used to talk about sweeping dirt off of dirt floors.

Most of it is probably newer, but glass was invented a long time ago, so it is possible it survived.

Next time for sure

I really hope so... yes very unique for sure

I think it was still too early in the year. Hope to visit next time

:-) thank you!


Thank you.Editing Albuquerque now

Ha! No wonder.

Actually I was there in February, that's probably why

I t was probably because it was a cold February morning.... don't know

I will really enjoy the Breaking Bad tour ☺. As long as it doesn't give you ideas of Breaking Bad yourself and becoming a meth cook ☺.

Thank you... I will start with a Breaking Bad tour....but then we'll see other things.

The red ones were extremely hot

Best Show.

Another very enjoyable vid, Robert. I loved the small house "museum", what a treasure. I live in a tourist town, and most tourists usually come out after a late breakfast around 10am and then it gets more crowded after lunch, clearing out just before dark. Thanks for filming the churches -- very interesting.

Glad you liked it. Santa Fe was a very interesting town. I must return sometime

Great video,great voice and great music also.I enjoy watching your videos.

Of course the brackets are not original. It's a beautiful staircase, if not miraculous. Also in one of the tourist trap stores off the square is another beautiful staircase. It's not spiral, it's just grand, and old. I just like the architecture.

That's some crazy sh*t talk.

I enjoy your flat land videos but cringe when I see that car towing uphill.

It has certainly done better than expected

Great video of Santa Fe.

Thank Robert, l love your videos.

When we visited Santa Fe it was pretty quiet in the morning, too but then livened up mid-morning. Would like to return to see more. Didn’t get to do much last year when we went through Taos. Couldn’t find a working parking meter (gave up after 3 times of meters taking our money and not working) so went on to Taos Pueblo and had an enjoyable visit there...also a dog friendly place. Hope to give Taos another try on a future trip.

Yes, when I go next year Taos will be on the top of my list.

I really enjoyed watching Santa Fe along with you. I love an hr 30 minutes South from there. I haven’t explored all of Santa Fe. You encourage me to get out and explore.

Really cool city. Thanks!

Excellent movie!

Anyone living in Santa Fe NM beware of Frank Roy Sanchez dob 10-7-50 he is a convicted murderer choking a young girl to death

Hey Robert, watch this video to see what else is in New Mexico

thanks, it is great to know many beautiful places

You're welcome. Glad you liked it

Dude you are so offensive. You should see Santa Fe in the summer

Sorry don't mean to be mean but can you not be rude to Catholics? Thanks

early mornings are quiet, people sleep in.You also appear to be there on a cold day. Things open late. The Shed is my favorite restaurant of all time.

Thank you for presenting such a beautiful city of Santa Fe.  Especially the Cathedral of St. Francis.  it was a true delight.  So beautiful and touching. You do a lot for tourisms and bringing historical sites in your travels.  You are absolutely wonderful.  Many thanks

****an epic fail

Bozzy Plays! Actually, New Mexico can get pretty cold

We were there two years ago and it was very buisy. My brother in law lives in Albuquerque and his mother in law had a boutique there in Sante Fe. I cannot wait to go back. It is strange seeing the streets a empty. I was able to get my ashes at the Cathedral as it was Ash Wednesday. Given a choice I would move out there. We went to the oldest house also. I really enjoyed your video.

Glad you enjoyed it. Beautiful city. I will return next year most likely

Beware of Frank Roy Sanchez now living in Santa Fe he is a convicted murderer choking a young girl to death

You should really visit nm we are much more than desert.That being said even our deserts are 4000 feet above sea level so bring your oxygen lol!

Must be familiar with NM to use ABQ lol

Wrong, NM is famous for its hatch green Chile. Yes it is pronounced Chile not chili.

First time, i watched more 3hr video from Robert , from there, i have been watching all his videos, even my english is not good. Knowing USA from his video a lot. Great work Mr Robert!!!!

dude, i love N.M.

A very nice video.

I live in new mexico!!!

Beautiful state

Mình thích xem Vlog của Robert là vì 1- góc quay rất đẹp 2- kỹ thuật quay phim rất đẹp 3- nhạc nền rất phù hợp cho từng cảnh quay Ví dụ Khi cảnh quay xe chạy trên cao tốc thì nhạc sôi động trẻ trung Khi cảnh quay thiên nhiên thì nhạc nghe lãng mạn hoặc nghe được âm thanh thiên nhiên như suối chảy , chim hót ... Khi đến đô thị thì nhạc nghe lạc quan yêu đời 4- chọn cảnh quay hợp lý " không quá chú trọng hình ảnh " Nghĩa là " không quay một chổ hoặc một khung hình quá lâu " dễ tạo sự nhàm chán Ví dụ Giữa đồi núi có nhà thờ cổ rất đẹp thì Robert chỉ là " lấy điểm nhấn vài chổ " như khu vực thánh đường , hoa văn , họa tiết đặc sắc bên trong nhà thờ , hoặc một tượng đài lịch sử ..." Và bỏ đi những chi tiết không cần thiết trong video " Tóm lại , Robert " không quá chú trọng hình ảnh mà chỉ chú trọng nội dung " Ví dụ Nội dung là tham quan vùng Na Uy Robert chỉ quay những con đường đẹp ven núi và biển , và những địa điểm du lịch có thị trấn nhỏ , có những khúc quanh mây bay và sương mù ,có những vịnh nước , làng chài ... Nhìn chung Robert " không kéo dài thời lượng phim để quay những cảnh vô nghĩa " mà vẫn có thể giới thiệu cho mọi người hiểu được những địa điểm du lịch đó có những gì !!! Nhà nghĩ , khách sạn hay ngũ trên Mobile Car là tiện lợi , Robert đều cho người xem sự lựa chọn thích hợp !!! Cảm ơn Robert về những trải nghiệm khi du lịch của bạn !!! Không có những Vlog Du Lịch của bạn thì mình khó mà biết được các nước Bắc Âu đẹp như vậy và nước Mỹ vẫn còn những nơi người dân còn bảo tồn văn hoá Mỹ như vậy !!! Một lần nữa xin được gửi lời cảm ơn chân thành đến Robert !!!

love your accent!

I tracked a lot of that place It's a heaven for people that go as couple. It's still good for those traveling. Because the practice look rich feel rich and cater to people with well civilized manors that can be sophisticated or just real hometown. You don't have to be rich to talk to nice people. They are the top shelf in a way they always acted nice to me and I usually get consistent cold shoulders where ever I go. Like the one girl in the picture with boots on walking by. They are like rodeo in a way there. You could melt your credit card just on that one sidewalk with the jewellery alone. They predict the future in a way because before I turned the corner for that sidewalk I was feeling tall wearing expensive clothes and feeling like big bird of the amazon forest(im a poser in a way). But before I turned the corner a tiny man that looked the rock came around it first like regular business not mean just in transition. I got the point. Let down your arms and attitude. Your not good enough to take in everything in Santa Fe with a ruf attitude. People are the nicest people there and it well hit in the jelly gal before you ever get angry. They are probably the nicest in the country. Expensive place to live though and a fantasy park in way to visit.

Thank you

I found your videos about a week ago and I'm going to be honest, at first I was on the fence but somehow I have become addicted to them! Great videos! I'm from the northern Midwest and am using your videos to help me do some planning for when my wife and I can get away for a week or at least a long weekend.

Robert , i really enjoy your road trips , it reminds me of my road warrior trips , but without the RV , i drove to maine bar harbor , acadia all the way to keywest and the florida west coast , plus to Toronto many times, and las vegas thru arizona utah and the pacific coastal highway from san fran to san diego and back to vegas , great memories , now i want to do it again with a camper van , thanks to your videos , its my most feeling free on long road trips , adventure , explore .

Thank you. Hope to see you on the road sometime

Thank you. Glad you liked them. At some point next summer I expect to make it to the northern Midwest.

Yep, you visited Santa Fe in February. February is the deadest month of the year. Santa Fe is a tourist town and if you want to come when there are lots of people roaming around, come May-October.

I may have to revisit... although I kind of liked that i wasn't too crowded

Seriously, stay away from Albuquerque. It's dangerous AF.

Beware of Frank Roy Sanchez DOB 10-7-50 now living in Santa Fe he is a convicted murderer choking a young girl to death

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