Debate: Additional Support for Scotland’s Tourism and Hospitality Sectors Durin - 11 November 2020

Debate: Additional Support for Scotland’s Tourism and Hospitality Sectors Durin - 11 November 2020

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And so to save time. Uh the next item of business is a debate, on motion, two three two nine nine in the name of richard leonard. On additional, support for scotland's, tourism and hospitality. Sectors. During the cove with 19, pandemic, invite members, which to speak in the debate to press the request to speak buttons down and call richard leonard, to speak to and move the motion, mr leonard six minutes please, uh thank you deputy presiding officer and can i begin by referring, members to my register, of interests. This week we have all welcomed, a message of hope. The prospect, at last, that there is a covered 19, vaccine. On the horizon. Offering, hope in place of fear. But here in scotland. There is another fear, which still hangs over us, the fear, of mass unemployment. Of business collapse, of savings, gone and rising, debt, and deepening, depression. This is the fear. Which keeps people awake. At night. It afflicts, too many of scotland's, businesses. And working, people. And too many. In particular. Of scotland's, hospitality. And tourism, businesses. And workers. Businesses, facing, a huge drop in trading. And a huge drop in demand. Are now at the same time. Carrying, substantial. Debts. Debts including, those to government. Arising, from loans, taken out in the first half of the year. In scotland. Almost, eighty, thousand loans. Totaling, 2.1. Billion, pounds. So we need that debt repayment, rescheduled. And some of that debt written off. In the weeks to come. The scottish, national, investment, bank, will finally, open its doors. The new bank's purpose. Must not just be to attract. Footloose. Foreign direct investment. It must be there first and foremost. For the indigenous. Business, base, at its time of, need, that must be. Its priority. And to the commercial, banks. We say. That just as we were there for you, to keep afloat, jobs, and even entire, banks. In the global financial, crash. So we now expect, you to be there for us. To help keep afloat, jobs. And businesses, in the wider, economy, in the face, of this crisis. Over the last six months. Restaurants. In the central, belt. Have experienced. The first lockdown. Then the lifting, of restrictions. With social distancing, measures. In place, the eat out to help out program in august, which boosted, demand. For at least the first half of the week and then the subsequent. Subsequent, central, belt circuit breaker. And now, tier three. Restrictions. This imposition. Of rule after rule. Would be confusing. Even if it had been plotted, from the start of the year but it hasn't. It has been in the words of the first minister. Ad hoc. Of course we all recognize. The unpredictability. Of current circumstances. But the government's, response. To each wave of this pandemic. Has been imposed. Without a clear exit strategy. Leaving, businesses, and workers, fearful, for what might come next. And time after time we have seen. A complete, failure, to communicate. A complete, failure, to consult. To share the evidence, a complete, failure to respect.

The Business, community, and the workers, affected. Businesses, cannot be turned on, and off like a tap and they should not be treated, as though they could. The restaurant, owners, i met in glasgow, recently. Explained. How their bills do not stop. Even though they are holy, or partially, closed. Many of them, shed half of their workforce. In the first lockdown. And more have gone since. Which is why. We say. That the case, for additional, support. For these jobs. For these businesses. For these entire, industries. Is unanswerable. And that is why we oppose, the s p amendment, to our motion today. The scottish, people are doing their bit. So the scottish government must do it spit as well. That's why this afternoon, scottish, labor is calling. For an immediate, review of the level of hardship support, and business grants, that are currently, available. And additional, support. To be provided. Unions. Business, leaders, must be involved, in this process, too which is why we will support the tory amendment. On this basis. Additional, grants. Should be conditional. On the businesses, which receive, them. Respecting. Their workers. With standards. Like those set out in the unite hospitality. Charter. A real living wage, rest breaks. Equal pay for young workers. Transport, after midnight. Minimum, hours contracts. Anti-sexual. Harassment, policy. Proper, consultation. On changes, to reuters. 100. Tips to staff. And trade union recognition. I have heard it said. And i read it in the scottish, government strategic, framework, document. That the scottish government, and i quote will not be able to protect. Every business. And financial, support, cannot replace. All lost income, or save every job. But scottish, hospitality. Alone employs. Over nine percent. Of the whole workforce, of scotland. That's over a quarter, of a million workers it's worth, over 10 billion pounds. To the scottish, economy. So i get it, that all that income cannot be replaced. But these businesses. And these workers. Want a government that is on their side. That is prepared, to find additional, support. And one incidentally, that is prepared to back. Not oppose. The bill before this parliament, on tide pubs. Which will provide statutory, protection. For tied pub tenants, at a time when they need it more than ever. Today is a chance. For this parliament, to come together. To come in on the side of businesses. Under intense, pressure. To show working, people, across scotland. That we want to defend, jobs. And that we are serious. About a fair work scotland. That we are on their side. When they need us most. A chance. A chance to show that we are in partnership, with the people that we are doing our bits, as a parliament. And that we are prepared, to back, a message of hope for the future. With action. And practical, support, now, i move the motion, in my name. Thank you very much mr leonard, and colin ferguson. To speak to move amendment. 2329.2. Candidate secretary. Four minutes please. Presidential. There can be no one in this chamber today that does not recognize. The scale. Of the devastation. That this virus. Has wreaked, on scotland's, tourism, and hospitality. Sectors. Since march, when kovitz, struck. And lockdown, began. The impact. On individuals. On businesses. On. Lives. Has been, devastating. And i doubt there's anyone in this chamber. That has spent more time. Since march. Engaging. With those people. Every day. Presiding, officer. Reaching out. To people. Whose lives. Have been impacted. In this way. And i'm absolute. No no no, just started. And, and i'm absolutely, determined, to continue, that work, as are my parliamentary. Colleagues. This week we have heard. Good news. On a potential, vaccine. But even with the vaccine designing officer the impact of this virus. Will be measured, in years. Not, months. Business, in the sector, from. Leading visitor attractions, to the smallest highland pub. Are now unsure, whether they will survive, to the spring. The scottish, government, has from the beginning. Recognize. The scale, of this impact. And, the need, to provide. Adequate, support. For business. Survival. It has not been possible. As mr leonard appeared to imply. That we could simply, replicate. Every, pound of revenue. That business, has lost. It is practical. It is practical. To aim, to provide. Lifeline, business. Support. Sufficient. Business, support. To help, businesses. Survive. And that realistic, target. Is the one that we have pursued. I am absolutely, confident.

Incidentally. Presiding, officer, that businesses, recognize. That that objective. Is one, that is both, realistic. And are also, our determination. To deliver no i must make progress, very little time. Uh so, the scottish government has invested. 2.3. Billion, pounds, in business, support. The non-domestic. Rates, based retail, hospitality, and leisure grant scheme. Helping those most affected. With over one billion. Fourteen million pounds allocated, to larger hotels, with four million pounds. For smaller, bnbs, and self. Caterers. Uh, the tories are muttering, under their breath as usual, but i can assure you presiding, officer. That this support. Has been truly, appreciated. By business. I know. Because, i've been speaking, to them. Our pivotal, enterprise. Resilience. Fund. Has also provided, funding, for business, with the reasonable, value, in excess, of 51, 000. When i suggested, this presiding, officer, and my colleagues agreed that it should be provided. It was in recognition. Of the fact. That many hotels. Have rateable, values. Over 51. 000 pounds. And they would not have any, access, to grant finance. This scheme, was provided, in scotland. It wasn't matched in england, and it met the gap. For many, family, businesses. And hotels. Who otherwise. Would not have navigated. This difficulty. But, more needs to be done. The task is not done. Because the tunnel in which we're in, has proven to be, much longer, than any of us hoped. And whilst there is some light at the end, we are not there yet, so the tourism, task force. Brought together 30 key stakeholders, including, our trade unions. To ensure how we can, best ensure. The sector's, survival. Its recommendations. Provide a framework, for recovery. And they chime well, with the valuable, work being done for example. By unite, the union's, hospitality. And tourism. Rescue plan i hope the labour party, will support. The reference to that work, done good work done by unite. When it comes to the voting, this afternoon. But we can only work for the levers we must include capital and they are not enough, presiding officer. Presiding, officer. We will continue. To provide, urgent, support. To the tourism, sector. I care deeply about it i work with people like jackie bailey as she well knows, on numerous, occasions. Yes and it will continue, to do so but even if i can't take her cabinet secretary, keep on the good side of the presiding, officer, too while you're at it. I, don't think you moved your amendment. So. I now call and i gave richard then a little extra so i will compensate, to you mrs. Mr mandel, uh colin oliver mandel to speak to move amendment, two two, two three. Nine. Please. Thank you presiding officer, scotland's. Hospitality. And tourism, sector has been in crisis. Since the pandemic, began. And while the vaccine, brings hope to many, for others, there is continued, uncertainty. With a long cold dark winter, ahead. Thousands of jobs remain at risk, with a growing number of businesses, teetering on the edge, having burnt through reserves. And, a financial. Capacity. To borrow. While the extension, to furlough by the uk government, has been widely welcomed. And represents, an unprecedented, level of support. The question now is whether many of the businesses. In the hospitality, and tourism, sector. And its supply, chain, will be here in the spring, in order to re-employ, people. That's why it's so important. That the snp, government, stop picking fights with the uk government. And prioritize, getting the money they've already had. Out the door, in order to protect jobs, and businesses, in every sector, and region of scotland. Time is of the essence. And that's why we're supporting, labour's motion today, and feel that the snp, amendment. Is simply an attempt to detract attention. From their own failure, to properly, consult. And engage with the sector. Or deliver. On the funding schemes pledged. Of course you can call for more resources. From other governments. But before you do so, you have to actually demonstrate, a commitment. To using the funds you've already received. To back these vital jobs and businesses. Turning now to our own amendment which i move in my name. I increasingly, believe, that a business advisory, council, is essential. Moving forward, alongside, meaningful, trade union engagement. Because i have no doubt that the poor consultation. And text, box, approach. Adopted by this government, when it comes to the introduction, of new measures, is playing a significant, role, in creating, unnecessary. Problems, and flash points. By formalizing, the process, and making it more transparent. Perhaps the scottish government would feel under more obligation. To listen to those on the front line, of the growing jobs and economic, crisis that we now find ourselves in, and perhaps.

They Would be willing to explain the reasons. For discounting, some of the productive, suggestions. That have come forward. The scottish government is of course right, to say that new public health measures, remain the priority. And that no one. Even those who are seeing their livelihoods, put at risk. Dispute, that presiding, officer. But the question here, is how are things being implemented. And whether or not the financial support that's been put in place, reflects the pain and hardship this snp government. And by association, this parliament. Is asking those in the hospitality. And tourism, sector. To absorb. As one leading hotelier, said to me just last night, these requests for additional support. Are not about greed. They're about pure survival. And we cannot afford to let one of the mainstays, of our economy. And the many jobs it supports, be put at risk. As i get through. What is a short speech presiding, officer. I can simply, ask, fellow msps. Do we want to unite around a clear and simple. Motion as proposed. With a reasonable addition to highlight the importance of the wider supply chain, and the need to engage. With employers, as well as unions. Or do we want to allow a government, who've been slow, to listen. To rewrite the message, that today's debate, sends. If we believe. That the hospitality. And tourism, sector and its supply chain are important. Now more than ever, they need to know that parliament, have their back. Scotland, is rightly proud of the outstanding, businesses, and attractions. And opportunities. On offer. And we must all do our bit, to make sure that this vibrancy. Is protected, for years to come, thank you. Thank you very much and now come patrick. Harvey. Thank you presiding officer i'm grateful for the opportunity. To take part in this debate, and i'm, very pleased, that the labour party have chosen to, to bring a motion, on this topic, for debate to the chamber. I think we are as others have said all painfully, aware. Of the impact that the pandemic, has had on, the hospitality. Sector. On tourism. And on the people, working, in those. Businesses. A survey that i, carried out, with my own constituency. Uh showed that 80. Of respondents, working in the sector. Are working, fewer, hours. Half are extremely, concerned. About their income security. Their jobs. And a great many. Uh are either. Calling on the government, to support, employers, to pay the real living wage. Uh or in fact are already looking for, work elsewhere. And don't see that they can have a future. With a decent, prospect. Working in the industry. So we need to, take that.

Reality, Very very seriously, but we also need to see it in context. This is an industry. With a very long track record. Of endemic. Low wages. And exploitative. Working conditions. We need to be. Realistic, about, the need to drive, up standards. And not see those who've taken on a responsible. Approach, to issues like the living wage, becoming, the ones, who get tipped over the edge. And be the employers. That get lost. I was a bit surprised when i saw the motion. In the first instance, that it doesn't go into, a lot of the detail about some of the things that richard leonard, included, in his speech like the, great work that unite hospitality. Have done. Not just their charter but the. Tourism and hospitality. Rescue, plan. That they've produced, so, i lodged an amendment. That talked about some of the actions. Yes being reserved, but some, being very clearly, revolved. Responsibilities. The scottish government take could take forward. And should. I hope that, members will agree, with what was in my amendment, even though it wasn't selected. For debate. I think the conservative. Uh, amendment, i. I worry, about the intentions, here i worry about the possibility. The kind of advisory, group they're calling for, would simply end up becoming, a lobby, against, the public health measures, that we know are necessary. If it's about how best to implement. Or to mitigate, then i can understand, that. But i would be deeply concerned if it became. A, lobby group within government, against. Public health measures and i do think it carries that risk. As for the snp, amendment. The government amendment. Does bring in, some of the issues that i talked about including the work of unite hospitality. And i might well have found myself, voting for it if it didn't, also, ask us, uncritically. To welcome, the recommendations. Of the. Task force. That task force report the recommendations. In that report. Far too many of them were just reheated. Grievances. From the scottish, tourism, alliance. They're calling, for the abolition. Of air passenger, duty do we really think, that air passenger, duty, is the reason. Uh why we've seen an impact, on, tourism, and hospitality. Of course not. They're calling for the abolition, of the transient, visitor library which isn't even enforced, yet, and no local authority. Is even close to proposing. Its use. These, issues, are a distraction. And the only mention i could find the only, mention, in their report. Of wages. Was a call, to have a relaxation. On, requirements. Of the living wage. Perhaps, presiding, officer, that's what you get, when you have a task force with 36. Members, only two of whom. Represent. The workforce. Only two of whom. Represent, the people who actually, do the work. In this industry. So i'm afraid i'll be voting against, the amendments. I do support the motion. And i hope that members across the chamber, will support, many of the issues that we raised, in our amendment. Even though it isn't being pressed to the vote. Thank you very thank you very much mr harvey now calling willie rainey mr rainey, please. Thank you deputy president officer, and one of the joys of representing, northeast, fife. Is that there are so many, creative, people. Who have transformed. The local tourism. And hospitality. Offer. The michelin, star p10 muddy boots at ball malcolm the answer their cheese farm lindors. Abbey distillery. And many more. Across, the area, innovative, people. Who have invested their money. And their hearts. Into making, a success, of it. I can't name them all. I have. Deliberately. Left out some. Because they are really struggling. And don't need the attention, just now. I have helped so many, get grants. And i am grateful. For the engagement, of the economy, finance, and tourism, secretaries. To make that happen. But despite, that help. Many are now, on the edge. It could be. Just a matter of weeks. Before they collapse. And if they collapse. We will have lost, good businesses. That make money. Employ, people. Pay the taxes. To pay for our public services. But, we will, lose more than that. We will have lost, the innovators.

The Business people. Who may not try again. And if they do. It will take an age, for them to get back up to the level of economic, activity. That we need. So the clock, is ticking. We invested. So much, earlier this year. To keep these businesses, alive with grants and furlough. And the self-employment. Support. The uk government, finally listened to the pleas. To extend, furlough. But they need to go further, and extend, it even longer i just don't believe. That businesses. Deliberately. Go into hibernation. When they could be operating. And earning, a profit. But we need more, with the grant support. To help. The missing, millions. Those excluded. From the financial sector yes briefly. Cabinet secretary, thank you mr, mr and for giving way, could i assure him i entirely agree, with what he said thus far, this government is committed. To providing, further, lifeline, assistance, to business. It recognizes. It is necessary, in addition, to the furlough. And it is working as a matter of urgency, and a top priority. On providing a fair package, to achieve that objective. Mr rennie you get your time back well that is very, encouraging, to hear and i hope that comes. To reality, but if you forgive. I think the the parliament for wanting to put a little bit more pressure. To make that happen, and that's why i will be. Supporting, the, labour motion today and i'm afraid not. Um the minister's. Amendment. Because i think what we need to do is to. Put a little bit more pressure on the government to make this happen, i do. Fear for these businesses. And i think by voting for the labour motion today. I think we will make sure that emphasis. Is there, and i do understand, why the finance secretary, has mirrored. The westminster. Packages. Of support. It is probably, the best way of guaranteeing, that westminster. Covers the cost. Of those grants to you, but we do need a review, of the current. Grant schemes. As too many, are losing out businesses. Without premises. Were unable to get grants. Through the business rate scheme businesses. That are not required to close, but their activity, is so restricted. They may as well close. They do get the hardship, fund.

But That's less. Than a third, of what is provided, to businesses, that are closing. Passenger. Agents, local holiday booking agents. They haven't closed, throughout the pandemic. Because they've spent the last, few months. Getting the money back, for their customers. Not earning, a single, penny, in the process, now the northern, ireland government i hope the minister's. Listening carefully to this the northern ireland government, i understand. Are looking at a scheme. To fund, that sector, and i hope, that the scottish government, follows, suit as well. So we will be supporting. The labour motion today and i hope the government. Does go that extra mile, to make sure the sector, is supported. Thank you, thank you very much the open debate i call colin smith be followed by stuart mcmillan mr smith please. Thank you president officer. Plain officer the scottish government has used scotland's, hospitality. Sector, as a scapegoat, in this pandemic, despite what the cabinet secretary said, it has failed to recognize, the scale of the contribution. Our third biggest employer makes, to scotland's, economy providing over a quarter of a million jobs and adding, six and a half billion pounds to our economy, hospitality. Was the first sector, pushed, into lockdown, it will be the last to have, the grip of that lockdown. Loosened and it suffered a disproportionate. Level of job losses. Due to inadequate, government support, and the imposition. Of continually. Changing restrictions, that are really backed up with evidence from government, and are often. Contradicted, and let me just give you one example, of that, inconsistency. On the 23rd of october the government published, its so-called, covered. Strategic, framework, a few days later, it provided, more detail on what this meant, for hospitality. At each level level two for example, they said all pubs could remain open to serve soft drinks inside, or alcohol, with a main. Meal, and outside, soft drinks. Or alcohol, with or without. A meal we debated that framework, the first minister, answered questions on the imposition.

Of Its levels yet the next day, the government, published regulations, that closed. Closed, all non-food, pubs, at level two upwards, from last, monday, utterly. Contradicted. The very framework we had debated. And no hint whatsoever, was given in those debates. By the government, that they were even, considering, this now i get why they took that decision. At the time it looked at the time, that legal closure was the only way to allow those pubs to claim support from the uk government's. Planned, new, closed, job support, scheme, but on the saturday, the 31st, of october, that scheme was withdrawn. And the existing, job retention, scheme was extended. For a month it has since been extended, until march 2021. Unlike all my labour colleagues i want that extension, to continue. Beyond. That period, but that extension, to march means the government's, regulations, to close wet pubs, are no, longer, needed, those pubs can access the follow scheme, whether they are closed. Are open so i'll happily give away and take an intervention, for any snp, member who wants to get to the fee, tell the pubs in my region, many of whom invested, significantly. In outside areas to meet previous government restrictions. Why the government have not scrapped, the regulations. Closing their pubs which we know are now no longer necessary. And are completely. Unfair. Not a single member, has taken, up, that offer no wonder. I'll take up jon yet. John mason. Would the member accept that there has been a problem. A in pubs and other places serving alcohol. Just with people getting together we cannot have as many people getting together. As we were used to does he accept that point. So mr mason is effectively, saying that the government's framework, that said those pubs could remain, open were wrong if that was the position of the government they should have said so in the first place instead of being dishonest, and saying that was the position before passing, regulations, at closed pubs how dare, the cabinet sector say he's concerned about pub closures, where it's his regulation. That are closing, pubs, contradicting, what the government said, in this chamber, just, the day before no wonder presiding, officer, the sector has been forced into unprecedented. Steps of taking this government, to court as they fight, to save, the sector but today in parliament we've got an opportunity, to unite together, to support our hospitality.

And Tourism, industry, to show we're on the side of the sector and saving jobs and show we're on the side of the workers, and protecting, and improving, the terms, and conditions, no reasonable, person, could object to the terms, of labour's, motion today so it's disappointing, the government isn't prepared to show that support. Or that solidarity. Let's be very clear, what voting for the snp, amendment, means, it means voting to remove, from labour's motion a clear commitment. A clear commitment. To additional support for the sector, and it means voting against using that government support. To protect, and strengthen, the terms, and conditions, of, workers and cabinet secretary i have to say you don't need to bring an amendment in parliament to ask yourself to meet with the trade unions, you just need to start to do your job, properly, presiding, officer no one disputes, that our number one aim, must be to control. This virus covert 19 is first, and foremost, a health crisis, it continues. To take a terrible, toll, on our fellow citizens, but too often, when people raise perfectly legitimate, questions, offer alternatives. Ask to see the evidence for actions point out that inconsistencies. Like i've done today, highlight the economic, crisis of covet, they're unfairly, dismissed, brushed aside. Accused, of being, careless about public health, by this government that's what's happening to our hospitality. Sector, when what they need is support and a recognition. Of the work they do to support, our economy. Thank you, i did give you extra time, i caused you mcwilling, to follow amber the freezer. Thank you very much for signing us up saying austin i welcome this debate and i know that the hospitality, sector, has been one of the hardest hit. In the economy and i like everyone else in the chamber will have spoken to. Many. Organizations, in my constituency. And particularly those within the hospitality. Trade, and certainly, those in the hospitality, trade that have expressed. The frustrations, their anger their welcome and also their aspirations. About what has happened so far but also, about what, they want to see for the future. I'm going to come back to constituents, points in a moment but, it's clear that the impact, of, the coronavirus, in scotland has been profound. And my constituency. Sadly has had the highest level of desperate head. In the country. Now this, is a challenge. This is the biggest challenge that society. Has faced, in our lifetimes, and, and the measures that we take. To deal with it must reflect, the magnitude, of what we face. And the steps taken in scotland. To contain, the virus are, very much unprecedented. And, and have changed life. As, we knew it. Well we know that the current lockdown measures, are absolutely essential. Right now we also know that, they have damaging, consequences. On their own, consequences. For our economy. For our living standards and also, our physical, and mental health. I welcome, the introduction. Of the furlough scheme in march. By the chancellor and also welcomed, the recent decision. By the chancellor to extend it to march 2021. I believe however. The delay in announcing, the extension, until the 11th, hour. Will have cost jobs. Some employers. And we've already taken that difficult decision. To make people redundant. Because, they expected, the scheme, to be withdrawn. I, also welcome however the chancellor's. Indication, that, as a march the employers will be able to, bring back people that they have made redundant, and include them in the furlough scheme, which, may go some way, to addressing, some, of the job losses, however, that dr, liz cameron's comments the chief executive of the scottish chambers of commerce. Her comments, last week i thought were, really. Interesting, in this particular, point and and i quote. This announcement gives, gives the scottish businesses a glimmer of hope, that we may be able to survive, and work through this crisis. What we cannot do, is to continue, with uncertainty. Which. Is, impacting, business confidence, employee, motivation. And also our ability. To plan, and invest. However, the for low scheme alone, will not be enough to save businesses. So the chancellor. Must continue. And expand, his commitment, to providing businesses, with guaranteed, grant support. To help businesses, recover i only have four months i'm sorry, i also welcome the extension, of the uk government's, self-employment. Income support scheme, and confirmation. That the level of grant will be 80 percent of average trading profits for the period of november, to, january.

However. Indicated, that i was going to highlight some constituents, issues. I do agree with dr cameron's, comments but, i also, share. When these comments are shared by local hospitality, businesses. Businesses, have still got fixed, costs to cover. Electricity. Gas insurance. Amongst, many others. If they can't trade. If they cannot trade. Then all the funding mechanisms, that actually have been provided, thus far including, the furlough. The wide number of the scottish government grants including the the hardship, grant. The the grant outlined in the strategic, framework. So from the second of november onwards of between two thousand to three thousand pounds depending on the rate of value will be available for businesses, required to close, the small business bonus, the addition. Uh to. Addition to 100. Relief from non-domestic, rates. For properties, in the retail hospitality, and leisure sectors, and also the earlier ten thousand pound grants and the twenty five thousand pound grants. If businesses, do not have some type of consistency, in the future in terms of uk government policy. Then all of the monies, that have been invested, thus far to try to help, businesses, particularly, in the hospitality, sectors, will have been for nothing. I agree with this strategic framework, and i believe it's the right mechanism for the present situation. And i did touch upon this, last week and i can see you, tell me to wind up saying officer, saying officer. Businesses. Need that stability. And whilst i'll welcome this debate, i also. Welcome the fact that governments have been working together. But if the uk government, do not want to do more no no no no. The funds and give this parliament funny how winding up, thank you very much, yes but honey i'm winding up stretches, to half a minute. Winding up means winding, up on the spot. Murder fraser. Paul i don't know mr fraser will do that oh i'll do it. There we go. We shall see murder fraser, followed by claire baker, mr fraser, thank you thank you debbie for signing off let me start by thanking, the labour party for bringing forward this debate. On support for scotland's tourism, and hospitality. Sectors. And the importance of these sectors cannot be overstated. They are particularly important in rural parts of the country including areas such as perth and kinross. And fife that i represent, in this place. And tourism, is the largest employer, in scotland, overall but in. Rural communities the impact, is much greater. And there's a sector which has had, a roller coaster ride over the past year, the initial restrictions, in the spring. Caused the crisis, in the sector followed by hope in the summer, with the easing of restrictions, with many people, taking holidays. At home rather than traveling abroad, there was a boom, in tourism, in many parts of the country, and that was boosted by schemes such as the eat out to help out scheme, from the chancellor, rishi sunak.

But Now we see new restrictions, being introduced. And i've heard too many deeply depressing, stories, just in the last few weeks, of cancelled bookings. As a result of new travel restrictions, being introduced. And individuals, who have spent their lives building up a business. Now fearing, for the future. Just, yesterday. It was announced that both perthink and ross and fife, will move from tier two, to tier three, with new restrictions, on travel and hospitality. Making an already serious situation. Even more difficult. And this is where the scottish government needs to step in, it needs to use the substantial, resources. That have been put at its disposal. To provide, more direct, support, for hospitality. Let me just make this clear both to the scottish government. And to snp, backbenchers. At the start of the last month, additional, funding, by the uk government, to the scottish government was a guaranteed. 6.5. Billion, pounds. Since then, just over the last few weeks that figure, has gone up we've seen an additional, funding, provided, of another, 1.7. Billion. Pounds so that money has not been allocated. According, to what the finance secretary said just, a few hours ago, in this chamber, and that means there are currently. Hundreds, of millions, of pounds. Sitting in the scottish government's bank account, unallocated. Money that is available. To help, the sector, they need to stop sitting on this money, and start, paying out, to those in need, otherwise the health crisis. Is going to become a jobs, catastrophe. Now presenting also there are two specific, sectors. That need assistance, i want to highlight. And the first is the pub sector that colin smith referred to in his remarks. But there are many pubs in in the area i represent, that do not have outside, space, and do not serve food and therefore. Effectively, had to close. A few weeks ago, when restrictions. Were brought in and yet they were only able to access. Precisely, one half of the grant support available, to those in the central belt, two thousand one hundred and fifty five pounds, as against four thousand, three hundred and ten pounds, for pubs in glasgow, or edinburgh. That's an issue the scottish government, needs to address and make sure, there is a level playing field. And the second sector of businesses that have been hard hit, and have seen very little support. Are those involved, in the wedding industry. Wedding venues have seen virtually their entire, business for the year, disappear. I've heard of weddings which were booked for the spring of this year, cancelled, and then reboot for the autumn. Cancelled and then rebooked, again, for spring 2021. And where brides, are now being contacted, by venues and being told, that that date cannot be guaranteed. It is a disaster. For wedding venues. Who are having to survive, on zero income, with no certainty for the future. And no ability, to take forward bookings. Or deposits. And there is a wider knock on, impact. From the cancellation, of weddings. To. All sorts of other businesses to taxi businesses. To wedding dress suppliers, to florists. To those involved. In marquis, hire and cater higher. Gordon's, cater hire in blair gowdy wrote to me this week, raising concerns, about the lack of a clear route out of restrictions. And how the sector has not had, specific, support. Whether has been made available, to others, already, one company in this sector has been forced into liquidation, this week, on the fear that others will follow, unless more can be done to assist.

But Signing officer the scottish government, does have more money, at its disposal. It needs to start using that money, to support businesses. On the brink of collapse. It needs to step up and start, delivering, thank you. Thank you very much mr fraser and i call claire baker to be followed by john mason clear baker. Thank you sign officer, as everyone has recognized, the experience, of lockdown. And pandemic, restrictions, has been particularly, difficult for hospitality, and tourism. It has been a difficult, year though many got support packages, which enabled them to survive, through to july. When a short season started, and gave the opportunity, to create some income. Most businesses, then spent hundreds of pounds, on screens, sanitizers. Signage. And employed additional, staff while reducing their capacity. Tourism, from self-catering. To visitor attractions. Invested, to change the way they operate, and reduce the risk to visitors. There has been very little evidence, provided, that hospitality. Or tourism. Have been responsible, for an increase in cases. And where that was seen to be the case in aberdeen, there is a strong argument that it was the behavior of individuals. Rather than the establishment. And an argument that any irresponsible. Trader. Should be closed rather than the whole sector. The vast majority, of whom have provided, safe environments, for people, with an expense to their business at a very difficult time. I'll briefly mention the role of historical, and cultural tourism. There has been a significant, overall package to culture. But with little signs of reopening. And tears introducing, further restrictions, for cultural tourism. The viability. Of our museum, sector, which is the second biggest driver for tourism, visitors, to scotland. Is at risk. The support packages, have been welcomed, but they have been oversubscribed. And we need to share a share, of the additional business support which is coming to scotland. Recognising, the pressures, the cultural, sector is facing, in coming months. Since the 9th of october, when the circuit break it was was announced. And the subsequent. Tier framework, has been introduced. The sector has been facing a very difficult time. The delay in announcing, the coronavirus. Restrictions, fund, and the extremely, short time scale for businesses to close, didn't fully recognise, the impact on the sector. When the welsh government introduced, a fire break, they announced, 300, million pounds of business support, with a 5 000 pound support for hospitality, businesses. With a ratable, value, below 51k. I accept it can be difficult to compare different approaches. But support for an equivalent, business in scotland, was. 2875. Pounds. Which is now either two or three thousand pounds, that is still two thousand pounds less than the equivalent, support that's been offered in wales. Hospitality. Businesses, and tier two are not forced to close by law, but the measures, in place so suppress, their businesses. That they're effectively. Unable to operate. For those who don't have to close the business restrictions, grant is discretionary. And is a lower level of support. There are businesses who are excluded, from any support, and i would call on the scottish government. To provide flexibility. To local authorities. To provide support where it is needed. I have this week had representation. From a catering, higher business. Who receives, no support, and aren't being classed as hospitality. And are recording, studio rehearsal, rooms who aren't able to access, the business restriction, support. Even though they're virtually, closed due to household restriction. Numbers. And it's now clear that wholesale, businesses, who did qualify, for the coronavirus. Restrictions, hardship, fund, are excluded, from the new fund. For those that do receive, support. The levels risks have been inadequate, to compensate, for closure, or reduced, business, and risks permanent, closures. And job losses. I do know that the cabinet secretary, meets regularly, with representatives. Of the hospitality. And tourism, sector. But they are too often reporting, a lack of understanding, over the impact of the decisions. Some decisions, appear arbitrary. Such as the ongoing, ban on background, music. Or lack an understanding, of how the sector is structured. For example, the cap on the number of bars that can receive support. Diminishes, the support that larger operators, are receiving. Though they are often the larger employers. The restricted, sales of alcohol, presents, significant, difficulties. For the profitability. Of hospitality. And some argue is self-defeating. As it leads to an increase in house parties. I visited a food bank in fife last week and they're reporting an increase in referrals. As people are made redundant, in the hospitality, sector.

And The extended, furlough scheme came too late, and a recognition, that hospitality. Jobs are often insecure. And that people are too easily. Dispensable. I support unite the union's hospitality, and tourism rescue plan and i welcome msp's, comments on it the hospitality. And tourism sector, which gives so much to scotland, is facing a crisis. And it does require, greater government response. Thank you. Thank you i was stressed to members that we don't have much time and we're creating four-minute speeches from members i called john mason to be full by michelle ballentine, john mason, hey thank you presiding, officer and thank you for the opportunity to speak in today's debate. I mean firstly i would say there are a number of things in the labour's, motion which i would certainly agree with. They are right, to describe the balance that we're all facing, with covet. Trying to protect people on the one hand, but not damaging, the economy. On the other. It seems to me it is like, steering a ship in a storm through rocks. If we go too far one way we hit the rocks of increased, infections. With hospitals, swamped, and potentially, more deaths. But if we go too far the other way, jobs and entire businesses. Could be lost. Secondly i agree that we should be working with the trade unions. With the primary aim being to protect, jobs, terms and conditions, should be maintained as well. Although i fear that some reduction, in hours, is almost inevitable. In some organizations. And we should not lose sight of improving terms and conditions. Especially, for those who are poorest paid, and with the worst, terms, and conditions. I think it's worth remembering, that although some businesses, especially, in tourism and hospitality. Have been very seriously, affected by the pandemic. Other businesses, have done relatively, well. And they should not be using covert as an excuse to push down their staff costs. In fact, some like online suppliers. Are seeing their up an upturn in profit, and a chance to treat their workers, better than before. However, there are some parts of the labour motion which i have more problems with. To suggest, that quote. No hospitality.

Or Tourism, business faces, closure, unquote. Is sadly, unrealistic. Absolutely. We should seek to minimize, closures. But i fear some are not going to survive, less. And to suggest that there should be no job losses. Again, is sadly, unrealistic. Some jobs have already gone. But yes we should be seeking to minimize. These job. Losses. The next problem i have with the motion, is the call for quote scottish government to provide, additional, support, unquote. I do not believe the scottish government is sitting in a pot of available, and uncommitted, money. It is in fact. Nobody intervening, but you're all shouting. In fact the uk government, is not sitting on money either. But it's borrowing. And i'll give way to murder fraser yes murder freezer. I'm very grateful mr mason for giving away clearly he was not in the chamber of finance, questions earlier this afternoon, he would have heard my question, to the finance secretary kate forbes about this money and she confirmed. This money is unallocated. In the scottish budget is sitting there, waiting to be spent. John mason, i think, murder fraser plays with words to some extent. I mean i do, accept. I do accept, that some of the money has not yet been spent. But somebody. Somebody, has to pay for scott rail over the next three or four months. Somebody, has to compensate, for the lack of tax that's coming in, somebody, has to look at whether local government needs more money no i'm not taking a second intervention. So i think, the conservatives, are being disingenuous. This afternoon. Suggesting, there's extra money, sitting around, in fact of course the uk government, also, does not have extra money sitting around, but they just borrow it more and more, and more. And we. Can continue, with increased borrowing, in the short term. But in the long term. We certainly cannot continue, borrowing. At, this, level. Apart from anything else it is totally unfair, to expect our children, and our grandchildren. To pick up the pieces in the future. While we do not contribute, what we can afford today. Because some individuals, and some organizations. Have done fine, through the, pandemic.

And Restrictions, so far. Many of us have not seen a fall in our wages and salaries. Many have saved money because they could not go out for mules, they've not commuted, they've not paid child care they've not gone on holiday. And so on, so there is room and what it was suggested today by the scottish human rights commission, at the finance committee, that we should be looking at at least considering. Raising taxes. So, yes, we need to be, looking after, as many workers and as many people in the sector. As we possibly, can but we need to be hard-headed, and realistic, which doesn't go well with labour. Uh we need, not least to look at where the resources, are coming from, in order to build this fairer society, that we all want thank you. Thank you very much. Mr mason. Michelle valentine, to be followed by shauna robinson michelle banter, thank you presiding, officer and i would refer the chamber to my register of interests. Last week the south of scotland destination. Alliance conducted, a flash survey of the sector. On the impact of the new tier system, and lockdown, in england. The results, are stark. 90 to 100. Of bookings are cancelled. An estimated, loss of over a million pounds. 500. 000 of this, directly, due to our new scottish, tears. From hotels, and restaurants, bingo halls to visitor attractions. Time and money has been invested, making themselves, covered, safe, this has meant reducing, footfall, and adjusting to new systems. But redundancies, are mounting, up, as businesses, in the sectors close their doors permanently. Or reduce their staff in an effort to survive. Confusion, is setting in, the new system of funding for businesses, has yet to be announced. Leaving no clear understanding, of what support, is now available. Despite the uk government making available, an extra 1.7. Billion to the scottish government. Three weeks ago the manager of the kringletti, hotel near peebles, along with other prominent hoteliers. Signed a letter to nicola sturgeon. Calling for changes to restrictions, to protect jobs. The requests, in that letter were ignored, and as a result the kringletti, hotel, has been forced to close its doors, until at least christmas. As the manager stated. There is not much point staying open if we can't welcome any guests. The waverly, castle. A coach tour hotel that brings thousands, of tourists, from across europe, to melrose, every year, shut for good in the summer. For decades, visitors, to that hotel, have boosted the local borders economy. Staff have lost their jobs, and some even lost their homes. The kreef hydro, group who own the peebles hydro. Were faced with no other option than to let more than a quarter of its workforce, go. Some several hundred jobs in total. These closures, and many others. Mean that laundries, food suppliers, and ground maintenance, businesses, are also impacted. Companies, like belhaven, trout company, have been refused, support. But form a key part of the tourism, supply chain. For every hospitality. And tourist venue that closes its doors, a supply, chain of jobs is hit also. Businesses, like these are essential, for the hospitality, and tourism, sectors recovery. In scotland, and we cannot afford to drive them out of business. To put it in context. In 2018. There were, 421. 000 domestic, and international, overnight visitors. Just to the borders. A significant, growth on the previous year, and resulting, in revenue, of around 80 million. Eating, out was the second most popular, activity, for those on domestic, day trips.

Probably, Because the most popular, was taking a long walk. And let's be clear. Whilst the furlough scheme has been essential, to survival, during lockdown. Surely, this chamber can understand. That the fixed costs of any business, still accrue. Even when revenue. Disappears. Furlough alone, is not a panacea. The summer season has come and gone. Christmas, is all but cancelled. And few businesses, have any reserves, left. If we are serious, about protecting, hospitality. And tourism, sector, we need to let it operate. We need clear guidance, that is not contradictory. We need to allow residents, to eat out locally, and covered safe restaurants. And enjoy a glass of wine. We need supply, chains to be protected. And supported. When they have nobody to deliver to. We need a proper testing system in our airport. So scottish, hotels, and venues. Can welcome back overseas, visitors. Particularly, those from europe, our biggest customers. And above all we need a scottish, government that listens, and engages, with the sector. Presiding, officer. The sector does need action. And it's not the uk government they're waiting, on, our colleagues in westminster, have made good on their promises, of furlough and support. Now it's time for the smp, to step up as well. Thank you very much. And i call on sean robinson, before we move to closing speeches. Shauna robinson. Although mr robertson i think you might need to flip your camera to the other direction. My apologies. Presiding, officer. Um. Yeah. Sorry about that. We'll get a nice picture of the vas on your table. Ah. Hello. Thank you. Thank you roberson. Apologies, i've done that many times, but uh there we go, thank you presiding, officer, and i want to firstly, take the opportunity, to thank all the businesses, across dundee, for. An incredible. Effort, that they, have and are still, making, to, help suppress, coven, and what are, unquestionably. Very, trying, times indeed. And i do hope that through their effort and of everyone, in dundee, that we will see infection, rates falling. And be able to lessen, restrictions. In the the near future. Something which of course is vital. For our local, businesses. Help and advice is also vital for businesses, at this time and local authorities, have from what i've seen, being, been doing a very effective, job, to ensure, that businesses, can access, the latest help and advice. Sunday city council has a covered 19. Business support, summary. Which is updated, when new funding, or help becomes, available. Clear, communication. Like this is essential. Uh to, help business plan clearly. And access, the support that they need. And while the announcement, that the uk. Government's, job retention, scheme has been extended, to the end of march next year which is very well welcome indeed. The way it was communicated. Was not good and many local businesses. Have told me that they, found it very difficult. To get information. And. We need that to improve, similarly, the uk. Business, interruption, loan scheme was also extended to the end of january, next year which again, was welcome, but communication. Could have been better. The scottish government, in response, to the most recent restrictions.

Set Out in its strategic, framework, has provided, additional, grants. For businesses, forced to close. And hardship, grants for those that remain open, but are impacted, by restrictions. And of course will cover. Every four weeks of restrictions. The motion. Also mentions, the the issue, of business and hardship, crimes around. Eligibility. And access. Through the kobit 19, restrictions, fund. And i undoubtedly, like many of us here have received, a fair few inquiries, from business owners, in our constituencies. Looking for guidance, and clarity, over, the support, available. Last week i asked the cabinet secretary what discussions, the scottish government had had, with local authorities, and banks, about the eligibility. Criteria, for the kobit 19 restrictions, fund, particularly, in relation to the criteria. Which requires. Those, applying. To have a business bank account, to pay funds. Into. Um, if an application, is successful. And of course we know that because, of some of the delays, the, banks were not able. To, open, those accounts for those that didn't have, them that say. I was very encouraged, that the the cabinet staff to acknowledge, that the government was aware of the issue and that they were working, to address these concerns. Um. What i would ask if. The cabinet secretary, is able to give any updates. On the issue. Um, that would be helpful, to those affected, in, my, constituency. That would be most helpful. I. Presiding, officer very conscious, of time, so i will, leave it there, um, i'm very. Much in touch with local businesses. In my constituency. And know, the difficulties, that they are, under, and we should come together to support them in any way that we can and pleased to support, the scottish, government amendment, thank you. Thank you mr robertson thank you for, bringing your rockstar, close early there. Move to closing, speeches are called morris golden to be followed by the minister jamie hepburn morris golden. Uh. Thank you presiding, officer. We have heard today. The degree, to which hospitality. And tourism, sectors, and their supply, chains, have been deeply, impacted. By this pandemic. And the individual, stories, of businesses, brought to their knees. Throughout this crisis. Interventions. Such as the uk government's, furlough scheme and its extension, until the end of march. Combined, with specific, sector, actions, such as the reduction, in vt. Have clearly, provided, a lifeline. However. Despite, the size of the interventions. To date. The hospitality. And tourism, sectors. Are at breaking point. And as we move into the winter. More and more areas of scotland, move into tighter restrictions. There is no end in sight. The first issue we heard today as highlighted, by richard leonard. Is that the snp, aren't listening, to businesses, and as such. There is a disconnect. Between the snp, government's, interventions. And the needs of the hospitality. And tourism, sectors. That is why we have repeatedly, called for businesses. To. Be put at the heart, of their decision-making. Process. I've got to make progress i've only got four minutes. Um and that's why we continue to propose, a coronavirus. Job, advisory, council to ensure. They are fully consulted. This point is reflected, of oliver, mundel's, amendment, today. The second issue as outlined by myrtle fraser. Is that the snp, government, have failed to act with urgency. When it comes to supporting, the hospitality. And tourism, sectors throughout this crisis. Too often. Their interventions. Have taken, too long. To get to those businesses, in need, and too often, they have had to change the criteria, for support. Due to a backlash. From business. This lack of urgency, is symptomatic. Of the lack of engagement, with businesses. The third issue is mentioned by oliver mendel, willie rennie and michelle, ballantyne. Is that the scottish, government must do more for the hospitality. And tourism, sectors. And their supply, chains. The recent 41. 40 million pound package of support for the hospitality. Sector. Was welcome. But the sector have decried, it, of not being nearly enough. Some received, no support, at all, for example. Travel agents who have worked continually. Since march. To help their customers, and obtain refunds. Often out of their own pockets. While receiving, no support. Or the food and drink wholesale, sector.

Who Service, five thousand convenience, stores. Thirty eight thousand, hospitality. And tourism, businesses. As well as care homes, and the public sector. Their turnover. Is at a meager, thirty percent. Stock, has been discarded. And, redundancies. Have kicked in. Last week the first minister, in response, to, my colleague brian whittle assured, wholesalers. They would get the financial, support. They need but it seems they've been left out of the newly published, strategic, framework, business, fund. I hope the minister. Uh our cabinet secretary, in closing. Will address, this point, as they desperately, need a specific. Support, package, to save jobs. The s p government, are carrying, a 500, million pounds. Under spend from their recent, autumn business revision. In addition to the 1.7. Billion, pounds. Injected, from the uk government, they've received in the last six weeks. The snp, have at their disposal, the means to provide additional. Sector, specific, support. To tourism, and hospitality. Sectors, and their supply, chains. That is why we'll be supporting, labour's motion today. Presiding, officer. I urge the snp, to constructively. Take on board the points, that have been raised today and act faster. Go further. And listen, closely, to those businesses. Who are being deeply, impacted. By this crisis. Thank you very much and i call on the minister. Jamie hepburn before calling jack ability when the vertebrate. Thanks very much, presiding, officer, and the limited, time, available, probably not be able to cover. Every, point that's been raised over the course of the debate but let me say at the outset, because there seems to be some suggestion. That this, administration. Does not. Recognize. This fact we recognize. The importance. Of the tourism. And hospitality. Sector, to this country it's not only. An important economic. Anchor, in many parts, of the country, it's also an important part. Of the, fabric. Of scotland's part of the story. Of scotland, and we also. Recognise, that the current situation. Is hugely. Challenging. For businesses. Across the board but in particular. For tourism. And hospitality. And we have. Sought to respond and reject, the suggestion. That we have not right from the outset. Of the pandemic, we have sought to work hand in hand. With tourism. And hospitality. Through, the scottish, no i'm i'm afraid. Ordinarily, i would mr mundell but i will not be taking, any today with a limited time a half but we have, so to work with the sector through. The scottish tourism emergency, response group through, the tourism, recovery. Task force with its membership, drawn. From, across. The the sector have to say to patrick harvey did not think he, fully characterized. The membership, of that group of course. It contains. A representative. Of. The employers but it contains representatives. From the workforce, through, a prospect. And united contains, representation. From local government kings retains, representation.

From Public sector agencies, as well, all coming together. With that singular, focus. On ensuring we sustain. Tourism. And hospitality. In scotland having mentioned. At unite, i want to. Mention in passing the unite, hospitality. And tourism. Arrest, plan i thought it was interesting. That mr leonard. Mentioned, that plan, but when you turn your attention. To the motion he has laid. Before this parliament, there is not one mention. Of that plan, and i would, point the amendment that we have laid. Before. A party today which does. It mention, in that plan and calls. On, this, administration. To meet. With the united, kingdom government. To discuss. That. Plan. Mr smith is quite correct, to say we do not need to call on ourselves. To meet with the unions i don't need to be told that i meet with the stuc. And their affiliates, on a weekly basis. Unions have been integral. To informing. The sector guidance, we it pulled together but this is a chance, for this parliament to say to the uk government they should come to the table as well and i regret. That palm looks set. To. Turn their face. Against, the, doing, it precisely. That, i also want to talk about the tourism. Recovery. Task forces. Recommendations. Published. On the 23rd. Of october. Which is very much designed, to, ensure that we mitigate against the impacts, of the virus and protect jobs now but also. Ensure the long-term, position. Of tourism. And hospitality, and i want to draw, palmer's attention to one, recommendation. And that report again. Reflected. In our amendment. That report, calls for an extension. Of the jobs retention, scheme i recognize, and agree, with the point, that will not alone. Sustain. Any sector, but of course it has been, a vital part of sustaining. Employment, and again. It is mentioned in the unite recovery, plan as well so this, is a chance for parliament to restate. Its position. That the follow scheme should, be extended, to save the 61. 000 jobs. It could save in the first half, of next year was extended. Until. At the end of june i again regret.

The Fact that pants seems. Uh to be setting its face. Against doing just that, and lastly to focus on the tory amendment frankly it is unclear. What is being sought. If the suggestion, is we are not engaging. With businesses. I have to assure them, that that is not, the case since. The end of the summer recess, alone. Ministers, have met with business organizations. Over, 100. 160. Times that doesn't include. Individual, businesses, that we meet, on a daily basis, and if any member wants those details, we'll be happy. To provide them so frankly. The idea we're not engaging with business. It does not hold up, either so, design officer. I say, to. The chamber. This has been a short debate, it has given us a chance today, to reflect, the challenges, before. The sector to reflect on what we have done but recognizing. That there is more, to be done. As well and i can assure. The chamber, that we will get on with the task at hand. We will continue, to support tourism and hospitality. In scotland, not only to survive this current pandemic. To thrive to thrive, and survive. Long into the future. Thank you minister i called jackie bailey to conclude our debate. Presiding, officer, the hospitality. And tourism, industry. Is on its knees. As richard lennon said we had lockdown, and travel restrictions. Then eat out to help out then localized, restrictions. Confusion, over what was a cafe, and what was not announcements, made with little notice, and now a five-tier, framework. Let me start, by actually thanking the cabinet secretary it'll probably embarrass, him but i am grateful to him, for his regular, engagement, with hospitality. Businesses. In my area, i'm just not sure that his understanding. Of the challenges. Are shared, by his colleagues. For the record, we would have supported, the greens amendment, and indeed the snp's, amendment, had it not removed, the need for a review, of the grants, programmes, that they run, we are in favor, of extending, furlough, we are 100. Supportive. Of the unite, hospitality. And tourism, rescue, plan, but we want to get beyond, warm words. And simply, blaming. Somebody, else because it's their problem. We need to do something, here now, the cabinet secretar

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