December Bushcraft All dayer - New kit, wet weather fire starting, knife sharpening.

December Bushcraft All dayer - New kit, wet weather fire starting, knife sharpening.

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It's. Descender I've got my bushcraft, gear with me I'm here all day it's, December's, bushcraft, all day yeah hi. Folks I'm Craig Taylor and as, always, a huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel the, bushcraft, Padawan well, as you saw from that intro its December's, bushcraft. All day ax the, 12th, one of the year if my understanding of the basic calendar is correct, those, of you that watch these videos that our regular subscribers. Will know that rather than just come out into the woods and putter. Around aimlessly, they. Always like to come out with something in mind some ideas, some projects, and tasks, that I want to tick off they, could be things that are new to me there could be things that I want to try out there could be things that I've done before I just wanna keep my hand in this month no exception, I've. Got some new kit that I want to try out a new tap and a new lid. For my metal, mug I wanna, start a fire using natural, materials it's. Been absolutely, soaking, wet here for weeks now I've never seen a December, so wet, so. I want to get some natural materials either some. Bracken. Tada. That. Was fortuitous some, Bracken or maybe some honeysuckle something. That I know has, been left out in the elements through all this rain I don't want to try that and bringing that to a flame and then coaxing, that into, a fire if I get a fire going I'm gonna cook up some. Pancakes on these on fire using my skillet and, whilst, that is cooking away I'm probably gonna do a little bit of field sharpening, on my more agave, because I've noticed a little flat spot towards. The tip recently, so, nuke it fire, it in very very very damp. Conditions a, little, bit of cooking and a little bit of sharpening surround. The year off let's, see how I get on. I'm. In a slightly different area than where I normally go. Folks I'm normally 2 miles north of here today, I'm two miles south, of there in this spot for no other reason than I fancied, a change in my last video my last all day video I talked about the fact that I had a new tab on the way it has, arrived it's an alt kicked rig 7, I'll put a link to it down below this video. Is not, a review video it's, not an unboxing type, video or anything like that I'm not big fans of reviewing, anything else I've actually used it this tab has, never seen the light day until. Today it's not being put up yet so unfair. To do an a review, of it I might have some first impressions in, fact I've already start to form some, first impressions but I'm gonna save, those for, a first impressions, video cuz I'm going to record in a few weeks Sam this, is really, all about just.

Getting The guylines, attach the lid lock which lines attached getting a feel for air for, the material, getting, a feel for anything, that I might need to do to modify this. Tap soap to work for the way that, I like to put them up so going, to get out my day suck now get, it rigged up is a typical, way that I normally do and. Then I'll have some shelter, to work under for the rest of the day as I said earlier in the video it's rained a lot recently. A massive, amount it looks like it's going to be clear today but. This is a British weather so crossing my fingers isn't, going to be enough all now the top of my head safe. The. Tops up same. Way that I know I'm. Not gonna go into detail in this video sorry, if that's what you're waiting for but I think it's it's, worth its own video, in its own right looking at my tap set up some. Tips and tips I'm just gonna be shown along, the way it's make life a little bit easy when, these up and taking. Them down and actually. Administrating. Yourself and living on the reef so it's going to be a stand-alone video, I put it up quite high today, because I want to get a small fire going underneath, there and clearly the last thing I want is setting, it on fire at, least not today okay next week the month after but not on day one so, I'm now going to crack on and start getting my fire, making, and fire building materials. Together and then, that let the pancake, Fest begin. I've. Moved a couple of hundred meters from where mines happen to this location, not, because there's no Bracken, there is actually quite a lot because, it's quite a sheltered. Area. Soaking. Wet, that. Bracket is also quite sheltered, so he's not getting any sunlight, other than there isn't a great deal of Brits also not getting any breeze either, so I've come out onto, one of the rides in this wood here where it's more open there's. Less, canopy, above us it's much more open for the wind to sweep through in the hope that a combination, of those things will mean that this is. Drier than, they wet, Bracken, that's in the woodland, in a day in a darker, more enclosed area so I'm going to collect a good handful. Of this move. It back to the bivi area, store it off the ground under. The tarp just in, case and then I'm going to crack on with looking and for. Some additional tinder, to get this fire going but first port of call is gonna be gathering some of this Bracken. I'm discarding, anything. That, looks wetter, than, the rest are the sumdac, pieces.

Here That's, clearly been in contact with some of the fallen logs I'm discarding that and, I'm only going to the light-colored. From. Is that the right phrase frogs, croaking. Frogs let me know in the comments now go for the light-colored, stuff thinking the stuff that looks like it's. Dry. What. I'm going to go for at the moment if a I can stop the dog knocking the tripod, over and B I can stop the dog nicking, the bracken is I'm going to go for my and. Flint. And steel onto. Some char cloth in a bird's nest in the ferns. Hopefully. Blow, that into flame and then, add on some birch, and, some. Silver birch twigs, and kindling to, help establish that flame a little further. Just. Drop in a few pieces of charcoal thing I do. If, the tinder. Is marginal. Like it is today there's an element of moisture, in there I do. Like to drop in a few pieces of charcoal just to give it longer, for that heat to work to generate and build up, and rather, any moisture. We, go cut a piece. Lost, it all the chocolate go. Away all the checkoff been out. Before. I've had a chance to establish the flame so I'm gonna drop a little more in. Those. Of you watching think you should have done this a shooter than that I have. Scrunched. Up and almost. Buffed, into powder a lot, of the fronds of this so this is sitting, against some incredibly. Fine. Material. The. Word booger Springs. Tonight, that's not having it. Right. What I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna go defaults, or some birch back shavings. And I'm. Gonna wear put the birch back Shea bees in here and use, that so I still don't want to waste the bracket I've, picked it but, clearly there's, too much moisture I guess in there for, that to go from a, piece. Of charcoal, so I want to get more of that something more as resembling, a flame then, the bracken then, onto the twigs I'm, gonna go and scrounge, scavenge. And, forage some silver. Birch to. Heptarian shavings, back in a second. Regular. Campsite viewers, will probably recognize my, black, metal mug, there that is there this is a staple in my outdoor. Gear you'll probably see me cooking many a bro probably pine needle tea ginger, tea or hot chocolate on this. Very thing I've, had this for decades. 93. 94, I've probably bought it from all the shots and back. In the day when I was in the Army I used to improvise, a lid for this just out a little piece of silver foil I used to fold it back up and carry it with me clearly, that's silver foil is long gone and as I'm a little more fish than I was as, a 17, 18 year old I've, gone recently and splashed out from handmade, by. Wild, crafts co, uk there's. A logo there I've. Something, a template of this because this isn't a B C B this isn't a crusade, well this is a knockoff that I bought years ago but, I sent him an out outline of it and he's very kindly, made me a lid.

To Fit on that so, I'm going to use that today clearly. The advantages, of this are that. It stops leaves debris falling, in but, it also helps, I guess tip for the water to boil. Quicker because I'm not losing any of the heat and through. Steam I'm not losing any of the heat from the mulch because, it's been encapsulated like, that so first time out today let's get rid of some of that nice shiny, new look, appearance of it let's get some sort on it. Yep, I think she's ready. Hot. Chocolates going down wealth. Skillets. On the fire some books are in there heating up. Pre-mixed. I. Come. Up with the dry ingredients and, and. The. D powdered, egg and the, powdered, milk can actually make you know reconstitute. Out here as if I were on a long species, clearly that. Is. It gonna last very long when traveling it's been overnight in the refrigerator at, home so now, kick down probably enough in there for -, that's. Not one each okay. Talking, to the dog. Host. Disagree, will make let's bring them into shop. Guilt, trip maybe, one on the three quarters, for me maybe. A left burnt crispy left over for you what do you say do you agree. I. Know. It looks like I'm talking to myself like spin that round there is a dog there they suck promise. Promise. I'll. Give you some I promise okay but, not much. Let's. Get these pancake mix up. For. Those of you thinking why is using a plastic, spoon it's. Because, my wooden, spoon that had carved myself. Took. Great pride in has. Actually split, at the end of the bowl around here. There's a split, stack, to forming, so. So. I'm sulking at the moment with wooden spoons. I'm. Not actually I've carved two, or three in the past week, or two that, are just out drying out at home some of them in various different stages of being finished didn't we. Oiled. Up whatever. The phrase is lubed, up. In. The air and sputter everywhere, and, she's not having all of it she being a dog not. The missus. Little. Bit syrup on that this silly little bit of honey on there. Oh. There, is there's. There's. The money shot no, it is perfect. Let's, get my face into this fire. Is just starting to die out which is good from a fire management perspective probably get one more out of, this before, the Ember. Tell. Me let me know in the comments below. What's. Your favorite meal. To cook outside. And. What's your favorite dessert, to, cook outside must be cook can't be something you just take out with you and eat out their favorite. Meal to cook when. Outside, doing this kind of thing and. Your favorites, and desserts to cook clearly, 9ds pancakes. Because. I mean it is a meal, those. Ways to put in two for one. -. Pancakes. Later. The. Dog did get some I promise I'm going to turn my attention now to sharpening.

Or, Touching up my Mora, gar. Berg. Continually. Impress the fact that I can manage to get it into a very very good edge what, I did notice though a day or two ago was. That and I'm not going to try and hold this up to camera because there's no way that I'll be able to get in focus, on the light shining at the right angle, but just. Just. There. Where. My finger, is on. The. Edge of the blade. Juicy. Whilst I'm out here, so. Turn my attention to, or. To bring out my, beaver bushcraft, sharpening, kit that I bought crazy. I think this was back in the spring I don't remember I did record a video on it and I'm gonna link to it up here there's a video of there so I'm, just going to use the the diamond, lapping fluid that came with it, the. 800-1000. Double, edged diamond. Stone. The. Whole blade train, you know I'm just gonna get to that spot so, jump that spot where, there's a flat spot home, that area probably home the old the whole Blake's I've been using it slightly today and. Then I'll be on my way make him way back to the motor i. Can. Feel they already, failed at the bear on, the other side. Now. Just gonna turn my attention to the. Now. Push the bear from one side to the other, pushed. It back again. Push it back again pushed it back again. Could. See the bear couldn't, see I could feel the bear couldn't, see that flat spot anymore though so. I've just taken to the thousand, side of the stone now I, do. Like, this shout minke I'm going to put a link to it in the video description below. You. Don't make any money from it it's not a I'm. An affiliate, link or anything like that. Just. A very very nice easy, to use. Effective. Sampling, kit and. Nice, people as well always, very very helpful you've. Got any questions or queries. I'm. Still able to see a little bit of the flats but but actually those last. Sweeping. Strokes. Yep. It's. A goner. So. Let's just. Finish. Off by. Having a strop. I'm. Going to stop the whole blade or even I've only been actually working. So. I'm on the top third I'm, a specific, part of that top third, at. That. And then, final, side final. Time on the. Relatively, clean, side it picks up dirt naturally, but it's got no compound, on there. Yes. Very, happy with that. Eliminated. That flat spot that was here on the blade. And. Just. Dropped. The. Rest have, been using it a little bit today. Good. Stuff. There. We have it folks another, bushcraft. All day a in the bag and of. Course, December. The, last one of the year so, how did it go it, was good to get my new tarp out I'd rigged it up at home or so, I thought, it, was good to get it out in the field though because what I realized was I've not, rigged up my inner, gear line that goes on the inner roof to hang things from saddening myself from so I've forgotten to do that at home so it was good to get it out here when I didn't really need to and, realize.

That Mistake, so I can correct that back at home before I add before I could, fall foul of it for real didn't, need the tap to date has actually been a very very nice dry, day considering. What we've had recently. So didn't need the tap it was good to take it out did. Use the metal mug lid as you saw that has most definitely earned, its place in my bushcraft, kit on a permanent basis, from now on whenever I take my metal mug out which, is all the time so that was good to see the. Fire oh boy. Oh boy oh boy that fire, that took, a lot of effort took. A lot of time what, you may not have seen because my battery, ran out on the camera, that I was recording with at the time I bring up several different batteries, and so. It may not be obvious just, how long, it took me to actually, get that fire going took me a long time much, longer than I would have. So. I don't want I, don't want you to be misled to think that I got that fire going in super quick time it's, because, of the failing, battery, that, made it look like it was incredibly, quick it very definitely, wasn't, in, the end if it isn't clear depending, on when my battery, now I'm not sure I, sucked. The. Charcloth. Ice, at the Heather. And. The bracken and in. The end I just went for good old standard, birch bark birch bark shavings, and, I had to feed almost. Individually. The pencil. Led thickness, twigs, onto, it to get it going it took a lot of coaxing, it took a lot of hand-holding in, some, respects I was disappointed, that it did that and I didn't have success first, time around from. Another perspective and. Pleased, that you, know there was a reason it took a long time and that was because everything, was sodden. Or was very very damp and, pleased, that I was able to get it going Oz pleased I was able to persevere, and still, use the natural materials, and still. Get it going although it wasn't plan, a but hey you. Know when does planner that ever really work out when Mother Nature's involved. Pancake. Was a pancake, in the woods what could possibly go wrong and. The. Knife sharpening, it was it was good to spend just a few minutes towards the end of the day just. Getting that knife back up to standard, so that I can clean it oil it when I get home and, put it away for the Christmas, a new year period.

Speaking, Of Christmas and New Year by the time this video goes out I expect, it. Will be at some point between Christmas, and New Year so, I hope you and your family who, celebrate, Christmas had. A very very Merry, Christmas and, in a few days time it will be New Year's I hope you have a very happy New, Year's Eve and a successful. 2019. Speaking. Of 2019. In. 2018. I've done a series of bushcraft. All daya's, you've, just seen the final one of the year last. Year, 2017. I did, a series of bushcraft, all-nighters. What. Should I do in 2019. Do you think what should I do next, year, should. I go back to the all-nighters, should, I stick with the old days, should, I do a combination of the two should, I do something else completely and. I'd be interested in your thoughts in the comments, below all nighters, all days of combination, or something else do let me know in the comments, below I can make no promises, that, I will stick to what you, asked for and is clearly it's got fitting around and you, know my life and the children and the kids life and the wife and all of us and they believe dog and, all the rest of it but then yeah let me know in the comments, below what your preference, would be and why, it would be your preference personally, I prefer, the old days they. Fit in nicely with. Of. Working, and family life they, also mean I can actually do more because and clearly, awake for the whole time about here whereas, when I do an all-nighter, I probably, sleep, for the majority of the, time so that was my reasoning, last year to go from an all-nighter to an all-day i'm. Waffling, on our i'm prattling, on thank. You for watching. This video thank. You if you've watched my other videos for doing that throughout. The year if, you subscribed. Thank. You as always if, you've, not yet subscribed and, here's the thing about. Three-quarters. Of my viewers and. Nonsubscribers. If. You're, one of them please, please, do, click on that that. Corner of the screen there the. Subscribe, button it would be incredibly. Beneficial to, me if you could click on that just think i've got just over, two thousand subscribers. Three-quarters. More of that about. 6,000, per acre and ah. Non. Subscribers I could have a really. Really successful channel. And if. I could get those non, subscribers. To turn into subscribers. So. It's, christmas, christmas is coming up I've. Been a good boy all year I've pushed a video out for you every single week of the year at. Least once a week but every week at least once a week there's been a video so, please come on Santa all I want, for Christmas is for everybody that's an unsubscribe. To. Click, on the subscribe button and become a subscriber folks. Wherever you are whenever. You are whatever you're doing have, a great Christmas you've already had a great Christmas have a great New Year and I'll see you in my next video Cheers.

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Well done my man!.. i wont shay should-ah would-ah could-ah at all.. you are out there in real time with real stuff in the conditions you will find in real life camping and survival situations. Of course the fire wont cooperate. (doese it ever) The dog is Right on man too looks like a good and attentive pal.... .. . If i was to go out cold like you did or do (i know what your thinking "here it comes")i am sure i would have the same trouble. The fact that you got it doing means you can warm up the family! LOL as much fun as a wooden spoon is my favorite is a bamboo spoon by Joyce Chen. I will eventually carve a few spoons and make a kuksa. i suppose it is my bush craft duty. out side my favorite is just some grilled meat, or a fish, one time we were on the beach in the summer, i was catching snappers (baby bluefish) one on every cast, my buddy was taken them off the hook for me and splitting the and putting them on the fire as fast as i caught them, we fed all our friends, what a blast. i like open fire cooking, i am not big on deserts out side. when i camp with a particular friend (girl) she can cook just about anything in cast iron on a fire. so what ever she feeds me i'll eat, that is always a high maintenance situation, i am always on wood gathering duty and making sure the tarps are up and tight .. guess i earned the meal. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours.. i hope all the success and blessing to you and your family... This year we'll get out in the woods more j

My meal would be steak and potato and a peel apple cook in foil with sugar and cinnamon. VERY GOOD!

That's sounds like a very hearty meal Robert, thanks for sharing it with us and for taking the time to watch and comment, it's really appreciated

Thanks for sharing hope you have a happy and successful new year stay safe

And the same to you John, thank you very much for taking the time to watch and comment.

Hi Craig! Another great episode. All-dayer or all-nighter? It's up to you. I will watch it! So.... until 2019! Happy new year to you and yours! ATB André

Hi Andre and thanks for watching. I'm glad you enjoyed the video and I'm happy that you'll be tuning back in, in 2019. Happy New Year to you and your family my friend.

Quality content as usual, my favourite meal to cook has to be an omlette

Was really sodden here yesterday. Bacon just never really got going. My other half is the fire whisperer. I cheated and used a cotton wool ball soaked in olive oil. In my defence I did have some Birch that needed dealing with and a new Silky Katanaboy to try out so I switched to the Kelly kettle for hot drinks and did an omelette in the pan above it which came out a treat. JyNx is spot on with that call.

That's a cracking idea, why haven't I thought of that!!?? Cheese, ham and mushroom omelette on the menu next time!! Thanks for watching and commenting, it's really appreciated.

Great vid as usual, favourite outdoor meal is a heartstopping fry up with black and white puddings eggs bacon sausage fried bread with a bannock for afters

+The Bushcraft Padawan it's like an irish black pudding made with the animals lights and some herbs similar to polish sausage

Hi Sean and thanks for sharing your cholesterol-loving fry up

Great video and congratulations are in order for getting a fire going as well as a gourmet meal (my expectations for food may need some adjustments lol). I usually cook oatmeal or something dehydrated like spaghetti with meat or chili (basic add water things). Keep up the good work. In future I will hold my comments until after the video ends (saves the additions). I’ve enjoyed both the all day and overnight videos but would suggest having a guest with you (possibly another YouTube person) who lives close (I know there are other content creators in Britain). This would serve two purposes, one you could practice collaborative camping things and two it could also draw additional subscribers for both of you. I know if it weren’t for my schedule and the roughly 5000 mile journey I’d like to camp with you (I’ve also not posted anything on YouTube yet.)

God jul (yuletide) and Merry Christmas to you and your family, Kraig!  On much of the trips we bring bacon&eggs. Easy to pick up, can't go wrong, lots of energy, and it's quite good. Perfect breakfast outside :) And then we bring pancake mix and some oil. Easy to mix (in a Nalgene) and cook on site. Just carry on with your videos. From both long and short outings. The subscribers will come over time when you make interesting content. As you may have noticed I've enjoyed and learned from your navigation videos. Keep them coming. What about a good navigation project using the skills you taught in earlier videos? Happy new year from the country a bit further north.

its nice to see even a good bushcraft as your self struggles with the basic fire in damp weather mate makes us normal ppl not as sad when we do it =) but for next year it would be interesting to see a day and evening perhaps night if its suitable hikes as it would show the variation depending on time of day whats able and not able depending on light or dark or perhaps do the same thing say 3-4 times during the same 24 hours to show the different struggles due to time and light. And from me and mine to you and yours a good scratch behind the ear for the dog and ofc a really happy coming new year to you and yours =)

Great video, I really enjoyed watching. Thank you for uploading. SurvivalAustria

Thanks for watching from Oz, it's really appreciated. Hope your Christmas / New Year break is going well?

Great vid, I like the way you leave the footage of the things that don't work. Personally I just use a ferra rod, or a lighter! If I'm hungry, I don't want to wait! Lol. Have a great New year

Cheers Adrian, fear not though as I always carrying a Ferro rod and lighter, just in case the desire for pancakes is too great!!!

Pancakes!!! LOL I am not sure if they are good for the pooch, but they are awesome for human thanks for bringing us along on the journey for your last 2018 all dayer! Happy New Year Craig!

Hey Madison - great minds (and stomachs!) think alike!!

Enjoyed your video. All the best and happy new year. Rod

Cheers Rod, I appreciate the feedback. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you too

Hi Jeff, thanks for watching and a very Happy New Year to you and your family. I loved hearing the story of you catching the snappers and cooking them immediately on an open fire, it sounds like bliss! Here's hoping that you're able to get out into the woods more this year and are able to make a start on those wooden spoons

Enjoyed the video and you got to love that dog !! Hopefully I can get out in the woods more to say what my favorite meals and/or desserts are ! LOL Keep making these videos and Merry Christmas to you and the family and your furry buddy !!

Thanks Dave I really appreciate you taking time to watch and comment on my channel. I'll also pass on your compliments to Willow too

Good video. Happy new year to you.

+The Bushcraft Padawan Chorizo with onions, tom sauce, apricots all chopped & Cous Cous not quite a 1 pan dinner but tasty also easy to carry/keep

And to you too Les, what's your favourite meal in the outdoors?

Hi there and thank you for taking time out of your Christmas and New Year period to check out my video and comment, it's really appreciated

+The Bushcraft Padawan I think the - video was thought out carefully to make use of as much as possible from the toolkit. Maybe except "Aiming off", which you covered in a later video. Good stuff. I think the videos make a very good foundation for even more content. Not necessarily using the complete toy box, but just what's needed for some of actual hikes you are on. How to choose the correct tools for the job and so on. Just an idea! Thanks for creating this channel. Keep up the good work!

Hi Terje, I hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas too! I'm glad you enjoyed the navigation videos, did you happen to see this one? Is that the sort of thing you were referring to?

Liked your kit

Oh go on then, i'll subscribe as you asked nicely. You're doing it all wrong anyway, apparently if you don't talk you get 8 million views. Personally i'm still a fan of talking though. About the only thing iv'e tried dessert wise on a camp fire, was an apple bake, hobo meal style. Better to use an old tin foil tray and then wrapping, rather than just wrapping up. it avoids leakage, and makes a great dish to eat from. I'll spare you the exact recipe, i was improvising at the time anyway. But man, it came out good. Hope thats helpful. Gary. aka 'bushcraft dads'

Thank you, if you search for "low bulk kit" in my videos you'll see that I have recorded another video that goes into greater depth of my kit. Have a great weekend

Hey Gary, you mean my dulcet Yorkshire accent may not be attractive to all?!?!?!

Craig... i spen a lot of time redundantly reviewing videos that make the most sense to me... David West is one of those guys, he and Blackie Thomas break down fire making to the science behind ember formation ECT. watch this one .. it is good stuff. i have been compiling play lists to keep it focused. mainly for my self. i need to return to them often for more pointers, and instruction. there is a guy in uk that is awesome with game, his name is Scott Rea, i watch him too he has processing game into great meals down!!! Happy New Year J

Great video man! If you have the land access, try a series on building a more permanent camp site. Happy new year!

@The Bushcraft Padawan Chorizo with onions, tom sauce, apricots all chopped & Cous Cous not quite a 1 pan dinner but tasty also easy to carry/keep

@The Bushcraft Padawan it's like an irish black pudding made with the animals lights and some herbs similar to polish sausage

@The Bushcraft Padawan I think the - video was thought out carefully to make use of as much as possible from the toolkit. Maybe except "Aiming off", which you covered in a later video. Good stuff. I think the videos make a very good foundation for even more content. Not necessarily using the complete toy box, but just what's needed for some of actual hikes you are on. How to choose the correct tools for the job and so on. Just an idea! Thanks for creating this channel. Keep up the good work!

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