Defunctland: The History of Disney's Worst Attraction Ever, Superstar Limo

Defunctland: The History of Disney's Worst Attraction Ever, Superstar Limo

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I. Think. It's I think it's fantastic, mr., Eisner Oh Michael. Oh certainly, mr., Eisner sorry, to disturb you but I'm delivering to you, and. Mr. Richard. Thank. You very much. Yeah. We were. At. The Disneyland Resort. This. Is the. So. Mickey it's, just you and me and I love that ride and I want to go on it with you oh, okay. Boss okay, boss, you. Know Mickey I think this is the beginning of a beautiful theme park you betcha. It wasn't, and now. The story, of a company in panic and the one CEO who, just couldn't seem to catch a break. It. Is the. Plan. On. July. 17, 1955. Disneyland. Opened its gates to the public and along with elaborate theming, it had an expansive, magical. Parking, lot due, to its placement in Anaheim, Disneyland's, land was far from sprawling this made the parking lot prime real estate for any kind of expansion including. A potential second gate while, variety of concepts, for a second Park were proposed over the years it wouldn't be until 1982, that the Walt Disney Company would seriously begin, to consider it on October, 1st of that year Epcot, Center in, Orlando Florida as Walt Disney World opened this, created the Walt Disney World Resort as it is known today and it made a multi-day, vacation, to the resort necessary, if guests were going to explore all the offerings two years later in 1984, it was becoming increasingly clear, that despite of cot success Disney, as a company was not doing well, a string, of box office failures from their studio and big budget projects for the parks had brought Disney to the lowest point in the company's history and many fear to take over in a bold move by the company, then CEO and president Ron Miller was ousted and Michael, Eisner was brought in as the company's new CEO Eisner. Had big plans for the company the most notable of which were to turn the company's failing studios around make, the existing, Disney parks more appealing to older audiences, expand. Internationally with, the addition of a European Park and finally, make Anaheim, a multi-day, resort with the addition of a second gate in 1987.

The Walt Disney Company acquired the rather corporation, decades, earlier in the mid-1950s, Walt, Disney had asked oil tycoon, and television, producer Jack rather to build the Disneyland, Hotel since, Disney lacked the funds having spent most of his money constructing, Disneyland, since then and up until Disney's, acquisition, in 1987. The rather corporation, had owned the Disneyland Hotel and property, near the theme park the obvious next step after obtaining the necessary assets. Was to finally build a second theme park in the Disneyland Resort and it might have been that simple had Eisen er not gotten distracted. Apart. From the disneyland hotel the, rather corporation, also owned the RMS, Queen Mary, a retired, ocean liner that was permanently, docked in Long Beach California after, Disney acquired the rather corporation, Eisner became interested, in transforming the Queen Mary and surrounding, land into a new resort called Port Disney Port Disney was to feature hotels, a cruise ship dock and an all-new ocean, themed amusement park called Disney C Eisner pitted the cities of Anaheim, and Long Beach against, one another trying, to decide whether to build Disney C as the second gate to the Disneyland Resort or build it in Long Beach with in Port Disney the announcement, was made in January of 1990, and Anaheim, and Long Beach both worked with Disney in order to bring the new theme park to their City however the citizens, of both cities were not thrilled with the Disney expansion, citing, the issues the residential, neighborhoods, of Anaheim already, faced due to the existing, park this, along, with a variety of other legal, logistical, and budgetary issues, caused Eisner to announce in late 1991, that plans for Port Disney and Disney C had been scrapped in favor of an alternative, idea that the Imagineers, had been drafting due to the popularity of Florida's Epcot Eisner, and the Imagineers, believe that a West Coast version of the park was the best idea for Disneyland second, gate the park would have been almost identical, to Epcot with a few notable changes, such as a larger spaceship earth improved, future world attractions, and a much different world showcase, including, a steel dragon, coaster in the Asia pivot and, a boat cruise around the entire world, Wescott was announced at the same time as the cancellation, of Port Disney and Disney Sea, in 1991. One year later Euro, Disneyland would open which for a variety of reasons, that are too long to discuss here, failed horribly, the, budget for the parks division was cut dramatically, and his ideas for westcott grew it became clear that the company could not afford such an expansion but, Eisner did not give up on the disneyland resort and despite the issues went forward with his plans for a second Park Eisner, had a simple technique that he often used when he decided on new projects, the, technique is known as jealousy. Whenever Eisner saw another company doing something successfully, he decided that Disney would do the same thing moreover. He would take the idea and do basically, the same thing in basically.

The Same place for instance after seeing the success of the amusement, park kazoo hybrid, Busch Gardens Tampa in the early 90s he greenlit. Disney's Animal Kingdom the park was just over an hour from Busch Arden's after, seeing the success of the Church Street Station, nightclubs in Orlando Florida eyes are green Allah is own nightclubs, and Pleasure Island at the Disney village marketplace, Pleasure Island was about half an hour from Church Street Station, so when Westcott was cancelled and Disney returned to the drawing board it wouldn't be long until Eisner, was presented, with a new idea since, the Disneyland Resort at the time provided such a short visit to vacationers, many of the guests would go explore the other tourist, offerings of California, after their trip Disneyland. President, Paul Pressler recognized, this and pitched, an idea to Eisner if Disney could provide all the sites and attractions of, the state of California, within the Disneyland, Resort then, gues would have no reason to leave and spend their money elsewhere this, concept, would develop into the plans for California, adventure a California. Themed theme park to be located, in the already California, themed California, concept, art for the park was released in 1996. A year after Westcott was cancelled the release date of the California, adventure would feature everything, from soaring, above Yosemite, Valley to, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, movie making the original concept, art from the park had a sense of serenity and seemed to be designed as an intimate romantic tribute. To California, in the Hollywood section of the park there was to be a recreation, of the theme building the observation, deck and former restaurant at the Los Angeles International Airport, which was being renovated by Walt Disney Imagineering around. The time the California Adventure was in development, this was to be the show building to one of california adventures signature, attractions, superstar. Limo a high-speed, dark ride that would take guests on a wild paparazzi, chase through Hollywood as guests, boarded the attraction, they would be greeted by Michael Eisner himself, Eisner, would tell guests that they had to get to the big premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater as soon as possible, to sign a contract for their next film but he warned guests that the paparazzi were all over town and if they were caught doing anything to ruin their image then Eisner would have to cancel the deal the limo driver would, then flora in an attempt to get guests to the movie premiere on time according. To Disney historian, Jim Hill the ride system would have been a combination of, the traditional, dark ride and a family-friendly, roller coaster the ride would have also included a variety of jokes and gags for, instance guests would fly past the famous tale of the pop hot dog stand with a large man in rhinestones, creating, sounds of flatulence, but his guests turned the corner it would become clear that this was actually Elvis, Presley squirty mustard onto a hot dog the ride ended with guests reaching the Chinese Theatre only to have Eisner, tell them that he would have to cancel the contract because, they had been caught by the paparazzi then, a picture taken of guests while on the ride to be shown cropped into a tabloid, reporting, on their limo chase after this, guess what xyn walked the red carpet into, the Chinese Theatre which was the Gift Shop and exit to the attraction, where fake Oscars on ride photos and t-shirts, would have been sold the original concept of super star limo was nothing groundbreaking but, it seemed that it would have been a fun dark ride that would have fit perfectly in the Hollywood section of the park however, the mid-90s, version of the attraction, would not be the one that gets experienced, when the park opened and this time it wasn't, eisenerz fault. In. August of 1997, in Paris France Diana, Princess, of Wales was killed in a limo accident, her driver was supposedly fleeing, from paparazzi, when he lost control of the wheel the tragedy, captured the attention of the entire world who grieved the death of the princess and the other passengers. As for Eisner and his team they now had a big problem, superstar, limo can no longer be a high-speed paparazzi, chase because, it would now seem that it was some sort of twisted reference to the tragedy the Imagineers scrambled, briefly considering, cloning a disney-mgm attraction. To the Anaheim Park top, contenders, with a great movie ride The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or rock, and roller coaster which at the time was still in development of these, the Tower of Terror was probably considered to be the top contender, as Eisner, was heavily pushing, for the idea of a ride Hotel hybrid on top of most everyone, besides him thinking that this was a bad idea that logistically, would be problematic, if not impossible, it was also clear that the budget for California, Adventure would not allow for this or any of the other potential attractions, which meant the Hollywood section of the park would not have a ride on opening, day or would.

It Forced. Whether by situation, or executives, to write a treatment for an acceptable version of superstar limo the Imagineers, had a few solutions one remove, most of the references to paparazzi to remove, any high-speed element by having the limos inch forward through the show building and three, add more, setting specific jokes, and gags the, idea wasn't good and the Imagineers, considered, superstar limo to be dead unfortunately if, their job was to please the boss they, had done it a little too well Eisner. Who had been in the entertainment industry for decades adored, the inside jokes and Hollywood gags he, loved them so much that he greenlit, the new terrible. Version of the attraction, Imagineering. Most likely baffled at what they now had to do did their best to make the attraction, work, this included, scrapping, the Chinese Theatre Gift Shop and adding the theater as a show scene in the ride in order to fill time after, budgets were slashed even more the theme building exterior was scrapped in favor of a cartoonish, cutout look this art style was also used within the ride itself the only three-dimensional, animated, figures would be that of celebrities, but due to the lack of budget these, would have to be celebrities, whose likenesses, were cheap or stars, that the Walt Disney Company already, had contracts, with also. These were not animatronics. But barely animated, figures with minimal, on didn't see movement at some, point Eisner realized that the ride was going to be bad so we made a few quick changes to save face first, he removed a reference to DreamWorks, Animation, that read dream, jerks animation, which referenced, the ongoing feud between former, president, of Walt Disney Studios, Jeffrey, Katzenberg, who now worked for DreamWorks and Eisner, also, Eisner, asked Imagineering, to remove him from the ride and the on ride footage was replaced with the sleazy Hollywood agent, barking orders at guests proving, that superstar luma foreshadowed, more than one catastrophe, the retooled, ride opened with California, Adventure on February, 8th 2001.

So Was it as bad as they thought it would be yes. Yes. It was. Here. And around Hollywood, Boulevard there's, lots of fun and interesting places, to eat and shop all geared to bring out the Hollywood, in everyone, and if you've ever wanted to be a star then you have to ride superstar. Limo. From. The moment your board your limo at LAX, and journey through Malibu, Beverly, Hills Bel, Air and Hollywood, you, are Hollywood's, newest, sensation hey, enjoy, your 15 minutes, of fame babe. The. Cartoon cutout exterior, of super star limo features a variety of landmarks, from Los Angeles such as Union Station City Hall and the Beverly Hills hotel one section features the world's shortest railway, Los Angeles's, Angels flight the railway which was constructed in 1901, had, recently reopened but an accident resulted, in the death of a passenger on February, 1st 2001. Exactly. One week before California, Adventure and super star limo would open however the prominent, reference on the Q's exterior, would not be removed another, interesting feature was the flower bed that was decorated, to look like a pool after making, their way into the Q s would find themselves in the baggage claim area in the LAX Airport the inside jokes to California, and the entertainment industry would begin with the female announcer, giving instructions, to arriving, passengers. Further. Into the queue guests, would encounter television, screens playing an entertainment, news report featuring a horrifying, puppet version of the late Joan Rivers Rivers would describe Hollywood's, next biggest star who was set to arrive at LAX that day the star turns out to be the guests entering the ride in this cue area there were more cartoon, cutouts that helped foreshadow, what a terrible, experience guests, were about to have one, example of this was a baggage, carousel, with packaged, Oscars, after, gues wounded their way through the queue they would approach the ground transportation section, of the airport and board their limo a sparkly. Purple, cartoonish. Limo a cast member guides them into their cars and tells them to enjoy their premiere guests, are then sent on their way into their soon to be a recurring nightmare an announcer, tells them to keep their hands feet, and egos. In, the limo at all times ha. The. Limo enters a dark tunnel and the guest agent appears on the screen attached to the rides vehicle, despite, being a creepy gross puppet, this turned out to be the most realistic part of the ride. The. First showroom is Beverly Hills and Regis, Philbin pops out of the door Fanning, himself with money next, up Melanie, Griffith with Antonio Banderas then. Immediately following Cindy. Crawford and this, is just the beginning the next show scene is the Sunset Strip here, Jessica to see Tim Allen and Jackie Chan after, this guests enter a second tunnel and are reminded by their agent to not be late the third show seen is Belle there where guests can see Drew Carey with a handful of star maps guests, also run into sponsors, trying to get them to sign advertising deals, a third, tunnel features another reminder, from their agent before the Malibu show seen here, guests encounter share sanding the corner of the scene as if she doesn't want to be there the limo then enters the studio Lots where guests encounter paparazzi, screenwriters. And production, assistants all represented. Through cheap cutouts after, this guests arrive for their premiere where none other than Whoopi Goldberg, greets them guests, are shown an on-ride photo of themselves before entering a final tunnel where their agent tells them that they are a superstar. And that, was, superstar, limo. So. Now everybody I thought we'd go over to super star a little a limo yeah, because. I'm on it excellent. California. Ventures right next to Disneyland, exactly, located right, next, superstar. Level has a superstar, with the picture, of me is super limited looks exactly like really. Here. We go here, we go now. This is not a scary fast ride right no no no this is just like a scenic like as if you were doing Hollywood, you want to become a super suit right, come. On my darling let's, take a ride. On. The way back say hi to me. Okay. And. Dashing. Antonio. Banderas. There's. Hollywood, Beauty Cindy, Crawford. Hey. Everyone. How. About a map to your house true Gary. Dominica. Party. Hold your breath now a. Picture. Why. They always entertaining.

Share. Hollywood. Favorite. There. Might be no better way to illustrate the reaction, the public had to the ride than the odd ride photos it is no surprise that the ride was received negatively, with guests complaining that they had waited a half hour to ride the cheap pop-up book superstar, limo was not the only issue California. Adventure as a whole was berated, by the general public and critics alike but overall the lines were so short at times out here I thought it was closed, this. Is outstanding the concept, was bad the execution, was worse and superstar limo was unforgivable. It is no surprise that on January 11th 2002. Less than a year after the park opened superstar, limo was closed management. Had no replacement, in mind they just realized that guests visiting California Adventure would be a lot happier if they never experienced, the attraction, the building sat abandoned, in the Hollywood pictures backlot for four years rumors circulated, a various redressing that the ride could undergo Jim, Hill reported, that the Imagineers, were considering, retooling, the ride into goofy superstar, limo where goofy would drive guests through Hollywood and the c-list celebrities, would be replaced with classic, animated, Disney characters, to pull this off Disney, would take over a hundred, Disney figures that had been placed in Disney stores throughout the United States and move them into the new show scenes another, idea was to reopen the ride as is and over the course of a few months introduced, animatronics. Of the Muppets cast at various points in the ride these characters would be wearing hard hats and be actively renovating, superstar limo as guests rode through it The Muppets would also be commenting, on how horrible, the current version of the ride was the, finished product after the transformation would be Miss Piggy superstar limo of course, neither, of these ideas happened, and the building continued to sit abandoned, it wouldn't be until after Eisner, stepped down from CEO in 2005, that the super star limo space would receive a new attraction as the first step in what would become a 1.5. Billion dollar expansion, and renovation to, California, Adventure the, new management team constructed, the Pixar themed dark ride Monsters Inc Mike and Sulley to the rescue the simple dark ride would take guests throughout the events of the first Monsters Inc film and it was set to open on January 23rd. 2006. But, that is not the end of superstar, limos story, oh no, the, ride very much lives on in the absolute, worst way possible since, the Monsters Inc dark ride was a quick fix for the park, come in a year before the major expansion, it didn't have the budget to bulldoze the space and start over quite the opposite, really in order to save money the Imagineers, decided to, utilize as much of super star limo as possible, this included retrofitting, the cut out exterior, with door designs which actually matched the film's intro animation, repurposing. The limos into Monstropolis taxis, reusing.

The Track layout and some of the tunnel sequences, and there was one more thing oh yeah, they, stripped, the c-list, celebrity, figures and dress them into various animatronics. Throughout the ride some, of these Zomba tronics are more obvious than others and the Drew Carey and Jackie Chan figures are especially easy to spot but don't worry most, if not every figure in the ride was reused, in some way while the new ride has received mixed reviews and its inclusion of the previous attractions, assets, is unsettling, to say the least is a far, better dark, ride than superstar limo while Disney might wish they could erase super star limo from the memories of the unfortunate, park guests that experienced, it it is still important, to remember the ride and the other missteps, of California, Adventure the story is a good reminder that even a company as big as Disney, can still get themselves into financial, difficulty, creative, gridlock and even, some pretty wacky situations. On. The. Next defunct, land Michael. Eisner learns, the differences, between building, a park in Tokyo and building, a park in Paris resort, to the magic of Disney and. Hope. That that in the end makes, the dream come true.

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Hello everyone. To answer the main question, yes I have already done an episode on Superstar Limo. I will be going back and redoing some of my old videos every now and then to give them the same research and production value as the new ones. This video is over twice as long as the original, because I was able to find so much more information and footage.

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I couldn’t stop laughing this whole video

this ride epitomizes Americas unhealthy dependance on celebrities

I remember going to Disney about a year or so after DCA opened and I was really disappointed cuz we tried to go in and it turned out our passes did not include entry to DCA. Now knowing what I know, it’s for the best. I literally didn’t miss anything. That place sucked. I ended up going to DCA for the first time last year and I’m glad that got to be my first time there cuz I really enjoyed myself.

I' think, I've been on this ride . It sucked. I wished it was the fast paced Limo ride .

I just moved to anaheim and it's a struggle going to school bc I en up in Disney parking lots lmao

15:10 they played all star in a Disney promo video

Wow. A young Colin Mochrie

Amazing Disney survived under Eisner control. That ride looks like it should be in those state fair lol

Uncle Barry!

FAST AND furious RIDE......soon COMES OUT , ....looks like ideas stay there ?

yes universal studious .....But , SOME IDEAS ...for the ride there as well?

We're reaching lethal amounts of sarcasm here.

Love the Arrested Development tie in :D great video

Is it bad that I really want to ride super star limo just because I love horrible things?


This entire ride seemed a bit mean spirited for Disney rides... Idk. I'm all for humor with a bit of a mean edge, that doesn't bother me at all since I can take a joke, but it just doesn't fit with Disney tbh, and this whole thing is COMPLETELY misplaced in a Disney park.

Excellent video. I've just recently discovered you and I really like your work.

colin from whose line!

I know i already said it but please consider the Scooby-Doo ride in San Antonio Texas six flags as it was recently closed.

So at what point of the ride did the guests get sexually assaulted, or was just just for the kids?

HEY! this is just superstar limo again! *watches it anyway because defunctland

Kiddieland in Chicago

Well done

the micky mouse dicksmasher was worse than this tbh

Honestly, I'd pay good money to see a ride where muppet construction workers are just telling me what a shitty ride it is.

Got almost the whole whose line cast within the same video

You know, I hate to say this, but it dawned on me: With these Spitting Image-like puppets, and an emphasis on celebrities and jokes... aside from being more family friendly and being generally a cheap and ugly sight, this is the closest to a ride of that show.

I pretty much always "Thumb's Up" your videos, but that Arrested Development intro was genius: here's an extra Thumb's Up! Great job!

I love your Arrested Development intro

Amazing video Kevin was going to watch it as soon as it came out but was sick

They should bring back Superstar Limo but with Disney Animated shows like the Ducktales 2017 Reboot, Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Phineas & Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law, Kim Possible, Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil, & More. Updated cartoon cutout exterior, baggage claiming area, inside jokes to the entertainment industry, & television screens with a news reoprt... only instead of the creepy puppet of Joan Rivers we get the Roxanne lookalike from Ducktales 2017 as the reporter in 2D animation. The attraction then takes a similar route to what was originally envisioned, a combination Dark Ride/Roller Coaster. When the ride starts, a screen attached to the vehicle sees guests greeted by none other than Scrooge McDuck who would tell guests that they had to get to the Chinese Theater as soon as possible to sign the film contract, warning guests that there are paparazzi all over town & that if they we're caught doing anything to ruin their image, Scrooge will have to cancel the deal. The driver would then floor it in an attempt to get the guests to the theater on time. The first stage is Gravity Falls which has Grunkle Stan fanning himself with money, Dipper with Wendy, & Mabel rolling around in a giant hamsterball. Next is the shared universe of Phineas & Ferb & Milo Murphy's Law, here guests get to see Phineas & Ferb with some of their inventions, Perry & Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Milo Murphy inadvertently causing damage with his Murphy's Law Jinx, & some of the most beloved gags from both shows.

I remember going in 2001 to California adventure and wondering what the hell Disney was thinking but I did like the layout that was California not now where it’s just another Disneyland

Wow. I never knew about the origins of DisneySea. They ended up building it as the second park in Tokyo and it opened the same year as California Adventure. Tokyo DisneySea is an amazing park if you ever get over to Japan.

that intro... daddy xx

I really wish they hadn’t gotten rid of that sun. It was a work of art and could have easily been incorporated into the redesigned park.

it would be like if in 1999 Disney had this idea for a new Tower of Terror where you were in a high rise tower and a plane struck it forcing you to somehow escape down the quickly plummeting elevator. The ride would be in production for 2 years till one fateful Tuesday, planes strikes two high rise towers and the ride is now in very bad taste, forcing Disney to make quick changes to save face.

COLIN MOCHRIIIIEEEEEEE and also brad from rocky horror lmfaoooo

"The White zone is for loading and unloading only. NO SHMOOZING" Brilliant marketing/broad appeal Eisner, as NO ONE outside of maybe Jerry's parents from Del Boca Vista in "SEINFELD" or other octogenarian Florida Jews would get the reference any more than a "joke" about the waiters thumb in the soup at a Borscht Belt hotel or Henny Youngmans "take my wife PLEASE" schtick. That said, how very "Un Disney" was this turd? Truly disappointing as jt feels more like a traveling carnival or small family amusement park in terms of quality. But I bet my Uncle Sol and Aunt Mitzi would have loved it. Great video and genuinely excited to go through your back catalog.

Me, watching the intro skit: Man, who *is* that g-- COLIN?! (My point is that I love Whose Line)

“A California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California” i seriously laughed out loud

0:11 Colin Mochrie.

0:47 RichardKind.exe has stopped working

Loved the Arrested Development layout and theme. Great work !

Lmaoooo located in the already California-themed California

This was SO BAD. "Hey let's make a ride about how awful it is to get around LA!"... While you're in LA

Burn it down, burn it all down!

I just want the great movie ride back

ahhh, my favorite ride... Superstar Limo...

Calipornia creamin' amirite fellas?

I remember riding this for the first time with my family. At some point the ride takes your picture. I wish I had bought it as the looks on our faces said it all.

Its amazing how Dark Rides always have the most interesting stories behind them!

I worked at Disneyland at the time. A lot of Cast Members got willingly transferred to DCA when it opened. I chose to stay at the original Disneyland park. But, of course, we all checked out this new park right away. I remember this "attraction" and a lot of my co-workers and I thought it was awful right off the bat. It really was THAT bad! We were so glad when they closed it.

No human sacrifice, Satanic rituals or rape? I am disappointed. This ride is inaccurate. At least it has Antonio Banderas though.

I can never un-know that the CDA agents are the creepy celebrities from superstar limo so... thank you?

As a person who never went to Disneyland or experienced anything cool in my entire life. This ride actually looked pretty cool.

More like SuperShit Limo

0:58 Anyone else irritated that Eisner calls it a "ride" instead of an "attraction"? EDIT: And keep the Arrested Development intro. It''s fantastic.

00:00 Why has Disney TV production always been so insufferable? LOL

I was going to say that "Goosebumps" (no, not the movie) at Disney Studios was Disney's worst attraction ever--at least Superstar Limo STARTED OUT as a good, think Limo takes the prize. I did not, however, know about Port Disney. Like the scrapped Disney America, that explains a lot about DCA.

Who woudnt be scared of that whoopi animation. Yikes! Nightmares.

I like how almost the entire whose line cast is in the video somewhere or another

Thank you for explaining why I don't like Michael Eisener.

Bonus points for Limo Driver Colin Mochrie.

Yet another fantastic episode! Congrats on the video my friend. I love the parody into as well

Clicked on the video and holy shit, Unexpected Colin Mochrie.

I want to purchase that terrible animatronic Cher.

15:00 Shoot, I can't wait to win the chance to see N*SYNC Live In Concert May 15th.

"California-themed theme park in the already California-themed California" That's one of the best lines written for a YouTube video I have ever heard. Delivered very well also. Excellent.

Great video. Shitty ride.

"Euro-DisneyLand failed spectacularly" Ooohh, I just got that Simpsons joke

i just hate California themed states

The most embarrassing thing was when they brought in Drew Carey and the other actors because you can tell they’re bored.

I live in Long Beach and i gotta say THANK GOD port disney never came through.

Oh wow, this attraction and the reactions of the people who were riding it are soooo cringy.

Tower of Terror at California Adventure?

How dare they play the Shrek Anthem in that video?!

i also like Arrested Development

This is the Monsters Inc. ride now!

i wish Disney Sea had happened. So sad

Shiiiit I didn't know Yosemite was pronounced Yos-eh-mit-ee I always pronounced it Yoh-ze-mite

There's always money in the Defunct stand Michael.

0:15 Say! Any of you know how to Madison?

Proud to say I am among those who experienced it—repeatedly—over its brief life. Worst. Ride. Ever.

This is one of the best intros I've ever seen

That was suck a TERRIBLE ride. I forgot about it till I saw this video. Love your stuff. Thanks

I've been to disneyland paris as a kid in 2001 and even back then I thought the paris version was kinda trashy. So many of the rides were closed so those that were open had triple the wait time. The one thing I will never forget about disneyland paris was, while walking along the street, there were piles of horse shit laying around the ground and that was my childhood memory of what disneyland paris was like that Colin "Chromedome" Mochrie?

"California themed California"

Am I the only one who isn't creeped out by these puppet things?

Glad I missed this one, Rosie, Drew and the others are just "Meh".

Do The Great Movie Ride and how it's being replaced by a the first ever Mickey-themed ride on Disneyland.

Kevin, you beautiful bastard, your content is just too good for YouTube

Defunctland been so long I thought you were dead

I like Disney's idea to have a California themed area... In California. Wow, It's like being in California.

30 seconds in and I gasp and yell “That’s Brad!”


Who let the rosie out?

Mike and Sulley To the Rescue, while not exactly the most exciting ride ever, is nice as a quick, line-free way to get out of the sun while you wait for your FastPass to Cars Land or the Tower of Marvel Advertising. Sucks to hear that the animatronics contain the skeletons of terrifying metal celebrities, though. Honestly, it kind of sounds like a horror prompt. Legend says that some nights, you can still hear Drew Carey’s voice...



15:10 Nice music mate.

bad press. disneys one weakness.

Oh wow, I actually remember going on the original Superstar Limo. Anyone else?

Nicely done!

19:22 *Got'em*

I love that intro! I'd give you a round of applause but a loose seal bit one of my hands off Edit: Love all the editing, actually!

Seeing the old stuff re-used as hazmat suited up monsters honestly terrifies me and I don't know why It's really REALLY unsettling.

*now don't be late babe! MWAH*

danget paparazzi if u didn't want 10000000000000000000000000000000000 photos of Diana, this version of superstar limo wouldn't be used frick u paparazzi

Bruh I don't like how smug you are when it comes to Micheal Eisner. You act like he's only done wrong for the company. I think he did WAAAY more good than bad during his time. He created Hollywood Studios< Animal Kingdom, Pleasure Island. He created ORIGINAL attractions, which is a gripe I know you have with Bob Iger. And he turned around Disney's animation and live action movie divisions around.

I'd rather see the city of Los Angeles itself than those cartoon cutouts!

Oh so that's why they made it *California* Adventure. I always thought it was a stupid idea. I mean, we're already in California. It would've made more sense to put California Adventure in Florida and put a Florida Adventure in California.

The nods to Arrested Development are perfect! Great content as always!

15:10 You can't escape All Star.

I remember going on this ride, then reexperiencing it as Monsters Inc. The cut out doors in front of it were so cheap looking. I didn't know what I was missing out on with the original fast coaster idea. Honestly I doubt anyone would've gotten offended if they'd just removed references to "running from the paparazzi."

love the arrested development intro and outro lol

>california theme california damn it, you got me

first of all, they're callef the LGMs, so write that down

I'd love to see videos on Adventure Thru Inner Space [Disneyland], The Great Movie Ride [Walt Disney World], and the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour [Tokyo Disneyland]. I just discovered this channel and am really enjoying it! The amount of research you put into these videos is staggering.

*I wish I was the big cheese*

Well you can only do your best. Bless whoever tried to make that shit work. Babe

Can you do a Defunctland episode on the American Tail Live Shows at both Universal Orlando and Hollywood

Disney World > Disneyland​

oh wow i had no idea that superstar limo was originally planned to be not-awful before it all fell to shit

Disney as a company needs to die.

Lies superstar limo is insanely good and better then any other ride in Disney history ever.

might have been ok It is was continuously updated.

I love the idea of California adventure, like a theme park based on a state of the history of the area. But putting it literally right next to Disneyland.....yeah not the best plan.

Could you do Maelstrom and Horizons?


I like the Arrested Development opening

I want to make a theme park based on real life tragedies now, so whenever someone fucking dies in the news I don't have to worry about closing any attractions. if anything it would make the attractions more relevant and popular, and I could get more and more ideas for future attractions.

0:13 Colin Mochrie!!

HAHAHAHA the arrested development theming is PERFECT!

I don't ever want to go to California, ever. Ever!

The beginning of this reminds me why I hate corny, early 90s Disney schtick

The Arrested Development style to this was top-notch! Thank you for doing that, it was great!

Love the amount of sass in this one

Wow that Spin city sure is a popular show that will be remembered forever.

The Monsters Inc ride was dreadful. I had no idea about the animatronics and the refurbishment. I feel soiled now

Like the idea of keeping the video's short. twenty minutes is just about long enough, Thanks though , I think super star, might have been something to see once, just to say you did. Can't feature looking at a yellow blob instead of a cartoon female thought.

I remember this ride and how terrible it was, we almost wanted to buy our picture because of how bored we looked haha

"Mr. Eisner" "Michael." Oh, certainly...! Mr Eisner." Colin Mochrie trolling Eisner like a pro. What an absolute champ.

So even park guests will fear being called, "2319!"

I'd love to see a video on Disney Quest, I was so sad when they closed it. Me and my sister would go there a lot with our dad when we were kids.

Rosie O'Donnell has always been cancer.

13:28 The worst thing is, that was probably the best joke in the entire ride.

This proves that, while sometimes rides are closed because of legal issues or owners not understanding the treasure they have, often rides are shut down because they SUUUUUUCCCCCKKK.

"Look Betty, don't start up with your white zone shit again. There's just no stopping in a white zone." 12:35

The whole concept of "why see the real sights of a state you're already in when we can show you all these knock-off landmarks instead?" just seems so ridicolous. I guess everything is clear in hindsight, but why on earth did they think that concept would work?

love the AD intro

Actually, it was the beginning of a beautiful theme park. Turns out it had to go through an ugly beginning before becoming beautiful. Westcot was also announced during a recession. CA Adventure opened during another. You sure that "jealousy" bit isn't compromising credibility? Stuff like that is what gets one a low score with The Knife Media. You still have yet to master neutral, objective reporting, and it's all because for some weird reason, you can't let go of a pointless grudge against Eisner (among other things).

+Defunctland Not necessarily. Delivery sounds the same whether you're making a joke or telling a fact. Doesn't help that the George Lucas-centric ones can be considered akin to slaughtering a dead horse.

My facts and jokes are distinguishable, and the facts that I report are as true as I can confirm given these events took place decades ago. My running gags, which you mistake for legitimate bias, are a comedic element added to the YouTube videos. This does not result in any alterations to the story I am telling. defunctland rap!

That was the most horrible thing I've ever seen! I mean what were they thinking when they came up with... that? Yikes! I could do a better job then that. At least they closed it quickly so that's good.

I remember liking the big roller coaster (apparently not enough to remember it's name) and absolutely hating everything else.

17:14 Ya know, this isn't even that bad of an idea, not worth building an entire ride for it, but better than, *that*

So that's why they took all those Disney Store figures. The one I go to still has them but they stopped moving years ago.

Another great video!

They could have salvaged the ride by turning it into a shooting gallery.

You need to speak slower and take a breath once in a while. What did he say? I'm out of here.

Well done with the arrested development intro and outro

Am I missing something about? I thought EPCOT was a major failure.

Colin Mochrie did things that weren't Whose Line?

Was that valet at the beginning Colin Mocharie?

Wow. Barry Bostwick and Richard Kind. Just the kind of relevant cultural icons you'd expect to represent the latest and greatest in family entertainment...

Wow I thought I had my annual pass way back when it first opened but I guess not? Because I don’t remember this ride at all. So now I’m confused,lol

That Arrested Development was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC. Also! Could you do a video on Halloween Horror Nights and some of the past iterations? The 2002 version that featured Carnage taking over Marvel Superhero Island would be especially radical.

Love that arrested development style intro

so they close it... close the great movie ride to reboot it.

Honestly, I think the real problem with Superstar Limo is that people expected better production values than that from Disney. If this were built for some smaller non-Disney park, people wouldn't have as much of a problem and would be more forgiving.

Idk why but the “on ride photo” with the guy’s huge ass camera cracked me up.

Do DCA tower of terror

This one is done wonderfully, and I'm so excited to see the improvements over your older videos! I love the pacing in this remake, and your editing has definitely improved. Lovely to see the progress you are making, as well as the new information!

That's Colin Mochrie as the chauffeur in the opening scene.

God I love Kevin and the team

love the Arrested development reference. also thanks for the vid

Lol to enjoy this ride , get blasted drunk . Or high

Lol that arrested development reference was great

The knowledge on repurposed animatronics creeps me out. THERE ARE PEOPLE UNDER THERE! They’ve flayed the animatronics and shoved them in other costumes. It’s like Cybermen!

I can't believe they made you sit through a reenactment of 911 at the end of every section


The newly remodeled entrance area to California Adventure is MUCH classier than what it started with in 2001 which looked like cheesy painted plywood murals on the stores by the entrance. The rides and theming have greatly improved as well.

this ride was stupid. but EPIC stupid , so im glad i saw itr

It's hard to imagine that Disney could make a ride this awful.


They were kind of starting out under a bad omen when you can't get better celebrities than Barry Bostwick and Richard Kind to star in the crappy intro. I remember the 90's having a pretty poor selection of TV shows to choose from, but Spin City still wasn't THAT popular.

It feels weird to hear Mickey say "dude".

I remember getting on this ride when I was 8 years old. It was fun at the time but looking back it’s actually pretty horrifying lol

Dream JERKS?! wow...

I think if they actually made a land with all the old rides that aren't in production anymore, it'd be just as popular as today's Disney, just because of everyone's nostalgia for them.

OMG Colin Mochre in the beginning

The delivery guy in the beginning is Colin Mochrie.

What was that beginning @14:41?! Was that "The Biggest Loser"?! I looked it up, and TBL didn't come out until 2004... I'm so confused.

Hey I’m a huge fan of Defunctland and I would love to see if you could do a video on the recently removed DisneyQuest back in Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs)!

Lol no way - your name is Perjurer - like, someone who lies in court under oath?! What a ridiculous name lol

I think I went on this ride when I was a kid. When the ride video showed the packed Oscars and baggage on the carousel and Jackie Chan I had some repressed memory pop up. It seems like a crazy fever dream.

Wow. What a terrible ride!

We went to the park when it first opened back in 2001. I totally remember this ride and at the same time haven’t thought about it since then. I didn’t realize that it closed soooo soon after and that this was around the time that the Disney store were closing down or being downsized to remove a lot of those figures. This is blowing my mind.

Holy cow that guy in the captain's hat in the beginning was Colin Mochrie! Cool! Haha

wow! the figure recycle is a good and creepy idea!

Pretty sure nobody visiting disneyland is making the 8+ hour drive to SF to see the Golden Gate bridge.

I love the arrested development intro!

*sometime in 2001* *All of the dated actors climb into the ride as Smashmouth plays* I don't think you had to say it was 2001

I love the Arrested Development style intro!

DreamJerks *gold*

This new one is much better and more professional.

Any chance of covering Professor Burps Bubble Works from Chessington World of Adventures?

7:28 Farting Elvis? I don't think so.....although Elvis did fart.

"the already California themed California" savage

Oh my god is that collin mocherie?!?!

Love the videos! Please do more Alton Towers/UK Theme Parks.

They should bring back Superstar Limo but with Disney Animated shows like the Ducktales 2017 Reboot, Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Phineas & Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law, Kim Possible, Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil, & More. Updated cartoon cutout exterior, baggage claiming area, inside jokes to the entertainment industry, & television screens with a news reoprt... only instead of the creepy puppet of Joan Rivers, we get the Roxanne lookalike from Ducktales 2017 as the reporter... in said show's original 2-D animation. The attraction then takes a similar route to what was originally envisioned, a combination Dark Ride/Roller Coaster. When the ride starts, a screen attached to the vehicle sees guests greeted by none other than Scrooge McDuck who would tell guests that they had to get to the Chinese Theater as soon as possible to sign the film contract, warning guests that there are paparazzi all over town & that if they we're caught doing anything to ruin their image, Scrooge will have to cancel the deal. The driver would then floor it in an attempt to get the guests to the theater on time. The first stage is Gravity Falls which has Grunkle Stan fanning himself with money, Dipper with Wendy, & Mabel rolling around in a giant hamsterball. Next is the shared universe of Phineas & Ferb & Milo Murphy's Law, here guests get to see Phineas & Ferb with some of their inventions, Perry & Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Milo Murphy inadvertently causing damage with his Murphy's Law Jinx, & some of the most beloved gags from both shows. After a reminder from Scrooge to not be late, the riders end up in Mewni, home of Star Butterfly from Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil. Aside from Star, we also get to see other popular characters from that show along with Mewmans offering sponsorship deals. After another reminder, we enter Toontown Studios, where the guests encounter paparazzi, screenwriters, & production assistants, as well as Kim Possible at the set of her upcoming live-action movie, Darkwing Duck being his usual hammy self, & Gadget Hackwrench guiding the guests to the Chinese Theater, where none other than Scrooge McDuck greets them. Guests are shown an on-ride photo of themselves (taken by Gadget) as Scrooge congratulates them on becoming superstars... but not before he initially assumes that they have been caught by the paparazzi (hence the on-ride photo) & Gadget quickly clears things up. Afterwards, the guests finally exit the limo & walk the red carpet into the Chinese Theater which is the gift shop & exit to the attraction.

In the already California themed California

Pure garbage.. Cheap... White.. White guilt

This ride is vaporwave

I don't know where you guys get your info/sources, but could you try to do something with Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? The park isn't gone, but there are rides that are defunct. I dunno, I go there all the time so it'd be super neat to see!!

Hey, do you think you guys could do an episode on Rock-a-Hoola Water Park or possibly Six Flags New Orleans? Sorry if you already did those and I somehow skimmed over them-

Glad to see that California Adventure has come a very long way since it opened. Especially with Pixar Pier and Marvel Land on the way which you know there will be an expansion at some point. But it still needs more things to do other than Grizzly River Rapids, Radiator Springs Racers, Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout, The Incredicoaster (formerly California Screaming), and Toy Story Midway Mania.

sorry , you have to be a sort of retard to go to this place

Wow, great content, I don't know how this channel got into my recommendations but damn I'm glad it did, I'm gonna watch the others.

15:22 I want to see Nsync live......


It's still recently closed, but you should do Curse of DarKastle

Awesome video, you should do one over Opryland in Nashville!!

The defunctland intro makes me pumped for this new level of quality.

Hiya Fellas!

Will you do The Timekeeper?

always felt california was more of a washington theme but whatever.

If Walt had ridden this he would have shown Michael the door.

Do dragon challenge

Eisner is the DEVIL! I met him and he is a DICK HEAD!

Nice nod to arrested development

What the fuck is this shit

Colin Mochrie as the delivery guy. He was so young. :)


"Imagineers" is such a pretentious term.

-The cast of The Drew Carey Show boarding a ride with Rosie O'Donnell while Smash Mouth's "All Star" plays and NSYNC is in concert. Muh Nostalgia...

It's weird that suddenly I hate mikey mouse?

16:17 Rosie sounds so bored and disappointed when she says, "Whoopie." That kinda summed up the whole thing.

Now you making it seem like the entire industry of the same band was under very bad management but it only happened to me one ride or a few. You forget to mention the good things this ceo did that still with good standing contracts today with Disney such as the tech company that develops mainly 90% of today’s rides with screen animation and 4K visual effects Back in the old days Disney was more like your typical old school mechanical rides roller coaster theme park. It wouldn’t survived in the way it is today. So if you want to criticize do it well and mention the millions that Disney made as well under this guy

Is the delivery guy in the intro skit Colin Mochrie ? Weird seeing that guy not on "Who's Line"

This could have been 3 minutes long

Meanwhile, back at the Model Golden Gate Bridge...

I think I actually went on SUperstar Limo when we went to California Adventure in 2001. It was just after 9/11 and my dad made a comment how empty the park seemed to be, chalking it up to the attack. my cousin who lived in California at the time just laughed...

Jackie Chan isn't C-list.

Never even heard of this.

It's crazy to even imagine thats where Disney was at the time. Since I was a kid in the 90s, I wasn't really paying attention to the news back then. I had no idea that the titan that is currently swallowing up other mega properties, was at one point close to being swallowed itself. Can you imagine what Eisner would do with the moolah Disney has now?...

Oh god I miss being 8 years old.

BG Tampa only did well because of Kumba and the free beer tastings at the Anheiser Busch plant. There wasnt much else to go for. Food was a dirty park and the other rides were not all that great.

This ride isn't just the worst attraction disney have ever done, it's one of the worst dark rides ever made period. This ride would genuinely feel cheap and out of place even at a low budget small time theme park.

When I was a kid, collecting the Birbaum's Walt Disney World guides and dreaming of one day going to the Orlando parks, I was really excited when I heard that California Adventure was being built. Due to the commercials running alongside other Disney World commercials, I was certain the park was going to open in Orlando. When I found out (through the Rosie O'Donnell show) that the park was in California, I was really pissed. It made no sense to me that they built a park centered around California in California. Specifically, I remember thinking "Why is the Golden Gate Bridge at the entrance of the park?? They have the actual one not too far away!!" Thanks for explaining the "logic" behind the creation of the park. It cleared some things up. Sort of. I'm still pissed. Oh, and excellent Arrested Development intro!!

I think they should have kept the original ride concept. It’s interesting thinking about how this ride could have been successful. Imagine if Hollywood Land was a hit and it didn’t turn out how it is now. Imagine if Marvel Land wasn’t coming. Imagine what else could have been brought to the area.

damn there is some cringe in this video

stay tuned for your chance to see 'nsync live in concert may 15th

2002?!?! Cindy FUCKING CRAWFORD is your sex symbol? In 2002?

A lot of people missed out on riding Superstar Limo. I'm sorry to say, I did not. It was so bad I left the ride feeling angry at Disney for trying to foist that cheap garbage off on us. DCA was pretty sad at the beginning and certainly not worth the cost of a single park ticket to go there, but Superstar Limo was like a slap in the face. I agree it was the worst attraction Disney ever let survive beyond its concept art.

Is that Colin Mochrie???

Man as a person born and raised in California and been to Disney Parks countless times, I MOURN for Westcot

The funny thing is California adventure is slowly turning into Disney properties the park.

Monsters Inc ride is a decent ride that should stand the test of time ...


Ouch! That is painful to watch!

Why is Colin Mochrie in this? He acted?

Who is the man with black hair who wants to talk to the big cheese, and why do I feel like I know him?

" be located in the already California themed California."

The footage of the celebrity’s actually riding it especially drew at 15:57 paused at 15:59 says it all...

My mom wanted to go on this when I visited as a kid. Told her I was super tired and wanted to eat tortillas instead. Avoided a terrible ride, had a great time eating tortillas lol

What is cringier than Rosie O'Donnell cringing?

Had they put Rosie O'Donnell in the ride it could have been a mash-up with the tower of terror.

Can you really blame Cher for not wanting to be there? (PS I love the Arrested Development style intro)

Love the higher production, awesome stuff Kevin

I know this isn’t technically “defunct” bc it never happened but I am very interested in Disney’s plans to build a history themed park. I believe that the park was going to be around Gettysburg or another civil war battlefield. The park was never built bc of public outcry.I think this would be a very cool episode

Best. Intro. Ever.

It's kind of telling that in the original script which Eisner loved, he was being a dick and cutting people's contracts based on factors beyond their control.

Super lameo

This looks stupid and horrible, and embarrassing to boot. I've seen better crummy old ghost house rides. This looked like a cheap carnival ride.

Wow watching those "big disney stars" go through the ride was painful to watch. It really stretched their ability to act, as you tell.


You should do a video on the failed MGM Theme Park in Las Vegas

14:40 Shit's reaching peak late 90s.

1:19 Mario Hotel

Rocket Rods

What’s with the blurred out portion of the map at 3:11?

Amazingly, Superstar Limo probably could have been replaced by Strip Club Limo and be met with rousing success. Just have to make a minor tweak in the corporate image.

15:10 are they seriously playing all star???


15:10 Smash Mouth - All Star

17:27 That would have been the best ride ever!

To be honest, this would've been Trump's favorite ride. No joke.


*"N O W D O N T B E L A T E M A T E"* (Gay bald kissing noises)

At least Walt Disney wasn't a nigger

I wish i could have heard a witty remark or two from Ryan Stiles when he got on superstar limo

Colin Mochrie!

Could you cover the Creature from the Black Lagoon Live Show that was at Universal Studios?

Colin Mochrie? What?!

0:47 the guy on the left omgggg his face xD

I love the arrested development intro

The only good thing to come out of that ride is the knowledge that Drew Carey is hiding in that Monsters Inc ride. Waiting... Plotting... Judging... Awaiting the perfect time to ask the question that will throw mankind into insanity. "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?"

I have gone on traveling carnival rides that are actually better than this specific Disney ride appears to have been, which is just a really wierd sentence to type down.

i love the "arrested development" style intro!

that superstar limo was a mission in GTA V

As if I needed more reason to despise the Funeral Bullshit relating to Princess Dianna.

Wait, was that Colin Mochrie at the beginning? Not someone I expected to see.

The inside of that ride looks very similar to the Reese Extreme Cup shooter ride thing at Hershey Park

I actually enjoy the Monsters Inc version of the ride, even knowing all of this. They did a good job hiding the precessor in plain sight.

The cringe in this video was nuclear! How this got green-lit, I'll never know.

If you made a slot machine into a ride .. this would be it.


19:13 Even the beauty of Cindy Crawford fades with time.

Wow these references seem dated as hell


Man, Christa Miller looked so hot AND so bored at the same time!

if a dumb princess didn't die, it might have been a better ride

is that collin mochrie?

and then ryan styles later on when they take the ride with drew karry?

So, the ride was originally meant to be the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster without Aerosmith.

Thank God lol. I thought I was losing my mind when I saw this lol.

11:20 this nigga feels awkward,me too

You miss a big part of the the story. Disneyland couldn't let the idea of a Limo thrill ride go. So they built Rocking Roller Coaster in Orlando.

From what I know, that is not accurate. Rock n' Roller Coaster was already in development for Hollywood Studios at the same time as Superstar Limo. The development of the two rides was unrelated.

"California-themed California"

I've been reading and watching a lot about Michael Eisner recently and I didn't realise he was a total villain you seem to portray him as. Sure, he kicked out Jeffrey Katzenberg and effectively created Disney Animation's biggest enemy. But Eisner's done some good things. With the help of Frank Wells, he turned around Disney's financial problems through destroying the ticketbook system on Disney Parks. And together with Katzenberg himself, Eisner spearheaded the started of a half a decade of quality Disney Animation films, currently regarded as the Disney Renaissance. Eisner also did Pleasure Island, so you gotta give him that.

Thanks, I had successfully forgotten this ride until I watched this video.

"selling fake oscars" Yeah I totally don't see the academy of motion picture sciences and arts would ever have a problem with that.

Switching it to a Goofy ride and making it fast might have worked, I think. Wouldn't be groundbreaking or anything but would at least be fun, and help keep the Hollywood theme.

You do some truly amazing research and work. Thank you, sir! Love all your videos!!

im laughing why is calvin mochrie in this

"-a California themed theme park to be located in the already California themed California"

I remember going to California Adventure a week after opening, which was my first time outside of Canada. I always tell people it was my favorite trip because it was pouring rain all week and nobody was at the park, so I got to go on all of the rides as many times as I wanted. Looking back, rides like this might have been the reason the park was empty. 13-year-old me who had never been at a theme park even thought the Superstar Limo ride was stupid and pointless. On the plus side, I got to do Grizzly Mountain Rapids 5 times in a row without getting off the ride...

Ryan Styles looks so, so bored.

he is not amused in the slightest

The monsters inc ride is so horrible

Was that intro sketch a “Spin City” tie-in? Loved that show.

Great homage to AD

I thought I had forgotten this ride. Time to drink the memories away again.

wait, but monsters inc. is pixar, not disnet, wtf?

The monsters ride is really good considering how little effort was put into it.

It took me forever staring at the beginning to realize that actor is the guy from whose line! My word.

To be honest: Looks better than the current fantasyland darkrides or It's a Small World.. but Monster's Inc undoubtedly was a LOT better :)

Michael Isner: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

The fuck is that shit? A vacant lot with a hole filled with a garbage fire you would throw your trash into would be more entertaining o.e

2:17 Conservatives were getting all uppity over a benign movie like Splash.

You know, this technically doesn't fall into your purview, but I'd really like to see a video on why Eurodisney failed.

California themed amusement park in the California themed California

0:08 Holy CRAP! IT'S COLIN MOCHRIE!!! HAH. Spent like 5 mins trying to quickly confirm, but can't find anything it. Definitely him tho.

0:10 Colin Mochrie, is that you?

I liked this ride better than the Monsters Inc. ride that replaced it.

that dumb bitch Dina ruined what could have been the funniest Disney ride ever.

As a concept is interesting if made properly. The execution was lame.

The Smash Mouth playing at 15:12 violently dragged me back to the late 90s

+Defunctland WHAT--THE--F*CK?!? Bro, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, cause you've been watching it for a decent chunk of time, you realize "OK...there's still 15 minutes left"....then...."OK, it's obviously at the point where the Disney folks finally said 'We give up' " NOPE, because "Really? There's still 6 minutes left, um, OK...."....then at the 14:40 mark aka the "cringe" mark begins, as Drew Carey and his buds take a ride, which starts off with them all stoked at the beginning to get on it, as Drew is talking it up that you're going to see an "animatronic" (and I'm using that in the loosest sense of the word to be polite) to just these AWFUL looks on their faces at the end of the ride. "NOW that's that...because there's less than 2 minutes remaining, and we still have to hear the end comments of the video, not enough time for anything else, regarding it being made into some other cloudiness of craptacular proportions, thank God", NOPE, as they truly tried polishing the turd one last time "WTF?! Seriously? I mean, REALLY? They should put more time into something, you know, GOOD, instead! Simple animatronic muppet construction workers used as part of the ride? So, a kinda theme, at least partially, is a "Ride getting constructed/remodeled" ride? Yea? I mean, I guess it's better than the "virtual line" ride in that episode of South Park, right? Season 2/Episode 13- "Cow Days" Anyway, I LOVE all your videos, and I share them as much as I can, and I can honestly say, without a doubt, this is my favorite one so far. And Yea, that is saying a lot, because you got a TON of killer vids bro. OK...Time to get back to the 87 degree weather before it decides to snow, like it did 4 days ago (stupid undeciding weather)...Anyway, again, GREAT JOB, do NOT change your style! You're doing everything right brother! I rarely leave a comment that's simply straightforward, but your videos seriously #DopeAsF!!

"This concept would develop into the plans for California Adventure, a California themed theme park to be located in the already California themed California." *California*

16:15 >Hollywood favourite Whoopi Goldberg >Whoopie! lmfao

I never had the displeasure of "enjoying" this attraction.

oh man! i go to disney so much and i had no idea this terrible fever dream existed! haha

You should do Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast next!

How about a Dufunctland episode for Mickey's Birthdayland/Toontown Fair at Disney World?

Also at 0:11... It's Colin Mochrie.

Do one on twister

"a California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California."

"And this time, it wasn't Eisner's fault." IMPOSSIBLE!

i can agree

18:57 tbh as bad as the ride is ya gotta give the engineers credit, thats a clever way to save a shit ton of money


I think the ride looks cute, more for tired parents and younger kids. Aside from being instantly dated, I think the ideas they tried could have worked if given a bit more time and funding. I've been on the Monsters Inc ride and didn't enjoy it that much, I think the weird robots and cartoony designs would have been more interesting. Using the celebrities was probably not a great idea, though, so the Goofy and Muppets ideas could have made it something really cool

A California themed therm park to be located in the already California themed California I lost it

i love the transformation idea!!

that tone when saying "cartoonish" is so snobby I got the feeling that this narrator had a bad personal experience on this ride lol

You knew the ride was going to be horrible the moment you watch the cast of the Drew Carey show force their laughs at the audio of the jokes.

And to think, Japan got Disney Sea!

California themed California.

Why do the make Mickey move like that in the promo? Mickey does not move like that.

It sure was nice of that power rangers actor to take time out from their schedule and play micky in that skit.

Informative video and very well made. You earned your sub, sir.

You know, I've learned a lot about Eisner in the last few years, and it's left me more sympathetic to him. He was definitely kind of a tool, but he took the company in a lot of bold directions that probably kept them relevant in the face of any number of problems (some of them, to be fair, of his own making). I think during his time in charge there was maybe a fan impulse to vilify him more than he really deserved. Also, that Arrested Development sting.

This was quite the cringy but funny tale. Do Disney Quest, it should be an interesting story

I likedthis keepitup

I think you need to redo Kongfrontation. I liked the original. Also, you should do a new one on THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE. That would be awesome!

hey it’s that guy off gotham

That was FAR worse than I expected. 'Cringe' defined.

If you're going to play All Star as a BG song, I expect you to have Shrek as part of the ride

Disneyworld in Florida opened in 1971, not the 80s. I went there in 76.

"This concept would develop into the plans for California Adventure, a California-themed theme park, to be located in the already California-themed California" Nearly caused me to spit out my drink

Of course this ride sucked. Eisner was behind it along with “Light Tragic” and the Rocket Rod Rides that used a track for a slow moving ride “The Peoplemover” for a fast moving ride. They were lucky no one got seriously injured or worse on that ride. And let us not forget how Eisner wanted to save money by using fiberglass rope instead of regular rope that resulted in the tragic Clipper Ship incident.

Don't be a Diana. Buckle your safety belt.

What a horrible concept!

Euro disney was a mistake

The Arrested Development intro makes me cream my pants

Ironically, I think the Queen Mary would probably not be facing the major problems it's facing right now had the Disney plan come through.

"A California themed theme park located in the already California themed California." That line alone earned my like.

They had a Cher puppet like how could people dislike that?!

I would literally love this shit omfg

Can't wait to see the history of the construction of both Tokyo and Paris parks in the next video!

I get weird lazytown vibes from the puppets...

Idiot ceo

There's Hollywood beauty, Cindy Crawford, turning tricks. Cindys illustrious career includes a total of three films : Fair Game, The Simian Line, & Guards - Guardie del corpo.

Are you going to do The Great Movie Ride? It closed last year =(

I really feel sorry for Drew Carey now!

Look at all this corporate talk.. just make it a $5 ride like everything else, and you make money. Dumb programs.

All that blurring you're using now is horrible. Really hard on the eyes. I never had a problem with any of your videos before.

HAAaaaaaa - defunctland 2018

5:11 Wow he's like me only I use jealousy AND spite

While watching this, I began getting Deja vu... ...around half way I realized that this had to have been the predecessor to the Monster's Inc ride my wife and I went on years back in 2012. There wasn't a single soul in the line - and it was hilariously bad. Fascinating piece! thanks for this

Im at 7:10 and im pretty certain Superstar limo was the inspiration, or what became rocknroller coaster Edit: So i was wrong. I was sure of it though

Love seeing Barry (Brad from Rocky Horror fame) Boswick. Eisner in videos are cringeworthy , but I get it.

Please do The Hurricane rollercoaster from Dania Beach, Florida

In the already California theme California

The fact that Disney ended up forcing their relativity in everyones life kind of made the magic disappear and the business appear in every one of their movies. Big meh to Disney.

does disney own some kind of rights to the mupets?

So who the hell are the soulless puppets on the ride?

I heard a funny story once. It went something like this: Disney: *builds tower of terror at a certain height* FAA: Anything 180 ft or taller has to have lights on it Disney: K then. *proceeds to build up to 179 ft*

Drew is being very defensive in body language

the track looks like a Pretzel Ride track. Was it based on that?

Mike Eisner.....former King Jew of Disney.

Superstar Limo or Harvey Weinstein: The Ride.

I don't see a problem with them using the same track, animatronics, cutouts etc - as long as you get an enjoyable ride what's to complain about a bit of money saving?

I think I remember this ride, but I'm not sure. To be completely honest California Adventure was fun as a kid but as an adult eh.

Rosie and Drew... wow. Where have I been?

0:39 are those the guys from Route 66? Tom and Buzz?

Will you be going to disneyworld on June 28th- July 2nd?

That ride with the elebs was so so uncomfy.

'The technique was known as jealousy' LOL

A drive through Toon-Town would have been way better. Also nice seeing the Eisner Mr. Boogedy that was an 80s flashback.

Monsters Inc ride is alright but still the least popular attraction. That whole area is in desperate need of a makeover, instate they keep remaking the pier area. First was in 2010 and now it’s made into Pixar Pier.

Despite California Adventures rough start, it’s a pretty successful park now, that I look forward to visiting when I go to Disneyland.

I love all the postmodern touches and over-the-top frivolity of the designs though.

Huh. There's something about this perjuror that I just don't trust.

That ride is awful !!!!!! Omg the puppets are scary as heck

I remember wanting to go on this ride as a kid because I knew Drew Carey was in it and I loved The Drew Carey show. I had no idea who anyone else was, but I always wanted to go on it for Carey.

oh uh me too Cher

Yay a new Defunctland! I love watching your videos, so cool and informative. I love learning about the theme park stuff. :)

Here we have an extreme example of what can go wrong when a ride isn’t themed: a total devoid of charm or character. The Monsters Inc ride that replaced it isn’t perfect, but it has tons more personality

For once Rosie isnt the worst thing in the room

Lets be honest. All Disney rides suck.

Superstar limo would have been amazing if not for princess Diana’s death.. I would have just let the paparazzi take my photo

No clue how this ended up in my recommendations, but I love this and am excited for the next episode

Just like The Last Jedi! Yep, that movie really is that bad. I don't consider it part of star wars, because it isn't a star wars movie. Just a poor comedy.

"A California-themed theme-park to be located in the already California-themed California." That sentence has two words that are used a little too much. o_O

I DIG the into! Maybe you did it on the winds of arrested development season 5 premiering soon?

Keep your hands, feet, *A N D ((( E G O S)))* in the limo at all times. Haaaaaaaaaa

The puppets I can get over, but my GOD. Those cardboard cutouts are hideous, particularly the one of the crowd cheering at the end.

the ad opening reminded me of how much of a failure season five is gonna be): great vid though keep it up

I lived in Long Beach when Port Disney/DisneySea was being considered. Its biggest obstacle was environmental concerns; notably the effect it would have on sea slug habitat.

This video doesn't do that great of a job in differentiating between each park and their specific attractions

The original idea sounds fun. They should have kept it on the backburner a couple years instead of scrambling to fix it.

You should do the History of the Skyway.

*Shivers* God

Tobias is Queen Mary

Rode it when it first opened. Came back a year later it was closed. I regret not having video proof I was there, just the nightmare. I love the last part of the video on how they repurposed some of the attractions show elements in the current theme! Thank you!

"California themed theme park located in the already california themed california" lol

The Arrested Development style intro was pretty sweet!

Maybe something on the Pirates of the Caribbean, please.


Wow, the Drew Carey cast is looking seriously BORED out of their skulls during the ride.

Dude, your show feels almost like TV quality, not just in the editing, but in the writing, research and even the way you express yourself feels too good for YouTube. Definitely subscribing to see more.

Disney California Adventure should be rethemed into Pixar Place or smth like that b/c it’s like it’s Pixar Obsessed. Also you should do Universal’s worst ride.

This is literally the first time I’ve encountered The knowledge that the old animatronics were re-skinned and still exist on the current attraction. I’ll be looking for and trying to name them all next time I go!

Holy shit. I will be never look at Monsters Inc the same ever again!

Love the Arrested format.

I remember going to Disneyland in 2005 and seeing californialand and going "lol wtf is this"

It's really too bad the California version of DisneySea didn't happen. The concept art looks amazing. What happened with that land, does Disney still own it? Could they still do a DisneySea there?

Love the Arrested Development style intro!

Rosie is a psychotic fucking pig.

Jews ruin everything. What a disgusting ride. What a disgusting rip off.

The art style uhhg...It’s as if Rocko’s Modern Life snorted some coke, had sex with Ren and Stimpy, while Drew Carey sadly beat off in the corner.

is that... Collin Mochrie?

crazy to think about how much money disney/disneyland is making everyday

I miss the Drew Carey show, had such a crush on Kate lol

So really, this was like what 9-11 did to similar ideas involving buildings being destroyed.

Jealously is such a dirty word in this business!


Isn’t the original idea for the limo ride (before Diana’s death) basically the exact same thing as Rock N Roller Coaster though?

I have an idea! Create a park called retro Disneyland or Disneyland revisited with all the cool old rides and attractions they got rid of. Like voyage through innerspace, mission to Mars, country bear jamboree, the people mover, the air team, the Monsanto house, old autopia, the speedboat ride, etc.. also bring back the polanisian show luau, and the ship that used to sell the tuna sandwiches. OH! And the grand canyon ride. I'd go to that over crappy star wars or marvel land. I hate those franchises.

I'd go there. It's the part I wanted to see after watching those classic episodes!

Don't forget the carousel of progress, it's a great big beautiful tomorrow!

"A California themed theme park to be located in the already California themed California."

I worked at the park from 2003 through 2005. I believe the ride was gone by then. I heard it was awful!

Really great video. Love the Arrested Development references and the content is interesting and entertaining.

Omg!!!! Love love love the arrested development theming to this episode. Well done

As soon as I saw the into I subscribed.

With all due respect, I feel that Superstar limo was an under-appreciated gem. Much like a movie with C-list stars and zero budget, the end result ended up being far funnier than it had any right to be, though for all the wrong reasons. I feel that these concept could be implemented as deliberately cheesy, perhaps with more references to classic movie lines, and it would be a great attraction for a small family-owned amusement park.

I bet.

They did a surprisingly good job transforming it into a Monsters Inc. themed ride. I'm kind of impressed.

Is that....Colin...Mockarie...

Already California themed California. I’m dead

damn the skit was worse then the ride.


0:11 the dude in the white cap is on Who's Line! I forget his name it Colin?

Jealousy is the feeling that someone is going to take what you have Envy is when you covet that which someone else has A spouse is jealous. Eisner was envious.

This is not an accurate distinction in definitions.

11:17 Was that sound effect used in the Baby Einstein christmas special? Weird considering that BE was owned by FHE at the time and was bought by Disney in November 2001.

This is a really cool series, and I love the amount of detail you put into your work, but I find myself having to watch your videos at 0.75x speed to take it all in.

Tbh how is the rock n roller coaster even different than the original concept from the superstar limo

This give me the PTSD

That muppets idea was great

When Diana died, she was no longer married to the Prince of Wales, so, she no longer held the title, Princess of Wales. She was just Lady Diana Spencer.


So we could’ve had DisneySea and the wonderful Sinbads Storybook Voyage here in the states but instead we got California adventure???

The "haa" at 13:27 sounds just like the "haaa" from Dog of Wisdom (40 seconds into the video)

That plot twist at the end!!!

I love Disneyland because I'm not too fat to ride all the rides

Yo Disney! I heard you like California, so I put California in your California Disneyland so you can visit California while you spend money in California in your California Disneyland!

Holy gosh, was that Colin Mocherie?

I really don't think ending the scene on the last chord of the music works because it's the only part of the BGM I can hear.

COLIN MOCHRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the worst thing that happened in 2001

This could be a fun ride if they leaned into it and were intentionally creepy. As it is, though, no way.

Those puppets look like they belong in the Film Actors Guild from Team America

Love that the Drew Carey Show cast couldn't even pretend to care.

They left out the scariest part of the ride. The casting couch .

12:52 = nightmare fuel


So that's why monsters Inc looks so weird

After the horror Disney has inflicted on us with "The Last Jedi", I'm done with them.

15:10 Jesus Fuckin Christ is that genuinely unironic Smash Mouth

17 seconds in I'm just laughing at the fact that Collin from Whose Line Is It Anyway was in this.

Christ almighty.

If he was really smart he would of put California adventure in Florida and a Florida adventure in California

"In the already california themed, california"

I guess we know where Team America got its art style.

Thats Colin Mochre. Oh lord.

The original concept doesn't sound that bad, poor taste based on the circumstances, but not terrible. The result on the other hand...

I very much enjoyed the phrase "the already California-themed California."

Drew Carey and Rosie O'Donnell boarding a ride while "All Star" plays and an NSYNC add scrolls across the bottom is the peak new millennium aesthetic

An attraction that subsists on in-jokes that only the boss thinks is funny? It's just like that show Entourage.

Are Bostwick and Kind dead?? Someone needs to go check on them!

This was amazing and thank you for the Arrested Development reference. it's sad we never got the "MIchael Eisner is Queen Mary"/ "Port Disney" for Long Beach :(

Of course, I rode Monsters Inc when I was way too young to know about Superstar Limo, but even still, I don't find the repurposing all that creepy. CDA agents in the film were always diverse, no two were the same shape. Those suits could have been holding monsters who looked exactly like those celeb animatronics and I would be none the wiser!

Did Mickey have a huge bald patch?

I lived in California, and I can confirm it is very Californian

Just discovered your channel and I'm loving the flashbacks to all the rides I remember fondly (and rides like this one, which I never experienced but enjoy hearing about because I'm morbidly fascinated by creative projects gone terribly wrong). May I request a look at Cranium Command? That one's a huge nostalgia button for me.

I remember riding this attraction. I was only five or six at the time, so most of the references must have flew over my head. But what I will NEVER forget is the yelling bald man. He gave me anxiety.

mickey uses a voice over for people to hear like the men

I really miss the old Church Street Station :( Such nostalgia.

Why did the rear end of the limos look like a split-window Beetle? It's not just the rear window: the decklid, vents, and everything else is there too.

They should have left "DreamJerks" in, that would have been hysterical.

after that Arrested homage, I would have watch a static screen, that was amazing

That arrested development bit has me dead

I want to see Disney take another shot at Long Beach. As a floating hotel, the Queen Mary has changed hands several times and been closed for long stretches because she just can't turn a profit. There are a lot more entertainment options in southern California now than there were when she first came to town, and she's rapidly deteriorating from the neglect. If Disney were to buy her back and build a park around her like they originally planned, they wouldn't just be saving an important piece of history, they'd have an ideal area for expansion. As stated in the video, Disneyland (and now, DCA) are pretty maxed out in terms of real estate, but that isn't the case in Long Beach. In fact, the park itself was going to be built almost entirely on artificial land, and the area that they were going to fill in is still unoccupied. They probably wouldn't even need to spend that much on the design of the attractions. They could just reuse some of the ideas from the original concept (including the stuff that ended up being used at DisneySea in Japan) and stuff from WDW and the international parks that isn't already in the two Anaheim parks. Of course, the trip from Anaheim to Long Beach isn't super sort, so a new monorail line (or at the very least, a bus) between the two would probably be a good idea. I think it's feasible, but if I wanted to get super crazy about it, I'd say that they should buy the SS United States, restore her, and moor her on the other side of the harbor.

Wow. Barry Bostwick. They spared no expense getting all the big stars. *poker face*

The fact that the song at 15:10 is strongly associated with a certain Dreamworks film is so awkward.

I just realized, this is where the idea of the rockin rollercoaster came from. They just slapped aerosmith on it and removed the paparazzi part.


Wow Tragedy are well..tragic but dare is say: ONCE MORE the upper class & celebrity culture worship imploded in on itself..leaving the real people suffering AKA "Royalty" royally blundered the real folks AGAIN. it looks like Don't Hug me I'm Scared*: Celebrity Version lol THE RIDE {a VERY *CREEPY utube vid case u don't know}

"A California themed theme-park in the already California themed California"

worse than carousel of progress?

looove the AD reference

I just realized the ending of this video is exactly like the ending of Arrested Development episodes wtffff

Seems like a cute and cheap little thing that 'not Disneyland' would have. Like if that were in a lavish Planet Hollywood it would have killed.

I worked at Disneyland from 1999-2003, and was a media host on one of the days the Rosie O'Donnell show was filmed. While the park had its fans (mostly Disney CM's who used it as their own personal bar) it can't be overstated enough that most days you could have shot a cannon down the main drag of the park and not hit anyone.

Holy Shiat there are like a million replies to this comment!

One two words can only describe that Limo ride;Tacky AF! (well,three actually but this being a Disney-themed video,I'll just use the abbreviated version that expression..)

I remember going on this ride as a young kid (5 or 6 maybe) and all I could really remember from it over the years was the scary Joan Rivers Puppet and my parents complaining how bad it was. Cherished memories courtesy of Disney.

the celebs that rode it looked unsatisfied

Colin Mochrie

12:48 Oh my that's terrifying


This is an awesome series but what made me fall in love immediately was the Arrested Development style.

It still saddens me that Westcot never got made. Oh how amazing it would have been. I wish disney would release more artwork and info about their plans for that park. They should make a book on it. I would love to read that.

Is the title sequence a homage to Arrested Development? Great informative video any way.

Do californians(or just hOllywood in general) feel like their culture is superior and we would just love it plastered in our face?

Disney was a Nazi. The entire group deserves to close.

Reminds me of Princess Diana

Was that Colin Mochrie as the delivery guy?

I loved the arrested development thing at the beginning that just made me super excited

"A California-themed theme park, to be located in the already California-themed California" I love this channel.

My game- to spot as many masonic symbols used by Disney in this video? Sun image - check, black and white checkered tiles-check, five point stars everywhere - check, a clear inverted pentagram above the "Superstar Studios" gate - check, the "sponsors trying to get them to sign advertising deals" aka selling your soul - check, Whoopi doing the obligatory 666 signs (no it does mean "OK")- check, the obligatory one eyed symbolism - check! Wow Walt Disney was truely a masonic illumiati puppet and his legacy carries on, brainwashing and programming kids. with this satanic esoteric magic nonesense!

Sometimes yt recommend good stuff

Great video, entertaining and I learned stuff. Thanks!

18 seconds in: "Colin Mochrie!!!"

hi cher... :/

I went on this monstrosity of a "ride" exactly once. I'm so glad they replaced it with a Monsters, Inc. ride. It's far better.

By "cancellation" you mean postponement and relocation. Despite Disney Sea having been scrapped in California in 1991, it did finally open just outside of Tokyo a decade later.

for like three seconds i thought the ride was called defunctland lol

Oh my God, Colin Mochrie!

The intro is like Tim and Eric sketch.

Superstar Lmao*

*2 persons faint in front of them* "I guess we'll just keep going AHA!"

God....i feel so hollow now. Thanks man...

the beginning of this video be like: B I G G I E C H E E S E

Michael Eisner really comes across as a dick in your videos.

So when are we getting the live action Superstar Limo film? Disney Ride Cinematic Universe

do you think that an idea like the original superstar limo could be made today, since some time has passed since princess diana's death? i feel like it's a very fun idea

There is a huge gap between this and Space Mountain in Paris

12:45 Oh GOD! I think that thing actually gave me a heart attack!

Whoopi Goldberg greets guests? So, this was a horror ride, ride?

Ah, yes - Michael Eisner or, as he became infamously well known, "The Godzilla of Greed". This nickname came from his being one of the highest-ever paid CEO's at the time who, however, was NOT making good business decisions for Disney and thus wasn't worth a plug nickel.

I actually have a picture of me as a kid on that ride crying

So thats why they call it Defunctland

When you said Defunctland in the intro I heard it as “The Fucked Land.”

visited epcot in 1987 and 1989 Loved it.

Wow! what a dumb ride.

" A California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California "

Wonder what the celebs look like under those Monsters Inc. suits...


a 14:54 here is an example

Paul Pressler was a total idiot and never understood anything Disney.

14:30 - I'm more amazed at the guy who filmed the ride using a circa-1993 camcorder in 2001. Mini DV was a thing already by then - I know I had an ultra-compact camcorder in 2000 that would have been far more discreet than that thing, that produced better quality video.

Disneyland is the worst waste of time and money. It's a few lousy rides punctuated by hour(s) long waits to get on them.

The whole jealousy technique sounds really bad. It is every "me too" movie, video game or TV show ever.

15:15 Heh, they're playing "All Star". I can't tell if that's a joke, or it was a coincidence.

Superstar Limo could’ve been fixed so easily and the fact that it went so poorly is so sad

It's sad they used Village People music to advertise the ride.

Don't forget that after the launch they had to close Disneyland for two days because the streets melted.

I completely forgot this ride! I did a commercial shoot for California Adventure before it opened, and this is one of the rides I rode on! Yeah, it was terrible and dated even before opening day!

the use of disney/abc stars on their shows to shill for disney made me stop watching their shows

I almost rode this in 2001. Dodged a bullet.

I think my brother talked me out of it. Thanks bro.

Oh my gosh... even before reaching the end of the video, I could only think this was the Monsters Inc ride...

Also, I know I’m late but I’ve noticed a theme in your more recent videos where you dive much more in depth with the background/context of the Defunct ride!! Love it!!! Makes it more entertaining and engaging. Keep up the good work

Kevin, I swear we are the same fucking person. We are interested in all the same stuff, have the same sense of humor, and the Arrested Development Intro was amazing! Definitely would date you LMFAO

Hollywood is soooo far up its own ass

why the hell do I remember this so clearly

omg.... I think I got on that ride when I was very very young

i just realised that intro is a nod to arrested Development

Who has the surname "Perjurer"? Like why? Why wouldn't you change it immediately? Crazy

Man, this could have been so much better if they had been able to retool this in the vein of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and had it be a ride on Benny The Cab into a zany version of Toon Town.

I know Disney is far from perfect, pretty shitty in some cases, but man. I can't escape that Disney magic.

so monsters inc is just a reskin?

"Pretend you're sleeping." That was actually pretty funny, even if it was coming from Ms. O'Donnell.

Boss, Micky I want you to call me boss again.

So much cringe... bleh.

why would they use such specific references? Hollywood is so volatile; the stars they built puppets of could've ruined their reputations at any time

I still remember losing my gameboy advance on that ride :(

the original version sounded so much more interesting and not to sound insensitive to princess diana but its been long enough they could make the original idea now right?

The narration tries to mock the Disney guy for 'jealousy' but, actually, his technique had merits...Disneyland (whether in Calif or Florida) has a pull no one on earth can match, by placing animal-themed and nightclub-themed attractions RIGHT INSIDE DISNEYLAND he made sure that people who went to Disneyland lured by its fame and attractive power would have stayed there longer to partake in the animal- and nightclub- attractions and not go elsewhere to spend their money

Michael Eisner has a face that fits his actions, jesus christ.

Wow that’s horrifying that all those animatronics are stuffed into yellow suits now. Especially because they’re based on real people.

Oh no the clips of the celebs going through the ride is SO CRINGY

I remember riding this as a kid. It was so .... strange and unsettling. The puppets in the video were uncomfortable too.

When Ryan Stiles can't even ACT like your ride is good you know you fucked up.

No wonder there are so many suicides at Disneyland.

So, ive been to the LA parks, bout 6yrs ago, and i had no idea this was the past of the monster's inc ride!!!! I learned so much from this ^_^

This sounds so cringy.

That intro tho. 10/10, say no more, already the best video there ever was or will be on YouTube.


The Muppet ride concept actually sounds like it would have been a really cool idea.

Professional actors couldn't be bothered to feign interest...

disappointing of your intro to this showed a picture of mickey mouse on the ferris wheel instead of the older California sun with glasses. I miss seeing that and the golden gate bridge the most. but kids did always climb it a lot. It was probably a safety concern.

How to fix the ride: rename the ride to 'Superstar limo crash.'

It would of been awsome if they would of kept the chase scene with the paparotzi. Then have the limmo crash. Purely refferencing the princess dianna crash. Make the gift shop look like the after life.

They missed the opportunity to put Will Smith in Bel-Air

Those animatronics are freaky enough. I swear, this ride feels like a poorly made Roger Rabbit ride consulted by David Lynch.

I had a goddamn stroke when I heard Colin Mochrie's voice in the opening clip

13:27. HHHHHA

Aww, look at Eisner acting like he has a soul.

They should have kept the original plan. Even with Diana's accident it couldn't have possibly been worse. After all politicians almost never let a good tragedy go to waste and they still manage to get reelected 90% of the time.

having been born in 1985 and growing up in Orlando, i'll say that growing up during the Eisner era was awesome

Was that colin mocherie from whose line?!?

Has NO one mentioned that's freaking Colin Mochrie ?!

I am a Disneyland local and this ride had such a horrible reputation that my friends and I never even bothered Togo on superstar limo.

"the California themed California "


I'm sure it was. At least as sure as I am that that one guy was Richard Kind.

Okk, you caught my attention with the intro. Shoot, even the narration felt very much like how Ron Howard narrates the show!

Disney was so much better under Eisner. Iger gives no shits about the Disney brand, or the people who love Disney, only shareholder profits. Even Eisner's worst decisions were innovative, and so many awesome things were being added. What have we gotten under Iger? DVC resorts, price hikes, quality decreases, and a whole army of crappy attractions.


0:52 when you realize that you have to listen to Mickey's voice throughout the ENTIRE tour

That cunt Diana fucked it up. Stupid bitch.

How did Colin Mochrie get roped into this, he doesn't deserve this

I feel a strange sort of pride in being able to say I actually experienced this awfulness firsthand. We're a small club, those of us who got to ride these rides for their remarkably short existence. I've even been on the Rocket Rods at Tomorrowland.

when their minimum wage hits $15/hr. you'll have a lot more videos to make!

Was Collin Mochrie in that intro skit?

And taint Disney's image in the process.

I'm ok with this

13:52 sneaky place to hide Dragonballs but we need to find the others before Mickey does.

At 15:15 you can hear All Star by Smash Mouth

Now that Pixar is basically taking over DCA, aren't they going to make changes to the name of the park? From California Adventure to... Pixar Adventure...?

Personal opinion, Mr. Defunct. Do you think the route California Adventure went through and is still going through ever since this monstrosity occurred is good change of path? (For example, Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, Pixar Pier, the conjoining of Condor Flats and the Grizzly Forest area, etc.)

Can you do a video on The Great Movie Ride?

Not sure why it lives on "the absolute worst way possible". It looks like the ugly 90s stars animatronics were cleverly reused.

arrested development parody

The muppet idea would have been pretty cool tbh

didn't this ride get turned into a monsters inc ride or am i just thinking of another ride?

No, you're right, watch the video till the end.

God, thanks for the nostalgia trip btw. I died when “win tickets to see n*sync” scrolled down the bottom of the Rosie O Donnel Show clip

Never understood who California adventure is for. If you live here, like I do, then why would you want to go to a theme park themed after where you live? People go to theme parks for escapism. If you are here as a tourist why would you go to a theme park themed after California when you can actually experience California.... I mean, you are literally already IN California. It honestly seems like the kind of theme park that would be better suited for some place over seas. It could be marketed to people who cant afford to visit California but still want to experience it.

I have memories as a kid going to California Adventure after it opened up and REALLY wanting to go on this ride....too bad I never was able to :(

"A California-themed theme park in the already-California-themed California." True. Very true.

"The dream for Michael did not come true" -Narrator

why cant people separate real life events from a ride? dont let a famous death hold back your ideas

Wow. Awkward.

Sorry just had to say I️ was so surprised to see my actual hero Colin Mochrie in the beginning!! What the heck was he doing in a commercial?

And then drew Carrey and Ryan stiles! It’s a whose line dream come true lol

0:14 is that Colin Mochrie

is that colin mochrie from Whose line at the beginning ??

Kind of sad the original version was killed by circumstance, it sounds like a pretty decent ride.

I already thought it was Miss Piggy's Limo ride with Rosie O'Donnell sitting in the ride.

Whoseline cast!!!

That ride was a cheap embarrassing thing to see.


I didn't think the ride was that bad. it would be a nice smooth ride with AC on a hot day

OMG I am loving the Arrested Development style XD

God, everything about this ride made my bones crack with how much i was cringing

Was that Colin Mocherie?!

15:10 Dat Music Tho

>Colin Mochrie >Drew Carey >Ryan Stiles >with special guest star Rosie O'Donnell "Scenes from a Hat: Celebrities ride the worst Disney ride ever"

Please do an episode on the Euro - Disney disaster.

good god, those cardboard cutouts I mean it's just so cheap and nasty that it reminds me of the Pissweak World skits from the Australian comedy show The Late Show

I liked superstar limo. Mind you I was like 7 but I thought it was awesome.

loved the intro omg

grieved the death of a passengers? i dont think anyone really knew or cared about dodi many more couldnt even name who the other passenger was

I remember going to this park when it first opened. I was around 5 to 6 years old. Super Star Limo was actually one of the many disappointing things we experienced in the park. Since my dad also works in the resort, I remember him telling me that he and his coworkers often referred to the attraction as “Super Star LAME-O”. My dad usually works on construction projects, so it was no surprise he heard a lot from the imagineers. But yes, it was pretty funny to say this ride is a LAME-O. You know, when words like that we’re still used in the late 90s and early 2000s? lol

real talk, can they just go ahead and rename california adventure something based on movies bc it’s hardly fitting to its name anymore

I would rather watch my feet burn whilst sitting in a puddle of my own urine whilst eating a cow pat than visit Disneyland

That muppet renovation idea was actually pretty good...

Even though I live in California and could and do go to any of its beautiful natural wonders, California Adventure still has a certain atmosphere that I enjoy. Particularly the music everywhere, like any other Disney park.

Colin mochrie at the start of the video, what a legend

what a p.o.s. ride

Was that security guard Colin mockery from who's line is it anyway?


Michael Eisner 1994-2004 was the worst Eisner.

Holy crap I love that intro

Did Eisner do anything right?? I had no idea who he was before your videos and now I get mad just at the thought of the guy.

“I’ve made a huge mistake”


I really wanted to see a westcott

Oooh cindy

Ohai Colin Mochrie

I love that description. A california-themed theme park in the already california-themed california.

Are we just going to ignore that Colin Mochrie plays the chauffeur for celebrities and Drew Carey is one of the celebrities in the ride?

I would pay for a version of Superstar Limo that had the sleazy manager replaced with Statler and Waldorf on the TV screen, mercilessly throwing shade at every celebrity or locale the ride went past.

I went on this ride 1 month after DCA opened. There was no one in line for it and everyone in my family hated it. My dad felt bad for who ever worked the ride, most of whom knew how bad of a ride it was. I'm glad it got taken out and changed but honestly DCA overall was a bad idea in my opinion. However, soaring over California was the best ride at that park in my opinion.... even though I may be a bit bias since I was at the filming of the last scene where you fly over Disneyland and may or may not be in film on the rocket ride (Tomorrowland) with my sister.

I doubt you will see this but you should consider putting "revisited" on the titles so people can tell it's a remake. It also avoids the George Lucas effect

I’ve always thought that going to Disneyland or Disneyworld is a form of torture. Here’s a ride that at least doesn’t deny that the park operators think the patrons are ignorant rubes to be stripped of their money as fast as possible.

The Cindy Crawford figure looks like a prostitute. What a spectacularly awful looking ride!

Love the new intro bit

15 minutes of fame? Shit was 15 minutes long Dear god

Colin’s bald -colin molckery

My Cousin's were child actors, they loved superstar limo. When one of them finally got a starring role in a movie, she said that the premiere was just like superstar limo.

The original idea for it wasn't even that bad, it's just that after Diana died and they didn't have any celebrities that wouldn't be out of date in a year, the whole point of the ride fell apart

Wait... The person killed survived the Holocaust just to die at Disneyland??!! DAMN!!

Was that Colin Mochre in the beginning?

Those dolls really look like Team America...

1:05 I laughed at this part.

I wanna nut on that Cher animatronic

Do one on the Alien ride

Call me crazy, but it seems like you don't like Eisner very much

As a Southern California native I found this ride actually extremely insulting and stupid despite existing in California. Fortunately, I was never alive to see it.

... and the stars of TV's 'Spin City'!

Colin Mochrie!!!!

"Dreamjerks?" Oh my god lol that is too good

They should've turned it into Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

A lot of these Disney videos I watch bring back memories of disney commercials I think A lot of them use to play on Disney channel

Miss Piggy's Super Star Limo would have been great. They would have been better off using Fraggles for making fun of the ride & Doozers for constructing it.

16:13 When you hate it but you clap anyway

Wow. Hearing about Disney struggling is surreal now that they own >50% of american media.

They should have made a larger & separate Tomorrowland, that is updated constantly.

Poor Ryan Stiles forced to go there.

the actual ride is honestly cringe.............

a monument to hollywood ego

Rose and whoopie, leave the USA already

jesus fucking christ that intro

Love the video. Except cher ain't a c-list celebrity. I feel if they were to do the og superstar limo now it would be cool. Just maybe not include celebs that can get dated. Lmao

Is that Arrested Development intro on a lot of your videos?

Was NOT ready for Colin Mochrie to show up

is that rosy o donnel

The already California-themed California.

Kate and Oswald Kate and Oswald! Is it clear we didn't have cable growing up and I watched the Drew Carey show FAR too much for like an 8 year old

"Californian style California" Fuck, you think that's enough gimmicks in its self just to be a gimmick... *CALI FORNIA* A limo ride, Dumbest idea ever.

That ride looks just like this one I've been on but it was a shooting gallery so at least you got to shoot suff lol

How can I trust the credibility of this video when it's made by a KNOWN PERJURER.... Thank you folks. I'll be here all night. Take my wife...please!!!

Didn’t Simpson’s parody this ride with the episode “Special Edna” where Bart and Homer ride a much similar ride in the “EFCOT Center”? Can’t be a coincidence.

The intro hooked me with Colin Mochrie. edit: 14:41 now Drew Carey and Ryan Stiles?!

They should bring it back, only this time it ends on a casting couch with Harvey Weinstein in a loose-fitting bathrobe.

They could've taken the original idea and simply changed some aspects of it. Such as instead of escaping paparazzi you could be late for your premiere. Or it could've been a "whistle stop tour of California" in that you speed through the most famous parts of California instead of crawling through a crap rendition of Los Angeles.

I love the AD styled intro

Dat Christa Miller at 15:40. Always a pleasure to see her in things.

You're completely right about jealously being part of Eisner's strategy. The Disney film Dinosaur, which was released during his tenure, had a story that was almost an exact copy of Land Before Time. (I've always been quite bitter about how Disney blatantly and shamelessly plagiarized that film since it was a childhood favorite of mine.) Likewise, Doug's First Movie, which was originally supposed to be a direct to video title, ended up getting a theatrical release instead after Eisner saw the success of The Rugrats Movie. Walt would never have stooped to such a level. I have fond memories of seeing Eisner on The Wonderful World of Disney back in the 90s and early 2000s, and to this day I think he's been given a bit of a bum rap--remember that the Disney Renaissance happened on his watch. However, looking back from an older and more mature perspective, I can't say he was the greatest of CEOs either.

Is it bad that I could see the potential this could have had?

That’s good advice Rosie, “pretend your sleeping”

How about Disneyland Singapore?

distracted Disney Sea was a flipping amazing concept.

probably cheaper to rent a car and just drive around LA

Ugh, that's brutal.

Gotta say, I love the AD theming in the video!

Video made in 2018 Duration is 20:18

Its so sad seeing old rides go away

Best intro EVER!!!

Colin!!! that Colin Mochrie at the beginning?? EDIT: HAHA guess so, there's Ryan and Drew.

Rosey is a filthy liberal cunt that deserves to be hanged in public for her horrific actions.

SOOO cringy. Wow.hard to believe people got paid to develop this

Michael sheet eating grin...

Where is the fresh prince of bel air?


Wow, just wow

6:08, That's a strange idea they had in mind. Did they really think that making miniature models of California landmarks was going to somehow replace seeing the real deal? Seeing a mini Golden Gate bridge for the monorail is never going to replace the experience of seeing the actual Golden Gate Bridge. They clearly didn't think through this park all that carefully, no wonder it didn't do well at first.

Colon mochrie cameo FTW!!!

Christa Miller looks like she very much does not want to be there...


0 shit my birthday

Even the celebrities looked bored as heck.

Californa-themed California. Couldn't have said it better myself, my friend.

Wow. That's...that's bad.

That muppet idea was geinus

“Hands, feet and *egos* at all times, *ha* “

Was "Michael"| Colon Mochrie from who's line?

Fuck knowing that those creepy, b-list celebrities are stuffed in those monster costumes are gonna haunt my dreams

I remember going to disneyland about a month before california adventure opened. It looked pretty cool then.

Disney's worst attraction was the alien encounter "ride" if you can call it that then changed to stitch in a lame attempt to salvage it. Basically it was a chair that blew air on your neck after they turned the lights off. Both a huge lame waste of time.

What's the song playing at 15:10?

lol this is now the monsters inc ride

Hey, one of the two guys that fall in the intro is the hypocondriac guy from Scrubs, Richard Kind.

*Pleasure Island* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Interesting video :) I love the intro skit. Did you think of it because of the Queen Mary connection?

During the intro skit, it would've been so funny for the nearly bald guy to just die by mickey's hand over saying something wrong on accident xD And then the people around wouldnt bat an eye lol xD

Not the FUCKEN crap they did after!!!!!!

Walt was better before

Screw Disney

There are so many opening day attractions from California adventure that closed down, yet because it's major problem was that they were deeply generic, this is probably the only one really worth covering.

There's a moment, when Drew and crew all get on the ride, where you can see on Drew's face the realization of just how embarrassing it is. And it just gets worse! I like Drew but that is some fine quality schadenfreude.

Hey Kevin Make a Defunctland California Sclreamin'!

I love how the celebrities at the end have to fake being amused, and seem like they are kind of let down by the ride lol.

could not love the intro anymore, it is perfect

I feel bad that I have a thing for tacky shit like this.

It's pretty obvious how much of a lazy conversion Monsters, Inc. Wow.

0:52 "we both fall down like in anime when there is a joke or a baka"

hahahaha when cher becomes a monsters inc character i can't


I wonder if Disney would re open Superstar Limo as a high speed dark ride in the modern days

0:10 is that Colin Mochrie!?

Colin Mochrie as a Security Officer is unsettling.

Colin Mochrie?

HOW did that guy get to be CEO of Disney?!! Luckiest moron ever.

Omg the arrested development homage

Honestly, the name even sounds dumb

That intro was beyond cringeworthy

90% of the celebrities in that Limo ride, are now very politically polarizing figures. Another reason this was a stuuupid idea.

I went to disney california

Lmao dreamjerks

Ugh i fucking hate Disneyland. Now that Anaheim is trying to make the area better my rent went 1k to 1.7k in 3 years because they're trying to better the neighborhoods and because they're building more resorts near the residential area, now the neighborhood is getting expensive and all the mexicans are moving out with white people moving in.

"A California-themed theme park to be located in the already-California-themed California." SUBSCRIBE.

Oh my god, I just realized that I had been on this ride. The Monster Inc. version of it lol. I'm from the east cost so I've only ever been to Disney Land once. When I visited I recall waiting for a new monster inc themed ride. I waited a long time to get on. I had no idea that it was originally a different ride lol.

This is perhaps the worst ride I've ever seen

Asshole in the yellow shirt @ 0:24


Ew, Whoopi Goldberg

If the video could be ONE SECOND LONGER....

''Hi Cher.''

Why not just take the original concept and retool it a little? Make it a taxi instead of a limo and have the story involve the guests trying to make it to a movie premiere at Grauman's on time, avoiding the perils of the California roadways along the way. The taxi driver could replace Eisner as the "host" of the ride, and it would save face by allowing the company to keep most of the original ideas, the celebrity appearances, theater ending area, and high-speed chase, while removing connotation to Princess Diana's death by taking out the limo and paparazzi.

Looking at this now, california screaming would make a fantastic addition to defunctland.

In my opinion, Europa park is better than Disney

So it looks like the ride space is now, "Mike and Sully to the Rescue!" Which I am glad, I didn't have to experience this disaster and am now warmly greeted by the lovable, Monsters Inc. ride.

“The ride lives on in the worst way possible.” A bit dramatic, don’t you think? I like the Monsters Inc ride.

Who played the delivery guy in the intro?

yo this video is the only good video ive watched today

I wish Westcot actually got built. It would’ve been so much cooler.


Okay the intro homage to Arrested Development is my favorite thing ever.

15:10 all star...

Just discovered your channel and the level of detail and thoroughness is awesome! I love seeing the histories behind these rides. Subscribed!

Defunctland do mission space like people have died on that ride and its really kindof sketchy

lol why is this themed to Arrested Development

If they weren't going to can the stupid limo concept, then they should've changed it to you driving through an earthquake. Bam, controversy-free thrills and oh-so-very California. I would've liked to go to Westcot. I went/have been to the pre-Radiator Springs California "Adventure" (haven't visited the Radiator Springs addition yet, would really like to) a few times, and it was/is pretty "meh" as far as a Disney park goes. A bit generic, bland, and I didn't/haven't like/d many of the rides. Soarin' Over California was/is EASILY the best part of the entire pre-Radiator Springs park.

Do mission space! People died and stuff on that ride

I had the displeasure of riding Superstar Limo. I think I actually went back once or twice, because it was so laughably bad... and it was an air-conditioned ride that had a short line by that point.

Darkly hilarious, but that'd get even more of an outcry than paparazzi chasing your limo in the late 90s.

Have you done the Carousal of Progress I did not see it but would like to see that one done

A California themed theme park, to be located in the already California themed California...

15:12 anyone else notice All Star in the background?

Honestly I think if done right the Muppets' verison could have been awesome.

"California Adventure: a California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California." American equivalent of traveling to France to visit Le Louvre, but never going beyond the gift shop while eating store-bought croissant :/

17:41 Let's be honest, there's only two Muppets perfectly suited for _that_ job.

Still only the second worst "dark ride" of 2001.

People LOVE to knock the stupidity of a California-Themed Theme park in California. California Adventure started construction in the late 90's and was meant to woo tourists. At the time, the culture of hundreds of thousands of locals with annual passes going over, and over, and over again did not exist.

Waiting for another New York New York hotel but located in Manhattan

I think SuperStar Limo was a really neat idea! It was set in Hollywood Land, and it looked like a quirky different ride! I'm probably the only person that wished I could have ridden it lol! I love the Monsters Inc ride, but Superstar Limo did seem fun!

12:45 - "a horrifying puppet version of the late Joan Rivers" basically just Joan Rivers?

Good god this ride looks awful.


Colin Mochrie!!!

Ok but you could definitely argue Aerosmith is hella dated, but rock n rollercoaster is still successful, so how is it an issue?? Plus that’s still a high speed limo ride open in Paris?? They basically should’ve made it rock n rollercoaster, because i really feel like California parks are missing the thrill coasters

Why do Cher and Cindy Crawford look like street walking hookers waiting for a John...

That Arrested Developmentesque bit though. ❤️

I remember this ride. I didn't go to disneyland that often as a kid so I must have visited this in a very specific and unfortunate window. I was always curious what happened to it.

"Not Eisner's fault." That's something I'd thought I'd never hear considering Eisner fucked up a lot for 90's era Disneyland/DCA 1.0.

15:27 This woman on the right looks like Christa Miller - Jordan - from Scrubs.

I love the way uou made the video like arrested development

Great attested development intro

Eisner should not be seen nor heard.  And unfunny drew carey is really full of himself for no good reason.

As soon as I heard about the concept for the ride, I just knew Diana's death played a part in it's demise.

this ride looks cute :)

So was Michael Isner Mickey’s boss or was Mickey Michael’s boss?

To sum it up, "Superstar Limo" was the Hollywood Elite's daydream of putting it's collective head between it's collective legs so that it could sniff it's own collective farts.

What about the old Star Trek: The Experience at the Vegas Hilton, with its two motion rides? It was the main attraction for that hotel, and while it wasn’t a theme park attraction necessarily, it was the closest thing you were going to get in Las Vegas, and it ticks all the boxes.

the *BIG* cheese

"Mr. Eisner." "Oh, Hi Michael." "Oh, certainly Mr. Eisner." ...??????????

I would have loved that Muppets idea tbh, that sounds really funny and creative. Also, I like the Arrested Development thing you’ve got going on.

Who wouldn't want to look at Isner at every turn?

I miss Pleasure island so so much , drives me crazy they got rid of it for more buy our shit merch boosting stores

16:27 is that Tim Allen or Toby from 'The Office'?

Do you have anything on rocky point in Warwick. RI or crescent park in riverside RI

Disney rides suck go to ceder point

It's kinda funny how an Arrested Development themed episode briefly mentions the Queen Mary, the setting of the Pilot and Original Finale of the show.

Limo ride vehicle Hollywood setting "All freeways jammed" sign at start High-speed chase It's a terrible version of Rock n' Rollercoaster.

All the figures on SUPERSTAR LIMO would gone viral on social media if there were Instagram. Sadly none were viral but extinct.

If the Parisian paparazzi weren't to pursue to murder the celebrity and her passengers, SUPERSTAR LIMO would've still been under existence nowadays, and the MONSTERS INC. attraction would've been somewhere else.

15:10 did you hear all star in the background

Honestly the Muppets version sounds like it would be kinda funny

I don't care what anybody says Michael eisnor saved disney.

Anyone know what song is playing at 15:02? Driving me crazy

Christ, Rosie O'Donell and Drew Carey + "All Star" and an NSYNC advert

HOLY SPIT. It's COLIN MOCHRIE. Whose Line represent!

12:46 yeah. It is horrifying

Michael Eisner once tried to give me a handy at a 7-11 bathroom. He wore a Mickey glove and called the act a "Steam Boat Willy".

Amazing arrested Development intro

The sleazy agent looks like one of the puppets from lazy town. A scarier version of the mayor, perhaps.

"Dreamjerks". With a creatively subtle response like that, Chicken Little's failure makes all the more sense. LOL

Why do Cher and Cindy Crawford look like 5 dollar whores on Hollywood & vine?

The white zone is for loading and unloading only, if you gotta load or if you gotta unload, go to the white zone. You'll love it, it's a way of life.

My dad told me stories about this stuff. He built the parking lot and sped through it in a work truck, and he built the rainforest cafe. He was too angry to put in a 2 week notice, and he had a friend who printed stickers. So, if had Mickey & Minnie giving fallacio, with Minnie sucking, and Mickey flipping off the viewer, and the same thing with the gecko and Mickey, with Mickey sucking instead; both on his hard hat. He was fired on the spot, and considers it one of his most interesting work days

I'm a sucker for the 90s aesthetic and gags, i'd love to ride this how horrible it may have been.

It is such a tongue-twister: a California themed-park in a Californian park in California. Wow! I had to correct myself several times when writing this.

This is the logic behind creating a fake Eiffel Tower and a fake Venice on Vegas. It can't work, people. History is only history if seen on location. However, I have to say that many people disagree with me. Apparently, Madame Toussand is making loads of money by allowing idiots to take selfies with wax-versions of royalty and Kim Kardashian. They advertise it as "feel like a royal/celebrity". There's nothing easier than parting an idiot from their money.

"A California themed theme park in the already California themed California"

Clipart: The Ride.

California attraction in California, wow.

Sheesh, imagine the poor saps who got jobs as attraction attendants for super star limo, having were fake smiles and selling the experience, while in the backs of there minds thinks "ok no, this is ass"

If they made an Iowa-themed ride would it just be a near-endless cornfield?

The cast of the Drew Carey Show and (for some reason) Rosie o donald talking up this ride while smashmouth plays in the backround hurts so much.

What's up with these Defunctland footage clips and having NSYNC tickets for contest? I've commented about this twice so that's statistically significant.

Mother of god I have seen coorperate training videos less forced and contrived than that promotional video for superstar limo.

I would have given anything to hear Ryan Stiles sarcastically talking shit about this stupid thing.

Man now THAT WAS "disney magic" idk what they are doing now other than rights to Avatar, and it'll be a very long time still for the Tron coaster. Also yeah it's not good but it for the sake of oddness it's better than the literal garbage like a third mine train at magic kingdom in FL or the jimmy fallon ride at universal. also not 20,000 green screens or 2-3 other rides just like it in the park. At least they were trying not to be lazy, they just went way too "out of it" to get this concept correctly. If they redid this now as originally imagined it'd probably be pretty fun.

R.I.P. Super Star Limo

I'm a simple man. I see Arrested Development references, I subscribe

That intro skit was wonderful

I'm delivering Barry Bostwick.....ASSHOLE!

Omg "The Lame Hollywood Joke Ride" lol. I love the Arrested Development homage!

Kinda wish I could have rode Superstar limo....

Super star limo sounded really fun

@ 0:47, "Dude, WTF was in those brownies?"

Now, that right there was a series of unfortunate events.

The way they portrayed certain celebrities, especially Cher and Cindy... their animatronics looked like street ladies, you know what i mean. And the way Whoopi looked... Gosh!

>tfw the most inoffensive thing about that commercial is Disney didn't squeeze in the extra money to hire one of their animators to actually animate a segment between Eisner and Mickey instead they just get a dude with dubbed over lines with corny ass fake enthusiasm.

14:48 Hey, who's that fat pig in the middle? Oh, and screw Whoopi Goldberg.

Oohhhh, poor Colin Mochrie...


I must say, I truly and genuinely love and enjoy that Monsters, Inc ride! XD

I can see why they wouldn't like it. Especially because the celebrities would have to change after a while.

1:47 So... it was sprawling?


I consider myself FORTUNATE to have ridden Superstar Limo while it lasted. It lacked pretense, arrogance or even a sliver of self-awareness. It was HILARIOUS, in an awesomely bad kind of way.

I remember when California Adventure first opened and that advertisement came out promoting the park and then promptly vowing to never visit the park because everything looked so bad. Also being a CA native it seemed ridiculous to oay a ridiculous amount to see cheaply made versions of landmarks and locations that I've seen in real life. That particular ride, those ads promoting it, was the final nail in the coffin for me to never set foot in that park. I'll stick to the classic park, thanks.

17:35 that Muppet looks like Elmo but with eyelids and a moustace on.

I love that arrested development intro

At 14:13, 16:01, and 17:30 I think that Hummer cut-out parked next to the Muscle Beach sign is an homage to Schwarzenegger.

Love the arrested development theme of the video

I guess you could say that it was a... trainwreck wait no

It's hilarious how even the celebrities who road the ride didn't seem to enjoy it Drew Carrey is literally cringing at everything.

I weirdly love that Cher animatronic

05:08 so pretty much blizzard.

Am I tripping or is that Colin Mochrie at the beginning?

Superstar Limo seemed genuinely terrifying

Why didn't they do the early 1900's gangster theme for the ride? It would have been so much better than this crap.

Arrested development!


what is snoozhing

Ryan Stiles looks like he just finished filming a hoedown when he's on the ride.

I like the monsters inc ride a lot.

Joan Rivers didn’t die until 2014. She’s late now, but she wasn’t then.

The fact that all the suited people are celebrity puppets in suits is ridiculous

Just started watching your videos and I find them to be entertaining and informative. I appreciate the fact that you focus on making sure that they are informative first and then make sure they are entertaining...and not the other way around. I'm now subscribed with the bell on, keep it up!

I'm a new subscriber! I love your channel!

in the already california themed californa.YES

The concepts ending reminds me of the "SNAP; YEP THIS ONE'S GOING IN MY CRINGE COMPILATION" meme.

15:12 Holy fuck, that's All Star by Smash Mouth

Michael Eisner: I've made a huge mistake.

Opening scene is gold! Only because Colin Mochrie is in it, and that is all I need!

Do a Defunctland on The Great Movie Ride!!!!


The part with Drew Carey and company with Rosey O'Donnell is so 2001 I can feel in my bones.

It was so bad that it made me drop my phone the bath when I was view the video

So many character actors in the opening sketch.

15:10 watching them try to fake their enjoyment on the ride is both sad and hilarious. Goes to show how awful the ride truly was.

Izner: I think this is the start of a beautiful theme park! *record scratch* Narrator: It wasn't.

I went when California adventure opened and I rode superstar limo. I'm 27 now and I remember how terrible it was then.

Skip from 5:51 to 5:53

Was that Richard Kind in the intro skit (The shorter guy?)

Michael Eisner triggers my fight or flight reaction.

Was the delivery guy at the beginning played by Colin Mochrie from Whose Line is it Anyway?

Holy shit I remember that intro, I think it was on VHS disney movies

I went in the Monsters Inc. ride; who else did?

Is that Diedrich Bader?

This is so painful to watch

That skit was pretty funny. Mainly how he had to sign off on the guys.

Ryan Styles is too tall to ride. Not a common problem at theme-parks, but its damn true.

Just stumbled on this channel and have been binge watching all day. What surprises me is that I always naively assumed unlike other parks Disney had so much money that when they add something to one of their parks that cost would be almost no object and they would simply build the best thing they could in the space available. I can see where the original Euro Disney Space Mountain concept was scaled back because the park was not doing well and there was a good chance they would have to cut and run, but in this case I was surprised they cut corners. I haven't been to Disney World since I was a kid and it is 90 minutes away from me, I may have to go this winter now that I have the cojones to ride space mountain and any other trill ride they have.

Please contact me @Dabblerist, I have an opportunity for you to participate in an Epic visionary project.

LOVE the Arrested Development intro

can you do a video on California Adventure turning the hollywood area into a rave at night (pre-Tron)

I think it would be awesome if you did a video on Disney's River Country. That place has some weird stuff going on

4:47 lol his face is like “wtf is that”

I would just scream every time I saw one of those animatronics XD if I even went on this ride! Which I never want to go on it


LOVED the arrested development theme on this one

I was 11 and I got to go to California adventure I seen the Muppet show and the bug's life one. It was fucking dead there like no one was there and it was back in 2001 too. we also didn't ride any actual rides for some reason don't remember why

I'll just say that the imagineers did the best that the could in their predicament.

Background music sounded like a ringtone

After finding these videos (which I wish I had found earlier) and watching a few now, I have a feeling the Defunctland people have a problem with Mike Eisner

I have gone down a rabbit hole watching these videos... THEY ARE SO GREAT AND I CANT STOP.

Ugh I remember this horrifying ride. I experienced it first hand!

Defunctland I loved the arrested development thing

That arrested development intro was a genius idea, kudos

Was that Colin Mochrie in that intro bit?

if I made that ride, I would have waited for the 'death of princess Diana' thing to blow over, and then maybe start production on the ride. ...but that's just me talking.

The all freeways jam is one of the sayings that come up on the screen in Disney worlds rockin roller coaster it comes right before taking detour and then put the medal to the pedal....I think that’s the order

Imagine surviving through one of the darkest periods of human history only to die in an amusement park. Jesus

The Arrested Development homage you went for with the editing and presentation is amazing and spot on accurate to the show, great work.

It seems like Disney could have easily replaced paparazzi with something different and still have had a simple but fun ride. Like make them be chased by crazy fans, wind through traffic, or speed through a movie set with everybody working on it shouting. The last one has a lot of possibilities too...

Hey, do you want to experience all of the wonders of California in a place that's not as big as California? okay sure man go ahead

that arrested development intro lmao

omg YES s/o to the Arrested Dev inspired intro. New sub!

This ride looked like fun

0:54 Literally Every fan's reaction to DCA.

"...a california themed theme park in the already california themed california."

...Did anyone else notice Colin Mochrie from Whose Line is it Anyways was in the intro skit?

Lol, I love that Arrested Development style opening.

was that colin EDIT: IS THAT RYAN


1:15 why the Arrested Development theme?

I wish Long Beach got Disney Sea, then I wouldn't have to leave my city for Disney fun. :(

You're trippin about Superstar Limo being garbage btw.

Nice reference to arrested development

That arrested development intro was f*cking lit

Superstar Limo closed on my fucking birthday. Couldn't have asked for a better present.

still better than stitch lol at least its an actual ride

The delivery boy? Is that colin mochrie?


That intro skit.... Mickey.... he... he dabbed.

"A California-themed theme park in the already-California-themed California."

Oh god I had literally blocked this ride from my memories of going to DCA in Oct 2001 until I saw those clips of the agent and now they are flooding back and I am horrified dear god make it stop!

the room of dark rides

The Queen Mary is haunted af

colin moriarty at the beginning

That's good

Who is that actor in the very very beginning with the white hair in the hat? I KNOW him

The things poor Colin had to do to get by...

I live 1 hour away from Busch gardens Williamsburg

Disney kept all these failed ideas and now are putting them into effect!

So you're a superstar that wants to look at other superstars? The concept is ultimately flawed.

Arrested development intro

California-themed park in the already California-themed California. you are too funny dude

15:10... ...All Star.

The first version where they were doing the quick limo vs Paparazzi sound pretty good i wish that would of when thru maybe it wouldn't be as bad as what had to happen

I kinda wish Disney went under. They own basically all media organizations

this episode is just filled with hot drama and tea. love it

*LONG BEACH????!!!!*

What is Colin doing as a limo driver in the beginning

I had no idea Epcot opened on my birthday

6:18 OK I GET IT IS CALIFORNIA (no hate btw)

it would’ve been such a cute ride! the idea was adorable and i would’ve loved to ride the original.

OMG at 11:33 in the limo there’s a girl who looks almost exactly like jenna fischer! i’m nerding out rn!!!

The part with Drew Carey is so cringe


That intro.. fucksake.

what balls disney had lol

I rode this when I was a child; fucking ride scared the shit out of me because of the creepy animatronics haha

I honestly think the original concept was really creative and cute? I would have enjoyed the heck out of it. Same with the Muppets one, if done right. Oh well :/

I dunno, but I find Superstar Limo kind of endearing, ironically now that its been gone for so many years. The C list ABC celebrities, almost all of whom lost their relevance within a year of the rides opening, and the lame humor really make this a relic of the late Eisner era and a poster child of California Adventures rough start.

Was that Colin Mochrie in the intro talking to Eisner?!!

"Eisner had a simple technique that he often used when he decided on new projects, the technique is known as Jealousy" The Perj spittin fire!!!!!!

Holy heck wait a moment was that Colin Mochrie????

Funny cause I always wondered what that out of place Chinese themed entrance was for. I thought it was just a prop cause hollywood studios

The second video of watched so far and I really enjoy the dedication in research for this video/idea. Also really enjoy the Arrested Development-esque editing!

"the technique is known as jealousy" jesus christ no brakes

Superstar limo more like superstar lmao

Poor Barry, he didn't deserve that

Love that arrested development intro


I remember this ride... So glad it's Monsters, Inc. now. Also, that 2001 video footage looks ancient. Can't tell it apart from late 80s/early 90s footage. Really makes you realize how the past two decades have really pushed that kind of technology forward.

That intro sketch was B-R-U-T-A-L

Universal studios is better when you're past Fortnite age

Omg dying over the Arrested Development intro hahaha!

2:06 "Who do You think is the hottest girl in school?"

Honestly they should have just put a sign out and be done with it. Same as attractions have signs with "not fit for pregnant women" "not fit for infants under 6" etc it should have just had a sign with "not fit for emotionally unstable little bitches" "But muh Diana" that she decides to kill herself for attention at the other side of the world should not be a problem to Disney who has nothing to do with it.

I would’ve loved a WestCot, the Queen Mary one sounds nice but it’s too far from Anaheim to be logical, as for California Adventure I had no clue it opened in 2001!!! That’s insane that I was born a year before that, and it’s undergone so many renovations in only 17 years it doesn’t even look the same, wish they would’ve kept that Golden Gate Bridge thought it looked awesome

YO Everytime they showed footage of the queue I was like damn why does that look so damn familiar and then right at 17:54 when I saw the windows I was like HOLY SHIT THIS THE MONSTERS INC RIDE

the idea of these celebrity cameos being turned into these faceless, combine-like hazmat people is so hilarious

if u have a big check mark username ur a fag but also VIP

that arrested development intro tho

To be released in the already California themed, California

3:33 looks like the titanic

The original "paparazzi chase" idea sounds like it could've been fun -- sort of a Hollywood version of the Roger Rabbit cars. I do understand why they scrapped that idea, though -- it would've been in EXTREMELY poor taste at the time.

THe curse of Rosie

Was that Colin Mochrie at the very beginning?!?!?!

15:10 all star. all star is playing.

lmao that arrested development intro tho edit:Oh the whole episode is arrested development thats kinda cool

15:10 How to date your video in 1 easy step: 1. Use Smash Mouth as your background music unironically

Great vid!

7:08 uhhh... guys.... i'm not gunna say it but uhh... thats just a little... wrong

“to give people no reason to go anywhere else” what a gross concept...create a false depiction of something and sell it to people

Superstar limo is now Astro world or whatever the dark ride is now

My grandfather said he was friends with Michael Eisner, and told him that his California Adventure idea was idiotic and advised him not to anything.

I don't think I've ever cringed more just watching something. Great job man!

its so jewish its gross, it has zero class like nothing else at disneyland. all the so called celebs in the vid are jew coke heads or peado's, walt would be spinning in his grave

You know; I don't like when they do themes like this that are so off from what the main idea of a theme park is. - I mean, it's Disney, what does Hollywood in the sense of its culture have to do with the Disney-fantasy?... Who wants to see like these streets and buildings and celebrities based on the real world? - And I also don't like things like Star Wars in a Disney park. And they have or will have something based on Avatar as well. - Don't get me wrong, I like things like Star Wars and Avatar, but I just don't associate it with "Disney". - Same for Marvel and such... Here in The Netherlands we have a huge park called Efteling, and it's been operating since the '50s, starting out as a playground basically. But eventually it became a park based on fairy tales and other fantasy, and then it also expanded with other fantasy themed rides, more recently based on medieval and industrial themes. It's a beautiful park. And the reason it is, is because they've been trying to not make it too "commercial". There's next to no reference to any movies or anything that I can think of. People already complained when there was a ride in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund (though, perhaps because of its weak execution), and also when later they made a TV-show based on the park and its mascots itself. - But that's really it... It just goes to show that Disney relies on the commercial route of using names and such, kind of like they do with movies. But Efteling has shown that you can just go with old tales and folklore and also come up with original ideas from great artists and remain successful. - But then, who can blame Disney for using all those licenses... People eat it up... *ca-ching* - But to me it's offputting, and also a bit of a shame (for the sake of the parks), to be honest.

Holy Heck! Colin Mochrie!

That ride was Cringeworthy....


Lol what a stupid idea

6:50 is when he actually starts talking about the video's title.

Homo Mickey lmao.

can't wait for the defunctland episode on pixar pier

And here _I_ thought you were going to talk about whatever that terrible _Lilo & Stitch_ nonsense is that stole that really cool and creepy _Alien Encounter_ attraction from Us, The Kids and The Whole World.

Netflix needs to give you a contract. This is good stuff! Too good for youtube

Was this ride where monsters inc. is now? Edit: nvm it is

I love the arrested development intro. Just gotta throw in a gag about a banana stand...

"...with the family of a Holocaust survivor..." Completely unrelated to the accident, but you've got to rake in those shekels somehow, goys.

I love the intro lol

Hahah the "Arrested Development" intro

It's amazing to think of these neat concepts for rides or games and then some real world even just completely gives is a dark turn like... welp we can't do *that* anymore. That's like if there were developing a dual rollercoaster (Dragon Challange style) in the late 90s early 2000s but with the plot that some super 90s X-TREME stunts people or whatever took over as pilots to the commercial airplanes and started racing/challenging racing each other; doing flips and dives and stuff, all with that "Cowabunga, dude" style voice commentary over the speakers. That sounds awesome, right?! Would it be awesome after 2001?

They should have used that Muppets idea for the ride, that would have actually been pretty funny.


14:57 its jared

The renovation idea for Goofy Superstar Limo actually sounded like a decent idea

This is a very tacky ride and a lot of these celebrities would be irrelevant in the next five to ten years.

It looked very much like that 80's cartoons we used to watch and give us nightmares... like toons whatever

Fat rosie, ugh

Was it a good idea to have the Drew Carey Show cast there? Did that make people want to go there more?

That ride was turned into the Monsters Inc. one.

The footage from the ride is high quality nightmare fuel. Good vintage.

Isn't this idea basically rock n rollercoaster but Hollywood instead of Aerosmith

I LOVED monsters inc as a kid (still do) and went to Disneyland sometime in 2006, I remember waiting hours to go on the new monsters inc ride and thinking it was really cool. I was six at the time... i’ve been on it since, and although te Roz animatronic at the end is Iconic™️ the whole experience seemed a lot less magical and a lot more like a generic theme park ride, rather than the high quality you’d expect from the Disney parks. All the animatronics seem very stiff and it’s kind of boring.

Still better than the mule ride. Ha, ha.

friendship ended with bright sun films, defunctland is now my best friend

This ride screams "Krusty wants out!" so badly it hurts.


Yeah, it was awful. I had an Annual Passport for ages (I live in Northern California now, and it's not that practical to have one, as I can't travel to Disneyland often enough to justify the price), and I think I went on that ride like...twice.

Please do a video on the history of California Screamin

If they had made the Queen Mary into a park, people would be terrified considering how haunted it is.

I miss when the CA park was actually CA based.

Westcot sounds like it would’ve been amazing

Love the arrested development nod

I don't think it was a BAD idea for a ride, really. It fit in well with the overall theme they were going for with California Adventure. I think it just experienced one too many last-minute changes due to things outside of Disney's control, and releasing it half-done as the star attraction of the new park probably didn't do it justice. Guests probably thought the hype was more than it was worth. Actually, I think it might have been a pretty fun ride if they were able to release it according to the original plans, and if they actively changed out and added celebrities that people care about over the years.


The fact that the ride was so cheaply done is insane.

Oh My GOD that Arrested Development beginning was FANTASTIC!

I remember going on the CAAAALIFORNIA SCREAMIN’

Colin Mochrie in the commercial. Good shit my dudes. Also, I'm liking the Arrested Development theme.

Shit what makes you think any Disney ride is good

how is this channel so god

Lowkey always go to California Adventures

The original Superstar Limo idea seems similar to Rocking Rollercoaster, which is also becoming dated. Lol.

Love the arrested development intro thank you

Arrested development

Bro. I get the hustle, but damn dude chill on the ads

Michael Eisner! You betrayed the shareholders!

I want to see Disney world things too

Uhhh what's going on with Goofy at 3:01

Love those celebs paid reactions. Not so good at acting after all.

I mean I like the all star at 15:17

0:11 hey one of my favourite comedians from whose line is it anyway

Colin ?!?!

Do River Country at WDW!

Personally I love California Adventure, and I live in California. It's just a fun atmosphere, especially the Hollywood backlot and the carnival pier. The smell of vanilla ice cream is always in the air, and they have some good clam chowder.

What the heck is that thing?: 2:36

(((Michael Eisner)))

In reality Hollywood is a joke.

ITS... SO BAD!!!

Wow. Too bad princess Diana died or it could have been just fine.

California Adventures as a whole isn't very good and mostly aimed at small children. There are a few good rides with the most intense being the wooden coaster and the tower of terror which I believe was re-branded with guardians of galaxy

Thats fuking all star

The introduction was so bad I think it took something away from my soul that I can never get back.

When I was 17 I worked in California Adventure at the Boudin Sourdough Factory. I ran the little video tour starring Rosie O'Donnell and Colin Machrie. Just thought I'd mention that.

6:12 "A California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California" lmaoooooooooo

Wow, that intro just slapped me in the face with 90s/early 2000s nostalgia

Tag yourself I'm Cher

I actually just went to the Disney Parks for the first time a few weeks back, and I really liked the Monsters Inc ride. Monsters Inc is by far my favorite Pixar movie, and watching it all in 5 minutes was great! Plus, that ride has a 'buddy pass' if you go with just two people, which gets you to the front of the line instantly. Me and my boyfriend got on quickly, and got a nice relaxing ride in an air conditioned room. The hollywood thing sounds hellish though.

I remember this ride. It was terrifying (I was 12)

I think an idea like this could actually work now days but yeah considering the time period and the unfortunate loss of Princess Di it wasn't meant to be.

I disliked Eisner when I was a kid & I stand by my dislike to this day

Haha. Haven't even seen the video, I just liked the intro

*t h e b i g c h e e s e*

Colin Mochrie! The best part is how thoroughly bored and unimpressed Drew Carey and the gang look.

oh my i love the arrested development intro

Was that Colin from Whose Line is It Anyway?? In the very beginning?

And now they actually pay a living wage in Cali woooohoooo 15/hr min wage nationwide, if they won't give us universal health care, imo!

These videos are great. Well researched and very nicely edited

That intro is so similar to arrested development lol shout out to that show, I love it and I’m sure the similarity was done on purpose!

Jesus, from whos line to this, Poor guy.

Area Hollywood Pictures Backlot Status Closed Opening date February 8, 2001 Closing date January 11, 2002 Replaced by Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!

Superstar Limo was criticized amongst Internet writers as lacking, poor in concept, and limited in having a motivating story, spurred by rumors of the elimination during its development phase of a more exciting "paparazzi chase" storyline, which was deemed inappropriate after the death of Princess Diana.[1] The celebrity figures in the ride were stylized and caricatured. Though they had moving arms and heads, none of Disney's human-like Audio-Animatronics technologies were used in the attraction. Between the time the attraction was designed and opened, many of the celebrities depicted had lost much of their celebrity status.

I loved the monsters inc ride

Isnt the queen marry stupid haunted

all i could think at the beginning was that that was COLIN FUCKING MOCHRIE IN THE HAT

Ruined star wars

florida florida florida florida flordia

You used the arrested development them

Does someone has taped or photographed that Dreamjerks joke from the ride?

1:10 Thinks the intro is cute up till that point...aww D: Oh wow! A California themed California park in California!? lol Man I really hate it when tragic events ruin everything. I'd say they did a pretty good job refurbishing the old animatronics. How is it unsettling?

omg what i went to the monsters inc ride in 2011 and now that i know this i'm so weirded out by it lmao

Tower of Terror is my favorite ride ever.

jesus christ i get 3 defunctland videos in my suggested feed on almost every video i watch. i've never watched anything from this channel.

Interesting video. I don't think the Arrested Development stuff added much.

Mickey is isners boss

17:35 That.... that is hilarious.

isn’t queen mary haunted as all getout

I don’t know what made you give this video an Arrested Development style, but I wish you did it ALL the time!

Oh well hello there, Colin Mochrie! 0:10

I would watch this on netflix. Regular documentaries. Awesome. And you, the creator, would get paid and get a better budget for these docs.

Subscribed after the Arrested Development reference

california adventure was the shit tbh

The early 2000s it was a different time

It doesn't seem that bad.

At least this ride didn’t kill people like action park

I love the arrested development style intro at the beginning. That's one of my favorite shows

Eisner is terrible, but he was so damned handsome and tall - a winning combination in corporate america. How come in all these types of shows Disney never has enough money, yet they overcharge so much for everything? If the $60 steak isn't paying for the rides, where is that money going?

I really enjoy your videos.. my kids an I can watch them together Great job!!

love the arrested development intro

I lowkey think it would’ve been a cool thing for Disney to have their own walk of fame with Mickey, Minnie, and the first 25 kids who got into the park.

God the clip of them riding the ride was cringe.

Make Park based on the place people already fucking in? GENIUS! Let's make a las Vegas theme park in Las Vegas while we're at it! FFS even the celebrities riding through it look bored as fuck.

My god It's just sad how this kept falling further and further into shit with each setback, lol

Is that Colin Mochrie

By 6:20 I had to stop to laugh for a minute (and cry a little too) it becomes so clear and apparent just how RIDICULOUS this idea of California Adventure is!!! No matter how much fans might like DCA, it’s extremely, EXTREMELY short sighted from a company that prides itself on limitless imagination and “magic”

I like the off brand arrested development intro

Loved the intro omg


I found the characters in Superstar limo terrifying


Yo, am I the only one that thought that the mickey on the intro got fucked in the ass that night?


Do you actually look like Leonardo DiCaprio or are you just using some random guy as your avatar?

The Arrested Development intro was a nice touch

I don’t think people realize how big California is, it has so many different features and California adventure packs it all into one

Omg amazing intro

"It's funnyman Tim Allen" still haunts me

I was going to say Disney Chicago was the worst Disney attraction.

"It wasn't" lol i died

If you ever been to Six Flags in Texas, a California theme park in California wouldn’t be that redundant

_I've made a huge mistake..._

I actually remember riding that ride... it was so boring

Videos from the early 2000s always seem so grainy. I guess the transition to digital forms of video recording was really awkward.

i realize that not everyone will agree with me, but Superstar Limo was the exact kind of kitsch i love. it's so delightfully thoughtless. i wish i could have had a chance to ride it.

“The California themed theme park, located in the already California themed California.”

At 12:36 Joan sounds and looks so creepy

Wow I always wondered about this! I actually got to ride it the year it was open! Very underwhelming


. Hey......@14:50, Rosie before she lost her mind to TDS.

The Arrested Development refrences are amazing

Oh god, Eisner's copycat bullshit is like a lot of modern game companies. Call of Duty is big? Make an FPS! PUBG is huge? Make a battle royal game! Guys, people already have the thing they like. They don't need your version.


Can you do "a bugs land" video. I knew it was going to end, to make way for new Marvel themed land in it's place.

dude u need 2 make a podcast

I have never heard of this ride before. It only closed a year and a half before I was born but I’m still surprised I haven’t heard of it

Love the Arrested Development intro. That ride looks truly awful.

California themed California

The fact that they repurposed the celebrity animatronics into new ones is actually kind of disturbing.

15:10 for smash mouth.

The line at 6:12 made me laugh

Even though I've never been to a Disney theme park, for some reason I had California Adventure merchandise (there was a watch, a hat and a bag). At least the logo looked cool.

Adding [Famous Character’s Name] and making it “[Name]’s Superstar Limo” makes it much more interesting as a ride and makes it much less dated for later.

Lol love the arrested development theme!

That arrested development opening earned you a new subscriber

I think the muppet version would have been a good idea. At least the meta criticism of the ride.

I absolutely love your edits, research, & commentary. This is so interesting.

Was that.... Colin Mochre who taps on Eisner's shoulder in the intro?

14:35 That looks like the Toys R Us logo

I don’t mean to be nit picky, but shouldn’t this version be in your Season 2 playlist? It kinda throws off the continuity when the next video in the playlist isn’t the Euro Disneyland episode.

Defunctland n

so i support this but im very curious how you got the youtube recommended tab over bright sun films who did this not hating im just saying jake did it first.

wait is that not Collin Mochrie at the beginning?

I'm pretty certain that the phrase "California Adventure, a California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California" is my absolute most favourite of any in Disney-related criticism history.

Superstar Limo... More like Superstar Lmao.

Drew sat with his arms crossed through the whole ride. Was there a, you know, "director"?

Omg I'm shook, queen mary was gonna be a disney thing?

I like the arrested development references

Who would have guessed Disney would own all media by 2018?

"In the already California themed California" Bro u hilarious

15:10 did he add in the all star background music?

Shit always happens on my birthday man

California Adventure was and is a trash theme park.


Omg that arrested development intro was everything

Toontown players: Thats not the big cheese

Woah, that was Colin Mochrie at the very start! From Whose Line!

It's not that the ride is awful, its just LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.

“The already California themed California” I lost it

I like the creepy caricatures. They should’ve just packed it full of as many as possible to take in.

The ride isn’t that bad really I actually liked it somewhat

937,442nd view

15:00 This segment is such a great hard to watch moment. All these Hollywood people awkwardly trying to react to the ride.

By that logic, you should just go to Vegas and look at the landmark replicas there instead...

Man, imagine had they just gone through with the muppet idea? Just having the muppets rip the ride a new one as you went through would’ve been worth sitting through the terribleness of it

Arrested Development style intro A+

The Arrested Development intro I’m dying!!!!!!!!!

Ngl but ca adventure is better than Disneyland

Thank GOD they changed this mess into a Monster's Inc ride

you should do one on rock a hoola water park the abandoned lake dolores one off the 5 just bc im curious about it n its so interesting to pass!!!!

Collin? Does Ryan know about this side work?

When I went to California Adventure during Christmas 2017, I rode the Monsters Inc ride. I had no clue it used to be Superstar Limo. Also, the day after when we went to Disneyland, I saw that "Alien Spaceship" in the sky at Disneyland. The Day after, It was on the news, and it was actually a NORMAL Spaceship.

Okay but... this ride was hilarious the first time I rode it. I remember feeling disappointed that id waited in line for an hour but then satisfied at just how weird and awful it was. They should bring it back!

Honestly, disney ruined pixar and i will never forgive them for that

i feel like it would've kind of been more popular if it was in somewhere that ISN'T california. Maybe if it was in the Tokyo resort or the Paris resort instead

"a california themed themepark in the already california themed california"

It’s pretty creepy seeing some of the animatronics refurbished to look different

omg your arrested development analogy is perfect. classic. you need to do videos on everything. great info.

With the knowledge of the effects of things like Citizens united today in 2018 I would be very curious to know how a decision like that effected back room meetings in companies like Disney. We already know that in the mid 80s they shifted focus to basically make money. Jeff K can be found quoted saying "Im more interested in the bank of america awards" This was in the film Waking Sleeping Beauty if anyone is interested in watching it.

Good god, imagine surviving the fucking holocaust only to die on some shitty and boring amusement park ride

Hey fuk u California adventure was great until they RUINED the best ride by adding Incredibles cut-outs to it.

euro disney was an arrested development indeed

I actually quite like the idea of a ride that The Muppets are constructing while you're on it. You could hear a big bang, have a sudden drop, and immediately afterwards have Animal turn up and apologise for using dynamite or something. That idea could work is what I'm saying.

"...a California themed park in the already California themed California." Aaaaaaand subscribed.

disney sea exists in Toyo! 10/10 would recommend.

Fuck i love this channel

“Eisner had a simple technique that he often used when he decided on new projects. The technique is known as Jealousy.” This may be the single best quote from your series ever. I tip my hat to you.

I feel like this whole channel is a scheme for you to slowly roast Eisner

Cocks gun, puts up to head.........

So, listen, I wasn’t even alive to ride this ride and I hate it. It really irritates me

rumors said that a Monsters Inc land will be coming to Disney Hollywood Studios replacing the Rock and roller coaster and animation Courtyard

The Great Movie Ride had already been closed

You are killing it with these parody intros !

now that's a mouth full " the California adventure, a California themed theme park located in California" Narcissism am i right? 6:10

i like it, i lived you nickhotel video.

did they just used All Star in that promo? yep its the early 2000s

Those actors did not wanna be on that ride.

Of all things I could've expected from this video, the presence of Colin Mochrie, Drew Carey, and Ryan Stiles in the promos was not among them. I'm not sure which Ryan would've preferred, riding that damn thing or doing another Hoedown. And if someone can write a Superstar Limo hoedown then please reply with one!

....Was that Colin from Whose line is it anyway at the beginning?!?!?!

Those concept illustrations of the park are

Honestly Disney did a pretty decent job of revamping California Adventure. I remember going when it was mediocre and then I went after the improvements and the difference is pretty astounding. I mean they patched and renovated a sinking ship, that’s not easy.

These videos are so well done I’m shook

"A California theme park located in the already California themed California." xD

I had forgotten that Who's Line was on ABC

7:27 WTF who decided to make their stand look like a pooping butt?

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