Delhi to Bangalore on Indian Scout | Motorcycle tour | EP 1 | RWR

Delhi to Bangalore on Indian Scout | Motorcycle tour | EP 1 | RWR

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Let me tell you a story the. Story of the busiest, two weeks of my life. Riding. Through India covering, four states and 3,000, kilometers but. This isn't a story of statistics, and it's, not a story of highways, and hotel rooms this. Is a story of an enlightening, experience. Seeing. A side of life I never, knew existed I hate. Long intros so let's just get started I have practically, zero experience, with big cruisers, so, when I got an email asking me to be a part of right going, across India riding, a big Cruiser motorcycle. I obviously, said yes because, that is our experience, new things and, improved my writing of, course I asked, for their smallest and lightest, motorcycle, with, saddlebags. Enter. Rocket ship aka. The Scout at, 250. Kilograms, it isn't, exactly small. And light but, compared, to the rest of the lineup this. Thing is tiny and it would prove eventually, that it's the most nimble and fast, bike that is able to keep up with the rest of the big boys mine, came fully modded, with a large windshield, footboard. And leather. Finished, hard sat backs that looked amazing, with this motorcycle I already, had it for a couple of days to get acquainted, with it riding, around in Gurgaon before, we hit, the big highways, our hotel in Delhi was luxurious. After. A quiet in-room, dinner we, settled in early in the, anticipation of, the big ride next day I guess this is the perfect time for me to explain you the plan the Golden Quadrilateral is, a dream, project of our late Prime Minister, shreya, tell Bihari watch me that, connects, four major cities, of India. Doing. Events for charity, to provide funding, for the NGOs, who, have done a great job for, girl child education, riding. And doing something good for the society seemed. Like a win-win situation it's, 6:00 a.m. we're late we're supposed. To start maybe. One hour back and we did all the bikes a year though still, don't happy also people, will go up to. That. You can hear behind. Us. Early. Morning was a huge, huge. Issue. But, everything sorted now and we should just focus on the right the bikes handling better today because. The handlebar has been adjusted. We're. Fully filled up so I think that makes the front heavier. For. Stop, for. Breakfast. The. First is right was to truth, roughly. A distance, of 700 kilometers. And it, was going to be a long day the riders prepared, for it with the long breakfast, after. All it is the most important, meal of the day breakfast. Is going on everybody's, busy eating I'm already done I've done some Bureau so.

Just, Eager to ride in I just don't like wasting too much time in the stopovers, I'm. Just waiting for them to finish. Back, to the writing. The. Second stop of the day was Gerald, apart. From Indian, motorcycle, riders a lot of others, were supposed, to join us to support, the cause 80. Kilometers, away from the breakfast, area I came, up to this crossroad. The, decision, was either to go where the Jap will by bus or by the jabber city itself. Coming to Rajasthan, and not visit, the city of Jaipur it, didn't make much sense to me so, we decided to go through the city and ride on our way we found an antique, shop. After. Checking out all of the goods that were on display and a few. Children we, decided, to step back into the highway, Jabbar. Looks like quite, old, historic. Town in the periphery, but as, you move closer to the core, of the city its utter, chaos, always. Wanted to see the pink city. Why is, it called the Bing City. They're to see a lot of pink buildings, not. Horribly, pink. But, see the pink pillar the pink walls. Light. Pink. Another. Big building. Because, they do have a point of calling this a pink city. I'm. I got the red light looking, at so much pink I live. In a big city so I'm no stranger to this but, smaller towns in my experience, have, far more chaotic. Traffic than nation. By. The time we finally made it to the rider's connect it was almost over, and it, was time to leave. Kind. Of stuck in the Sun the Ducati guys the BMW guys, at Triumph, Daytona and, we, were back on the highway with more were cyclists. All surrounding. Us the, Sun was getting harsh by the hour and we were starting, to feel the meaning of the word desert and yet, we were still hundreds. Of kilometers, away from the destination, my idea was to ride straight through, and make, it by evening just, at the sunset we were doing fine at 120. Kilometers, on a beautiful, open road but then people, got hungry. That, haba took hours to prepare the food and we, lost a lot of daylight. The. Highways, were calling, and there was still, 350. Kilometres to go and there, I was sitting. Inside a tower eating, rotis. Finally. The bikers left at almost, sunset and traditionally. That looks. Like a perfect and seen for a day in, a film but. This isn't a fictional, film it's reality, and our. Had we found the most beautiful highway. Of the entire trip the, Bali youth were having honestly. I never thought, I would find such beauty here it, reminded, me of the lay Manali Jaime, and with, such scenic, backgrounds, we just had, to stop for photos. Today. It. Had been more than 12, hours since a head start. I had adjusted well with a motorcycle and I was tired and since we were riding solo the. GPS, on su it's Ford was, our only hope. Fucking games are over. Undershoot. Got, enough shots but. It got us terribly, late this. Is what the experience, kicks in this, you, know. And just hold that front. Interesting. Situation. We've got 4%. Charge. Left on the phone. And we've, got seven minutes to go. Before we reach the hotel. I was like oh. Yeah. Yeah, yeah yeah we, got it we got it we got it we got it we got it, so. It 4%, charge. Managed. To arrive. But. Anyway. The. Reservation, a lake, in room number pathani. Caruana. Kiowa. Event. And a team Iowa. Indian. Motorcycle, Polaris Kai. A tato. And this hotel. It's so luxurious when. We finally made it to the hotel it was kind of dark and creepy also, none of the other bikers, had arrived who, were ours, ahead of us. Rahul. Modular. We. Checked into our hotel room, and realized that the luggage with, our fresh clothes also, hadn't arrived yet finally, the rest of the squad arrived an hour later and they, had taken a wrong turn in faith some fishes or perturbations. How. Was the experience. Experiences. - good. Experience. It. Was time for the group dinner and. For, some well-deserved rest, for. The next day. This. View is so. Nice, it's. Amazing. The. Birds are all chiming, all around it's. A beautiful, morning nice, to be up I've been up since 5:00, and now it's six, o'clock had a nice, soak. In the tub for an hour and. Now we're heading over to the breakfast area. Food. In this hotel is pretty nice and our. 6:30. 7:00, a.m. right now running. A bit late when I'm not and that white with the stool is only 400, kilometers we, administer breakfast. Get. All the cards which, are popping the footage into the laptop and then we're, off to jail maybe it, was time to leave like.

The Previous morning there was some drama with the luggage the, car drivers were refusing, to take it our, manager. Mr. Rajesh personally, managed it well but, by the time all the other bikers, had left and it, was only me and Zoey who. Were left back we, decided to ride together and catch up with the gang as. They usually do, long stops and it wouldn't be so tough to catch up to them. Google, being not. Nice. Hello. Mr. cow, miss. Cow mrs.. Cow, she. Is not interested. Is. That a cow or. Is that a bull. Looks. Like a cow. Well. When Google fails locals. Deliver. All, right so, apparently they, said go the Google way so. We're doing the same thing again. I think, these are fun queries, because a. Lot. Of stone, that we've used in our, buildings. Comes, from Rajasthan, and yes that's. It this is a stone wearing those. Guys are loading up the stones so there's a query mine right, beneath it is he I think, you can see some of it so, this is where they mined the stones and not. Exactly mine it would be collected, but it's at the ground, level. They take these large. Blocks of stone. Crash. Crash crash crash, crash. Nanami. We are Kelsey by Katherine you, call call call him call him. There's. Nothing I mean that couches. I'm. Fine, man ain't like any. 1989. Si si. -. Laney. Forgets. Jara. Didn't. I get a giver. Megan. A lot away, tora, tora tora tora detonator, compare cocking, hey, Veronica. Gigantic. Heater. Ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. The. Way locals helped, after the crash was immense, my, leg was crushed under the bike but thanks to my dainese eboot I never, felt a thing my crash bar protector, had, bent and was making the footboard, angle upwards, so, there was no room for me to shift gears, they pulled, the thick metal bar and made it possible for me to ride again. Just, fifty, kilometers, from here. Incidentally. We're. On a : quadrilateral. Right. A dream. Project by the late, Prime, Minister. Avy, Vajpayee, and Pokhran. Was also, one of his dream. Projects, both. Of which he executed, actually, it. Was India's nuclear test, site did, two tests, here. When they gathered, enough data they. Canceled, the third test because, even they knew. It's only that we have some. Hostile, neighboring, countries, so.

India, Needed, that. Power. For, free peace and prosperity. Not for actual usage, story. Of coke run. Careless. At current market prices scientists. Arrived. So, I wanted to pull ahead and catch up with the other riders, but, I wanted to take it a bit easy, after the crash so we let him go. Get the cruising solo. The. Joke put two jaisalmer hi we keep see the feeling that, it truly belongs to you there. Is hardly any traffic and, the road conditions, are perfect and visibility is clear for miles and miles ahead 500, kilometers on this road feels more like a 300. We, had lost enough, time and, I wasn't, in the mood to stop but, my cinematographer. Was feel saddle-sore, so, we decided to stop at a table. It's just a little gross. It's my just burning a little bit. Ivy, has been read we're doing 120. Km/h, that's. The. Speed, that I maintain example, I'm dropping down so average speed spin for. 700. Stopped. Over here, because, Schumann. Was feeling. Kind of you know saddle-sore. That. Happens with the smaller pillion seats but still. Have 150, kilometers to go the, heats rising, this is Rajasthan, lots. Of cameras, lots of capital. I don't want to hit that anymore. So. We're here in one of the traditional powers. You, have all the cooking, going on and nice. Place to hang out even got pets, if anybody's, feeling like sleeping so, I'll get a quick nap and then we'll write. It. Turned out to be an hour long break because once you're inside you, really don't want to go back into the scorching. Sun outside. By. The time we were back on the highway I was already very impatient. And wanted, to ride non-stop, to reach the hotel. In, the midst of all places, I never expected, the Rajasthan, a way to have so. Many, animals. I mean. It's. A desert, what. Food, to date. There are no lawns a few, trees, it'll. Look very tasty, to me but. Seems like there is a lot of cows. Oh. And. My GoPro fell off I guess it had come loose during the morning crash. But. Without further incident. We reached the hotel quite. In time in just five minutes after, the rest of the group - a grand welcome. The. Hotel was extremely. Nice and all but I just wanted to find a nice clean. Bed we, were so tired after the ride we were sleeping and there was this knock on the door and there was this beautiful girl and she had some packages, for me so. I just don't know what's inside the box so let's check, it out. It. Seems like we received some t-shirts. These. Are the beautiful Indian motorcycle, t-shirts we start off in the right but he's the girl who gave me that t-shirt I, was like half asleep. Actually. Having a short sale but. So. Imagine. At. This point two, questions, should come to your mind if. We are writing the Golden Quadrilateral then. What are we doing in jaisalmer which, is basically hundreds, of kilometers off course, and what. About the parties at a charity right the, simple explanation to, that is our, right took, a small detour, to join Indian, motorcycle, owners group, get together party, rjq, riders along with Indian motorcycles, India wanted, to promote the cause to other riders, as well and they, successfully. Did that and raised a lot of money from this party itself which, was then donated to the schools all along all right so. They practically, converted, an entertainment. Party into, a charity fundraiser, and even. Got celebrity, endorsement, from Rohit Roy and other, local, social, influencers. So. While, the crowd bodied, late into the night they, also made considerable, contributions. To, our cause and we, settled in for the next, day's charity. Event and the, big surprise, the. Jaisalmer, Army, Museum.

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