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I welcome all the cross-community participants, the heads of household are all around 1901, so a fair country. Well later we will take turns introducing the old community, where do you come from, what community background is in what field and bring how many troops Ah this is also important for What is our picture of nitration in this earthquake village, maybe it begins with community organizers eh the organization to turn on yourself starting from the shelter Please move forward Kawaii Icha list Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Good evening, friends. Hopefully tonight will be a very happy night for all of us greetings Lestari Bella, I am a representative from the Adventure of shelter shelter, it means gathering and we have all gathered, uh, we from the shelter have this activity to rent and sell outdoor equipment for friends who want those who don't have outdoor equipment, you can confirm with our Chairman, bank wireles s As the organizer, friends, for those who want to gather at the shop, the shelters can gather in Pekanbaru on Jalan Kartama and also at Ujungbatu as a branch and I am a representative from the tip of the rock, namely Rokan Hulu, maybe some of your friends know and if friends want to know more about the shelter then just contact Bang wireless That's all from me Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi kuch kuch kuch uh uh [Music] YouTube Boboiboy Boboiboy Butterfly blaze pauses hello actually the trend is meeting us again on the cool streets on the Edward TV channel and now we are in one of the tourist village places in Riau, precisely in the village of Gema, Kampar District, Kiri Hulu , Kampar Riau Regency, well in this episode we are at the location Riau cross-community camp activities in 2021, which cross-community activities involve several communities with different backgrounds To find out all the cross-community activities to this we will go around the location of the tents and the community camp bag activities continue. Now try cool walks, now

we are halfway there with one of the participants who is involved in cross-community activities Every now and then with Bang Epic Bang Febri from me traventure Oh from color venturia cells as well as a presenter yes oh is one of the big organizers of cross-community activities because Bang Febri ah what this activity and his power how can this be around At first, it was just for fun SMS, sir, I get together often, finally, an activity like this will be formed in Pekanbaru, it will be sent looking for it, it's rare Ken there is an association of this community, gathering to other communities is rarely found, Bro, that's thinking of You also make this gathering, the activity itself is held by anyone other than shelte r this event was organized by the asahasah, Regency sim games were local, yes, brother and sister years for the participants How many communications to the participants here there are 18 myths involved so that what are the expectations from this activity are the expectations in the event this we can be together again with each other what's with each other, yes, remind each other to take care of each other but OK, we will then chat again with one organizer, namely the dusk clouds I just go around to approach each participant's agenda, cross communication, follow us on until the streets are cool Ah actually we are in this location starting yesterday but the weather was raining heavily and last night this morning it was still raining actually so there are some activities that we can't carry out But we still do activities like last night the most acquainted practice between each other and then burn while chatting together d This afternoon there are still several activities, one of which is planting and also cleaning action. So, we continue to take a cool walk in the anline bag activists of the Riau camp community. Now we are going around to the tents of the participants of this activity. try the last one, the

host Pon the houses that have a MotoGP house Hi Job from the tree house Angkor Pangkor Pangkor everything is already hospital money because you don't wear clothes, the last clothes are all good luck, now we have a chat. Is this Blade community, one of the communities, can you love this brother, what do you know? Blade one is a community where people who are bored with dull knives gather , guys, review the dull knife kid if we want to go on an adventure like not there is a point so the apple juice community is a community that collects the Tunggul recipe for the Chicken Noodle so that if it is used for empi ng melinjo Oh this means yes betternet specification he going to free also yes the outdoors can be a collection of knives can be a collection of knives are also a lot of not much gun ya places collector knife made usually ask one o'clock thank Nasa's activities across the community kem Riau alone ya blendernya dibantuin how Bang personnel 88 people ah because the weather is raining but Happy Oh thank you, happy happy, yes, Evil is ready, maybe it was our friends, tried to move to another tent Thank you Bang Thank you, always success, gartner, OK, let's move next to find this other neighbor e-performance to pause pause pause [music] pause no hello sir morning afternoon good from where we are from the camera rap he is adventure family now we have a chat for a while Bapak introduces this Riau Adventure what is slaughtering what is he using the wrong shoving Hi this is just standing in December then but its nature is because according to the name Rio, the aspect of Jokowi is still more eventure, especially later eh secondly because of his nature a new geminid, some members of the hour are stupid, the goal is still to see the natural video, yes, the egg tribe, maybe the neighbor is next to the neighbor. Next to the guitar, yes, Zombie Zombie, or something else Medan, but we are more total now because it has just been established, the sound is still in Riau Riau Lots of places that are good, it turns out that the failure of West Sumatra, yes, for its own activities, the palintest Riau game community is Rafli, how many of our personnel are Acehnese, yes, Milan, some people come from this camp, some are from Pekanbaru, no day, Adventure mile, this is a community that focus on adventure or also in other fields, so everyone wants everything-everyone, right now we continue yesterday Gomez here, only yesterday's dissolved droplets in Harau now here too yes for Riau across our own communities, how do you hope it can be cross-community across communication yes maybe yes maybe every three months or every four months all communes itasnya can further because it turns out we are also newcomers to just know your other communities in Riau as much Although maybe my friends at our members have also been involved there is also okay ready okay thank you sir successor for him section ready tonggone we've talked with the Arwa Venture family, then we slide next to the open door of the tent, we don't know if there are people or not before entering hello hello there is the host in Bandung, the talking is fun playing like yes, you ca n't be bothered playing Ludo, forget to take a walk at this time. Already with one of the representatives from the community who are also in this activity we are participants but also the host of the echo fillet with my brother holding Bang Regar, they are together from the village of Ega patience, this can be not what Gem Achiles oh and yes what -Anything about the animation Gem of sustenance later this is very one friend Middle was in the office to the first yes very underdeveloped bad January There is also an open trip in the Soto Makassar house, Bali, to save on the trip, you use it for real residents around the wildlife sanctuary without propeller, we immediately disbelieve the tourism papaja that is reversing these smells to taste special Echoes or according to Zaini something urgent from turning Oh so yes you are for again Marsudirini When was it established already in the next month oh oh 2020 dry closed March closed year to now this cross-community activity Gem in the afterlife descends personal How many because of bringing that name together who believe and Pekanbaru Oh come back six of them with their own hopes what kind of shape We are cross-community, we hope it will be held for the 16th time and Mike is more than this is metu sekoh omahe The way is sustainable, now we will be disturbed by every snack we are famous for because the weather doesn't matter the weather is prayed for by nature we don't know yes This conditional , okay, thank you, if possible, hopefully o leh always wanted yes, yes we move again friends to eh there are many rich people there are many people who are chatting again hanging out we are chatting closed you know about this activity all now we are back with the organizer, God accept namely GMC family Hello to Husna Husna Husna's bank auction brother from games every friend and also one of the communities that held this activity, now the building can tell you about GMC itself or not the gasoline games that are formed from quiet youths, the length of the games is excited, hopefully eh young smart is only smart young people Now for your own game like this When are you 04-02-2019 20 until now 2019 is easy The road for the annual bakery is almost two years in and the previous person was formed from a team from the game finally improving and organization Okay Bang Husnan Thank you for the chat. Always success for the guys in my impregnation. Eh, what are you trying to do to have a chat? ta with community participant friends Now there is one comet that looks interesting whose members are pretty good eh what is Legend, so we will slide next to chat with the Ledgers Come on, slide the screen tomorrow morning, Hwang's passion is ready, this is again the days Are you going to have lunch? The problem is, what should be the spirit of having a late breakfast, don't the TNI get along well, yes sir, sorry, all of us want to chat with who can chat, what are the things that are harmonious, what can our friends tell us if people say it's outdoor efficient maybe yes So we like to do outdoor activities maybe if the overgrip can be free or high catering, we are right for the cracker headquarters, how about a new Wednesday as deep as Tawangsari Asia is blocked by Tamansari 08 Pekanbaru yes Pekanbaru Okay thank you so we can chat easily- hopefully it can be information about pillars and also motivation. Core activities Hi, many of us slide next to through the river the rivers that are in the location of this camp because in fact our location is in the middle of the island or the composition is flanked by two rivers we can see left and right there is a river let's go around again, OK, Sir, let's take a walk Here we are in the Subayang river, the gemah village, where this river is one of the things for the community to access the villages on the land by using a boat called Vios, our friends are washing their faces, bathing and so on, this is East, traces, traces, traces, traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces [Music] [Music] Hi Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces [Music] Hai Jeju sustenance Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces Traces [Music] [Music] Hai Pause Pause Pause pause [Music] pause pause pause We are at the end of the program in this episode in the village of Gema to be precise in cross-community camp activities , friends, take a trip for the date you want to visit If you go to Gema village you can use services to be facilitated by GMC or Gema smart young people who facilitate activities up to sightseeing, whether it's a camping trip to the Subayang river and so on and if you go for a walk, you just want to camp in Gemarang Village. contact the Adventure all shelter which is

located at Jalan Sukakarya Joy in Pekanbaru and also if you want to take a walk accompanied by wanting to be taken to the mountain there is a twilight cloud Ijen tour that can bring you to enjoy the cool natural atmosphere from the top of the mountain heights in Sumatra even throughout Indonesia until you meet in the next episode I continue to support m2tv, programmed cool walks by subscribe share like and sharing is beautiful Thank you See you in the episode. Hi arrogant arrogant arrogant arrogant [Music] [Applause] [Music] Set an alarm hi hi

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