Destined To Remember Episode 2 Ohana recap, Pearl Jam

Destined To Remember Episode 2 Ohana recap, Pearl Jam

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and welcome once again to episode two of Destined to Remember, I am Anthony Criss from the Touring Fan Live and I am so pleased to once again have with me, Dave from Live Footsteps. Wait, nope. I have the right Dave from my footsteps and Randy from live on Four Lakes Podcast where tonight, we're going to be settling down to break down Ohana before we start getting in set. Let me get me get the guys to talk a little about themselves and we'll start off with Randy What's up, everybody? From live on four legs. The Definitive Live Pearl Jam podcast or some kind of thing like that. Whatever I say Uh but yeah, I'm excited. I think the first one was really good and it got I got a lot of good reviews last week. So, I

hope you enjoy this one too. There's a lot of good things to talk about. I'm not going to sit here and talk about myself. I want to talk about this stuff. So, I'm going to push it

over to Dave. Hey, I'm Dave from my Check us out. You know, You got all these numbers. The stats, the set lists, you know, drop me a line if you're looking for something, you know, I want to hear from you guys. That's about it guys. Sounds

good. and I'll be back to you, Anthony and on that, me and music. Alright. So, we had the second show, Pearl Jam did Uh Shannon says hello. Hello, Shannon. Um second show from Encore. Well, the second show which was Ohana this past weekend of Pearl Jam playing for the first time in 3 years and um we're going to actually have a guest come on here in a little bit. Uh that was at the

show. Uh Nick Dolls is going to be coming on at 915 and uh I'm pretty excited about talking to him and because he was at both See her now festival and at Ohana. So, it'll be interesting to see his take on both but this evening, we're going to be doing this. We're going to be running down the set list rundown. Randy's going to be breaking that down in a minute in the pit with Nick Dos. we're

going to be talking about the opener, the Encore we're going to be talking about almost made it. Songs are a cut the set list. We're going to be talking about Gigaton. We're going to be talking about rare gems.

We're going to be talking about merch and yes, Towels and Rugs will be mentioned and we'll be making some extremely bold predictions when to Ohana Encore this upcoming weekend and then we'll close it all up. So, I am excited about this. So, let me hand off this now to Randy as he breaks down the set list Alright, guys and remember, if you want to share your favorite moment from this show, do it in the comment section, Share what you like from the show. what what performances we're the best and we'll pop it on the screen. uh and uh same with uh what you're looking forward to for Ohana Encore whatever you're looking forward to there. We'll pop pop it on the screen for later and we'll really build up the bold predictions but here is the set list. The second set list in

the last 3 years, we open up the show. Last time we opened up the show with a live debut, Dan Sinclair Voy. We're trying retrograde this time. That's how we opened up the show and then we go into the next four songs that were exactly like to see see here Dance the Clairvoyance Quick Escape 7 O'clock and Corduroy then we get oh one of my favorites from this set list. The live debut of All Right Daughter comes back and that the same WMA tag that we got to see here now. Red Mosquito with Danny Clinch.

again. very good. We'll talk a little bit about that super blood wolf moon right in the middle there. I got **** a very nice little surprise in the middle of the set Then the even flow spot immortality. Who doesn't love a show with immortality given a fly do the evolution Better Man with Brandi Carlisle. All very good stuff to end your set right there and then you get a little bit into your Encore. Here's a surprise. Let me sleep. It's

Halloween. Where did that come from? I was expecting like a river cross or I mean even and off he goes and nothing as it seems something like that. No, it's busted out. Let me sleep,

right. Oh, okay. Whatever works, you know, for people there, it's probably the only time you'll ever see it. It's the eighth time I ever played. Sorry, I stole Dave thunder with that but uh then we get a tremendous rendition of black that feels like it lasts forever. Crazy Mary where

nobody's passing a bottle because that's that's not what you do in COVID times and then live with a lot of special guests on that including Andrew What Who is the producer for Ed's solo record coming out? I don't even know when it's coming out but it's coming out soon enough uh because there was a lot of promotion about that uh this past weekend talking about the Earthlings and Jack Kling Hofer and uh uh Josh Klinger. I'm sorry. I'm I'm I got Jack Irons in my brain right now. Uh Chad Smith, all the the guys are intertwined in that band, I believe Pinot uh from nine inch nails in that band. So, a lot of cool things We can even get to that a little bit at some point too but there you have it. nineteen songs fifteen in the main set and four in the Encore. Well,

story coming through about let me sleep and I didn't know this. Shannon Mae says, let me sleep was for the homeless vets in Venice, California when he did the vaccination concert. I think that live stream must have cut out at that point and I didn't hear that III thought he was talking about something homeless but I had no idea what the context was but very cool. So, let me let me post this question to you both. We saw the first set list with see here now and we we know what we were getting like we after we saw it, we were there for it.

We enjoyed it. lining up for this show for Ohana. Is this what you expected it to be? Are you surprised? I'm going to go to Dave first on that question. I wasn't very surprised it.

they want to get these new songs out there that they came right out of the gate and played four of them. Like been quite a while since I've done that. So, you know that and but they do that a lot whenever there's a new album, you know, they they even come right out of the gate and start, you know, playing all the new songs. So, I'm I'm not surprised um that they they want to do that. I mean, how many were like eight of them? They're on the set list for a year now and they they cut a couple of them so they're they're going out there. Yeah.

originally eight. Yes. Yeah. retrograde crossbow cut. So Randy, were you surprised about the set list when you saw it? No, not really. Uh I knew that

we were going to get all the Gigaton early. I was a little surprised that retrograde opened up the show. uh II figured that every show was going to open up the same way with either dancer clairvoyance going uh you know and they went in the same progression going into quick escape then going into 7 o'clock but II thought maybe they'd mix it up and put in a super blood or uh whoever said uh but they don't know they they kept that formula which is very interesting. It'll see it'll be interesting to see how what direction they take uh through the Encore but you know, I think there's a lot of the same things and and for a band that hasn't played in 3 years that hasn't rehearsed a whole lot, that's okay. You know, the uh the WMA tag off of daughter like that III. you

know II would have liked to see another song even another hit like Jeremy wasn't played either show you know songs like that that they I know that they know I think that there was a little bit too much similarity between the two shows I do agree with you on that one. There was a tremendous amount of but let me pull that set this up back one more time and if you look at it, um dancer clairvoyance played at both shows. Quick Escape played the Bull Show 7 o'clock uh Corduroy, same order. Yeah, daughter. red mosquito mosquito with Danny Clinch. Yeah, that

that's going on a three in a row right there. We can talk about that later and super Blood Wolf moon and even flow and then let's see the live. So, I mean that's still what? that's eleven of the exact same songs as the last show. If I'm counting correctly but also they they added in I like for the Encore. they added in some of those uh that are the staple Encore songs like Black and Crazy Mary that we didn't get at the last show. the last show felt like you kind of wanted a little bit more. They did the

Bruce cover which is really good and really nice and we kind of all knew that that was coming but uh you know usually those encores are chalk filled with songs like Black Crazy and Mary uh go down the line at any of those like even though better was played in the main. Something like that is usually played rear mirror or something along those lines but it was very, you know, time constraints are uh the the issue at hand here and uh that's what they were dealing with. So, you get a little bit shorter and a little bit tighter but you know what? it's good to see and I would like to see for the next show them kind of continue to change it up a little bit. Get some of at least one performance of all of the uh standard songs in there hearing from some people online as things are heating up in the chat room. Uh Brian Blackwell says uh warm up in I like retro being an alternative to long road to release Okay, I'll take that And then uh Shannon. Joey says, super blood does not work live. They haven't found the

right tempo yet. See, I would just, she's not wrong. I enjoyed it at um I see her now festival. It was cool with the moon behind me and uh you know II enjoyed it. It was but you know, it's kind of like there's what was the uh my father's son like that was a weird song when they played that that never seemed to just they never seemed to get the timing right when they played that. So maybe

never jailed So but Hey, listen guys. We have with us our special guest. We're going to get him up on the screen right now. and we have Nick Dos,

otherwise known as a good dude um who is at both see her now, Ohana and he's going to give us his story. Looks like he's never left. No, no, I'm still here. you stand for Encore? No, I wish uh we're down in Carlsbad. Linda and I just hanging out. We used to have a couple of days after the festival to recover and kind of do a little chill time and walk around, enjoy the beach, get some good food, and get ready to get back to work. Uh work the word we

don't ever want to talk about but anyway, listen, first of all, thank you so much for coming on and chatting with us. Um you know, you you might be the only person I know personally that did real for both. See here Now Festival in Ohana. So, I got a couple of friends that did both. So, but yeah, I know what you mean.

You're listen, Nick, you're more popular than I am. Alright, So, I don't have, I'm going to be a little bit more crazier about this stuff than some people I guess. Oh well, listen to each, It's all good. Let me ask you this first question Thinking of see her now faster Omaha thinking about crowds and set list altogether. What show are you walking away with the most? Um happy with I mean, I'm just going to call the draw because it's hard having the first show back after a couple of years and being like, how could you let down with that? And then it's a week later, they're in California on a beach again. I

mean, did they play a couple of songs over again? Yeah, but it's just like, it's a different energy on that side of the country. It's a different vibe. It's a different environment but they're both, I mean, it was both amazing. I mean, just the time and hearing the music again was so it was so cool and seeing all the friends. I mean, that's what really made it for both of us from Linda and I seeing everybody. I mean, is great but it's a people. I

mean, it's the people that really kind of make things even more important. So, that's kind of how I look at it. The time in the line, sharing stories is bullshitting. So, if I get this for that one but it's all the stuff you get to get to like have fun with and just you know, hug everybody in the scene in forever and just sit together and chat and bounce around and it's that's what it's all about. These are kind of things the backseat once in a while that stuff I guess No, I couldn't agree with you more. Um I'm going to ask you one more question. I'm going to ask

some question but I want to go back and forth and let Dave and uh Randy ask some questions as well. Um what was the vibe like you know, at Ohana. was it more of a relaxed crowd? Was it very energetic? I mean, you know, thinking back to see her now festival in that festival is definitely a very compact thirty for giving me. There are 35 thousand people there. Um it was very, you know, hectic at some point. What was it like Ohana vibe wise Ohana was I mean I think the chill factor is more about you're being on grass than being on sand Uh a big thing that was tough about see her now is all day long.

you're in sand whether you want to go to the bathroom or not. You're walking twice as far through sand back and forth versus sitting down in a nice piece of grass in a much cooler environment and it wasn't eighty-eight and humid. It's 70s and and nice. So, that kind of really kind of I think brings down a level of like I want to say anxiety but when you get real hot and sweaty, you're compact, people get a little agitated. Thankfully, there's really none of that. We

had a couple of drunk people around us at uh at Ohana that got handled pretty quickly but overall, this thing is it's the sand and the temperature that kind of sets the difference what I felt. Randy. I'll let you go ahead with it with the next question. having, you know, one of the best seats in the house and I saw where you were standing the whole uh see here. Now, show III had my eyes locked and I'm like that that's a good spot right there was kind of in between at Stone I believe, right? Yes. Yes. We're looking for this one the same pretty much right in front of us right in front of stone.

This is a mess. Uh we're like third in line and when we ran around because we got a hustle there was like eleven people already lined up. So I guess they let in like the super premium people that went the ultra platinum. So if you run

around the corner, you're like, alright, cool. I got an option. You're like, oh shoot, there's no option. You gotta kind of figure this out really quick because about a four a quarter or fifth. Uh about a fifth of the rail is gone before we even got there. So, oh my god, it made it it made it very interesting. No dead center was gone. really like. yeah. So it

got interesting but it all worked out. We got there. I mean, we had four of us and we made we had room for three and a half so I kind of just chilled behind the girls and I could see so I don't mind that stuff. I'm close enough to let people have some fun who haven't been there and get people as close as we can and we had another lady walked up this time uh who wanted to see shovels and shovel rope. I think it was and we're like, hey, hop up. She stood there jammed out and off she went and over and see her. Now, we had a little old lady Mary Lou. She's

like 86 years old cruises to the whole crowd for Abbott Brothers and we looked around like, how'd you get up here? She's like, I walked up. I want to see these guys. We're like, get up here and she's jumping up and down, jamming out and that's, you know, that just makes you have fun. I mean, we had 221 year olds next to us at the show. It was our first time

at the at the at Pearl Jam over and they literally lost their mind. the whole show jumping, singing, having a blast. So, that's that's what you see. You see the young people. you see the old people you see us in between. Just all having fun

together. Dave. Any questions? Absolutely. That's so uh East Coast, West Coast. Um would you go to see her now again? Would you go to Ohana again? You know, the first time ever played both festivals, would you do it again? Cnas a little different. It's really easy for us to go to. It's like 15

minutes from Linda's place. So, that's kind of like we hang out in that place all the time. Is it is it more like we have to go there? No, but we kind of do because it's easy. Ohana is kind of like, we almost always go now just because it's a it's a fun time. A lot of people

show up. You know, it's a good show with Eddie. There's a lot of good, you know, people that that show up as well but it's it's hard to say, well, I go back to both do we want to. Absolutely but I like to spend my time when I have vacations in Pearl Jam so we kind of plan things on that like a lot of people do but I go back to either one in a heartbeat. I

mean, this is our second Ohana. Our second. See her now. She went to see her now three times. So, the show's a show,

man. where we gotta go. We go. Look at that one now with you. Let me bring this up because we haven't really talked about it at all. Sorry if I cut you off, I'll do it. Um uh Eddie sets uh Eddie did a set on Friday night that was kind of you know at the at the last minute because of Kings of Leon uh had a cut uh and then Of course, the the plan that that happened on Saturday night. where where were you for that? And what do you think of those performances? So, we had three different views every night.

So, the first night, we chilled back by the palm trees kind of like to the back of you're facing the stage. It's it's to the back right of the sound stage. That was great to see everything. Second night, we're kind of middle crowd got to see a little bit you know, more upfront, a little bit more jam packed but anywhere you go in that place is a great. See

that's what really makes it nice like it's so spread out. You can sit way back middle. you can sit down during the break and get back up. You know, it's it's very, you know, very friendly for our families which I like seeing kids there. Yeah. I didn't feel that

anytime anybody felt unsafe which is great. That's really important in a show like this. mean, I'm conscious at all the time because I have people around me that I'm with. So I'm always like, alright, who's behind me? Who's to my right who's to my left? It's like just being aware and it was really like low key which is awesome. Now living up to your

good dude title. That's right. Now seeing the band both times in the rail and and you saw them in Boston too. Correct. In 2018, right? Yeah. Yes. Okay.

So, see I'm so close these times. How do you feel the band has either progressed or regressed in the last 3 years? Well, I've not seen him for 3 years. I don't think they regressed all. I think the break might have been good for him. I mean, Eddie seemed energized, charged the band seemed, you know, just tight fun. I mean, they'll be back again. It's great. So, I don't

think they've regressed at all. I mean, I think Gigaton was a great album They put out. I think the lyrically, it's solid as any of them. Um you know, everyone's complaining about something. It's the world we're

in but I think overall, it's it's a really solid lyrical album so I don't think there's any regression at all. I mean, maybe maybe you can't jump as high anymore but that's okay. We can take the angles for photos and make it look good. So don't worry Eddie, we got you. Um my last question for you and then I'll let Randy and Dave kind of get you because I know Linda is making sure that you go take her to a good dinner before the close of the evening. How do you feel? um seeing Eddie because you saw him to do solo the first? That was his first solo show. Um

well, I well his real first true first solo show in in quite a long time and now he's with a band and he has Josh Klinger, Jingle Schmidt with him and um he's He's playing some Pearl jam songs and I haven't seen him with a full band play Pearl Jam songs without the guys Was that weird to to see that it was and a friend of mine, Jason from Australia, mentioned that it's almost like you felt like you're like, he's like cheating on him like it's just weird but it's kind of different. So, is it okay that I like it. Um it was interesting. I mean, it's it's music, you know, it's just just good hearing it whether it's the whole band, you know, even when Eddie goes by himself and he's a solo, he plays songs and Pearl Jam so have I think the extra backup might take a little bit of him so we can do more his. you know, what do you like to do on stage? He likes to get involved with the crowd.

The more you know he's playing, the more you can't do that sometimes. So, I didn't mind it. I get it but it's just, you know, good to see him out there. So I kind of I don't worry about that stuff too much to be quite honest. You know what I actually thought about uh when both nights they tease better man and they decided against it. I think the first night it was due to time and the second night, it was like, no, we got something better and they played uh precious by the pretenders which I thought that was a highlight of of maybe the whole week. Purple Rain was

good too. Uh but oh absolutely but I like I just hearing that they tease better man in my eyes. It felt like he's probably thinking in that moment no that this this feels wrong. This doesn't there's

something there's something up about this uh but at least like You mentioned with corduroy. Corduroy is different. They did that at the vaccination special for a global citizens where he played with Josh and he played with the guys from White Reaper. So, he kind of knew that they were doing it a little bit differently but uh to yeah but you know, to hear that live and to hear that with with those musicians especially like that has to be a cool experience. Oh my god. I mean, why my favorite song that you played that I was hearing Hard on Electric not acoustic. I was

like, this is awesome. Yeah. So that to me was like this was worth the price alone right there for that night was hearing that set up and it just rocked. Do you have any questions for Nick? So, you mentioned the hard son. Uh if you've seen uh Eddie Sol and how many times have you have just twice. Uh I've actually

never traveled to see a lot recently. So, I saw him last Ohana. Um we're up front again and Eddie played hard on right in front of us at the end of the night. So, I mean, I thought that was a cool experience but seeing him play you know live with the you know four or five people behind him and electric even being mid crowd was like electric. So

that was that was sharp. I can't wait to see that again. So, how many uh Pearl Jam shows you've been to then do you know not as many as most people think only Twenty-three Oh, wow. I'm two behind you. Wow. Yeah, I was a late bloomer my early years when I spent traveling like I do now for this stuff. So, I'm making up for time. What you gotta do,

Nick? I just got one more quick question because this is something that I am curious about. Uh Olivia Vedder uh sings two nights in a row um and I think there was some question uh you know coming into this was is that really her voice was you know, is it you know with her working in the studio How did she sound live? Amazing. Wow. Like it was like when you saw a guy like, alright here this comes if you heard it on the radio, you're alright and then she just killed it like like could've walked off. Drop the mics like see you later. I don't got to

sing anymore again. It was that good. Wow. And watching Eddie like come out afterwards like you can just feel he was like so proud and just like that's my daughter like doing what I do and probably thinking she even does it better. That that's how dads are and it's just you know, you can see it. you can feel it. I mean, night two, the was a Harper, right? Harper Harper was sitting in front of us on the rail like underneath on the other side so. Oh wow. There's two there's

two guys to our left and then a couple of friends to the left right between like all six of us. There is there are the two of them and it was just like you're like worried Like my wife said, I'm a little worried to jump around because they're in front of us and you're worried but they had a great time. They're sitting there laughing and giggling and you know, you can see Jill checking on him and just having a good time. It's which is kind of cool to see that they're out there kind of feeling this because watching the show from the side as cool as that is, it's probably different from set where they were this time like feeling the music, seeing the seeing the performance in a different angle and actually feeling the crowd behind you singing along, jumping, cheering, So, I think that was kind of cool. He's got a good stage presence too. Yeah. Yeah. It's very comfortable up there.

Oh my god. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I mean, I think so. I said like all her uncles she talks to that are all his friends to help her out with music. I

mean, you got Glenn right there. You have all these different people. It's just, it was awesome to see. I mean, it's really kind of like you're proud just for her just because you know the band and you know, a lot about, you know and you know a lot about the guys and you see they're they're their daughter do this. It's just like, you know, I think I bet you the whole I was proud to see that. Well, that that's awesome. Um first, we'll safe

travels with the rug. I know you have to carry that Rugs on the plane. No, and no and uh. hey, let Dale. I'm I'm a I'm a

non Rugs club person here and you let Dale know uh because I know you guys are staying at the same hotel. Let Dale know I said hi. I will, I'll let him know. I'll make sure we talk

him in tonight. Alright, Nick. Thank you. I got AI. Got a booster seat. I got a booster seat for playing. He's

good. Love you, Dale. What's he doing that as chief? Uh he's surviving. Got him a big, we got him a big wheel. Oh my god. I love this. This is the

greatest ongoing thing that I think is going on. It's great. Alright. Well, listen, Nick, you enjoy. Tell Linda, I send her my love and uh enjoy a good dinner. We will see you guys. See you. See you. Bye, guys. Alright, let's get back to the other screen. He is off and

then for some reason, the first time this has ever happened, my comments. Oh, hold on. The clasp error. Ignore interesting. unexpected. Oh, let me let me swap that. Oh, let me get this off there. Yeah. for some reason, my um in

the comments are not showing up for some reason right now. That's alright. We'll we'll keep rolling. Yeah, it's

something going on. I'm not restarting the things. So, we're going to ignore that for now. Alright, cool. I'm looking right here. So, as long as people are saying it. Yeah, they can see it. They're

conceived. Alright, cool. So, let's go right back and so first, that was pretty awesome. I have Nick on from the beach of California good stuff. So, where do we go? We go to opener. Dave. Why don't you talk about the opener of the show and uh give us a little rundown on that. Alright,

retrograde. Um live debut. You know, there's not too many times you're going to get a live debut from a uh the auto show. Um of course, last time it happened was you know, see her now but uh last let's see last time we're going to see that October 11. 2013. You got pendulum. uh live debut. Uh Yeah, they're that's it's been a while. Been a while for that

and uh I'll give you at least three others that have happened to you. Oh yeah. yeah. it's Oh yeah. Casper Wyoming for Long Road. Yes. And I'm going to I'm going to use Anthony's cheat to release from uh from I'm going to say that the off ramp. Damn

it got me beat you to it. Uh uh sometimes I think they played at the showbox. uh in September of Ninety-six. That was the show fan club show and I want to say that one of those Showbox shows from 2002 that they did. They opened with Can't Keep Live debut and I don't know about the earlier stuff but I assume that Wash and oceans were probably debuted as openers as well and uh May 10th 2000 of the Girl was a live debut at Mount Baker of course. Wow. Yeah, that's what we've already talked about that the other day.

Let's see. Yes. Shoe box. and twenty. 1996. that sometimes, right? But sometimes. Yeah. Wow. So, I mean, it's it's it's happened. It's been there. It's

been done before. It's it's definitely been capable of doing that but I mean, we're getting 220, I mean, two first two shows of this, you know, from coming back from 3 years, you get both shows have um a brand-new opener. I mean, I mean that's pretty I mean because we if you think about this Randy, I spoke to you and Dave, I haven't spoke to you when I first met him like oh it's going to be released. It's going to be the long road like we thought for sure and We haven't even heard those yet in two shows. No.

Yeah. I wonder what the play is here because it seems like if anything right now, this is a trend and originally, I had thought, okay, maybe they open up every show with the of the clairvoyance. It's just that song has that kind of vibe where it, you know, it has its spot in the set and and it makes sense uh but even playing at second, it still has that same type of vibe and retrograde being played there. Very interesting. I uh I think they're they're going to be better performances in retrograde but get to the end and how big that ending felt.

There was very, very cool for an opener and that's something that uh it reminds me of a little bit like Unt known mixed with infallible. It's like I guess the tone of infallible a little bit but the build of Anthony uh and I thought that that was very cool and uh I'd love to see them do it as an opener again. However, now this gets me thinking about trends and they have four Gigaton songs that they haven't played yet buckle up comes and goes.

Whoever said in River Cross, I have a feeling that two of those songs are going to be used as the next two opener because it's just been the trend for for the issues that is. What do you think those are going to be? Wait, wait, hold on. hold on. We gotta save that for Ohana Encore. that's going to be for the big uh don't we can't we can't we can't spill spill of water yet so I'm going to put a bell on this topic and we are going to move on to Encore. I'm going to pull up

the set list again for Encore so we can look that over. Um you know, over the encore with Let me sleep. Uh black Crazy Mary and Alive. You know, let me sleep being in that kind of that song that I don't think if you would have asked 200 Pearl Jam fans, what song they thought was going to be played that night. Um that could have

been a rare one. I don't think out of all those 200 fans, nobody would have said let me sleep Black with a great version of black uh Crazy Mary where like like Randy was saying before, you know, in the times of social distancing and keeping our space, there was no wine bottle passed down to the front row Sorry guys. And then live which you know, when I watched some of the live feed online, um it sounded like the crowd was really into it. There was a great picture online with everyone with a fist and they're you know, fist in the in the air and you know, it's just those are the moments that I live for as a Pearl Jam fan to kind of do that with the people around us. So it looked like to be an exciting time and based off what it would Nick was saying was that the crowd was pretty awesome. So uh it was good stuff all the way around when I look at that. Um

what do you what do you have to say about that Uh good old Randy Uh yeah IIII. Think it's all really good choices. I let me sleep is definitely something out of left field but look, I think a lot of people there, if you're lucky enough to have done and I actually do know one person that is like I I'm done with let me sleep and everybody has those songs that's like, okay, they never play this song but like for me, it's all night for some reason I've seen all night five times out of the twenty-one shows that I've went went to and they all happen like consecutively almost because they started playing it a lot in 2008. 2009 which is when I first started going to shows. So, but they've only

played that I believe 26 Times overall which is just like it's however, it's it is weighted more heavily in the last like 15 years or so uh but yeah, I think that that you know that that's definitely something that the crowd can put in their back pocket and be like, alright, you know, there's not a lot of collectors items here uh aside from the Gigaton stuff uh I'm always looking for. It's not stuff that's necessary but it's all, it's always good to have. um and you know, it's a little tough because the live streams that we're going around, we get it cut out before the Encore. So, getting black and crazy Mary and alive and hearing those uh you didn't get the full scope of what they were Um crazy Mary. I'm glad

that boom got a spotlight there. I think that that was really important. A lot of people came out and even I noticed uh from from see here now that it didn't seem like boom was on stage a whole lot and you know, Ed didn't really do his roll call thing where he goes, yeah, got to Mecca. He'd really do that at at either show and I'm just glad that boom got a moment because there were a lot of people and and people talking and people say **** but they're Josh is the replacement for boom. It's like

no nobody is replacing Boom Gaspar. Uh so glad that he gets his moment and uh you know you gotta talk about life here and not to, you know, not talk about black is black is unbelievable and I wish we would have gotten it in in Jersey. That's that's the one song that I would have probably said that's a guaranteed to get uh but Alive is it's very cool and you know, we're going to get to all the almost made it songs in a second but you have Andrew What who obviously is in the Earthlings and is very closely tied to what he's doing right now with his solo stuff and he comes out and he takes Mike's guitar and he does the solo and it's like an eight or 9 minute version of a live. They tear the house down to that night and almost so much so because they barely say goodbye to that crowd. You're talking to people uh through text. They're like, I don't

know if this is over. They they left II have no idea if this is over and then after a while because it's because it's a festival. there's not really like a house light situation.

So you don't get that feel of okay when the house lights go on that that's when you know to walk out but when they saw the crew uh take everything down, they're like, oh okay, it's over. So, ended a little abruptly which I thought was a little weird and you know, time restraints apparently at uh in Johanna Beach are very very strict and Ed wants to adhere to all of them. So, you know, because he's he's got this festival and he does this every single year and whether Pearl Jam plays or not. So he wants to maintain that relationship uh but you know III think that uh but also in a in a way that would work for next week because I feel They're going to have a better sense of what they can get in with the time and and a lot of the things that you're seeing right now, they're supposed to go on at 750. So, if they have 750 and

and some of the set times have changed to 11 o'clock to 1045, to 1030, uh like it's all over the place but uh we could get like a two and a half hour set there and we might get our traditional encore with stuff like Ledbetter and Finally do watchtower. Wow. Yeah. Well, I mean, we'll talk about that here in a minute but the songs come off but watch how it knocked off the list twice. 2 weeks in a row which is interesting. Um Shannon Shannon said, I heard the crowd even from the GA bleachers. the

bleachers came alive for giving a fly and was dedicated to Bc uh and better man. Um boom got to shine on crazy Mary Matt Bean says of the earth would be cool at in the Encore Um which I first of all, that's one of my favorite songs of course it would um and Brad says he's seen fatal four times. Which that's that's a really good one. Yeah, because I think that's only been played like seven or eight times. Yeah. Yeah. You know, do you want to know what song? I've heard them play every time they've played it which drives me bat **** insane. What is it? Oh, I don't

know. I'll give you, I'll give you a hint. Jeff Im sings it. You've seen both versions of Sweet Lou. I've seen every version of Sweet Lou and I and I sometimes I just that could be pulled from my memory and not a fan of that song. Um so Dave looking at the encore.

What are your thoughts about that? Any crazy, crazy stats coming up on your end for uh that we So, so let me sleep beginning out. You know, it it it's if you can consider it a Christmas song, right? So, I mean, it started out in like October, December, then basically July. So, Christmas in July in 2014, 2016 three, three times in 2020 sixteen and then they're just throwing it out there. Now, it's just like 2018 was in August and then now in September, you know, it's they're just putting it wherever they feel and what whatever. Like it like you said it was uh for the homeless, right. So that He has a feeling why he wants to play it now.

It's not really just. oh, it's it's a Christmas song. Um we're going to play around then Definitely, definitely. So, yes. I mean, for Encore, go

ahead. Now, I was just going to say, I think that the Wrigley one had the same feel to it. I think Ed said, he wrote the song or had the idea of writing the song when he was living in Chicago and would be waiting for some ways uh while in the cold and that that I think that was kind of the idea of it. So that Ridley 2016 uh that was kind of a flashback to that.

So, I just wanted to add that in. Okay, well, I think that's what we're we're going to ring the bell on Encore and move on over to almost made. I'm going to pull the set list up again and Randy let's talk about the songs that almost made the the show never destination. Uh got the first show. Missed the cut

here. Um yeah, like that that middle section. you just don't know. That's eleven songs right there. You you have you think

you have more but you gotta look at the clock and you gotta say something's gotta go. If we gotta be done at 1030 and uh what would you cut after even flow? Oh, that's a good question. If we could swap songs on here, right? Like if I was to keep never destination, what would I cut in place of of that or state love and trust and watchtower for me, I watch We're in Charlottesville was amazing. Like they went off on

that. So, for me, I would cut crazy Mary and do a live into Watchtower That's not, that's not the worst idea in the world. Yeah, I think that that's uh uh III. You know, they're going to do watchtower at some point this this weekend but uh you know, like going going back to the the main thing but immortality given a fly evolution better, man. you don't cut those are like uncut songs unless you are going to replace them with uh things like State eleven trust elderly Woman because I believe those were the audibles that came out to see here now Correct. So, I mean, but definitely good stuff. What do you think, Dave?

If you had a chance to cut it, I was going to say cutting watch tower and just having the end on a live. You know, they've only closed like they've only closed a show eighteen times with a live That's ridiculous. Wow. Like so many. like AI was one of the most popular songs played out there. So, I mean, time is is is a no-brainer. I don't think they would have cut anything else. Um you know, sorry to say

they cut the state but you know II would have like I did the last show. It's something you needed to go. Yeah. So, we're going to say Anthony. No, I was going to say if you could cut a song and add one of those songs that were cut, what would you have done? There's a lot of songs they haven't played yet and they haven't played anything. from

uh several albums, any of the 2000s album. Yeah. Oh **** You are crazy. So, they haven't played anything but from Binaural Riot Act uh you know, avocado backer, uh Lightning Bolt. I mean, they just threw in. Let me see. That's the only thing that crossed off. That's the only thing we've lost dogs on there. Yeah. Wow. So, I

mean, light years got crossed off in Jersey and then uh Un, no one was an audible. Wow. Yeah. I mean, I'm pretty sure they're going to pick like they've been doing like, you know, maybe one, two songs to try to get some. although these are festivals. So they're going to be going for like the most popular songs that everybody wants to hear but being the fans that we are, I've I want to get I want to get some riots, avocado backspace or or whatever. Sure. Well, you know,

it's funny Dave You're throwing all these stats out, right? And all these stats are coming from a great place and that place is live. Footsteps. Let me hit the music. Take a walk down the hall. Follow those footsteps back to yesteryear or all the way back to the off ramp. My footsteps did. Oh, what they

had to do to bring you a set list archive, A pro Jam live statistics. It's searchable, customizable, and personalized stats so you can find what you're looking for, find that obscure played count. debut. It's tags, intros, rarity, index, and much more. Discover

set list song and show stats, venue and location breakdowns all at your fingertips. Check out Live to satisfy your PJ curiosity. This is a website that we use here at the Touring Van Live to consistently look for all of our stats because that is the only place that we trust when it comes to factual information about the band. So, definitely check out Live

because they've worked his **** off on that There's a commercial that was slick there. Very nice. Slick. You like that? I like that. There was a point where I'm like, **** I can really throw this good time in and right now, that's right. So now we get to our next segment. Gigaton. Um I

am going to throw this off by saying we only have four songs left before the whole album's played and it's interesting because I don't know and and Dave, you'd be the person to answer this if if we do get all of the songs played by by the first show, The third show of this little tour they're doing is that the quickest the bands ever played an entire album because I think this might be it because even like, well and well, no, I take it back. The first album was played basically in two shows. Yeah. So, yeah. Okay. take the scratch that off. Forget that

but there but talking back to me but it is interesting for the latter albums though. Yes. Because you have like no code and and they went years without playing. I'm open and yield. They went years without playing a lot like Low Light took 4 years to play or something like that and that's now a staple within the set list and that's crazy. uh II you know, I think binaural it took them a little longer to play parting ways. Uh uh Riot Act. I think uh you know what? There was definitely one from probably Arc that kind of found its way in the middle of that tour um and you know III think there are some other ones that well actually let's go back to the most recent album before gig. It's on

Lightning Bolt. um getaway was one that they didn't debut until I believe a Charlotte show in 2013 which was like one of the last of the first leg which is very weird because I think that was the song that I said all along. That's that's the one I wanted to see live from the album and and that's the only one that I haven't seen live from that album. So, it is it is there's kind of a sense. it's a good life It's it

is. It's you're right. It's not great live. It has kind of a rhythm to uh where stone kind of is. It doesn't sound exactly like his rift on the album but I wonder, I really wonder if whoever said is going to end up being the getaway where they're just uncertain of how to how to make it work. I'm not sure but III bring that to the table here. and it was Charlotte. uh October 30th 2013 Getaway live debut. Yeah. bread asked this

question a little while. You're going back to it real quick. Um he said for an opener uh with it. he said, buckle up as an opener. What are your thoughts

on that with his last with these last four songs? Yes, because it's simultaneously going to piss off after the fan base and the other half is going to love it. That is it seems to be uh the song on the record that divides the fan base the most. I don't know what like what what is it about buckle up that people just hate and II am on the love it side right here. Love love it. I I love it. Um I think it's great.

It's obviously a very much a stone song uh and it just has this very like eerie vibe to it. Almost like you get kind of like a uh uh a weird experimental Beatles vibe out of it and you know, the song has it's just it's just such a cool progression uh and obviously fits in sort of on the B side and and after you get like a lot of the electric rocking stuff that's sort of the endcap and going into more uh comes and goes which is acoustic than Rivers which is a pump or song uh but Maybe that's why people aren't into it. Maybe that's where they kind of dip out of the album a little bit but III happen to really like it. Dave, what's the best? What's the last four songs that haven't been played yet? We have um buckle up. We

have whoever said comes and goes River Cross and I'm going to say this Randy, you're over there. You're you're on the like it side. I'm on the side that I don't like it. Buckle up. Anthony. What about you? I

do like buckle up. Um 121. Yes. Sorry. Sorry. Um no, to be honest with you, I really did love this entire album. um and

I think that if we were heard this song before, we heard it on Cd, I think we'd have different emotions about it but having it grow on us over time, I think has really made me fall in love with it a little bit more and appreciate the the chord progression and the difficulty that comes along with that song. Um but looking at this list of songs that are left. Um I think Rivers up. One of the encores. Um I would say

probably set for the first show. I would say Saturday night opens up the Encore um comes and goes, man, that's that's that's a song where it's like, where does it fit in? Like where does that song naturally fit in before and after? It's like where where is that Where where's the bread in that sandwich that really makes it fit Well, because that is a different, it's a different song than most of the songs I've done before. So, if you're tuning in right now, the song comes and goes, where do you see that being played in a set list? Like where do you think is the best place for that song to be played before and after song. Encore opener. closer. What do you think? Um buckle up. That's enough. I just want

to throw that out there with it comes and goes real quick. Uh you know, I don't think I don't think I don't think it's in the main set. I think it is in the Encore and I think it's just one of those because it's it's Ed Solo and it's a long song. They have to cut a verse of it to like it's almost a 6 minute long song and that's my I like the song but that's my only criticism of it is just one course too long and I Like that's going to be one that people are going to. It's going to continue going on and on. It doesn't have like any significant changes or anything like that. that kind of you

know, like just basically uh uh makes makes you kind of like whoa, okay. they did something a little different that they don't have it. There's nothing in that song. Plus, it's just a so I think a lot of people will see that and be like especially for arena shows if it does get played arena shows they'll be like uh this is the pits on uh II. You know, I don't want to. I don't like saying Pittsburgh songs but it's just it's the way it is. Um but yeah, that I think you're right. That's the

toughest because you kind of have to do it where the band is not on stage where it's Ed solo for like a little bit. He either does like a solo just and then goes into it or something like that. I think it's weird when the band plays and then leaves stage and then Ed does a solo thing. I think that's a little bit strange so yeah that that might be the weirdest of the bunch to fit in. So, in the comments on

here. Um uh whoever said could be a good opener that was from Shannon um comes and goes and starts the first encore um uh Sam uh uh says it is he thinks it's the first song of an encore just breathe into comes and goes. Uh Jennifer says I love it in the middle for comes and goes and then Ryan Blackwell says First Encore. I think the lyrics are engaging enough to appreciate the simplicity. Sorry it's a great

tune. Don't be sorry. It is a great tune. Just some people, some people. Yeah, I appreciate it. We'll we'll leave those

people nameless. I didn't say it. I say I'll appreciate it. I'm just saying. I think that I

think that a lot of people will see kind of solo ed and especially in arenas and they'll be like uh you know what I've heard the first verse. I'm good. Like let's let's move on and that some people is not me. I make a point not to do that stuff but just getting the general sense of things. Alright, so Randy,

you said that buckle up can open the show Correct? I think so. Yeah, I think so. So, I think, you know, we were said we could open our show. You know, it opens the album, right. So, whoever said, yeah, buckle up. River Cross, One of

those three, I think can open a show. I think Rivers if they just put the lights down and have a dark and have just come out there with a pump organ and just start playing that. I think that's going to be like such an emotional, you know, start to a show and then just put the on him and have the other guy has just come on stage and just keep on going. I mean, it did rivers solo before it became a full band song. So, why not do that? I actually going thinking about it now. He

did rivers a couple of times when he when he did a solo tour. I think one of those times he he did it as an opener and if it wasn't an opener, it might have been the second song in and uh we don't have an and a database for live footsteps even though it's something something that's been requested. I'm sure it's been many times and it'll be eventually There needs to be manpower on those things. Yeah, I know. Uh but I have a feeling

that he maybe it was at the time where he called the song Cross River that he opened one of the solo shows with it. So, look, if it's going to work for a solo show, uh I think it absolutely could work for a Pearl Jam show. I'm I'm I'm in with those three opening the show That's why I think it's so intriguing that what they're going to do this weekend if they're going to follow suit with those debuts. Yeah, you minus 7 o'clock which I didn't think they were ever going to play that before I saw it. See

her now but now, seeing how they're playing it and how it's kind of, it's not really about Trump anymore. It's about kind of it generalize the issues in the world today. Um these last four songs really emphasizes Rivers comes and goes whoever said and buckle up. I mean, those are three songs that in theory are going to have a difficulty on being put on a set list without having to rearrange some things around it. um in my opinion and I think this could be something that we see for one tour and these songs are are going to be like I don't you'll see them as often when the new album comes out. These are going to be songs. I think that are album

songs in my opinion. Yeah. Yeah. Like all those backspace or songs like uh you're going to see my friends and Johnny Guitars and uh Super Sonics of the world that didn't really uh return after the album came out. Yeah, I hear you on that one so that I think tops off uh Gigaton and we're going to go to Rare Gem and Dave, I'm going to give you the full reign on this one for Rare Gem We're starting out with the festival show. So, you're going to get

the the highlights of all the uh the tens, the verses and all the early albums that they that everybody loves. So, there wasn't a whole lot of rare songs in this. I mean, sure. we already talked about Let Me Sleep which before the show was only seven times before. you

know, this one was the eighth and like we said, it was, you know, it's it was a Christmas kind of song. So, you know, it's only a limited amount of time you're going to be able to hear that. Um they pulled it out a few times. So, seven times before the show. Uh red Mosquito seems to be getting some love um before the show was eighty-nine times before that um and you know IIII want to hear it more. I mean, if if

Danny keeps on, you know, following the band around and taking their photos maybe we'll get it a few more times. maybe I'll bring out the harmonica or playing some more you know, I'd I I'd probably get tired of it if it's on every show but um and then I got You know, 150 Times before Ohana. Um you know, that doesn't that that's quite a bit for you know, some of the other songs for being rare but for this show, it's been nineteen shows since still that was in 2018 but you know that they're stuck in the stuff that they've been playing the last few years. You know, they they haven't really had a whole lot of time you know, after COVID to get together and start you know practicing you know, let's do this, do that. So, you know, that that's I think that's probably the the longest. since um song since um

even even uh see her now. Guys, let me ask you. Dave. um red mosquito. I think we talked about this a little little bit in the uh when we were preparing for this but when was the last time Because you have to go back to the Fenway show that kind of ended off the home away shows in 2018 and they did it with Danny Clinch there uh but uh it's been played three shows in a row now when was the last time that they played that three shows in a row Alright. So, three times in a row. uh it

would've been uh 2019 and that was when Ben Harper was with them a lot. 2000 2009. 2009, sorry, 2009. Uh um New Zealand. Uh Australia. You know, California shows you they played pretty much all of those shows. back to back to back. Uh couple in there are five shows between. So, yeah, the twenty

uh 2009 So, it's been it's been a bit of a comeback. That's right. It's going to bite you in the **** What it's going to do. It's going to bite you in

the **** That was that was a mosquito bite joke. Just in case anybody was curious on that one. I didn't didn't didn't go over as well as I wasn't. Thanks. That's alright.

I'll I'll I'll take it. I'll take it. Oh, my **** is covered. I don't know about

yours but yeah. Well, you only see this time, this part of the video. I don't I don't I'm business on top and party on the bottom. Um But on that note, I'm going to ring the bell and we are going to go to merch. Randy. Ohana was the

king of merch. If you were a merch fan and you want to see her now, you might have been a little disappointed in not going to It depends on what kind of merch you like. This was this was uh I don't think we've seen stuff like this before. the rug

and and you know what? I'll I'll give the rug a lot of credit. That was a cool dog. Uh if I had room and and money and and you know, if I was able to get my hands on that II might think about that like that is not a bad thing to have but the towel I just, why would anybody want a pearl jam to And I thought to myself when when we were kind of making fun of this and uh in one of our group chats I was kind of saying a lot. I'm like, you know what? Their audience right now, they're all like gen Xers who are parents and who are, you know, reaching their their mid 40s and 50s uh that need household items like that and if they can get household items that say pearl jam on them, they're going to go right after them. So, you know, maybe there's a market for this. maybe there's like curtains and lampshades and I'm just looking around my house. I could use a pack and play a pearl Jam pack and play that would great for for uh my my 3 month old. Uh

how about a pearl jam fridge? What a pearl jam fridge look like. You know, it's so quick story about the Rugs. Um a friend of mine was in was in the front of the line. They

they had forty Rugs total for the uh for the weekend. and I believe so they sold like a twenty a day at 350 $350. The the friend of mine. Oh wow. That's a lot. It was $350 to the Rugs. It was five foot

Rugs. It was a thick it's it's a it's not a cheap Rugs either. It's a real thick heavy Rugs. Uh my buddy called the airline and see what would it cost to get home. Uh he was flying back to Atlanta and it was going to cost him another $205 because it's oversized five foot lug So, he did not purchase the rug. um with the towel. We've actually if if you pay attention to ten club newsletter um about 6 months ago, this was a giveaway. Um

they were giving away a towel and a mere water bottle with the uh Pearl Jam logo on it with the heartbeat logo that going across it. Um and this was a surprise to many because it showed up not in the beginning of Saturday but but later on in the day, I'm sorry, Sunday the last day um it showed up and I will tell you this. So, I am a man of merch. I have buyer's remorse and everything and I've done it ever since. The Pro Gym twenty backpack that I've been allure to getting and it's been driving me nuts for forever.

So, what I do is every time I go to a show, the first show of the tour, I put the credit card down and I say one of everything. I did it this last show and I always do it So, the last show, if you were to buy everything at See Her Now Festival, it rang just a little over $600 to get every single thing there in my size. If I was to buy one of everything at Ohana including Eddie's stuff because I would have done Eddie's stuff, Pearl Jam stuff including the rug and towel and everything that was there, it would've ran. it would've it would've reached $1241 to purchase one of everything at that festival and my wife told me that if I would have done that, that the door would have been locked on the way home. So, uh maybe I'm glad I didn't cut it on Yeah, that's uh but you know, like you're buying one of everything but you're not taking into account that a lot of the merch from shows were the same like they had the same rat II. believe the same rat one. Uh they had the same

hoodie, the hoodie that I got uh had you know what like the dragon head. Yeah that that that's the one and uh it says see here now and Ohana on the back of it. So there are a couple of things that could probably knock you down to like eight 900 Maybe. If you remove just two hoodies and two T shirts, that's 65. 65. It's 120. That's no, that's it

brings down like 1100 Bucks. Yeah. So, I didn't I didn't see, I didn't see the towel. What was the towel? So, the towel is made by this company. It's a it's a new company that uses like plastics from the ocean to recycle to make Towels and it is it's the it's basically the the northern lights long ways and then on the bottom it has Pearl gem.

It's it's actually you know, I would have bought it by that but I do buy everything. Um I would have bought that over the rug. I don't think I would have bought the rug because I know that that would have I would have gotten divorced. I would have thought that, you know, if it was like a beach towel or something like that, would it make sense? Could I rather be at all? Maybe that would have made more sense. We have board shorts and stuff like that. So, I mean IIII board shorts are weird. I was almost going to

get them but I didn't. So I was like, dude because everybody was saying that it was it was like a small, medium, large but there's no like whatever it worked at. for me. So, like I'm losing weight right now. So, no, I was going to get so I bought a forty

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