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How. Do you like my face when I'm setting. The tension on my evertune, bridge guitar. What's. Up ladies, and gentlemen of youtube. I'm homeland. And today I'm. Very excited, because I, have, a special omission, that I got from a, little metal, band called at the gates they. Are using. Fractal. Ax8. Pedals, after. I recommended. Them and, they. Asked if I could set up their live sound, and you. Know I'm a good guy I say, yes so of course I'll help them out a little bit not, because I'm a big fan of the band it's. Just that I I'm a nice guy that's just how it is it's yeah. Exactly, so this, video will be showing. Me. Setting. Up an axe 8 sound, from, scratch so. What they've told me is that they need a very basic type of preset. That, has a rhythm, tone a clean. Tone I'm. More broken up kind of tone more with a little, bit a clean with a little, bit more gain than the lead tone so, basically. It's what, I already have, when I play with the Haunted and. The. Way they're gonna hook it up and the way I hook it up with the hornet is that I bring the. Axe a pal and then I hook it up to an effects, loop of an amplifier like, this one around Satan, I think they're gonna use pv, amps so, it will be a little bit different but I'm, hooking, it up to the effects loop of the roundel statements on using a power amp section of the Satan into a cabinet and then they mock it up live but, I'm also gonna do a direct. Sound with, an impulse response, so, worst, case scenario, if they get to a gig where. For some reason they cannot use, amplifier. Or you know cabinets, and microphones. They can go direct to front of house and have as good, sound as if they would use a cab, and a powerup so. Yeah. I'm gonna start it will you see how this video fares I have no idea how this will end up I don't have a strategy so. Yeah. We'll just see how it goes but, before I start doing this video I, urge. You, to, subscribe, to my channel please help, a guy out okay I put a lot of effort into making these videos if you like him please subscribe, and push. That Bell button down there as well to get the notifications. Whenever I upload a video and yeah. I'll wait for a little bit and you subscribe, okay. Okay. Thank you so, let's, start up at. The. Pat the gates. At. The, gates so, and then we also have to have QuickTime, available, so you will see what I'm doing. When. I'm adjusting. Adjusting. The, preset, the. Acquirements, bailing that's where it is okay. Let's do this what. I have right now is my main preset, for the haunted which, is basically one preset, containing, four different, scenes, this. Is the, son of the Haunted preset. And. As you can see the. Way I have it set up is that I have a single. Path going like this and then. Over. Here you can see there's a cab impulse, response, that goes to the main output basically but before that I have a small little signal, path going to the effects loop output so this is where I hook. Up the effects loop of an amplifier so.

Basically. I have two different outlets okay one, without the cabinet impulse response and one with okay, so yeah. Okay. Let's start. With, save. To, a new preset, number, because. That's what I do yeah. Can. I what. Save. Our. Youth, are you sure yes, I am and, let's. Call it de. Add, the. Gates. Preset. Maybe. I'll share this okay, and. Worth mentioning is that I've been listening to the new at the gates album, just to get a type. Of idea on how the sound is gonna be like and. For. Them it's more about being you, know more. Thick, and, you. Know chunky. Maybe not necessarily as tight that's like the. Sound I go for when I play with the haunted so, it's, gonna be a Gainey type of sound and I'm I, kind of have a good idea on how, it's supposed to sound so let's just hope I find something. Of, course it will be a little bit different too because obviously they're, not using Satan's for, their their effects loop and they're not using Duncan. Solar pickups they're using solar guitars, by the way but, they're using a, special. Model that has Fishman pickups in it so they have active, pickups so, let's start off I want to go fresh, so let me try something completely. New. And see what's up. Okay. Recto. Red too modern, maybe. Not. They. Used a PV Herbert I'm on the food Osama so let's see, if we should go with that. I think. We have to reset, the amplifier let's do that, can. I shut. Who. And, that's too much. Okay, let's let me try not around before I see it we find something okay. Angel. Sit here. Coward. All, right I kind, of fell in love with this dust medal. Okay. Let me hear how it's salsa. Pretty, good. Okay. Let's talk let's start there okay. Okay. So what, I'm after is to make a sound that. Depending. On the power amp that the gates are using, that, they can change the amp settings just by using these knobs up here and that, they do not have to go inside and. Edit. Inside, the ax8 so, let's. See if we can. It. Seems like it works. Okay. Let me see the lead. See. How that fares. Definitely. Too much the way. So. What I'm doing here on my lead tone this is copy from the Haunted preset that I have is that I activate, a driver, and the compressor, just to add even. Just. To add even more game, to. The, the. Amplifier, and the lead tone and. I'm. Also adding. EQ. A parametric, EQ afterwards, that, has just, one DB, added, game but it should be a little, bit more just as a you know a lead boost let. Me see if I have something here oh it's just for that okay so I can. Shut. Up a. Little. Bit too much of D let's. See. Can. I do this. Do. A little peak. Peak. Yeah. I'm just pulling. Down around, three. And four fosston hurts just, to make it a little bit more enjoyable to listen to the lead tone otherwise it's gonna peak. Okay. Save. Let. Me see okay. So. So. Going from scene one which is the rhythm. To. Lead. It. Can use a little bit more boost that's for sure. Almost. 5 dB let's try that. And. The reason why I'm not using another. Amp block is because. We're. Not a preset, with, another different, type of amplifier for, the leads is. Because, if you change between presets. There's a slight lag inside. The presets, and but. If you keep the, same app block and. Switch. Scenes instead. You won't get that. Small. Little, hiccup. In between, presets. So. That's, why I keep the same map and then just you know try to sculpt, the sound the rhythm sound into, a lead sound instead a. One, thing I wanted to try out before, I venture into the clean is, to see if they have, can. I remove, the pitch here because I don't think they they. Need that okay. That, removes a lot of the CPU. Processing, so but. What I wanted to try out was. One, of the enhancer. Thingies. And see if it makes it different.

What. I think the enhancer, does is basically doubling. The signal making a little bit wider sounding, but, the. Change. Is very slight. I'll, leave that in there if they want to use it they can use it okay, save. This okay. Let's try to clean them. And. As. You can see I'm, using a, little. Bit of drive compressor. Chorus. And. The. Amp, in, Y. Mode and for. That I'm using the USA, pre clean so. And. If I switch off the drive it becomes a lot more cleaner. Maybe, ask for this one sounds good okay. Let's, see if we can find another clean, amplifier. It's. This. Plexi. Maybe. I. Usually. Go for defender cleans. Let's. See if I find one. Yeah. Look but the concert, or the tweed, bass. Guy let's try this one. That's. Nice. All. Right that's, cool I think that took wanna. See the camera okay. So I'm almost like, 15, minutes, 50. Minutes okay. Into this and yeah, I think it sounds pretty good now. The. Real challenge here, is to hear, how, they. Actually sound with this priests and using Fishman pickups and you know other. Fingers, down my own and I'm, not a power and for sure so it'll definitely take a little bit of after, tweaking, of the preset, when, they get everything set, up and they try everything out in in, in a life situation of, course so yeah. I'll. Definitely share, this preset, with you guys if you liked it and, yeah. Be sure please, be sure to subscribe my channel, don't be a douchebag subscribe. And if you like this video put a thumbs up, and. And. Okay. Guys thank you so much for watching see you next time.

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I don't know if the point was to make tones that sounded like At The Gates but if it was, that sounded nothing like At The Gates...

And you didn't let us know they're using your guitars huh :D So , it's logical they would come to the guy who had a hand in making them

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Thank you for the video. As an AX8 owner it is always interesting to see how people dial tones.

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Ho god the preset is not compatible with the Axe-FX II (at least the firmware I use right now). I'm kind of disappointed about that because it divides the Fractal community...

You can use an utility called Fractool to convert this preset to Axe2 format, search the fractal audio forum. Please don't speak for all the Fractal community, Ola is not dividing nothing LOL! Ola and others share their presets for free, this is a nice gesture, they deserve some respect, not uninformed complains.

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Yep I understand that, I thought the same actually! More subscribers don't always come from hard/quality work, I really hope he will reach much more people and make more money from this channel! I think he should team up with Kmac2021 lol DO IT LOLA!

Dan you are exactly right! I just left that comment because lately in his videos I have noticed he has been asking more about his lack of subscribers, I just thought I would leave my opinion on the matter. By no means was I trying to attack Ola's work philosophy for YouTube.

Ola started this whole youtube thing and he is also quite easily the best guy (speaking about video/sound production quality and gear review), everybody came after Ola. No stupid moaning about brands for no reason, you give him something and he will find a way to make it sound good, he can play! :D Sure, that way he would have more subscribers but I'm sure he can find a better way. If you are looking for reviews and you STUMBLE across Ola, something about your search function isn't working properly :D Actually, Ola did some collaborations in the past years, for example with Keith Merrow, both great and qualified musicians/gear reviewers. All the "new guys" should credit him in their videos, as a sign of respect towards the amazing job he did before anybody else, inspiring and teaching them how to do it. But good things are constantly coming for Ola, selling all of his Solar guitars is a proof of that and I'm super happy for him, I follow him since the beginning and I've seen his dedication and progress first hand. Sorry for the rant, I just love Ola, in fact from now on I will call him LOLA, a mix between the word Love and Ola.

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My band and I are recording using a Boss JS-10 eband, Im struggling to get a tone that works, I play in drop A. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hola Ola- I’m an uber driver in Las Vegas. I picked up Marcos boss last month while they were on vacation in vegas and it was really cool to get to know them for a few minutes while I dropped them off at their hotel. Anyway what is your favorite preset you use on jam up pro desktop?

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selecting right impulse is a worst thing ever... a lot of them made by potatoes who doesn't know how to mic a cab. Too much annoying mids or too much wrong low end because cab was on shitty floor or near a wall, or early reflections because room was a shit and etc etc etc. Imho for band like ATG the best way is a kemper. Took it into a studio, match album tone, done.

They have a Quick List folder. You can find what mic combinations you like and then go from there. Takes a while, for sure. You do end up with probably 15-20 files out of thousands.

I tried them a bit. It's really hard to look at 20,000 files and think, in this there might be 1 or 2 or 20 I need to find, as well as whatever settings on my amp might complement them, and I have to find them at the same time. I know it's not my fault but it makes me feel fucking stupid.

Ownhammer impulses sounds strange for my opinion.

Nothing wrong with 2x12. They have less bass, but are generally tighter. I don't think they'd work if you're doing doom or sludge, but if you're doing less gainy, more precise stuff they're great.

2x12 are no no

The Zilla Cabs are killer, go for it.

Glenn I own an axe8 for about four months now and ownhammer impulses are the ones I like the most .

The only impulses I haven't tried and have any hope for are Ownhammers. Thinking about trying Heavy Hitters pack 2 soon.

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Legendary band. Great sounds.

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Dude! The metal Gear Solid Sfx are hilarious! Would you recommend going with the ax8 with amps as you describe in this video or an amp with two notes speaker emulator?

So ... you've been listening to the new At the Gates album, huh? Got it early it seems. Huh ... goodforyou goodforyou. Reeeeally happy for you. Really. Doesn't the fact that you're not using the same pickup, amp, cab setup make a huge difference? Shouldn't the sound you've constructed be drastically different once they plug into their setup?

How dare you Whitney! I watch to the end of all your videos (although maybe not before commenting). I still think my point stands since there's so many differences in the sound chain. The active pickups alone are going to change the tone so much. IDK though, I defer to you. You're 10,000 times more qualified that I am on the issue.

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Hola Señor Ola, I was wondering why you're using a M160 instead of a SM57. I'm not a recording expert or a mic guru whatsoever, but my understanding is that SM57 is a more common choice? Just curious, the sound you get out of the M160 is killer anyway, so whatever.

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Hi Ola! if you want a direct switch to clean, try to bypass the Amp block and shape your clean tone with a EQ instead, leave the Cab block on as it shape the sound too. this method is 100% lag free.

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I've never been impressed with any presets I've gotten from Axe Exchange. I think it's because theres too many variables that come into play when making presets. The guitar and pickups used are different than mine, the players finger tone, the speakers or cab they made it with, etc. I've always had better results making my own. I want to see what they thought of this preset! haha

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Awesome!! loved the Tones \m/

egregion he uses it as the amp so he doesnt have to lug a tube amp around at smaller shows like he did in sweden. He just took the Ax8 and had his tone in a footbox.

Jeremy Schiesser sure it wasnt jcm800 with the Hm2?

I know what I'm doing as soon as my shoulder is good enough to start playing again!!

Just try the Enhancer AFTER the Cab block ;)

Why I put it before the cab block is because I mainly play with a real amp and cab. That’s why it’s placed before the fx loop out

They're all too dark. I'm running a 6262 head into a DI box and a handmade dummy load into my DAW. I'm trying to replicate, for example the tone in Whitechapel's New Era Of Corruption. At 1:25 of Reprogrammed To Hate there is a break where the guitar clearly reaches to just over 7k. None of the impulses in the Recto 412 70-watt V30 pack have meaningful content above 5.2k. The guitars in this album reach to a little over 7k before falling off. The Rosen Digital OS Rectifier impulses, on the other hand, are almost a perfect match for the album tone on FL Studio's top bar sectrograph, at least from 2k up.

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Hi! Greetings from Argentina Currently I use my Ax8 with an ironheart the problem is that when I go to tour /travel it is quite uncomfortable, what option do you recommend as a power amp (pedal), I thought inseymour duncan powerstage 170, (you recommend it? but no it stereo)

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Ola Englund, you make amazing videos, thank you, I have a shit ton of questions, some that could turn into tutorial videos and others that are probably just for me specifically but lets start with this, When you are making a video for us, lets say like the the At The Gates AX8 tone dialing video, what's signal chain of the audio we are hearing? Specifically the two elements, your voice and the the guitar sound? I know you tell us what mic you are using in front the cab when using it, but to get such clarity from both you guitar sound and your voice without an obvious mic for your voice present in the video makes me ask this question being such a novice to this world of home studio recording. I only have a Boss BR-800 as my interface using garage band, but my guitar gear is of high quality, EVH 5150 III, Mesa Boogie Roadster, Randall XL cab with V30's, Dime Slime Bumble Bee Razorback with a seymour duncan blackout preamp in it, Jackson Kelly, Jackson flying V, Schecter Hellraiser, ESP eclipse, and an Ibanez RG, using either Audix I5 mic, or a Shure 57, or both in front of the cab. Does it really just come down to having a good interface with good mic preamps, like the apollo twin? Are you post processing the audio of the guitar in the audio of the video? I could go on, because I'm literally trying to learn how do this by myself but get frustrated and unfortunately impatient with some of the geeky videos I've found.

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Ola! Discovered you channel a few days ago, been watching a lot of videos since then. Cool stuff! Been a metalhead since the early 90s myself. The Six Feet Under album with you on it is the best one since the first one and better than any since. I am going to check out Feared, must admit I haven't heard any of it before. Bought the first Hauntef CD when it first came out and always thought that was a great band. Later dude.

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Would be cool if you did a tab video for the old at the gates.. with fear i kiss the burning darkness or the red in the sky is ours..

Ola you said in the video that there is a small hickup when changing scenes that have different amps. So why did you chose a different amp for the clean tone?

18:35 reminded me of the Tristam theme in Diablo.

Are those gummy bears on your Fractal AX 8?

i'll say you'll dial better if you tuned to B Standard....once you change tunings...tone is different because frequencies change...i realized that redialing my Boss Katana, and i still can't get my tone with the Katana 100 1x12...

haha.. you got me.. sucscribed 10 seconds before you waited for me and then had to laugh hard :D

Hey Ola, I'm looking into buying the axe8 but the only question that remains is how far can you go before the device disables blocks due to high cpu usage. Could you go about this? pretty please? Greetings from Chile :)


so is that cab impulse running from the fx loop into your actual cab? Is that like two cabs? O_o

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