Did I hit it BIG in VEGAS? Or go home empty handed?

Did I hit it BIG in VEGAS? Or go home empty handed?

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Okay. So we finally, made it to Viva, Las Vegas from San Diego California after, a long long. Super, long and boring. Drive, we're. Finally, here, Las. Vegas Nevada okay, I don't know about you but I'm ready to get it checked in and let's get this party started. Those. Of you traveling with babies, I have a travel hack here, okay. You. Just get these, two. Couches together, like so and you put a happy baby in the middle. We've. Just got the biggest just. Checked in we've got settled in in our room and now, we're gonna go head. Out to the pool. Full. Time full time me, and the little guy matching, matchy let's. Check out our gear here Oh, magic. Okay. Welcome back from the pool, it was super. Cold below, zero freezing. Okay. So now for, these weather yes, it was hot outside but, it was way, too cold, so now we're headed back to the room. You. We, just got done with the pool it. Was real fun nice, and hot out there but the water was freezing below. Zero so. We. Headed back to the room got, ready as you can see our little outfit, change here okay. Today. Is Mexican. Independence Day, Plus Canelo. Is fighting, triple G for the second time so. Team. Canelo we're. Gonna go check out maybe. Something, to eat right now maybe, play a couple games maybe place a little bet so. Let's. See what we get into. Get. The party started, when, I walk along a little foreplay something, to watch the Canelo fight that, they. Let babies into for that little baby. So. As you might know Canelo, took, the win the Big W. Celebrate. Spicy. Really, good my Gracie. Go, spicy. Nice. And juicy it's not dry. Subscribe. Okay. That's day one now day two tomorrow. We're gonna see what it has to offer us we'll probably go to the strip and. We're definitely need some rest tonight but uh I see, what it has to offer us cool, for sure yes, again. Here, we go day two, we decided, to get up not. Too early but uh somewhat. Early for Vegas standards, to, go to the pool and. We'll, check out the pool. Distract. Check. It out still, just kind of early Vegas Tanner so we'll see if it's packed or not I wanted. To hit up the slide yesterday but, I forgot my little uh screen. Protector, so we'll see if I hit up the slide today and. Then, definitely hit up the strip today and, get, something to eat of course. It's game time about, it go down the slide little. Bit nervous but it doesn't look like it goes too fast but just the water is just freezing, so. Here, we go let's do it. Made. It. The, survivor. Your second time in the pool. Yesterday. Wasn't, his first time. Great. Bah-bah hello. We, are still, at the pool we thought about going to a strip, but. I'm. Having a great year great. Time chilling, and relaxing a. Couple. Of these things, right here living. A good life. Thinking. About moving out here to Las Vegas. Not really but. Uh we're. Just chillin you know I don't know about the strip today we'll see maybe. Later I don't know. We. Just got done with the pool it, was fine, great times, now we wanted to head over to the strip, but. I made a little football bet and it fell and hopefully. If. Cowboys. Wane, we. Could possibly make. 720. Dollars okay so $60. Goes a long way if you pick a three-team, parlay. So hopefully. Cowboys. Win I'm a Cowboys, fan but, hopefully they will him so you win some money now, come. With us so, depending, if you, know Cowboys, win or not depending, if we're gonna eat steak and lobster or, if a bunch of McDonald's, so hopefully they win and you know we have some good dinner, tonight on the strip okay so cross. Your fingers yes. We. Are here at the Bellagio garden, and every month there you have a new theme and this. Month it is Thanksgiving, so we're here checking out the Thanksgiving at fault stuff, and it looks for the cooler we're checking, it out we like it in, this very real flowers, and real flowers people so all the flowers you see a real, except, those huge gigantic. Leaves that they're hanging up right now so. Those, for you who don't know I was in the military was a lot of time ago long long time ago I got out 2005, I was in the Army for a little bit I did the whole Iraq thing and everything but what I wanted to bring up here in Vegas was if, you're a veteran, you, get em, live, pearl and you get a couple purch like free, self-parking and stuff like that so that's, why I got it and we. Get too far for free in any em life casinos, which is villagio MGM. Delano. Aurea Circus.

Circus All that good stuff so if, you're a vet you know go ahead and get your pearl status. That, way you don't have to pay for parking. All, right you guys, we. Thought we had the winning ticket but. Guess. What. Psych. We just want, 720. Bucks yeah. Right. Here in front of McDonald's, we're about to do our celebration, happy dance winning money dance you go first - tada. And. Celebrate, yes until, the ratio that a good win. I would, look for a spa. 700. Within that one of Mickey D's we. Came to Jill and Caesar's Palace. Okay it, looks fancy the food looks delicious so we just ordered, and we're about to get our for our, celebrated. All. Right everybody thanks for watching our. Home is San Diego's coloring our names so we got to get back to San Diego Las, Vegas has been fun I mean. It was it was a good three day trip today's day three they, say it's pretty much check it out we, don't want to leave but time. To go pool was cool you know checking out the strip was cool everything. Was fun but, it's time to go I'm, kind of forgetting, something. Yep no, oh yeah. The. Cash in our 720. Bucks so we want some football, let's, go get that money. Alright. Guys thanks for checking out my video if you liked it please like, subscribe. Hit, that Bell that we get all the notifications for, my new videos I want to thank Patrick that's my buddy that gave me the pigs for NFL. Football. And you, know he was looking at kind of shady, on his pics for a second but he, came through he's, got the 720. Great Las Vegas trip if you want to follow my wife she does cooking, videos and she, also does mommy videos, and, her videos are in Spanish I'll, put the link below that. Way you could subscribe to her videos too.

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Take me back to LV!!! Great video great memories!

Let’s go! I’m ready.

I asked a guy once to put some money on Canelo for me, he did a funny dance in front of McDonald's instead.

Haha. I just read your text, I didn’t see it at the time. You would of won $1 off of the bet you wanted lol.

Your welcome buddy. Thanks for the shout out thought you forgot about me for a sec lol. Bad ass celebration dances

I had to give you recognition! I’m glad u like the celebration dance

Dam your a bad add football picker can I get some pics

Yes. It’ll cost you $720 haha. You were right on the money with those pix, literally.

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