Did We Find Novosibirsk's Best Kept Secret???

Did We Find Novosibirsk's Best Kept Secret???

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Hello guys! Welcome to the Russia Guy channel and today we are going to the Novosibirsk zoo. We just got in, we bought some tickets Here we are. and this is the entry area, We have a beautiful water fountain here and the zoo goes all the way back into this forest area they have done it so that it goes through the forest, they left all the trees in and they really tried to make it as natural as possible. and I will tell you a little bit more about the zoo, as we go along.

So here we are, we are a bit further in. They have got a whole bunch of dinosaur models here I don't know exactly why they are here. I think it's just representing animals that have been from the past It looks like they have got a small version of Jurassic Park here Dino Park. A little attraction

But yea, this zoo, it feels very natural As I said before, they built this around the forest that was here and just to keep it as natural of a habitat as possible not just knock everything down and build everything new so it makes it a really nice, enjoyable place to walk through and just have a stroll and also look at lots of unique animals. Oop! Mummy Duck has just gotten out of the water. What's happening with the babies? So we are up in this little observatory here.

Since we were here last time, they built this It's really good to see that they are investing money into this place, and they are doing a really good job. They have built all new enclosures for the cats here, you have the lions just over there, and Russia is quite famous for it's preservation of lions here and they also have Ligers here, where they interbreed a lion with a tiger, they're quite famous for that as well. So here we are, at the polar bear enclosure.

They are eating lunch at the moment, so they are just inside. There she is! And as you can see, they have an icemaker up there, which pours ice down to keep them cool. Here we are You are almost patting his head! Here they have a little section, they have got a whole bunch of misters. I presume, so you can stand under here and cool off a little bit in the warm weather. There are reindeers there We are just on our way to see the other bears, the black bears and the brown bears, and I thought I'd give you guys some background to the zoo here. This zoo is a big attraction for Novosibirsk, they have roughly 1.5 million people come here each year.

So, it's very popular. The zoo was founded in 1947. So, it's been around for a while.

And the whole area of the zoo is about 65 hectares. So, they have got a big spread of land here. Behind me they have, in this cage over here, reindeer, except I can't see them. Where did they go? Here we go! Here they are. And over here. As you can see they have a lot of cages with a lot of different animals in them there is another one up there.

It is going to be virtually imposable to show you all of them, so we will just try pick the highlights out. Looks like these ones had a couple of kids. There he is. So, Q&A! What is your favorite animal in the zoo? This zoo? Probably the polar bears You haven't seen the penguins yet. Well that is true. Of the animals I have seen so far the polar bears. Update pending.

But they have horses here. The lion was pretty cool. Here we have a little train that all the kids can ride on. It go's around the zoo. It is a nice little attraction.

pretty soon it is going to be a bald headed eagle. What is her name? Dog, Dog and a cat. Umm Roofis. Roofis.

And there are a lot. There are a million. Yes there are a million. Yes "there are a lot" is my mistake There are a million. Every person has there own name for that dog I am on pram duty Ooop! I almost ran into someone. There they are! The horses. I think this way will be faster to the kangaroos The kangaroos are just there on the corner, that way will be faster.

Here we are, we found some kangaroos. These are not really big kangaroos but kangaroos. Are they wallabies? They look more like wallabies. These are wallabies I think. I remember they have some bigger kangaroos but It dose not make since that they would be here because they could easily jump out. So now we are looking for a place to get some food.

Have a bit of a rest for the kids and then after that we will go and do some more exploring. See there is a nice little water fountain here. Russian homestead girl is on pram duty Pram pushing duty. And there is Bearly Russian in the background. We are just ordering lunch, we are ordering some "Шаурма" witch is like a wrap with vegetables and cooked meet in it.

This is the little store. The rest of the zoo. How many times should I restart this? And here we have the one and only Bearly Russian, he has just started his channel, one video so far, but it will grow fast and it will be good content. I myself am Russian Homestead Girl, currently doing my channel in Russian but big announcement coming up soon. That is us.

Here we are having lunch at a little café here There is a little water feature out the back. There is a little restaurant in that building, This is a little place were they cook shish kababs. Enjoying some nice wraps. So how do they taste? Very nice and fresh and crunchy, a good amount of source, very nice. That's good, I will have to start eating mine soon. How is yours Joash? Crunchy, fresh salad, the source is good.

It is funny hearing you say it, it's like that's a lot of words coming from Joash. In this section they have a lot of large birds, They have got eagles, vultures all birds of prey or scavenging. They have some nice water fountains and ponds in the middle, it makes a nice atmosphere.

Here we have to reptile section. here is a Nile crocodile. Over here is a gala monster, poisonous lizard. Look at this monster of a fish. He is massive. That's a big fish but not compered to him.

He has to be 1.5 meters long. More than 1.5 meters long. Here we have some penguins, I have some footage of them, and this is the new section of the zoo and they have rely done it up nice. They have a big café there, rely modern, a nice water fountain The family This is a new building, when I came here two years ago it was here, but it is still quite new.

Very first class. So this is the inside of the building that I just told you about. As you can see there are enclosures so the monkeys can be inside or outside if they want to.

It is all very first class. It has been done very professionally and over here there are some penguins. Here we go. Behind the seances of Russian Homestead Girl Wait, wait, wait, wait for us.

What?! I was going to be one of those annoying reporters, like wait, wait wait, stop stop. for a famous person. well that is why I have my shades on see to keep my identity a secret. I look to much like a celebrity. There not called shades they are called sunglasses sorry I meant my sunglasses I am trying to be culturally relevant. So cute, little ducklings.

Some of the wild life at the zoo So that was the Novosibirsk zoo. I hope that you guys enjoyed the video, if you did feel free to like the video comment down below and also shear it with your friends, that rely helps me out, getting me out there so more people can see my videos and also feel free to subscribe down below as well. And with that been said I will see you in the next video.

2021-07-14 21:24

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