Dirt Cheap - Grand Lake Matagamon, Maine (East Branch of Penobscot River)

Dirt Cheap - Grand Lake Matagamon, Maine (East Branch of Penobscot River)

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My. Name's Chazz drums and, I travel, the world in search of the cheapest food hostels. Transportation. And tours so, you don't have to which. Means you're gonna get to find out some of the best places in the world to eat, some. Of the best people in the world to meet and. Where. To go to have a damn, good time. And. The. Best part is. I'm. Gonna show you how to do it all dirt. Cheap. This. Episode, is proudly brought to you by Zoltar, Shalimar, industries. Diagnostic. Algorithms, astral vehicles thought portals, wellness, consulting, Gregory apparatus, and fitness, equipment for the mind body and soul with, a special emphasis on diagnostic. And interventional, modalities, incorporating. The utilization of sound waves proton, procession, ionizing. Radiation, and annihilation, energy, at point five one one MeV. So. I'm back in Maine for the summer and I'm headed on a fishing trip to Grand Lake Madigan because, honestly there's no better place in the world to spend summer than Maine, plus. My dad's fans just won't stop bugging me to have them in another episode so, here you go ladies some more Rick Bruns ask, and, you shall receive, we're. Staying at the Madigan, Wilderness, campground, my dad's been takin our family fishing here since we were kids but. I haven't been here in at least 10 years feels, good to be back there's. Only one general store but it has everything you need you, can get some food of the kitchen some. Maine souvenirs, in the gift shop or you. Can you, know get, what I'm here for some. Cheap beer, but. In case you forgot anything they've got you covered, and, it's not just a fishing camp it's also for hunting snowmobiling. ATVing. All that, good Maine fun stuff but. It's, summer so let's get back outdoors. Before. The fishing can begin we gotta set up camp we're, staying at the foxhole cabin it's. A hundred and twenty-five bucks a night for two people every. Person after that has to pay 40 bucks the. Cabin sleeps five total but if that's too rich for your blood they also have tenting sites for thirty two dollars for two people plus five dollars for every person after that but. We were being kind of fancy and wanted our own toilet, and shower let's. Split five ways it, was only forty nine bucks a person. For. Breakfast we got Cheerios, with flax milk and blueberries, for a buck 80 a person. Good. Morning bout to go fishin havin Cheerios, and flax, milk and blueberries, and beautiful. Day sun's out light wind lots of bugs good, for fishing. What. Are you doing dad, hit the rods ready getting ready to go out fishing getting everything in line so we could just get out there and catch up, almost.

Ready. While. My dad gets the rods ready his friend Steve Provost, is gonna show us how to tie a fly the. Way to properly tie fly onto a leader is to, put it through the eye of the hook and. Begin. Circling. It. Seven. Or eight times. Then. Hold the leader and. Go back through the. First. Loop. That you made. Like, that, hold. On to that. Pull. It tight. Cinch. It and then. Clip off the excess and. Voila. You, have a tight, lie. Ready. For fish. So. My friends over at go next sent me this awesome bag and I love it because it's only 2.5, pounds, and I hate hiking with heavy bags this, bag fits everything I need my rod glasses, down I can fit it in there my waders fit in there, it's got a polyester nylon blend so it's water-resistant the bear system, has a metal in the back that adjusts, your spine so you're comfortable no matter what you're doing it's. Awesome. Good. To go. Time. To go fishing in Grand Lake Madigan, it, gets as deep as 95, feet but average is 23, which, makes it great for brook trout landlocked, salmon and smallmouth bass we're. Gonna troll around and see what we can find. We're. Heading out towards the islands and it can get a little windy and. Wet. So. Hold on to your hats unless. You're badass like Steve and at. Least it's sunny out. Trolling. Is when you casually ride around with the rods hanging out of the boat and you, hope that something bites. Fish. Ah I. Was. Happy for Steve but, also, a little jealous that. Son-of-a-gun always, catches the first fish. I could, tell my dad was itching to catch one too the, competition. Was on I. Think. Steve thought if he switched to a new lure it might give him an advantage I strategized. How to compete but then I remembered fishing, it was about patience, so, I cracked a beer and bask in the Sun because. Let's be honest, fishing. Is about being one with nature. That. Campsite now a few years ago we were camping there with the kids and there were a thousand. Butterflies. In, there. It. Really is beautiful, up here. Okay. Okay let's, get back to the fishing. Here's. A song my dad wrote with Greg Leung it's called gotta get mom I think, it's a good fishing song I gotta, get I, got one looks, like a keeper, it's. A brook trout perfect. Size for dinner okay they debate brook trout. Healthy. Close-up. On the colors on that fish it's. Beauty. To. The sky. Just. Enough, to get back. Looks. Like I finally got one. This. One's for supper tonight, my, dad's actually a vegan but, Steve is a master, chef and he said he cooked me up a couple of them I'm. Looking forward to it but, don't feel bad we let most of him go this, little guy was just too small. Jay. No vegan. You. Really can't beat homemade, PB&J. Driving. All. The flash for us. That's. Very good. And I will grow, but. Steve really does know his way around a boat he. Hasn't gotten us lost yet, but. I'm vegan so I can't eat it, but. I can catch it me looks like a trout. It's. A monster. I. Didn't. Know you could catch a smelt oh no actually well Sam that's nice the, viewers need to know they gotta figure than that he's about 30. After. A long day of fishin it was time to head back to the cabin and get a fire going. Sorry. For the crappy audio this episode I forgot my windsock and boats, are loud and windy my. Back. I'm. Cooking vegan tonight because it's good for me and it's good for the planet and I'm. Doing it in a beautiful cabin the fox hole cabin at bad Agamben camps and you know what life, is good, I'm, cooking some rice quinoa, mixture.

That I'm boiling on the stove we've got some vegan. Bread we're, gonna chop up a bunch of vegetables to go in it nice, portobello, mushroom, it's gonna taste great in that quinoa, mmm. Garlic, mushrooms, peppers. Onions. And. The. French picnic, salt the, best thing on earth herbs, to Provence I get. The French picnic salt from the farm and table in Cape porpoise Maine my. Dad and I spent about $10 each at the grocery store to get all this stuff but we'll get a few meals out of it. Delicious. Nutritious. And good for you, definitely. Creates a good night's sleep. Life, is good. Vegan. Not. Vegan. Cooking. No. Cooking. Good. If, you want a chicken sandwich like Steve feel free to get it at the main lodge for 850 but. Tonight we're, eating vegan mmm. He's. Not lying it's pretty damn good. So, in the past few years they've installed some electric light bulbs but if you really want to be old-school, they still have the gas lanterns, and, more or less you push in here turn it up and, you light it with a match, hopefully. It doesn't go boom. There. We go, you. Don't know. Patience. Is a virtue when it comes to working with gas. What. Are you doing Steve, sighing, flies I already. Know some of you were gonna comment and complain we, don't know a guy named Steve who can drive us around in his boat all day for free and you're, right which. Is why today we're gonna go fly-fishing all, you need is your rod and the stream just, be prepared to do some hiking for. Breakfast we ate what we already bought yesterday so technically this, is free. So. I'm, thinking about fly-fishing this river here. I don't really know what I'm doing so I'm gonna go try. To ask this guy it's, behind me see. If he knows what's up. You. Know how to fish these parts. Well. Hey buddy matter. Of fact I do, okay. I lied that's, my brother Andy and, that's not really how he talks he, drove up a day late sort of punished him I told him he couldn't be in the video unless, he did the main accident. At. Least he tried. Five. Bucks. Bite. Me not above ski shave, you copy me oh yeah. We've got like at least seven or eight so far we got three. In my ear three. In my nose. Two, in my mouth, no that's the fish not the black blood oh no. He's. Getting eaten alive no, Minds up and back in the truck but I thought I could do without it. Maine. State bird the black fly. These. Bugs are ridiculous. Andy. Lost his hook in his tree so he's tying a new one see, what I can remember from. And. Reason we say eight times is just because that's the lucky number of raps Allah if, you get hooked on a rock or a tree or a big fish the. Line won't pull out it's inches on itself it holds itself there steady. Let's. See how it cinches down on there and then, we clip off this little piece right here, okay. It's ready to go huh. But. We're, in the East Branch of the Penobscot River where it comes out of Grand Lake Madigan, and I'm gonna go out here and see if I can entice. One of these fish to come up and take my fly, because, some kayakers coming down to a good of fishing out their boats to. This. I, love. It, all. Not too bad with a wind pump. It's. So much better than my brother it's a good thing I'm here to show them how to do this. You'd, be lost without me yeah. My brother always tries to tell me how to fish there's no thing, as a yeah, yeah. Yeah. He might have been right I didn't catch anything, I'm. Letting these guys do all the work I'm just gonna eat them oh. Yeah. You, got a salmon oh. Yeah. They're. Keeper nope. Got. To really. Notice. I'm not touching them with my hand I'm touching with the net. Why's, that because our. Oils in our skin. Cuz, the oils in our skin burn, their skin yeah. I've. Been out here twice as long as you so maybe there is some skill to this thing. You. Guys watching film yeah and I hit the road just hang in here and, then I felt like going I was like a salmon. Smaller. Than the last one. But. NetID it's, official, - four, - time, for the next fishing hole.

Looking. For a stream of a road. Fallen. Directions. When. You're on the deep Maine woods you never know what you're gonna find, some. Fresh spring water don't. Mind if I do. Tastes. Like nature. Speaking. Of nature some, flamingos, are nesting, well. Kind. Of these. Birds looked pretty strange to me and, so did the farmers I asked, him where the best fishing hole was but, their lips were sealed, they, weren't tellin me nothin. We're, going into the Savoy River, we're. Taking a few black flies with us. Paper. Birch bark, best. Thing to get this fire started if you're out in the wilderness and you don't have anything to get started if you can get fire on this it will burn very well and then, right here this. Is. Spagna. Moss. I've. Heard that some people make tea out of it but supposedly. Maybe the Indians used to do that I don't know I've never tried it but that's Spagna moss. Now. You know what moose poop looks like. Delicious. Gluten-free. No. Moose poop was actually eaten in the filming of this show don't. Eat it you'll probably get sick and you might even die in general. Don't eat random stuff in the Maine woods, you don't want diarrhea, on a fishing trip so. This is called cobble, it deposits, on the bend of a river and the, river of course pushes. Them down and deposits, them here when you see these sized rocks I'm, told that it's a good place if there was any gold in the river that, we settled, underneath this or around this cobble, on the bends of the river there might be gold at our feet. Looks like the beaver got started, but then gave up. Some, guy was following us and I tried, to ask him where we should go fish and he. Didn't really have much to say, personally. I don't think he wanted us anywhere near his fishing hole he. Kind of looked familiar but I don't think I've seen it before, regardless. We decided to move downriver to find our own fishing spot. Voilá. Tre. Magnifique. As beautiful, as it is up here we're not catching a damn thing. For. Lunch we decided to head back to the cabin to have Steve make us fresh, fish I'm. Making, junior, leg shrimp which, is. Trout. Filleted. Sliced. We're, going to remove the bones from the brook trout. Just. Like that. And. Voila, we have a strip with. Brook trout the. Skin is delicious. There. Are no scales on the brook trout, dipped. In a seasoned, batter of flour, salt. Pepper, onion powder garlic, powder, paprika. Fried. Quickly, and with a sauce made of, mayo, and lemon, and dill this, is the main recipe, passed, down by friends, to friends, Chaz. Is my friend. The. Older I get the better I can cook. We. Got the last secret ingredient, right here. But. I'm gonna eat it I would eat it off. Appetizers. Are, served you're, late catch. It yourself and, the meals for you the mosquitoes are ignorant, but. Let's call it a buck a person, to cover the spices, and dip. Yeah. Wow. That's. A lot of layers for this I dried four layers this. Don't look like shrimp, to me. Doesn't. Taste like shrimp it tastes better thank, you Steve. Steve. Took a moment to bask in his glory, oh he. Deserves, try. The sauce the. Sauce really makes it. Back. I'm, sorry, no. Every, year perfect. Do it again next year thank. You. I'll. Be the judge of this. And. Delicious, I guarantee, a 100%, refund. If. Not, satisfied. I don't, need my money back sir. I'll pay double. So. We're gonna do some s'mores, and. You want to get a tree. That is still living because if you use one, that's already dead at a light on fire and your marshmallows on fire, that's, no fun for anyone so. If you've got a knife or a leather minute something you can just kind of cut off the leaves or break in with your hand whatever. Is easiest, the. Save time the magic, of Hollywood I have one done so. I know you're thinking Chaz has been doing a lot of talking about being healthy and vegan but, when, we stopped at the store the, only thing out of the graham. Crackers, and the, chocolate, and the marshmallows, does not vegan is the gelatin, and the marshmallows, so. You can still have a s'more and be healthy kind of so. A lot of people like to take time to make it golden, brown. But, I'm, a little bit more impatient, and, as, a kid I just really liked to light. It on fire. You. Can have a s'more. In your mouth and half the time. Look. At that. And, 99.9%. Vegan. You. Can't have just one, I mean. Look at that. How, is it beautiful. Burglar. Cost. About 2 bucks a person. Well. Worth it we, decided to spend the rest of the day eating and drinking around the fire, hey. Timmy. Timmy. Do you have them cigarettes. My, bucks. We. Were there but. Here's. Another song by my dad and Greg one. Maybe. You. Got that time, yeah. All. Right welcome to Maine keep. An eye out for the Maine state flower the roadkill.

The. Maine state bird the black fly. My. Pepe said this weekend, is a Kaka yeah. So. There's two things you want to do up to camp you, want to catch fish and, drink. Beer but. If you don't catch fish just drink, me up and. Don't. Forget to visit northern, Maine where you get to see the coyotes in the vineyards of the potatoes. You. Know my friend tunki once said to me he said you know there's nothing better in the woods not a main fire. And. You can't get there for me. And. We'll ride to where the fancy okay. With Len nowhere. Around so we're, gonna flip the chicken for. I'm. Vegan I'm not eating chicken I'm smoking it it's good. So. When is this your signature on dish you, have birth but you've really, really good one, face down low Steve said it you just gotta grab a plate yeah. Yeah, who was in charge of the chicken. Let. You go to the side. Here's. To us and all the more like us damn you they're all dead. Dinner. Cost five bucks a person, one. Less thing if. You're in Maine in the deep woods don't, forget there's bears the, way Maine life is there. Might even be a sasquatch, out there luckily. We didn't have to shoot any. 10,000. Years ago there was a mile of ice above us the Ice Age and then. The Indians were able to come and settle this area as the ice moved back and as. Little as 300, years ago there was only migrating, Indian tribes here, so basically, we're seeing the land as it looked back then. The. Morning. As. The. Sun picks up the way. Deep, blue sea and you, and me. So. Suicide. You.

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