Dirt Cheap - Miami (South Beach, Wynwood and Little Havana)

Dirt Cheap - Miami (South Beach, Wynwood and Little Havana)

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Hey, guys thanks so much for watching the show it means the world to me while, you're at it please subscribe and follow. My. Name's Chazz drums and, I travel, the world in search of the cheapest food hostels. Transportation. And tours so, you don't have to which. Means you're gonna get to find out some of the best places in the world to eat, some. Of the best people in the world to meet and. Where. To go to have a damn, good time. And. The. Best part is. I'm. Gonna, show you how to do it all dirt. Cheap. This. Episode, is proudly brought to you by Sebastian, B Rothschild, industries, wealth. Accrual and management, retirement. Planning and estate management retirement. Deferment, CRISPR technologies, age deferment, and under, MUC introductions. Low-interest. Loans with and without balloon, riders Family, Planning and neo eugenics, low-interest. Loans with balloon riders buy, now pay later under. MUC funded, loans buy, now pay later real. Estate investments, and property management MOOC. Releases, Decatur. Street timeshares, chef, menteur property, investments, we are not Zoltar, Shalimar, industries. This. Episode, I'm headed to Miami, landed. The super-rich, and a super weird this. Is gonna be a quick episode because I've only got 24 hours but, it should be interesting because I'm here for art Basma free, art everywhere. Let. Me show you how to get there I just. Landed and I'm headed to the Mia mover, this. Is probably the one and only time you're ever gonna see me in my glasses. The, Mia mover is a free train they'll get you out of the airport and to the bus station. And. Now we hop on the 150 bus to, South Beach it. Sure beats an expensive, cab ride once. I got the South Beach I headed over to fire nice to meet my friend Justin he. Wants to show me the famous ice bar, no. Not, this bar the, bar in the next room you have to wear one of these fancy jackets, because. It gets cold in there it. Really is made, of ice there's. A $20 cover charge but sometimes as specials, on Groupon Justin. Loves it here but, I just left the frozen tundra of Maine so I'm ready to get back outside to some Miami Heat, Justin. Tends to be a bit more bougie, than I am so. I'll be countering his expensive, ideas with my cheap ones time, for a $5, slice at Pizza bar these. Slices are big you won't go home hungry, but. I think the cameraman was hungry for a little something else his. Mind was in the gutter but. Miami, will do that to you. Let's. Start off with Justin's, room at the Royal Palm Hotel he'll. Cost you around 350. Bucks at night but, it's worth it two, bedrooms, two bathrooms, overlooking. The pool, if. You're traveling on a big group you might want to consider it who. Doesn't, love a pool there. Was even a pool above, the pool and, a. Hot tub but don't, worry if this is out of your price range I got you covered I'm. Headed down to Collins and 14th I have to check into the rock hostel, for 25 bucks a night, yes. You'll be staying in a shared dorm but this place is pretty much a high-end, hotel. It's. Got Wi-Fi a, restaurant, a bar a pool table what, more can you ask for, moving. On to breakfast Las Olas cafe word. On the street is they've got the cheapest breakfast, in South Beach I better, go take a look, lots. Of meat and Cuban. Flavors. I'm. In the mood for breakfast. Justin. Went with a Cuban and he was satisfied but. I think I made the right choice five. Bucks. Just. Needs a teeny bit of ketchup oh yeah. Perfect. And. If, that's not cheap enough for you head over to the cybercafe hands. Down cheapest, breakfast in town. My, first official Cuban, coffee at cybercafe, that's good I hope, you enjoy it it's. Great. It's. Got that sugary sweet bread. This. Week in Miami is Art, Basel so, let's go check out some art. My. Name is Brian can tell we are here at the Aqua, Miami Art Show I'm, specifically, here with irreversible projects. Out of Miami and, I'm showing some of my artwork I'm a fine art photographer. And. The project, that I'm displaying here. Is based, on my Barre USA, project, was which is the study of natural, beauty and contrast, and man-made decay, what. I did is I photographed, nude models in abandoned buildings one, in each state and I put together a book but, for this event I had a very unique and. Interactive way. Of displaying my work I put my work and view masters. And then, I had this closet, space which I made entirely abandoned. With spray paint and things like that so it's a whole entire, immersive.

Experience. For the audience to go in pick, up the view masters interact, with ER and just, have a really good time and experience, the places that I was in when I took these photographs, down. Here in our bezel you know there's all kinds, of free events if you're really good. At what you're doing you can probably get into every single event for free if, you just take the time the message the right people, and, you can get press passes guest passes come in as an artist lots, of parties at night they always want to fill those up so there's lots of free parties if you just RSVP, you can go to those and, I mean it's just non-stop from. Probably. Tuesday, the. 4th to, Sunday. The 9th, just. Non-stop Art Basel art and in, a way it's kind of overwhelming so you got to pace yourself a little bit but you can definitely come down here and find plenty of free stuff to do I've. Built an art van and I parked that over on Ocean Avenue or one of the major shows and that's basically, free free, advertising, for my art so. If you happen to be around come, on down to Ocean Avni R 11th and you'll, see my van post it up you, know Miami Beach is a beautiful place to come you know in the winter you get the sunshine perfect. Temperature there's. So much culture down here it's ridiculous, it's there's, so many different things to do so many different walks of life if. You like people watching this is a place to go if you like to go to clubs this, is the place to go if you like art this, is the place to go pretty, much if you like to enjoy life this, is the place to go, agreed. We're. Headed to the beach for, some meditation, I here's, the cool new thing to do. I'm. Not joking we, really meditated. Just. An attempted to meditate as well but, the seagulls had, other plans. They. Must have liked this cologne. I'm. Sorry she spider, from Japan and artists I'm. Here for my spiders. To this show week. This. Is my. Artwork. Death, video made. Of four hundred plastic, bottles and, I have a statement in, a. Mass media there. Exists. A death which, is called death, media that. Meteor, cheese people and destroys, countries. Don't. Leave everything, the media tells you you, should have a wider perspective. And think to yourself. Yep. Can't. Argue with that I say. Turn off the news and head to the beach. For. Lunch we hit up heroes, sushi, Express, I got, a California, roll for 375. I. Gave. It my nod of approval. So. Normally, I'd take the bus but we've only got 24 hours so, we're getting an uber we're. Gonna check out one of the art exhibits downtown figured. I'd play some jazz in the background, that's. Artsy right. It's. 55 bucks to get in but if you ask nicely someone. Usually has an extra ticket I bought, one from a nice old lady on the sidewalk for five bucks her, friend had a cancelled on her so she was happy to sell it to me if. You want to avoid taking an uber out of South Beach you can always walk to the Miami Convention, Center for, Art Basel tickets. Are 50 bucks but after five minutes of asking, got up with a free pass let's go check it out. This. One reminded, me of a Maine pinecone. There. Were a plethora of artistic, buoys, not. That we were complaining I mean. Who, doesn't like boobies. No. Idea what's going on here but, it, was cool all. Right time, to go meet up with my friend Tyson I. Have. Big holes in my brain and it takes me a minute to. Calibrate. Myself, for the day meet, Tyson, DJ. Entrepreneur. And all-around. Entertainer. Hello. Piqué. Low. Welcome. To, my island paradise. You. May remember Tyson from the Indonesia and Tokyo, episodes, we, are gonna. Try to get ready here for the day so that we can maybe, do. This mobile DJ thing out by the fool's gold day off party I don't, think any of us drink last night, because, we're too cool for that you know we're beyond. Alcohol. I don't, panda ie bamboo. So. At this point Tyson still hadn't really explained what we're doing but, I was along for the ride either way and to be honest I was kind of looking forward to it we're, going to win would.

So. The way Tyson had explained it to me Art Basel was pretty much an excuse, to get drunk look, at art and hookah. One. Of the only negatives, I experienced, at Art Basel is that the venue's were expensive, and hard, to get into but, ultimately, that's what made Tyson's, mobile DJ idea, so, brilliant, rather, than pay to get into the party why, not bring the party so. Voila, here's. My finished product we got the rave light we. Got a qst thousand, watt k12, speakers that that, will pump a party I'm sure OtterBox into a laptop laptop. Into, a mixer. From the sarado all. Plugged into an RV battery, for, me it's about self-expression. It's about sharing loving the music I want, to spread that love, mobile. Style, so. Let's go let's see what's up let's see what we can do. At. First I don't think anyone knew what to think of Tyson was. He a part of the festival, was he a bum what's, up guys how, are you I. Think. They just needed to warm up to him, I mean. His music was family-friendly, what's. Not to love. Tyson. Really didn't have a plan other than, to walk around and play music and see if people would dance oh. That. Looks like some movement over here. Listen. My man I've been here all night I. Was in there for free, and I paid man money for tomorrow, the first time in America. Is. Amazing. Like III pay like I can't leave I get here this guy for free just, full. Of my mind I keep it real with Chu house music in Miami. I. Really. Don't even know, that dude, is a browser my friend done buddy. He's a straight. Murdering. The. Streets, of Miami, right now in a panda, suit, next. To the ba bo is the oven. Neither. Do I so. Turn up my. Man. Is. That cool idea man it's pretty cool. Things. Really started getting good once people decided, to follow us around. Use. My personal, favorite. Sorry. We got a little sidetracked there time. For dinner, I'm. Headed to the Playa cafe for a cheap Cuban sandwich it's. December so it's Christmas time if. You're coming here for Art Basel, I suggest, spending the day in South Beach eating a quick dinner here and then, heading into Winwood for the parties, speaking. Of which let's, head back and meet up with Justin, Justin's. Great, the man's a badass. He. Won't admit it but I know he works for the CIA, look. At those dance moves the guy's a legend. We're. Walking over to Gramps they've. Got a free Christmas themed party. They. Gift-wrapped, the whole room the. Mixed. Drinks weren't cheap but you could get a Guinness for five bucks who. Says you can't enjoy Christmas without the snow I think, I'm just fine with tropical, holidays. Not. Only was a free but, the deejay was killing, it speaking. Of DJ's let's, go catch up with Tyson. So. Tyson finally got the dance party he wanted and no, one had to pay a dime. Tyson. Definitely put in a lot of work but, he made some new friends and, made a lot of people happy. I'm. Sorry I really just have to express myself. That. Panda. Playing. The DJ that's, the only thing that's ever made sense to me my entire life. What. It is good. Night tonight, folks. Now. It's time for some Miami facts the, population. Is 500 thousand people it, has the largest Art Deco architecture collection. On the planet and, is also known as the cruise capital, of the world my. Flight leaves in an hour but I need a haircut and I'm told Little Havana is a place to go. It. Costs about 450. To get here by bus. So, why did the chicken cross the road. You did. There, you have it sometimes. A chicken just doesn't, want to cross the rope but, we have to we're, in search of a copy Little. Havana is a great place to walk around very. Artsy. Welcome. To our show the most beautiful, brain this, is a free admission you're, gonna like this place because, this play is a beauty, and a history play okay.

Coming Down coming in is, a free admission coming, down you're never ever gonna see a prey like this we're, never far we're, 484. Liquid I'm going on beer. 484. Deep. This, is a history, most. Of the predator that we have here used, to belong to Francina. This. Is the most beautiful. And. They hold my hand and. They also serve, coffee. And. Cigars you. Know when, in Rome I've. Told, that you got to do the Cuban, barbershop, experience, when you come a little bit bana my, hair is getting a little long let's go see what they can do for me. This. Isn't a traditional Cuban, barbershop, this. Is some new school. Welcome. To just faded. I'm. Not sure what I've gotten myself into, but the guys had just faded, assured me they'd make me look good and they said if I wanted to chicks I needed, to get a fade. We'll, see if this gets me some Latin ladies. Next. Time you another little event I real Miami Florida, make sure to check this out here I just play the barbershop. Justin. Said I needed to put the haircut to the test here's. How that went. Just. When I thought I'd struck out her, friend noticed, my haircut, I guess, the fade works after all. And. Remember. Guys as I, say every show you. Can, do this too. Marie. Marie. To. Misty. Just, you and me. Your. Friends say no no.

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