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Hey, guys thanks so much for watching the show it means the world to me while, you're at it please, subscribe and follow. My. Name's Chazz drums and, I travel, the world in search of the cheapest food hostels. Transportation. And tours so, you don't have to which. Means you're gonna get to find out some of the best places in the world to eat, some. Of the best people in the world to meet and. Where. To go to have a damn, good time. And. The. Best part is. I'm. Gonna show you how to do it all dirt. Cheap. This. Episode, is proudly brought to you through the generosity of Maine based concert promoter waterfront. Concerts, they're, celebrating, 10 years of hosting some of the biggest names in music on the Bangor waterfront, this year's summer concert, lineup features bands like fish Willie, Nelson, Young the Giant Anderson, POC Hart, Luke, Bryan Alice, Cooper and many more visit waterfront. Concerts com2 check out the full schedule or to purchase tickets. That's. Matthew you'll hear more about him and his delicious hotdogs later but first we got a drive from Reno to Yosemite, National Park, here's, some facts about the park yosemite, has over 400 species of plants animals reptiles, and insects it has a waterfall, that's over two thousand, four hundred and 25 feet tall and it's, considered the birthplace of rock climbing it. Takes about four and a half hours to get from Reno to Yosemite, and, make sure to run a truck with 4-wheel Drive and snow tires because you're gonna be going through some crazy stuff sometimes. Police even require you put chains on the wheels you'll. Want to budget about a hundred and twenty bucks for a three day rental that's, 40 bucks a day of 13:33. A person, believe. Me you don't want to be stuck up here in a compact car if, it's a big enough snowstorm and you get stranded you could be spending the night we, might be sleeping in the. See. What happens to us. Not. That bad of a story drive. Up to Yosemite and March they said it'll. Be fun, they said a group. Known as the Donner Party got stuck out in the Sierra Nevadas, in 1846. Half, of them died and the other half resorted, to cannibalism, fun. Times and. I know you're thinking it's 2019. I'll just get rescued well. With 12-foot high snow banks good, luck and, considering, four plus feet of snow can fall in a single storm you. Don't want to risk it all that. Being said don't, let a little snowstorm, scare you off it is beautiful, up here. This. Is honestly not scary at all that's incredible, I feel like we're, in Disneyworld. I. Told. Ryan we had to find a safe spot to pull over so I could show you guys how high these snow banks really were. We. Wondered if it could have been a frozen member of the Donner Party luckily whatever, it was, Louie couldn't get it out for. Dinner we swung over to Giannini's, in Pine Grove California we. Were craving Italian and, we're talking old-school, great-grandma, style Italian cooking. I've. Never seen a light bulb in a blender before but, I liked it. We're, here to dip some homemade bread in, their world-famous, Poland. Eight. Bucks or 266. A person look. At this thing how could you not want to try it. Freaking. Delicious. So. Normally, camping would be the cheapest option in Yosemite, but, we're here in March so we're staying inside we're, renting some cabins in Groveland this. Airbnb, is 300 bucks a night but it sleeps eight so, that's thirty seven fifty per person. Making. A fire put, my feet up. Got. It going, my brother didn't have room for us at his rental so we got one down the street luckily. It had a fire to this. Place also slept eight people but with a little bit cheaper at 33 bucks a person my. Favorite part was the art gotta.

Love The Michael Jackson Chihuahua. But. Don't worry if you're traveling alone, tomorrow I'll show you a hostel option we're hitting the sex we're getting up early to go to Yosemite. If. You're traveling alone check out the Yosemite international, hostel it's got everything you need depending. On time of year it's about thirty-five, bucks a night and, it's. Walking distance to everything downtown. We're. Heading over to grab a quick bite to eat at the fire fall Coffee Roasting Company. I'm. Getting an iced coffee for. Two dollars and fifty cents. And. We. Also grabbed some bagels with cream cheese three. Bucks. After. Breakfast, we loaded up and got ready to head to Yosemite. That's. My brother Andy's wife Robin. I. Learned. Reduce everybody, else later let's get in Yosemite. Thirty-five. Bucks to get into the park we're, going in see, what we can see that's eleven sixty six split three ways. Of. Course you gotta try to hold your breath the whole tunnel it's, a rite of passage and. Normally. There's a great view to check out from up here but, it's quite foggy today, wha-wha. But. It's still breathtaking, up here and the tunnels are pretty cool too. There's, bridal, veil falls pokin, out through the mist and, up on the left there is good old el capitain. We're. Gonna pull over for a minute to see what we can see I. Like. It the snowy landscape, was beautiful but the fog made it rough. Couldn't. See much of anything. But. What can you do can't, control mother nature. Of. Course the first people to settle this area where indigenous tribes, the. Native Americans that lived here for thousands of years referred, to the area as awanee, and they. Called themselves the, Alwyn Ichi. Although. Yellowstone, is our first National Park Yosemite, really helped drive the movement forward a, man. Named Galen Clark lobbied, to protect the SME Valley from development, ultimately. Leading to President Abraham Lincoln, signing of the assembly grant in 1864. And then. Later John Muir led a successful movement, to have Congress established, a larger National Park by 1891. Which, encompassed, the valley and its surrounding, mountains and forests paving, the way for the National Park System as we now know it and I'm. Pretty glad they did thanks. Guys, it. Truly is a national, treasure. Roughly. A million years ago glaciers, formed that carved out Yosemite Valley at. The glaciers tallest, point there was over 4,000, feet of ice so. I guess we really shouldn't be complaining in about a little fog and mist. Brian. Suggested, we stop at the village store to grab some provisions. We, decided to stop by the majestic yosemite, hotel it's, known for its views and heated outdoor pool and of. Course the, architecture. It. Opened in 1927. And was declared a national historic landmark. In 1987. Does. This room remind anybody else a Harry Potter, not. A bad place to have a glass of wine, but. I'm pinching my pennies so. We're headed to the majestic bar to get the majestic, giant, pretzel, just, look at it a thing, of beauty. Ryan. Was, speechless. Majestic. Giant. Okay. So it's really just called a giant pretzel I may, have added the word majestic but, everything really is majestic here, after. Lunch we decided to hit up Yosemite, Falls I. Decided. I wanted to get closer we're. Hiking up to the Lower Falls. Chris. Would you call this a place of magic this is absolutely, a magic, and wonder magic, and wonder who agreed. Beautiful. I suggest. Setting aside 20 or 30 minutes to get to the base of the falls, it's. Pretty easy even, your grandma can do it and who. Doesn't like to be surrounded by trees like this. The. Assembly Falls is two thousand, four hundred and twenty-five feet making, it the tallest in the park and it's, also one of the tallest in the world it's, pretty sweet that after a quick walk from the parking lot you come to this if. You're. Here in the summer I say just walk in two three and a half miles to get to the Upper Falls but, today this, is as far as I can take you. I. Want. To stress that point if you come here in the winter there's, nobody, here everybody. Comes in the summer so, if you don't like the crowds and you don't mind a little snow March. Might be the month for you. Of. Course and II covered his face with his own phone it's still a great photo though, time. For El Capitan, you. Free climb this. No. Way. That's 3,600. Feet up and believe. It or not somebody's. Actually, done that in 2017. Alexson old climbed it without, any ropes which. Is friggin insane. What. Do you think. Definitely. Not, that's. Iscariot. It. Really is some scary ash. Alex. I applaud, you he.

Ascended The peak in 3 hours 56. Minutes mind. Boggling see. You l cap we're headed the tunnel view one. Of the most beautiful, vistas, you'll ever see on planet, Earth. It's. Incredible. I know. It sounds a little cheesy, but this place makes you feel happy to be alive I felt. So privileged, that I got to spend this moment with friends and family this is really amazing up here we just learned from this plaque the, valley was actually, inhabited, for thousands, of years by Native Americans it was burn the, forests on a regular basis so they could farm in the area and have gardens. And the villages down there so people are even join this for, thousands. Of years so. Glad I got to spend the day here memories. For, a lifetime. So. We're headed back to the Airbnb but, in the meantime check out my old roommate from New York Philip LeBlanc he, moved out to LA and became one of the top models in the world go, follow him on Instagram to see what he's up to. He. Spent a ton of time in Yosemite living in his van and he sent me some footage so you guys could see what it's like there in the summer months he's crazy and he's awesome hey. What's up everyone I'm a philip LeBlanc I'm the band man been living in a van for three years and a half so I did explore United, States a lot and, you. See MIDI it's an American, classic. There's a El Capitan Half Dome that you can check out from glacier point that, it's pretty cool then there's a lot of waterfall and, if. You can go down the river on a canoe it's pretty cool make. Sure you go there make sure you go explore, and, enjoy. The adventure. When. He posted this shot to Instagram, I was blown away if, I'm being honest I was jealous and I, imagine right about now you, are too but, remember Philip, lives in a van if, he can have this life so, can you. Tonight. We're eating at the old iron door saloon. Groveland. Iron door saloon was built in 1852. It, gets its name from the huge iron doors that were manufactured, in England brought, around the tip of South America and sold to the saloon as a fire protection, device they, were hauled in on mule back across a river by way of Ward's ferry and they told the patrons if the town's burning, just close the doors and wait it out the, bars still standing and the doors are still there so, I believe them. Here's. What it looked like back in 1920. I, like. The vibe of this place, then, Ryan fits right in. I. Paid. 675, to go to their salad bar and yes I know it's covered in bacon and ranch don't judge me I'm on vacation beers. Were 375. After. Dinner we decided to go back to the Airbnb to chill we, got some $5.00 wine at the gas station, and sat, in the hot tub perfect. Way to end the day. If. You watch my show you know I love hot dogs we're, going to doggone, good for, breakfast and before you start making fun of me in the comments people eat sausage, for breakfast a hot dog is no different and I read your posts you want to see me eat less meat so, this time I'm going vegan for our vegan and vegetarian customers. We offer field roast sausages. They are really amazing this is a smoked Apple sage and also, smart dogs and you get two of these smart dogs on my bun because, our caspere's dogs are so long they've got a measure up and none of them are bathing, in the same water as the meat dogs they're all kept separate dogs will fight people, will too I'm, very conscientious, respectful. The vegans and the vegetarians, and everything's. Kept, the sanitary, and separate and I'm really excited offer the best quality that's available. Some. Chili on it rumor, the guy from the top of the show this, is him Matthews, a great guy, make, sure to visit him for a hot dog and grove in California, he's, got enough jokes to keep you entertained all day long a Zen, Buddhist came by what, did the Zen Buddhists say to the Groveland hot dog vendor what, make me one with everything. On. The drive back to Reno were taking the scenic route Ryan, wants to show me Lake Tahoe, and a town of Truckee but, first we're making a pit stop at the old corner saloon and copperopolis. And. Dan. Wear black Bart was standing, in. 1875. Or, so and, check. Out the ghost. Upstairs. It's. A pearl I believe, the. Feeling I got from it was she's, good she's. Not bad and she was up there. Yes. If you all come to the old corner saloon you might see one of the ghosts from the old girls from the bordello upstairs.

The. Reason I moved here the copperopolis moved. Out of area, cuz it's still country here and now not a lot of people know hustla bustling. No. Ghost maiden appearance while we were there but, we were more than pleased with their $4 whiskey. Just. Kiddin that was iced tea we got a long drive ahead of us but, they really do have $4 whiskey it's. No one. It's. Crazy how you can have green grass and Sun and then an hour later being a blizzard that's, California for, you God's door rates top and. Bottom, the bench whiskey sitting on the front step, so. Finally I says to my mom I said I take, your notes anywhere, it drives to the mainland and you know smarten up, don't. Worry I have no idea what he's talking about either the. Police, Ryan wants to take me in Lake Tahoe is called Sand Harbor, it's, crazy popular in the summer but we're coming in the winter so hopefully were the only ones here Lake. Tahoe is the largest alpine, lake in North America, his cobalt, blue and sits atop the Sierra Nevada mountain range it's. Considered one of the best places in California to, go swimming, kayaking scuba. Diving boating waterskiing. Or, fishing. The. Lake also hosts, the Shakespeare, Festival every, summer Lake. Tahoe is something you have to come experience for yourself it's absolutely, incredible it's, winter right now but, the lake never freezes so. It's not really cold it's like a winter wonderland like there's sand beach, at the same time and they there's like boggles the vine doesn't make sense that this exists what, it does. Some, Native American art right there crispy, show you spotted it so. I we're gonna go check it out on. Second thought I don't think it was Native American probably. Some punk local, kid all, right time to head out to Truckee. We're. In Truckee. Soltahr. What. No. Joke it, seems like no matter where I go these days he's. There I don't, know whether I should feel special or nervous. Test, didn't seem like she was afraid but, I don't think she knows who she's dealing with his old tire doesn't around. Now. The time to start, the new project. This. New industry. Across. The street from Zoltar, is the Jax Truckee diner since. I ate a hot dog for breakfast, figured I'd switch it around and eat some eggs for lunch check. Out the view from our table the, train goes right through the center of town. You're. Getting the cup of soup for 399, as I'm cheap as heck and, it was tasty but if you want to spend a few more bucks they've got you covered and. Just like that this, episode's coming to an end I hate, to say goodbye to these guys but I gotta catch a flight and, remember. You, can do this too. What. Are you doing little. My guns. Why. Just. In case you never know who's around you. Go. Sit right next to him got. The whole hot tub, Oh. Chris. What are you doing, what. I. Was. At the DMV and. What. A long line I was there so long I met a girl and fathered a child before, I got my driver's license. Malcolm. Rake. You. Don't, know me. Straight, your, beauty. Mockery. Craic. I. Found. My, peace.

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Thanks! I'm still trying to spread the word about my show. If you get a free second, please follow/share me! ( : Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/chasbrunsofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dirtcheapwithchasbruns Instagram: @chasbruns SnapChat: chasbruns Twitter: @chasbruns Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chasbruns Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/chasbruns/

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