Dirty Sailors get Kicked Out. Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 323

Dirty Sailors get Kicked Out.  Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 323

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- Today is a pretty interesting day. We actually are getting off the dock a little earlier than we thought because we're getting kicked out. (upbeat music) Apparently you cannot stay for more than two weeks. And we kind of stayed for two weeks now. So we got reported for being a dirty sailors and yeah we have to get out of here. Otherwise, I think you get a fine or something.

So you can't live aboard your boat on the dock here in Florida, but we'll figure it out. And this is what it is to live on a boat. So we have Bill here to help us to swing around because it is a very tight fit. And the channel here is about the width of Delos. And I'm actually feeling quite nervous about this maneuver we're about to do. (upbeat guitar riff) - Yup, it's true.

One of our neighbors reported us for breaking some sort of zoning law about living on your boat in Boca Raton. It's not exactly an easy task given the canal is 60 feet wide and Delos is 56 feet, if you include the anchor and solar panels, but with a bow thruster and Bill playing tugboat, we were willing to give it a shot. The trick is how are we going to turn it around in this canal? It's like just barely wider than Delos. I think we're going to, Bill came to drive the dinghy.

He's going to play tug boat, (motor revving) - Is everything else off? - [Karin] Thanks guys for the lovely stay! - Sure, we were happy to have you. - Yeah, you guys look awfully fun. - The ultimate of maneuvers. This is probably the tightest, sketchiest, turn around we've done, right? - [Brian] Yeah.

- [Karin] Yeah, you're good. Yeah, you're good. (engine revving) - [Bill] Nice job, Brian! - That was so sketchy! I feel like almost everything. I hate stuff like that! (upbeat music) - [Karin] How nervous were you? - Yeah, I was a little nervous, but we had Bill back there just in case and we didn't end up needing him because he was there. If he wasn't there, we would have crashed the boat. - [Bill] With the owner sitting right there too.

- I know, bye. - [Bill] Yeah (laughs). - [Brian] So we were off to anchor in Lake Boca and regroup before heading further south, which was going to be a trick because we're really way too deep and way too high for much of this area. (upbeat music) This is the story of Delos, a sailboat adventurising around the world for the past 10 years. And now we embark on our greatest adventure of all.

Come join us as we take to the high seas and travel the world with the newest member of our crew. If you enjoy Delos videos, please subscribe. It's a great way to support our channel.

- [Karin] Well, what's going on here, Bill? - Hi neighbors. - [Karin] Jeez! - How did we do this? - [Karin] We got a little bit close here, huh? Did you guys hear us bashing into you, or what? - Yeah, I thought it was a water tank sloshing around. I was like, "What is that?" (laughs) No that can't be. - [Karin] So we're just picking up some chain? - Yeah, I think let's just get away from them. - [Karin] Bye! (laughs) (upbeat music) - Thank you Kazza. - [Karin] No worries.

- Thank you. - [Karin] Lake living', huh? - Lake living! We're spinning, whoa! - [Karin] We're in cruiser mode when the air chair is out. Sierra, let me see that. (grunting) - Ow! You're smashing my nuts kiddo. - Oh! - [Karin] What? There's a massive cooler! - The coolest thing just happened. I was outside working on a boat project and I heard this shouting from the shore and it was two people standing over there waving from the beach.

I went and talked to them and they're super sweet. A super sweet couple. They left a little letter that says Brian, Karin and Sierra, the little nugget we've enjoyed following your episode since you were in the Philippines, which actually has been quite a long time.

They're currently living here in Florida where they own a Cold Stone Creamery. They've been sailing together since they started dating at the age of 16, which is 50 years ago. So they've been sailing together 50 years. Thank you so much, Mary and John, and good to you for sailing together for 15 years and still be like a super cozy, cute couple.

And thank you for the gift. Like bringing ice cream is just such a happy happy thing to do for people, right? Like who doesn't like ice cream. - [Karin] Well, I can't have it. - Yeah, but you can have lactose free. - [Karin] I know. - I know, but okay, so you cannot, but I'm going to, I'll - [Karin] (laughs) You're going to eat six things of ice cream by yourself? - I'm going to enjoy civilization while we're here, Kazza.

All stocked up on ice cream, we decided to head south under no less than 11 bridges and anchor in Hollywood Beach. Our destination was South Lake, just a stone's throw from my dad's condo. For the longest time, we've talked about how cool it would be to anchor Delos behind his place.

And now if everything went as planned, we'd be anchored in 30 feet of water and only a five minute dinghy ride away from Papa SV Delos. - [Brian] How does it work? - It's a bit scary! - [Brian] What? - Okay, I'm going to press this button and see if the boat moves. Okay, go like five degrees to starboard. - Did it work? - [Brian] Yeah, it worked! Cool, good job Kazza. - That's crazy.

- [Brian] We can drive from the bow now. Here we go. Hollywood, here we come! - What a special morning. This is not a bad anchorage. I woke up a little bit earlier today just to get some time to breathe before Sierra wakes up and we're anchored here for a little bit. And then I don't really know what the plan is.

I think we're both really ready to get out of the city and get away from some of the hustle and bustle. And also a lot of the, you know, just slow down a little bit on the boat projects and everything that we're doing and just be on the beach more and take more time to cruise. I also wanted to say a huge thanks to all our Patreons out there. You guys are amazing and we love you. We've gotten so many nice messages and so much love on our Patreon page and just very, very special to connect with everyone that support this journey and make this all possible.

So yeah, if you want to become a part of it in a tribe you get a lot of good benefits like early access to the video. So you can watch it one week before everybody else. And yeah, what else? There is merchandise and a lot of cool things. So head to patreon.com/svdelos

we really love you guys. And it's really amazing to share this and to have people support it and make this all possible is truly special. (waves crashing) - We actually made it to the South Lake Anchorage right in Hollywood. And the reason why I'm so stoked about it is because for years, me and my dad have talked about anchor like me, anchoring Delos here, bringing the boat down because his condo is literally right across the ICW.

So he lives in Arlington Towers South, which I think it's this building right there. And so we've never been this close. And we often sat up in his condo looking down at the lake and him saying, "Oh, Brian, someday "wouldn't it be really cool "if you could anchor the boat here?" And I'm like, yeah, dad, we're in the Pacific Ocean or we're in the Indian Ocean or we're in Australia or wherever. And now after so many years, we're finally here and now we can just jump in the dinghy and go hang out with my dad, which is it's really quite special. Hey, Sierra? - Yes? - [Brian] How does grandpa go? - Ah, ah, ha. - Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

(laughs) - [Karin] How does grandpa go? - [Brian] How does grandpa go? - Ah, ah. - It's amazing for Sierra to be able to see him and us just to hang out and spend some time and be here in the boat. Because usually we're just passing through super quick you know, flying on our way somewhere. And now we're living right here in his backyard for a bit. So let's go see grandpa. Pull it harder.

Pull it harder. (Sierra grunts) - [Brian] Come on, make it go. Not yet, soon. (engine revving) (Sierra babbling) - [Brian] Come on, come on. Wow, you're excited to see grandpa? - Yes! (Brian laughs) (knocking) - [Brian] What's he doing? Is he jamming to music up in there or what? (phone ringing) How come he won't let us in? ♪ I got the meat market blues baby, yeah ♪ ♪ Cause I ain't makin' no green ♪ - [Karin] Go on in! - [Brian] Go on in, bub.

(Sierra babbles) All right, here we are. (knocking) What are you doing in there? - [Grandpa] Hey. - [Brian] Hey, can I come in? - How'd you get in? - [Brian] What are you doing? - [Karin] Why do you have the patio door open? - [Brian] Are you out there smoking marijuana again? - No, I was playing my guitar. - [Brian] Oh, cool.

Oh, nice. - There she blows. - [Brian] I was just talking this morning about how many times we talked about having Delos here and anchoring it in the lake close to the condo and hanging out. - First time, huh? - [Brian] First time.

First time after so many years, how does it feel? - Really cool. What was really special was that a family that came from Key West and waved to you guys, screaming while Sierra was taking a bath outside. (Brian laughs) That was really nice. - [Brian] That was cute. - We love you Delos! - [Woman] She's waving to you. (laughs) - [Girl] That's the coolest thing ever.

- [Brian] Cool, we're close. - [Grandpa] Yes you are. - [Brian] All right.

What do you say we go down to the pool, take the nug swimming? ♪ Let's go down to the pool now ♪ ♪ Let's all go to the pool now ♪ ♪ Let's all go to the pool now ♪ ♪ and have a real good swim. ♪ (upbeat music) - Both have the pool. All right, do you wanna show mommy your swimming skills? Your back floating skills? - [Karin] Nope. - You ready? There you go. You know how to do it.

Straighten your, there you go. That's great, Sierra! Look at that! Look at that! You can float! - [Karin] She's so much better! - So much better! Go baby floater! You're okay. (Sierra crying) You're okay. Good job, Sierra.

(water gurgling) I'm proud of you, good job. (kissing sounds) That's really good. She's like take me away from him. - You're so good. - [Brian] A few weeks ago, we had a mini disaster with one of our downwind poles. It unintentionally flew overboard going around Cape Fear and ended up at the bottom of the ocean.

Our second pole was in pretty bad shape, but I figured why build one when you can build two for twice the price. So I'd been running around, getting parts machine, welded, and painted and with the final assembly work done at the fabricator, it was time to stuff them into my dad's trusty car and get them on board. - [Grandpa] Ooh, there they are! - [Brian] Hi, how are ya? - [Female] How are you? - [Brian] They turned out really nice, huh? - [Female] Yeah! (upbeat music) - Hey baby ducks! Did you miss me? Look what I got. I got our downwind poles back.

- [Karin] How did it go? - I think pretty well. I'm super happy with how they turned out. I mean, the other ones were really messed up and there was a lot of corrosion. So we actually ended up having to build one new pole and then we refit the entire second pole and had it painted. And, but man, it was a lot of work.

I started this project ordering the parts about two months ago and then the fabrication of all the pieces, because all these pieces like this and these pieces inside and these hooks and the things for the topper and the down hole and the pieces at the end and the small poles, they all had to be custom machined. So that was a lot of work. That was about $1,500. And then getting everything together and cutting the notches and riveting it. And then all the welding and the powder coating that was another $3,100.

And then the parts from a mill were about God, I think it was like about $600 or $700. So what is that altogether? Going through the math, we'll put it on the screen because I can't do math right now. (Karin laughs) I think it's like between $5,000 and $6,000, something like that. - [Karin] Wow! - But we had to do it. This is not a piece that you can just buy stock. They don't have the right size tube and they don't have the right length and they certainly don't have the right end pieces, but it's done and it's done right and it's done professionally.

I'm just really glad to have this project finished. - [Karin] Yeah. - Yeah, So that's how to build a custom pole. And basically if you've got six grand that you need to unnecessarily burn on something, just chuck your pole over the side, accidentally in the middle of the ocean, 2:00 AM rounding Cape Fear. See what happens.

With all of our new poles secured to the deck and Delos full of provisions, it was time to get back to cruising life. We got one last chance to spend some quality time with family. So we invited my dad out to Delos for sundowners.

♪ I got blood on my shoes ♪ ♪ And I'm singing the blues ♪ - [Brian] He ran a meat market when we were growing up. I remember him singing the meat market blues about the ups and downs of running your own business when we lived in Flagstaff, Arizona. ♪ Give me some, some, (beep) dammit ♪ ♪ Give me some sirloin steak ♪ ♪ Give me some chicken yeah, baby ♪ ♪ Put it on the barbecue ♪ ♪ Why ♪ ♪ I got the meat market blues baby ♪ ♪ 'cause I ain't makin' no green ♪ ♪ When my luck starts turning' around ♪ ♪ That's when I start to crowd me more people ♪ ♪ Meat market blues ♪ (clapping) - [Brian] Up next on Delos. We say goodbye to my dad and set sail for the Florida Keys.

- Dad! - Now you got the wind now boss. We anchor at Key Biscayne and get to dive some amazing shipwrecks off of Key Largo. So now you have to watch the video so you can see how they actually work under sail. - Yeah, he's a good boy. He's a good boy.

(laughter) - So I think it's cool to get her a little bit near comfortable and just to have fun in the pool sometimes. Oh, Sierra! (laughs) (gurgling sounds) (Sierra laughs) - Ready, here we go! Come on. Put it on. You too. Ready, go.

Oh yeah. Let's see it. Let me see. Oh, that's it. - [Karin] Nice hat.

- It's for people. - [Brian] She won't perform on oh, there it is! (gurgling sounds) Right in the water nugget. (laughter) (upbeat music) - [Man] Come on, just get over here so I can stop doing this. (laughter) There you go, now stand right there.

[Brian] Oh, look at that mullet! - [Man] Hold hands like you were doing at the Horseman's Lodge. There you go. All right, flex for me, Bri. Flex, come on.

- Go away. - [Man] One muscle. - [Man] Yeah, where are you? Flex. (laughter) Great, cut. He's always up for it. (laughter)

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