DISASTER Strikes in PHICHIT Province Deadliest Place So Far

DISASTER Strikes in PHICHIT Province  Deadliest Place So Far

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hello welcome back to next level adventures  now today's video is a little bit different   dreamy and i we're in the province of pichit  it is in northern thailand but it's almost uh   in the central part but technically it's still in  the north of thailand it is a very harsh and wild   environment as you can see there are lots of crazy  animals and all sorts of things that just want to   rip you to pieces and in order to document this  trip to every single province in thailand there   are five things that make this work there is me  paddy there's dreamy there's sparky there's sony   and then there's gopro she just got a new name  gopro and without any of those tools we would just   not be able to you know get stuff on youtube and  document our travels so today we lost one of those   members but it was in quite a funny typical pichit  province way because this place is wild and we   lost it in a wild encounter literally so strap in  hold on tight because we're in pitch it province   and things are wild and crazy out here stay tuned  because at the end of this video there will be   a message from me to you from the future  hopefully with a resolution to the problem   that happened today in pichit province so stay  tuned to the end because uh hopefully there's a   good ending happy ending happy ending in thailand  that was a bad joke anyway enjoy picture province so the crocodile pit it does exactly what  it says on the tin this is a giant pit with   probably 100 crocodiles ranging from little  ones that are cute to absolutely massive ones   and they're all just like in here  swimming around sunbathing on the rocks   and there's turtles in here as well anyway  the coolest part about it is oh sorry i'm just   this guy can you see him going for a swim the  coolest part is at the entrance it's free to   get in but at the entrance you can pay 20  bar for a plate of chicken and some pliers   and these windows i think they're closing but  i've already done it but he's closing up the   little windows you can lean over and  throw the chicken in and it was so fun okay we want some chicken chicken hey oh you're hungry are you ready but i want to go get some more but they've run  out and it's late afternoon but i thought it'd   be better to come here in the afternoon because  they've had all day to charge up their energy in   the sun obviously cold-blooded big reptiles need  a lot of heat and they're all just surrounded and   now some of them i can see getting out and  they're very active at this time of day and   they're all swimming around and they're all moving  and just a little bit worried that the turtles are   going to get eaten because surely a crocodile  chomped straight through the shell no problems   and what's really unnerving is the more you look  the more you see them like there's a there's a   brick wall and they're all on the brick wall and  they're all moving around and they're everywhere   and um some of them are massive some  of them are massive you you've got to   come here in pitch pitchit province to the  crocodile pit i mean just look at this guy so it seems like there's a lovely lake just next  to the crocodile pit in downtown which is nice   and then there's this bridge thing and there's  a building and i think that that is an aquarium   it's not going to be very big but we'll go take  a look but i'm gutted that they've run out of   chicken because i'd be there 20 baht a plate i'd  get 10 plates and just have so much fun feeding   those crocodiles i remember years and years ago  i think 2008 i went to a restaurant and it was   called dead fish and you could buy plates of fish  you could also buy a whole chicken alive and in   the restaurant they had crocodiles in a big pit  and you could throw the fish or you could throw   the live chicken into the crocodiles and they'd  all chomp it to pieces and everyone would scream   and that was a restaurant sorry i've just is  this an animal what is this uh it's a dead   catfish being eaten by a bunch of other  little fish it's wild out here in peach okay yeah it's free to come in the crocodile pit was  free entry and the aquarium is free now it's   a little bit depressing in here and the fish  don't really seem to be in the best habitats   they kind of just look like dirty boxes some  of them have got mold in them and the fish   seem to be relatively happy i don't know there's pigeons living inside inside the aquarium oh jesus to be fair i don't think they could  charge money for that it's that bad and i   lasted about one minute in there it was boiling  hot the habitats for the fish were very bad   and the whole place just freaked me out and  maybe they should they should charge people   is that crocodile you see it what is that looks  like a snake or a monitor lizard this is as far   as i can zoom i'm sorry but he's gonna get out i  think pitch it province is mental when it comes to   what you know savage animals eating dead fish  there's a giant pelican crocodiles giant lizards   which i know it's far away but trust me that's  a massive monitor lizard swimming if it's going   over there i might be able to find him on the  land later so it's quite unnerving to be around   this but anyway they should charge money in  that aquarium charge 20 baht 10 baht for a   kid and then they can pay someone to take care  of the fish and clean the bloody glass and the   tiles and give them some toys and some rocks  to hide under and just it was a little bit uh upsetting actually slightly that bloody monitor  lizard that giant lizard has eaten my drone so i   i was just like let me get the drone up i wanted  to get a shot of the lake i wanted to get a shot   of the aquarium and then you know before i did  any of that i was like let's go follow the lizard   and it was you know i was if i've got the  footage saved on my phone uh because it   saves like a really low res video sometimes to  my phone if i have it i'll show it to you now   and i was following it and i was really  close just hovering over and it was   swimming and i was getting some national  geographic style footage of this lizard   and then he got out by the green house  and i was reversing up away from him   seemingly away from any trouble but alas that  that tree and uh as i was going up and back   i backed into the tree and it doesn't have  sensors the little sparky on the back so you   never know if you're going to go in anything  behind you but i thought i was clear anyway   clipped the tree plunked right into the water  right next to the giant monitor lizard and i   am going to try and retrieve sparky because i  have rescued her from being in a waterfall in   the sea and she survived but even if she doesn't  survive i really want to get the sd card just so   i can show you the high res imagery but now that  means i have to go toward where the bloody lizard   was and also if it's in the water i'm not  going in that water it's full of monsters yeah there's there's no chance no chance in hell  that i'm getting sparky back so i can see now   where i went wrong so just imagine on the corner  of that little green house that's where the lizard   got out of the water and i was just you know  i was about 30 centimeters above this lizard   really close and then i decided to go up and back  and back away that would be the final shot and   then i'd fly over towards the aquarium but as you  can see the tree that's just a few meters behind   the greenhouse there's branches that go quite far  out over the water and from that vantage point i   didn't notice that and i backed into that and  it's flopped into the water which means it's   about three or four meters out into the lake i  mean look at it it's just a swamp fest of monsters   so i'll see if i can get another one because  i love those sparkies on facebook so it might   only be a 200 replacement um but it sucks  because the province i'm going to next is like   epic beautiful and i'm definitely wanted to have  the drone for it so that's upsetting god damn it do you know what i'm thinking since  sparky's just died maybe we should   counteract that with some life hello you  buy the fish and put the fish in the water oh little turtle we can set a turtle free okay oh yeah put them in  it's fine okay there you are thank you carbon cap it's 150 baht for like a big bag of fish and a big  bag of eels and a big bag of little baby catfish cool huh interesting uh part of thai culture   i just thought you know what sparky's dead so  let's uh let's put some life into the world okay um there's a bit quite a bit of trash around  here let's go somewhere nice and clean so you can   be impressed with your new home you can be like  oh god this is so much better than living in that   plastic bucket okay he's he knows what to do he's  straight out there see ya oh he's gone but you come on come on scary human there you go get a little breath and then that's it  oh god don't fall in there he goes there   he goes out to the world no he's scared he's  come back he's like it's a bit deep over there   come on mate don't you gotta go find your  brother he's like oh it's so deep down there   i'm sure you'll figure it out okay then well that  was one disaster slightly fixed by the turtles that's the crocodile pit and there seems to  be a little little path here by this lake this province before it's a challenging  place to be if you're an animal lots of   things are going to eat you if you're  a drone lots of ways you can die too   this was a road and now it seems  to be i'm just driving on a   path in a park so i feel a little bit bad maybe  i accidentally took a wrong turning i don't know but oh there's a motorbike up here and  there's a there's a teenager on a date   and he's got his laptop he's probably  trying to show her his youtube videos   yeah i've got a youtube channel babe got  35 000 subscribers oh really i don't care should we go in his mouth wow he's a big one what's it made from that's  quite it's very substantial   wow this is what is this i mean it's obviously  plastic but it's a high quality plastic awesome it's big isn't it you know big thing here we are at the end  this little boat here and lotus flower   i'm sure they use that for lycra  tong festival and things like that   uh wow there's a sandy beach over there  and there's kids building sand castles   it feels like we're in the south again i  think this might be the little dirt track   to the beach i saw the kids playing on let's  have a look a little look see what we can find wow they've really made this look  like a little um a mini koh samui   with the coconut trees that they've obviously  implanted and the sand which is obviously   not from round here they've  transported this up from somewhere oh they've got a little kiddies crocodile   park or something what's going on  over here let's have a little look dreamy you don't move okay she's like oh we're  back in the south let's go see flora note no we're in the north technically  pitch it is in the north although   you know it's almost in the central part of  thailand but technically technically according to   some it is a northern province this is not a kid's  playground what is this oh it's uh so these are   paddles they're they spin and they oxygenate lakes  and they oxygenate ponds specifically normally   where they shrimp farm just to keep the shrimp  uh they're very delicate animals and if they   i see another lizard maybe he has my drone he's  coming in to land he's coming this way he won't be   able to see him on the wide angle but he's coming  this way let me go hide on the on the park bench no he's going back out i think he's on to me   because he was coming towards the sand  right and i was like i'm gonna wait for you   i thought he turned around it's not i mean i've  got nothing to say i'm kind of speechless because   uh i lost my drone and that's all that's the only  thing i can think about because i mean the drone i   can replace but when and tomorrow i want to go  to pechabun province which has these majestic   mountains one of the most spectacular looking  temples i've ever seen in the mountains and   obviously a drone would amplify the production  quality so i'm just thinking for you guys   that the production of the next few  provinces might not be what i want and what   what i aspire to do which is to try and create  the best possible video i know you're probably   watching this video now thinking is this the pitch  it video the province of pitch it is you whinging   about the drone for 10 minutes um i'm sorry i'm  sorry if you've noticed i've just been walking   around with my gopro on my chest and i've not  been proactive and i've not switched to my sony   very much i've not been putting it down and doing  my nice walking past the camera shots to set the   scene and to give you scale i've been a little  bit lazy for the last hour because i'm just like   demoralized from the drone incident so the  best thing for me to do is just to call it here   go home admit defeat research to see if i can find  another drone quickly where can i get it sent to   tomorrow i just left that on the whole  time and now that's run out of battery   pitch it you kicked my ass and i was only  out here for two hours see you in picture bud snakes around okay it's the future and i have a new drone it's  actually only four days since she went for a   swim i'm now in the province of pecha bun and i'm  staying in this beautiful place which you'll see   in a future video and uh anyway it came in  this beautiful box very well presented and   you know that mine didn't come like that and it's  got two extra batteries the controller is brand   new in fact i had to pull the stickers off it  and even the even the charger has the plastic on   it you see here still got the plastic on it so i  think it's yeah it's pretty much almost brand new   yesterday i flew it for the first time and it's  great it feels like a brand new drone and it cost   um yeah 7 000 baht a guy on facebook he  shipped it to my hotel here in petrobun   and it was like a whole like finding  it paying for it getting it shipped   and getting it here was four days so that's  why i get the dgi spark i mean one more time   you know this thing is really rigid the plastic is  very you know durable you can just throw it around   and honestly in my camera bag even i just throw  it in the front basket and dreamy and when we're   bouncing around it just if i'm really lazy  i can't be bothered to put it in the bag   and they're practically bomb proof so anyway  show's back on the road baby thanks for watching   and you'll see this place and lots of other  surprises like you're seeing right now in the   very near future in fact in a couple of days the  next video will be live so thanks for watching   dreamy and sparky and droney and goproy  and sony and i also i forgot macbooki   macbook is very important because she helps  me edit anyway we're back on the road see ya you

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