Discover Rasa Sayang Resort

Discover Rasa Sayang Resort

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Hello everybody! It's so nice to be back at Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort! My wife and I have been invited to a stay the resort. The resort has just introduced Staysurance, a personal insurance coverage for all Shangri-La hotels in Malaysia. Underwritten by AIG, the Staysurance coverage includes daily hospital cash benefits of up to US$100 a day in the event the registered guest is hospitalised due to an accident or infectious disease. Come, follow me and let's experience Rasa Sayang Resort together! Turn on Closed Caption to select the subtitles language of this video! If you enjoy discovering with me, do subscribe to my YouTube channel. Click the bell icon to be updated of my latest videos.

We arrived at Rasa Sayang on the first day that interstate travel is again allowed in Malaysia for 2021. It is so good to be back. I hope we've put the pandemic behind us. This is the Front Office of the Rasa Wing. Rasa Sayang Resort has two wings namely the Rasa Wing and the Garden Wing. This hibiscus sculpture forms the centrepiece of the Rasa Wing lobby. The resort decided to upgrade us to the Deluxe Suite, but the room was not ready.

While housekeeping gets our room ready, let's explore the resort. This is the Rasa Wing lounge. This is where the guests of Rasa Wing partake of Afternoon Tea and Cocktails. On a normal day in a normal year, this place would be crowded. But today it is absolutely serene. Looking out the window, you can see CHI, The Spa, at Rasa Sayang.

It's one of the most luxurious spas in Penang. The design of the spa is inspired by various Asian architecture, including Thai, Tibetan and Balinese. CHI is almost like a self-contained village. As we explore the Rasa Wing lobby, you will notice the deco. The wooden sculptures are based on traditional Malay and Peranakan designs.

Many of these are over-sized representations of local jewellery. There is often a pianist stationed here to provide live music. It's something to look forward to, once the pandemic situation is over.

Let's now sit down to afternoon tea. The waitress brought us a 3-tier tray with scones, cream puffs, cakes and sandwiches. Tea is served.

Just need to sit back and relax. Now let's go and check out the grounds. As the wing is slightly elevated, a flight of stairs goes down to its garden area. Guests may partake of their meals alfresco, surrounded by nature. There are many nooks, like this gazebo, to sit and relax in the evening.

At the bottom is like a secret garden. And what an immaculate lawn. And another place to sit. Guestrooms on the ground floor have their own private patios. Guests staying on the ground floor may enter their room from the garden.

Rasa Sayang Resort was the biggest hotel in Penang from the moment it opened in the early 1970s, and it has held that title every since. The brainchild of hotel magnate Robert Kuok, it transformed Penang's hospitality landscape. Our room is a Seaview Deluxe Suite. It is one of just four suites of its kind at the resort.

We were originally planned to stay at the Junior Suite, but was upgraded. The Garden Wing is on the left, while the Rasa Wing on the right. And now we head towards the Garden Wing. Built a few years after the Rasa Wing, it adds another 189 guestrooms to the resort. The Garden Wing has its own separate lobby and front office. It also has the largest swimming pools in the resort, as you will see shortly.

Here we are at the Garden Wing swimming pool. Comprising a number of pools, it is open to guests from both the Garden Wing and Rasa Wing. The centrepiece of the Garden Wing are those majestic raintrees.

There is a total of 7 raintrees in the garden. The site of Rasa Sayang Resort is steep in history. The raintrees are said to have been planted by pirates around 1887. There is a belief that there's treasure and weapons buried under them.

How far that is true, nobody can tell. And for sure, we are not uprooting the trees in search of treasures! The provide cooling shares on hot days like this one. The entire grounds of Rasa Sayang Resort covers 30 acres. It is large enough to fit a few hotels! It has the longest beachfront of any hotel in Batu Feringgi. This path takes us to the entrance of CHI, The Spa.

For now, we will see it from the outside. I will show you the spa in a different video. Now let's go to the Garden Wing lobby.

We have to backtrack to the other side of the resort. Here's the entrance to the lobby from the garden. A serene atmosphere permeates the place. Now let's visit our room during this stay. We were given Room 2356, which is the Seaview Deluxe Suite.

It has a separate living room from the bedroom. The bedroom has an attached wardrobe and en suite bathroom. There is a work desk and a powder room behind it. The balcony is spacious, and even has its own dipping pool. There is a seaview on one side, and a pool view on the other.

As night falls, we made our way towards the Spice Market Cafe for dinner. We were greeted by Mr Kamal, our waiter for the evening. I am very much an aircon person - I sweat easily - so I chose a table indoors. Mr Kamal helped us to order. Mr Kamal helped us to order.

We had Wild Mushroom Soup, Crab Timbale Salad, a specialty from the Indian chef, Char Koay Teow and "Rasa" Fish and Chips. We also ordered the Rasa Cheese Cake but were too full, so had it packed and brought back to our room. The next morning, we went for another walk. We visited the Rasa Wing swimming pool.

But it was not yet open for use. The resort also has its own mini golf course. Here's the Par 3 Pitch and Putt Golf Course. Breakfast was again at Spice Market Cafe.

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