Disney Magic Mail and Disney Mystery Unboxing from Friends!

Disney Magic Mail and Disney Mystery Unboxing from Friends!

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Seriously. Gorgeous. I, mean, the hot mess I'm making right now it's so worth it. So. Worth it, right. It's. Worth it. Hello. Everyone. Welcome, back to quarrel joy travel today I'm, going, to be doing two. Unboxings. From, two, subscribers. To quarrel joy travel Wow, you, guys this. Is crazy. Thank you. I. Just. Can't believe that, you. Guys send me goodies, and I am so grateful for. All of you subscribers oh my goodness I really, and truly am, you. Guys mean the world to me this is the best gift ever just, being friends with you all from, all over the place my last video I asked, where everyone was watching from we're talking all over the world and, you, know Scotland. Australia. London. We've, got people in Washington, State Missouri, Illinois. Texas. Chicago. Everywhere. You're all over and it just means so much so today, I'm actually going to be opening up two boxes, that happen to be I think both of them are from California. So, it's kind of funny this, first one is, from, a subscriber of, mine named drew, I love what he wrote on the top it says West Coast Disney, magic to the east coast because I am in New York State and he hasn't decorated. Just so sweetly with, Disney. Zum-zum, stickers, washi, tape, so let's just open these. No. Idea what's inside of, either of them, today. Is April 2nd. And. Believe. It or not we've. Had. Snow. Today, snow. Good, I'm. So, tired of the snow we, had snow and, I lost power. Again. I've. Lost power a few times. All. Right drew from the west coast oh my. Gosh. Wow, there's. A lot of stuff in here. And. It's all packaged, so nicely bubble, around oh gosh. There's. A lot of amazing. I. Have. A feeling, I'm going to be finding some Disney pins because there, are backer cards, and Mickey. Pin backs. So. We'll see. Oh. My. Goodness, I think. You put the pins in here peanut. Frames, for. Pins handle, with extreme care. Enjoy. This. Is on. Real. Any. Of these pins I don't. Have any and I've always wanted. Them look back through, made. For me these, are all Haunted. Mansion inspired, pins, with, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Character. So Jack Skellington and, Sally boogie, boogie let, me show you these, up close and, he put them on a frame. This. Is so, clever this, is going we're gonna work this into my Haunted Mansion this is amazing. Oh my word. And. It's great because it has. This. Frame, easel. Back so I can just easily stick, it up on my desk we, could have stopped right here this. Is such a thoughtful gift, and. This is just the tip of the iceberg this box is build. Another, frame here, oh my. Gosh. This. Is another Haunted Mansion oh, my. Gosh, it, is. This. Is art from, from. Disney. It's like you know one of my postcards. Here I am bag. One of his niche Viking ghosts. I'm. Floored. Right now I'm, floored. And. I'm, putting Gus and, my, pin.

Right. There I'm. Going to be reusing, all of this packing, bubbles, too which is great. Why. Is this, this. Is a, Mickey. Laundry. Net so it says hold six to seven t-shirts, or five to six dress shirts that, you can launder safely. I don't, have anything like this but this is actually really, I might even use this to kind of pack and organize. Some of my clothes when I pack on my next trip I love. This, I love this, yes. These are Disney. Movie. Stickers. That he must have gotten that he's gonna share with me which is wonderful because this I can use to decorate clients. Boxes. Like he's done for myself a. Marker. Set with all of the princesses. So. Eight different, colored markers. The. Washi, tape that was a firing, on the outside of his box, he, found, a package. Of it and sent. That to me which is so. So, sweet I, admire. This, washi tape I have seen this before and I love it so thank you so much. This. Just is just so, much oh my, goodness, a mulana necklace. That's. Beautiful. And. Mickey, keychain. And. There's more oh. My. Gosh I'm looking, at this thinking like oh it's a fidget spinner how cute but. It's a haunting magic thing it's better stop. It, I'm. Going to bring this with me on the Haunted Mansion that's. Really cute. Unreal. So very sweet. And packaged, so so, safely. You. Wonder what's in this. Something. Oh. My. Work. Oh, my. Goodness, it's. Just just like, the, best, mystery, box ever, a Harry. Potter, bracelet. With my, house. Gryffindor. That's. Awesome. This. Box is crazy. This. Is a. Gryffindor. Pin. Oh. My. Gosh. It's a Gryffindor, pin. I'll. Get a close-up of this in a minute because I'm sure it's not gonna be zooming, in well enough. There's. Something, else in this tube. Must. Be fragile. So. Many items and this we're fragile oh. There's. A bat on a pumpkin. All. These decorations that would be great for October. More. Washi tape but these are the princesses. I, don't, have any of those Disney washi tape and you. Are providing it for me so thank you I love, that. This. Is pin, trading look this oh this is like a maybe, this was attached to a lanyard I wonder it, tells. You all about how, to pin, trade on the back now. On the front is that 2018. The, year to be here. Which. I love. Probably. Clips on to a lanyard and, help, a new pin trader out. For. My desk, laughter. Is timeless, imagination. Has no age, and dreams, are, forever, Walt, Disney, so this can either sit on my desk or I can, even hang it up there is a clasp on the back dating much hang, it up but these are is my colors, because. They're the Haunted Mansion colors and that play theme I'm going for it here so. Drew, thank. You thank you so much that, was so kind and absolutely. Unexpected. And just. So, very much appreciated. So thank you and still coming from, California. The West Coast this is my friend, Julia. Who I met through YouTube, and through quarrel joy travels, YouTube channel. She, sent me things, before, but this is a ginormous. Box so I'm just gonna jump right in and see what miss julia is up to when. I get out to. Disneyland. I told Julia, I am going. To hang, out with her. Because. We. Seem to have a lot of similarities. Which obviously all of us do because we're all Disney fans oh, my. Goodness I feel like I'm opening, up one. Of like Mickey's, mystery, boxes, because, if you could just see how beautiful and, eastery, this. Box looks ready to go I'm. Blown, away but, there's a little note, dear. Coral oh. Gosh. Alright seriously. Dear Coral I thought. It would be fun to curate, a quarrel, themed box - the rice krispies treats sorry about that. You. Might have noticed the unnecessarily. Large amount of packing, shred this is, of course an homage to Becca. Disney. Kitty who has taught us that no unboxing, is complete without the ritual of removing, handfuls. Of the, stuff yet, still finding it all over in the house in days, to come in this, package you will find a little of this and a little of that no, authentic. Disney pins I'll leave that up to the experts, but some planter items which you can use to embellish your pin boards and various.

Assorted. Doodads, hope, you will soon see the signs. Of spring the. California. Poppies, in my neighborhood, are sprouting, which means 80-degree, days are on the horizon whether, I want it or not lol. Um Julia. It, snowed this morning and my kids had a two-hour delay. Okay. Just saying that so there is now snow on the ground again, April 2nd, have. A magical day your west coast Disney friend Juliet oh. My. Gosh Julia, look. At all of the funfetti. Oh. Becca. Are you jealous, because. This is the prettiest, paper trench I have honestly ever seen yeah. I. Love. It and I. Think this was completely, appropriate, Thank. You Julia, oh here, we go you guys. Boy, oh boy oh my. Okay. Um I. Have never seen, this, before and, I wonder if, Becca. Has because. Rebecca. Might have but I have oh. My. Goodness. Julia I've never, ever ever seen this this is from looks, like a small business heartstrings, and it's. Like a fantasy pin I'm assuming. This. Is a pin, that says letters. Main Street mailbox, but if you flip this up. You. Can see an a higher in there and, it's. Addressed to me from, Julia no, I've. Got to show you this up close. We're. Starting off with a bang here Julia. Well. My camera didn't want to focus when I opened up the top of the letterbox but I will insert a picture here. So you see the inside, wow. This. Is this, is like my day today, you guys, this. Is my day and, I temporarily. Put, a hold on my different. Subscription, boxes, you may have noticed I haven't been doing those lately, so, this. Is, just. Means so much because I miss unboxing. Things oh. My. Gosh you know what's so funny so. This okay sorry yeah. My head I realized, I am videoing so maybe I shouldn't talk about what's in my head this, is a blue 8 from the Hallmark store I actually was, in the mall a couple, weeks ago, and I saw this with my husband, and he, said you should just pick it up and buy it nice, and no it's, okay. I wanted, it so badly were, you reading my mind this. Is adorable. Oh, oh. It's, is it ceramic, it's. Either ceramic, or like I'm a, metal, look, at Pluto. Jay. You've got me other, hallmark. Little keepsakes, for Christmas, time which I have and. I love so. Thank, you my goodness you're so sweet. So. Sweet you, guys know how much I love Pluto, he's my fav he's. My favorite Disney dog, isn't. That's just the sweetest Pluto, egg ornament. Off to find a very special place to put him, hang him oh. My. Gosh I. Have. One of these one. And. It's not, from where you're from my. Gosh, oh. My. Gosh. It's. Not from here. This. Is a Starbucks, what, is it you, are here collection, and this. Is California, I have, one of these from. Walt, Disney World its Magic Kingdom and it's honestly the same interior, color this is my favorite. Favorite mug, I have. Coffee in the morning it. Just, makes, me happy having, coffee quite frankly it's decaf so it's not even doing anything for me other than I just like the warmth and I love the colors and I love the style of these this. Is. Beautiful.

And, It. Just can make me feel like I am, somewhere, warm like California. When, I can't be all the time when I'm living in New York State I. Love. This and I love this, collection, from. Starbucks. Thank. You Wow, I'm, gonna put that right there and I will be using this tomorrow. Guys. Okay. First of all I love. The outside so very much. If. You can see it's like a shimmery, gold. Flamingos. With. The pink background oh. The. Interior. Teal color this is all for, my planner, you. Must have some seriously, amazing planner, going, on there Julia. You. And Becca have hooked me up with so many amazing stickers, so my planner looks so good when I use your stickers, but, this is just all different, stickers, Oh Becca has this is Frank Hart's unicorn. Something, I know it probably says in the back oh. These. Are so these totally are things I can use oh my, god I'm dying on. My, pin. Board back here but, of course Who am I spying. But. The Paracel. Girl. From. Haunted mansion and. Like there's a man with a chikan goes in the back room. For more look, at ease, and. More. Stickers. Okay seriously. First. Of all I love how this is this how you're supposed to organize, sorry, I really have no idea is this how you're supposed to organize, your. Stickers. For Erin Condren like. These fits so well in here is that how you were organizing them, because the way I'm organizing, mine is not as good, live. And learn I'm living from the I'm learning, front of the expert so thank you Julia, I cannot, wait to play around with these and put these on my board this. Is like my day this, is honestly my day. There's. More. What. In the world. What. Is this. Please. Work yes. I am. Bringing this on my neck she wants this the real vacation. I am. Totally bringing this typical but light up spinner blue, and. When I get hot I'm gonna do this. And. This. Going to feel so cool and then. I'm going to do that to back up. I. Love. This I love, it I love it I love it. Plus. It has different colors so at night I'll look really cool all. The kids will be jealous. Just. Kidding I won't be mean I'll be nice and maybe if there's a little kiddo who doesn't have a toy I can. Share this with that because. This. Is so cute. This is super, cute oh yeah, and, looks. Like what is this oh oh. My, gosh I love world market um this looks like it's a cocoa, mix from. World, market which, we, don't have any of these around where I'm from but I have been to one down in South. Carolina and um I. Don't know if you knew this Julia, but my nickname is cocoa I'm not gonna get into why it is but, it is so, thank. You for, this cocoa, I will be enjoying this in my. Mug from, California. While, I, sand. Myself, with my Pluto fan, and. Get. Inspired, with my new stickers. That you provided, for me I am, just, you. Guys I'm blown away this. This, was the best two, unboxings. I've ever done, thank, you so, much for sharing these with me not, necessary. But totally. Appreciated. It just means so very much that you guys are all a part of my channel and you really do know how much I appreciate.

You, Honestly. Whether, it's we're, just chatting in the comments, or we, become friendly. On Instagram, or we. End up meeting each other one day in, one of the theme parks it, really, does mean so much that you are part of this Disney community here that we have on Coral dry travel I'm. At. A loss for words I'm at a loss for words. Thank. You as of. Today there's. 23. Days until, coral. And Becca's epic, adventure, in Walt Disney World I will be working on some planning, and, hacking, videos for. You until then, thank. You for being a part of my channel, drew, and Julia, thank, you for your generosity. And. Everyone. Else have, a magical. Week. And. This. Is for Julia, thank. You. It's. Seriously. Gorgeous. I mean the hot mess that I'm making right now it's so worth it. It's. So worth it, right. It's. Worth it thank, you.

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