DISNEY Magic MAIL Unboxing!

DISNEY Magic MAIL Unboxing!

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Welcome. Back to my channel from the looks of it it's mail time so, stay tuned hey, guys welcome, back to my channel my name is coral, and I, own coral, joy travel a travel, agency specializing. In Disney vacations, so, this channel, is all about Disney. Disney, reviews, Disney, unboxings. Sharing. A Disney. Mail that, I get and all. Sorts of other Disney, related things so if this is your first time here please consider subscribing. Let's. Get to know each other comment. Below and if, you're an existing, subscriber. Welcome, back it's always great to have you here I am so happy to, share mail those of you know me know, I love to get mail however. What, I have found is, that I have gotten a lot of mail and I haven't, been able to keep up with the, videos for you to say my appreciation and, I. Also need to say this because this is horrible, I, did. Receive a lot of mail I would, say about a month ago and I. Made a video and, have since somehow, deleted, that, video footage it. Kills, me so, Rhonda thank. You, and. Julia. Thank, you, especially. For what you guys shared but today, I have a few things I want to share with you one thing I actually already, opened, up into this from my, friend Julia, and she. Sent me a pin, in the mail because well. It was a perfect fit for she, and I because, we have the same matching. Twinning. Mickey. Mouse, sunglasses. Let me show you this pin created. By at. Creations. Underscore. Buy underscore. M, let. Me show it to you because. Of course. We're. Living our best pork life of, course. Isn't this adorable and, Julie. And I both have those target, Mickey Mouse glasses. I. Will say Julia. Went, on a Disneyland, trip recently in June she wore them probably, every day is my, guess cuz I saw lots of footage, with her in those glasses I think, I put mine on a couple, times and they look ridiculous. With. My, nose. That's. All I'm gonna say, so, I haven't worn mine as often I do wear them in the car. But not really out in public because it just doesn't do justice, so, I love, this, and I love that we have twinning. Now poor glice. Pins. So thank you so much this is a great fantasy pin and, definitely. I will leave links to this, seller. In my description box below, seeing. How we're going with the pin theme I just got this in the mail yesterday I, ordered, the. Lunchtime, Tales pin, for. July, of 2018 because, I have all of the other ones and, this. Is a new seller that I used, to, do. The sellers name I, will. Find, okay, so it's Magic Castle 46. I will link it below on. EBay, so. They, put it in a Disney parks bag which. Is great and it, is a utopia pin this month and, it certainly is it's so beautiful. We have Nick and Judy on the outside, oh and. The inside, there's carrots, there's, her sheriff, badge on her thermos and of.

Course A donut. Super. Super cute let me show you this up close if. You've been following along you know that I have, been collecting, this monthly, series from. Disney pins from, the Disney pen collection, this is July's, month, and. It's, just I don't, know there's, something about this you know the metal lunchbox, just, totally reminds me of a my. Elementary, age, in. The. 80s with, my awesome metal, lunchbox and I just think these are so cute so this is. For. The month of July, for. Their lunchtime Tales series. I'm. Moving right along I received. An envelope. From. A, friend, I'm. Assuming, it's a fellow. Subscriber. In. Excuse. Me I'm beeping. Hold. On let's, see, perfect. It's. Probably, a, I'm, assuming, it might be a youtuber, or just. A friend. Of quarrel, joy travel this. Is from chasing the magic and, they, reside, in Canada. And there, are some goodies in here but there's, there, is a card, so I'm going to read that first. Correll. Thank you so much for making wonderful Disney, content, helps, me through until my next trip I have been researching on how to become a Disney travel agent, so. We have a Disney travel agent question obviously I own a travel agency so I do get a lot of. Questions. About becoming, a travel agent so I won't continue reading. Out. Loud. She, sent, some goodies from her. Etsy shop oh. The. 2-pack is a ride inspired, and I have to guess and if I can't guess you guys will help me I also, have a YouTube channel where I create Disney content and would love if you would check it out chasing. The magic aka. I know your first name but I believe it private I will. Definitely check it out and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create because, goodness, knows, wait. Do you create I do you create these pins, I am super curious let's. See my dear, let's. See. These. Earrings. Oh my. Goodness I, love. Jewelry, for. So many oh my gosh uh. Wow, you, make some beautiful. Beautiful. Earrings. These are gorgeous. I'm. Dying to know actually how you did that um. I used, to make jewellery for, 13, years so I'm, all about the packaging, gotta, say awesome. Let me show you a close-up of these actually, in just a second because I want to see there's something else in here too I felt it ooh. Oh. Good. I have so, her Etsy. Channel, Betsey channel her Etsy shop is the vintage heart, I will share all of her information, below. Ooh. Oh. My, goodness, this, is, gorgeous. You guys. If, you like, Disney, anything. Which I know you do because you are here on this channel. You. Are going, to love, her. Jewelry, I'm. Gonna say her name her name's Sarah I mean oh you're gonna love Sarah's jewellery from. The vintage heart, oh. My. Gosh I'm totally. Love. Your style have, your style and I love your packaging again, I'm gonna show you close-ups, if you're not you're not but. I have to get through. Oh. I'm, thinking it's pinned the 2-pack is right inspired, any guess. Is this the 2-pack. I'm. Trying to figure this out, pardon, me Sarah I really haven't had much coffee and then filming, this early in the morning this. Okay. This is Little Mermaid, oh. Maybe. She means this is the 2-pack Little, Mermaid in Peter Pan, right inspired, I'm assuming, that's what you're talking about, from, those rides yes and then these, are just completely. Gorgeous as are. These. I'm. Going to show you all of these again at the vintage heart on Etsy, wowza. There's. A Facebook page Etsy, and, Instagram. By. The. Vintage heart and again. Chasing, the magic on you. YouTube. Okay. Let's. Look at these because. Oh, my gosh. Check out Peters. Silhouette. And Wendy silhouette, that. Is stunning. And look, at her packaging, so these are on posts. It's. Not gonna focus for. Okay. But they are imposed you believe me here, is you. Flip them so they're Arielle. And flounder. Here. We go. Ariel. Oops, wrong way Arielle, and flounder. Look. At that again, these are on posts, as well, you. See them there. We go if. You can see the facets, on that purple, and. These. Are leverback. See. How I know what. They're called because. I'm, a jewelry for solo leave, backs are the best because, you do not lose them I do love, Sarah, that you included, these posts. The, clips on the back of the post because you, won't lose them either French, wires those are the tricky ones. Any. Jeweler, knows that and, check. Out this, now I hope, I can, capture. The. Dimension. On these so these are the top row, is. Purple. And, then. The bottom is like black, and I'm wondering. What. This, material, is. If, this is. I. Just, wonder I mean. It almost obviously. Looks glass, or.

Like A mineral but I don't believe it is it might be a plastic or maybe it's like a 3d. Printed. Like. Crystal. Look Sarah. These are gorgeous you have quite. A talent, your packaging, is on point, I absolutely. Love it I don't sell jewelry, anymore I stopped selling jewelry pretty, much when I started, well, that's not true I stopped. Selling my main line of jewelry when I started, selling travel, five years ago then, I started to make some Disney inspired things and then they stopped doing that because try, just. Was all-consuming which is which is great but I can still do that as a hobby which is fun but, I love, I love getting jewelry you, probably realize, this and maybe you don't but as a. Jeweler and no one ever gave me jewelry because I made jewelry but let me tell you getting, jewelery and receiving jewelry is the best because we're all unique and I love love love it so. Definitely. Go check her out, the. Vintage heart, again. I will leave all of this information below, Sarah very, impressive, love, it thank you so much for sending all of that to me that, was out of the kindness of your heart and it. Is greatly, appreciated all. The way from Canada thank you my dear and I will I'll, be in touch. All. Right this last package. I've. Had oh my goodness this was probably, in my mailbox like. July. 13th. 14th, guys it is July. 24th. Right now so. Needless, to say my. Dear friend, event, my. Dear dear Brandi bet who. I always, talk about who. Was. The one who said to me my my, sweet puto. Pluto. Popcorn, bucket. Goodness. I think it was 2017. Like. Yeah 2017, I have yet to meet her she sent me a package she. Just went to snap. She, just went to the Toy Story, land opening. In, Walt Disney World and I, think she sent me some goodies so I just. Want to open this up and. I. Have a little hint that she could might have gotten me some things for him Walt Disney World which he didn't need to but she just she. Did she sent things to me so many times sent, treats to my dogs and, just. The most sweet, person, what is this are these stickers oh my goodness these are so adorable so. We have some like Fab five, Disney, loving, PAL stickers. With. Pluto she and I love Pluto, together but these are super cute I love. To share stickers, with my clients, like on their packages, but but. I really like these I think I might I mean they're actually like, you could frame this I really feel like you could frame this with a white frame when.

That'd Be cute somewhere I'm just I'm working on designing, back of my background. But. I really, like these colors so I might actually frame, this, I know. That sounds weird but I but, I really do like it thank. You always, so thoughtful oh. Um. This. Okay, wow this is completely unexpected if that sent me a 2002. Halloween. Pin. From Walt Disney World it's a limited edition pin, from. 2002. You guys this actually, might be my oldest oldest ever pin a limited. Edition of 3,000, you guys but it is. Pluto. And, Mickey. And Donald, and. Goofy. And a, mummy let, me show you this up close I. Mean. How. Adorable. Is this, pin. And. Here's. The back it's gold, it's, actually, really, thick, and heavy. You can see it kind of has like pin, on pin. Aspects. There. I. Love, that deep, navy background. You. Spoil me my dear you spoil me I. Just. Thank you, you bet jeepers creepers I. Never. Have enough kind oh why, you guy should send me a card I never can say enough, sweet things my gosh how gorgeous is that gold foil on the inside I feel like this is like a wedding dude. I'm. Like is this like a wedding invitation it's so fancy but it's not his spell okay I'm totally, gonna frame this what the heck oh. Oh. She's. Just the sweetest soul. She's. Just the sweetest soul. Again. I. Look. It's my Bell and Bell that's. From, all about the magic. Kaitlyn. And this is from, you vet and, I will link I will link everyone's YouTube, channels down below because he that's amazing she has an incredible you too channel Sheen her husband, vlog, all the time when they're down in Walt Disney World which I love oh, my. Gosh, okay. First of all can, we talk about this journal. Read. Makes, a statement girls, it does. You. Know what's gonna happen so I might as well just do it I'm gonna leave my wig out but I meant put my glasses on because. That's. What I'm talking about Thank You Yvette and I see there's some users I know my son's watching me ooh a. Face. Mask. Okay. Um I, wonder if these are from Target I didn't see these and I'm totally going to try these out this is a charcoal, facemask. And this is a I can't. Read the word. Hyaluronic. Acid, face mask Oh. Love. Girl. I'm in my 40s I need face masks, that, is the truth ooh what. Is this dude, Yvette hey, okay. Events. I mean, completely. Stunning, if you know, avenged she's just like lovely so maybe I really should be doing this so I look. Like you bet I can't. Look like you got by, goals. Um. This, is a hava, a, hava. Possibly. Dead sea mud. Um. Restoring. The skins natural moisture balance do you know like I am such a dry person I'm so dry and this is gonna be perfect I'm gonna check this out this is awesome. Thank. You you spoil me it's like I'm going to a spa right now. This. Is what I wanted, actually. All the hats for can, you send me Park maps that have the nude Toy, Story land in. The, map and. I'll. Show it to you guys I'll take off my glasses now because. This. Whole time but look look look look. And. See. It where I my fingers my fingers yeah Wow nope not there guys I'm, doing this on camera it's all backwards hold on, hold on where am I going there. It is free baby baby, Toy. Story land, yay. Oh, my. Gosh yeah. Oh my, goodness, alright so perfect thank you thank, you thank you for not only sending me one because I'm totally keeping one but I can send some now to my, clients, that are heading down relatively, soon so thank you. Oh. My. Goodness oh my gosh all, right. Let. Me tell you a little bit more about the Dead Sea mob dead, sea mud dead, sea mud. That. I just showed you that Ahava and she, purchased. That in Jerusalem she, was actually there on a business, trip for work for her work and, she said she thought I'd like it and she says I love that we share a passion for traveling, Yvette, we most certainly do. And. Again I'm going to travel with you sometime I'm going to get there and, travel. At, least hang. Out with you while I'm traveling, and you're traveling to Walt Disney World so we can play. Together hi. Guys I was not at Toy Story land opening, I just, couldn't make it down he. Bet was there a lot of my friends were there and. She. So. Kind a lot of people ask me can I pick you up anything coral, and I said no no no no no honestly all I want is a park map that is truly all I ever wanted, and. But. Event, obviously, got. Huh, coming. All these pins and, some, of these pins where I believe just these your limited release pins that, might. Only have been I don't know if they're available still, now in the parks because I haven't been down there but let me show you these these are all Toy Story the pin.

And. One. Of these mystery boxes I've seen so many youtubers, open, these boxes. And these are just so. Adorable, they're, like wooden, blocks with. The different toy story characters, so. There's two mystery pins in here but let me show you these, this. Is the one I was really like loving from, a distance so look, at this one this is the Toy Story land it says I played there it's a limited release but it's on a hinge guys and. Look. At the inside. Hmmm. It's woody and Jessie and. Does Toy Story land but it's net cool that you can kind of see through the front, or the inside I just love this I just I, mean. The the backer card everything. About this just makes me happy my. Kids just grew up with Toy Story, I played their opening day we, have Buzz, and, Woody. With. Those blocks again with the word land I just think it's so clever, and last, but not least this, is the ride I'm dying to. Get on come. On baby oh okay. This I. Don't. Know why you don't want to focus on slinky, slinky. Focus. On linky. Please did, you oh it's focusing I'm just gonna keep my face here here how's this doo. Doo doo look at this cute adorable slinky. Dog -, pin, I love. These, oh. My. Gosh I feel horrible because I still have so many thank-you, cards to write to, you guys but. I do I so appreciate I. Still appreciate everything, you guys send, to me it's, absolutely not, necessary you. Can just send me a postcard or just, a Hello does, not have to be any gifts, but. I try to open them up on. Camera. So I can share my appreciation, with you because, we can't be there in person but let's see these two mystery. Pins oh I, should see. There. Are 1. 2 wait. 1 2 3 4, times, 3 is 12 plus, 2. Is 14 that, seems like a weird number really. It's. 14 okay, okay, 14, options, mmm. I would totally love Buzz and Woody that's, who I would go for but quite frankly I'll, go for any of them let's. See oh, my. Gosh what's his name oh, whoa. It, is the Triceratops. Triceratops. No. Stegasaurus, is. This oh boy. Okay. Now I feel bad but you'll. Remind me, maybe. It'll come to me crudely. I used, to know my dinosaurs, my kids were little okay, I got look at me I got like two dinosaurs I know this dinosaur this is Rex this, one I do know, this. One, I cannot. Remember but there so, look how big, these, are. Look how big these are so we have rex is green I'm, gonna call them my dinosaur, duo. Here's. The Dino duo, I. Love. Them I. Love. Them oh my gosh thank, you thank, you so much you guys all of you for sending all of these treats to me it just means the world I hope. You, enjoyed, this, mail, unboxing. If you want me to continue doing these just give it a thumbs up to. The video so I know and, let, me know in the comments, below let me see if you, have been to, Walt, Disney world while Toy Story land has, been open yet if you, haven't, let me know that because I'm, one of those people who have not yet been there it's, been open almost a whole month, so it hasn't really been open that long but, I'd, love to know if you have been there or if you have yet to go. We. Can kind of live together, through, you, know watching. YouTube videos and, seeing what the merchandise, is there. Because there's I mean of course there's always great merchandise so thank, you guys so much if, you are.

Not Yet a subscriber to, our channel definitely consider, subscribing and. Stay. Tuned because we do a lot of fun here. Have. A great day I will, see you in my next Disney. Video coral joy travel a touch, of Disney. Magic sharing. Joy bye. Guys.

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