Disney World Animal Kingdom in 2021 | Family Fun Day at the Park!

Disney World Animal Kingdom in 2021 | Family Fun Day at the Park!

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Welcome to Heartland Family Adventures! Today we welcome you to join us for a fun day at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. During our recent visit we rode Navi River Journey, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Expedition Everest all before lunch. We also enjoyed a nice Quick Service lunch at Restaurantosaurus, and spent the afternoon in DinoLand, enjoying the rides and and carnival-style activities and games. We had a fun day hanging out with another Disney YouTube family channel called Our Paradise Falls Be sure to check out their channel at the information below. If you’re new to our channel, we welcome you to join our family of subscribers, we post new Disney content every week including park vlogs, dining reviews, family activities, resort tours, and more.

We hope you enjoy! We made it to Animal Kingdom! Good Morning! This is our first park day. We are excited. The kids are sleepy. And its a little chilly. They'll start waking up once we get on some rides. The park opens so early now, its actually chilly and then it gets hot later. Its a beautiful morning We've got a baby Yoda! Now go get some frogs We're making our way over to Pandora Its beautiful this morning The sun's just coming up and hitting the tree We decided we're going to go do Navi River, because Flight of Passage says 90 minutes But Navi River is only a 40 minute wait But its Spring Break There's the end of the line We made it to Pandora We're here! Say hi guys! Good morning guys! Hi guys! Its bouncy! Its going to be a bumpy ride guys! Henry, what do you think? Is it bumpy bumpy? The beautiful tree of life! Now we are headed over to Asia to ride Expedition Everest It is a beautiful day here in Animal Kingdom The sun is out, it was nice and cool this morning, but now the sun is out and its a perfect day We met up with some friends, Our Paradise Falls.

So we're hanging out with them today. We're going to go ride some rides. We did Kilimanjaro Safaris, Navi River, now we're getting ready to go do Expedition Everest. There's the Up Great Bird Adventure show. Kind of an outdoor theater with lots of cool birds. Up here is Yak & Yeti, one of our favorite restaurants. We're actually gong to be eating at Tiffins tonight, we're trying out a new restaurant.

This is a cool outdoor theater. The birds fly right over your heads. Its really fun with kids and a nice interactive show. Crossing over into Asia We've got some super vocal monkeys this morning. Check these guys out. Expedition Everest Should see some cavalcades come through I think Hi friends! So Henry & I are hanging out at the relaxation station, where they used to have the Rivers of Light show. kind of the outdoor amphitheater, while Emma and Dave are riding Expedition Everest. So they're riding the ride and Henry and I are taking a break, having some snacks.

I found a grape! So we're having a snack and having a little breather out here, its a beautiful day in Animal Kingdom Then we are going to trade and do rider swap and Emma and I are going to ride Expedition Everest after she's done riding with Dave. And we're going to see some cavalcades come through Timon Look its Pocahontas Say hi Henry Do you like it out here? Its fun isn't it? There goes Pocahontas Its Donald and Daisy Hi Emma! Gonna ride Expedition Everest For lunch we ate at Restaurantosaurus a nice Quick Service restaurant in DinoLand USA They have a nice variety of options here including hot dogs, burgers, chicken nuggets, popcorn shrimp, and a Cobb salad. They’re also known for having seasonal treats here during different holidays. We were there in March so they had a fun St. Patty’s day cupcake that we had to try!

Alright, so we have the special seasonal cupcake here at the Restaurantosaurus Take a look at that That is a big cupcake. This is their seasonal St. Patty's Day cupcake, and its supposed to have something on the inside. Look at all this, its got the white chocolate shamrock on top and all of these sugar beads on the outside and a bunch of frosting. Lets cut into this and see what we've got here Ok I'm going to take the shamrock off the top That's just pure white chocolate Alright lets cut into it and see what it looks like Oh look there! Its got a nice rich cream on the inside I'm going to take a bite and get some of the cake. Its a really nice soft cake.

Nice rich dark chocolate cake Its a super light mint cream on the inside Its not like overpowering mint, its a nice light mint, I think you'll really like this. That's really good. Nice treat, and its cold Its nice and cold on the inside too, kind of refreshing Dave's going to try a bite He's the mint fan so you tell us your assessment. Maybe its not minty enough for you? This doesn't look like the look of approval Its not bad The mint isn't as minty as I like You guys are mint fans, so you want it to be more minty? Its not my favorite mint. I liked it, but I think its more like a cool mint. Yeah its like a cool mint. But I like that.

Kind of reminds me of those Andes mints. It reminds me of mint gum I like the cake better without it, but not bad Maybe they ground up a bunch of Andes mints and put it in there, that's the flavor I get. You love the cake though don't you? Henry ate all the white chocolate Try it with the frosting and the cake That's good, this frosting is nice We had a nice lunch, we had hotdogs, chicken nuggets, I had their Caesar salad.

Restaurantosaurus Can you show me your new friend? Did you name her yet? Not yet, I just got her. Now Connor's going to do basketball Can I see your prizes? Good job! There's a dinosaur behind you Hey Emma, try not to let the dinosaur eat you ok? We made it! What did you think? She liked it! Tell me about Dinosaur I really liked it. It only has a little drop on the pterodactyl, and I really liked it Hey guys Best of friends, best buds and our new friends, Our Paradise Falls, thanks for hanging out with us today! We've loved this, its been so much fun hanging out today. We're getting ready for dinner at Tiffins. First time here.

We're looking forward to it, trying out a new menu. Thanks for joining us for Part 1 of our day at Animal Kingdom. Look for our dining review of the Tiffins Restaurant and Part 2 of our day for an evening in Pandora coming soon! We’d love to hear from you, share with us in the comments below your favorite ride or thing to do in Animal Kingdom! We hope you have a magical day, and we’ll see you next time!

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