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Hi guys and welcome back to the channel hello, so. Today we have our Disneyland, Paris oh yeah. Yeah so, this is the video but you're gonna see after the ropes of finish. It. Was next hour to go back and like relive the trip in the Edit but, they just meant I got a double dose of the Disney blues. But, I just want to say quickly before we start the whole thank, you so. So much to everyone that has watched who has commented who has liked and all, our brand new subscribers. And we've had loads of new people subscribe. To the channel and yeah we just want to say a huge thank, you and yeah I hope you're excited for, more. Disney vlogs in the future, and, also more we're, gonna do like everyday flow yes and, Disney. Videos, and, the ant vlogs and, yeah we've got a lot of ideas coming, up yeah yeah, very excited so we actually didn't plan on buying, that much but, now that I look at it all I'm like yeah we actually, bought more than it's, probably the most cerebral on a trip yes I think like the sort of incentive, of you. Get a 10% discount by. Having a magic, plus annual pass sort of kicked in. This. Is how much we've saved yeah, we, would have saved more wideness buy anything. And. But I absolutely love all the purchases, we made so, I'm excited to share them with you yeah and also be about Marcin kept all the receipts so, if you do have a magic, flash and your pass and, this. Might be useful because, it, will tell. Us how much that we actually did say. Purchase. Remember. To keep although I'm. Efficient, so. We're gonna try and go through it in order of when we purchased, it on the trip mmm just to give it a little bit of structure if you did watch the vlogs then you'll be, able to be like oh they got it then should we start with probably our biggest purchase. Yeah, well the first thing that we purchased. When we got there we weren't allowed in Disney when we first got to Disneyland. Paris because, we didn't get any prior, tickets, that's because we were gonna get. Annual. Passes. So. Here they are and. We have these for a whole year. Mm-hmm, it is very exciting. So these are the magic plus annual, passes, and these were yeah these were the most, expensive things, that we purchased, during, our trip, these, were. 299. Euros each, which. Came out is about two hundred and sixty, something. Pounds, so, these are the magic plus, annual, passes, so. There are four, annual passes that you can get and we've actually done a whole video on, the annual passes, so we'll pop that in the description box if you want to know a bit more about the, annual passes, and what they get you but we are so chuffed with these. We. Just still can't believe it we actually have them hanging up in the room and I just stare at them so. The. Next thing we purchased, was our land yours, say, we got these they're, evening. Our first evening wasn't it yeah. Because we just wanted to make sure that we had something to hold the line money and hope to hold down your passes, so. Martin, picked up the, tree story line yard because what. You just had to. And. I just loved it as well like it's really cool it's got all the characters and. Go. On who's on there filling good, down and. We. Actually. Were. Able to put our own stinky, dog slink. It dog. Normally. Badges. On, the land yards and then we also put, on the, family. One which is um Sophie, and Dave's pin yeah and then I picked up the, up. Lanyards. So these were both from. There. From world this world of Disney and Disney vintage they, had a fair few lanyards to, choose from maybe about ten, to fifteen and but. I just really loved this up one I don't really have that much up merchandise. It's actually nice, to get something a little different and I really really liked the like the blooms on it it's an amazing film yeah, we watched it again recently actually yeah mate makes me cry every time so. I also put my slinky. Dog badge, and then I also put my, we're, all mad here which is an Alice in Wonderland badge. And this was from Ellis moody and her shop and so I loved it and I can't wait to add a few more badges I mean I don't know if we're gonna start collecting pins I think. It's one of those things I'm reluctant to because I think it could spiral out of hand. Mugs. Plushies. So. Yeah yeah but. It's something very important. To let you know is that when you get the lanyard, you don't, get the pouch with the lanyard no, so, they had different designs of the pouches we, just went for the plain ones they just say Disneyland, Paris but I like them because they're clear so, you can you, know see, your annual pass clearly, through, them and but.

Yeah When you purchase, them you have to purchase this bit separately, to, this. Part mm-hmm, so the line yards were $9.99. Each, for. The actual pouches, these were $5.99. So, in total it was twenty eight seventy six and we. Got a discount, of three. Euros, twenty, and that was the both of our nine, yards yeah so next on the list when we got to a hotel adagio. We. Realized, that they had very. And. We like a good cup of tea we like a big cup of tea so we normally wait till the end of the trip before we purchase, our mugs. Disneyland, Paris mugs but, we thought we, need a good copper so let's purchase, them quite early on in the trip and we were. Looking around for the first, couple of days ones, and there. Was just one that really took, my fancy. And. That's this Chippendale. Mug especially, as we were making one of our bucket list oh yeah to, meet Chippendale, and you know if you watch the vlogs whether we succeeded, it. Was nice to have this as a memory so. What I love is that they actually come out of the mug so if you feel down the front there Chippendale, right it's a bit like 3d, yeah. Just. Look so happy and so friendly. And. It's a big mug but it's not like, huge. Yeah, it's. A nice size yeah and, then I picked, up who. Is a dopey, in the mornings, so. This is from the range that, it's all like all the different characters in the morning and we already have Tigger, yes you picked up a, few checks ago, but. The dopey, one just looks so cute I. Love it and I, just think it's really fun it's, a really good size, it's. Like a comfortable. Mug to drink, from but yeah I just saw this and I was like yeah, it's, gonna be this fun and. Then I actually use this on our trip and to, have like hot chocolates, and tea in and. So, yeah it's really special and it's gonna add, to our on my collection, which is growing. Yeah, you might see me looking surprised there and Helena started looking. At mug I was just looking on the bottom here the different logos so. It, actually says that you can actually put it in a dishwasher, although, we we, prefer not to don't we yeah we actually prefer to washing, by hand and then is that microwave as well yes. As microwave, and dishwasher. I'm. Always a bit skeptical, because I have had my favourite mugs ruined, by the dish. And. But yeah really, really happy with these so. These mugs, they were both actually, $12.99. And. We. Bought them both together got. To ouray 60, off and so. Yeah the truth became 23. Euros 38, for both of them yeah we got them from the, Thunder, Messer I'm, sure. Big. Thunder Mountain it's a really good one that, extends. For quite a while, doesn't it it's I've got all these different sections, yeah so, next is the purchase, that I had. Kind of wanted, since, our last, trip. You. Will know the saga I went on to try and find the, black spirit, Jersey and last, year and it was completely sold out everywhere, and but, then when, we went this year they. Had tons of black spirit jerseys, and I didn't see one pink, one no, well I think you have to sit I think when they bring out a new colour, mmm, I think that just starts selling out and then they get the previous. One which was the hot one yeah that, then comes into you, know into stock a lot more they had a few spirit jerseys that I am like too really did like the Christmas fun and but, I decided because, I'd wanted it for so long I, was like I have to get this black spirit Jersey and I just love it because I, feel like you can wear this a lot in the UK like because it's black it's gonna go with everything it's, also Disney, but it's not like Disney. In your face and. I just love it and then, it, just has the. Disneyland. Paris on, the back and. I got it in a extra, small and, yeah I just love it very.

Very Happy with this and, this was from it, was a shop on Main Street wasn't, it the, Emporium. And. I was $59.99. But. You got a 10% discount you got 6 You Rosa. Yeah. $53.99. Total, and this is the one where you, were. Buying it and then the lady said that if you put so nice it was it over 20 euros it. Was over 20 or 30 euros, I remember, there are two different bits of merchandise, that you could get a Half Price and they change every day yeah very, very happy with this and I've worn it a lot since I've been home saying, yay, I'm. Building up the spirit jersey collection now this is my third you. Are. I'm. Gonna got the one I was tempted to get the Star Wars one but like, I said in the vlog just because it was, an episodic, title, on it yeah made it very specific, I have, seen the Toy. Story spirit jerseys. The. Amount of spirit jerseys about this new world now is crazy there's so, many. Like. Collecting, and, I think this could be a one that might get slightly out of hand every, time we put on like a trip so we did it Walt Disney World we. Did it on our engagement, trip on, this trip is by a photo. Album. Memories. Spontaneous. Purchase, because we weren't gonna buy a photo album for this trip, but. Then we, were just chatting in Billy Bob's well. Before we went to Billy Bob's, and we just had so many photos I mean it's so we had taken so many photos and so many photos that we really loved. And. Then. We went there and there was one which is really cute today I love, it though it's eye TIPA daily. This. Album belongs to and then we've already already. Filled it up with our photos we were pretty quick and getting that done. On. The back you got Chip and Dale with the balloons there so, yeah we decided to do that for this trip we think probably without, annual passes if we're doing shorter trips then we'll probably just we, might get into the footwell but then just add yeah, we're thinking of maybe getting. One for the year yeah. 200. Photos from the year because fingers. Crossed because of our Annual Pass we are planning on doing a, lot more shorter. Trips. We. Always say these are like for the coffee table, well we've got three of them now so they're up here they're. Gonna be the coffee. This. Is from world of Disney. This was. 1699. And we got the discount of one euro seventy. 1529. In total so, if you've watched later. Series you, realize that a, particular. Rides became, a firm favorite, I wouldn't. Show up about it, the. Vlogs back I was like how much footage of phantom Manor. So. Yeah phantom, Manor with, this like the. New work. That's been done on it I just absolutely adored. It I could just gladly keep going on and on and on researching. New things about it yeah did, you know did you know yeah and I really wanted a piece, of merchandise that, reflected, my new love of phantom, Manor so I was actually looking at the posters, that were. Along that walkway that we used to take to try get to Frontierland, but then we went into the same. Shop that we bought the, Chippendale. Mugs and, we were just looking at the clothing. Is. A phantom. Manor jumper. It's, really nice it's not spirit jersey it's it's just a jumper but it glows, in the dark. It's. The Phantom, it. Always head that's the outline of his head there and then you've got funder Manor inside, and then, along with sleeve, it, says Phantom, Manor I just. Love it I haven't, actually worn it yet and I kind of think that unless you know phantom, Manor and you notice in our Paris you, won't really know what it is which is quite nice in a way but, I just I just turned to you and I was like you have to get that yeah.

So. Yes nice quality, as well yeah. Be. Good for EM was. Good for this winter season isn't it, and. This was it, was, $39.99. And then, the discount, that I got, on it, four. Euros like, on that's, $35.99. Yeah so. Next is our last two purchases, which we both got from the Christmas shop yes and. I think these. Might be, my. Two favorite, purchases of, the trip oh he's very Jersey, yeah. And overrun your passes. As. You know we, collect. Christmas, decorations. Yeah I think a lot of people do yeah it's. A really nice memento, and to, go back with mm-hm, and I, think we've got maybe three, or four now yeah. Trips. And, but. We were kind of struggling, actually but then we thought this one which is just too, cute, it's Dumbo, but, it has doubled, and Daisy, riding. The ride. Yeah. We just thought it was so cute and it's like Oh Fantasyland. Colors. And. We just thought that so special and it means you're getting three characters, in one one I just really liked it because it's like Donald and Disney, yeah sorry Donald and Daisy at Disney, yeah I just, thought it was really clever, I mean Oh. Lovely time don't they yeah. This. Is from a theme park yeah. In. The end we kind of just feel like yeah actually this, is one we won and so. This was. 999, and. Well. I'll, tell you they discount an offer oh yes thing we got I bet you can get. The. Last purchase, of our trip was and this was, kind. Of weird. Because it started off so. If you watch the blog you'll know the whole story. Yeah if you haven't watch the vlogs I urge you to go back and watch the, you find that with fingers, so. I really. Wanted, this, we need the poop lush last, year and it was we need the poo in like a and, Baker boy hair just, for Christmas and, item. Denied about it but in the end I didn't get it yeah and then my, bucket list was to go. And purchase. The. Same Winnie the Pooh plush this year so, when in all, the same Christmas plushies, were there and I got to Winnie that, I was like they've. Completely, changed him, he, had a makeover like I'll show you. They. Completely, changed, him they, added this hat they, added this hoodie, and. It. Kind of became a running, joke that we called him a racist poo, always poo hit like. Like. Part of a races with his hood up and. I was a bit disappointed at first because I'd pictured, buying the, Winnie that I saw the year before so my own denied about, getting, him but every, time I, saw, him he grew, on me it was time and then by the end I was like I'm, gonna have to get him Reeko good I think he made he, made about the same amount of screen time as we did.

Appear. I think he's mentioned, but. What I love is that people have started calling him Oasis - yeah. Like, I think, Jeff. And Tom are calling him Oasis - and I think they actually got. One as well ya thought ya. It, kind of turned into such a running, joke that, we actually fell, in love with him a little bit yeah and I think he looks a lot cuter with his head down, yeah I think that that made it for you when you realized that you could take his hood down little. Ears in the little happiness, cubed, the hood up he. Looks a bit scary like. When I first saw him I said. Merced, who's that supposed to be I. Didn't even know is Winnie the Pooh cuz he had his head up but then when you see him time, after time you start going oh yeah. I. Really actually, the clues have grown on me and they're they're dark white peonies. But. He's a pricey plus, he's. Very expensive, thing he was it, was because of the clothes he's wearing he, was a lot more than like they had an EO 1 which was 10 euros less and, that he was. $35.99. There's, a pricey pricey, m+. But. He's a rock star you, can, say but, for both the, Whitney, and the. Christmas decoration, we got for Euro 60, off so, the total for, Winnie. And the Christmas decoration, was 41, years 38. Yeah, and so it was pricey and, we did M&R about it but in the end we were like we. Can't leave, him because. Also we. Don't know what he's gonna look like next year I. Can't. Risk it and nothing you can you imagine if they're actually modeling, them on pop stars. He. Looks like a different pop star who's. Gonna be next year. Tried. To make him look like he's part of the way I'd. Love to see a Freddie Mercury, Winnie the Pooh. Everything. Yes. We actually picked up a lot more than we were planning on but, I'm happy, with all the purchases, yeah there's nothing that I regret there's nothing that I think oh no maybe we shouldn't have bought yeah you know thought they were all special for a reason, yeah and there were a few things that we wanted. To get but we did resist because, we em we, thought they were gonna be back yeah, and and. You. Don't want to buy it all in one day. And have we mentioned a small thing of a wedding yes. But. Yeah thank you so much for watching guys our next video will be our, bucket, list recap, video, so, we're gonna go all through our bucket list and see if we managed to get everything done yeah. We, did pretty well we had 20, things to achieve yeah. So tune, in next time, to see if we manage to achieve them all pop in the comments what your favorite item. Was and. Yeah. We will see you in our next video thanks. Guys bye.

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