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Disneyland Resort Complete Vacation Planning Video

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Welcome. To all of the magic, and all, of the wonder of the, Disneyland, Resort where. There's so much to do for every, member of the family come. Let us show you how easy it is to make memories that will last a lifetime and why. The Disneyland. Resort really. Is the, happiest, place on earth. This. Video will really, help make itinerary. Planning, a breeze, there's. More to see and do than ever before, now. Let's show you what's here at the Disneyland Resort, starting. In the parks. Disneyland. Park is just filled, with classic attractions and, new. Enchantment, that's just waiting for you. This. Is Disney, California Adventure, Park. And. It's absolutely, filled. The fun. You'll. Find amazing, Disney, and Pixar, attractions, at every turn especially. When you turn into Cars Land in. Fact. There's, just so much magic in Disneyland, Park and Disney, California Adventure, Park, you might want a plan to spend a couple of days in each. Part. Of what makes the Disneyland, Resort such a complete, vacation, choice are these the. Hotels, of the Disneyland Resort and we'll, give you a look at all three when. You stay with us you're surrounded, by Disney, Magic day and night and best, of all the parks are literally, just steps, away. Something. Else that's just steps away is this the, Downtown, Disney district, it's, got an energy and vibe all its own and it really completes, your Disneyland, Resort experience. Shopping. Dining, and entertainment, that feels almost limitless, so. Let's, see it alright now, we'll. Start our journey in, the parks check, out the resort hotels and, Downtown. Disney district, then, wrap it up by giving you some great insider tips and show. You some tickets and packages, that let you plan a vacation that matches, your budget, this. Is the Disneyland, Resort the happiest. Place on earth. You. When. I was a child Disney, was, a part, of who I was. Disneyland. Was a place that I always wanted. To be because, it's always felt like home to me. My. Name is Tiffany light and I work in guest relations here at the Disneyland Resort. The. First time we put on the guest relation costume, the plaids I felt, like crying because. It. Was what I really wanted to do I. Get. To come and play pretend every. Day I get to make people smile, every, day and there's not a lot of people that can say that about their job, one. Of my little tricks from making magic is pixie dust I keep a tiny little jar on me I tell, children that with the pixie dust they're gonna have it great day I. Love. Working with families in Disneyland because for, that moment, I'm a part of their family they've invited me in because we have this common, Disney. Space, that we all love together. You. Can't be spending, a day with children they're energetic and to, me it brings. Out my energy. They. Are their favorite princess here they. Are pirates, they are spaceman. A lot, of families only, get to come to Disneyland, once in their entire lives and we make sure that since they've gone and they made all of those sacrifices, to come see us we, make it worth their while, Walt. Disney had his apartment, above the fire station, the lamp in the window he would always leave it on to let the guests know that he was here since, his passing it's never been turned off so for cast members we know that his spirit is still here and he's still very much a part of the park and we, let that reflect. And how we behave and how we conduct, ourselves you. Can make your dreams come true to. Our. Guests leave Disneyland, feeling as if they've gone on an adventure. They've. Learned, and they've laughed and they had this great time. And they. Take that magic, of Disneyland, with them back. Out into the world. Welcome. To Disneyland, Park this. Is Walt Disney's, original park and it's where a lifetime. Of memories laughter. And magical, moments await you. Come. Discover, the wonders of this fantastical. World, enjoy. Legendary. Disney classics. Fantastic. Live stage shows and plenty. Of ways to see some favorite Disney characters. With. So much to see and do there's, never been a better time to immerse, yourself, in Disney stories, and, tales of adventure from, yesterday, and today. Like. This one Pirates, of the Caribbean. We're landlubbers. And scallywags. Alike can sail the high seas among.

Pillaging, Pirates but heed this, warning. Ready. To meet characters, of shall, we say a different, sort let's, go meet some Disney, Princesses. Seeing. The looks on kids faces when they meet friends from timeless, Disney tales it's, a real treat and, it. All happens, right here, at Fantasy. Faire it's. Always, once upon a time in this storybook, village. Inside. The Royal Hall some, Disney characters, eagerly. Await, your visit this is the place where happily, ever after happens, every, day a. Long. Time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, how. About right now in. Disneyland. Park this. Is Star Tours the adventures, continue and, you're, about to go on a dazzling. Unpredictable. Journey to amazing, star wars destinations. You never, know where the force may take you into, a pod race on Tatooine. Blasting. Through the icy planet of Hoth or. Even, on a mission, to destroy the dreaded, Death Star with, c-3po. As your pilot, you'll encounter some, favorite, Star Wars characters. Throughout your flight, here's. Another great place if you like intergalactic. Adventure this, is Space Mountain where, you can rock it through the darkest, reaches of outer space. Now. This is a mountain you won't want to miss, Splash. Mountain, right. A hollowed-out, log through a colorful, Bayou as you follow along with the adventures, of Brer, Rabbit, but keep your eyes peeled we have a little surprise in store a 5-story, plunge, that ends with quite a splash. Look. At this a fantastic. Must-see. Musical. Called Mickey and the magical, map where. You and Mickey Mouse will find yourselves at all points, of the compass on. A musical, adventure, with special, appearances, by Sebastian. Pocahontas. King, Louie and more. Here's. A classic, Disneyland. Attraction, that's full of frightful, fun haunted, mansions where foolish, mortals, board a doom buggy for a spirited. Tour of this spooky, estate. Whoa. It's. Time to go to infinity and beyond, here. In Buzz Lightyear, Astro blasters you've, joined Star, Command in the battle against, deserves army so, blast away at enemy targets and rack up the points the little green aliens need your help. Now. Prepare, for daring. Exploits, here, at Indiana, Jones, Adventure. Where. There's danger, waiting at every turn but. With famous archaeologist. Indiana, Jones on your side what could possibly go wrong right. Now. We've arrived at the perilous, peaks of Matterhorn, mountain, so let's go bobsledding. Then. Hang, on the, only way out of this mountain is down. And, there's. No better way to crowd your Disneyland, day than by watching fireworks, first, high in the sky above, Sleeping, Beauty Castle. Now. That was just a taste of all the magic the. Adventure, and all. The enchantment, you and your family, will enjoy day. And night, here, at Disneyland, Park, come. See why this really, is the happiest, place on earth. Carson. Really does bring the town of Radiator Springs to, life. You. Connect with the movie. Cars. Land is one, of a kind and. I. Am just one of the luckiest people to get, to work here. My, name is Ruth Cabral and I work here in Cars Land in Disney California Adventure. Being. Part of the opening crew has been one of the best, experiences, I've ever had, the, ride is part of me I was, one of the first to sign up I got, a couple friends also applying, for it ten, years from now we can say hey we were part of Disney history.

You. Want to go on that ride you too. I love. Kids, they're so cute they're, just so sweet. Talking. To them it brings you back to your childhood. It. Feels good to see so many kids happy. Every day. By, doing something so simple it, creates. Happiness for, someone else. Magical. Moments, that's what we go for every single day. There's. A new and exciting feeling, and it's happening at Disney California Adventure the minute you walk in everything is different it is an exciting, feeling and it stays with you throughout the whole park, you. Have all the new stories, here I. Try. And make the visit the best visit they've ever had you establish, new. Relationships and you get to see them again. At. The end of the day and guests leave with so many new memories, and they just feel like they're a part of something magical. Here's. A place where you'll find lots of fun and excitement, including. Plenty of classic, favorites, everywhere, you look, Disney. Stories and Pixar, stories, that. Place is Disney, California Adventure, Park. There's. So much to see and do here fun. For little kids big. Kits, and. Fun for the kid in all of us the, good times lasts all day and well, into the night here. At Disney, California Adventure. Park, you'll, soar as high as the clouds and, fill, the wind in your hair. Splashdown. Grizzly. River run strap, in for rollercoaster, thrills on California. Screamin. Enjoy. The timeless story, of Anna Elsa, Kristoff. Sven and everyone's, favorite snowman, Olaf, in frozen, live, at the Hyperion. Younger. Kids will enjoy special, adventures, with fix our pals like. Crushed Mike. And Sulley from Disney Pixar's, monsters inc and, of course woody and us. And. It all starts right here on Buena Vista Street, this. Is the main street here in Disney, California Adventure, Park. And. It really captures, the whole vibe of Los Angeles in the 1920s. It's, a great place to do some shopping and dining, here's. Carthay. Circle theater modeled. After the theater where Walt Disney, premiered, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to the world there's, an incredible, restaurant inside. But. Before we go any further let's. Take a look at the place everyone. Is so revved up about Cars. Land if, you're thinking, that looks just like Radiator, Springs then. You're absolutely, right, it's, been recreated, right here in Disney, California Adventure, Park, so. Get ready to be floored. This. Is Radiator, Springs racers, the.

High-speed Thrill attraction, here in Cars Land buckle. Up and race through the desert landscape of ornament, Valley then, zoom in to Radiator, Springs and, catch some favorite characters, from the Disney Pixar, movie, Cars after, you get a little work done on your car you'll floor, it for a thrilling race to the checkered flag then. Ride along as tractors, dance and trailers swing right here at mater's, junkyard Jamboree. And, a fatale Ian imports, are your thing get ready for a lively, ride on luigi's rollicking, roadsters, the, Cars Land Fund stays pedal to the metal at places like Flo's, v-eight café and, the cozy, cone motel you, have got to motor into Cars Land it feels like you literally cruised, right into the film and started, living the cars adventure, after. You go over, the road pack, up your Dingle, hoppers and go under, the sea at the Little Mermaid Ariel's, undersea adventure, you'll. Pop aboard your very own clamshell, and embark, on a spectacular. Journey starring, characters, like Sebastian, flounder. And scuttle. Plus, you get to sing along to some of the hit songs from the film keep. Your eyes peeled for the dreaded Ursula, but, fear not when, you're part of this world there is always a happy ending. And. Talk. About happy, endings here's. A stunning, way to top off your Disney, California Adventure, day, this. Is world, of color this. Riveting, nighttime, spectacular. Weaves, water color, light, and even fire, into, a kaleidoscope, of, Disney, fantasy one, of the most dazzling, effects, and world of color is when Disney, and Pixar, characters, come to life on a shimmering, curtain, of mist created. By one thousand water jets world. Of color is a huge, hit so go online to, get showtimes and make your plans to be here. See. So. There you have it a glimpse, of the good times a few moments of all the wonders, that await you, and your family, both day and night from. Classic Disney magic to fresh picks our excitement make. Sure you leave enough time in your Disneyland, Resort vacation to. Enjoy all that Disney, California Adventure, Park, has to offer, it's. All here, at Disney, California Adventure. Park. You. To. Make your Disneyland. Resort experience. Absolutely, complete, you'll want to spend plenty of time right here, at the Downtown Disney district, this. High-energy, promenade. Offers, something for everyone both day and night with. Unique shopping dining, delights, to please every palate and plenty, of entertainment and it couldn't be any easier to, get here Downtown, Disney district, is walking, distance from the Disneyland, theme parks and resort hotels now, get ready to shop dine, and be totally entertained.

Did. Your ears perk up at the word shopping, then, you're in for a treat shop, after shop filled, with intriguing, treasures a variety, of contemporary, fashions. And, of course plenty of smile inducing, Disney, merchandise and specialty, items add, in the creative, fun of Legos and there's plenty of excitement for little ones at Downtown, Disney district, as well there's. Even a place where kids can chill, out and be transformed, into favorite, frozen characters, oh and. If you're a Disney fan you've, got to check out world of disney store or, merchandise, metropolis. That's absolutely, overflowing. With Disney delights hungry. Then it's a good thing you're, a Downtown, Disney district, you'll, find a variety of, delicious, options here sure to satisfy any, craving, a place where you can dine while you catch a game and here, is one of the wildest, places you'll ever eat the foodies and the family will love that you can find everything from mediterranean. To southern, Italian to Cajun and Creole delicacies. All right here at Downtown, Disney district, on, the go there, are tons of choices for delicious food and drinks that will go right along with you grab, a delicious coffee, at Starbucks, or a tasty, sandwich at Earl of Sandwich here. At Downtown, Disney district, you'll also discover live. Entertainment popping, up all over the place, want, to catch a movie there's, a great theater to take in the latest blockbusters. Daytime. Nighttime. Just. About any time Downtown. Disney district, is the go-to place, to, make your Disneyland. Vacation, complete. Now. Let us share some tips with you things. You'll want to remember to help, make your Disneyland, Resort vacation as, magical, list can be, first. Bookmark. This, Disneyland. Com. Attractions. Resort, hotels show, schedules, dining, options Disneyland. Calm has, the answers. Okay. Here are a few tips, you can use once you've arrived if. You want to save time in the theme parks be sure to use Disney's, Fastpass service it's. Easy and it may save you time waiting, in line at some popular attractions, here's. How you do it look, for the kiosk with the Disney Fastpass, return time, then. Just insert, your ticket and get a receipt like this now, go enjoy the park and come back when your time rolls are out and. Disney's, Fastpass service is, included, in your admission. Okay. Ever, feel like you're always the one taking, the pictures so you're never in them, that's. Where Disney PhotoPass service. Can really help see. Disney, PhotoPass photographers. Can capture your family's, magical, memories at popular, photo spots throughout the parks. When. They take your picture you get a Disney, PhotoPass card which, links all of your vacation pictures together just, register, online within, 30 days to, view share and purchase, the pictures you want with Disney, PhotoPass service. You get great shots and everyone. Is in the picture. Now. If you're thinking about coming to the parks to celebrate, a birthday anniversary. Reunion. Or, any other occasion. Thinking. About it and do it the Disneyland. Resort is the perfect, way to mark these special, moments in wonderful, bigger-than-life Disney, style. One. More tip for guests with disabilities. Disneyland. Resort offers a wide variety of services and facilities sign. Language, interpretation. Is even available for, many shows and attractions on, a rotating, schedule, want. To know more, call seven one four seven, eight one four, six three six and press option one then, option, zero or, visit, Disneyland, com. By, now you probably have, a pretty good idea of what you want to do where, you want to stay how, to make it all as convenient, as possible now. It's your turn to take the next step and let the memories, begin and what's, really great they, start the instant, you decide to come thanks. For watching and we hope to see you real soon. They. Come in all sorts of ages and sizes they. Come with their own dreams and they, come with powerful, imaginations, they're, kids and when, you visit Disneyland, Resort with kids 5 and under your, trip can be filled with special magic, you'll never forget it's as easy as taking them by the hand and letting them lead you. There's. Plenty of preschool, fun throughout both theme parks like, a magical, spin on Dumbo the flying elephant. It's. An absolute, classic. Imagine. Meeting up with some favorite, Disney characters. Like. A pretty princess in, a royal setting or enjoy, a moment with a not so scary monster. Meet. The very first avenger, himself, Captain. America, do. You believe in fairies, Tinkerbell. Zr2 and. Of course everyone's.

Favorite Mouse, let. Him take your kids on a journey to imagination, courtesy. Of his magical, map boys, and girls can dosey, doe with mater and take in all the sights of, Radiator, Springs, or. Take off to infinity and beyond with Buzz Lightyear, even. Shrink down to bug size. And then. Go under the seat to have a totally, righteous, chat with brush, then. Don't forget to pop into a whole neighborhood, of cartoon fun at Mickey's, Toontown. Keep. In mind these special, in park surfaces, too like. Disney, baby care centers they're. Comfy places, to take a little break, of course. Any theme park can be a little much on little legs which. Is why Disney Land Resort offers stroller, rentals, so, you don't have to bother with hauling yours around. Imagination. Creativity. Unexpected. Surprises, we. Could be talking about the attractions, and entertainment at. The Disneyland Resort but what we're talking about is Disney. Dining. Dining. At the Disneyland, Resort is, as, much a part of the magic as anything, and. It's all about choices in. Fact there, are over, 150. Distinctly, Disney, dining options it. Doesn't matter where you are you'll. Find just the right thing in the Disney parks the. Resort hotels and the. Downtown, Disney district. Let's. Start in the parks there's. Disney, magic, and every meal and at every location. Dying. On the banks of the Bayou at Disneyland. Park enjoy. Decadent, and delicious bakery. Treats on Main Street USA. Or. Some very fine dining here, in Qarth a circle restaurant, at Disney, California Adventure, Park, where. You can also cozy. Up to the cozy cone motel and, get, a drink in one of these and perhaps. Feast, among Disney, princesses inside, Ariel's, Grotto, there. Are a ton of options in the theme parks some, decadent, others. More nutritious, and every. Last one of them delicious. Dining. In the hotel's of the Disneyland, Resort is, also, a palette pleasing affair. Filled. With unique possibilities. Here. At Disney's, Grand Californian. Hotel and, Spa, you'll enjoy exceptional, cuisine and, a, well-stocked, wine cellar. And. If you'd like a little character. With your meal join, in on Chippendales, critter breakfast, complete. With Mickey mouse-shaped waffles. You'll. Also be tempted by the choices at the Disneyland, Hotel for, everything, from an award-winning, steakhouse, to. An enchanted, tiki, bar wait. Over. At Disney's, Paradise Pier Hotel, dine, in a relaxed, casual, setting that serves up boardwalk, inspired, on trips, it. Offers a very special, breakfast, with Mickey and some of his pals and, for. Dining delights both day and night you've got to bring your appetite, to the Downtown, Disney district, you'll find delicious, options from around the world, exotic. Flavors of the Mediterranean. Festive. Mexican, cuisine the, mouth-watering temptations. Of southern Italy even. A taste of Louisiana cooking. And a Bourbon Street atmosphere, and don't. Worry sports fans we've, got the perfect place for you as well one. Of the best things about the Downtown, Disney district, is that it's literally right outside the Disneyland, theme parks so it's easy to come over for some delicious dining. No. Matter where you are here at the Disneyland Resort you'll. Discover, fun and delicious dining with everything, you'd expect from Disney. Exceptional. Service. Attention. To detail. And, of course magical. Disney storytelling. Visit. Disneyland, calm. / dine for more information, then. Call the Disney dine line at seven one four seven, eight one dine fear, you can make reservations, up to sixty days before, you're safe. You. There's. More for the whole family to see and do at the Disneyland, Resort than ever before, so, there's no better way to experience. All the magic, than with a multi-day. Visit. Imagine. To amazing, theme parks plus, a shopping, dining and entertainment, district, and relaxing. Resort hotels all, just steps away from each other it's. Easy to see that Disneyland, Resort offers more, than enough magic to fill several days. So. How do you make this dream come true it's. Simple. With, a vacation, package the. Walt Disney travel, company or your travel agent offers, an array of Disneyland.

Resort Vacation packages. Loaded, with benefits, like. Enjoying. More time in the parks with this extra. Magic our Disneyland. Resort hotel guests can enjoy early, admission every day of their hotel stay - select attractions in, one of the two parks one hour before it opens to the general public or. Consider, this three-day, or longer Disneyland, Resort tickets, purchased, in advance include. One special, magic morning early admission into Disneyland, Park one, hour before it opens to the public. Choose. From vacation packages, that allow you to stay right in the middle of the magic at one, of three spectacular. Disneyland. Resort hotels. Or. Consider a package, that lets you stay close to the magic at a conveniently. Located good, neighbor hotel, you, can even take advantage of all that Southern California has, to offer and extend. Your disneyland, resort vacation to, include a visit to Los Angeles San, Diego or the nearby beaches. Check. Out all your package options online at Disneyland. Comm slash packages, or, call, your travel agent. You. Can purchase multi-day. Disneyland, Resort Park hopper tickets right now at Disneyland, calm. You. Can even save time with the Disney e-ticket, program not, sandy you just purchase, and print your tickets at home and skip, the ticket lines oh and. Check this out download, the Disneyland, app and buy park tickets right from your mobile device you'll. Have lots of great Disneyland. Resort info, right at your fingertips, - then. All that's left to do is head to the Disneyland, Resort and start, making some incredible, family, memories. How. Do you take your Disneyland, vacation. From incredible, to absolutely. Unforgettable. Stay. In one of the hotels, of the Disneyland Resort. Spectacular. Themes, sparkling. Pools, Disney. Character, dining and early. Access to a theme park every, day of your stay, best. Of all you'll, be just steps away from the magic. Okay. There are three hotels, of the Disneyland Resort to choose from ranging, from, bright and fun to downright, luxurious and. Speaking. Of luxury this is Disney's, Grand Californian. Hotel and, Spa, it's, where American. Craftsmen, style and, elegance come, together with impeccable Disney, Service enjoy. Immaculately. Appointed, rooms an array, of magically. Themed pools and some, palate pleasing, fine dining including. The award-winning, Napa. Rose, be sure to have a look at their extensive, wine list and relax. Your mind body, and spirit, with everything from specialty, massages, to facials, here, at the Mandara Spa. Disney's. Grand, Californian. Hotel &, Spa truly. Defines, grandeur, in every. Way. When. You check into Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, it's. Like you're diving into the California, lifestyle. Check. Out colorful, boardwalk, inspired, rooms that, are as comfortable as walking, barefoot in the sand, head, up to the California, screamin rooftop, pool and waterslide area, to, cool off Disney, style on, select. Nights you can even hang out on the rooftop and enjoy, the fireworks. Take. A look at an original this, is the disneyland hotel and, thanks, to an incredible, transformation this. Legendary, hotel is more magical, than ever before, you can even choose one of the signature, suites of the disneyland hotel and live like a pirate, and. Explorer or. A favorite. Disney character, and. Just outside three, and fighting, tools including. The monorail pool with two water slides look. For some great dining options too. Now. That you know all about the hotels, of the Disneyland, Resort take, a look at some of the magical, benefits, that come with your stay. Spend. More time in the theme parks with the extra magic our benefit, as a resort, hotel guests you, can enjoy early, admission, every, day of your stay to select attractions at, one theme park an hour before, it opens to the public and don't, worry about starting. Off early, your, kids can get a wake-up call from a Disney character. Here's. Something convenient, with, your key to the Magic card charge, select, meals and merchandise, to your room and don't worry about carrying, your souvenirs, around the park all day our, package, Express service will deliver your purchases, right to your disneyland hotel room. You. May also want to consider a good neighbor hotel located. Near the Disneyland, Resort and, with. Over three dozen to choose from you're sure to find one that suits your needs so. Whether you choose a good neighbor hotel or one of the three hotels of the Disneyland, Resort you'll. Enjoy convenient, access, to a whole world of Disney Wonder and, don't, forget all the sunshine, and fun of a Southern California vacation.

Is Just a, car drive away so. The only question that remains which. Hotel to choose. You. You.

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