Ditched In The Magic Kingdom! ♥ Bibbidi Vloggidi Boo

Ditched In The Magic Kingdom! ♥ Bibbidi Vloggidi Boo

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Good, morning. Celinda, left yesterday it was really sad to see her go then. The, family went to the Magic Kingdom to see a happily ever after, which. Was my second time seeing it but I don't think the, rest of the family had seen it just yet and today I think we're headed to the Animal Kingdom this will be my third time in the animal kingdom a better luck this trip but. I'm looking forward to taking my brother on flight of passage because he's not been on that yet ever. So, I'm really excited. For. Those of you that don't know the, other day it was announced that I'm going to be playing Veronica soya in heathers. At, the other palace this summer and so. My morning has just been singing. Along to the soundtrack, and just getting to know Veronica. A bit better which is fun. Very. Fun she's very cool and I'm very very excited to, get. To know her a bit more any. Second, now I'm gonna get a knock on the door from buzz and Buddy because. They are incapable, of walking down the corridor and not coming to my friend first and, so, I'm just patiently, waiting, for my little call. From, the nephews also. To lend out I was of course really sad to see you go but with. You not being here it means I get your pillow. Chocolates so. Silver. Lining. Good, morning. In ears - the time is half 10 quarter. To 11 and I've brought myself to Disney, springs I came. Here a year ago but. After they've done it all up I came in nighttime and I really. Love it here it's very very posh and there's lots of them like. Expensive, stores, now and I just went into a Disney jewelry store called ever after, and they had some amazing, stuff in there like. Some super, cool stuff in there I've got some very specific things that I want to get today I want to get a star wars t-shirt for, Oliver, Ormson I want to get some coffee, for home for, me and. There's. Some. Backpacks that I really want and. I've just seen some in there but I've seen some different ones so I'm still hunting. Okay. So like half of world of Disney is closed maybe, not maybe more than half a lot. Of it is I don't, know if you can see that sons of my eyes but a lot of that closed which, is a shame but they do have the coffee that I want all press pennies I've. Got a bit of an obsession with press pennies if you haven't notice, from my Instagram story. Oh yeah. I definitely want one of these, yeah. They've got a lilo and stitch Disney, springs penny. I've left the point all for goodness sake. I've got the clean bit of my purse, open it's like I've done smart. And, that's really smart. Okay. Right, now hunting for the. Dress shop which, has a shop they. Sell dresses, in and. They're. Really, nice, fancy. Dresses, that. Have a Disney theme to, them, which. One have a look have, a look I'm, not my started going to buy anything just having a look. I. Think. This one's my favorite. But. The question is would I wear it when. I'm not in Disney that's. The question why would. I know I would but would. I wear it enough oh my god, I love, that I'd. Never get at home, but. I love that. Bit. Obsessed with this backpack I really. Love it. I mean. I went in and didn't get anything thing. Was a bit overwhelms, there was so much amazing stuff. She. Couldn't quite make a decision, on anything. But, I've just seen Star Wars trading, post, it might just be pins. But. If I'm gonna find a t-shirt anywhere I reckon it'll be there here's mostly kids t-shirts, and I think Molly, would appreciate that so, now I'm headed to Mickey's pantry, where it says spices, and teas oh, I, can see they're due to copy that one in there I'm looking for a cat - yeah. And. I can't find one anywhere they. Do one with tea in it there's. A t1, it's not the same. It's. Somewhere in there comes from the reflection something. Okay, so I couldn't find a nice style teach at Raleigh so, I've gone with coffee for all there's a mass of coffee snob and, they do Mickey Mouse coffee so. Fingers. Crossed he likes that, now, I'm heading back to. That. Ever our and who's grabber after jewelry. Slash backpack. Bag, store. Because. I want the villains backpack. And. I've decided, she's. Gonna treat myself treat, yourself. I'm just gonna do it it's gonna do it she's gonna do it it's gonna do it just. Gonna do it. Think, maybe he's got. Thank. You very much. I've. Never in my life been in a Sephora and it's happening apparently. I just, missed a bus which is slightly, annoying but I am now at the bus stop on, my own and missing. The bus has given me a chance to transfer everything from my old backpack into my new Wow look. How amazing. It is look, how gorgeous the inside is as well it's like, striped. And pretty, see, now that I've spent the money and I have it I'm like in, love with it and I'm really pleased I did it yeah up until the point that I buy it I'm like no I can't, spend that money I don't need it fine.

Now, That I have it I'm like it's, the best thing in the world so I went into Sephora and found the, chocolate. Gold. Or gold chocolate Too Faced palette, I saw and I was like. Really. Lovely really quite nice all the colors I use at. Home from, chink palettes anyway do. I buy it do I buy it five pound cheaper in America, I discovered, I didn't get it I didn't get it what I did instead was down to myself in Joe Mello and red roses perfume. What. No one was looking now. I'm headed back to the Grand Floridian because. The Fletcher family have a reservation, at. Ohana. Restaurant at the Polynesian hotel, and. I'm so excited about it because. It's, my favorite meal in Disney I think the Ohana it's incredible. Good. Morning. Last, night we went to the, Ohana, which is my favorite meal in Disney, it was so good, it. Was so good took the boys coconut, racing which is something I'm sure they have never done before and now we're, up early it's like. Five. Past seven is about a quart past six and we are headed I don't. Actually know where I think Magic Kingdom in Hollywood studios because we're taking some pictures with. The Disney team, that's. As much as I know Tom, and G have, the rest of the info I don't. Really know what's going on I'm just following them but. It should be a good day. Well. Because. The room. The, committee. Well. Somebody. Always. Goes for the blue. Buddy. Should. Be with the first order, all. Citizens. We're. A must like it's featuring to spin but. I'm a, bit worried some rubbish it is fun. What. Did you get. Yes. So. We have happy most. Incredibly. Morning. The point when my voice just wobbles because I got a little bit emotional them so, first we went to Hollywood, studios and that stormtroopers. We. Met, first and woody which was so. Cool I've got a kiss on the hand from both Buzz and Woody I. Know. And then, we head back to the Grand Floridian we have breakfast there and we, have this massive, conference. Slash ballroom, all to ourselves, this, massive breakfast, buffet laid out just for us and, then Mickey and Minnie appeared, and. I got arguably. The. Best, selfie, ever. Now. We are in the Magic Kingdom, we just had lovely pictures taken front of castle we went on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin I won, both, both, times 700, thousand as the most I've ever got on that ride and I beat home ha ha ha but. When we were taking pictures in front of the castle we were given all of these balloons I don't if you can see them in the background so we've been given those balloons and we were told that we can keep them all for the boys but, Tommy G have very generously, suggested, that we'll keep to for the boys and, give the rest away to. Some, of the kids who are walking past us because I think, as balloons are quite expensive and, it's. Just a lovely thing to do, making, magical moments buzz, that's. What you're doing. Giving, everyone balloons that's, very kind of you buzz you've one more last one away buzz.

Let's. Go. My. Family ditched me they, will come back to the hotel and I want to see the parade today because I've not seen the festival of fantasy yet so here, I am in the Magic Kingdom having a lovely afternoon all by myself now, I think I'm gonna hop on the carousel, because it doesn't seem too busy right now and I'm excited, ok, there's a lot of people on this carousel so I'm on like the smallest, horse, in the. World but I'm on the carousel magic doesn't, matter. Okay, whilst I'm on my own I'm, gonna do parts the Caribbean, because. Buzz is really scared of the pirate cedar where he's scared of the ride and the last, time we were here I think we traumatized, him because we took him to a haunted mansion and then pirates the cabbie and and he just wasn't. Happy the whole way around so I'm gonna go on that whilst I'm on my own it's, also one of my favorites, along with Haunted Mansion Haunted, Mansion like my all-time favorite, which we just went on which was so. Good always. Is and I've, got a Haunted Mansion wristband, magic band now which, has Madame Leota and it glows in the dark and the whole of the Haunted Mansion is very very dark so, that was glowing the entire way round I'm now entering Adventureland. According. To the mages and experience at the wait for the piracy, Caribbean is currently 45 minutes so. I'm gonna go ahead and use one of our fast. Passes, okay pirates looks really intense and the weight just went up to 55 minutes and even though I'd be doing a fast pass this is the pass pass line so it looks a bit much so, I'm heading. Through. The passage to Frontierland. And, I'm. Gonna try my luck on Splash Mountain which. I haven't been on in quite a long time that. Place there, that. Used to just sell McDonald's, fries and. It was the best I, know. That's really unhealthy. It. Was great. Your. Main city company will begin momentarily. So. Just on Splash Mountain my, back is, soaking. Wet I think. You get more wet at. The beginning of the ride than you do with the big drop either way it's, great fun my plan now is to head to, Main. Street actually, what's the time. It's. 2:22. Maybe. I just get some a luncheon water afraid. Musicians. Decision. So. I've been trying to find somewhere, to post the postcards, but I've written for a couple of friends, I've, been trying to find a place to post them everywhere, I've, not looked very hard and I'm not asked anyone if I'm honest but, then I got distracted by this penny machine because, it's one that I haven't been to yet I just got myself a squashed penny of. Peter. Pan, very. Excited about that and but it's next to this, this. Little mailbox, it, says on the bottom this is a turn-of-the-century mail, collection box loaned by the United, States Postal, Service mail, is collected daily from this box by Walt Disney World cast members for entry into the United States mail at, Orlando. Florida, Oliver, and Louise know, that your postcard. Was posted in a very very special turn-of-the-century. Mailbox. Let. Me to make sure I've got their address right because that would suck I. Already. Have that's in, now. The plan to, get, the boat, back. To the, ramp yridian is. The one in. No, there we go there's a boat in I need, to be quicker, although, I think is very long line so. Maybe I'm okay. You.

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