DIY Budget Travel (4K) - Best of Andaman Islands, Port Blair, Ross, Havelock and Bharatang Island

DIY Budget Travel (4K) - Best of Andaman Islands, Port Blair, Ross, Havelock and Bharatang Island

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Can. You guess where is this. No. Clue well, here's, another hint. Still. Don't get it it's in the same country as this. Namaste. Yes, welcome to India we are going off beaten, paths to see the befallen, our islands experiencing. And best friend beaches in off Asia, unspoiled. Nature's this is the historical, clover architecture. Learning, about its history giving. What fun lots of wall activities, smelling, fishy from my big catch getting. Carried away from my Indian wedding marking, around for great shopping tasting, lots of sweet treats and great local food of. Course not to mention the, warm hospitality, of its people in this sunshine Island, of. Course. All done safely inexpensively. Easily, anything I can do you can do welcome, to the remote, and magnificent. Element Islands. The. Alamo islands are Cooper Islands at the juncture of bourbon Gao and alamin seat despite his location closer to Thailand the chain of islands a part of India with. A star journey from Chennai, the closest, Indian city to Ottomans, if you don't, have a luggage the, best enough pretty way together is by swimming across the bay up and GAO is only. 1400, climbers. That is. Just. Joking the cheapest, way to get there is by a ferry, but, it's, 60, hours and in the special, permission for travel by sea but think goodness there is a vention, call airplanes, there's multiple, flights to and from major, cities like Chennai. Delhi, and Kolkata to. Port blair to capital of parliament, and Nicobar. Once. Grounded, you need to get a permit to enter the island but it's quick, and painless, and before, you know it you're on your way to arrival, hall where you can either walk out and grab a prepaid, taxi to a city only, 2 kilometers away and costing, about a dollar 50 or, if you really cheap experience. A local way there, is always auto rickshaws, called titik and of, course, the. Buses. The. Preparer, convinces. With attorney. Thanks. Our Homebase g/km Grand Hotel offers direct and fast reliable transfer, we can save our energy and, focus on getting great, shots. South. Is our first point it's right across all, secretary, and, when you think get a view. Of the whole rivalry there on. The twenty, Indian. Notes you, can see right there got you from North Bay. But. Those damn trees are getting on the way and I'm determined to get the perfect shot so, let's get hired stop to get a feel, for the airport to, come in here and this is chocolate spot, right. There it's always just land and this is really you. Of it, finally. We are right by g/km Grand Hotel mm boy, my co-host Sarah and I did not expect to be welcome like this. As. Majora the local population, is Hindon were welcomed, by the hotel, staff with a tradition, ceremony, called tikkun garland, I hinted reach all marking, someone's forehead with a frequent, pace as welcome, expressional, honor when they arrived. Finally. Sarah, has, cousin. Her we're having, her on, nice. Fruit the, honors continues, to our rooms what more flower decoration, on my bed but even, more important both of us was given a very comfortable, rooms with clean bathrooms, of course with hot showers at a really. Great price, yay to. Stop hearing on top this, Wawa, pineapple, juice but. There's no time to take a nap we need to fuel up and we were treated, with a traditional, breakfast, at the hotel some amazing restaurant. Poor. Plan is fairly small if you got time you can walk but you can get a round bite it took elbow, a dollar or so or for, a little bit more comfort by a taxi, for about three dollars but, once again thanks, to g/km we got our own driver, and this, is how we got transferred to prison. Seriously. So this is one of tourist attractions a, very. Famous death, where, British, actually, sell all their Indian, like prisoners, who were talking some before. In a pencil. And. While though is actually the, freedom, fighter real, shocker, who's the airports named after where. He spent rest of his life serving, his time here that. Construction. I'll see how their jails started in 1896, and was completed in 1906. The remote, island would consider to be suitable, place to punish the independent, activists, not, only they were isolated from mainland, the oversea, journey, to the island also threatened, them with loss of caste resulting.

In Social, exclusion. The. British use a facility, to especially, exiled political prisoners, during the struggle for India's independence, the convicts, are also used, in chain gangs to construct, prisons, and buildings and harbor facilities many, died in this enterprise today, the complex, serves as a national memorial monument. So. This flame has been running since independence. Of India and dedicated. To all the Freedom Fighters. Carved. On the wall are the name of all the political prisoners who are incarcerated, in, this prison and many of them never made it out alive, so. Peacefully, religion, this is where the prisons. Come and they can get last, prayer before. Just. 15, minutes walk will form in this drive is a memorial, dedicated to, victim of 2004, Asian tsunami which, caused extensive, devastation. To Islanders environment, this is also the location of a seaport with a statue, of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv, Gandhi, who was assassinated. It is also we can bore ferry to the Ross Island. The. Regular ferry cost about $10, and taking about 15, minutes but due to the time constraint, g/km, Grand Hotel helped us arrange a private jet boat so we will not need to wait or swim, across once again thanks, guys. So, we're on our way to Ross Island where the British lived. So. That they were separate from that printers at the cellular jail yes, the prisoners were to escape and try to swim away they're, just gonna encounter, more British so it was a win-win for the British not so much for the inmates. Your. Private, boat might be fast but there's no guarantee, of a smooth ride so if your scale seasick, eat like beforehand, so, this might be a rocky ride was only five, minutes our rotten Rock Island. The. Island situated, three, kilometers east of downtown Port, Blair and named of the marine surveyor, sir Daniel Ross the island was first discovered by handful guarding the Port Blair harbour, it served as a Ministry, of the headquarter, in the couple Ottoman and Nicobar until the earthquake start, walk-in, 1941. Today this, historic, ruin our popular, tourist attraction. The. Best of all at the time of this filming that, entrance tickets only thirty rupees or fifty cents and a plastic, free zone. At. The entrance of rasa island there's a wall of history. And one thing to note is that during the deadly tsunami in 2004. If it wasn't for Ross Island the. Main island, of Port Blair would, have been wiped out during. Too evil our 18:57, that british had to flee to ross island as they settle and live here for about next 90 years until, nine months before the Japanese takeover. When Ralph Island experience at earthquake, which cost many people to leave the island. Except. From a breach time with japanese-occupied, that Ross island was never Pearlie, resettled, resulting, wildlife, such as deer rabbit, and peacock to flourish, and roam freely around the island. And, everybody's. Getting. A chance for you to get close if you're, fast. There. Are also free, tours, led by some of the locals, this lady is giving you a tour right now if, you'd like to give a little donation at the end to show your appreciation is, great, so, here on Ross Island the. British, had everything they need a general store a water distillation, plant. So that they could have, their own fresh, water pool there's, bakeries. And. All sorts of things let's. See what's inside who's, here there's a sound and light show that, takes place on this converted, bakery that they painted the walls white and the entire show fits within its frame. They. Even got cute, little beach, that. Little beach is too, small for both of us so, this visit one of the most famous beaches in Port Blair but, I'm not going anywhere before cooling down first, this gentleman's house ice cream will be all you want to do not. Tell. You last ten years. Hopefully. Make. This. Is a phone burnt milk all-natural. As. We walk along the unspoiled, short straw private escort we also pass by the marina park it's a cute little park filled with statue of important, figures in the Indian history.

In. A tank for you to practice your serious. Driving skills and. Anti-aircraft. Guns. For. You to practice some serious, serious, serious, bear, hunting, if. You got time that is. But. Now our patient driver was waiting to take out our corporate coffee. This korkin, beach is actually, one of the nearest beach to. The airport, as, well the clean. In. Island. Where you can swim as, you can see it's nothing and I saw my footprint, and, that's. Nothing but you. Water. Spray. Sure. Through. The rocks a little bit we're, on our way up, to an, abandoned. Japanese, bunker from the war. And. As. Still, have. Some, various. Modern-day, usage. Especially. By the young lovebirds. Without. A nagging, serif I should definitely find, someone and some. Excitement as well thank. Goodness she will not need to look far on this Beach was selling, handsome indian princes and lots, and lots and lots of water activities maybe, she can even kill two birds with one stone. We're. About to take the jet skis out for a ride one of the many places here. On the island, that you can rent, the jet skis for the day. Look. Like the relations, have a very, exciting, start I don't know if I'm jealous but I do know I'm pretty hungry and it's time to have that to grab lunch our lunches, delivered to, us but, it was a special. Surprise so I'm not sure was in here yet oh. Nice. It looks like a chicken, biryani we've. Got some chicken and again look at the artistry. They've. Done with the plating, oh yeah, be fast really. Well the restaurants, open for lunch between 12:30, to 3:00 p.m. so, take, your time but, not with us we, need to go somewhere little, somber. The. Great tsunami hit the element and Nicobar Island heart with the death toll reached over 1300. And over, 5,500. Missing in the villages too perhaps a tsunami create a permanent sea lake with many of the building submerge and inhalable. Today. Many of these residents are living inside those permanent, tsunami, settlements. After. Senior settlements, my co-host Erina our tire, and pretty, much brain-dead, we, want to go back to our comfortable rooms but, our, friendly, staff has other ideas, to, wake us up they, really, treated us like a member of their family and read, us to their homes to get high seriously. So. Some of our teammates just climbed up their. Coconut, tree we're on third farm right now and they, dropped, down some coconuts and chopped them open for us to try and, I'm. Really, excited to take. A drink I'm really thirsty so. Let's, go for it. It's. Really good it's um sweet it's cool and really. Refreshing. The. Legendary, power coconut, water give us a walking strength I lost Superman, or super, women to be plated correct. So we power away to see mother Gandhi I mean moneth Gandhi National Park named after him well, those of you who want to go local there are buses from port blair that goes to wind or village, I heard. They got some, pretty, nice speeches, so sunset but here's a little advice I got. My first receipt, for using the toilet here in India it, only cost me five rupees this time usually costs 10 rupees.

So I suggest always having a handful of small bills so, that you. Can use, the toilet. The. Beach is located inside low barrack saltwater crocodile, century and the best time to visit is to get there around 5:30. P.m.. By. The way some part of the beach has nets and they are there for a reason feel free to cross it if you want to get unforgettable. Experience of being crocodiles. Dinner no thank you for me. This. Famous speech is well known Foyle scenic beauty and specially, for its crystal blue coastlines. Not. To mention enjoying. His wearing life especially. The little fishies, but the big catches will come later. But. Most, of us are here for one reason. It. Was definitely, worth the drive out here the sunset was beautiful. Really. Relaxing. And calm there are two people here so, it's, a great place to you. Know maybe have a picnic, and watch the sunset or. Maybe, a little meditation now. We're off to the sound and light show back. In the city, not. So fast remember, I still need to clock my big catch and my parent taught me wherever this fisherman this fresh fish is lots and lots. Of them they are totally, right in just few minutes away there's a local fish market where big catches are loaded. So. Right, after sunset. Access. Not over here's, a fish market where all of the, fish. Can come home with a first catch. This. Is one Maggiore our portfolio, fishes come from fish may we try another day where fishes are sorted auction and sold to the local market vendors. After. The big cat we are exhausted, and in desperate, need of sugar but once again thanks to our knowledgeable, staff they, know, how to sweeten. Us up. We. Pay a visit to one of the oldest, and the most well-known, bakery, in the island view my bakery this is we can encounter lots, and, lots, of sweets, sweets. And. Even. More sweets. This. Is one of my favorite sweets here in India magic, hockey is made, of almond. It. Is melts in your mouth if you really do it from. A place definitely it takes a big piece of this gulag with some, custard inside. There's. Also a bit of a nut inside. The custard. Got. A little crunch it's. Delicious, I love this one, sara is that's. What she's consuming, entire RoSPA, shark give us a little introduction. This is Rasulullah.

It Is boiled, in, hot. Sugary, water just, a good bite. As. Soon as you bite down on it, sweet. Honey liquid, squirting, all over in your mouth it. Was so much sugar is hard, to keep cool when the traffic is not moving. So. I decided, to get up and join the bride and groom who got the culprit, responsible for. This traffic chaos street, wedding party are crazy, and normal, is perfect, place to show my cool moves and burn, some excess, sugar. Before. Patient, and driver escort, aspects, are a cellular, jail to serve, a remaining sentence, and history, lesson in form of a cell and light show, if. You. Want to check out make sure to get your tickets in advance it's a 100, rupees for foreigners, who are about dollar fifty and be first, in line to get the best seats. The. Sound and light shall give a history of the jail and the sack out here are freedom struggles, by many others pleco prisoners, or the freedom fighter within these walls now. Go quickly and do the job it. Recounts, the hardship, and the suffering at the hands of occupying, power including, forced, labor deprivation. Of food and water torture, suicides. Of other inhumane, treatment of shipmates. The. Show also highlights. Compassion. Victories, enough struggle, and concludes, enough uplifting, concept, note. We. Return to our g/km Grand Hotel really, late but I'm not going to bed without a nice, dinner, in fact I demand a hot and fresh but, thanks to its in-house, restaurant, it will not be a problem as they openly until 10:00 p.m.. Now. Before, I dive into my lovely bellflowers, let me do one minute infomercial, to thank our sponsor g/km Grand Hotel seriously. They have been awesome. Okay. That's enough let's get some sleep we got a long, day tomorrow. In. The ottomans ferry the only way to get between islands unless, you're a good swimmer. We're. About to take a ferry, to have long island, something to keep in mind is make sure you have your passport, as well as the paper they give you at the airport to enter. And, make sure you have your patients, at. The. Line here. The. Fair called government-run puppy fairies about 550 rupees and the seats of first-come first-serve. But private and more comfortable, starts at 900, depending on the class all have a fine seat so the tickets can be booking about but thanks a g/km Grand Hotel they made it easy for all their guests by taking care of the fairy buckets. Once. A believe the dog young free to roam around and so again some fresh breeze along with a beautiful, photo to make your Instagram, friends, jealous after, I do not recommend you selling a butler an entire two and half hour journey in fact I recommend you put it to work right dancing, it out. Honestly. It feel like paradise right on a fairy talk with a beautiful, clear waters, and the clean beaches. The island, ferry. Departs. And, arrives. Just over here and as soon as you arrive you just walk about, 200. Meters into the tour's information, where you can get your tickets for our scuba diving snorkeling and. A whole variety of other water activities the. Racer. For. These, for your diet you have many options here for transportation. You can take a taxi, for the day or if you're on a budget take the local bus that's around 20 rupees one. Way and it stopped at many different places dollars. Cheaper cut this. A billion way of scooters. Lot. Cheaper than on private, drivers, about. It cuz of all 500, rupees, or so. Do. Your own research before. You listen to us but. Once again things are g/km Grand Hotel they took out transportation. Typically, the hold a taxi cost box 1500, what 23 dollars okay, we're gonna go get, up get it up and get, ready to go for our dive. To. Go to because. You're sick oh. I'm. Excited I'm excited I, have a proper suit and little, booties because there's all sorts of fire, coral, and things like that then, I'm always afraid I'm gonna get stung, or bit or something so, my biggest advice is don't touch anything when you're diving because if you go to grab on to something you may regret it later.

So. Let's peek and see. My. Crew hasn't fully recovered. I. Was. Not able to dive. In this paradise, look at this. Wow, I am just jealous. Sarens. Able. To do it I hope. She has fun. Unfortunately. My. 40. Underwater, camera, in, China. However. She, does have, a. 1080p. GoPro. With underwater cake and so let's. See how about footage, come up on that. Something. Is better than nothing obviously. Even. Though I'm not able to join Sara and try out scuba diving don't. Worry I still get to enjoy the beautiful crystal-clear, shores, of each summer to walk or not not of each. So. We're trying to visit as many beaches as possible, we're at Beach number two right now we, went, out with the guys, from ocean. Pearl scuba. Club and it. Was really great if women was great and service. Everything, was bought, on very, safety. Oriented, here now we're going to head off to Kalpana, Beach another. Beach to check out. Oh. Okay. The. Name is actually beautiful. I. Was. About to include that embarrassing, footage in the show but it was too funny, but. I think it's better I get wet on my own, this. Small stretch of coastline remains refreshingly untoward, and more quieter, than the islands main beach the clean sands of a good mouth room for relaxation, and, Beach sporting, but just, remember because, of the sharp corals, and rocks the water remains unsuitable. For swimming. Don't. Forget to support the local economy by, being hydrated, killing, two birds one, stone has. Really big, it, means you. Hold a tall vitamin C's and. Wall. That sometime. Stall, good. But. Nothing, goes to waste, there's meaty, and care you can eat. Environmentally. Friendly it comes with its own spoon you just have to make it first. Very. Out refreshing. And delicious now. If you want to support the local economy, considering. Bite one of these locally, made, souvenirs. Young, money goes directly, to the park other locals, and to, support their families, what up he said I'm, going to try out this musical instrument. It's. Not working. Next. Our search for paradise ends at the best ranked beach in Asia in seven in the world by Time magazine 2004. At the wreck of other Beach or Beach number seven. The. Most beautiful, beach and some even say is the most beautiful in all of Asia. The. Beach life on Southwest skills I have an island it's about 12 kilometers from our highly fair appears easy accessible, by, bus trust, me it's really, worth a visit so I've, got bathing suits ready. Across. Asia is one of top beaches hearing. Unionist number one and, there's many choppers. Are coming here without falling, love for, this Beach and change your plan and stay for weeks outside it's just like me. All. Good, time to come to an end and in size and head back to catch our ferry but along, the way I encourage you stop and select, some vitamin C's or some fresh fruit. If. You need to really feel up don't, worry there's a continue the ferry port for you to try some Indian. Version of fast, food. Okay. So everybody's, lining up right now there's two boats about to come in if, you've chosen to go on the government boat there's no fixed seats so you definitely want, to line up so you can choose an area to hang out at but, if you have a private, charter you. Have a fixed seat and you. Don't need to stay in line just chill for a while wait for the light to go and then speed in that yellow ladies. And gentlemen this is the government, boat, alright, guys I'm. Not. Going. To a boat like that I think it's very dangerous. Still. I suppose it's okay. We. Can take your line. Don't. Forget to get outside and see the beautiful sunset on the side deck. Keep, walking you see. So. We just arrived back in for Claire and rocked at the bazaar no time to rest but um time. To go shopping. Maybe. A brief rest as you as many tickets outside appears, to take you to the Aberdeen Bazaar once again thanks to g/km grand hotel our comfortable, ride is waiting for us. All. Right so, we arrived here at mama, candy square and this, is very, sensual, up. Here, is where all the potential, past and all the bus terminates. But. We, are going to is down there right now which, is the averaging, Bazaar. And bazaars. Very all a pretense, of British arrivals, here in Port Blair. This. Is we also can pay a respect, to the most important, historical figure and the Indian hero at the square named after him. It's. Also you can go back in time and save, some money if. You want to write. Something interesting, take advantage. Taxi. This, is. Actually, used mostly by tourists, but they, are also, cheaper. Than, ordinary, taxis. So. We. Are approaching that everything's, wrong here, this is not only one, of oldest.

Bazaar, In Port. Blair is also, one oldest, throughout the whole island, is. The. Center, of economic. Engine for Port Blair. You. Can find absolutely, everything, from cookware, electronic, clothings, to food and more food and flowers and more flowers. You. Don't put your nose right in to the makeup in sacred and their, offerings. To the gods one. Thing you must do is look at some of the jewelry when you're in India because, it, is unlike. What you're gonna find throughout the world. Looking. At this one but I'm gonna see if I can get a better price I. Don't. Feel like I bought enough clothing yet so I'm gonna check out this little shop and see, if I can get a long shirt. Just. Remember, one world regardless. With what you are buying never accept the first offer and always barking, and market. Hard so good luck on finding a perfect deal also, my, condolences, all in their, battle, shopping. Yeah. She. Can be perfection. At times at least trying to make my choice do I go green or do, I go fuchsia. Please, help me decide. Can. We do 600, flats. 7:40. Yeah. But. I'm getting 2 now. 625. In. The middle, 625. And. Here. In the Andaman, Islands, their plastic, bag free so everything. Comes in a cloth reusable, bag which is brilliant and that's one of the reasons the island is so clean. With. Her new dress we are both happy and there are a night back at a g/km Grand Hotel. We. Wake up next morning really. Really, early around 3:00 a.m. and prepare, ourself to go somewhere. Really. Really, hard. To get to so. It's 4 o'clock in the morning, it took, us about an hour to, drive here from Port Blair were. Waiting. To go. Through a forest, where, there's local tribe. Now we can only access in, group, convoys, so the convoy stretches. Sometimes. Three to four kilometers. In length. Alternately. You can take a public spots from the FTS bus terminal near the African Bazaar but make sure you check is most up-to-date return, schedule. Getting. To our destination requires.

Our Vehicle pass watch our travel reserving, a convoy the home to a group of endangered, indigenous, people element therefore there's a long list of rule 1 maps falling order to protect the remaining 250. To 400, individuals, as a population, a little contact, with the outsiders, they have little immunity, against outside, disease therefore, we encourage you not to interact, or have contact with them so, we just received our permit so we can enter the Jawa reserved, area, and most. Importantly. It. Comes with a list of do's and don'ts number 3 on the do's and don't do not indulge. In any photography. Whatsoever. Or taking, any videos, the. Indian government is really cracking down on making, sure the tribe stays. As, they. Are without interference. Of foreigners, or, other, peoples, after. A long drive we, finally, made it at least we thought, we did so. We just boarded, a ferry and we're on our way to the burton island. They're mangrove, forests, behind us and, it's only about a 15-minute, journey but the cars and the people are all crammed in as. The buses were the public buses we're loading in like we all just have to shuffle pass so. They could get on and that was an. Experience. But I'm excited to get on the island I, get. The loveful deck Nyx's and on, the bus. Once. Again we thought we reach our final destination I guess, not. Okay. Just because we give off really. Really Pat Barry definitely. You can be on your way what I recommend is you get a local guy caught squat like 700. Thousand. Rupees. But. They, will signal of heavy. Put, the post and. Then fold up to line up and they. Cross. Their. Token. Then. You can pour of. Both Dwarfs. Our destination. Remember. I said about bring your password permit you, definitely, need them here. The. Cause of a thief of 5,000 rupees or $75. But the tour operator usually, gathered together all individuals, of form our group all 10 passengers. Looking. For an entrance so that we can explore the. Bit. Of a traffic jam, maybe. Too many boats in this water. Often. Finally. We thought we reach our destination. Not quite there's a bear walking including. Outdoor is, a lesson, on name of countless type of trees dominate, this island. Lots. Of spots for shade and please. Don't, be a victim to heart stroke like always rehydrated. There's many stalls selling coal other enterings unless. You are complementary, passionate, CPR. Finally. A fun, I triumph have appe about to reach our final destination that, limestone cave. By. The way before, you enter the tunnel darkness bring, your flashlight. Watch, out for your, head. Absolutely. Time. Watch. Your steps to, this. Also rocks, even. Surface. To. Yourself a favor. So. There's. A sink up there and, well happiness over the years a ring or countdown and make. These stone. Black.

And, Also. The powers, of this game. Part. Of the cave is closed off because of, the, damaged, diner during the earthquake which caused the tsunami waters, flooded, in and about. Half the Cape Flats. We. Exit, on the other side of the cave and really, from another round of walking, exercise, and. As. We walk back we are to going to, another route through, the village which is really nice you get to see how the house is built. Main. Central. Three parts. Here, no, take. That out so. I'm. Just one of the first person, to write back I thought this is such a nice spot and the, great thing about it is it's. All shaded, but, still there's some sunscreen. More. As. You can see. As we get the seats but be quick. There. Is also a third deck type here which, means, they. Have to be safe, it'll happen. By. The way you really need to make sure you get back to checkpoint on time. Unless, you really, want to have a while and sleep over I'm serious. Then. Once again I clapping, to a deep sleep in our private car provided by g/km Grand Hotel, whoo I woke up I realized, our, long day is longer, than we thought and, it's. Not over yet. Yep. Our driver is a little aggressive as they understand, how important, to us to capture the beautiful sunset, of our last destination DeLuna. For our Beach. So. This is the most selling, tip of, self among, accessible, by roll from poor player now. This, is a must-see, beach because, it is. Famous. Famous for its magnificent. Sunset and, also. Well-known. Port, of the, use of scene in self Indian movies. Within. This Beach there's also, lots. Of greens and this is the mango walk and you can come chill. Out look, at the crystal, clear calm waters, and destroy. The fish within. The. Beach close at 5:00 p.m. but we ain't going anywhere until witness, my sunset, located, a few minutes away there's no more famous, viewpoint agility, taboo. Very big devil and. We, finally in our night back as g/km Graf Hotel and thought we have, a simple, dinner and go to bed but, our hose has other ideas like with, a kick cutting ceremony to celebrate our successful, conclusion to, the filming in the oven islands. And. Now you don't, need to be famous or as cute, as Sara to receive this special treatment. Instead, they really, really, trying hard to make all your guests feel value, as probably a family by offering, cake-cutting ceremony's, for birthdays anniversary, other special, occasions, free, of charge hopefully, next time will be my turn. Seriously. I'm hungry, and once again there's no simple, dinner here perfection, is a standard, built into every. Tasty, dish in our three-course I mean four. I mean five quart, I mean okay sorry six-course, dinner. Since. The a'lamin is surrounded, by sea is a crime, for you to leave without trying out some fresh seafood. Poor thing I will miss the most is the in-house wreck showing us it's amazing, Indians they are about, to ourself and in. Local. Food that the, staff prepare but also, it get to do some of that what, some food that we missed that, makes us less. Homesick. So. That's, one thing I really missed and I like this thing to stop here.

She. Can't grab. What. Thoughts are there our sincere, appreciation, for. Their service, and attention to, detail all. Right, so we can show you our rooms, we enter the final night our air-conditioned. Rooms took a hot shower in a clean bathroom and I watch a little bit on television, between settings, by very, clean, and ultra, comfortable bed. After. Breakfast, is time to head to the airport, and if you don't have too much luggage then, use the most inexpensive, option, by rickshaw or you can arrange a taxi to your hotel, once again thanks a Jeep and graph each other took care of all right and this is the end of our magnificent. Journey here in Solomon Islands. With. That being said I hope you come to explore this beautiful pristine, paradise, and have a mazing, time thanks, for watching and good bye Aveda.

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