DIY Budget Travel (4K) - Morocco Merzouga Sahara Desert: Marrakech to Fes

DIY Budget Travel (4K) - Morocco Merzouga Sahara Desert: Marrakech to Fes

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Morocco. Our northern African country with a perfect, mix of the history the culture the modern nature, and my favorite the hospitality. Of its people in this episode we'll be discovering, the best of Sahara, Desert, all the breathtaking sceneries. Getting, high to Atlas, mountain explore, our extracting, argan oil the most famous real like tell me village in all of Africa driving, out all the craziest, worlds on earth trekking, on the back of cameras, engine and experiencing. Our tradition, you need a tent, thought. To mention something. That inexpensive. Tasty, traditional. Of the Kazim and chillin out with a CENTAC Moroccan, music the, complete, three days Marrakech, to fans mizuka, desert to what everything, in between and you are. Invited. So. Let's get started, most three days and two nights or starts either from thence or Marrakesh and this, is wake up picked up by our amazing sponsor. Holiday, Morocco tours they offer a forged, private and custom tours for all budgets with great service. So. There's a beginning of the desert tour and really, excited, with, me right now. Yeah. And let's. Hope we have a smooth and that's right buckle. Up because this would be a really really, long drive but thank goodness we'll be stopping and we our 1/2 yourself, for some breathtaking photo. Great to show up on Instagram. Yay. We've. Just begun our desert. And atlas, mountains were here, in Morocco, and we've, pulled through the side of the road to get a couple photos and one of the things I've noticed throughout our ride are, these hills and mountains covered. In cactuses. I'm, an, avid mountain climber, but I definitely would not want to be climbing up these so, I've walked, up this. Hill. Of cactuses, and it's. Like a maze trying, to get out. Find. A path so you don't get stabbed. By all the little needles. We. Are climbing the mountains and it is getting chilly so. Make sure you have lots of warm clothes with you there's the local, villages behind us main own of mud. You. Know there's, nothing wrong with your TV I heard it - wrong, - please, in the background you can hear a donkey. I'm not sure if he's upset or, he's in heat but um, it's, pretty funny we, stopped here on the roadside to take. A look at the beautiful view of, the. Traditional. Villages made out of mud. It's. Much, colder up here as, we go. Up through the mountains you, got to put on your layers. Many. Other viewpoints, have tea coffee and refreshments.

As Well as toilet but make, sure you bring some small, spare change because. It's not very seriously. When. You're off for your high atlas mountain, tours usually, this is the second stop because, you've got great views. As, well as a lot of greenery, in. The area and then you can also do a little bit of shopping. You. May able to play a nice-looking, Rock souvenir but keep in mind to barking and barking hard start, offering out the quarter for asking, price as well beware of the fake colors many of them are just simply, painted on them - Steve is real simply. Rub your fingers was some, saliva. On. The color, pattern to see if it comes off. Also. You'd be surprised, how many lovely, towns and villages you've passed along the way and other opportunities for you to get off your butt to. Stretch and of course do some shopping it's a great way to support the local economy and its, people. Another. Great way to help out it's pretty mini type of qualitative, you'll be visiting, in larkings my sponsor, holiday, Moroccan, tours took out to a woman's portrait of making a high-quality argan. Oil the. Tip for making an oil cosmetic. This. Is for, making an audience would eat and for food, we're here, at a women's co-op where they produce a argan oil both for cosmetic, purposes as, well as eating this, is no raw Argan. Fruit in, this shell with. The stone they break the shell off the outer shell they used to start fires and, then the inner shell they. Grind. Into a paste. This. Is. Has. Been smoked soda, this, is like a roasted. Argan. Nut and then this is the raw form, they. Grind. It here where they make the nut butter and. Then. Turn, it into a paste that, you see at, the hammam for like the black soap put the you put on your body and scrub. Whoa, but in one shot you. Can. Dip it kind of like you would with. Olive oil zip your bread into it. Delicious. They. Also have a, look. Of an almond, butter and. Argan. Oil. Spread. Like a peanut butter. So. That much. On the nectar from the flowers. On the our country and then they produce a thick, dark. Honey. Very. Rich, sweet. And, has. A very distinct flavor. The. Zilean test is a genetic, group via Atlas mountain from Marrakech, to the walls to the outer routing without, stops the 222. Climber takes about five hours passing, through many beverages, caspo. And fine landscape, untouched, by the modern world, and this, is what you get to see saw the most spectacular scenery. In Morocco so. This, is our official third stop, and the reason was stopping here is because is the, highest, viewpoint. And, you get nice however I mean view of. However. It won't be long before reach, our next destination one, of the most famous for the five villages in the world, and a unesco world heritage site. So, this has Apple, hadoo oh man. This is so tight I say. That one more time, aye aye. I. Do that, i doodle, we, are in the height. I. Do, right. Now I mean I think I do and this, is a world heritage site, designated. By UNESCO, because. This. Site have, been, filming. Being. On the set of many, famous and blockbuster, movies. It's. A challenging, name for me to pronounce but, is conveniently, located along, the former Caravan, route between Sahara. And Marrakesh, in the modern day Morocco, since, the 1960s. This valley shopping a well known for being a filming location for, many of the Hollywood's blockbuster, hit like. My Travel Show just. Joking, some of the most recent films include son of God, Prince of Persia one night with the King Babel, king of heavens and also, use in part for the TV series The Game of Thrones. Inside. The walkers are a half dozen cast, as for merchant houses and other individual, to aliens and this, is a great example of Moroccan, Earth clay, architecture. It. Can be dark. And. Sure. So watch your head. Most. Residents are attracted, by the tourist trail if no modern date dwellings, in the village on the opposite, side of the river although they are poor families are still living the ancient village. It. Takes about 15 minutes to reach the top of the hell where you will be rewarded, with Olympic. Gold medal I mean breathtaking. Panoramic. View of the village, and the Atlas mountain but be sure to dress one since, it can be cold and windy. Up here. Any PR. Ventures no concealing, walking, back across the river. Hi.

Maiden I was a little worried for a minute. Sarah. And I are exhausted. But thank goodness our amazing driver use it by holiday Morocco tours he never, get tired and ready to wrote our next attraction but, a lot up we need to stock up on some liquor, and Morocco. Is famous. For producing fine. Wines. Youssef. Know how important, is for us to capture the sunset so he charged on as fast as he can, the only problem we, are driving on the craziest were on the planet near the Dalek George called a row of thousand, Cal's bus. The. Dallas Gorge is a series of rocket wall-e gorgeous, car craft on the Dallas River the River original. High Atlas range of the Atlas mountain in full Sun 350. Kilometers southwest people, join the derivative. The edge of the Sahara. This. Road is not. For the faint of heart don't be fooled by the spectacular, view this dummy desert, landscape, is really. Winding, with lots of sharp turns lots, and lots, of them and deep, drops the, many color walls of the gorge ranged, anywhere from, 650. To 1,600. Feet so, safety. Do, comfort, after. All there is no, though here, so. We've just driven up this switchback here in, the goddess Valley. Thain was in a lot of car commercials, because it is so windy and crazy I only, wish that I had a high-end. Sports car to test it out after. Seeing the possibility, of my life Cali short and one, decide we are not ready to have that near-death. Experience, so, we decided, to move our way down before it gets really dark and, I'm not so exciting, safe, speed, but. NASA. Found by speeding up in the post production. It's. Late, and most tours include one night at a nearby hotel or free dinner what a great, way to welcome up with some nice Moroccan. Tea. Now. Depending on which tour coming you choose and which practice to choose hotels. Can vary as. Well as who may or may not be included. Thank. Goodness I have, chosen an, amazing, company that put. Everything into one and this is amazing fear this. Is just starter by the way well that means it will not be cheap by. The way now you know why we stock on booze, since Morocco is a Muslim country majority. Of the establishment. Did not serve alcohol. What. A great way to enjoy the traditional Moroccan. Music after dinner by the way don't forget to, tip these hard-working locos. So. We already fought day two of our, adventure, one. Getting that car warmed up leaving. This hotel and. We're ready to, get going I'm excited. Okay. Good no complaints from you. With. A lot a lot, and a, lot of, driving ahead but not before stopping, by for another breathtaking. View of the town in this valley. Good. Morning it's day two of our tour and we're just leaving the data that. You can see in the back here in, the far distance is the Atlas Mountains, and we're on our way to the. Tortoise, Valley. Even. Though there is lots of driving you get to see many different beautiful landscape. That Morocco has to offer including, many, channels some of them with traditional, Moroccan, style home fell right into fortress called has baths with a lot of. So. Throughout, Morocco you, find a lot of these abandoned, Casper's there. Are a few people still living in those but they're, really, old and crumbling, so it's not very safe, but, it's beautiful to look at and explore. The. Work has been the essential, part of the town or set it out traditionally, is a place for local leaders to live to defend the city plans under attack. Usually. Has high walls without windows something a bell on the hilltop, so they can be easily defended. Some were placed near the entrance to Harvard, career kibosh is a symbol well for some families in the city. Many. With Oasis, like this one. Remember. I mention, about lots of driving I really, mean it so put your gadgets, away I enjoy, the beautiful landscape, and sceneries, and you won't believe how fast, time flies before. You're right at the door Gorge. We. Have arrived at Teatro Gorge right now as dry season, to the riverbed, is. Dry. Just. On the other side you'll notice that there is farmland. They, grow. Heron and mint. For the Moroccan mint tea also. Known as Berber whiskey, tada. Gorgeous, a series of limestone river, canyons, or wali in the east empire high atlas mountain, neither towel Tina here. If. You're an avid climber you must come here it's the best place for climbing, for humans and go to like. Both. The talika and neighboring Dallas River are responsible, for carrying out these deep cliffside, the canyons, doing the dry seasons, the cannon flow is mostly dry however, during the rainy seasons, the toga, expand, massively. Covering, the canyon floor was strong turned. Morocco. Is also famous for his rugs especially, the unique Berber rug which, has a fascinating.

History As well the most celebrated folk, art broad styles, and have been continually. Manufactured. Since the 7th, century. The. Weaving of berber rock is responsibilities of Berber women in clean the keeping, and passing, down the knowledge that went to making these rugs including secrets, of family, patterns looping, techniques and the color that should be used all this, knowledge will pass down maternally. With each subsequent generation girl, has been responsible, passing, down to the next the purple rocks is used within the tribal group as blankets, horse, covers, and wide variety, of other, utilities. All. Natural processes that result in Moroccan Berber rugs utilize, local sheep's rules and local vegetable dyes making, the pieces inherently. Eco-friendly. So if you can buy one don't forget to bargain and bargain. Hard. Sarah. Was excited, and eager to buy one but has second, thought after I told her I wasn't, going to carry it for her or see, her walking, handyman. But, maybe. The camels will so let's find out. All. Tour, packages, includes, a camel ride for checking from the mizuka desert to the camp but if you are scared arriving, one of these cuties, the alternative, is achievement. If you got lots of money to spare there, are these monsters once. Again thanks, our sponsor, holiday, Morocco, tours are ranging both the rides and the accommodation, here. I'm. Excited. He's. Scratching. Himself right now I can't. And. We're. About to go on our camel ride we're. Gonna take. A pause so that we can watch the sunset I'm getting on my camel, and. This, is. A very. Very. Very. Big. Animal. Whoo. All. Right. Camels. Have been play an important, role for North Africa for thousands of years the ancient times they were critical, as more ants per tation and this, tradition continued, today in the world areas of Morocco the other use for camels are for their meat and their. Mouths. Sarah, is right. In the front and. I'm. In the back. I'm. A champion, when it comes to supporting, the local economies, nonetheless I urge you to practice, responsible, tourism by not writing any animal. That appears and mistreated. Not. One thing I like to emphasize is. Safety, comes first, just. Remember, we. On the camel, you. Should not do what I'm doing right now playing. With your, camera phones because. Camel. Sometime, can stop all sudden, what. You can do. Ask, the, guy to stop, and he'd. Get lovely photo for you or you could make it more adventurous, I go, no. Hands, no. Seriously. Always, hold on to a camel to avoid unexpected, bumpy. Fall guys please don't let this happen to you. Finally. Half an hour or so we have arrived, to capture the sunset by the way my, butt is pretty, sore, not, in the best shape. Well. Ladies, and gentlemen please, enjoy, this, magnificent. Sunset from the mizuka, desert. Since. There is still daylight I feel certain way. We only stop, until we feel the same way of this camel, it's type, Rs. Okay. I, get. A big head. Those. Of you who thinks I am unaccommodating. To my co-host think. Again I did, not even argue. With her one bit. Now. This is one lucky desert, camp our host the serega luxury desert camp offers many type of private suites for all family, size and budget with, essential, amenities and hot, water showers, not, to mention amazing. And helpful staff I. Mentioned. They also have a pay restaurants, how, romantic. So make, sure to bring the love of your life it can def when we bring two people closer. As. Long, as you don't say something stupid, like this, I'm am my mom don't prove oh yeah the food here, is. Delicious I am I don't, even want to stop to tell you how good it is I just want to keep eating. I'm so, full, and yet somehow. I. Yes. Is included. In the price of accommodation. But just take a minute to think are sponsoring a four of a quick infomercial. Today. Is going to be a long drive again but we are swimming past by even more diverse, landscape, like the black desert just few climbers away.

Did. I mention maracas for aces I meet lots and lots and lots of them we're, on our way to Fez and we've just stopped, to stretch our legs for, a minute we are at these, valleys which is the second largest valley in Morocco, that's full of palm trees palm. Trees are full of dates which, the, locals harvest, and sell at market and. Below the palm trees they actually, throw, a lot of things. Also. Lakes, and dams lots, and lots of them really, stunning this one's okay the close up valley and not surprisingly, called, aziz river and flow all the way through to the sahara desert and reach into Algeria. We. Continue, on our journey and, is amazing, that almost every corner offers new sceneries, there is so much to take in. Do. You remember I mentioned Moroccans. Lancias, fall contrast, not, far away from the desert you get to see this part at this mouth and completely, covered with snow but before you know it is desert. All over, again. And. Was alone people we passed by the Big Apple, seriously, that is a nickname of Moroccan, town a mythic the tourism, sector continues, to grow in as a important, source of revenue climatic. We certainly, do our part by eating at a nearby table and experiencing, South a traditional. Moroccan, could be famous, dish, tagine, named, after the earth where pot which is cooked, Maracana. Algerian, washing, dishes are slow cooks average - typically. Made from sliced, meat poultry, or, fish together, or vegetables, or fruit. Not. To mention the freshly ham, prepared, delicious, Moroccan, style because called catfish, sheds and calmly consider lamb meat with seasoning, and vegetables, serve on a skewer. Once. Again we are away, and not surprising, another, change of scenery this time we went very, well then we passed by our lab Sita a Meserve before arriving, in Fez. So. One another we. Finally. Arrived at fairs early evening around 5 p.m. our, amazing, driver pieces. Drop us off at the blue gate. We, have arrived in Fez that behind me is the famous blue, gate also known as Babu, Zulu if, this entrance, is on the western, side of the old medina and greatly, to, start, your. Exploration. Of the city this. Marks the end of our amazing Moroccan. Sahara, Desert, or we especially like to thank Holly, Morocco, tour and Surigao are three desert camp for making our filming possible, thanks. Guys and thank you, for watching have a safe, an amazing, time exploit, a magnificent. Moroccan, desert.

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