DIY Destinations (4K) - Bosnia and Herzegovina Budget Travel Show

DIY Destinations (4K) - Bosnia and Herzegovina Budget Travel Show

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Strabo. I'm going, to bosnia-herzegovina, all, alone, with almost no money no film crew no, maker or friends except, for the one I met just myself visiting his ancient landmarks, the local market and learning, about his politics, will it go deep underground to the famous serial tunnel, and the secret, detox bunker together fascinating. History lesson as well as many of its spectacular. Waterfalls, we. Will also adventure, our way off the beaten path to see that bandim castles, not to mention witnessing. The progress, of his independent, nation 25, years after the war and experiencing. A warm hospitality, out of the Bosnian, people by sampling, love, a delicious, traditional cuisine. As, well getting, around the local way all, done safely and expensively, easily, anything I can do you can do DIY, destinations. Bosnia, herckel Alena and you are you invited. We. Are so fortunate to live in a small world with, so many cultures. So. Much beauty, and so much. Diversity. The. World waits for no one is up. To each of us to discover, its magnificent. Destinations. I want. To make Chow accessible. To all of us by, showing how it can be done safely, and, inexpensively. Located. Within a Balkan Peninsula Bosnia. Herzegovina has, an undeserving. Image of conflicts, poverty, and chaos, but within this chaos, this life energy, and beauty, it is regionally. Internationally. Renowned for its natural, environment and, cultural, heritage inherited. From six, historical. Civilizations. Today, is home to a population, 3.7. Million consisting. Of three main ethnic group of Bosnian, Serbs, and Croats with, a Muslim, majority it's, projected, to have a third highest, tourism, growth rate in the world from 1995, to 2020. That's, why I'm here to show it is safe to visit and to experience, the best what is life after over, its culture. Its people. As historical. Landmarks, it's, forgotten. Architectures. The nature, to, learn from the best and the, worst of humanity and, most, importantly. To, witness, a country, in transition. With a post-war. Legacy. Yes. Many, direct flight departing, from across, Europe to Sarajevo, International, Airport and if your journey starts here the, best way to get to the city center is by express, cello the, main bus station also offers dark buses, to and from other European cities, like Vienna to the past Christina, and split, but, my journey will begin from no visa in Serbia. So. I've also hop onto the bus tour Sarajevo, and one, thing that you have to realize, the. Luggage, is not including, the price of your ticket it's. Roughly about half euros, with. Some of these sensor so it's, not too bad. The. Ride takes a lot eight hours and costs, about 25 dollars so get, ready to enjoy the spectacular, sceneries. Included. In the price, ladies. And gentlemen, welcome, to Bosnia, we, have crossed borders and, pasture, the passport, control. We, are heading over to Syria which, is the. Capital city of the, country now. Sarajevo's east bus station served mostly Serbian and Montenegro. Cities this. Is why, get off it's also I realize, I'm completely. Broke now. There, is no, ATMs, or. Money. Exchanged, near. The bus station but. The good thing is there is a. Slot. Machine fight, yeah and, you can go in exchange, five euros. And walk down 200, meters and. Will they get the bus right. To the city centre let's go here. We go so we got to the, local bus stop. Right here and. This. About yeah 200, meters away is pretty right so. I'm just go and get our buses down to the city centre. So. Once you get onto the bus you, pay the driver. Can you have a seat. And just wait. Get. Off the laptop, Sarajevo. Is a capital, in the largest cities in Bosnia, home to a population of 600,000. In its metropolitan the. City is the political. Social and a common, center for culture, in the Balkans with his region-wide, influence. In entertainment, media, fashion, and the arts I recommend. You stay near the hotel which, was given, the nickname the Jews of all Europe where you can discover the Orthodox, and Catholic, churches mosques, and Seneca all in a Timmons Crowe this is also my accommodation. Sponsor hotels Easy's are located, they offer very. Comfortable. And clean rooms a great price with ensuite, minibar, hot showers and satellite television not to mention in-house barn, and very. Friendly, and cute. Staff but, my favorite it's amazing. Kick-ass breakfast, I'm not kidding, this is how I'm going to start my day good. Morning. I'm. Going to show you some. Traditional. Breakfast. That you have to try so, first things first I drink a lot and there's a great chance you, need to show you the, traditional. That's. Amazing. Now we also to try out some traditional, pastries our Bosnian, here Eva breakfast and here's, one of them is, pushed. Apart, and what, is a donut like fried, dough ball and, most. Families serve. With. Clean alright so we are ready to start a day and there's few chores I need, to do first, things I need money so. The best option is gotta be, free ATM.

Never. Accept a predetermined. Dynamic, exchange rate and here's an example you offer a hundred fifty marks for $90, and sixty-three cents um but, without, the fix a conversion, is only 9423. Now. If you cannot find a fee free ATM the second best option is to just exchange. A little. Bit of money I also. Recommend, you buy a local SIM card from the street kiosk is only five marks well about three dollars it come with a one gig of data for easy navigation, but I've been said let, our adventure, begin. But. In Turkish. Means absolutely, main or, the capital so this is actually one of the main squares behind. Me is actually Sabeel, it's, a water fountain built in 1753. By. Ottoman empire, this. Feel is our ottoman, style Woodson fountain founded by the head Park of Caprica, in 1753. Where served as a major symbol, of the city the origin of the Falcon can be traced back to the Caribbean, Peninsula, and from the custom brought here by the Ottomans, the Safavid gap which is a worker who received a wage from the state wine diamond, men of the kiosk and dispensed, free waters the hungry passerby. The. Structure is located at the center of Basra Shia square at the heart of the old town the, route was thought to be traced back to 1460. When the foundation, are laid for the city LC AVO on the right bank of magical river and this trading center will grew to become a bazaar. The. Oversize the cultural center of the city and has a most historical, buildings in Turkish the name Bosch mashiac and sub-bass means top or main and vishaya stands for cross a trading, center like the meanings that first in and shop begin to appear between fifteen, twenty one to fifteen forty one and by the end of 16th, century and begin our 17th, century there were 46 separate bazaars which all named out to the gale operating, within them today you can still find many of these bizarre markets, or countless, shopping, hundreds, of years old, there's. Even, a income. Or aha originally. Value 1551, dedicated. To selling, a local, may Balkan style carpets, as well as the imported famous, Persian rugs but, remember, always barking. Barking. Hard so good, luck on find your, fantastic. Deal. If. You need to take a break make sure to check out the cheap eats or should, I say street, food including. The traditional ones. Not. To forget to get your daily dose of vitamin C with some freshly squeezed, pomegranate, juice and roasted. Chestnuts, was a good source of fibers. If, you got into historical, architecture, get ready to pray because next, door is one of the most iconic landmark. In the whole town this Moz was named after Percy. Have a bed a governor, of the era Jena Elliman period. This. Moss is valued of 16 centuries, and as the largest historical. Moss here in Bosnia, and while, the most representative. Of the ottoman structures, in the balkans. The. Modules, built as a central, object bags, endowment, which include the islamic primary, and segregating schools in, a public bath place however, the architects name is unknown the speculation include, the famous memoir, Sidon and Essenes our ally the, a'lamin menorah of the Persian dynasty, the, muscles first in the world to receive electricity. And electric. Illumination. In 1898. During the period of austro-hungarian. Empire. The, complex, also consider, copper, vaulted marketplace, during the ottoman period the shops inside traded, textiles, and other outdoor shops, which ran along the eastern side of the building as well as a section belonging to the metal workers were gold and silver jewelry was, produced, and so here. Jewelry. Suit additional, handbags. To. Clothing and souvenirs. But, there's one world and I, was bargain and bargaining hard so, good luck finding, our perfect bargain. If. You need to check your time another. Landmark will see that right beside, the mosque is a Sarajevo, clock tower one of the largest, in the country the early is no documented, mention of tower dates this 17th. Century, that was rebuilt twice once, after fire, damage, on the city was attacked by ug unsavoury, in 1697. And in, 1762. I, recommend. You get a servo, Municipal Museum ticket, which allow you to get access to all five of his museums, including, servos, house. Now. What's actually can be very deceiving. Outside. You. Don't really know how big it is but it's absolutely taking your car needs about like at, least half an hour to thoroughly explore. This. Historic. House. The. House was built by my rich uncle for, me okay, Corrections. Is. By a problem, surival family the Gladius, a member, which is kadai Islamic. Judge administrator, Maha Ave god yo famous, for his involvement in Bosnian, struggle, autonomy within the Ottoman Empire the family failed to give birth to a male heir and the property, was passed by the marriage to another promise, or evil family so saasy oh I guess, is too late for them to adopt me. This. Is a very, wild, preserve, house, a. Museum. Now that. Represent. A typical. House I was established during the Ottoman Empire rule in this, area, and it's, very typical to, have a living quarter for men, for.

Women And, also for the servants. The. Structure, is completely, built on wood any typical example, of architecture, of that period which is a properly, divided, into three different quarters, including the public private and the family quarters the households, perched on zzo family, refurbish, and open to public into 1960s. Find a seat oh sorry oh the house was renovated and once again open, to a public in 1997. Bosnia. Is religiously, diverse including. Being home to six Anjou Catholics I mean. 600,000. Indians population. Just five minutes walk away we'll take you to the largest, Cathedral, in the country the secret, heart Cathedral, and we commonly, refer to as Sarajevo, cathedral. Built in honor of Sacred, Heart of Jesus an important, Catholic concept, male after, the Notre Dame in France and built in a neo-gothic style with. Roman, mystic Revival. Elements, the construction, beginning 1884, and was finally completing, 1887. Also. A minute away is where you can get the Bosnian, perspective, on the bottom conflict, from 1992, to 1995. At the Museum, are crying against, humanity, and genocide. Following. The breakout Yugoslavia. The multi-ethnic, Socialist, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina including. Muslim, Bosniaks as well as Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Cross has a referendum, for independence on, February. 29th 1992. The referendum, was boycotted, and rejected, by the political representative. Bosnian. Serbs led, by the Serbian, government and Yugoslavia. Army started to secure, ethnic, Serb territories. Then war, soon spread across, the country, accompanied, by ethnic, cleansing, the coffin glass over three years until 1995. Now, this sculpture, is made, from bread and based on a very, tragic event. In. The beginning of war there, was lots of people lining out for bread and, there. Was a grenade toss at them which, killed. 26, and wounded. More than a hundred civilians. The. Museum, contains historical, artifacts, covering, this dart pier in the country's history telling, the story of bitter fighting indiscriminate, shelling our towns and cities ethnic. Cleansing, says Malik rape committed by all parties, the permanent exhibit is divided into 12 sections in, the face of human suffering as shown through the photographs, documents. Personal, Island belonging to victims replicas. Simulations. Interactive. Maps video, testimonials. And documentary. Films. Now. All the ongoing, casualties. Of the war and, remnants, of it is the landline, and still. Scattered throughout the country, and up. To, 2011. There has been 5,000. Civilians. Either being killed, or being injured, by these, unexploded. Devices. I. Ended. My first day on a very, high note within, the 15 minutes walk from the old town a visit, to Syria evil is not complete, without a panoramic. View of this city. Right. Now I'm in the yellow fortress, and this, is why I recommend you come during. The sunset and, see the beautiful, panoramic, view of sarajevo. Now. Yellow fortress, is a Canyon fortress, at the entrance built between 1720 7 to 17 39, and is served as one of the defense, points, against austro-hungarian. Troops in 1878. The fortress was damaged, and rebuilt several times oh, yeah. Say hi to Jose, he definitely, deserve a big, credit, for shooting all these breathtaking, drone, footages, thanks buddy and good job. Climbing. Out is, exhausting. I definitely. Recommend you be hydrated. With water and, sugar one. Of the things I find that really amusing. And, strange. Here, in Bosnia is a ball, a wallet cost more than a bottle beer in fact that you can actually get this big cap on the 75, cents now, if you like sweets, chocolate, in particular, 75, cents gives you a big pack of chocolate like this and definitely, get you nuts yogurt we use a get moving, what happens in let's get going. Let's. Have some class by pairing, our beer, with some delicious, traditional, fit up at least try. Naming now I thought I enjoyed my, cheap. Surival. Beer with a local, dish but, many, other places, alcohol. Is not loud but why, do have you hang a national. Dish of Bosnia, which is gotcha Bob is a type, of skinless. Sausage, servings. Are pita bread I'm not even sure how did how, to actually. Eat. This but. Good. Flavoring I think that's a sausage right here. Shivaji. Has is watching, the Balkans tuna Ottoman period usually, certain, group of 5 to 10 pieces on a plate or in a flatbread, fawful was chopped onion sour cream fellow cheese amalrik, peppers and salt austin styles are usually, hawa and a made from two types of mouths beef and lamb meat. Next. Money I'm on the, run so I decided to pick up some breakfast, together if you don't have time and money or. Both, then. Bakeries has a way to go most items are under fifty cents but, if you want to really aim, low hum this will only cost fifteen, cents, it even come with a goooo American. Hot dog what, a bargain. After. Shooting up we begin our day from the O'Town by taking the tram number 3 - I see a bus station found, there you can transfer, onto bus number 32, towards, the airport the total journey is about an hour and 15, minutes.

The. Sarajevo, tunnel museum, was built on to a history of private house whose cellars served as an entrance at famous, tunnel built, by the pc citizen of syria evil in the bosnian army in order to link the city which, was entirely cut off by the serbian forces with, a balsam held territory, on the other side of the Sarajevo Airport era, controlled, by the United Nations the tunnel provide the people Syria was essentials. Such as food and humanitarian aids. For is minimal, subsistence. Now. This is an entrance of very famous, cerebal, tunnel and if, nickname, is tunnel, hope and turn out rescue it's built between March. To June on 1993, in the myth of the Bosnian, war when the city is complete besieged and clawed by the Serbian forces it's, 800, meters go right underneath, the. Airport, runway it provides, a critical, link to the outside, providing. The city with humanitarian. Aid food. And other supply it's, also. Another. Way to bypass. International. Arms embargo, providing. The city defenders, with weaponry. Katana. Was most famously, used to transfer the former boss in present Elya as a verdict in his wheelchair which, is rung on the railway, of the tunnel today approximately 20, meter of this tunnel are preserved in the museum giving the visitor the first-hand. Experience. Of retracing. Many other refugees, who flee through this tunnel during the siege. This. Tonneau is really. Really short and really. Narrow. Pretty. Crazy. There's. Also extensive, collection, of weapons use doing a Baltimore on display as well as a small gift shop featuring many local, handmade craft ink we many may founder use bullet, casings. So. I'm down with that have a museum and on. The way back to the. City but, just keep in mind it seems, like every, single bus stop I visit there is no bus schedule so make sure you find out in advance and, plan. Accordingly. What ivan-san is hope this will be a smooth ride come. On, transfer. I returned. To the hotel bus, stop and close by is a city hall which is also home to the National Museum, now, the City Hall also, is a museum. And, it's. A very expensive, film inside the air, also. Is pretty expensive, intermissions. I decided. To take a look of exterior and, move, on, however. I'm determined. To get moles all the cereal, in this whole museum, ticket so, just, few minutes walk away it's a museum Siri, what 1878, to 1918. Is little kid on the spot where the heir to the austro-hungarian, throne, was, assassinated. Which led to the decoration, of the war on Serbia in the beginning of the World War one the. Museum, opened in 2007.

After Extensive, renovation. The well design visitor friendly museum details and years of a so hungee renewal in Sarajevo, and effect, on the city from political and administrative changes. To arts and architecture and, everything, in, between since. I dressed, like a schoolboy. I think. I got a lesson in a round of high fashion. After. Learning about the Bosnian high fashion I was, able to track down one of the wealthiest, and the most prominent, serves lives in Syria yes that this big house is also, including, a museum, ticket. The. House was a wealthy, Orthodox, Christian district family who made the unfortunate as an art scene and a traitor and became, a policy, rebels, elite at end of the 19th, century and the beginning of 20th, century the, family donated, the hotel City and the, oldest part which dates on the 17th, century built, in several stages at three different periods. The. District, house even, serve as a precursor, to a city's modern, theater with the first theatrical. Performance, given in the drawing room of the house many, interesting, Island on display includes, the will made by the most famous and, influential, districts, the Haji Moscow, as well as a candle, that belong to his Austrian, darling, La Nina which was produced by a family-run. Company noodle, bar in Vienna. Sarajevo. Was under the control not, see in the fascist, Croatian, regime for four years during the World War two on the way to a presidential house I decided to drop by that infernal, flame to, pay my respects to a civilian, victim, of the occupation. This. Internal flame is delegated, to both military. And the civilian victims, of the Second World War and is. Actually, officially. Open, on the first anniversary of, the, liberation of Sarajevo, from a Nazi regime, as well as independent. Fascist, II of Croatia. Well. Unlike. The white house this, is a very, simple, presidential, building here you. Can get really close and. Just. Touch. It right here now. Something you can do back home. Sarajevo. Hosted, the 1984. Winter Olympics, and one of the main venue is singer Raya who is transforming. To say of our ice sports and. So. Basically today this venue is turned into a. Multi-purpose. Event, and tonight is our festival. Right here, and. Without being said let's, move board here's, a performance, from, definitions, and. This. One is coming up this from Russia. The. Multi-purpose, venue was damaged in the Bosnian war but was rebuilt shortly, after the halls are now used to host various sports, culture, and tree band organized, throughout, the year since, it also accepts, on Hanah from the Uncle, Sam I mean good, ole USA. I'm, going, to stay and enjoy. The show. Another. Casualty during the war is many, always important. Historical, architectures. Including. This church during. The Bosnian war, many other historical. Buildings are either completely, destroyed, or heavily. Damaged, like, this, one the, st. Joseph's, Cathedral and this, really built in. 1914. During, the conflict, it was heavily damaged, but, after. The war it was quickly, restored. And renovated, to. Its full glory. However. The city was quickly rebuilt with the help of foreign aid and international. Investors, while the example, is a brand, new surival, city center located right, across the street it's. Only little, over 20 years ago when this city, is under siege well. Most of its infrastructure, is totally destroyed and today, I'm walking in of literally, a brand new mall and with off a modern, Western. Amenities, so, that's one thing I'm to give a Bosnian, people credit for her is the. Level of development without. Being sadness, going check out. What this mall has to offer. And, do some shopping I mean I mean there's some window shopping, we don't have purchased for Rio, shopping, there is a. Jason. Supima, is the Parliament, building of Bosnia and Herzegovina another. One of the high conic landmark, that was heavily and extensively, damaged, by the surf shelling in the May of 1992, in the first few weeks of cgo Syria evil so. Behind me is a parliamentary. Building for Bosnia Kadena, and initially. It was very in 1974. And named, the, executive council building now, during, 1992, the Bosnian conflict the, building was heavily shelled, by the Serbians, and it, wasn't until 2006. When government. Greece probably, 80% of the funding to restore the building and that's, why today is called, Greece, and, Bosnia. Huh Karina friendship. Building. After. Visiting all the major landmarks, learning, about some of this tragic, history I really. Need to get high sorry. I mean anything, that visit on a high, note very. Very. High note I'm serious. So my final stop is Abbas, twist tower located, at Amador, business, district, currently the, tallest skyscraper. In the former Yugoslavia. The Tower offers high-speed. Elevators for, those who wants a spectacular. View of the 360, panoramic video surival. There's, entry.

Fees But it's, turn, really. Cheap on, the way don't forget to say hi to Microsoft. And Oracle I. Can. Start to begin 2006. For the asset versus power and completing, only 2 years. His. Most noble feature is a twisted, facade it. Was chosen as one. It's. Very windy and cold so dress, appropriately. And this. So. I chosen, to end by my deficit, journey here in Syria. Very. Very. High. Actually. Not, quite I'm in complete my journey after, how, this, beautiful. Desert in this, far one, foot below the observation. Deck this, is what you can come and get breathtaking. 360, panoramic, view of the city if. You don't, want to put, up about high-wind, hey, but you can always buy a nice snack as a good gesture. So. Once again I'm the man I need, some serious, food, I'll. Find something perhaps traditional. At the old town in the good news the tram terminal, is located just, under, this hour so, let's go after. How they are walking and, discovering. The city is happy to sit down I actually enjoy. A traditional Bosnian. Dish, it's actual, pie, consists. Of spinach. Cheese. As well, as veal. Meat and potatoes. It. Has a Turkish, origin, because. Of the Ottoman rule in this area and it's, especially, popular. Here in Bosnia because people eat it throughout the day especially popular. During the Ramadan most. Watcher, you drink, it with a glass, no. Yogurt. Without. Being said let's, eat, Berg. Is a traditional. Bosnian baked fill savory, pie made from a thin flaky, dough filled, with meat and rolling, a spiral and cut into sections for serving, mm-hmm. Next. Morning I woke up early to say goodbye to Sarajevo. And hello, to mostar, I took a 10 minutes taxi ride to the train station, the train ride takes about two and a half hours and some, even claim is well the world's most scenic, train, rides but I was, too sleepy and praying, there to enjoy it. After. A short coma, a German, couple woke, me up halfway. To Mozart. They. Recommended, me I should go underground literally. Since, life is too short. Why not oh this. Is really unexpected, on. The train I have, to love these German, friends, of ours and. The. Recommend, is a bunker. I say. When there's a venture, cost, of. Course, hopefully. We. Will be impressed. But. Anyways. You. Can walk either five kilometres and enjoy the spectacular, nature, or a 10-minute taxi ride given, the time constraints a. Perfect, excuse, for my laziness, and yes barking, and barking hard. The. Driver drop us off at the front gate given, the installation is located, in a military, zone we. Have to wait until our official guy comes, and escort, us the command, center, oh we are heading, into the bunker right now and. That, guy to. Come to that bunker your top cop a guy and. Without. Being said I'm really excited to get started, on, this, bunker. Journey. The. Bunker was built between 1953. To 1979, costing, over whopping. 4.6. Billion, in u.s. dollars is so, secretive, that only six people need about its existence including. Four generals, the Prime Minister and. Yugoslavs, and dictated, Josip, Broz Tito, I'm very, excited, to join this exclusive. Club since. Tito's, death I'm ready, to take over the command and assume the important, responsibilities, of the, Minister of Defense for, this country. 1953. When this construction, started, many. Things happen, in khanates this town, suddenly wasn't. Like we got the train station, we got a theater new. Buildings, for example building, in my street in which I'm living today it's built in 1953. Or, 1954. So, it took them two years so. If you want to distract, people from this area you, have to give them something else. This. Installations, serve as a cold war-era nuclear. Bunker and military, command center built without Yukos law president, Josip, Broz Tito, and up to, 350. Member of his inner circle in event of atomic, conflict the structures made our residential, areas conference, rooms offices. Strategic. Planning rooms and other, areas. Oh, hi. On. The red phone this, is the, commander, and that's where all the military personnel spend most of their time working. From now, you can see there's six red phones and each phone is for one republic, within, the Yugoslavia. And from, this room. You. Can call any of American installations across, the. Republics at. Any given time or. After. Tito's, death in 1982, complexes, Mobile a katrell even case of war in March 1992, during a break a law Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav, People's Army folder, is demolition. To deny it to the separatist, government of Bosnia, and Herzegovina. But the military detachment, refused, to carry out the order and instead, surrender, this structure to the separatist, government.

So. This complex, are very, sophisticated. Terra. Communication, facility, in, fact it can hold up to 350, numbers, of course some of my numbers included, and. Any. Call to make from this facility is untraceable, anywhere, no to anywhere in the world and as. You can see this is a map, of major. Installations. Around the country. I think Yugoslavia. And well right here is Tumbo that's. According to players. So. This is the. Recording. Room and all the outgoing calls, and, I've, guessed all the calls are. Being recorded. If there's any secrets, hmm. It's not gonna be secret. Any longer. Especially. If you make mistakes on my pizza folder, that's a crime right there wow, this, is definitely a very big. Complex. It's. Surprising. What 4.6. Billion can, buy you, now. Structure, was built with a torn, Pete Shelton nuclear blast and is dividing, two interconnected tall, block the most important, being block number six for communications, number nine for air filtrations. Number 10 for fuel storage and the, most important. Within. Here there's, a 117. But. My favorite is of super, luxurious, number, 8 the Tito's, block designed, to protect me, and accommodate. Lots of my Facebook friends well we can part up here for, up to six, months. The. Second floor is actually the. Living quarters for politicians, and this is Tito's. Private. Office. And, he's. Never been here so I guess. I will just take his place for now and. Make some few phone calls, to order my pizza, on, demand I guess but. Before. They come let me show you. The. Party bedrooms with. My lovely wife huh, she. Doesn't exist right now but, here. Is. The. Bathroom is amazing and. As. Well, over. Here where. My, future wife can basically. Do her makeup and dress pretty for our dinner. On. My way what. Have you said I do have a, few good friends we, should help, me out on the way. Wardrobe. The. Atomic, shelter was transformed, into a Museum of Contemporary Arts. Do art and to learn a new life with energy the arts brains is aim is to serve as a meeting point for artists, from across the region Europe, and the world the project see to preserve a cultural, heritage, and a historic.

Structure, As well as to create artistic value, and to react establish, a broken, connection, between the artist and the creative, people in the region I. Realized. I really love, the fresh air being the commander in chief is, definitely. Not my cup of tea, so after, handing in my resignation I definitely. Know our taxi, driver is calling, everyone. To bad-mouth me about the week, and I'm patriotic. Like present, Donald Trump, so let's, escape from my shame and head it to the bus stop to continue, on to mostar, now a total ride takes one hour I have, so please, enjoy all, the magnificent, views. Mozart. Is situated, on the Narita River with a population. 110,000. It is a fifth, largest city in a country and the most important. In the physical, inner region, serving, as is cultural, and economic, capital the current name mostar. Was mentioned for the first time in 1474. And dr found Moysey the bridge keepers, so, welcome to mostar, we have arrived and this is an East bus station, if yes coming, here on a day trip you can always throw your luggage inside, the bus station, so let's, start our adventure I like. To thank my accommodation, sponsor, hassel, Miriam for providing me what the comfortable, state they offer both clean, private, rooms, and shared dorms, with hot showers perfect, for the budget travelers and inexpensive. Delicious. Breakfasts the best of all it's only two minutes from the bus and train station and five, minutes from the hotel thanks. Guys. My. Plan for the remainder of the day is to check out the nearby town black guy and his famous, devilish. Mama say so at the source of the river buna but there is, a problem, yikes, when, you go to a country like Bosnia holiday. Other countries, never, relied, too much on. As. I walked towards the old town, I was once, again haunted. With the country's. Bloody history, many. Other shell buildings are intentionally, preserved, and served, as a reminder of Bosnian, strategy, paths and, the price I paid for, is independence. My. First stop is a most famous, and the iconic, 16th, century Ottoman bridge, connecting, the two parts of the city the bridge has been inscribed, into a unesco world heritage site in 2005. For, conveying is outstanding. Universal, value. Now. This is the iconic, overage, of most art it's the, symbol of this town but. Sadly, it, was one of the casualties in the Bosnian conflict, when, the Richard, Billy. In 1566. Was destroyed by the collapse, the, great thing is that was rebuilt in 2004. But still Sally mol, delusional pieces are still underwater. The. Original. Brick was, used to build this replica. The. Original, bridge was commissioned, by Suleiman, the Magnificent. In 1557. To replace our older, wooden suspension, bridge of her, devious. Stability. The. Bridge is concerned exemplary. Piece of bottom Islamic, architecture, it was designed by me Mahadev, a student, and apprentice. Of architect. Mimar sedan, who built many other key suman's, buildings, in Istanbul around, the Empire. I also. Like to thank my different, Tomas for hungry, for providing, me with these amazing. Aerial villages, thanks. Buddy. The. Construction, began in, 1557. And took 9 years a Cullington inscription, on the bridge it was completing. The period 19th, of july 15 66, and 7th, of July 15 67 it is said that the bridge is held, together with metal bands, and mortars may form proteins, of egg white. But. Little, is known about the billing of the bridge and all that being preserving, writing our memories, and legends. However, upon, completion, it was a widest, memy arched. In the world. There are two fortified, towers to protecting, the halowatcher towers, on the North East and the terror tower on the southwest, call the bridge keepers, in several foundation, that bridge have an element, of limestone lintel wing wall along the waterside, cliff. Not. Far away is a site of the old clock tower and now they import the monument, belonging to a political, event period they suffer the same fate during, the war and was restoring, 1999. This square tower data around 1630, it's 15 meters high and the verbal tradition, relates that it was built in commissioned by an inventor, lady named Fatima the allowing, optimum, writer and trial at Eva savage a growth as sound from this tower can, be heard a distance, of three hours walk away. Before. I get too late I want to check out the new the most art piece now is the highest, church tower in the region located at the creation part of the most are offer the mix of the new with the old so. It's got a beautiful panoramic, view of the city you need to come right here this is that, Paula's, bell tower in the whole region and it cost only 3 euros to go up. For. Those of you who love eating this, is where you can come and burn off some pounds with excellent.

Hiking Opportunity, up to 80, neither, of stairs, I give up on. 302. Upstairs. So, elevator, please. Sorry. Because. Bosnia has gone through many, complicated. One, or two as well as the Bosnian. War it. Was completely, destroyed, on the bright side this, was completely, rebuilt, in year 2000. And renamed, peace, power because, the. Hope of having peace, in this world and this, is well you can yeah beautiful. Panoramic. 360-degree. View of this beautiful city. The. Old bell tower and, church was burned on 9th of May 1992. The, new tower consists, of five original bells on 1927. As well as two big new bells from, 2015. This. Is what I'm going to end my day our high, note after having some dessert it's time for bed for, the early, morning next. Day. There's. So, many amazing second year most are maybe got a little time I recommend, you take a date or wallah operated. By my tour sponsored Davis, hostels, and its owner Petra, once again thanks, to my new German, friends who told me all about it so. Bring, a nice hiking shoes pack up your seatbelt, and let, the adventure begin. My. Name is Bishop yes. And you sent a got some amazing places today, and. The. First place Padgett took us is located, adjacent to, a small mostar airport a secret. Airbase, this a bama hangar, was an ultra-secret, during. The years from Bosnia was paralegal, Slavia when his military used, to hold aircraft, in his Air Force made, by the US, Britain, and Russia, having. Allies, on both the west and the east for potential, enemies - they plan it extensively. For the worse so, they decided, to store sell their aircraft, underground. Next. We are heading to blog I to town that I wanted, to visit yesterday stop get really, to hike and share some pound seriously, I, forget. To ask you, to bring your hiking shoes how. About some bottle water you need it I guarantee, it, right, now we are hiking out to have really. Really. Old. Castle, and. If. You come twenty-five years ago they. Used to have a give a car. So. Anyway, so. I get exercise almost guarantee. The. Bad guy for or black eye castle is the Tao Fortress, complex, built, in the high inaccessible. Karthik Hill elevation. As high, as, Mount. Everest at 9,000, meters okay just, joking is only, 310. Meters above the sea level so there's, no excuse, for you not able. To climb it. Years. Ago by the Dukan. 600. Years ago it was extended by the King Stefan, and to. Almost, twice the size sec today before. The Bosnian, conflict this used to be a major tourist, attraction with, actually. A free, cable. Car to come up here but, sadly today is, pretty much abandoned, it's really. Hard to find that's why we are one of the right few tours to, visit this beautiful magnificent.

Site. The. Medieval, castle was once occupied by two famous, rulers myself, being one of them just. Joking first, of them is Sanja. Heretic a Bosnian, dude, Bogg I become while his residence, in 1404. After, him Park I becomes residence with Stefano cravaack. Also, known as account, the whole area, of Herzegovina. Is named after his title hurt site and his fortress, is also named after him Japan, grad. In. The second half of 15th, centuries the element came and occupied by a guy they repair the fortress, twice, had, a garrison, in Bogota, 1835. The legend, also, set us by faith bury his treasures. Here, boggle means treasure, in local language and died is how bad I got its name so, if you got Thai bring, your metal detectors. Our. Next stop is a most iconic, in the picturesque Lima in bad guy well I supposed to come and take southeast USA for my Instagram. Facebook Twitter okay, um, the, bug attack or the devilish, cult monastery, built a solid, rocky, soil at the heart right side of the source of Hoonah River the building is nearly 600, years old and first, founded during the height of the Ottoman Empire the primary, purpose of the structure was to serve as Devils, iya praise chant a venue, for praising, God and His name and also serve as guest, house not. So, scary. The. Buna is a short, river and if you want to prove your manhood listen. Up it's well known for its extremely. Cool, weather and with a source coming from while the strongest. Springs in Europe the rival boom in, other words it's pretty. Idea idea to train your triathlon, I dare, you oh no. No never. Mind on the second thought probably not a good idea. Probably. Nice look at this. It's, really crazy how. The. Strongs occurring, it so there's. One rule you need to follow first. Of all no, swimming. And, second, rule, is because this, is predominantly, a, Muslim. Area you, have to dress. All, this way. There's. Lots of beautiful viewpoints. When you come on this tour and this is one of them this, is where to river when, the emblem is a meet. Unfortunately. The, two rivers named after to Sichuan to drown here. Right. Our. Next stop is a UNESCO, World Heritage Village our, project first documented, in 1444. And located, on the left bank of a richer river is to consider us to teaching, important, giving his location, at the westernmost point, in the Middle Ages this, town with an administrative. Center of the independent, country, Vern's, oopah. Today. Is famous, for many of its historic, architectures. The most well-known is Atiya Jamal's they are in 1563. As recorded, on the inscription, above the, door entrance by Ali Hodja the, sama Musa, in the 17th centuries, the modules repaired by sessemann a brown Prussia, and has since known by the locals, as sesamum. Abraham pressure moss the. Dolmades, noble, place special, acoustics, the mosses restore, in 1970s. But badly damaged during the balancing or in 1993. It was restored again, in 2002. We, got to enjoy. Really. Really nice view, of. The river, and. Attention, down there. The. Walltown pochutec, involved in the period from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Architecturally. The stone constructed, part of the town are full of a complex in which stages, of evolution are evidence the medieval, and the element, that's. Quite a hike great, exercise, and you, also get the beautiful.

Amazing. View. Come. On let's go. However. Give her a time constraint we had a straight of the hilltop to see the Citadel, so yes, get, ready to hike again, don't worry it's only fully five meters above the sea level huh. The. Citadel approach attack is a council, and one of the pillars of the Turks and contain. A small fortress, this, fortress, was first built by King Turco first of Bosnia, in 1383. For, the purpose of defending himself on, Turkish attack the multiple, building, stage continued, between the 15th, and the 18th centuries with, interval, and construction, was suspended, the later additions, include alteration. And reinforcement. Dating from the second, half of the 15th century. A bit narrow. Wow. Is. The, viewing power let me show you the views from, it's. Crazy, beautiful, look at it. The. Citadel used to be alpha high so teaching importance, but since the late 18-hundreds, it lost his usefulness, consequently. Much of his original architecture, has not been tampered with since then and therefore, is serve as a temporary, of medieval, and a'lamin, design the structure, was one of very few building. That was spared in the civil war of the 1990s, by really, being unscathed. You. Know it's really really a shame, just. A beautiful architecture. Like this are. Abandoned so, you. Should come visit. And. Yes you should definitely, come for a visit to support, the local economy by, eating. That's. Exactly, what we are going to do, but. Oh. I. Mentioned. This region, is famous for producing all, the, natural, wines yes, you heard it right this. Is the most liberal, Muslim, country I've ever been to. Wine. Here it's all natural at. Least a minimal one year one. Year. Minimum. And, so. You can drink as, much as you want without giving. Ok. I'm going to drink Alys like two bottles today oh maybe three. The. Country, is also, pretty, liberal, and come to eating part I don't. Know what to make of this except, for enjoying. Variety, until, this just meaning between the father our chicken, pork lamb and sausages. Of, course the, meal will not be complete without a glass, of local, white. Those. Of you who like waterfalls I got. Something for you and. Here you can hear it. The. Last attraction, whether this on the tour is kravice, waterfalls located. The heartland, of the country and, only fully commerce for most art there is a public. Bus but, only, if you're willing to transfer, transfer. And transfer. Three, times in total once, again take, the day tour to make your life easier, the best of all no, one is going to be here to collect your entry fees even. You come in the winter. Available. Nokia. Unattributed, river the waterfall, cascade, of a particularly, large turf, limestone, deposit, onto the lake below the, crevasse, is 25, meters high and often. Referred to as a mini Niagara Falls, the wolf famous, waterfall, border, in Canada and the United States there's, many different waterfalls, but the entire era can be broadly divided into three, sections such, as where, you can swim and then. Sit, under the waterfall, there's rope along the rock so you can hold on well swimming so make sure to bring your bathing suits. Remember. I said this is the last place with a visit while I lied on the way back we drove the mountain overlooking, the, most art atop, of hub Mountain is a 33, meter cross representing, a Christians in the city, the melting himself was particularly, important, in the war as sniper, will control the city from his aerial, point if you got time is also possible, to hike up the mountain from the old bridge taking, two hours each way. And, a new boat art and, this, is, where. You can really, reach out beautiful, perspectives, and 360, degrees, I'll. City. Just one note to self, because. The bosnian, world while the casualties, is still, unexploded, landmines is, being kept nothing child to, further. Sadly. My magnificent. Journey of bosnia-herzegovina. Entierro start, by taking a direct bus back to Belgrade, the, most art buster Moe offers daily scheduled bus of all major cities within Bosnia, and also, cities in Serbia. And Croatia however, if you got tired there's so, many amazing. Places in, this little, country and yes since, it is a little country nothing. Is too far away in cooling, many are located, in Republic, Srpska while, the two legal entities will in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our first stop is a de facto capital, Becker, Luka once again I'd like to thank my co-producer Jose. Will help me gather all these amazing, aerial, colleges. There's. Daily, schedule direct buses connecting, most art to benka luka and the journey takes about five and half hours. Thank. You Luka is a second largest city in Bosnia, and Herzegovina with, a population of 280,000.

The City is located on the verbage River and is well known in the former Yugoslavia, for be full tree-lined, avenues, boulevards. Gardens, and parks. While. The most well-known is a monument, dedicated following Karina soldiers, in a war for liberation between, 1941, to 1945, against fascists, is located, on table banjo Hill it lies 431. Metres high and dominate, over banker, Luka the. Monument, measures 30 meters high and 24, meters in length is a workout, while the greatest, Yugoslavian. Sculpture, and craftsman Adam, Angus tank the structure, was made from the white stone from block it has a special, unique form that create illusion, from afar it seems, like a bullet, fire in the direction our Carina in front, of the monument above, the entrance door is a huge, figure out naked man who holds a flag in his hand side. Ways they are retrieved, which shows a battle, against the occupants, and after war construction. Another. One that city's main attractions, of beautiful, medieval castle, fortress, is that oldest, historical, monument, in Bangka Lucca built on the site of the previous vilification. Going all the way back to Roman and even, pre-roman, times the, fortress is surrounded, by thick, stone wall on all sides relatively. Well, preserved and Satori on the left bank of the rebus, River in the very, center of the town. The. Last attraction, but the most beautiful. In Republika Srpska in, my, unbiased. Personal, opinion is Zeus, ESCA National Park is approximately. 135. Kilometres, from Ulster and the only feasible option. Is by driving two hours and 15, minutes of, village of genteel, lie, right inside the National Park however, there's, multiple. Daily baths on cereals, east bus terminal to the village with a journey taking, about two, and a half hours. Established. In 1962. It's a nation's, oldest, national party including the highest peak of knowledge at. 7800. 28 feet the party shares a border montenegro, Suzuka. National, Park covers that area. 17,500. Hectares and represent, one of the most diverse, ecosystem. In Bosnia and Herzegovina while. The most particular. In Southeast, Europe. This. Is why I lost my virginity. Just. Joking I mean, at the heart of the park there is a strict, Nature Reserve Brusco, the largest and the best preserved, virgin Prem evil force in Europe since. The establishing, of the National Park all human, interference is strictly, prohibited, this is a place, where nature lovers, can find everything. They can wish for a pleasant valley dense, forest, areas mountain, meadows two high mountain, ranges. There's. A glacier, Lakes on Zelig or mountain, and they are known as mountains, eyes but, there's, impressive, canyons, and fill, with wildlife, and rare, plant species. The. Park is also famous for being a location of Belarus, ESCA in 1943. One of the most difficult and, the bloodiest battle of the World War 2 in Yugoslavia. In which Yugoslav, fighters, engage, against, the joint German, Italian and Quisling, forces, nevado, also, known as v offensive, took place between 15th. Of May and 15,000. 1943. In the region montenegro and eastern Roseau covina and eastern, bosnia the final, and the bloody struggle have in the area of CSKA, river and the surrounding, mountains during, the month of struggle, over, 7500. Partisan, fighters of the main operational, group of Yugoslavia. Liberation, Army were killed including a large number, are wounded, from the Central, Hospital that travel, along the partisan, group and this, is why I leave you with a magnificent. Journey of Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Bosnia. And Herzegovina, is a beautiful. Culturally, diverse and, energetic, country, with many, challenges the. Country faced many struggles, in the history, the, fight for its independence. Coming, to term with a tragedy, of the Balkan war the complicated. Politics, and the limited, economy, as is biggest, setbacks. However. This. Young, nation has so much potential, as people, have so much to give and able. To do so, much from. Constructing, the tallest, skyscraper in the Balkans to building, a brand new shopping mall to, restoring, his history, the, strong people of this resilient. Nation has, once, again proven, they can conquer and face all difficulties. I chosen, to come here to experience this. Land not because of his past but. To, be part of his future to, experience. Its potential. There's, so much potential, for Bosnia from. The abandoned, magnificent, castles, and fortress, to the spectacular, natural. Treasures. That one can only see in dreams and the, local, tradition and culture that all of us can, experience, with an open arm and with, warm. Hospitality. On, as per our people, I invite. You to support this young nation by coming, here and to, truly, experience. What. Bosnia, has to offer to. Walk away with. Its beauty, its. Soul and in spirit that will forever remain. In your heart thank. You for watching and do Virginia.


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+Kenboss55 It's very sad part of the war, I did not want to bring out anger and hatred of the past. But rather showcase all war are horrible and all humanity can live more peaceful each day than the previous.

+Charles Huang First respect to you and your Channel.I need to say that 80% of civilian deaths were commited by serbs on muslims. It was planned agression with the cause of ethnic cleansing and destroying Bosnia.Most of the cities in eastern and northern part have been reduced from 50 to 100% of Bosnian muslim population,not to mention genocides in Srebrenica and also Prijedor,Višegrad,Foča and soo many other places like 6000 children of Sarajevo.Bosnians are still fighting for justice in those parts of the country.

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@Kenboss55 It's very sad part of the war, I did not want to bring out anger and hatred of the past. But rather showcase all war are horrible and all humanity can live more peaceful each day than the previous.

@Charles Huang First respect to you and your Channel.I need to say that 80% of civilian deaths were commited by serbs on muslims. It was planned agression with the cause of ethnic cleansing and destroying Bosnia.Most of the cities in eastern and northern part have been reduced from 50 to 100% of Bosnian muslim population,not to mention genocides in Srebrenica and also Prijedor,Višegrad,Foča and soo many other places like 6000 children of Sarajevo.Bosnians are still fighting for justice in those parts of the country.

@Charles Huang aww come on ! give us a hint

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