DIY Destinations (4K) - Costa Rica Budget Travel Show

DIY Destinations (4K) - Costa Rica Budget Travel Show

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Hola. I'm going to Costa Rica all along I almost no money no concrete you know make it work friends except for the one I met just myself experiencing. His breathtaking. Natural beauties, the famous, volcanoes, slicing, many of these national parks waterfalls. And gorgeous, beaches not, to forget learning, about his proud history and diverse, culture, as, well has seen the most expensive, landfill, on earth experiencing. Hitchhiking, for the first time and getting around the local way of course, eating cheap and soaking, in the warm hospitality, our culture can people and along. With a bit of rain of them safely, expensively. Easily, anything I can do it you can do DIY, destinations. Cast Rica a new, I invited. We. Are so fortunate to live in a small world with, so many cultures, so. Much beauty, and so much diversity. The. World waits for no one is up. To each of us to discover, its magnificent. Destinations. I want. To make charl accessible, to all of us by, showing how it can be done safely, and, inexpensively. Officially. Called the Republic, of Costa Rica meaning, rich coast a country, of spectacular, nature incredible. Biodiversity, rich. History, and colorful, cultures, today, is home to a population 4.9. Million with three hundred three thousand, living a capital city of San Jose and this, is Willa touch out and begin our journey, so. I just arrived from st. helping nasha airport, and we are going downtown, there's. Many options the most expensive, way is by taxi but it costs 30 US dollars but. Beyond budget I think I'm going to try the local easy, inexpensive, way, which, is. You. Guessed it by. A bus, it, costs only one u.s. dollars for the catches you have to get local, currency to pay the bus driver so, how do you do that without being ripped off at the airport their corporate exchange rate, just. Go to the arrival lounge. As for change whether local. Costa, Rican who is waiting to pick up their relatives, voila, so welcome to downtown San Jose from. Here I'm just going to walk to my accommodations, so, with that being said let's, go and. This. Is why I welcome you to the heart of San Jose and recommend, you to stay as it is walking distance to all the public transportations. And major attractions, it is also where my generous, accommodation, sponsor, la Rosa de Paseo is located, they offer extremely. Comfortable rooms breakfast, buffets high speed internet and tour, service and airport transfer all a great price along, with friendly, staff thanks, guys. Alright. Let's talk about money, skip, the airport ATM as they a total, rip off without hundred dollar withdrawal, limit and the high fees I recommend, you which offer a local bank once you get downtown, do not ever accept, a predetermined, dynamic currency, conversion, rate there is a eighty percent markup just, go with the flow alternatively. You can rob a bank okay, just, joking, at, the time of the filming the National Bank of Costa Rica and Becca cost Rica offers the best exchange rate for over-the-counter but, there, is the catch, just. Want to let you know exchanging. Money at the bank. The. Lima can be pretty long so. Honestly. I, think. I have like another 20, 30 minutes to go. Now. Let's go and get some shopping done first of all Central, Market of San Jose it's a largest market in the city it occupied the entire block, on the Central Avenue with, over 200 shops this, is with a local Country shop if I everything. From chief restaurants, consult, us to start selling the coffee bean souvenirs, local, handcraft, and flowers. For, your dates but, there's, one rule bargain. And barking. Hard this, is a part of the local experience. But. If you got expensive. Tastes, of shining, things and gold a four minutes walk will take you to the National Theatre of Costa Rica and underneath, it you to find steel both of the national bank museum, or coming, as pre-columbian. Gold museum. The. Museum has substantial, collection over 1,600, artifacts, from pre-columbian. Gold dating, back to 500 AD the, kolache include Costa Rica's first coined the media at sciutto which is maintained 1825. As well as many exhibit, featuring socio-cultural. Evolution of, pre-columbian, cultures, and evolution. Stages and style, metal smithing in Costa, Rica, along. The way to our next are charging, you got great opportunity, to confess, your sins at what a UNESCO, wool edge sites the Church of Our Lady last oh that fell between 1680.

To To 1690. And should be a must, visit if you are looking forward to meet while the most, appreciated. And be loved virgin for the locals, inside, the stunningly, beautiful, church you, can find a blue dome that simulates. Costa, Ricans beautiful. Sky also nearby the, national, craft market, where you find more, locally, handmade. Crafts. So. If you want to support the local economy a coffee place like I love, it explosives, stuck here are handmade locally. And the, best of all everything, is often negotiation. The, prices, so make sure you bargain hard if. A merchant complaints, you can blame on me because I, say so. After. Shopping it's time, to get to know about this country, its colorful. History, that is. Because. It's dedicated, to the people of Costa. Rica. No. Kidada officer, sy alleges, a assembly, a Costa Rica the National Museum Costa Rica's situated inside bellavista, fortress, originally, built in 1917. As a military barrack, the exterior, wall still have many bullet stars in some from the countries, in 1948. Civil War have become the same use IAM in 1950. If. You love butterfly, - you're in poetry the entrance is a section featuring the Department, of Natural History where, you can get up and close a experienced. Costa Rica's divers. Potala me inside, expecially. For flies. The, museum, also have extensive collection, artifacts, related, to pre-columbian. History including, more than 800 objects such, as arrowheads. Polar AIDS burials, necklace, and other artifact, of personal and ceremonial, decorations, this is where you can see the way of life of ancient, cultures in chronicle, journey from, the 12,000, years BC until de Rivel it's been years. The. Homeland, history presents the development, of Costa Rica since the arrival of Spaniards, until today photographs. Drawings historical. Objects recall the colonial, era independence. The socio-economic, contribution. Of coffee bananas. Railways, among other topics. The. Central Avenue is a pedestrian, street which is several blocks long and meter out with huge variety of shops it's two sellers as well as cafe and restaurants, a fantastic. Opportunity to people-watch. For. Those of you who want to feel young again the, universal, Costa Rica is a must, visit it's, not crowded work tours and surround it with cheap eats, especially. If you like fry rice by. The way this is where the not so rich students. Like myself eats, at, the Plaza joke yes Chinese, are conquering, this country with one bowl of noodles at time and also Evelyn's, are warning, the Chinese, Confucius, Institute is probably, grounded here, if. You'd like to stay near here in the wind castle is the right place for you they offer different rooms, are great price full kitchen with an income pump also, relaxing, backyard, for you to chill out.

San. Jose is for beautiful, large parks and here is to those must-see, parks first part, de la Paz for Peace Park while the largest parks, in the upscale San, Jose is located, in the southern part of Saint Sebastian district. Is up wonderful. Point, place to take a break and the noisy, traffic of the down. The. Second part is less about that part locating, downtown San Jose if the country's largest in the most significant. Urban part officially. Inaugurated, in 1977. Its origins. Date back to two centuries. Now. A lot of people they complain about you, know everything can cost we can cost so much but they, don't go to three places like so many of the wonderful parks. For. More than 150, years of park develop its characteristic. Vegetation. Spurred, by the planting, campaign from the citizens, in 1930, this project was halted when the government decided to locate the country's first International, Airport within the park area the International, Airport function, for 44 years until, the opening of the current airport, now. There's a Chinatown here in San Jose is actually not really takes is probably only half closed shops here but, at least you know is, true, the, Chinese, are taking over the world. Next. Day is trying, to say goodbye to San Jose and take the bus to the luffing to nap so. I mean a taxicab is parked in the morning and. Generality. So. Here, in the third boy I finally got my ticket and, it's. Called. 2500. Local. Currency, this is popcorn 50 US but the bus, is downstairs, let's, go down and lighten up like everyone else oh. Don't. Feel on too much coffee because, there's no toilet on the bus in this for half-hour ride and there, is only one pit, stop in between so, be, warned. Most. Of the people I see are getting our I, think. Air brake but I'm, just really exhausted. Get, up at this table so. What happening says I'm gonna go back up sweet. Sweet wine. Laughs. And Sunnah means the fortune, in Spanish and was named given for the fertile, land was located it's a small cute, town of sixteen thousand and known as gateway to eronel, volcanoes, national park the entire, town is only a few blocks wide so everything. Is within walking distance. Once. Again I'd like to thank my sponsor, Hotel La colonias, and this generous, owner who provide me with accommodations. And lots. Of great advice they, offer amazing, air-conditioned. Rooms for both couples and families, along, with an in-house, bard great, practice and the best of all just a minute walk from the town center. The. Love of tuna park is a town center and with a local meat and hang out or sleep, during. That day is dominated, by the st. John Bosco church in the background with a breathtaking. View, of the air lo volcano. But. I got no time to waste if so much to see the downside all attractions. Are spread, apart so, unless, you have teleportation. Abilities. The, taxi, is pretty, much your main option, and it is pretty, expensive however. Let's. Think outside the box, Scuderi, rentals are available for, twenty to thirty dollars a day and of course hitchhiking. Epr, adventurous. By the way bring, your sunscreen and bathing, suits. Starts. With it is a little-known. Private, eco reserved eco, narrow channels it's more fully five minutes walk or ten minutes and $5 by taxi. This. Is the first, awesome. Attraction. To you here. In Costa Rica this, is the utter Reserve, located. In La Fortuna it, has birds, and, it has butterflies. And the various duties and, it's not decided 20 years ago by locals so it's still owned by the locals so all the money's thing here stays, locally. Apparently. There's actually a really nice, lake along the way the whole trails, actually, several. Hundred. Meters are not big you, can do quite a bit with little, tiny yeah so let's go and check out to. The trails now observe in your natural apatow wide variety, of plants, and wildlife along. With a natural, water spring to observe of quality birds and TV, like butterflies, you, are in, for a treat. Thanks. To my zoom lens by the way so. Let's give all that you. Reproduction. On native tree species want, the main objective, as well as conservation.

And Rescue indigenous, culture maliku, who exhibit, their craft provide information to visitors, about their culture and perform, ceremonies, within the ecological, reserve, there's. Also going inside, the reserve where you can pick up some local, souvenirs. These, are all hands, definitely painted, and done. So. It's really, really, humid, but. At least yeah under the shade which is soothing nice. I'm. Dying, to. Stay cool I think I got a nice place in mind it's about 50 minutes away by taxi, or a two hour walk, so, don't, try. All. Right boys and girls welcome, to left with two now while the Falls to, get big splash. Hike. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit without being said let's, go and get back the hike, down to a waterfall is short and Archer is along with us their case carved, into the hillside, we. Are almost there sake party come on, the. Waterfall, drops about 75, meters in located, at a fatalist domain castle volcano about 5.5, kilometers outside of Kerala fin tuna the other era no volcano is fed by the eronel River which traveled through the rainforest in, the air low mountain range until. Punt over the cliff for Mina's waterfall. Alright. I think my friends go for it. Hunter, Shah my non-existent. Six-pack. All. Right so after jinyo, waterfall. Offers amazing, that. He's like spring water to follow water you get literally. However. It is. I'm. Up. - woof extremely. Slippery and, another, thing is there's, a little algae. So, make sure you look at that try, to walk on the water spot oh. Yeah. It's, also a great place for babe, watching, seriously. Okay just, joking but in. Case, you, are not ready to get wet or meet the beautiful women I got, you covered. So. For those of you to steer what do chickens get in lets you up the nice shot. Look, up pavilion. This. Is white and then my date by hitchhiking back, to hotel but I am not, done yet I am hungry, and, needed to look for some cheap. Eat. My. Time is really nothing to do here and except. For the exploring, Peter pubs or. Tourist. Priced restaurants, and so on. I. Can't. Tell you what. Especially. Because I, can't buy any myself unless, you want to go be playing, four. Kilograms, of mangoes. With. Comedic. Twist I actually. Found. Banana. We, come here to sell people are 84. Don't. Count on the Chinese food even, that ain't cheap I'm not, gonna give up and my persistence. Paid off by going off the main road I think. I found the best option. In town in terms of budget. Wise. It. Looks for the gum people, I ordered, let. Me show you. So. This place recovering, the chicken and, the best right. Jock so as you can see it's about 20 US dollars and. It comes, to where, that's, not a and stopped to change T up here okay once. Again a moment, of truth. I. Save. All those airline, forks. And knives, I should. Have product with technical. Didn't. Hmm. Something, that bad. There's. Also chicken brats you ask me is this worth three bucks I say yeah in. Costa Rica you need at least twenty, dollars a day for food unless, you want to lose weight seriously, but once again thanks a lot scaliness, I got there really well, for breakfast and really. To conquer, Erina volcano, by the way don't forget to tip the hard-working, staff to. Get two volcanoes by. Taxis, like, $25. Oh my goodness, so. Oh I. Think that's my bus the cheaper way is my plan right yeah. Hello. I. Didn't. Finish my sentence, but to. Get this to the park is like 25, years dollars, but what, you can do the alternative, is good+, they're amazing. Taxi, back. Or, you. Can do exactly like this yesterday. Which. Is to ride with someone on the way back. But. Not, only the taxi and the food are expensive, the national, park admission costs. $15. Get. Ready for four kilometers long hike out to the scenic, point so, make, sure you have proper hiking, shoes, that. Are the ticket, processes. I'm. Still hiking it's about. 35. Minutes into the hike and. The. Not, much, longer maybe another half an hour so there's. Two climbers, so so. Once you get here you get two choices you want to visit the old lava field or. You. Want to get some nature and see the old trees, and, the. Different, type vegetation. So. This. Is about two to three hours to get up here now, I got, here in less than 45, minutes so, don't be scared and once, you get lucky that's the reward young, magnificent. View. Eronel. Volcano, is active matching, at least. 1633. Meters and is considered, a young, volcano, and estimated. To be less than 7500. Years old this era is an important, watershed for eronel lake reservoir, the reservoir is, waters use for hydroelectric power, connected, to the national system.

As. You walk you're able to see how far is it recover, from car eruptions, how much, of this is secondary, growth as most, plants and trees are destroyed. Miraculously. Some, things managed, to survive of note the four large feet trees in a giant Ceiba tree. Don't. Be surprised if you end up making new friends including, white face Chaplin, monkeys green basking, lizards bats in a variety of insects. Your. Visitor, park is not over even when you reach an entrance about, 1/2, kilometers, away is love and in sub-sector of eronel, volcanoes, national park, oh yeah, I'm going, to lose some more weight. Like. This. One. All, right. Yeah. All right hike. Up here we. Reach to, the new area of the park which they just open and as, you can see. Only. One card. Nobody, knows about so this is really really off the beaten path it's. Also including, a 15 dollar mission so make sure it counts and, anyways. Is 1.2, climbers that way and the, lady of the ticket, office is gonna be amazing I know. That Charles pave is narrow and few immerse, into the jungle and has few handicapped accessible, trails about, halfway through here, come to a lofty viewing, tower a crime attempt you stepped on metal stairs so tough will earn you a nice, view. Of the lake and eronel. Volcano. Okay. So we are coming to end of the trail and thinking, this because my feet are killing and. Yeah. Yeah, it will. So. Welcome, to Nick dr. Cara I think, so excuse my pronunciation. I think. This with it so. Wallah the, trail. However. Is tied, head back to town, somehow. It. Was also a really nice couple that just stopped and I, asked, I open, they're doing I asked they say they are not going to La Fortuna, so. Obviously. One everything night it's, really really strange, all court, actually, asking. People for ride. All. Right I forgot to turn the microphone on, so. I guess the answer is no but. How's. This, let. Me just do it one more time if, it doesn't work out I will, call a taxicab and just have to suck it up and pay you $25. I. Have. To admit it does take a bit of effort but it paid off with a ride back to town, Wow almost, so. I have, a very good luck today so. I know a French. Couple. A French, couple that it's. Been take me to a one-town, before, laughing to that come here well. Just take your taxi home so I'm really excited I got, left off again which is fine at, the nearby, hotel we say staying and I'm, gonna wait for like, five minutes and, if it doesn't work out taxi, time really I want to go back. However. Don't, count the hitchhiking, all the way to the next city sometimes. Getting around, this small country can. Take a bit of work I have, a little dilemma here. So the bus schedule on the internet, website the bus schedule comm, is not. Apparently. Is not bus leaving at 4 o'clock. Neither, end of, obsidian there's, a connecting to can. Is from camis to. Liberia. Wow. That, is not correct, today's bus leave at 5:30 I decide. To hop. On even, though I may want me not able to get the corresponding posture, next connection. I. May, have enough on the streets all this. Hope that doesn't happen so what's happened right now I say, the past right back. And forth is. The. Total right is only about three half hours but there is multiple transfers. Yes see I finally. Made it to. Haven. Name remember. The name of this city actually, but. Apparently. The bus hasn't. Left yet so. We are going to Kenya's I hope, from there I can get to Nigeria, I'm really, really hope to get there by. The way sometime there will be travel, agents warszawa will lie to you the bus is either cancel we're not connecting into Liberia ignore, it this is how they tried to sell hotel rooms so, do, your research and, make sure you got the most up-to-date bus, schedule, also, don't, worry it'll, bus is completely. Pitch dark during most of your trip so, feel, free to fool, around a bigger partner, so. After all I'm. Able, to go to Liberia I'm, so happy everything. To, our agent Tomi is. And, I'm. Just so happy I want to say anything that anymore I said someone for it so I'm. Able to go to Liberia tonight. Doesn't wanna ride. Finally. I reached my sponsor, hotel which generously. Provide, me with a comfortable. Accommodations. That, just 10 mins bus ride from the downtown with easy access, and many local attractions, including.

That Shopping, district, the best of all the parking is free along, with a large ranch, area for those who love natures and I put for you to relax of course, extremely. Comfortable. Rooms are great price so have. A good, night because. I definitely, will. Next. Day get, your bathing, suits ready because we are going to to nearby national, parks first, Santa Rosa National Park and if you got time the most inexpensive, options, by bus for Liberia. But. Remember, this also. As when is a returning, buzz for, absolutely, sweeping there and. Hiking. But. For most of us I recommend, you book a driving for a day its cost about $100, through most hotels but, you can always bargain, and yes. Barking, hard. The. Main entrance, of Santa Rosa National, Park is 36, kilometers away covering, 38,000. Hectares and was a first national part to be expanded, in Costa Rica in 1971. The park protects our last remaining tropical, drag force in the world meaning most of the trees lose their leading a tri season, and the park stretches from highway 1 all the way to Pacific, coast within this area are other several, habitats, including, both forest, beaches, swamps, and mangrove. So. I'm very happy because. Today. We. Can't, just go right in the park, office, is, closed. So. I guess, we have, no. To pay. That. Is what, we thought but now it's $15. Permissions, for foreigners and I absolutely, hate. It. This. Part also houses the site of Costa Rica's the most famous historic. Barrio de la casona this, building, was the site of the famous, 1856. Bela of Santa Rosa where, a Costa, Rican army, blind, arresting, militia and sent them to retreat, back to Nicaragua. The intruder, were under the order of William, Walker a power-hungry, lawyer. And doctor, from the United, States who plan to take, over five. Central, American countries, including. Costa Rica, so. Most of the things inside here are reproductions, because, the building was burnt down but. It's time to continue to our next attraction however, let's, take our time to drop, by many of a beautiful, sight along the way. Also. To keep cool, I fade into a death and come handy at times if, you're lucky enough you're, able to meet some new friends. Before. You hit the parks, you, can actually come. Here and, swim. Yes. And the real coach he can also grant you the same day a mission to raccoon the vieja national park so make sure to keep your tickets, strangely. They'll, be inspected, by a loving, staff from the Korean, National Park hmm. But. First you get out those'll snakes no, joking the showcase, of all the different type of species living, apart, if. Your, are frail snakes don't worry there's a nice long trail, for you to run away and gigantic. Route for you to climb. Now. Surely la palace trial is up three kilometers, without pass through thick rainforest in some open fields, this is the most used trail because you get to see volcanic. Features the, first of the chart is very scenic with a short, hanging, bridge that cross a river a small, waterfall, and are really. Thick rainforest. Now. Palace Charlie to one the most impressive. Feature of the park steam vent also, called femorals. Raccoon. Eliyahu National Park is a special, place because it sits on part of the Guanacaste, where flat plains meet the jungle, film mountains, in campus, raccoon la vieja and Santa Maria volcanoes. As well as dormant, cielo seabed. So. This is a. Mini. Themes, coming up and if, we can smell sulphur it means you're at the right place. Further. On a charter, for Sena and this more volcanic, feature discovered including. A mini mud volcano tiny, bubbles from the underground heat and gas is cons, leech of the big gray, mud to make it silky, smooth, this, volcanic mouth, is the same type used for body and facial mass. This. Is another. Lagoon allocative, on a smaller, sure. That trail. Please. Do not go down and swim I warned, you this is another Laguna. You. Can see the bubble is coming up so that, means it's actually active. The. Park also a variety of wildlife, such as over 300, species of birds mammals, seeing apart and clean cougars monkeys, can get used Jaguars, and many more. After. The hike is, time, to enjoy some traditional conservation.

Cuisine, And there's. No shortage of cheap eats if you come to a local non tourist restaurant call, sodas. In. Costa, Rica they're famous for one thing pineapples. And this, is a pineapple drink. Super. Refreshing. The. Typical, meal along with a drink cost less than two dollars and fifty cents and eating, of the locals free. So. What I'm having right now today is what's. Really delicious this is rice bean, veggie. Dish no cost Rican, food and. Also that's a sweet. Booty like bleep and that is chicken and without. Being said. Mmm-hmm. Delicious. The. Tour took the entire morning and big part of the afternoon and I asked my Dartmouth to stop me at the towns down there the city of Liberia, is well-maintained. With a nice Central Park in civil, old houses that illustrates. Colonial. History. What. To do, here's. My answer so. In term of what's in hearing, like area this is pretty much it there's, a park, Church. Nothing. Else. This. Stunning Church stayed back to 1866. Is pointing white on a sunny day typified. The whitewashed fashion Ahern's Liberia the nickname of the White City the Billings Museum in cool exhibit, that illustrates, Liberian, art culture, and daily light through the ante sculptures, closed books, and the furnitures. Surrounding. The park there is many trendy cafes pubs, and we can meet lovely. Costa Rican lady from the, older ones okay just joking if you're hungry there, are more cheap eats while the most popular, dishes in. Conserving. Sodas. Roughly. About. It's. Not that I. End. My night by taking a bus back to hotel for long deserve, rest because, I'd, be waking up early and prepared, to get wet again I would. Be hopping onto a bus - as Vegas and by, the way take, this vice if you don't want to be up and roasted. Ask. The driver to EOF at the engine side units at Cortes waterfall, it's only a 20 minutes right and the best part it's free, so. The customer drop us off here right. At the entrance of the waterfall which is great because. I. Think I can hear some noise and saw, the waterfall, man. Is a horribly. Like, exhausting. Hot. Time. Yeah. Yeah. While. The best things about visiting, this water files are your visit actually support the local community on, your way to the waterfall you, come to a small group of people asking, for donation, all donation. Goes directly, to local school that's real, errors like this one have saw the highest poverty rate in the country. Unfortunately. I, can't, get closer close. Right. That's the only one I have sorry guys. Another. Way to support the local people is by buying some local, handcraft, souvenirs, and keeping. Hydrated. Cause. You can see I'm so freaking, hot right now I have to put the towel over me. No I didn't just convert myself I didn't, convert myself is a Muslim, it's, just really really hot. Strongly, recommended a great. Way. For. Doing. That that local what I love you too dad. This. Way, after. Checking out for my hotel it's, time. To, write back to the Liberia bus terminal, and inhale, out to somewhere with lots of nature, once again brace.

Yourself For some complicated. That's right. Unfortunates. Are first, going to put Elena's or just, left about a few minutes ago so we, have about two three minutes too late but nonetheless next, class is gonna be 1:30, so it's not too bad in. The meanwhile I think I am I going grabs on to eat first because this is gonna get really really long hard while, you're waiting for your bus. Why not squiggle away come as well and. I have talked about doing this but. Only. If only a dollar so you get to the tryout be what's. Called cooking. That water. It's. Super refreshing, just remember one scaled up bus that's. A long ride, might as well hydrate. Now and. I totally recommend it pretty good. Yes. You, should be hydrated. And shoe support, the local economy by, eating, up but, keeping, mind the head is no, toilet on this two-hour long bus ride so, you have, to piss very. Bad it, might feel like a hundred, hours so. No, beers will coffee please, also, there's, something else if you don't want to be cooked, alright. So I'm finally. Hailing, to pétain us and. Jeez. I'm, going to switch a seat because. This. Thing that's not open it. Feels so much better after the, bus, started the winds, come in. It's. Yourself. As you can see I'm really bloody. Bloody hot, so, but what I did. Was the, there, is people coming on the bus selling drinks and stuff and this is actually ice I, know what's inside it probably some sort of juice I. Think. That's a hominid eat it that's a pretty crazy. How. Is. Anything. That can cool me down I'll take it. I'm. Actually arrived at the put. The I can't, even pronounce the city's name so right now this is a bus stop right here it doesn't even look like terminal. Station, but, nonetheless the, bus going to be here pretty I hope come here soon and I'm gonna head off to the next stop. Wow. You wait don't, be a loner, it's a good chance to meet some locals, and practice. Your Spanish. So. We're finally onto the bus tours couples and from, the couples they love us we stay here which, is about 15, minutes not so bad. A lot, of locals told me that despite, today's a holiday the, bus schedule are that saying. Which, is nice, because. We're gonna get there on time. That. Being said as you're enjoying, the ride. Oh. So. We are finding here at the K post bus station, and I'm going to show you how. It looks like and now we are going to, manual. Once, again we have to wait, wait. And. Wait. I hope. The bus is going to come soon because I really want to get a good night's sleep I. Promise. This will be the last ride before reaching might sponsor hostel. Vista Sierra, they are just few steps away from a bus stop and offer both, couple, budget dorms and private, suites along, with a full kitchen lounge, and free high-speed Internet in the morning a simple. Breakfast, is on the house yay, alright, as you can see the rain is. Relentless. And I do, not wait on the way anymore, so I ask the hospital to give me umbrella, so I can go and this. Wrong but. The ring is not gonna stop me we are going to take a direct bus of Manuel Antonio National Park, and within 20 minutes you'll be chopped off as a local, beach where you can relax and chill out no, let's, focus on the park for now the, engines right across make, sure you have three dollars enter in submission fee okay damn it that's. How much a local pays its, sixteen dollars for foreigners, I know it, really sucks. Expand. Which in nineteen seventy two of the land era covering two thousand hectares you will not have to look hard to find wildlife here the Manuel Antonio National Park, is famous, with sloths monkeys, and exotic, birds even, allow the well-maintained, main hiking, trail leading to spectacular, viewpoints, there is also small waterfall, in a secluded beach. This is we are going to head off first. This. One goes to the beach and, it. One says pretty nice so we're going to check it out. It is $16, after all let's make it worth it let's check it out so right here we are at the beach we. Walk all the way. And, these. Are for most of the. Trail. Butter really really class. So. I'm. Contemplating, right now if I should jump in because I still have a hope a sore on my teeth. As much as I like it why. Do today I, think. What. The. Now. There's another beach, here, I like, the last time I'm not going to come for another dip because my goofy is still in pain full of salt waters would open sit room but.

At Least we should go and check out to, make our $15.00, worthwhile, well 16, worthwhile. Yes. A lot of way you see more primates, by the way I'm going to brag that I also have a degree in anthropology, and, I'd like to warn you not to feed, them you can end up signing their death warrant. By doing so when they are used to us bringing, them food they could become aggressive, to those does not and they, need to be destroyed once, they start to pose danger, to humans so. Enjoy. Far far without, being said welcome. To Beach number 2. Boys, and girls we're, going to walk Oh finally, it's. Also okay that any other entrance. So. Last. Place. I go before. Heading, back, if. You're looking for a nice workout, you. Come to the right place, especially. When you're hiking up there. And. Carrying, this. You'll. Have a lot more energy in the beginnings of pike all those slopes and. Then go back out and. Finally. It's time to hit back I definitely. Know by now you are exhausted. Thirsty. I got you covered you can grab water near, the entrance, inside the supermarket, for really. Cheap or grab. A freshly, cut coconut for, dealing with your hunger issues, there. Is lots of free mangles alpha grab literally. So. I know it's really silly but come, on. This. Is. Free food, it's, including, the cost of your plane tickets, so, make sure, you. Get to try these all-natural. Coughs. Reeking mangoes. On. The way back there is something, that caught my eye did, I tell you I'm also, a pilot. So. On the way back to my hostel, I come, to this place idea. Airplane. Club. And. The. Funny thing is I all our ice creams when the availa am back home and you don't believe me just google, it a billion ice cream doing. Checkouts, and I hope he served excellent. First-class, meals because, I'm so, tired economy, class tiny. Dishes. This. Fairchild c-123. Was part one of the biggest, scandals in the 1980's, the Reagan administration. Set ups of the Tzar network of arms sales to Iran designed, to winter release our US hostages howling. Lebanon and to raise money for that in their Kakaako a counter-revolution guerrilla. Fighters, know as the contrast with, a CIA's help they purge civil islands including, to c-123. Cargo planes build. A secret, airstrip, on American, owned 30,000. Acre ranch in Northwest, Costa Rica on October, 5th 1986. A u.s., cargo plane the twin, sister, el avión, was shut down Vanessa ghagra and his crew was captured, and layout jungle at gunpoint, this, event, the emotion, of an incredible.

Chain Of cover-ups, and lies that will mushroom into one of the biggest scandal. In American political, history known, as iran-contra. Affair the, Fairchild sisters, plane using, the cargo operation, was suspended, and have been at the International. Airport in San Jose until August 2000, when it was purged, and ship. Here and retired. As a restaurant/bar. And enduring. Coal relic. So. Boys and girls just, want to let you know do, you know I'm. Actually also. A pilot and I'll tell you from this condition. Never. Fly it is never, gonna fly again you got that right. After, looking at the menu the price here is out of my range so let's take a bus down to kibbles, the Gateway to Manuel, Antonio National Park. Let's. Go and see this any expensive. Food or that. Because. Everywhere. The price up for its price some, places so low you know. The. City is very tourism. Oriented, having many vivacious, nightclubs, bars and cheap, soda restaurants. So, let's, check out our option for cheap eats first. Up bakeries. You'll find lots of inexpensive, baked, goods under $1 being, adventurous myself, I'm, going to try out a mystery, pastry. I'm. Very searching it's not going to kill me so don't worry. Tastes, like jelly. It's probably fun bread. Given. I'm desperate, in, nee of something, hot let's, check out the Kentucky, Fried Chicken I mean their, version of KFC a global. Oh okay. Sorry that's. Actually electronic, shop it's next door a two-piece, or fries and drinks costs 350, a total. Steal. But. For, those of you who want to eat a bit healthier, to keep your six-pack there's a typical, cost we can meal found many of the town's dollars for about, $4. Served. By a lovely, lovely. Whoa look. At this. Alright. So I decided to call my night early, and, Mike, he sees so much pain right now tomorrow I, wake up at 5:30 to catch a bus to San Jose from, there transfer, transfer transfer. After. All right, now there is nothing else in the child is actually everything's, closed after 7:30. The. Cost of the buses st. Josemaria. 750. And takes about 4 hours so. If, you want to make the most of your time in Costa Rica take, that earliest, bus possible, once, again don't drink too much coffee, what else you may have to piss in your pants so, the bus are, making a short. Stop here, and the, what people can go to a bathrooms, and you know grab something to eat pretty. Much everything's overpriced here, still can. Resist growing, up fresh fruits while, the melons my favorite and the, 400 colonna's, were, 50. Cents. But. The Express bus left, me. Bus, station nearby and so. I'm coming to this one which. Is about five, minutes walk away and. We are destined for Kakaako and, then found there we are going, to chance. On all of us to put. Potassium. I think that's the name of the town. Well, the death and taxes, eyeing edible, in the good ol USA, in Costa, Rica you can add in the traffic jams and perhaps standing on the bus to that list and I'm, right now in part. Ago and we, are heading off to pay so right now in this part, it's. Really really packed both, in front me and back at me so I'm hoping for a fast journey I like. To once again thank my sponsor, apparently so okay lounge for providing me with a, comfortable, accommodation. And an amazing, breakfast, they offer all variety, our spacious, clean rooms along with beautiful outdoor patio, hot tub and high-speed, Wi-Fi throughout. The property and most importantly, friendly. And helpful staff thanks. Guys. But. Let's get going since I'm so, sick, of seeing tourists, I'm heading off to the off beaten, path a little town called or easy and there's a direct bus every. 15 minutes. This. Is a tranquil, and serene community. In the promenade, katako well, somewhat, undiscovered, by travelers.

Or Easy features, an incredible peaceful. Setting among the lush forests and towering, pine trees. This. Small town is also home to country's, most historic. Landmark including, the Churchill symposia, Boise, which was built in 1743. And the oldest, church in the country that still in use today just. Like really small villages, across Costa. Rica the, church is the center of the town and this is no exception so, right, behind me is sinkholes Idaho Boise very. Lovely. Little church so let's go ahead and check out that. Church's. Whitewashed, walls in a classic, Spanish colonial, architecture, testament. To the long hours and artistic. Dedication, that went into the church's design, a. Visitor. Or easy shouldn't take more than a few hours since, there's really not, much to do other than the church and to take a break from other tourists, what have you said, let's go back to Perry so. Hey. Just, because I mention going back that does not mean I'm going home. The, town's main Church has a very, long history and, very. Very. Longing. Paradiso, you NASA the. Concepts. You're okay, damn. It I can't, speak Spanish, it's called parish. Of Our Lady of our king queen okay. It's. It's. Called the parents, of Our Lady of the clean Concepcion, a rescue. Of you. Na ha okay. I tried. Honestly. Despite, looking online for the history of this church I found, absolutely nothing. However I did found myself becoming increasingly. Hungry, so, let's eat. And. Yes the Chinese are here as well but the best you are found in pizza shops you, got to try their crazy, local, pizzas. Now. This really big. As. Much as I can multitask. There's, no way I can operate the camera any piece as. Saying hi. But. If you want to try something more local, I've got, you covered two. CS. Isn't a keeper president, the saturation of hacker and it's, very, simple if have bit inside, and, -. Intimated oh it's. All nice and simple, yeah I didn't. Give you a part because it's against the laws of that's. Okay you have to give it but you, can't to, do my hand so that's. It. Like. You're right yeah. I know. I might be messy right now but this. Is good, after. Dinner is tiny head back for a nice night I read since we got a busy. Morning ahead it. Is a very soon. Chicago. So. I'm, really excited to. Finally get going and, I. Think. These people are waiting in line as well too. The, total trip time from PSO the Qatar girl takes about 20 minutes costing, 50 cents for Qatar go to as a volcano, it's about, an hour and half and seven. Dollars each way. Well. My biggest headache here in Costa Rica is sunburn, but my even big headache is there are so many bus, lines and so many bus companies, so, confusing, because, most. Of them goes the same destinations. But they drop you out different places around the city but. I will, tell you need to be here, now, as you can see there is no market yes there's no markings, anywhere. So. You just need to ask please. If you get lost as. Like. So finally, we are walking tours, volcano. Right now after. You pick out the ticket, entrance two kilometers, down the. Bus will take you here. Alright. Still hiking but we are getting there and. It seems like this is a lookup point, the. Heirs of Akina is an active, volcano in Costa Rica is known by his name Alcor, so due to the catastrophe, that has provoked, in the past. The. Volcano's summit has civil craters one of them contains Diego de la jolla green, crater, lake of a variable death and it's supposed to look like this in a tourist guide books but, in, reality it's, look. Like an ugly landfill. That cost $20. In entering fees so, I suggest. You skip, it then do something worthwhile by. The way just, like what you expect, from a landfill, is smell, like. I mean, sulfur. There's, nothing you see in further crater anyways he can't really, blends. Down because it's nothing, inside here. So, from the volcano down to Chicago eyes. Basically. All the way. Thus. Hypoxia. Up there really, kicks in up after, our so but. Anyhow I came down here. It's time to feel. Up or, before. The nice tour of. Kakaako. And the good thing is right here. Alright, cross country. There's, a big church and that's. One of the main attractions the bus stops right here to come, back to the coffee house. Once. You're awakened by the coffee is time, to explore key toggles main, landmark, the Basilica, of Our Lady of Angels first, value in 1639. And was partially destroyed by an earthquake. The. Basilica, has since been restored and Castle a unique mix of colonial architecture as, well as 19th, century Byzantine style, the, current building date back to 1939. Like. Many towns and cities where they have a church, that's, needed at this Center this, is no exception here in Kakaako, I'm studying on the National. Centurion, Plaza, right now. Silica.

Is Called, Los Angeles, it's, the most. Visitors. Attraction. In town go. And check it out how magnificent, is inside, a. Small. Representation, of virtue Marion came the infant Jesus says, have been discovered, by a peasant girl in Kakaako, traditions. Claim that little girl a small statue our rock and took it home next, morning she found out the statute was not, there but back at the rocks so, she took, it to the priest and he locking, the small box next. Morning that statute was back, at the rocks during, the construction the, church was destroyed by, earthquake so many times it was finally, decided to move it to the location where the statue was found and, they. Were finally, able to finish it. Today. Many, patrons, watch himself and drink the water from the rock on which the statue was found scientists. Has found that this wallet to be safe to drink even though there's no filtration, or chemical, used to purify the water. Jess, Timmons walkaway you defined the room on Santiago, apostle parish. Or st. James apostle. According, to a popular legend, there were two brothers living the colonial, capital city, one of them was single, nice, and the other a priest, of robbery, arose between them as they both fell in love with the same woman who, chose and marry the lazy brother the, priests was infuriated. And did, everything, he could to destroy his brother then, he 15 Sonny 7 during a New Year's madness he saw his brother in the church and kill him with a knife in, penance for his moral, sins he built a church for the city but, one. Year after her earthquake destroyed it each time it, was rebuilt, another, new earthquake destroyed, until, 1910, when it was canceled, and thought, this, site to be cursed. That. Is just, about everything to see in town other than, surrounded. With a record, number of fried chicken joint, no thank you it's time to return back to Aisha and for my return to San Jose marking. The beginning of, the end for my journey in his country. The. Direct bus between Paso, and San Jose cost a lot dollar seventy five and thirty minutes from downtown San Jose the bus that was right, across online mayor's part and the journey takes about 25, minutes costing. About dollar a bargain. So. I'm at the airport right now is. Jesus get two actually, so. Just keep this bus. And playing. Putting, that back at the airport so. I just need to walk that way. A little, bit and there. It goes, now. This, marks, the end of my magnificent. Journey here in this beautiful country, of Costa Rica. There's. So, many reason, to visit Costa, Rica and everyone, has theirs but for me it's about seeing the magnificent. Natural beauty, which are collectively, and jealously, protected. By its people a paradise. For peace and, biodiversity. A green, beacon, for environment, stewardship, our rich, culture. Our passion, for freedom and a history, of democracy equality. And. Education for, all serve, as a model. For the region where poverty, chaos. And conflict exists. Costa. Rica is truly. A magnificent. Country for everyone, to discover.

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