DIY Destinations (4K) - Romania Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

DIY Destinations (4K) - Romania Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

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Saluté. I'm going to Romania all over almost no money no kioku no makeup or friends except, Allah why met just myself visi many of his medieval, castles, including, paying a visit to the home of Jack EULA its ancient monasteries. The Magnificent, mountains and will be the first to enter and capture 2000, year old Roman, gold mine and go even deeper to, visit the world largest underground salt mine paradise, not, to mention getting off the beaten path to check out its beautiful, lakes and waterfalls underground. Caves and an experienced and warm hospitality, of the Romanian, people by getting. Rescued by the police as well enjoy many, of its delicious, traditional cuisines, as well as getting around the local way all done safely expensively, easily, anything I can do you can do DIY, destinations. Romania, and you, are invited. We. Are so fortunate to live in a small world with, so many cultures. So. Much beauty, and so much diversity. The. World waits for no one is up. To each of us to discover, its magnificent. Destinations. I want. To make charl accessible, to all of us by showing how it can be done safely, and, inexpensively. Located. At across south-central eastern. And southeastern Europe, and borders the Black Sea the name Romania. Derived from the Latin meaning the citizen, of Rome and first, acknowledged, as a province, of Roman Empire in 106, ad today, this country, is a home to a diverse population, 20, million of Bucharest, being the capital, in his long history this, land, have played an influential, role in Europe in the realm of arts food, sports, and politics, including the first in the world to establish legal, rights of women that's, why I'm here, to experience, this culture, to touch it's magnificent. Architectures, to taste, is cuisine, to see the challenges, facing this developing. Country in a post communist, era and most, importantly. To feel the warm hospitality of. Its amazing. People the body. Alastor, my journey with our overnight bus from the capital Moldova casino seldom bus station there's not all daily buses, connecting, to Bucharest, the trip takes about nine, hours and costing about fifteen dollars you can also travel by train for Istanbul, Vienna, and Sofia, to Bucharest north railway station and this, station also has a direct connection to the book res International, Airport. That's. Why I chosen, to stay near the station at my sponsor accommodation, at least in Bucharest north with only two minutes walk away it offers, extremely. Comfortable, smoking. And non-smoking rooms. Are a great price on-site, parking high-speed internet and house restaurant work great, breakfast, the best of all is only two, kilometers, away from the city centre by metro right, outside the hotel. For. Only six, dollars you get a SIM card with 30 gigabyte, of data 1000. Nanometers, and 100, international minutes, to call back home what, a bargain, oh by. The way the best places get cash is fine a fee free ATM, and do, not accept, the offer our fixed exchange rate just go with a float. First. Mentioning 14:59, pokers became the capital and the largest city in Romania, in 1862. In the centre of Romania, media culture and arts as well as serving as industrial and a financial center today is metropolitan. Areas as six largest in European, Union and the home to a population of 2.5 million. So. After, someone into my hotel right, across from a train station and getting a new SIM card I think are ready to start a first. Attraction, we are taking my public. Transit that's, always my favorite, the. Unlimited day pass costs only 8 leaves or $2 will, it get a station.

That I can't. Pronounce but, the names on your screen, and this, is we get right, into the center of political power in Romania the palace, of the Parliament. The. Centrally. Located sector. Five the palace is not only the seat of the Cardinal Romania, they're also the second, largest and ministry building in the world also the heaviest and weights are almost, as much as me just. Joking it weights about, 4.1. Billion, kilograms. The. Palace was older by nickles could church you the ticular, are communist, Romania and, design, and supervised by the chief architect, Anka, parrots cute with a team approximately, 700, architects, constructed. Over PR 17, days ok Corrections. I mean 17, years from 1984. To 1997. However what's, not, a joke, is how expensive, the, damn emissions, tickets are. So. The regular missions is 35 leaves or above nine US dollars. Since. I'm interested in politics and I only can be here once. Let's. Just pay our dues. There's. More. Yellow. Are so artist about points, Hey, as, you know I think is overcharged, and that. I'm. Going to use this GoPro which, I think I would be a wave with the. Palace, is really. Really, big and nulliparous anima, interiors, compose all 23, sections, it houses two houses of parliament Romania the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies along, with three museums including, the National Museum contemporary, parts the museum communist, totalitarianism. The Museum, of Palace, and the International, Conference Centre even, then the building, is still about 70%. Empty, decades. Later. Building. Is actually one of, us. Parliament, buildings in the world was completed, in 1997. And. 90%. Of the material actually. Used. In, construction of this building. The Trump's not Romanian. Although. I cannot, afford this luxury palace out of my home in nineteen, ninety thousand, trillion business, and media magnate Rupert, Murdoch, wanted to buy it for 1, billion, dollar u.s. but, this it was rejected, that's all 2008, the palace, other part of him is value three point four billion, making, it the most expensive. Administrative. Building in the world I guess, it's time for me to do some crowdfunding. So. Basically we have been, to. Conference. Room two conference, room. You. Get to see lots of. Chandelier. Things like that but. If. You are a potential, buyer just, a reminder the castle heating electricity, and the, lighting alone, exceeds, six million dollars per year as much, as a total, cost of powering a medium-sized. City. Button. Of the. Tour. We. Have walked two kilometers. Next. With a helper, to the office tao temple vida river the, main source of drinking water for the city bucharest. Folklore, manages the water from this river as sweet, and, even, at the beginning of 18th, century it was considered, light and clean, however, towards, the another 18th century as a population, progress, increase, the river sees to be clean, and hence a series, of ecuador was built to support the growth. The. Majority, of the population blowing the Romanian, Orthodox Church, and located, near the hotel is a site of all monastery, Australia's. That, was purely destroyed. This. Monastery, was built in. 1724. During the reign of Nicolae, majestic. What's. So interesting about this monastery, is used house a guest house or in which, made it sells, finances, that is sustainable. Unfortunately. During the early 20th century. The. Whole complex, was closed. Annexed and was demolished and the only thing that remained is the original, Church who, is shelter a library, a conference. Room and also, all the facts founded emulation, a. Collection. Of all icons, and holy objects from the early 18th, century and part, of the wall painting, will recover from a church demolished, during the communist regime this new building was constructed from, the plan, architect, I am su the, monasteries, library, has over 8,000, books or theology, presenting music arts and history, is Byzantine, music.

Clock Collection is largest, in Romania and consists, mostly of donation. To Romanian, bison colleges. Nearby. Is another important. Church located beside the old princely, court built, as a residence, during the rule all bad, third the Dracula in 1459. The objective, of the palace is to permanently, watch over and to protect the seven boundaries, during the time of the conflict with the Turks. During. The Ring a Murcia Cubano the Palos Hills repair, and define, the limit of the city his palace, become the economic nucleus. Of progress surrounded. By house all traders and craftsmen, known as live Sonny in 1559. The church was built and named after him, later become, the location of his grave. It. Is nowadays known, as Church announced Asian was in after his church the, oldest church in progress, which is preserving, his original, form the decoration, of its facade is made from face break stripes, alternating, with a plaster, stripes it draws together many, people especially on Tuesday, mornings when, the church often becomes, too narrow to hold all of them ethylene, is a populous to be level in st. who seemingly, has, never, had, to make believers, wish come true. Within. The walking distance is the hotel located, at the center of Bucharest is very. Popular, throughout the world for its nightlife the, era is more or less that's, oddly a pre-war, progress. What, the war didn't destroy, the. Communist did now is being, invaded, by Americans. I mean, cheap, American hot dogs and more, recently Chinese, conquest, of Romania, with is one, walk rumble. Of charming, airtime and not, to forget the, Vietnamese, they, are in the game too well. But. These Chinese, who ain't. Don't, worry there's, always inexpensive. Traditional, pastries, you can fire on the street the best of all most of them calls less than 75 cents what a bargain. Within. The ten minutes walk with a reach one of the most important. Landmark in the romanians modern history initially. Named the palace square for being the site of the former royal palace prior. To 1948, Esquire, and statue of King care of the first of Romania stay here created in 1930, by the Croatian sculpture. Ivan Masoretic. The, statue was destroyed in 1948. By the Communists and was recreated, in 2007. In. The, argus of 1968. And the december 1989, test square was a sia to massive gathering which represent. A trending planet. Regime, crucial, speech of 21st, of august 1968, marked the highest point in his popularity, when, he openly, condemned, the invasion of czechoslovakia. And started. Pursuing the policy of independence, from kremlin, cushions. Final, speech 1989. Was meant to emulate, the 1960. Assembly, and presented. By the official, media as spontaneous, movement for focus knob erupted. In popular, revolt which led to another regime after, the Romanian, revolution 1989. It was renamed at revolution, square. Right. Across is also, home to the city's main concert, hall openly, 1888. The dome circular, building is also, the site of 1919. Conference our leading Romanians, who voted to ratify the unification. That constituted, the greater Romania. I. Wanted. To make most of my day pass so I talked to Matt you're all the way to Paris to see our last attraction, okay just joking no. Kidding the northern, part workers in the middle, of one of the busiest intersection. Is home to the art of Traill Wow um almost. The same it's a little, walk from the Metro so if you're tired use, the bike sharing to get there it's really, cheap. The, archer tram was actually built in 1878. Sure. The after row managing, as independent. As. A temporary, wooden structure. It's turned to 1922. When. It was rebuilt once again as a temporary, structure. It, wasn't until, 1935. When it was completely. Demolished. To, make room for this, permanent, structure, to, commemorate, those, who fought in the war of independence and, the World War one the, new, stone arch was designed by pay Alaska. And was Denari on 1st of December 1936. Or the high out 27, meters the sculptures, in which the facade daiquiri, they were created by the famous, Romanian, sculptors, such, as iron Jessica and Dimitri, Pella school, presently, the military pure are held beneath the, arch each December, first on occasional, Romanian, national holiday, and this, is a last attraction, other visit, here before, saying farewell.

To The beautiful progress. Next. Morning I walk over the progress north, station, to pick up a hot chick, Oh I mean train. Tickets we, need to get going so. This is my train ticket and we are on board the second-class. Fantasy. Now it's, going to be about our long journey, so, what. Happened said in this hope this will be fast and smooth. So. Here you go this is nice. So. My luggage is inside the luggage storage that's a safe and secure and, sometimes, if there's nobody inside the office just go to an information desk and they. Will come and open. Office. For you. Sayonara. It's a town a mountain resource situate the historical, reach a Montana, the town was named after Sinai, a monastery, of 1695. Around, which it was built one of the two main attraction, in this town so half-day, is pretty much all you need but nothing said let's put our stuff away so both, of us can confess, our sin comfortably. Let's go. Actually. Let's check out somewhere less sombre, and are easy 30 minutes walk will lead you to one of the most iconic, neo-renaissance. Architecture, in Romania that peeps Castle it draw is named from the neighbouring peg Creek which pass no courtyard, and the castle, considered, by many as, one of, the most stunning, in Europe. Commissioned. By king carol the first in 1873. After, first business fight in 1866. He, fell. In love with a magnificent. Mountain sceneries in 1872. The crown puts five commerce, of land the, estate was named leo SCLC. And I am The King commissioned, the construction of. Our loyal hunting, preserve and a, summer retreat on the property and foundation, was laid without counsel, on 1873. And completing. 1883. The council's, serve as a summer residence of a loyal family until. 1947. If, you have a stealing car, bring it with you because you get big. Discounts, without. Being said I hope I will be wowed by this attraction, you. Can't really be too nice because people. Just bought in line, it's. Not nice make, sure you stand your ground. It's. 160. Rooms are doing, with the finest. Example of European, art Murano, crystal, chandeliers, German, stained glass windows, and coat about leather cover walls there, are also four, thousand. European, in or mental, pieces dating from a 15 to the 19th centuries on this way in the Armory's. Know. This. Is. Really. Really, quite. A, castle. The. Furniture, in the musical, is car of teeth I give the King care of the first from the Maharaja, I'm playing India, while the handmade, self, in Belarus, are doing the ceiling, in the walls of a Turkish, salon. The. Ceiling, paintings and decorative frescoes, in the theater Hall was designed by renowned Austrian, artist, Gaskell client and fascism, match. So. As. You can see it's not sure a really nice castle, I think it's definitely worth a visit but. While the camera fees that's, something, not to say I, don't. Think it's actually worth it but without being said misfits our next attraction. The. Monastery. The. Monastery is, fairly, easy to find and takes about 25, minutes on foot from the castle the mission is less than a dollar what.

A Bargain. The. Sinai a monastery, was founded by Prem Michalka, the casino, and named after the great st. katherine's monastery after. His return from pilgrimage, to Mount Sinai in Egypt, it was designed to serve as a monastery, as well as a full affine stronghold, on roof on Burchell to, Bucharest. The. Initial plan for the monastery was the host twelve monks to initiate 12 apostles but in time the number of monks grew in the midst of Russell Russian world 1735. To 1739. Before, deserting, the monastery, the monks hide the valuable, by burying them in SIA Bell during, a battle the turks defeated, of troops stationed, within the walls of the monastery the, ottomans, burned the area and broke through the wall in two places. The. Monks possess a library, that's a repository for, valuable, jewels belonging, to a romanian, autograph, cutter Casino, family, as far as our earliest Romanian, translation, of Bible, data 1668. The site is also home to graves, of the former prime minister of romania take either Axew. After. Praying for my Passons, life goes on after it is short, and so, does our next train ride less than 10 minutes our next up at Puccini, I want. To this train. And just, bites it down for six leaves and it's, probably, ten minutes. So we can see more. Interesting things. So. Welcome to vicinity and this is why I drop off my bag is open, until 8:00 but. Be here half an hour before just, in case without. Being said let's, head out to our first attraction. Christening. Is another, small mountain town in Baja Valley located, below a busy key mountain with an average altitude of 900, meters it is one of the most popular. Mounting resources, the, downside, huh, there's no, attraction, in the town people, usually come, to height up with Ziggy melting in the summer the town is pretty. Expensive. Of everything. Absolutely, everything even. By American, standards my, biggest complaint, is the, causal cable cart there. Is no, way to avoid it in the winter. However. If. We do manage your pay yourself to top congratulations. Zero is still a 45-minute. Hike away to a top-off caramel, peak the, site about heroes monument, is a huge, cross built between 1926. And 1928. In the memory are rare our heroes who died in the gdr war one, finding, the armies of the central power. The. Construction, of the monument beginning 1926. And was complained, 1928. Creamery, closely. Followed the implementation. Of hers instructions, until the completion, of the project the inauguration. And the consecration, of the monument, took place in September the 14th, 1928, on the Holy Cross Day. Now. If you wonder whether I men up and do the height shamefully. No. Here's. Why. Wow, I do not expect to be back here at the train station so, quickly, and so, let me tell you what happened I went over to the cable car station to, see how much it costs to get, from bottom up it. Costs 35. Leaves which is about. 10 US dollars each way and. Number, three, you. Cannot track up in the wintertime right now because of the snow and it, can be slippery and dangerous there's. Another option which is to, hire, a guy to go out buy a car but, they charge for, that entire, seat, of the car. So. I recommend, people to. Not. Come here in the wintertime and, come, in the summertime that. Way you will, have a great option of hiking up and enjoying the views without. Me said. That's. Our next destination and. Hopefully it'll be more exciting. By. The way if anybody, tell, you the trainer's phone don't, worry I got you covered on this hour-long ride. So. I tried to get the tickets for this train they say is also, valid there's no more seat and. A la option is you can stand the. Good thing is my coming, here seems. Ideas lots of seats, available so. I'm going to steal one a seat if someone asked me to give up my seat I would. Just gladly, do so but I've been sent miss how this will be a pass it's. Finally. I made it here the, best, off and I'm. Going to my hotel first. Worship. Is a ministry, center of Bastrop County with a population of, two hundred seventy five thousand, making a seven, most populous, city in Romania, is surrounded, by the selling capacity, ins and a, part of historical, Regional Transylvania, historically, the city has a large commercial hub on the trade route between the East and the West is also, home to a birthplace, of national, anthem of Romania.

Once. Again I like to thank my accommodation, sponsor tasmad, our hostel, for providing me with a compost. A fulfilling, of Russia they offer both traditional. Shared dorm beds and private. Rooms a great. Price along with free simple breakfast tea and coffee a common, error with TV, and high-speed, Internet the best of all is located. Right close, the hotel thanks, guys, I. Was. Really, exhausted and I realize I'm coming, down with a cold I end up sleeping in for a while but, I love eating and I'm nothing to miss on dinner so let's. Check out the Chi beats unifying. Local places slide, the outside, the main tours area, and away, from the main square I. Decided. To ask worth, of local, food. I found, this place right here the price are. Reasonable. So. This is why. Having. Two. US, dollars, I. Can. Say this is pretty decent also, the portion size is pretty good the recipe, they. Came it took longer, than I thought, so, why have here is. Chicken. Breast rice. The. Chicken breast, is gross I make sure all that because whether, kernel. Throw. Situation, I can't, have any fried food without, being said let's, eat but. These, are separate breasts and, they are 10 a my. Thought. Was they. Are pretty much natural. I think and. Not farm that's why they are smaller. Next. Morning I wasted. No time. Despite Michael getting worse I soldier. On first attraction, the historic, center in the heart of Russia the council square it obtained is right to hold markets, in, 15-20. But it has been a place for weekly and annual market, since 1364. Being, visited by merchants, from around the country abre the square is surrounded by eighteen to 19th century houses most, of which are historical. Monuments. A pillory in the middle square was used as a means of public humiliation punishment. And scorns which use will also punish here but the help of shoemaker kills the fans turn my poster, entra austrian army to russia was also, behavior here in 1688. Next. I'm going to get high, maybe, not yet but once again I'm going to check the status of the Chinese invasion of Romania, with another round Archie peach for tuning, one breakfast, and lunch, so. On our way to the cable car I saw. This place and, it's. Chinese, food and boy I miss, Chinese, food since I am Chinese, aka, so. I came in. To. See what they have offering also the price of three TVs one this, is what you get for a 20 leave what. You get is right. Or in these oh well. I think it's half and half also. There's, beet, and, chicken. That you can choose all right those, chicken, and, one beat, now. I, have hi Samsung or Chinese do things a bikini on my life so I'm less about Romanian, Chinese will close out. Okay. Napintas good. Chicken. Surprisingly. It does taste like real Chinese food. After. The beep I have put it again but. Not the rice or the no. The. Cable car is only 300, meters from the council square and the roundtrip ticket Fidel only, cost four dollars not. So bad once. You get your ticket you just have to come upstairs and just, line. Up wait. For your cue and we go into the. Cable. Car. However. If you want be a hero and once a series experienced you can hike up the Tampa mountain on foot, is about hour in duration each way with a well-marked. Trails. Hammer. Mountain is a part of brush of mercy and almost, entirely, surrounded by Sileo brush off most, of the mountain is declared, a nature reserve due, to the rare animals, we saw bears Birds, 35%. Of Romanian, butterfly, species and, plant species including. Our rare live early fry the Transylvanian. Wind grass that are found here so. This. Is a viewing post. Right, beside the best-loved sign now, killing up it's actually really easy because, you, can take a cable cart or in the summertime you can actually hike up but. Coming. Along the weight on this root is a little bit challenging during, the. Rainy. Season or winter so just keep in mind wear something, comfortable. And also watch. Your steps because, if you slip and fall there's no hospitals, up here what happen said I hope you enjoy the magnificent. View. This. Is where you can find a spectacular. View up a shelf so ladies, and gentlemen, please enjoy. This magnificent. View. Russia. Is home to many beautiful churches too many, to mention here so let's briefly go over some of these where you can continue to confess, your sin first the black church right, across on that council square it was built by the German community antenna as a main coffee style, monument, in the country, as well being the largest, and one of the most important.

Lutheran Evangelical. Church place, of worship in Romania. The. Originally, Roman Catholic structure, was known as a church st marys replacing. An older building used for the same purpose, construction. Began during the late 14th, centuries. Unknown. Dates and employing, Bulgarian, workers, and craftsmen who proceeded, to establish. A Porsche Bulgarian, colony, according, to a popular legend. A German, ciao was deserving. The ball game builders or, told, them that that the wall was leaning. Annoying. Bulgarian, pushed the child off the church tower, and was. Near, his corpse in the church, to. Conceal, his crime Oh. Scary. With. A quick walk is a style st. Nicholas Church establishing. 1292. Star the 14.95. The church was rebuilt in, stones, by the locals, with a helpful much. Great-great-great-great. Uncle. Just. Joking but with a help of a ruler Montana. That caligra, the. Mana of the time also played a major role in adoring, and expanding, the church by offering money gold, and silver objects, icons, and ceremonial, objects, even, the Home Depot donated, okay, maybe, not but, the Russian Empress Elisabeth, Avila also, donated, to the church. Before. You get church fatigue, you got to check out this church is about 20 kilometers away in accessible. By public bus, founded, by the gemelli Teutonic. Knights in 1211. It, was eventually taken over by Transylvania, and Saxon community, and there's really a Roman, Catholic Church at become Lutheran, following that Reformation, together with a surrounding. Village to church form part of a village with, father five walls, in 1999, it was desi a UNESCO, World Heritage Site. Next. Morning we are going on a day trip to see song a truly. Dark and bloody no. Keeping but first we, need to take the public bus to the bus terminal number, two from, there it's about 30, mins drive to brand. The. City of grant lights to be climbers away from Prussia and consists of five villages after. A kingdom hungry, was defeated by Ottoman, Empire brevity, compare our Principality. Of Transylvania during. The sixteenth centuries, and eventually, pass the hospital molecule, Austria, the calling the compa austrian empire in 1804, and, austro-hungarian. Empire in 1867. It was a litter Kingdom Romania, following the world war one today, is home to our Romanian, most popular, tourist attractions. And national, landmark the medieval, bran castle which, is once besieged, by the VAT the impellers partially, because they resemble the home of Dracula, Malo I bring, your student card you get a big, discount on a mission, here but. If you need some fuel to begin, this adventure, and support. The local economy then, try out some traditional, local street food past Rama one, of the most popular, meat dishes made, from lamb and also pork and mutants, originally. Created as a way to preserve meat before the modern refrigeration, the raw meat is grilled partially. Dry season. With various herbs and spices and then smoked and steamed.

There's. Also a variety of soup so here, most famous is Cola Bana the traditional, bean soup was smoked ham hock by the way don't, eat too too, much. You'll. See why. Later, awesome, I have no objections, if you want to pick up some souvenirs, but make sure the bargain and bargain. Hard. Carlino. Outside the Romania as Dracula's. Castle, linked to is legend. The first document, dimensional, gran Castle is a act issue by Lewis the first are hungry on 19th, of November, 1377. Giving, the modern pasha of the privilege to built a stone castle on their own expense, and labor, force the seven-mile brand began to develop nearby, in, 1438. To 1442. The council, was used as defense against, the Ottoman Empire and later become, a custom, post on the mountain pass between Transylvania. And watch other. By. The way did, I tell you not to eat too much oh yeah. You, got idea. Although. Many castle at the time belong to a member, of nobility. It has me ecstatic bran, castle was built almost, exclusively. A full education, and protection of, German colonists, in Transylvania. At some point bran castle blonds are Hungarian kings, but, due to the failure King, vadas, 2nd who ruled between. 1471. To 1516. To repay the loans the, city of brush-off regained the possession, of the fortress in 1533. Brent plays a military, strategic, role up to the mid 18th, century. Top. Ramp castles nicknames are to journalists castle because of a legend. That was linked here. Initially. In 1201, elves first bill is made a wooden structure and show the afternoon in 1242, and, was destroyed by the mongols and in. The 1920s. Part. Of agreement, when trans. India was seized by Hungary. This was. Converting into a loyal residents, for the kingdom of Romania. With. A 1920. Trivia trend on Hungary, law Transylvania, and the castle become a loyal residence, within the kingdom of Romania after. It being donated, to the royal household, by the Saxons. Of Kurt brush-off, who, have, no more interest, for it and no interest in financing, the time damaged. Property, it become a favorite, home and the retreat of Queen Marie who, order its extensive, renovation, the castle, was inherited, by her daughter princess, ileana who, ran a hospital, there in World War two it was later seized by the communist, regime with the expulsion, of the loyal family in 1948. In. 2005. The, Romanian, government passed a special law allowing restitution. Claims on the property illegally. Expropriated. Such as Brandt and those a year later the castles awarded, to the ownership of American dum AGGA Hochberg. The Son and the heir to princess. Ileana, in 2006. After imperial, legal proceedings, the castle, was legally, returned to heir of house prayer family. Now. There's a lot of small doors and you always have to watch out for your head. Very. Serious, I think I, do bend, down like this. All, right. On. 1st of June 2009. The hospital, endow refurbished, castles of public as a first private, Museum of the country and presenting, in collaboration. Of Brad village a joy CTG concept, to maintain, a prominent, role in the Romanian tourist, circuit and to, safeguard the economic base, in the region. The. Third dracula known as Vlad the Impaler booth was, a ruler Wauchula all off between fourteen forty eight to fourteen seventy six other, being. Known as the inspiration, for brands Sugar's ticular. Character. In the novel Dracula, laughter. Is known for committing, brutal, at a war. Yikes. During. His reign he was under constant threat of attack from both elements, and the Hungarian forces, during the infamous, retreat, from the ottoman forces better had the body of his enemies, and citizens, alike empower, a large spike, in the field surrounding his country, oh not. Only his, fondness for empowering, his victims, earned him the nickname now the Impaler, it also ensure, his survival during, the retreat as the. Ottoman forces forces. Returned, seeing, the grilled leasing, of bath or have prepared, from Oh, seriously. Sickening. And inhumane. But. If you don't want people to see it - yeah. As, a face out the. Castle. A. Return. To Russia in the later afternoon and was so, many, pretty ladies are about I am NOT ready to hit straight home yet, so I scroll down the street looking for date hello, I didn't, succeed I was. Proud of that I did not gain any weight and still able to walk down want a narrow street. In Europe the robbed Street. But. My time has come to in here and next morning I took a taxi, to brush off train station to go a train to CPU and, now the, the ticket, office is closed, so, you can fire your ticket on board and if, you are lucky enough to do our early, train and the ticket inspector is asleep and don't come to you congratulations, your, right is completely free.

Because You've, just invaded. Your fare. Wow. Welcome, to CPU. After. A nice nap on the train which. Is really nice I'm. Finally. Right just, in time and. All right my bags now safe and secure in a storage room they are open until 7:00, p.m. but, if. Your train leaves really late don't, worry you can go to the train ticket counter give, them the ticket, for, your blonde. And they, will go across the storage room get your bags and you can be on your way but, that being said let's. Head out right now and start our decks. CBU. Initially, a deco Roman city caledonia, and was founded by the German seller bought here by the king keys of ii of hungary the city is one of the most important. Cultural center in romania and was desi as a European, Capital of Culture for the year 2007. And has, a population, of only, 148. Okay. I mean. 148. Thousand, after. World war 1 1 austria-hungary. Was dissolved, she could become part Romania. Okay, so the next thing we're going to do is buy a bus to get to go down the city it cost two reasons, right outside. The. Station, where the bus weight. That, defy adventure I'm going, home tonight another spa bike huh I mean, going, to grab cheap eats a restaurant, chain called super. Mama for breakfast now, since I need to take my antibiotics, I need to eat something first so I'm going to start off my day with a big meal now. I'm sure you guys know I, can climb up the high cost of food here in Romania all the time but, I have found a chain, of stores. That, offers, pretty, inexpensive, meals. In Romanian, center so this way again. After. Filling, up once, again I need to pray, for my sin of fare, invasions, so our, first stop is to see a Roman, orator archbishop, of CB and the, Metropolitan. Of Transylvania. The Holy Trinity Church Cathedral, and oh yes there's, plenty of, room to pray since this Cathedral, is a second, largest, artha Church in Romania. The. Cathedral began with the Metropolitan Bishop, Andre Saguna, as Emperor, Franz Josef first full permission, to serve circular, to his diocese, requesting. The priests and laymen give donations, he sent a letter and the first donor was the Emperor, himself who. Gave one thousand gold coins so. Their wish came true on 5th of August, 1902 the anniversary, of Emperor, Franz Joseph, the first the first foundation, stone of the future Cathedral, was set then as a sign, of gratitude, for, his support in the building of this Cathedral. The. Offered Cathedral, was built in a Byzantine, style after the plan architect, of vigil Nagi and como Joseph, from Budapest, it's very, similar to st. Sophia church in Istanbul, the result is a large building with symmetrical. Compositions. An essential, plant that's trying to resume the elevation, of Byzantine, Basilica. The. Exteriors in a red and yellow brick, the spacious need is bothered by smaller, spherical, roof and four towers two, small octa kong ones and two larger, one near the entrance, or the square, base. The. Main entrance is through a portico, with three it semicircular, door with a capacity, of 2,000, worshippers the interior of the dome is filled with stained glass windows, outdoor with round shaped mosaics, showing Jesus and four evangelists. Now you, won't be surprised, why so, many locals, have their wedding or want to have a nice memory our baptism. Of their child here. çb. Is also considered, the prettiest, ally Romania, and suspended, in time encircled. By beautiful, architectural, buildings, the grand square has established, itself as cpu's old towns most prominent, landmark it houses one of the world's oldest. Museums, with a karthik mix of cafes, shops and, restaurants but, the most notable, structure. And one of those cities symbol, is the, council tower, this. Former, full of creation tower is a seven story building from, the 13th century that have been successfully. Rebuilt over the years and always changing the initial architecture. This. Is really. Narrow. That's. My morning exercise. Okay. The. Power has been given various. Uses it was once used as a key tower a grain deposit, a fireplace. A prison, and even for, a while as a Museum. Of Sciences. At the moment that how is used for various exhibitions, and, as well as point of view from the upper level of the tower users, can see the entire, city of CPU, this. Structure is up to 800. Years old making it the oldest, in the city.

That's. Pretty, much everything to see here in CPU but I'm not leaving yet we are going somewhere, spectacular. But first we, need to take a bus to the airport to, pick up a rental car although all companies, offer 24, hours pick up and drop off many. Charges, extra doing, enough office hours I like, getting to that later. Here. Is a little, advice if you want to save money. Learn. How to drive manual seriously. I'm, such. A dumbass I don't know how to do it I tried, so. I'm gonna go with automatic and, which cost about, twice, as much thanks so I'm. Gonna start the car and. Go. And drive to, the famous role. That I heard, ever. Now. Three. Days back so. Roundabouts. One. Of the things I miss about driving, back home in. America. Is. Stop, lights. Everywhere. Here, did somebody ground the follows you. By. The way buckle up we are heading to a very, crazy, bro and I am not killing if you don't believe it just check, us out the famous and the crazy transfer, garrison, row or dn7. See that's open, only three, months of each year between, the month of July, to October. But. Get ready for. The. Famous, for a hope this. Is. What, we. Are. But. It's not like. The. Crazy road stretches, 90, clamors the crosswalk between DM Wong and CPU between, the highest peak in the country constructor, between 1970. And 1974. To Naru or Nicolae Ceausescu, as a response, on 1968. Invasion, Czechoslovakia. By the Soviet, Union's the picture that wants to ensure a, quick, monetary occurs across, a mountain in case, Soviet. Comes knocking. They'll, mainly, by the military, forces the role had a high financial, and human-caused, work, with carry out yet Alpine, climate, at elevations. 6600, feet using roughly, 6 million, kilogram, of dynamite, and point, junior, military personnel. Who untrained. Blasting, techniques, many, workers died, official. Record states are only for these soldiers lost, your lives but, officially. Estimate, by the workers, put the number in hundreds. Oh guys. Please slow. Down, there's a lot of sharp turns and trust, me there's, no hospital around, but at least we have survived, our 90 kilometers an hour and have long journey, to the base I'll be Lea late as we are getting more into the tourist. Territories, it's good idea to feel up here how, about a traditional Romanian. Pity cuddling. Goalie it's basically a fried dough and top, was sweet, Bella cheese, mm-hmm. So. Basically my Troy is still recovering and over, here a bottle. Of water is five-way which is a lot more but. Not. A, bad, for, the, quality, at getting over, here is about to be. Our district and over there is this Casa Bella yeah it means I waterfall, but not be sad let's go and check out miss continue our path and see how, it goes. Well. I didn't. Get too far. Did. I mentioned, before that most of the world is open 3, month of the year I look, like we hit a, robach. And, I, really, mean a roadblock. Apparently. One. Of the folks down there at the souvenir shop said, this, role is only open, from, July, to October, so. We, can go in. Also. For the waterfall, unfortunately. Is a little too dangerous and slippery so. Right now the only option is, to visit Lake via which. Means. We have to pay to go up by cable car since, we're all right here this. Is to it I don't. Think I'll be back anytime soon. Well, giving, us winter you, can hike up unless, you really want experience, slip and fall especially. If you're not smart enough to wear proper. Snow. Boots however, in the summer is totally, doable since there is a medium, difficulty chart with the blue triangle, marks it takes. About three, hours each toy to get up the mountain or, the. Easy way just drive up if you are stupid, enough to come the winter get. Ready to pay out the cable, car is not, cheap is the only way. So. Basically the office down here in the wintertime is closed so you pay when you get out there mountain it's, a really fast ride actually I just, don't know why the heck it cost so much it's, a probably, the most expensive, ride. Ever. All. Right so as you can see this is all covered over ice, there's, no lake and the. Best time is summertime, please guys it's really it's all so hard my eyes I don't wear sunglasses come.

Obviously This kind of confuse you look around. Not. So fast let's check out this place during the summer time it's. Totally, a different story, a lot totally. Different, sceneries, so the next few moments please enjoy. The spectacular and, the magnificent. Breathtaking. Scenery of Bali, a lake in the Sarge diets. Okay. That's enough let me show you the cold, cold. And cold contrast, while the major attraction, here in the winter is the, hot women, okay. Just, joking, actually it's famous for the ice hotel. Basically. They throw every single season and. Then they melt it away and then they start over again and everything's. Clear me now I but, bricks off I test you can see on the wall and. It's. Kind of pretty impressive. Seriously. I don't know how you can say warm sleeping on a piece of ice I better make sure they, guarantee, that I don't, melt my bed during the passionate, hot lovemaking. What my new romanian, wife actually I don't, have one so. But. More importantly, how, not, to get, electrocuted, by that outlets. There. Is quite. A large selection of winter activities, here but giving, as touristy, everything. Is expensive and I'll, reach for me and nothing. I mean absolutely nothing. Is, free except. Praying under the cross. I've been waiting here for, over half an hour now and, it. Seems like, it's. Not really moving that, well I, think. There's. Only one car up one car down, oh, yeah. Did, I forget, to tell you to, eat at the base of the mountain if, not, I'm sorry, my friend. Since. I got train, to catch tonight it's time, for, me to head back to CPU but I can't, resist. Draining. My drum, batteries. So, once, again ladies, and gentlemen please. Enjoy, the spectacular. Scenery, our rural Romania. After. Returning my card to CB Airport I realized, I got a bit of time to, kill. I'm super, hungry well, I guess, I need to pay another visit to my mom I came. Back to another one of the super mamas restaurant, because I want to see what, else we have to offer and tonight, I'm having such fun chicken. With rice and. I think it. Looks pretty decent so. Let's see how good their Sarang, chicken, is. So. Party that's pretty good and. Spicy. That's. A pretty decent I'm feeling fast Columbus. And I'm, in continue eating. Okay. I'm sorry, I lied, I shouldn't. Do that because I don't want. This bridge to crumble boys, and girls this, is the bridge of lies. Now. This is the bridge of Lies or brittle.

Liars And, is Romania's, first iron castle, bridge and it's. Built in 1859. The, famous. Legend, said that this bridge half years, and unexplained. Powers, so. That every, lie it began, to crack and when, there is a lot, of buildup, of lies it, will collapse. For this reason most, local. Of voicing, untrue, things on this bridge. Now. After a really exhausting. Day is time to head back to the train station and thank goodness is minibus that will take you there. So. Basically as you can see while, first walked into this a wagon, is pretty. Chaotic. It's. Awful. And my, fee is number 56, it. Took some time to find it but finally. Made it in and, let me show you what's one. Side three hour right, I hope I survive through this there's, a girl who just passed out right beside, me as you can see. So, it was about our half delay because there, was a train in front of us he has gone to trouble but. It's. A good timing because I got more time to relax and sleep and. I'm. Actually fully awake. Hey. So welcome. Finally. Here. The airport's have become. Locating. A Sun smite River Valley cruise the Polka is a fourth, most populous, city in Romania, and consider, the unofficial, capital to that historical, province of Transylvania. The city traces, origin, back to Deccan settlement, on the Polka in the second, century AD after, romantic. Oh a dacha it was renamed, napoca, in, 124. Ad the, city quickly advanced, socially, economically. And during, the Marcus Aurelius reign. Napoca, received, italic colonia the highest possible urban status in the Roman Empire, cruise. The polkas name crews come from cuz Chloe's, first years now 12th century, as a name of the Citadel surrounding, the city crews, means clothes in Latin, and refers, to held are surrounding, the city, I. Arrived. Really early, but thank goodness Cruz the Polka has a really, great public transportation system. That operates, from 5:30. A.m. to 9:00 p.m. we days and begins, 6:00 a.m. in the weekends, but, not. The shady car, rental, agencies, so, please, let, me do some venting. And, it's. Supposed to be 24-hour, pickups and drop off but guess what when. I show. Up apparently. Is 1/2 hours. Because. It's off hours you. Are being charged. $27.50. Of us for. Each, pick up and, drop. Off. They, also try to do, upsell, and forcing, me to call back to my home country to, get the earn my insurance to, verify, the fact that my. Collision, car rentals also cover Romania. So. Let me recap make sure you check their regular, office, hours or, any fees to pick up a car out tentative, time secondly, make sure to have a copy of a letter from your credit card company stating, that you have collision, and damage insurance coverage, I was lucky enough to have my back to stand on my email, in order to avoid the $15. A day extra, fees. Why, ripoff but. Life goes on let's try to, enjoy this two and a half hour drive to the apuseni, mountains. So. Let. Me tell you don't trust, GPS. Hundred percent it. Took me to solve the most dangerous. Part, I see roles that could slip into the lake and so. I. Trust. The locals, I guess that direct me to, the. Route. That's, can't. Be found on GPS which is keep. Going on. Row, number one are and, to. Get our back and make it turn another, thing about. Driving. Here is. Make. Sure. You. Clear. These be. Careful, so, I asked again again, and my. God this is really, really confusing, I don't, know if I can recommend people coming here since. There is no public transportation, to get here. After. Driving. Around around, for. Four hours and almost, ran out of petrol, I stopped, at a small resort town out back to ask for directions, but my problem no, speak Romanian my friend also, the tourist office and police station is both, closed so, the only thing I can do is press on by following the signs and the, donkeys. I. Have. To stop again and ask, for directions hoping. Somebody. Should, speak. English. I, did and here's. What happens the cave they said this is recall that way so we passed it. This. Is so. So so. Okay, let's. Go the. Road is not only dangerously. Slippery but, now block, by bunch of logs finally. After five hours we. Are here Wow. Almost, like. I don't know much. Longer, it's. A walk but, I'm. Just ready to quit I, don't. Know how much more I can take, after tracking for half a kilometer this is why God so. After, all this, effort it's. Closed and it's, supposed to be open for another hour, it's crazy and I. Mean, honestly. Honestly. Like, this is really, ridiculous. Finally. After be, a wait I finally. Get to enter and once again I am. Not, too happy about the slippery, steps oh my, god that's. Okay. Thank you, now. This makes me really really nervous you see all the ice and then also the rail has.

Ice, On them let's give a few steps and see what happens, the. Sarisariñama cave, is one of the ice cave in Abyssinia, mountain in park Apache, enchain the cave is locating altitude, approximately. 1100. Meters above, the sea level and consider, show cave and one of the natural wonders are Romania, it has been described as the largest underground, glacier, cave in Europe and second, largest net world with a volume of 8,000. Cubic meters, the, temperature, in the cave is zero degrees, Celsius, and is recommended, you'd have a warm, clothing, even if you visit during the summer now. I know there's, like seasonal, differences but. I mean, on the internet I mean. This is what. It looked like and, look like and. Behind. Me is what the. To get when you come during, a winter time. Anyways. I having up I'm just gonna go up. Hit. Back home I have. To admit a little, disappointed, but life goes on until. This happens, huh. So. Can reposition, myself I. Got. Stuck in a snow back after I hit it when. I tried to back down. There's. Absolutely. No passerby, for more than an hour it was then I realized the row is actually, closed, without, any sign with, the night setting in the temperature, dropping I, basically, stopped family and even, tried to dig the snow out with my bare hands on the side of the tire, nothing work so for the first time ever in, family, in my show I'm going, to call for rescue. All. Right. I'm. Still waiting for my rescue it's about half an hour. You. Call me I opened, the light okay. After. Giving my GPS, coordinates, I call emergency, number in Romania, one one two and being, transferred, to a correct please jurisdictions. I, was finally, told her rescue team is on its way to save. Power on my phone I didn't, use it after. Three hours in I was finally, relief, when I saw, the light, up here at end of the tunnel, well. Thank. You. So. They can, direct me to a petrol, station right, now so who finally I get to go. Well. Being, dark, and, with untrustworthy. GPS, my. Experience. Is very, incomplete. Without, a, police escort to the local town I got to say thank, you to all these rescuers. They are, extremely. Professional and, courteous despite. My poor luck I was able to experience, amazing, warm, hospitality, of the Romanian, people thank, you everyone. These. Days as well he made another, town. With, a safer. Route and. 3G. Internet access. When. I finally, got back to hostel, my host was freaked, out and thought I was kidnapped, by the way I stay at the spot cozy hostel located. Only 15. Minutes by foot from the cruise Nabokov city centre they offer both dorm, beds and private, rooms a great, price as well as free tea and coffee high-speed, Internet towels, lockers. As well, as on-site lousy, foster fee the best of all the, owner is pretty. Cool. Next. Morning I'm determined. To go deep down under, rather than being down so, let's have a great day by driving to a nearby city altar, that the, city has a great, importance, in the history of Transylvania. Because, here for the first time in Christian Europe it was declared, in 1568. That is digit, of religious. Freedom the religious, tolerance and more importantly, the discipline. Of a nion identity, there, is frequent mini bus from cruiser polka, and you, can give off at the last stop and walk three kilometers by falling the Sipho litter the salt line. So. I'm inside our mind right now is recognizing. A fact that. It's. Underground and. What. The PR. Person told us is it, can even have a ferris, wheel so. I'm really excited and. Look at this. Event. The. Song was first extracted here, during the antiquities, and the mind continuously. Produced, table salt from the Middle Ages the, mine was first mentioned in 1075. To the early 20th century and ended, in. 1932. The. First document, that speaks explicitly, about the existence, of I entered the dates are first made 1271, being issued by the Hungarian, Chancery document.

Preserved From the thirteen and the 14th century that refer to trails of my mentions, of Serling for arranging Belle Surratt a microbe. Depression, and on the south eastern, slope alvarez, Arata. The. Deposit, here is around 16 millions years ago and in this region it has been extracting, salts. For about two thousand years and this. Complex, right here the oldest chamber is actually, started, around, 1690. There. Is multiple minds, the most grant in symbolic is Randolph the last place where the salt was exploiting, Tara the panoramic, elevator, offers, tours an overview of the whole mind on the wall each of the thirteen fours is marked a year where the respective, level was exploited. On the north western, ceiling there are salts, lap times form, over the years some, of them are even three meters long there. Is no, shortage, of fun here including, a mini golf with six tracks and clubs will adults, and children two. Tracks mini, bowling as well, as billiard, tables, and table, tennis yay. There's. Even, an amphitheater, with 180. Heated, seats for conference, and concerts, but this, is, my favorite, huh. Alright. So this is us creases again. Inside. The sock line. So. This is actually, I, only, caused by fleas and. Eight minutes on so I'm, sure you can spare the time. I'm. Pretty excited to go all the way up there fingers. Crossed honestly. This is why the rare occasion, though I can sit back and relax. Honestly. This, is a little bit crazy but they have an underground. Water. Amusement. Area that's. Something I never seen before, the most fascinating, mind is tensor, Xia Adele. Mine and consist our cascade of salt with, an underground, lake the link is between half and eight meters deep and extended, on 80% of the operating real health area, in the center of Lake there is a either form from the residual, salt deposit, here after, 1880 the year, when the salt mine end in this room this, is the type of room or health therapy, patient spends time after, being involved in regular, time in supplies and caves breathing, in sub, papers, in, which appointment has been practiced, from the 12th century for, treating those of chronic obstructive pulmonary, disease and for. Detoxification. Now. I'm all the years I've been traveling I can't and I never seen anything like that I mean this is crazy I mean. Inside, outline and, down here it's like okay. It's. Crazy. Absolutely, madness, and they. Really know what they are doing and turn this place into a, tourist, hotspot. Another. Mind being isof, which can be seen through the balcony this, mine is conical, chamber, with 112. Meters deep and 67. Meters wide at the base this large hello chamber, allows the mind to have a powerful. Eco clean the air to be called the echo, room this. Room is actually the echo chamber room, and as. You can see when, you, scream. Into it it. Goes back sixteen times okay, for those of you who can listen carefully. Yeah. Okay, that wasn't me but here this is me can. You hear me. Now. That it's a lot of fun now definitely get me some attention and. More views on YouTube. Now, my best guess is this is probably a, museum. That I gave it to the tools they use in the salt mines and, now. That while a major attraction, is karakorum and hoses, our range Iraq or Japan, rudimentary. Machine used to lift and salt rocks onto the surface, it dates from 1881. This, machine replaced another smaller, in size that was installed in 1864. It is the only machine of its kind in all supplies, in Romania, and probably. In Europe that keeps his original location. Since. The start line is the logging, operation, I guess, they aren't hiring accountants, like me I guess before looking, for another job, I'm. Going to check out a nature, reserve about, 11 kilometers away that door that Gorge, however. If. You're not driving you, need to take a taxi sadly. The. Nature Reserve is famous. For its canyon form through the erosion, like Jurassic limestone, of the mountain without, being 2,000, liters and the war reaches, a height of 300 meters and makes, one of the major rock climbing, sites in Romania.

This. Gorge contained, while the richest, and the most scenic, carts Landscaping, Romania, more than 1,000, plants and animal species between, something rare, or endangered like. The world garlic, or some species of eagles, as well, 67, species of birds butterflies fish, and big Vivien's and some mammals a fox weasel, Martens, and law boars. I. Drove. Back to crews in the pocket to return my car, it was getting late but, I'm not, ready to go home just yet. At least I have to check out to all the main square first, being, the Union Square the largest and the most important. In the city so. This is the main square Cruz napoca, and behind. Me is the st. Michael's Church. The. Square is one of the largest in Romania with a dimension of 220, meters by 160. Meters the square originally, called a poppy a King Kong garyun meaning the big Market Square and today, statue our king of hungry mafia, 2 V St remains. Thusly. Michael's Church in the background is a second, largest Gothic, style Church in Transylvania, and Romania. It has a highest, church tower in the country, the truth set on the ground as previous time belong to st. jacob's, chapel and a cemetery, the construction, of the church began, 1316. During the reign of King, Harald grab Raju and completed. In, 1487. In this, period the locals on cruise lopaka have a freedom of their choosing their own priests, hence, a construction, for a new warship, was conceived, funding, for the church primary come from the sister crews the, local told that donating, money for a creation, of the Church of service, indulgences a way to decrease, the punishment, one-half the undertake, for their sins the church's famous, hoping the location, of the king of Hungary and Croatia found. 1458, to 1490, Messiah, villas. Was baptized. Right. Across and along a seven-year-old, Street is the museum, square what nicknamed the smaller square the. Center of the square is dominated by Carolina obliques, to ten meter statue that's dedicated, to 1817. Visa Emperor, Francis first, and his wife facing, a square is the first place, of worship, medieval, cruise lopaka the franciscan monastery erected. Around 1260.

Until, 1290. In the place of a pagan temple the church is a burial, place for many, prominent, hungarian autographs. Cruz's. Major attraction. Is pretty, compact. And easily. Accessible I'm. But given, I am exhausted. And, tired I decided, to take the tram back to the hostel the tickets are available using, cash or credit cards. Did. You remember I mentioned, that my hostel, owner is pretty, cool well after, hearing about my mishap, he offered, to show me around some, cool places, I agreed, to leave a driving, to him but, our first attraction is pretty close why'd that, ethnographic. Museum of Transylvania. No, driving, necessary. The. Transylvania, monography. Was, founded in June 16, 1922. And has two exhibition, sections, voilá wishes, to be found in downtown rutila, palace while the other exhibition. Is in the open air routes latvia park were situated in the city's northwest, side in a Hall of Tours this, is, we are I liked outdoors, huh. So. This is a first. Ethnographic Museum, here in Romania it is. Open. Air museum and. Basically. It feature all, the different, types of structures, across. Romania. The. Open air section, of the museum is open to the public on April 12 1929. Which makes the first open air museum in Romania, however, the park is closed a public, from beginning, of November. To end of April, the museum, has a collection more, than 50 thousand objects, reflecting, the occupations. The habits, and the life cycles, are Transylvanians. World population, and here. Here's, some cool, examples. This. Is a coolest, washing machine I have ever seen okay so this. Whole structure you, basically put it by, the river at, the water flow through here and, it will create a very. Powerful spinning. Motion that will get your clothing sparkling. Clean so it's actually killed two birds one, stone so the, water can be needed so here it actually prints. The wheels, and then, when you take this piece, of wood off over. Here it, this. Provides also precious cereals, and protests. The world. After. Fueling up and picking up a quick bite it's time to take our half drive to the next attraction to pick up a Romanian. Bride okay, I mean of the, bridal, veil falls in, a town of a cheetah village. So, the name of is well above the Beatles birthday yet. These are fried qualify. Them even. Look. At the price covers. Now, this. This along we. See. J7, cover all I got. The number, in Xi'an, famous. I'm. Contest. There. Is a legend, saying that the name of the waterfall, come from a tragic. Accident of, a bride on her wedding day who fell right, off the clip of the mountain is Val remaining, hug is said, that the wedding guests stop the party and cry for a bride and in that very, spot, came the like to a waterfall bridal, veil. Our. Next stop is about 40 minutes drive away to googley Ali mountain the next, attraction oh. This. Is Lake, Baelish, it's out, y'all ma'am a lake now, serve as a reservoir, to. Collect water from the mountains, nearby. Streams, and lakes to. Provide. Water for the nearby towns and, cities. It's. Pretty, beautiful. The. 9.8, square kilometers, of art was built along the shore of the resort Bella Sven tell between the Year 1970. And 1974. For the purpose of hydropower, along the super-clown during, the construction of the dam they have another old bill is how to move on to a current village due to the fact that water overflowed, the former settlement which is only visible hot. Day of the summer when, the level of the water is very low. While. The low point of my visit in Romania is a heartbreaking. Journey to Rosella Montana, are coming, in Alba County this, is a mineral-rich era which have been exploited, since, before the Roman times the previous state-run goldmine closed in the late 2006. In advance our Romanian accession. To the year however. The, Gabriel, resource of Canada planned to open a new controversial.

Open-pit Goldmine the proposed goals ionization, mining technique that many will feel will require a usage, of a large area including. For mountains, that, were in according, to opponents will, be turned into a desert and fear, of spillage, in the river and contaminate. The groundwater. Now. Opponent, fear that it will repeat the for salvation of the village a key mana which is today's submerged, by a toxic. Lake on the nearby mining, pit in 1977. The comments, dictated, Nicholas koushik decided to x-ray the rich underground, copper deposit, in the nearby Rosetta, punani which remained, the largest copper. Reserve, in Romania, allowing. His prime days it produced over 11,000. Tonnes of copper annually, and also created toxic, waste that needed to be stored the, result was for salvation, of 400. Families the, village was sacrificing, makeup artificial our city, and elite for the storage of contaminants lodges containing. Cyanide today. The only remained alguien Ana is iconic, to spires we serve as a reminder of the remnant of this former, quiet, village, in a toxic, legacy that destroyed it. Even. Though Rosella montana happy minded for more than two thousand years still, contained, the largest, undeveloped, gold deposit in europe the opponent, are concerned, that companies requests. The air will also destroy many of the archaeological sites. Including, one the world largest, and the most important. Intact ancient roman mine tunnels, actually, watch her and, because. Romans. In. 2017. The romanian government applied. To liz Rosella montana, as a world heritage site, a prestigious, designation administered. By the United, Nations Educational. Scientific and, Cultural Organization that. Will bring international, claim, and special, legal protections, that will in any prospect, of mining it will also provide a draw for tourism to this impoverished, area, however in, a nearly unprecedented, move. At the annual World Heritage Committee 2018. Meeting in Bahrain the new government, postponed, a vote on, the application, for Rosetta Montana. The. Tunnel is now paralyzed, ever Montana gold mining museum however due to political sensitivity. Visitors, and media access are severely, restricted. So for the first time two thousand years we will be the first filming, crew to able to get exclusive. Access aside to film this charger, in 4k. Ultra, High Definition. Made. And. All. The civilization, came he was really freaked out really scared, by. Its, capacity. This. Might, not only have, also. How other precious. Minerals. Such as quartz. Silver. Zinc, and, copper. The. Mine was constructed, by Del Monte and Alerian miners who have bought here as a calmness under the reign of the Roman Empire. Is bleeder, hides more than 100. K

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