Doctoral and Master’s I | UNT Commencement August 2020

Doctoral and Master’s I | UNT Commencement August 2020

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Wow. Foreign. Hmm. Distinguished. Guests. Welcome to the university of north texas, spring and summer 2020. Doctoral, and masters commencement, ceremony. For the colleges, of education. Health and public service. Liberal arts and social sciences. Merchandising. Hospitality. And tourism. And the toulouse graduate, school. Due to the health risks surrounding, the covet 19, pandemic. This ceremony, is being streamed, live, from unt's, murkusen, performing arts center, with minimal, participants. And no in-person, audience, or graduates. In these exceptional, and unique circumstances. We thank you for joining us today. And, for supporting, our graduates. Together, while distant, through this virtual, format. We hope you will enjoy this ceremony, and remember it fondly for many years to come. Now, please rise, as you are able, and remain standing, for our national. Anthem. Oh. Is. Is. Oh. You may now be seated. Hello graduates, friends and family. I am victor privytock. Vice provost for graduate, education, and dean of the university, of north texas toulouse, graduate school, welcome to the 2020. Doctoral, and master's commencement, honoring, our may and august, graduates. Our ceremony, is off to a wonderful, beginning. I'd like to thank our organist, michael soto, who is a masters, student in the music performance, program. For his performance, of pomp, circumstance. I'd also like to thank vocalist, sarah kennedy. A student earning her graduate artist certificate. Music performance. And pianist. Altene. Carsophaeva. Earning her doctoral, degree in music arts performance. For the rendition. Of the star-spangled. Banner. 2020. Has brought with it quite a few challenges. All across the globe and a, keen awareness. Of our global, priorities. We've made huge strides, to fight, and cure, hiv. We've seen breakthroughs, in zoology, that give us hope that humans, might actually be able to. Help cheetahs. And other endangered. Species, to survive. The world came together to fight. Devastating, australia, wildfires. And now we're doing our best to contain, covid19. To keep one another safe, and healthy, to develop, a vaccine, to protect our health, and to return, to the level of engagement, and interaction. That we all miss. But through all that is happening, you have persevered. Have met personal and professional. Challenges, with resilience. And the term determination. To succeed. Meeting your goals involve the help and support. Of family, friends and dedicated, family. Today, is a celebration, of those accomplishments. And we salute, you and your family. Here at unt. We are hosting, our first ever virtual. Commencement. Even though we cannot celebrate, in the same physical spaces, we all look forward to, we hold this virtual, commencement.

With The same excitement. Sense of celebration. And pride. In all that you have done. You've made it the fact that you've made it to graduation. Whether or not you're currently, donning regalia. Is a testament, to your resilience. Your will, and your ambition. The fact that you are here also, indicates, that you were and will forever. Be a member of this supported. Caring. University, of north texas, community. On behalf of the entire, university. I want to congratulate. Each of you for this very special, achievement. And i want to give a heartfelt, welcome. To your families, and friends. Because today's ceremony. Is conducted, virtually, i cannot, see everyone. But i hope that this virtual format, affords you the opportunity. To be seated next to your loved ones, if you're not able to be in the same room right now because of covid, 19 health concerns. I encourage, you to take the time to call them, send them a card, or reach out on social media and thank them for the support, over these last years. They surely were there for you as you realize your dream of earning your degree, and now more than ever, it's important to connect with those we love. Today is a remarkable, day for so many reasons. It's the end of a very long journey, that included, countless, hours of hard work and a dedication, to mastering, your discipline. By earning your master's, and doctoral, degree, you've become part of an elite group of scholars. Achieving, something, relatively. Few people have, you will forever, stand out, from the pack, i've taken the same journey as many of you so i know what it takes to get here and where your graduate, degrees, can take you, without the benefit of higher education. My accomplishments. Would not have been possible, for a first generation, college student, whose family was impoverished, due to my father's, extended, illness and death, when i was 10 years old, higher education, took me out of an inner city public housing project. And have dedicated. My academic. Career, to providing, the same opportunities. To others, it is this dedication. That allows me to personally, celebrate, your achievement. With each of you. I hope that you have found your calling. Now that you're receiving, your advanced degree, by earning this degree you've distinguished. Yourself as someone who has a deeper level of understanding. And is highly qualified, in your field. Use your specialized, knowledge to have an impact in real and meaningful, ways as you contribute, to a greater understanding, of the world. That's the true value, of a doctorate, or master's, degree. One of the most meaningful and satisfying, traditions. That is usually included in the commencement, ceremony, is the hooding of our doctoral, graduates, by their mentor, professor. I've had the honor of, putting dozens of mentees.

Through My career, and it pains me to know, this will not be possible, this year. You see, you cannot possibly, place a hood over someone's head, while subscribing, to a six foot, social, distancing, requirement. So to keep graduates, and our mentor professors, safe and healthy, we have to forgo, that beautiful tradition. For this virtual, ceremony. However. I think we can put an equally, beautiful, spin. On it this year, i'd like to invite all our doctoral, masters, graduates. To participate. In the hooding tradition. By extending, an offer, to place your hood, on your regalia, by someone you love. You'll find instructions, for the. How to do the hooding, on the commencement. Website. And i encourage you to keep this moment special, by incorporating. Special, people. Take a photo or video and share it online. Please tag us at. Unt, grad, so that i may, see you do the hooding. It would delight me to watch as you are welcomed, into your scholarly, careers, and into advanced degree holding, area. By a member of your family, or a dear friend. As our doctoral, master's, graduates. You are an essential part of our future. You are the next generation, of researchers. Scholars, artists and leaders, and you are the best that unt, has to offer, i know you will continue, to elevate our university, through your work. Congratulations. We're proud of all of you. Now it is my pleasure to introduce. University, of north texas, president, neil smartres, who has a few words of congratulations. To share with you. Congratulations. Graduates. You are a member of unt's, most resilient, and largest, ever graduating, class. We never expected, to celebrate, the class of 2020, in a virtual, format. Void of the opportunity, to shake hands, exchange, hugs, and share smiles. And i'm sorry we can't be here today, and that your final months of study ended, in an unconventional. Manner. But just as i anticipated. You didn't let this global health crisis prevent you, from achieving your dreams of a college, degree. Our unt, mission focuses, on empowering, students to thrive in a rapidly, changing, world. Which is exactly, what the past few months have demanded. When your unt, experience. Transformed. In march, you quickly adapted. Showed grace to yourself, and the faculty. Rose to the challenge. And successfully. Completed, your unt, journey. As you know, earning this degree is not an honor bestowed, upon you, it's something you've earned, through your dedication. And your hard work. It's up to you to use the knowledge, power creativity, and freedom. Gained through your education, to change the world. I hope your time at unt. Taught you more than valuable, academic, knowledge. I hope that you learned how to overcome obstacles. Consider, multiple, points of view. And advocate. For yourself. These skills will serve you long and well as you enter new phases of your life. If you remain agile. A lifelong, learner and tackle the challenges, you face head-on. You will stand, out and be rewarded. With unique opportunities. And experiences. So many variables, remain, outside your control. But creative, problem solving and tenacity. Are tickets. To success. Because of your decision, to earn an advanced degree in your curiosity. You'll find your success. As you move into new phases of your life. With a well-earned, unt, degree, you'll soar personally, professionally. And in service, to others. With a college degree you can go anywhere, and do anything. And in many ways your journey hasn't ended, it's just begun. It's important to recognize, those who championed, you on this journey, the people who are so very proud, to see you transform.

From College, student, to college, graduate. In addition to your classmates. Professors. Mentors and advisors. There are the friends and family who supported, you and believed, in you from the start. I hope you'll have an opportunity, to say thank you to those who brought you coffee, shared encouraging, words, and celebrated, your achievements, along the way. You're not just a college graduate. You, are a unt, graduate. And you are forever, part of the unt, family, a community, united by pride, and unbreakable. Bonds. Unt, will always be your family and this caring university. Will always be your home. For 130. Years, we've been the home for creativity. Self-discovery. Exploration. And deep, scholarship. We welcome you class of 2020. Into our vast alumni, network, of, 448. 000. We are excited to watch you blossom, as the next generation, of scholars. Artists. Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Leaders, and more. Congratulations. And best wishes, as you go forth as college graduates. And as unt, alumni. We are proud of you. Thank you president sumatras. I've also invited, tiffany, miller current, president, of the graduate, student, council, to offer her. Congratulations. On behalf of the graduate, student council. And the graduate student body. Congratulations. On pushing here. To this moment. For many of you, this is not the graduation, ceremony, that you wanted. More than that this is not the graduation, ceremony. Any of you deserve. After all that we've been through this past academic, year. However. Here we are. And we'll celebrate together today. And every, day that we look back, on what we accomplished. This past academic, year. If you have not had a moment to breathe. To consider, what your graduation. Meant during this. Time. If you're a first generation, student. Who knows, exactly, what this degree signifies, within your family. If you're an international, student. And do not have anyone here in the united states, with you to tell you. If you've lost loved ones. Who could not be here to celebrate, with you. Please know. How deeply. And sincerely. Proud of you, that i am. And how proud of yourselves. You ought to be. What a time, to be a student. In the midst of national. Social, injustice. A literal, pandemic. And the everyday pains we all endure. Each of you completed, your degrees. And stand today. As either a masters. Or doctoral. Program. Graduate. What a time. To be, a student. Between unexpectedly. Educating, your children, at home. Or anxiously, caring for aging parents. Or tirelessly. Working, remotely. You stand today. A success. What a time. To be a student. Whether you lost your job. Or your savings account. Or your patience. This past semester. You stand, today. A scholar. What. A time. To be. A student. And continue. To be students, every day. Pushing yourselves, to learn, and grow, and hope. As nikki bonus once said. If you only carry one thing. Your entire, life. Let it be hope. Let it be hope that better things, are always. Ahead. Let it be hope that you can get through even the toughest. Of times. Let it be hope, that you are stronger. Than any challenge, that comes your way. Let it be a hope that you are exactly. Where you are meant to be. And that you're on the path. To where you were meant to be in the future. Because during these times. I hope will be the very thing. That carries you. Through. My wish for you. Is that you remember. Everything, you experienced, this year. That you remember the moments, of fear. Anxiety. And. Pain. That you remember. That, none of them. Were able, to stop. You. From achieving. This. Triumph. Thank. You. Thank you tiffany for your compassionate, words, and capable, leadership. I look forward to working with you again next year. As you're again elected, to president of grad student council, i would now like to invite provost, and vice president for academic, affairs, dr jennifer, kelly, to address the graduates.

Hello Everyone, congratulations. Graduates, on your incredible. Achievement. Covet 19, has presented, you with monumental. Challenges. But you've overcome, them, time, and again, in order to be here today. I want to thank our amazing, faculty, and academic, staff, who have joined us today, and who have supported, you throughout, your academic, journey. In the last few months especially. They were given a seemingly, impossible. Task, transition, all classes, and services, to remote delivery. With little time to prepare. They accepted, the challenge, with patience. Generosity. And creativity. Both for our students. And to each other. As you look back on your time at unt. And particularly. The last few months. If there was a faculty, member who went above and beyond, to help you adjust, to your new normal. And finish your program, under these highly, unusual, circumstances. Please, take a moment to reach out to them and show, your appreciation. I'm incredibly. Grateful, for the faculty's, commitment, to you, and to all of our students, and to our mission, as an institution. Of higher learning. Now it's my pleasure, to take, us into the next part of the program. This is a very special, and highly important, part of the commencement, exercises. The conferral. Of degrees. We will begin, with our doctoral, graduates, and then recognize. Our master's, graduates. Graduates. Wherever, you are, whomever, you're with, i encourage, you to participate. Though we're safely, apart. Let's celebrate. Together. Honorees. Would all of the candidates, for doctoral, degrees. Please, rise, and remain. Standing. President smatrisk. On behalf, of the graduate, faculty. The graduate, student council, and the deans, i have the distinct, honor, of recommending. Conferral. Of the doctoral, degree. Which each candidate, has earned. On the recommendation, of the faculty, the graduate student council, and the deans. And by the authority, vested in me by the state of texas, through the unt, system board of regents. I hereby, confer upon you the degree, for which you have been certified. With all the rights. Honors. And privileges. Pertaining, thereto. Congratulations. Graduates. On your tremendous. Accomplishment. Please join me in recognizing. Our newest doctoral. Degree, graduates. You may now be. Seated. Please join us as we recognize, by name each of our may and august, 2020. Doctoral, graduates, from the college of education. Health and public service. And liberal arts and social sciences. As you're watching from home, you're welcome to follow along in your program. Available, this year for download, from unt's, commencement. Website. We now recognize, candidates. From the college, of education. Dr emily, ann angus. Dr elizabeth. Aaron. Bergen. Dr, charmaine. Lynnae. Connor. Dr brett, thomas, haddock. Dr marianna. Lee ohler. Dr. Ana guadalupe. Reyes. Dr jordan, nicole. Rogers. Dr nicholas, jude, tapia, fusilier.

Dr, Sarah, kristen, tucker. Dr aaron, turley. Stitch. Dr, lee. Allen, bedford. Dr, amber. Mcinturf. Eb. Dr marcus, allen, fagan. Dr amanda, patricia, libowitz. Dr, hong jin. Li. Dr susan, michelle. Nicks. Dr tara marie, niakos. Dr, j, shyler, rott. Dr k, monette. Shirtleff. Dr catherine, l, soules. Dr, jun, zhang. Dr katie, armstrong, babb. Dr, peter, edward, griffiths. Dr angela, abney, herron. Dr lindsey, yeager hopkins. Dr bradley, alan. Hunt. Kendrick, chenard, johnson. Dr stephanie, zamora. Robles. Dr david paul, sayings. Dr pamela, joe. Voss. Dr carlos, leon, walker. Dr. Gada, sukhri, h, al-bakri. Dr sami, eid, m. Al-sawat. Dr randall, arthur, colvin. Dr corey, ellen edmondson. Dr linda lujan, kim. Dr selena, angelica. Mcintyre. Dr deborah, louise, milliken. Dr marcus, duane, mintz. Dr gerald muhammad. Dr, lynn marie. Pendergrass. Dr elizabeth, ruth pope. Dr, kyla prusak. Dr jessica, cantero. Dr, connie j richardson. Dr william, andrew, visco. Dr april, michelle. Walker. Dr crystal, starnes, woodard. Now recognizing, the doctoral, candidates, from the college of public health. Of health and public service. Dr gabriel, ballard. Dr, chandler, carol, benson. Dr ashley, fentress, brown. Dr, haley ellen, cotton. Dr, christian, mariah. Crawford. Dr emily, catherine, fuller. Dr cara, l kaiser. Dr berkeley, june, peterson. Dr bryce, sterling, phillips. Dr lydia noel, sanser. Dr. Haley, diane, sparks. Dr mohammed, abdullah. I al-kahrif. Dr, saad abdullah. I, al kaharif. Dr abdullah, fahad, s al-shammari. Dr abdullah, ali, i also. Dr bernard. Bauda. Dr, duchess, deidre, humphrey. Dr, hyung gun, park. Dr julie georgiana. Walk winkler. Dr teresa, lurubu, abba. Dr, adelie allende. A darligby. Dr. Kiwi. Lee. Dr malika, naomi, pritchett. Dr, kia, sen. Now recognizing. Candidates. Doctoral, graduates, from the college of liberal arts. And social sciences. Dr ruby roxanne, al-qasem. Dr stephanie, edwards. Dr natalie, rose foster. Dr allison, lee jones. Dr matthew, travis, morton. Dr sebastian, hassani. Paramo. Dr, james, delmar, redmond. Dr ikra. Shagufta. Dr sanderia. Fay, smith. Dr, daniel, blake, stewart. Dr virginia. L. Wood. Dr, cody, king carlson. Dr joseph, matthew, dietz. Dr brian, alexander. Elliott. Dr, terrance, gene, ferguson. Dr, kyle, jared, hatzinger. Dr, jared scott, ingram. Dr ariel, leticia. Kelly. Dr, david b park. Dr charles, william, daley. Dr amanda, white bennett. Dr elliott, thomas. Montegano. Dr christopher, earl pace. Dr michael, william, widmeyer. Dr, jiong yao. Dr, tyler yates. Dr alvin, prince akebar. Dr aaron, danielle, albert. Dr laura, ellen, captain. Dr christina, jane, clevenger. Dr christian. Elsbieta. Jerzinski. Dr leila, orguter. Dr theresa, christine, halsey. Dr ling, jin. Dr nathan, thompson, kearns. Dr elizabeth, d kilmer. Dr david keith moschner. Dr emily, rage. Dr jesse, matthew, smotherman. Dr jenna l tomalski. Dr margot marianne, williams. Dr stacy, lynn ford. Dr, cassie, aaron, hudson. Dr marissa. Millander, underhill. Dr, alexandra. V baselka. Bush. President sumatresque. Dean privytalk, and honored guests. This concludes, the individual, recognition. Of our doctoral, degree, graduates. Now we want to take time to recognize. Our master's, degree candidates, and your unique, accomplishments. In furthering, your studies. People pursue, a master's, degree for many different reasons. Perhaps you made a promise to yourself, to earn a master's, degree. Perhaps you wanted the depth of knowledge and understanding. That comes with a master's, degree. Perhaps your professional, goals. Inspired, you to seek that degree. Or maybe you just wanted to further your education. But you aren't yet sure, how much farther you want to go on your journey. Whatever, the reason, rest assured that your master's, degree is well worth your investment, of time, and talent. All that you have gained from your master's work is now yours, for a lifetime. With a master's, degree you're in a perfect, place, for the next step. You have the competitive, edge, over those who have only gone as far as a bachelor's, degree.

And If you decide, to pursue, a phd. Your master's, degree is an ideal, stepping, stone. We all celebrate. Your achievement, today. Honorees. With, all the candidates, for master's, degrees. Please, rise, and remain standing. President smatrisk. On behalf, of the graduate, faculty. The graduate, student council, and the deans, i have the distinct. Honor, of recommending. Conferral. Of the master's, degree, which each candidate, has earned. And the recommendation, of the faculty. The graduate student council, and the deans. And by the authority, vested in me by the state of texas. Through the unt, system board of regents. I hereby confer upon you the degree, for which you have been certified. With all the rights. Privileges. And honors, pertaining, thereto. Congratulations. To each, and every one of you. Please. Join me in recognizing. Our newest master's, degree. Graduates. And you may now be seated. Please join us now as we recognize, our may and august 2020. Masters, graduates, from the colleges, of, education. Health and public service. Liberal arts and social sciences. Merchandising. Hospitality. And tourism. And the toulouse, graduate school, as a reminder. The program is available, for download, from the university, of north texas commencement, website. And you can follow along with us as we recognize, each graduate, by name. The masters, graduates, from the college of education. Chelsea, jennifer, aguirre. Brittany, alexandria. Bell. Tibra, denise. Benjamin. Felicia. Brown. Olin, h hare. Alexandra. Marie. Harrell. Paige, marie. Jenkins. Megan, whitney, lawton. Brittany, janae. Nichols. Victoria. Marie. Knight, nord. Melanie, palitos. Allison, nicole, palowski. Andrew. Ross, anson. Reyes. Lauren, marie. Stills. Andrew. Michael. Taylor. Taylor, nicole, thompson. Jordan, tony. Candice, june. Bratain. Caitlin, alexis. Christian. Alicia. Coker. Megan, marie, coleman. James, d, coley, jr. Joanne. Gail, davis. Blair. Catherine, dinkmaier. Amy, michelle. Dandalski. Miranda, elise. Edgerter. Brianna. May, iaf. Noel, renee. Fernandez. Mallory, jordan, gerner. Laura, lee, haas. Ting, huey, huang. Jocelyn, elise, jefferson. Lindy, michelle. Jones. Patricia, moran. Keller. Brittany, elisa. Legacy. Kelsey, e, leningham. Allison, claire. Norton. Emily, elaine. Pillon. Michael, andrew. Russell. Mia, caitlin. Semedy. Ashley, sabrina. Smith. Derrick. Charles. Smith. Haley, lee. Tabor. Aaron, thomas. Ansu. Sarah, thomas. Elizabeth. Marie. Thompson. Jessica, lee. Villan. Samantha. Ray, baker. Wendy. Don. Basemore. Leah. Biggs. Remica. Elon. Bingham. Melissa. Jane. Black. Caitlyn. Rose. Bonifazi. Melissa. And, carowan. Leslie. Gail, dear. Bridget, nicole.

Duncan. Rachel, derost. Ishrat. Ilahi. Beatrice. Gallegos. Is rosselli. Garcia. Rosalie. Garcia. Laura, theresa. Gerard. Rachel, elise. Hacker. Sherry, jeanette, henry. Sharia, nicole. Hill. Ashley, elaine. Kendrick. Mackenzie. Cruz. Rachel, elizabeth. Lander. Haiti, damaris. Perez. Cassandra. Gail, petty. Kennedy, michelle. Potts. Julie, catherine. Robinson. Samuel. Foster. Ross. Noel. Smith. Samantha. Taylor, stepper. Tabitha, marie. Thompson. Jennifer. Ann. Walker. Jennifer, leona. Williams. Matthew. Brendan. Jordy. Fertis. Adriana. La dorothy. Brown. Amber. Dawn, chance. Carrie, mcclendon. Dishman. Alison. Combs, garner. David, antonio. Gadines. Laurie, diane. Hamilton. Lashon. E, lenord, smith. Dion, jessica. In. Nicole. Presley. Sarah, lemay. Ramos. Liliana. Grosso. Rickens. Lisa, marie, stacca. Conrod. Erica, sue. Cassidy, colt. Turner. Danielle. Elizabeth, velasquez. Benjamin, roland. Warren. Hey jude. Andrea. Victoria. Benavides. Christopher. Anguan. Boyd. Chai. Casey, marie, kulkelser. Christopher, brad, copeland. Alexandra. E, corn. Cason, logan. Daniel. Drew, bradley, denton. Elizabeth. Francis. Francis, devitt. Brianna. Mary, dunning. Christian, ann, golden. Lauren, greenspoon. Carlotta. Lauren, harbin. Amanda. Hewitt. Kobe, wade, hood. Barbara, jean, howe. Jin, a, kim. Matthew, david, knowles. Madison, nicole. Ledit. Matthew, r, lemon. Nicholas. Patrick. Maguira. Elizabeth, olivia, mccloskey. Mikhail, christina. Metcalfe. Brannon, bernado. Montan. Vincent. Vitrong. Nguyen. Jonathan. L, nicholson. Christian, ariel, perez-landa. De voc juan. Tornell. Piolette. Adrian. Elizabeth. Rojas. Austin. Brian. Shaw. Parker, dwayne. Sheppard. Emily, kate, slagle. Ho, jin, soon. Kaylee. A sweet. Riley, wilson, tendler. Annie, p, thompson. Walter, kenneth, thompson. Jose, rodolfo. Venezuela. Barbara, janine. Wassaluska. Lee, woodard. David. Abdelmach. Desiree. Monique, acevo. Deidra, michelle. Adams. Jonathan. Mark, adkins. Emma, keaton, anderson. Anna, andrews. Barbara. Maylen, ariza. Kevin. M, austin. Jennifer. Ann, ovenshine. Catherine, elizabeth, bailey. Morgan, suzanne. Bailey. Christina, salgado. Banaban. Lana. Beth, barhaas. Casey, marie. Barnes. Leyla. Emily, meredith, brandon. Esteban. Andre, briseno. Kayla, michelle. Bruner. Daisy, marlene. Cadado. Robin, grace, camp. Jeffrey, thomas, campbell. Chelsea. Brook, capers. Jenna, lee, capps. Britney, nicole. Carroll. Jennifer, castillo. Lisa christine. Castro. Francis. Marshall, chappelle. Clara. A, chavez. Cami, elizabeth. Christensen. Asante. Deshawn. Kristoff. Angela, denise, clarke. Diana, marie, claussen. Channing, elise. Colon. Ernest, contreras. Jr. David, winston, cooper. Jenna, lee, copens. Joanne. Allison, coronado. Anastasia. Marie. Craig. Laura, camille. Crawford. Gregory. Charles, cross, ii. Jessica. Joe, davidson. Mackenzie. K. Davidson. Isaac. Riley. Davis. Melissa. Grace, davis. Amy, lynn the lotter. Brittany. Denson. Joshua. David, diamond. Jasmine. Dillard. Swander. Delane. Dix. David bernard. Douglas. Jr. Sarah. Hammer, eastwood. Sochil. Echevers. Lauren. Ashley. Eldridge. Alice, emmert. Derek, g, herb. Lorraine. Nitza. Fossa. David, matthew. Fothrop. Andrew. Mark, finley. Charles. Miles. Flemister. Brandon, cornelius. Foster. Brandy, castaneda. Fraser. Jennifer, marie. Frazier. Enrique. Galvan. Lisa, marie, garcia. Luis. Horatio. Garcia. Ivy, luis. Gardner. Peter, alexander. Garza. Shelly, lynn, genovese. Emily, nicole. Glaze. Andrea, renee. Godwin. Alexandra. Renee. Gonzalez. Anna, laura, gonzalez. Benjamin, b, gooding. Carom. Peter gay, gordon. Eric. Grant. Jeannette. Smith, grooves. Catherine. Jane, haker. Sasha. R, hampton. Brandon. James. Handy. Erica. Lee, harvey. Colby. Lynn. Hawkins. Karen. Albilb. Hearn. Lisa, k, herbst. Tara, renee. Herndon. Christopher. Paul, hoskins. Alicia. Michelle. Jackson. Richard, marcus. Jaggers. Caitlin, nicole. Jenny. Paul, clifford. Jeffress. Angelica. Garcia. Jensen. Troy. Johnson. Jr. Aaron, kathleen.

Jones. Pamela. Caspari. Jordan. Daleth. Segnite. Juarez. Garcia. Renee, leanne. Nelson, judy. Stephanie. Don. Carmen. Raul. Christoph. Kastner. Demetrius. Christelle. Keating, linton. Kristen, michelle. Kelly. Kim marie. Kepler. Sharon, sengen. Kim. Jeremy. Marcus, kincaid. Jason. Bradley. Klutz. Lawrence. Edward. Lehmann. Lee. Aiko. And, lavalier. Alexandria. Therese. Limos. Justin. Eileen. Little. Craig. Thomas. Luck. Lindsey. M, lot. Christina. And, lucky. Roberts. Alana. Claire, malet. Tara, diane, mandrell. Courtney, jacine. Martin. Kaylee, a, martin. Caleb, lauren, martin. Christopher, mcclenny. Joanna, mcginnis. Elizabeth. Claire, mcelroy. Lisandre. Maria. Medina. Christopher, david, mendes. Jamie. N, mickelson. Carrie, a mistreta. Yorinda, yasim. Moreno, hernandez. Sarah, stuart, morgan. Bailey, blair. Morton. Jordan nicole. Murphy. Carla, delisse. Murray, sadler. Renee. M nelson. Lisa, marie. Newman. Jesse, sedeo. Orta. Taylor, renee. Otto. Sammy, paradise. Hobbs. Justin, taylor. Parker. Kelsey, rochelle. Parker. Megan, abigail. Parks. Marcy, abigail. Payan. Cynthia, pena. Alba, isabel. Pineda. Shelby, renee. Polk. Shelby, renee, prado. Justin. Rogers, preston. Ashley, nicole. Price. Wayne. Edward, pridgid, ii. Shanna, christine. Pruitt. Elizabeth. And, pond. Kylie, may, radka. Ashley, lynn ramirez. Terry, diane. Rayer. Caitlyn, marie. Rather mary, richards. Lydia, e rivera. Gabrielle. Diane. Robbins. Hector, luis. Rodriguez. Sifredo. Claudette. Rushing. Anna gabriela. Salazar. Andrea. Desiree. Sandoval. Nabil. Janelle. Santos, martinez. Catherine. A, shaffer. Rupaul. Seagal. Jenna, elise. Schenkel. Cara. Don, simcox. Taylor, lee, simmons. Crystal. Lee, slayton. Amanda. E, smith. Madison. Leah, smith. Larissa. Snyder. Andrea, nicole. Spencer. Jennifer, wall, st john. Aaron, k, starling. Warren, patrick, stein, jr. Vincent, montez. Stevenson. Shayna. Helen, tackett. Brittany, diane, tomasz. Julia, macarthur. Macarthur. Landro. Tinoco. Monica, beatrice. Vasa. Amanda, valdez. Tamara, jordan. K, wesley. Andrea, renee. White. Kendra. Nicole. White. Madison, ashley. White. Lynette. Orr, witzel. Emily, danielle. Wilkin. Sandra, williams, ibarra. Julie, ann, wilson. Jennifer. Lynn, woltman. Holly. C, wright. Jamie, lee, nguyen. Corrine, choate. Lori, diane. Davis. Tamara. Lynn, maya. Now recognizing. The masters, graduates, from the college, of health and public service. Olivia. Paige, brooks. Sarah, michelle. Carrillo. Rebecca. Cassidy. Katie, nicole. Chandler. Abby, renee. Christensen. Sandra, denise. Clark. Kristen, michelle. Conrad. Elizabeth, peyton. Cryer. Anna, christine. Doms. Brittany, nicole. Dellavedin. Audrey, fan. Madison, elise. Ferris. Carolyn, beatty, harvey. Brooke, allison. Henry. Kelsey. Abriana. Jurick. Brianna. Colleen. Crawl. Grace, elizabeth. Lemponza. Srifang. Haley, j lombardo. Emily. And, mcbee. Bayley. L, mccauley. Nicole. And mcdaniel. Allison, catherine. Metzger. Cameron. Rachel. Murray. Mackenzie. Janae, neal. Carmen. Nehring. Rachel. Kathleen. O'hara. Lucy, warner. Paul. Caitlin, elizabeth. Pordash. Dania, prieto. Sanchez. Delaney. Claire, quattobaum. Jessica. Ann, rose. Elizabeth. Yvonne. Cider. Danielle. De moreno. Sibley. Leah, michelle. Smith. Gabriella. Elise. Snell. Kristen, nicole. Torres. Riley. A, vulture. Margaret. Ruth, whitson. Haley, christine. Wilson. Kelsey, jeannette. Weiser, tish. Montana. May.

Langford. Downey, bushy. Mathis. Awab. Abdel. Jalil. Jared, thomas. Armstraw. Jessica. Lynn, ozine. Sarah. And. Back. Grayson. Michael, butcher. Courtney, savannah. Club. Stephanie. And, kron. Rebecca. K, durham. Maria, brenda, guerrero. Carlos, romero. Lopez. Alexandra. Kathleen. Love. Gabriella. Ninka. Morris. Masa. Nishimukta. Emily, luis. Perez. Jordan, ashley. Rollins. Sarah. Lynn, sumner. Mark, r, bryant. Samantha, nicole. Cohen. Latarsha. Sabrina. Evans. Ren. Ferguson. Gabriela. Cassandra. Garcia. Miriam. Nahar, khan. Christina. Francis. Larmer. Edward, lee medina. Jasmine, monet. Montague. Kelly. Renee. Pierce. Crystal, lee, robinson. Lauren, brooke, underwood. Perla, yvette. Valdez. Gomez. Jessica, griselda. Almenderas. Ashley, michelle. Anderson. Caitlyn. Michelle. Atwood. Laura consuelo. Baron. Christopher, william, byrd. Young hoon. Cho. Darcy. Jan, cohen. Patrick, duchoon. Finnell. Mauricio. Nicole, nicholas, flores. Elizabeth. Cosgrove. Ford. Kyle. Allen garcia. Myrna, marilena. Sarzo, gasque. Jessica, danae, henderson. Tonda, chaleen. Henry. Ryan. Mark, and. Hernandez. Lowell, howard, johnson, iii. Daishon. Cottrell. Johnson. Ciel. Vani, lange, ii. Erica. Malinka. Lopez, ariano. Juan rafael. Loya, junior. Ashley. Rose, molina, sombrano. Sylvia, gabrella. Orderman. Samantha. Gail, pickett. Sarah, marie. Palucci. Preston, wayne, pauler. Allison. Jane, pope. Fernanda. Yanez. Ramon. Don, joseph, robinson, jr. Laura. Rate, sanders. Kira, seeger. Amala. Charity, smith. Adam, joseph. Steele. Cesar. Ezekiel. Via corta. Pedro, lorenzo. Zambrano. Daphne, suzette. Aguilar. Colin, alfonso. Arlene, alvazar. Camille. Carise. Bailey. Mariah. Alexis. Bostic. Tiana. Veer, broadway. Price, allen, cushion. Corey, j, guang. Monica, kama fatorma. Nathaniel. Thomas, fox. Melissa, arlene, gonzalez. Latasha. Leanne. Hopkins. Nazeeba. Nars rana, hossein. Amanda. Brooke, hutchins. Roy, matthew. Ivey. Eric, wayne. Madres. Rosemary. Lee, miller. Rashana. Mostly. Vanessa, nicole, mariel. Rebecca. Patterson. Murphy. Richard. Motturi. Odanari. Katrina. Petrini. Popovich. David, michael, robinson. Jr. David. Michael. Shares. Rashina. Felisa. Short. Rachel. Ann, white. Caitlyn, tracy. Wissensclewski. Catherine, elizabeth. Barnes. Rihanna. Danielle. Bell. Lauren, ashley. Bowers. Fatou. Diack. Sharazad. Gariman. Rahimi. Emily, terry. Escobar. Lisbeth, fernandez. Alicia. Marie. Findley. Catherine. L, johnston. Elia, vanessa, limon. Hernandez. Aaron, abigail. Lucas. Alexandra. Nicole, mcdaniel. Jessica, montserrat. Navarro. Carla, paola, perez. Brianne. Phillips. Decia. R, pink. Sierra, louise. Plant. Sarah, k, schneider. Melissa. Page. Van zadlin. Marissa. Vasquez. Edward, raymond, kelly. Now recognizing, the master's, graduates, from the college. Of, liberal arts and social, sciences. Brenda. Yelitsa. Barajas. Leah, jeannette. Brooks. Hall. Kayla, ray, fritz. Kyle, joseph, tobin. Mark. Nicholas. Orzick. Shannon. Rihanna. Cronin. Meenakshi. Das. Claire. Carson. Deal. Erica, michelle. Hovernell. Laila, maria. Coyan, cugolo. Melanie. Beth, medina. Brittany, nicole. Sanderson. Emily, margaret, bolt. Zane. A, dayton. Rowdy, dale. Farmer. Cassandra. Elizabeth, hall. Kimberly, michelle. Berry. Melissa. Lynn, brown. Patrice. Alexis. Nelson. Ruth. Naomi. Rocca, fajardo. Gabrielle. A pow. Abeye. Oh. Gabrielle. William. Clark. James. Oliver. Crowe. Ryan. A. Hogan. Reggie. Hamarillo. Vasquez. Dennis. Lyons. Begum. Ozdimir. Olok. John, douris, pass. Scott. Edward. Sykes. Richard. J. Webber. Valerie, hannah. Wells. Caitlyn, victoria. Coulson. Brendan, connor, flannery. Andy, lee. Foster. Jennifer. Lynn, judd. Zachary. G, kush. Kate, l. Thompson. Garrett. Louis, vesely. Melissa, marie, barnett. Kristen, nicole. Brooks. Deborah, and. Christian. Katarina. Autumn, kang. Cher, ali, khang. Colin, jeffrey. Kohlmeyer. Jace, allen, proctor. Bradley. Jacob, reigns. Reese. Ray, ramsey. Lorenda. Sarbin. Sarah, elizabeth. Zarzika. Kyle, william. Bisinski. Emily, rebecca. Bowles. Micah, carlson. Crittenden. Trevor. Jordan, davis. Michael, john, fowler. Patrick, horn. Carlos, andres, hughes. Brian, addison, lowry. Julia, lynn, wetzel. Sherry, kat. Williams. Nathaniel. Raymond, woos. Austin, lee. Adkins. Karina, michelle, barnett. Lauren nicole. Rainey. Robert, e, lee, up church, iv. Britney, rebecca. Jandick. Jared. Oppobian. Troy. Holloway. Brian, scott, luca ball, jr. Odin, gilbert. Archibald. Caitlyn. And, kerry. Caleb, william, cusack. Irene. Escobar. Sarah, e, hartigan. Cagella. E, latimer. Test. Michelle. Palmeter. James, richard, rushton. Lamia, lourdes, yeruri. Lauren, michael, clubley. Deborah, june, fessenden. Emilia. Morgan, gaston. Thomas, evan de grave. Jacqueline, suzanna. Labuta, fallon. Mark, edward, hackman. Murr, mumtaz. Jacob, randall, vandervate. Liddy marina. De coso, bibi. Danica, lynn, iceman. Guerrero. Christine, marie, king. Chloe, carolyn, snyder, jones.

Susannah. Esther, strange. Marguerita. Ledsma. Enrique, raquel. Soto, gallegos. And now i recognize, the masters, candidate, graduates, from the college of the mayborn, school of journalism. Josie. Ashley. Howe, justinic. Sarah, emily. Matthew. Mona, ali, o. Othman. Don, rouse. Mariah. Diane. Terry. Lauren, elizabeth, brown. Alma. Carolina. De leon. Matthew. Dale, lovelady. Shelby, marie. Samia. Courtney, alexis. Vaughn. Now we recognize, the graduates, from the college of merchandising. Hospitality. And, tourism. Cindy, carrillo. Catherine, nicole. Haveman. Spencer. Reed. Howtling. Billy, ray, odell. Alvia. Drew, malia, paleo. Sitha. Sam, burke. Kevin, soon. Tristan, shion, thompson. David. Matthew, ominsky. Rika. Bata. White. Now recognizing, the graduates. From the college of the toulouse, graduate school. Kristin, nicole. Sinatra. Adedoyen. Dadebayo. Adenusi. Agunsanlu. Aquilo. Coleman, leo. Barkley. Tani. R. Beale. Josue. Campos. Stephen, carranza. Bailey, rhian. Christie. Brian. William. Cooper. Ashwin. Ellumalia. Douglas, allen, engel. Jared. M, from nick. Lauren, hope, lamka. Fulton. Eli. James. Garza. Denge. Curtis. James. Goodwin. Asthma. Asmat, ghoul. Katie, elizabeth. Herring. Christopher. Jarrod, hubbard. Ashlyn, marie. Israelson. Monica, grace. Jackson. Linda, diane. Johnson. Joshua. Allen. Jones. Nancy. M. Subashini. Karthikayan. Malik. For manaula. Khan. Wendell, william, lipscomb. Juan, lomeli. Angela, suzanne. Minor. Miranda. Nicole. Moore. Marquita, patrice. Muhammad. Sana, nashkirar. Lydia. Ankoma. Juanmak. Ashley, nicole. Patterson. Maya. Ashley. Peaty. Deandra. Dwayne. Platten. Jonathan, de vere. Sanson. Karina, annette. Sarah. Jessica. Ivey, scott. John, wesley, solomon. John. Allen, tab, iii. Ingrid. L, varela. President smatress. Dean perbytock. And honored guests. This concludes, the individual, recognition. Of our master's, degree, kent graduates. Congratulations. To our may in august. Doctoral, masters, graduates. As you are now officially, unt, alumni. We'd like to extend to you an official welcome. From the alumni, association. Hello. My name is dr david wolf, and i'm the vice president for university, advancement. At the university. Of north, texas. Congratulations. On your achievement. From one unt, graduate to another. I want to welcome, you, to a unt, alumni, network. That is strong. And active. We are proud of you. And your accomplishments. Today. As you move on to pursue, your purpose. Remember. That you and are an important, part of the unt, family. The unt, alumni association. Is here to support you, through every stage of your life, and your career. And to keep you connected. To our, alma mater. To highlight, unt's, commitment, to our graduates. The unt alumni, association, has gifted you a one-year, membership, in our, alumni, association. So stay connected, to us. Keep our keep your contact, information, updated. Join us at unt alumni, events. And virtual, events. Participate. In our mentorship. Program. Follow us on social media. And tell us about your successes. So that we can celebrate. With you. Stay connected to one another. Network with unt. Graduates. Support. Alumni, owned businesses. And maintain the relationships, you've made here at the university. Of north texas. Now. What we'd like you to do. Is to look back on your time at the university of north texas. And then go forward. And do great things. With the confidence. That you have the lifelong, support. Of our. Great. University. Lastly, to our graduates, with class rings. Take a moment, and turn your ring, so the university of north texas, faces. Away from you. This tradition, symbolizes. That you are ready, to face the world. Congratulations. To our newest class at the university of north texas. And welcome to our alumni, family. And go mean green. I know you will want to join me in thanking our announcers. Mr mark lambert, kntu. Program, operations, and news director. Miss phyllis, slocum. Principal, lecturer in the department, of media arts. And mr. Russell, stukel. Assistant, dean for student life texas, academy. Of math and science, graduates. Through your relentless, pursuit of knowledge and discovery. You're now part of an elite community, of scholars. I hope you you will continue, to bring new meaning and understanding, to the world, by continuing, to ask questions. Find answers, solve problems, and share your knowledge. These are the things that made you a great scholar. And they will continue, to hold you in good stead, throughout your life. And remember, all experts, start us novices.

Hold On to that sense of wonder, and that quest for understanding. That brought you, to unt, in the first place. You've survived, and thrived, in an ever-changing, world of 2020. You met these challenges, head on, and we have confidence, that you can meet whatever the coming years, throw at you, we're so excited, for you as you start this next phase of your life, with your doctoral, and master's, degrees, in hand. We're sorry we could not celebrate, in person with you, and we know there's no adequate, substitution. For face to face, but we appreciate, the many sacrifices. That you've made, to help curtail, the spread of covet 19. And keep, our community, safe, and healthy. We will save a recording of this ceremony, on the commencement, website. So you may re-watch, download, or send to friends and family, who could not join us today. As our ceremony, comes to a close. I would like to bring back. Miss, corsaia. And miss kennedy. To lead us in singing, our, alma mater, glory to the green and gold. Green and. White. Distinguished, guests and newest members of the community of scholars. Wherever, you are and whomever, you're with please rise. And join in singing the alma mater to conclude, our. Program. Is. Is. So. You.

2020-08-29 23:40

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