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looks like it has some sort of olive oil meat peppers onions. even comes with a lemon. We're just going to so it's got a This is so good super crispy. pepperoni. I've had here in Turkey yet to be 100% honest

Italian pizza. phenomenal good. very good could eat it multiple days in a we eat spicy here you don't know if you're getting Syrian is generally thicker, but Italian pizza is thinner so the bread. Oh so good. Generally speaking New York style pizza right behind the mosque and there's just like a lot of friendly. I don't like that at all you can save with what's

$5000. We don't want to put that on somebody just because find a place to eat. It's actually really nice. It's hand sanitizer put some tomatoes put some onions. It is the pita. Oh, so we have we have spicy Leon not spicy leach excited for this Turkish pizza more than anything thin crispy.

lira for two. Lama two lamas and one Turkish pita let's go Everybody says. New York has the best pizza every place you outside the restaurant, the restaurants could be fined kind of hard to find and we found it completely on actually said due to COVID times, we can't eat even it. It's a very famous wall, which is to surround the Thank you so much have a good day, so it's only seventy-five Ma and continental Noble wall is actually right across from a virgin kebab and pistachio kebab tomato a kebab okay. I'm

cheese, tomatoes and lamb, and we have also spicy kebab kebab little bit different. This is got white cheese on it. It enjoyable. That was enjoyable heat. The Syrian spicy was just easily. so good crispy charcoal taste very flavorful mixed meat like I'm going to poop myself like 5 minutes later. now, we That one is good, very good, a lot thicker of a crust. A lot

less of the charred charcoal taste that it was cooked on honest, I could go get another leach right now. It's that good different. I'm not too sure. I'm going to pass up the the Turkish spicy. that wasn't that bad, that was actually it back to Brazil. Okay. We will see you guys in the next

a. Taco because it's nice and then put all that well seasoned one. more of just the cheddar cheese or white cheese taste. To be tomatoes some minced meat and chili. This is the spicy one.

fellow subscriber. Not exactly how I want to meet you guys for the first time, but it was nice meeting. you hope you can make spicy or turkey, spicy and the Syrian spicy is no joke for the gotta mix speed up, so I haven't liked any of the row Eventful day. Needless to say almost went to jail with a onion on there and this is this is good. It's just like super pepperoni. It's the type of meat. Maybe they use something

I actually like the spicy better, the problem is is when Oh it's got that burnt like charcoal flavor on this thin with you. It's like I don't know if it's the quality of the have yet to try it, but the thin lechon is more like the the mix of the Pita was the same as the so this one's a walking in was nowhere near the size of this. No. It's so it pepperoni I'm going to move right to the mix. Now. part of little lemon on there. I think what I'm going to do is throw There's so much flavor in here now, this has peppers onions, pita is more. I would say like the like the New York style some of this lettuce in there a tomato and eat it kind of like only one more the that we saw at the stand. The other day

and thin. Okay. Wow dude, What do we order? what do we order go in the World. New York style Pizza. To be honest. I'm comes with onions some tomatoes. so I just put on some This is a lot bigger than what I expected, though the there's so the top one is spicy? This one is not spicy and then this It's awesome. I'm a big pizza guy. I'm from New York. it's unforeseen times and it's just you gotta make the most and then a mixed pita. This one looks actually really good.

the most out of what we got here with the spot. we have we want to eat so we're going to take it. Alright. We did benches out here next to the Subway station or the tram station. So we're going to just kind of dig in and try to make Oh man, this must be the Loma. Yeah. it is because it's nice out of it.

outside the restaurant and if you do get caught eating find him let's go find some place to eat the gentleman make sure you stop and grab a pizza or a pizza. Thank you. Super crazy because we came in completely on action to get La accident. So if you are interested in coming to see it split the mix. Okay, so we can have one one. One kilometer. done with it. Yeah. Let's do a split The mix. Yeah, let's continental city, but now a lot of people say it's actually I guess I guess they might have it here. The gentleman were so most protected area of the whole city.

Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, the traditional special let's get this. We'll just split the that because there's so many so many, we're probably in the Let's go.

I was like dude. should I run like I was like ready to like I religious structures all throughout the city. so you're Good We're shooting the drone with an RF blocker, a backpack I've was standing there looking like a halo character. He had a shots. It's it's perfectly legal. It's just illegal to fly tea, I left because it started to feel very very off again and I grabbed it and the military commander came huge. I've never seen that in my life. R block huge backpack footage is next level everything that happened was hell out of the situation. So as soon as you went up to make

Değilse. Yardımcı olacağız ona. Çanta mı? Okey. Okey. Tamam sen are new. Some of them are the ones we've already seen, but over the compound and that's how it was. I was outside the that I was in trouble and translated the entire time for farm 'cuz. all my insurance is through state farm. I was just completely different nature, you kind of have no choice. You

A lot of people may not like coming out in this weather, but the drone was gone and I was going to just like call state It was super nice and did bring me back to a store just to show of the city is a lot different than the other part of the okay. Okay. Okay. hay and Sophia and the blue mosque you can go inside the company right, Yes, Sir, a carpet company. This man saw still got a smile on their face. 'cuz. It's something new.

literally lost image transmission. I couldn't see on doing it the right way, and you kind of know what the general some drama there for a second make the most out of it. Yeah. that don't fly near hugs Sophia because there's a palace there. going to wipe it and say, see ya I actually looked at Chris. much no I don't want a van though I just want a car. Oh free. So when you have an opportunity to see it in a

experience. And we want to show you what it's like in the snow. That taxi ride only cost us 33 lira. It's beautiful. It's like have to do it. There's nobody out so we get the entire place to ourselves stopping anytime soon. Some of the places we're going to go was scared. Yeah, but I was like dude. We don't want to do because of the mosque, But there is an entire town or do and be there at a certain time, so you can get the full everybody.

in the area. wow. on. A gun oh man it was the craziest thing I've ever seen experience and just staying conscious of what's happening I am blessed the last day in Serbia the last day in Turkey fully into effect and used to the snow yet this year because and we got snow both days. What are the odds a large amount of like the Palace. Yeah. So don't give us no **** about the drone

and it's not a good idea. What a beautiful morning throwing in land and then they pulled. they let off the trigger and I took thankful for him. So let's get that passed us just realized so hopefully the shots were worth it. I actually thought never seen anything like it and the drone is being forced to because multiple people started coming in the room and I was the drone. It's illegal to fly over that military compounds

me. so that was like two and a half hours. I'm just extremely guns and I do want to point out that it's not illegal to fly extremely thankful What's your name man Mora Mora. Yes. He'd maybe do paperwork at the police station but I'm compound. He wasn't over it. No you weren't over it, but dude kind of in the basement so. I've learned from military

around you. if you start to feel uncomfortable, get the If you are here and you have enough time, you can come to flew a drone man and these guys are coming out with the biggest Oh, you can land it now. Yeah, like it just it literally next level. These guys came out with. The biggest this dude don't I don't want to be in trouble. No no you're not. I don't know how many of them.

The energy Crazy That footage is next level everything that happened The weather by my House snowing. Blue Mosque for free. That's amazing. I've never seen anything like that. also just started his own business. a Turkish rug rug highly suggest going by meter that way. it's fair for

just take the car out worst case scenario. take the car the carpets, but I felt really uncomfortable at one moment Burasıdır de. it's snowing more. I'm about to hovering. I was like, oh, no, no no. and yeah, I got it. so

hopefully we got some shots. Let's go get some pizza and Honestly, that was incredible, the clouds broke. I mean this European Bank of Istanbul and now Oreo is mainly known locked in. it's. Wow, you're lucky dude, you're one lucky it me. Yeah. I didn't do nothing me too. no problem. Okay. I

Hola the controller. I couldn't see where it was auto landing in Sağ ol. All kind of. Yeah, I don't want to get it. It's just You can negotiate a set price for some of them. if you're

rate is going for the trip that you're going to be taking. I we got an incredible sunrise, but the best part is is going Starting to warm up a little bit and we want to get the a great way to get around most of them have to run by meter. become very muggy. Oh my bad. So these taxis in Istanbul are going to see a huge blend in cultures that you wouldn't see hogs, Sophia and the blue Moss to make sure we don't miss snow out. Gelsin mi seninle? Tabii tabii şuraya bir gelsin. the middle of a road somewhere and then I just saw it a Christmas wonderland here. There's like like light snow falling the sun's out people are shoveling. There's snowball

hosts many Muslims, Jews Orthodox, a lot of different there as well because that's something special and you can into the park. right there between the two is completely out. You see the local fishermen and the water is full when we saw Javier Sophia, the first time in the Blue mosque, First snowfall is always the most special 'cuz. Everybody's

to be honest, I think this is probably the best time to come stating that this is Oreo section, so Oreo translates and you get this Unreal beautifully Moody day to just already see that the roads are clearing and it's starting to and people to be driving around on the streets right now. explore the city while a lot of people aren't out. into middle village so they actually that's why they call place was just amazing. Definitely a sunrise spot, not We have made it to or which is the entire this is actually a fights and we actually got to see something so special and of jellyfish. this, especially considering it's my last day, but this side a sunset spot.

it's quite dangerous for the taxi drivers to drive around it this. most out of it. It's supposed to be a good coffee shop right next to it The road. Roads are pretty crazy so at this time,

it so thankful to see it. but you can tell that they're not city, especially by area this this section of the city Ortho running up to me and made me do paperwork on the military post section of the city called Oreo. The taxi driver was while driving. Dumping down right now, so let's get in a taxi and let's the roads aren't fully plowed, they're not really salted. so because there's so much snow, but we're going to make the I feel extremely extremely lucky to see the city like This is the first time that it snowed like this within the de gel. Okey. little village. so this used to be a little village on the

snow? What are the odds of that? I don't think it's city of Istanbul this year, and I'm so amazed to be able to see it. I don't even know if we're going to be able to see it there's certain things that we wanted to show you in order to So we're going to ortho mosque or mosque. I'm excited to see uncomfortable. Look who's back baby crazy **** Man crazy. That

especially before salting, you kind of have to take your time see let's see this first stop. Yeah. let's go how much how Good morning and welcome to my last day in Istanbul. What what was next level, and these guys are coming out with the biggest guns. crispy pizza. I've had rice paper pizza in Vietnam. Wow.

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