Down the stairs of Scicily's old town Ragusa Ibla UNESCO Worl Heritage. Ended with epic street food!

Down the stairs of Scicily's old town Ragusa Ibla UNESCO Worl Heritage. Ended with epic street food!

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Good morning my friends. Today we’re in a real amazing place. Hello, this is Ragusa Ibla, welcome to the UNESCO world heritage. Now we’re gonna go down there trough a route made of stairs. We start from here, from this road you go to the new (part) of town, but down here you go to the old town of Ragusa Ibla and this is the…some tourist. As you can see: “Via Scale”.

That means Street of Stairs, and we go from this way down here. Look how cool it is, Jesus. I need to be careful these steps are not so perfect.

Hello! The name of this church is: Saint Mary of the Stairs. You don’t believe this? If you don’t believe mr, look at this: SAINT MARY OF THE STAIRS, fifteen, eighteen century. You can read the Q-code here and know everything about it. But we can’t stay here, we have to go down there. Look at this. So basically that one is the road you can take with the car, we got two road, one is this is: the old road, and that one is the new road.

But when you’re there you can’t go inside the small town with your car, you have to leave the car in that parking there. Hello! That guy is taken his dog to take a walk. We don’t want to disturb this kind of people. Look at this: it says you go down the stairs. And look what kind of stairs we got: is amazingly beautiful! So the story about this town…Oh my god, look how beautiful is this. (stupid sounds) So the story about this town: it was a medieval town built close to the river, there is a river down there.

But what happen: at the end of the fifteen century a big earthquake, very big, put everything down. Not only here but in all the towns of the area. They rebuild the town from scratch, at that time the Baroque was the principal style so was built mainly in Baroque style and it’s called: The Baroque town.

I don’t know if this is the right… Via scale. Wow look at this, wow. Hello! -Hello. Where are you from? -Eeh Italy.

This is your town? -Yeah-Yes! Ragusa. Ragusa Ibla? -Yeah Beautiful, very beautiful. -You are a Youtuber? Yes! "SARO SHOW". Check out "Saro show Sicily".

I’m new Youtuber yet, I’m doing some videos here in Sicily. And actually “parlo italiano pure” AH “parlo eh mia mamma Italia” Yeah! Subscribe -Yes This is when I went in the market in Vittoria city. You will see this video soon, like tomorrow maybe or after tomorrow. What’s your name? -Eeh Gioele Gioele -Luca Luca, nice to meet you, my name is Saro.

Bye Bye! -Bye-Bye! Wow this is so beautiful, look at this: we go under the road. So I was saying I used to come here in the night, during the night, couse they do a big manifestation with Street artist here every year! YES YES. Look this is abandoned. Wow. So Beautiful. I can’t stop here.

I’m kind of late, we can’t lose many time, the road is long! Let’s go! Hey Hello! -Hi! Where are you from? -Paris. Paris? Oh nice! -And you? I’m from Italy, from Sicily. I’m running a Youtube channel talking about Sicily, it’s called "Saro Show", if you want check "Saro Show Sicily". -"Saro Show" all right. You will see this video tomorrow. -Do you have Instagram? Yeah in the description of every video there is my Instagram.

-"Saro show"? "Saro Show": SARO is my name, Show is the SHOW. Sicily is….Bye Bye! Nice to meet you! Some tourist! Is very nice! Look at this abandoned small house! Urbex Urbex everywhere! And this red gate! Ah this is so beautiful! So what I was saying? About the street artist….HIEEE WOW “Palazzo della cancelleria” Eighteen century.

This is the Baroque, really Baroque style. Everything here is so special! Look at the church! Look at the balcony! Here there is a lot of stuff to see. But I can show you only the road to go down there and we will see only the main structure outside, I will do some other episode where we’ll go most specifically inside the palaces and the churches…Oh a lost cat, oh I'm sorry for the lost cat. Oh look at this balcony, so baroque YEAH Baroque ULTRABAROQUE.

(Stupid song) Here we have another big church, this is a really important church here. So we have the church and Chiosco. So I hope you understand: this is the road you can take with the car, and that’s the road you can take with your feet. Hey the dog is shitting…hehehe. I’m sorry Mr. Dog if I interrupt your stuff. Hey a lot of dogs! Hey how are you! I mean look at this: “Salita orologio” Climb of the clock, where is the clock we don’t know but it’s actually the prefer place for dogs to take a shit.

So I guess we should explore this place, yes absolutely! It’s a small stair. Can you imagine livin’ here? There is somebody here? I don’t think so. Wow, so this is really old wall, it’s almost in the bedrock. I’m kind of sweating. It’s really step. Oh my god! Wow take a look! Who left a scooter here up the stairs? Hey look at this: “Salita Orologio” An old fountain, it’s dry.

Look at this small bridge to connect the house. You can lose yourself here in the small streets and stairs, it’s big. You can explore a full day here.

Look this small house is for sale: can you imagine livin’ here? That’s the number, if you wanna call them, if you wanna buy this. Look you got even the towel ready! You can put some plants here and enjoy this beautiful view! That house is amazing! That one is the terrace! This one is the terrace of the small house with the bridge! Small bridge, small terrace! WOW! Let’s continue this way. Some corners are really epic. Even this one is for sale.

That’s a Studio. So beautiful! Look Italy flag here, really patriotic small house! So this is a World UNESCO heritage…Oh my phone! Somebody is calling me! So we were here, my coworker just called me. You know this you tube channel is still at the beginning, I’m actually still working as bartender, after this summer I will go travelling I hope Pakistan or India something like this. Look at what I found.

A small cat, beautiful small cat. (stupid sounds for cats) Wow the small cat is chilling. Hey! We sit with the small cat of Ragusa Ibla.

How are you? Everything is fine? He’s chilling. This number one, and you’re Welcome! In the small cat house. Every corner here is so beautiful! Oh another cat! Look at this small house number twenty, is a round house around the corner and there you got this one is the stairs inside the house . Oh beautiful with the plants here. This is an hotel. “L’ospitalità sicula” Sicilian hospitality.

It’s closed maybe for Covid? I don’t know. Look at this small terraces and balcony, so beautiful. La casetta that means the small house.

“Casa vacanze” means like a Bed and Breakfast, something like this. Let’s continue this way. And her e the cars can come actually look at this. Where is going? We’re going to follow him? Look at this: these scratches have been made by the cars, when they turn, they scratch all the houses.

Like this one. How he’s going to turn? Good Morning! Another Bed and Breakfast. Ambulance service. Red Cross. This is the old Red Cross.

Red Cross. This is PINK cross, what mean Pink Cross? Good Evening! So we’re going this way to the main church. This is a small curch, we don’t care about this small church, we’re here for the big stuff, the real deal. Not this small church! We have a fountain here, let see if it works, I think so, it’s dripping water. WE! Super power! Actually I’m gonna drink some water I’m thirsty! Wey calm down! I make a mess! So refreshing! Wow! Beautiful Sicilian ladies! Hey we got the big Church! Here she is! Look how massive and opulent! The opulence of Christianity! You see? You just turn your head and find these small little treasures! Look at this! They’re actually working in here.

So beautiful. That’s the Angel! So I was looking here…I was looking up there they have the small terrace, the small balcony, and they built a small stair like this with iron to go from one place to another! We’re aided to the main church! So Let’s go! And here the houses are going very epic mode. This one is for sale.

Some other dogs going around. “Salita de Gaspano” But don’t get distract, look at the big Church that is our main objective! So here people are friendly couse as you can imagine a lot of tourist come: World UNESCO heritage. Wow look at this abandoned house. And this one: “Nero Pece” that means: Black like tar.

I think is a restaurant. And here is the: Member of the “Les grandes table du monde” I don’t know French. Do you talk French? -eh? French? -No! It’s said Members of “Les grandes tables du monde” You know what this mean…he you know what that means? That means it’s a really expensive restaurant. It’s called “Ciccio Sultano” HEYLA! “Ciccio sultano Duomo”! Look at the prices these are Euros: thirty-three, thirty-seven, thirty-eight.

“Esperienza Sultano”: ONE HUNDREND AND NINETY EURO! OK! I guess is not for me, hehe, not at all! I can’t take nothing, even the water there is too expensive! But I want to show you this! Look, I don’t know if you can see, they are all black. Look at these things! To grab a balcony with this monsters! Wow! I checked out the meanings of this but there are not explains. Maybe I should ask to the Sultano, but I think he would charge me twenty euro for asking! That’s the kitchen… I mean, whatever, ok.

That one was really cool. Some tourist are going out. Let’s focus on the big Church! Ah! This guy is digging, he’s looking for a treasure. He’s looking for a treasure? So this is all the wall of the big Church. I know what you’re thinking: what those cars are doing here? But as you can see there are houses, it’s a town actually.

HEY don’t get lost about the big Church! Whoa look at this iron gate! OHOH I don’t want to show you right now, I want to show you all of a sudden. The Church! But down the church you have this water: it’s working! Here all the water is very powerful, be careful! Do you hear this noise? It’s kind of bird sound, this is actually a bird sound for disturbing the pigeon! So the Pigeons they hate this sound, even me I hate this sound. But I think the pigeons really hate even more than me, so they fly away, they won’t shit on the Church! You can’t shit on Church like this, even if you’re a pigeon! So now! This is the square, here we have the Main square of Ragusa ibla, look at this beautiful bar, reastourants. But you know what I want to show you, you know what it is! It’s the BIG CHURCH! Look the big big church ROAR! So powerful! As you can imagine all those small houses, the people livin’ in small houses and they built this big church like: WHATEVER! Oh it’s the moon up there! But I want to focus on this gate it’s look like Mordor. It’s close! I think I should have come early, in the morning.

But as I told you before, this is just for lookin the outside of the city, of the town! Oh really cool! And the big Church with the big Dome! Ah, look at this! Small train for tourism. Come here and you can go all around Ragusa Ibla with your small train! Look how cool it is! I would like to do this job, going around with this and… Show to the tourist the beautiful Ragusa Ibla. This is Siculamente, this shop is really cool actually, they got all this typical T-shirt in irony mode, that talk about Sicily. Wit…how is the: “Old way to say”. We call them Proverbio.

Proverbs? I don’t know! This one say: “Chiù longa è a pinsata, chiù grossa è a minchiata”: The more you think about something, the bigger is the mistake you’ll do. So I asked to the guy about this Arancineria, couse I want to show you the Arancini meanwile we are here, couse I heard this Arancineria is really good and got Trip Advisor five star! And if you’re asking yourself what is this Arancineria. Arancini it’s a typical street food. It’s a ball of rise filled with Ragù mainly, it’s the principal, but you can put everything inside.

And then is fried with all the crumbled bread. Look at this kid is shooting the picture! People with dogs, beautiful woman. Wow this is typical Sicilian style. Hello! -Hello! Can I go with the camera? -Ok? I want a magnet! I want to buy a magnet. Hello! -Hello? My name is Saro, nice to meet you! -Ok!? You got magnet with Sicily? The flag.

-“Allora” this. No no no like the flag. –Flag? Yeah the red and yellow! -Yellow? Red? No no no, the symbol of Sicily.

You know? This one this one, but half red half yellow, the flag of Sicily! -Flag? Oh look at this! Amazing! Look this octopus! Who did this? They are made in Sicily? -Yeah “fatto a mano” (hand made). Amazing beautiful, look at these fishes they look real! Yeah I see, I’m gonna take that one! Sicilia this one, what you prefer? -This! Ok let’s take it. Oh this is the “Festa artisti di strada” The street artists.

-In Ottobre In October but with covid they didn’t do it. This is the play cards of Sicily. -three fifteen thank you. I’m gonna pay, I will stop one second couse I can’t pay and record. -Bye!!!! What’s your name? -Chiara! Chiara, nice to meet you! -Bye bye! This is the “Giardino Ibleo” So peaceful! Can you imagine living there? Ah! I know I said this too many time: can you imagine livin’ there… There is a Church! Ah you can hear the music! They don’t have copyright in the Church…I hope so! They are everywhere! Inside the park, in the stairs… Church is everywhere here, you can’t miss, it’s like the Brewery in Chzech Republic. Look at this wooden roof! What are they doing? Who’s here “Padre Pio” Oh they are playing the organ! Good morning! It’s really impressing wooden roof, I’ve never seen something like this! Look at this pink lamps! Wow very beautiful! Nice music wow! When I was kid I used to go to the church but they never got this beautiful music all Harmonic . That time was very boring, these are very good singer!

So we’re missing the point here: The ARANCINO. Let’s do like this, take this way, this route on the left. We have to climb here before the arancino, this is too beautiful not to explore.

Perfect spot for a couple. But there is this guy: Hello! -Ciao. What’s your name? (Inaudible) Where are you from? -Bangladesh! Bangladesh! Hello welcome to Sicily! -Si You’re tourist or living in Sicily? -No tourist no, Bangladesh “tutti” Italy.

You’re working? -No tourist “tutti” Bangladesh Italy! Working? Bangla Pakistani Indian Marocco Albania, all Africans All come to Italy. Bangla problem, all problems. What is This? Why? They beat? My GOD! But where this in Libia? -No Bangla mafia Bangla mafia? Es Bangladesh mafia, Libia mafia.

And this when you where in Bangladesh or when you where in Libia? -In Libia! In Libia they beat you? -You have no money? They beat you! Oh Fxxck! (not understandable) You understand in Libia they beat him because he don’t have any money! -Yes in Libia all Mafia! More then Sicily Libia mafia!? -Yes Libe no work no money (not understandable again) And you want to stay in Italy or you want to go in Europe? -No All in Italy, good Italy. “Tutti Italy buono” “Italy Buono!” -Libia no good! And what about Germany or france -Germany France, “tutti bono” Libia no, Libia “Fanculo” I found this my friend who say hello….from Bangladesh and his name is: -Nia Javer(???) Nia Javer! Nice to meet you!Ciao! Look this small fountain here- Kids are having epic fun.

Here we are my friend: the “Arancine spek asiago mmmmm.” And here we are with Mr…. -Riccardo Mr. Riccardo with te Arancini of Ragusa Ibla at the “Cantunera” spot. So can I have one “Arancina” -Sure! I want with “Ragù”, the traditional. -The traditional one at “Ragù”, to take away or eat here? I’m gonna eat now in front of the camera.

-Ok give five minutes to fry the “Arancina”. Ok Ok. I just broke my facemask, these things are really low quality. But don’t worry, we got the “Arancina” with “Ragù”. So here you can see, I bought even a Glass of Wine.

So here we are again. So this is the ball of rise. So…(stupid sounds) You see the green peas? Look at this thing under the light: it’s so crispy the outside couse he’s fried. You can taste the meat, the sauce, the peas, the rice everything with this fried crunchy cover (mamma mia).

Arancini is the best thing you’ll ever eat as street food in Italy. BY FAR! Ok I think I’m gonna finish this “Arancina”, I’m gonna show you the last shot of the Big Church at night, couse she’s really psychedelich green. I’m eating with mouthful so see you later. See you my friend from the Big Church, big Kiss! I know the video was over but I know I know. But look how…eh?Eh? Look look, I don’t say, I didn’t said, I’m not saying that this is beautiful.

You are saying, you’re thinking. The “scale” goes up again, bye bye my friend again.

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