Dr Matthew Stevenson - The Lion King! (December 26, 2017)

Dr  Matthew Stevenson - The Lion King! (December 26, 2017)

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The. Last week. In. 2017. I am, elated. I am ecstatic. Ecstatic, I'm. In a great mood all, things, are well concerning. Me and, I'm. So grateful to the Lord for that and because of that so. Thank you man son day we, had a dynamic time Church was bonkers on Christian, on Christmas, a Janine it was. Mind-blowing. I didn't, even intend. For. All of that to go that way and for all of that to be that way but it was mind-blowing, I preached a message an 8 o'clock called, his name is John and then. At 10:30 I preached, about the. Impossible. And it. Was absolutely phenomenal. So. Go, back if you can watch that get you some encouragement for, this week. It, really blessed me so, god, bless all, of you and then this Sunday, is. Officially. The last Sunday, in, the year. And we'll. Be having a clock, and then we'll be having 10:30. And then, that night at 7:00 we're. Going to be, closing. Out the year without our watch night service we're, calling it the blackout, and all. Of our campus is to doing it and I. Want all of you to come, and be a part of that you probably need to be there early I think doors open at 6:30. But. You need to be there for, the blackout and it's gonna be amazing we're taking it from the top and we're. Going to be there presenting. Our. 2018. To God and closing. Out our 2017. And making. A list and burying. A list, of things we are not taking, in. To 2018. I'm so, excited, this has been one of the most emotionally. Draining, years, I'm, certain, from of, my life and I'm certain of yours as well but, on the latter end but, I am so grateful Jahlil yes John John you can wear a robe I'm so grateful. Ryan, Whitney I love you I'll miss you I'm so grateful to be on the, other end of that so be there it's. Gonna be amazing. We're gonna have a time I, don't. Want you to waste this week thinking, about who likes you and who does not who left you and who did not who said what who did, what who, what opportunities. You feel like you missed I. Don't, want you to spend any time and regret, you know don't get, caught. Up in that, stuff or, my sons asked me yesterday what. Do you do, what. Do you have to say to people who won't like you, and I first, of all you ugly. Tell. Them someone, like me the ugly. Yo. I have it's, a science, you see you, got to understand. That you know don't waste your time thinking, about that stuff you know it'll, ruin your ability, to be clear, for the for the next year, so am. I wearing Jay's for the blackout I don't know yeah I'm gonna be fasting y'all are laughing but I'm serious, I don't owe you. No you don't owe, anybody. An. Explanation, I, really believe that Sherman Dumas to say I really believe that I this. Is how I keep my heart right I uh. Find it I'm going to get into my point I classified, under y'all like this I know, y'all you know gonna get mad and I know there's a lot of y'all that lie and, say. That, God don't make ugly, stuff but you're a liar. Um. The Bible says he makes all things. Beautiful. In, its. Time so. That means that, some, things have to become, beautiful they need a little help a little space in the time so there are ugly things and. And aesthetically. Challenged people and those are generally the people to have a problem meet you're either there for classes, of people who don't like me and some of you probably watching, it either you ugly you're, obese, like. Severely, overweight, you. Don't have money or you. Are in sin now that last one like. World, sinners, love, me, there are some sinners that love me because of grace mercy. You, know they feel accepted, but Church sinners, they, don't really fool with me, right now if you don't like me and, you're, not one of those, categories. Then, you have been directly influenced. By somebody who is either, ugly, overweight. Broke, or in sin. If. You'll pass it'll light me, so. All. Right back to uh. What. I'm talking about today, yo, we're getting ready for the fire conference, and, it's. It's I put the website, link up there it's WWF. Our conference, net. And. I. Want you to go there is gonna be amazing, we, are. Getting. Ready to. Give. Thousands. Of people, the. Opportunity. To. Engage. The, personhood, of the holy spirit in, a way that many of them have not been able, to do in the fire conference, is our.

Annual. Meeting. Where we dedicate. Strict. Attention to. The. Personhood, of the holy ghost and. So. I'm very excited about it we've got pastor, William McDowell. We, got, pastor. Travis, green. We. Have, Israel. And. Israel. Houghton will, be with us a lot of people are going to be with us and it's. Gonna be amazing some of my great friends are gonna be there preaching, and we're gonna be challenging. People. In the flow of the gifts of the Spirit, I'm. Gonna be opening, the word of the Lord on the, beginning, of that which. Is the first day that Thursday, night is January, 11th. Through the 13th. January. 11th, through the 13th in. Tinley, Park, Illinois so. Please. Make. It your, priority. To, be with us and to open your year in the, fire of God and to set the tone, and the temperature, for how you want the, rest of your year to go it is our training conference, and so we have training, and evangelism. We, have training, and the prophetic we have training and healing. We have training. For coaches, and those that want to learn to coach and counsel people we. Have training, and prayer and intercession and, more specifically, prayer leadership. Because. Prayer leadership is a lot differently, from learning. To pray or being an intercessor. We. Got suffer teaching yeah and those of you who have teaching ministries, those of you that, are teaching ministers so we have a full gamut to the opportunity, for you to come and learn and be stretched and I'll be preaching all of the night sessions, and then we, are launching. And. We're having our first interest. Meeting. For, the, all nations Network was the brand new Reformation that. I've created for pastors, and for churches, and for, those that are interested in going to, be a part of a future focused, fellowship. Best. Building, healthy. And vitally, healthy local churches so. It's a lot going on during the fire conference and I want you to be, there so join, us for that share this real quick listen, in a couple, of minutes I am, blessed, of the Lord one, of the things that I have in my home is a, movie, theater, God. Has blessed me and I. Am. About to in. A few minutes. Bring, my, kids all three of them we had a dynamic. Christmas. But. I'm about to bring my. Kids. To the movie theater in a minute, and I, have to get this out to y'all so, that I don't ruin it for them so my oldest daughter, is a lot like her mom she don't really like movie, narration, and you talking, during the movie they're, like you know movie. Connoisseurs. So they. Don't really like you talking do, shows so I have to get this out before I go in the movie theater so. I. Love. The. Lion King there's a couple of Disney movies. That. Do it to me I mean you know. And. I'm about to give you all of this and and some of you gonna laugh and talk about me and then you're gonna go and preach it somewhere else that's what y'all do, but. The Lion King. Does it to me. And so. Does. The. Prince of Egypt the, Prince of Egypt when, the Prince of Egypt comes, on and. When. The Prince of Egypt be, like deliver. Us to, as, a as, a land you promised, us deliver, us to, the promised. Land. I quicken, I'm time I speak with tongues the. Story of Moses so whatever. You know so with The Lion King about to give you some insight, into why I love, the, Lion King, there are several, and. To be honest I haven't seen the sequels I see Lion King 2 or, Lion King 3 or anything, after. That I've only seen the Lion King could you say when are you but I'm about to go in my theater I'm about to turn the volume all, the way, up right and, we're, gonna sit there in them, chairs and we're, gonna watch The Lion King first, of all let me break this down for you we talked about the fivefold for, the final conference I'm about to help you when, you talk about Mufasa.

Mufasa. Really, embodies. A. Powerful. Apostolic. Leader I mean if you think about it we. See him we meet him on top. Of of. Of Iraq, he's, on Pride Rock, and. He's. On Pride Rock and you sing, ranks. Of other. Species. Of animals, and, classes. Of animals shall. Be sense to him and regard, for his great leadership. Right. And. At, the top of the mountain, when, you see Mufasa, it opens, up right. With them singing a song about life. Right wherever there is a real apostle, there should be the power against, death so, they're singing about the circle of life and you see all these, tears, of, animals. Coming and they're, acknowledging. Mufasa. As as a leader, and then. Right. Next to Mufasa, who is the Apostle, he has apostolic. Vision and I'll continue to prove that right, next. To, him. You. See. Rafiki. So he's got his his, wife he. Is God is. His. Newborn son, because. That is one of the strengths of Apostleship, you should be able to. Show your sons Paul said ye are the seal of my Apostleship, in the Lord so he's got this this legacy, that he's presented, but you see him with his prophet Rafiki, is a, prophet, now you know what I believe Ephesians, 2:20, I think, that yeah and I'm serious, I believe. That every apostle, is, his best when. He is by his prophet and every, prophet, is his best when he has found his apostle. If you find them. Exclusively. From, each other you're gonna find them not operating, optimally every. Prophet, needs, their, apostle. And every. Apostle. Needs, their prophet, so. You see them and illicit Rafiki, God, is his. Staff in his hand, I mean, he's so critical, throughout the whole time and. So you see the journey of, Mufasa. Taking. Simba, and instructing. Simba, and I see you really see his, apostolic, call. When. Y'all. Don't happen to me you really see is apostolic, all when. He's instructing. Mufasa. About. The the the. Parameters. And, about. The zone, of, his influence. And his authority you. Know remember when Simba was walking in the movie and and. He was saying everywhere, the light touches, is our, kingdom right, is, and. The, Apostle, set the parameter. He's like don't ever go beyond. Where, the light is. Apostles. Have to be light bearers you know ministers, of life and so. You see that Simba, in his naivety, and in his immaturity, wants. To go out there and so Mufasa. Starts, to instruct. Him about. That now, you see the spirit of Jezebel, you. See the spirit of Korah you. See the spirit, of Absalom, in the high. Whoever, the the. Main hyena, was that. Old spirit, of antagonism. And with, that, Jezebel spirit.

They. Were together because, you always find, people that. Have those characteristics, closest. To and trying to understand, one another so you see them demons, you know operating, together one of them had the spirit, of folly. And he could you know he was done but he would laugh at everything you ever had a dummy. Who thought everything was funny and aim and everything but was still dumb and. So you hit they, were walking together and you, find that they identify. A, naive. Son, you know a naive, son is still a son so you should never really. Underestimate. The power of a seed and and the air but, so, somebody, had a lot of growing to do well, he has this life, catastrophe. Right he's, singing, about number one I'm gonna tell you one of my songs when he's seen there's something about his destiny, come on and I just can't, wait to, be king. Now. He has some weird. Ambitions. Or, aspirations. To. His. Destiny, but. It was clear the, anthem has some crazy stuff in there about everybody, do this you know everybody. Be here, you know so he's got his jam and. You. See the little Royal vizier the, bird who is the picture of wisdom. Trying. To steer, the naive, Sonny and, you know and bring. Him in you know but. Then you find that. The. Devil scar, scar. Is Satan, okay. He is Satan, and it's so interesting, that, in God's world you, know the work one of the words for apostle, and it's in its real formative. One of the worst for Apostle is a principality. It one of the the, meanings, of it what is the term it's. It's it's. I. Forget. The term it's a biblical term it's. Not surely out but it's a biblical term, appear, potentially yes. Plenipotentiary. And the. Apostle, in the Bible has put up Ian's plenipotentiary. Status, that, makes them akin to a principality. Of. For God so. It's interesting, that. Satan, is also a prince he's, the Principality, but, he envies, he's, a worker of all things dark, and he's got a whole kingdom of Devils that, respond, to him that, that, that that, work on his team the hyenas remember they followed, scar, scar. I was a real lion you, know he just went, bad, and so, so. You see scar I love. How. He never, really, launches, his, real, attack. At Mufasa, he, never really, launches. His real attack at the Apostle, he goes to the sea because he knows the real way to attack, a sent one is to hurt or to break their sons when, a sent one does not feel like reproducing. Themselves is possible, or they don't trust enough, to invest, themselves and to build and to pour out and to multiply, then, what will happen is the, Satan, will sift the sea if you, can't sit sift, the Apostle he'll go after the disciples remember, that's how Satan tried, to attack Jesus, nothing, else worked, at Jesus, hair it didn't work Jesus, was like yo y'all ready taking my life for me I'll lay it down but the way Satan, tried to affect Jesus, was, through the doorway, of his disciples, remember. He told Peter Satan. Has asked to have you that he would shift you but I prayed, for you, and he called Judas, the devil from the beginning Peter was the devil in a moment. The. Judas was the devil from the, beginning so he tried to shift the sons right he tried to get in there and try to work them and so, Simbel, who is the son you, know has this massive. Stampede. He gets overwhelmed, because that's what you that's that's when most sons make their dumbest, choices, and their dumbest, decisions, and that's when, Satan, can get a son to be overwhelmed. And, stampeded. And. And, to come out of feeling. Like they can conquer they go on to being emotionally. Distraught, they make immature, decisions, and and, they ultimately get, mad at God so they set Simba, up that all sons.

How To live past the setup okay so, they set the Sun up every Sun has a set up the set up the Bible call it the tempters snare it's. A set up from Satan and so, cymbal, has this set up and there's. The Stampede, so everything. Hits him at once every maturing, Sun every, maturing, seed has that happened to them even with tourism and what the devil is such a coward he couldn't walk up on and just kill him you know at. Face value he, has to overwhelm, him he sent the seed there and after everybody, knows the apostle died so Mufasa, dies he's ran over about the set up by. The Stampede. And now. Simba. Goes in an identity, crisis. Because now he's detached, from, his father, he's detached, from the Apostle, it is so important. Mercy. It. Is so important, that you protect life-giving. Connections. When, you see yourself in another don't, you let anybody cut that umbilical cord, and so. Simba. Now, goes into separation. Anxiety, that. He doesn't manage well and ultimately, it, forms, into grief it forms. Into grief and what, many people do when, they grieve or, when, that immediate, lifeline, is broken, they backslide. I can always, show where, a lifeline, has broken in anybody's, life without, easily somebody. Backslide, so simple backslide he goes on a journey he. Won't he's forced now to figure himself out so he's running away from Pride Rock he's, running away from the house he's running, past everywhere. He runs he runs he runs he runs he runs you know he, runs he runs he brother I forgot. To mention that when Simba did go. Over, into the darkness Mufasa. Corrected. Him and he responded right, to the correction of his father because, his father came to protect, him while, he was in darkness so, but now he's in this identity, crisis and he's running and he's running and he's running and he's running and he's running and in, the faithfulness, of God because now he's out the Royal vizier the wisdom which is the bird he, ain't around, Rafiki, who was the one who presented. Him and announced his purpose, while he was standing by the Apostle, you know because remember they, bow it, was, Mufasa, son, but at the beginning, what happened was the, Prophet, presented, him why because, the Prophet wanted to confirm, the purpose he established. That purpose now. In the provision, of God because God believes in community, hey Jimmy I love you mijo God believes in community he's gonna send you a live tea my life staff a purpose team a purpose, town God, was not going to leave. Simba, without, resources, to get back to where he was called by God to be so, now you got a pastor, and a teaching anointing.

Which, Is, Timon. And Pumbaa, Pumbaa and Timon are a pastor. And a teacher right they are a pastor, and a teacher a. Timon. Is more, of a teaching anointing. So you're gonna find that the lessons, come from him but the support, the remember, when they came when. It was down to the fighting scene Timon. And Pumbaa had to work together that, pastor, or teacher annoying Timon. Pumbaa. Was. A pastor, so they taught. They. Met symbol, where he was but. They, met him where he was Simba, was not where he was supposed to be but, they met him where he was and they, taught him how to walk, remember. See that pastor, Annette teaching anointing, is most effective, during live transition. And you see that they walk through him through that journey they, walk through him and as they walk his Mane starts, to grow he's, maturing, things, are changing, he has undealt, with pain, he, has undealt, with issues, and grief with his father but, right now he, can't really handle a prophetic word he needs a pastor, he needs somebody to journey, with, him he needs a teacher so, pullman tamal worked together because, again i have to help you understand, this just, like the Apostles and the Prophet are at their best when they work together the, pastor, and the teacher are at their best when they work together, somebody, needs to protect the person and somebody, needs to be posted by the principal, all. Right now, Nala I actually think is more of an intercessor, than an evangelist but I'll get to in a minute so they're churning and churning and, churning and, churning and you got Puma, Timon, who's kind of pastoring, him showing, him the way of, where. He is that's, the whole basis. Of their relationship, with which was the way that they should go remember, their relationship, was never stationary, it was always showing him and supporting. Him on the way they should go now listen here's that real pass stolen own and you see someone's 23 he maketh me to lie down in, green pastures, they, teach, listen, they they start, to, have their survival. Technique, coming in yo see ya so they started to teach Simba, survival. And he struggled, to find his purpose and to find his destiny so what happens when Simba, gets hungry, the, pastor, and the teacher turned. Over a rock y'all here yeah. They. Go to a rock and they. Look, for things to eat under, the rod you know journey, food under, the rock and, he had never Simba, had never had to eat that before he, had never had to consume, that before but what happened is they, got a pastor, and a teacher who's, now teaching, a rebellious.

Backslidden, Prodigal, son how to eat, what they eat this is how we survived. Out here this is how we journey out here you should never eat, from a pastor, or a teacher what they have not eaten themselves, sorry. Some, people are trying to feed a, diet, to, a people that, they have yet to consume, it have yet to grow their God, totally zqu eat, the scroll because, if you ain't ate it what you're trying to feed is not trustworthy or trustable so anyway they feed him and they. Give him this stuff and then all of a sudden as he's, walking across the bridge because transition, matures you if you handle, transition. Well here, he matures, you and God has a way to get you back to where he called you to be he, John, John please, that. Threw me off so, he's walking across this bridge and he, begins to grow and all of a sudden his. Love life starts, to flare up right, now it could have been a powerful distraction. I don't, think not it was the perfect will of God but. You know she, came and when she came because. All, intercessors. Have, righteous, indignation, and, have righteous, judgment, in them when they realized, they were who, they were Nalla, was mad, after they smooshed, in case it started as a fight you know but, at least, I realize, they were who they were Nala got angry. Neither was I how could you leave, because. You know what an intercessor. Is attached. To a place she was attached to Pride Rock Simba, left Pride Rock Nala, was still let my rock she had an intercessors. Heart a post, she was Shamari, she. Said, do you realize, you. Know the condition. Your, house is left in because, you left do you realize what's happened, to Sarabi. And what's happened, to the other vulnerable. Women that were on prior rock we're not stories. In leadership because whenever a son is not in place, Satan, is gonna post himself, with the son should have been Satan. Is jealous, of sonship, it was a son that kills that that breaks the powers of hell it was a son that was sent to reverse the power of what, Satan, had done remember the first prophecy, in the book of Genesis Genesis, God, didn't say it just a messiah will come it said the seed, of a woman sonship. Is powerful, when you mature and decide that you want to live your life as a son you have authority over, the works of darkness and over Satan a bastard. Will never have the power to, break the works of darkness. Anyway. So, knowledge got this intercessory. Warfare. Bent and now, is like how could you leave you, you were irresponsible you. Were selfish. We've been looking, for you we, thought you were dead and here, you are on some, self-righteous. Soap, Center, stubborn. Journey, and and, you, don't even know what you're looking for so, she starts, to call him to come home, that have. Mercy today. We. Have my doctor price town or he's right here how. Long. She. Starts she, starts to call him to come home because that's what an intercessor, will do an intercessor. Is not going to really bullied them broken and and, beat. Up on the, week that, they're, gonna post himself, by people knowing, they're guilty and yet, refuse. To. Let, that cry, in them go, down for them to come home they the, intercessor. Is the Ministry, of divine, return, come come, return, to your father's table return. To your house. To the rock return, to the level returned to, it now and and and so she, get that and, he's not convinced. But he go pet Timon, and Pumba now noticing. That, Lanaya is having a little fad don't Simba so they're going to grieve because you know pastures green boy, when they love you well you don't matter if we like you if we don't passes, really do grieve really, dude we we agree we, agree when we love you we agree when we don't like you we grieve when, we see you. Ter, irresponsibly. Or, when. You decide, to want a destructive, life that we never foresaw, for you or we never want, it for you so we grieve so password to moment go on there you know and right. One island semi fall in love they, like. Don't, know what. Language they were singing but, but, but here's how God set it up because. Nala, was an intercessor. What. Happened, was and she called him back a, helpmate. Came my, god and was. Able to remind, Simba. Who he was, you. May have forgotten it but, we ain't forgot it and we, now go interact with you on this, plane we're not gonna protect whoever the person to teach you no that's good, but that doesn't default you that that's a you you, came into as a byproduct, of your inability to handle life and to handle pain and to handle betrayal and to handle all of that but but I tell you what I know who you are that helped make came I said no I know who you are you gonna come home now listen to me all of, a sudden. Whoa. Oh. I. Know my scopes be normally, deep, but this is blessing me. Puppets. Improv, that reflecting. Heard. Something. In the wind one day my car, you know you got to watch this movie literally.

Prophet, Rafiki, is in, his own cave, minding, his business, and. Something came in to win and. Rafiki reached up and poured. What look like some feathers, or something out, of the wind because you know, puppets out the Minister of the wind and. Take. That dang, look. At it went. Back to the cave because that you've got to do when you hear something new come in the wind you don't just go and start talking and running your mouth you go back and you process it in the cave you know revelation. That's not tempered by devotion, is premature you've got to take all that new stuff that God reveals to you and you got to cultivate, it in the place of Prayer so he didn't read it presumptuously. Or pretentiously. Present. That revelation he's a mature prophet, he took that stuff and he, went back in that cave and and. Here's, what came out of the Prophet he's alive. He's. Alive. He's. Alive, that's, listen listen. That's what, the puppet does, every. Prophet is going to have a graveyard test, Cantonese. Dry bone live he's, alive. He made that declaration now. He didn't, mentally, know if he was dead or not or what kind of wars he had been through or what kind of scratches, here face but he got us something in his spirit, because, of what he caught in the wind that said he was alive, now listen after. Rafiki decided, that he was alive because you can't just go you, know get have a couple of dreams and vision and convince me I'm a prophet no no no I need to see the lives I need to see who's on your back I need to see the backsliders. Not just the unbelievers, but the Batchelor I need to see your, handling. Of hard, cases, and hard issue and huh what are you doing when you're not prophesy, that you can be a prophesy, uh-huh. And how things come to pass but if you are in the office of the Prophet I need to see the lives on this show many predictions witches, warlocks and, sorceries you know sorcerers, do that crap I want to see the line who's around, you that, God has entrusted to you to drag to, forcefully, pour out of a dark scheme, and a dark plan that's official, status the rest of that stuff we can get achieved with fortune cookies I'm not impressed, so, so, so, Rafiki goes and, Rafiki. Starts, pursuing. This. This this life, a. Notification. I, just, got something my spirit says he's alive and when he sees. But Simba. Doesn't. Necessarily. Remember, the profit he was too young he. Didn't, he had no context, for him but, I love, what. Simba, comes along doing you ready for this this is money Simba, comes along praying the Holy Ghost. I send. This. And. He's, singing in the spirit because Paul is saying I will, pray in the spirit and, i will sing in the spirit and I will pray in understanding. I believe. Rafiki didn't want to approach Simba. In the flesh so he, came praying in the spirit a sentient dishonest, husband and unknown tongues huh because. You know prophets, are ministers of the mystery so, he comes, and. He's like whoa you, look familiar and he's given all these prophetic parables. To try to to, try to shrit. And to try to contact. A hunger. In Simba, huh, because if you can even, if you backslidden, or in rebellion, if I can contact your. Hunger, place hunger. Is how God stirs every. Heart back, to righteousness and, back, to where he called he was, he was doing things that looked confusing. But it was enough to irritate. Simba, sowed it out of godly, curiosity. And out of hunger, he was like whoa who are you who are you, and. And he starts saying this I know. Your. Father, Mufasa. So, then the puppet moves he drops that thing and moves but, then what's happened he's contacted. A Sikh, in Simba. So now Simba. Was running from Rafi because repeater was irritating, him but now he got some fool attention, you know my father huh, he, went back to it to Simba's, past and December's. History, and to Simba's pain setting. Up to, let him know that he had revelation, concerning it, and then backed up he wanted to see if if, if, God could not just, get the Sun back. Out of Simba, but get the Sikh back in Simba, because, the best seekers, are sons and the best sons are seekers so, he, started seeking oh my god no I got to find this and then, Simba's. Rafiki, goes to talking, to to Rafiki, Oh Simba ridiculous. Stuff and some of the who he is who.

He Is who, are you who are you and then, he does this this, is why he my type of prophet, he. Takes his rod his, authority, and he. Walks the literal. Hell, out, of. Get. On his head and shimmer goes out. What'd. You do that for and proper, Rafiq he says it doesn't matter it's in the past, he was basically, allowing someone, to know that, it doesn't matter what happened to you what, happened around you what happened before you, what, happened in the background, there is opportunity. Here there is a moment here there is a Kairos, here and you're, gonna hurt because of things in the past but, it shouldn't I determine, what you're willing to do with your present, and so, he whacked him he gave him that thing and all of a sudden I believe, symbols, nature, starts to come back up and he feels to some degree responsible. For the condition, and the dangers, in what, he left he makes Simba, go and looking. You. You, know wherever, there's waters he, goes, to, the water and, he looks in the water and he sees his father he, sees his legacy, he sees his promise, he sees, that he sees that through the water the water gives. Him perspective. Rafiki knew if I can just get Simba, to go and look in the water I'll be able to shape his perspective, so he went and he saw his, father his, nature what was put in him he saw what, he was born into, he saw his, genetic, composite. He saw that in the water and it gave him perspective and that, perspective. Gave him the courage to go back where he should not have left in fear and not of left in death and not of left in torment so he heads back to Pride, Rock my god, the prophet has done his job now, he's, gone and he's now gonna monitor, a new season, so, when, somebody, gets back. When. Somebody gets back to Pride Rock you, see fires everywhere. You. See death there. Are no harvest. People, are in hiding and you see all these look demons, you. Know ruling. Where Lions, used to rule all of these occupancies. And empty. Seats and spaces, have created, room for, a false, regime. A wicked. Regime. Right so, symbol goes back he's like whoa wait a minute where's, my mama where's. The life it. Ain't rained Oh. And. He's ready to fight I mean. He's ready to fight here's the whole whoa, whoa, whoa here comes Skaar. Because. Whenever you deal with, confronting. Territory. That Satan is playing you will have a fight I'm telling. You the wars of your life, will, always be over, territory, and I'm not just talking about you. Know physical. Acres, and acreage I'm talking about places. And lives. And, families, that hell has claimed, there, is a territory. In every life in every, person, and every story that the devil has marked, for his own but, when a son comes back and reclaims. Territory. Dedicated. Territory, to the. There's going to be a fight it's going to be a fight, so they started, battling, I mean it was a gruesome, one, he's he's fighting, now listen in context, Simba, is fighting something significantly. Older than him in the movie you don't really see the scar, age but, remember, when Simba, left he was still a baby but. Now he's, come back as a son, like Moses. You know Moses. Was sent or to. Egypt. Or. Raised, in Egypt. As a as, a seed, or as a as a son, but he returned as a prince he returned in that way so he was raised up differently, and now he's fighting something older than him more, experienced, than him more cunning than him and he's fighting something, that's capable of death remember. It was scars, whole, campaign. To, kill his father because of envy just like Satan, just, like Satan, you, don't kill it because of in me so, he's fighting he, fighting and there was a blow that knocks him down. But. Then you find, that he rises. On the cliff. He's about to drop and Satan. Confesses, star confesses. It. Wasn't, that season, or destiny to kill your father I killed your father well what he was saying is. Just. Like I killed your father and what went before you, I'm going, to kill you if it means retaining.

This Territory, I'm gonna kill you just like I did your daddy he basically, says, to Simba, my. Choice. Weapon, is a generational. Curse I'm, gonna do to you what was done to everybody before, you and fear that oh when, he said that oh when. He said that remember he, could not have acted, out that curse cuz, remember the oil was, on him from beginning, if you remember, will Rafiq you first presented, him to the Lord he put that mango juice on him, he. Put that thing on mm-hmm. And consecrated. He's broke that mango and put the oil on him the oil was there so the curse was not going to work so he, rises. Right he, rises, up and he goes after scarf. What everything, he has. And then, when it's cars time, to die Scala, is now in the position God, has a way of switching, the, position. He, takes. You from beauty to ashes, from, joy to morning, from victim to Victoire, I mean so, now the, very same position the. Very same position that scar was just in to determine to decide to enforce to choose life or death now symbolism. And symbols, watching, this right and he says to, scar you're not even worth in my time it, not, now, I'm. Probably. Not. All the way as mature assemble, would've been without a let them badly I'm sorry, he didn't just had to fall in the fire for me and not a call to judgment but but something more beautiful than, getting even, happened, he. Demonstrated. Mercy, I. Believe. That's how about say God I believe that's. How God. Knew he, was ready to handle the brand-new throne he. Could have killed them he could have had revenge, he could have retaliated, he could have did it but, the ultimate. Sign of maturity is, not, just your ability to fight back it's, the ability to release. From judgment to release from penalty, and to grant merciful. You don't believe me blessed, are the merciful for they shall, obtain. Mercy. See God was grooming, Simba, through this war for a throne that in order to rule well you got to have justice, and judgment, you've got to have mercy and might, that operate, together so he releases, him he releases, him and he walks away. Walks. Away, scar. Runs off into outer darkness you don't come back into episode 2 cuz that's what he does he'll, disappear for a while and then he comes back for a rematch 3 remix you know we're like oh the rematch you know when he came to mess with Jesus and he departed the Bible says and the devil departed, Jesus for a time because he angels of the Lord came to minister to him there's always a rematch and that's woman if you lose you, win one battle and you're not prepared or you're not engraft or you're not educated for the rematch so, he goes into episode two but the territory, is claimed the.

Grass Begins to grow the, fire subsides, and now the circle, of life continues. I came, John Jesus said in John 10:10, that you would have life and that more, abundantly, so the whole point of the whole store a story, was to uphold, the life cycle, and the cycles, of life the seasons, of life life. Generations. Vitality. A future. So listen, man. Lion. King ain't never play with now watch everybody. Gonna be trying to freeze Lion King. Yo. But so I had to get that out cuz I can't give all that to my kids my kids, will be looking at me like man girl have you lost your mind we're just trying to enjoy the songs here so, I had to get all my frustrations, out on you and you guys have been. Wonderful. Listeners, and I so appreciate you, for tolerating, my. Folly, if this aggravated. You I don't. Care but. I just you know I had to get this out my heart because, I'm. About to go and. Watch it with my kids, all. Right, join. Join. Us for. Worship Sunday. At 8:00. Yeah. Sunday. At 10:30, it's going to be amazing and the, black out registered, for fire conference, I'm about, to go watch The, Lion, King did. That bless you I. Mean. That bless me. Yo. I love, listen, I, got. Blesses. Me so, bad, just blesses. Me you. See the whole five full minute listen Lion King got the fivefold and most churches in America operating all pastors and deacons that's why we ain't going away this, is exactly, why you know that. There. Are sinners the the sinners who don't like me or the the sinners that are in the church do poke to him but sinners outside, of the church love. Respond. Respect. They. Love, me you know some, sinners. They. They. Can't deal with with, folk who revelaed and flowing, in and, that whole thing I and, listen the reason come out sin and sinners and stuff like that I think. That 5-pole in the absence of it is a part of why we can't necessarily minister the sinners and Jesus loves sinners he absolutely. Loves, sinners he didn't have to have a purpose for the same but he loves sinners and sometimes I found. Myself asking, God make me the type of Christian, that, sinners one of love now. You get that tomorrow that that's a mature Christianity. Church people are fickle preachers. Are fickle, but. I want to be the type of Christian. And the type of leader that provokes. The sinner to jealousy, and. That. Way that they learn, to love the God that I learned to love I think that's why Jesus, went, to the wedding at Cana I think, that's why he, hung. Around them women you, know you can always see somebody God's trust God trusts, but. The quality, of the broken, people, around. Them I. Just. Want to be trusted with the broken let me pull out of there cuz I'll, tap. In but yeah I love you guys god, bless you I'm, about. To go watch The. Lion King with my kids so now that I've got all the deep stuff out on y'all. I'm. Gonna be normal with my kids I love you I, talk. To y'all later peace.

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