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Good. Morning, everybody and welcome to, another exciting, day here in the UNC. Where. I just hit it over to Jim this is here which is like next-door. Ears but you need to walk around because. Let's. Look at some of things basically, and, we. Are hidden it does need to be for the first time I'm, going to Epcot we're meet up with some very special. Friends over, there and they, are other youtubers, I've not going to tell you too much interrogate, Leah I'm. But. We're also all of us or we're, all caught the Sun thanks. Pahokee, know being tall is my voice the, cats had factor fast your male issues the Achilles, heel of let me see if he's like. Can you read your cheeks. Yeah. You've got your cheeks to say I'm not quite as bad though so yeah. It was another layer, these. Dudes are in cool popular breakfast. How I was hardly cooked Caleb. Caleb. Hello. No buy her are they not in the toaster. Soft. Very, good though, wait. What do you think. And. He could speak that. Which. Is for chuckles red cause they were so helpful and so lately I'm, much better than the experience I have you seen rose last few, days so I am, home to make the right decision, to switch parts and come here today and we, are going to go head. Over here and higher, vibratory, some. There's. No reason they have some awesome Ted Davis over get them some daughter at the moment but I'm gonna introduce you to the module in the day and when like the shadows I'm Viloria they are like some of my favorite. Favorite people from America and I'm so glad that we're here we finally, get to me after like four, years of speaking to each other and the. Bodies evoke a challenge going on. Harlow, that's, better than your heads. Go. Play so he loves pain. Engineer. Just, a reminder. The. Wings. I'm. The commander. A. Huge. Family which is made and, and. She's so good it is like how it also talking sister there which, is you, just know it's pretty big good do like. Korean. So many thing so much fun nothing that shameless to make sequels. What's. That what is this technology is. Technical, marvel you I could see myself is that my face. So. Yeah I, feel. Like. I shouldn't speak. It's. A dark. That's. Amazing. And I are on the hunt for the four Spears we're like leaving Mexico I realized, I had got beyond Mexico yeah so, we're left that's thought more like we're going a bunch of mates cool you'll find out over the next country as and, we'll get use over the border is first.

Taste Of the Mexican. Beer. All roads. Here. And be please no no. No. Psych exam Berlin you can verify this okay. So. You're over, okay so we've walked by 10 cents, and Friends of Scandinavian, beer hope so, car lovers, and, yeah. This is no blue go away how. Many countries are there oh, I. Think it's far 12, beers I can do that. It's. So nice in fact we just won't think in. Standpipe. It's like okay, back. Back and also, remember, we don't get to the heat. It. Seems a demon I, sort of try, get some beer and, him yeah then we ran Norma, or Scandinavia. Is it Norway or Scandinavia. Anthony. I'm. Not gonna know where I'm a little bit the next after, the next right. Sunny, Phipps so we're good we're good baby just an old bag for few. Days. On that phone. Every. Time you see me Mexicans. Likely. To say that luckily, we have two Americans, with us at same as Baja, we wardens have alcohol machine. I'm asking the kids enjoy Roman roads and they have a passport they wouldn't attempt driving licenses and obviously we're not going to carry our passports about like it. Americans. Are mannequins. Are on the road again. So. This is, yeah. Yeah. Apparently. You. Know what. One. Each so we once kinda need an anyone. Made school is obviously, the. Kids, again. Usually. When I'm messing. This. One's pretty bad. The, cats are having hundreds of fun. Right. So we're in China what. Do you have this, is poo, food. Boo. Beer for beer I want, to tell you about have. A. Baby beer lunch. That's, probably good thing to then he their ninety Jim's, an ailing I'll be drunk no you'll be paid. No. But they're just small on yours like. Yeah. That's. Really, good. Very. Good very chicken. I'm. Not even so. My. God you found their weird, secret. Agent poopy pants. Look. Wow. Amazing. Stuff there. You're. Actually. You've. Had more prizes oh. Wow. Look at that. She's. Just lovely it's like I might take her home. We're. Not waiting on my frozen, mate and we're gonna go in frozen I'm ever. Gonna see. Oh. He's. My favorite. It's. Mine yet. Rose. And let us know that more. So. Yeah we're just saying we're gonna got here, alright you know get into one more car, wash, poodles. Need. Car to get right. That. You kissed right, so nobody knows where we are we have no idea what country would. Like. Actually. Nigeria. Prove his, based on what, country when those in Africa because I'm having yeah we, didn't all come I'm gonna go Africa, I read more in Africa. It's. All laid, my saying these African song playing. In. Africa. Well. Done is that thing me that not as enthusiastic he likes to it and that is for he's got us trying, the bathroom is in Germany it's not happening. Yeah. Good, money on her we get the base Pearson yes you know well. Just, aggressive she then she, funny. Right we just came back from Germany last year and they give his stains of beer stains, James, that's not a saying that's a noise I. Should. Brought me what like. I could step up and like these things they're starting Natalie, we got to go come on I'm.

Agent Slob, flange. James. We're. Not the same team I know. I. Forgot. As, we go out, people, be taking classes there well I'm afraid it love you guys go. Bobby's. Gone. That's. It that's the stuntwoman lunch. That, is a. No. No. I. Was. A good what. We're good are you in for pizza yeah. Me too. These. Are you made - ravioli. I guess, it's in there looks good, the. Channel to your even longer than pasta. Cuz, it's amazing - Geoffrey catches one. Actually. Means and actually your, pea size movies and actually. Yeah. I'm. Gonna pay for the kids too much. Well. Almost new, social. Waiting. On a branch, oh god we owe the. Branch don't. Put on any race to, prepare if, your head mustn't walk do. The right thing Corinne, happen, to leave, shortly, know if, your end you won't really say on every country you. Are. Or, to see the branch or, just beg, the cures for the bridge brave walk he's. Coming down you see some. Ego. Take, all you think about and they'll take out your hand. You. Think about your hands I need, to tell you. They will bite your promise your vibrance. Let. Me smell. It first. It. Smells like ham, it smells like diesel. Oh. My. God. What. Are you doing taking small one I was gonna be the bigger one oh. Right. After. A wreck yeah. That's good idea hey you guys, yeah you come help me all get paid show all the cats like look like we're good. Because. Because, some day told us on Instagram, to drag this here. Yeah. So. We listened, to the people who obviously hey. Us. California. Rolls not real sushi buddy. I'm. So, worst. Like. It tastes like him it, tastes like Rocky. Yeah. Yeah. That's what it seems like it, yeah. I'm. Gonna chop, up and, it's nothing to Jeff I think I'm a wreck it's because that's, just perhaps the most alcohol, there, has ever been in pain when the water or ice right, yeah, I don't mean I felt like rice a to me I would you guys know, yeah. Captain, you're a child. Yeah. For fat you lose. You do just that semi almost mutant I was, that close come. On now get it out this is gonna taste so bad coming back. There's. A lot you're first you're last you mean. To, say I'm. Good. I've caught up gotta cut up I'm. So played to my cell right now. When. You come to Japan, they're. Not under any circumstances. Try the sake. By. Itself, or to :. Bro. Code to be nullified kodoku, tails beer. Octavia. They. Only have slush puppy alcohol and little sauce for the next country. That's. Not the cutest thing that you've ever seen in your entire life. Receive. It just go right mommy, I will. Come to Valdez cuteness and you're like. Bright. Light for the pure self in France. I'm. A picture of the French barrette but, it's. Gonna be the, Japanese, back, here making, a break. I'm. Losing consciousness right, now. She. Barely stopped eating yet. Are. You ashamed of your America. Are. You fightin. It. Was assembled here, it was Nathan yeah, it was good sale yeah that, was that was. Our. Talk louder like. Yeah. But I don't like cellphones. Yeah. Watch. BRR. No the Scandinavia was the worst but. Scandinavians. Worse. Worse. Worse. It. Looks better but it's worse. Northern. Venkat it's happy, scat. London, London, is, Novak, Satan. Right. Just. Walk the bike women. Fights too. Baga. These. Holes. That's. How I feel like. A. Fucking nude Blowfish. Hey. Ned doesn't want to go to Sea World. There. You go. I'm. Gonna. Forget. The Hazen army. Where. Am i gasps chokes aim score and interested, I have very keenly and, over two boys boys the first eight years instead. Of be normal children and - eight years default, like a heart, with years. It's. One we have to - in there where the cat's awesome and that's mainly okay a pair, of years but, all those vegetables we can't just be normal and.

Golf Ball-like could be at legacy, - yeah, yeah. Universal. Has counted them all of them. So. This, is what they chose fatally after 17, hours and. The gift shop we chose a total, dog cat and Toy, Story years, I really. Really, really hope, nobody. As you shouldn't, see em cook because I don't actually have I've. Told the video drinking, are we're at the airport so. Let's. Try separate Spanish it's only many not, only that children. Are all like yoga. Pants the openwork it's. So good and the pants have a good time, you can't come to hold a as an adult and, a family, with children I get, all over dog and I'll be okay vibrating. This is a long, enough video and this is all the video should be right we've, had an awesome awesome, time, it has been amazing to finally meet these people after four years I love, them they are there many conversion, of my family so if you're not subscribed to the Neverland Rose please, fools like. Monty. All their videos they, are anally, gently at or not I don't understand, how they don't have most of these papers they have a seven half thousand but this should kill have a seven. I have a million thousand honestly, it doesn't no no I know that's all work I don't know I'm, not that drunk bar is this the truth they should have like an unbelievable - no chambers because they're all really cool, I'm very, funny so, I'm gonna scan a and I, will catch all this right.

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Great vlog Love you guys

My dad doing with his pals that he has do get a drink at a place pub at every stop on train

Hey Natalie, are the DIno hats coming up soon? lol

Greetings from America! Love this Epoct video! That was an Epic day of Drinking beer ( with NO breaks in between) LOL But that Japan one... yikes!

Looks like you had lots of fun in Epcot Nat and family! We loved it as well. You should have had Japanese beer. I don't like sake either!

Had SOOO much fun with everyone! Wish we could do it every year!!!

Things were definitely getting "a bit" pear-shaped for you at a couple of points Natalie ... ;) Sake is a rice wine, and I agree....not meant for drinking... Good thing you didn't make it to Canada on that "round-the-world" trip. We have a liking for strong beer, and it might have been your last stop ... :D Good to see you all had a fun time there. Cheers!

Revenge of the Buckfast !

I forgot about the SeaBass. Haha. Wish I had 7 and a half million-thousand subscribers too. I will never be able to go to Epcot again without remembering this trip.

That seabass taste like chicken! So much fun!

I forgot about it too till I was editing and Davids fat bastard impression and the rap battle

This was amazing lol. Looks like my kinda day xx

It was little best day ever, if only we could go back and do it again lol

thumbs up !

Tops off enjoying Easter weather

Glad your having fun nat" say hi to boys&David it's roasting here in Glasgow 27 degrees

Mon the Scots! This is my kind of vlog lol

Not your typical Disney vlog

Hi sorry if i missed it ,but were did you stay and how was it,hanks lee n lou

Hi we actually stayed on international drive at one of the Rosen inns. It was a great base x

Not suitable for non Scottish minors... Scots wains know it's just part of our grammar

Bigger than your heid............

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