DRIVEN 2018: Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 vs Peugeot 3008 SUV - Malaysian review

DRIVEN 2018: Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 vs Peugeot 3008 SUV - Malaysian review

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Hi. Guys welcome to driven powered, by Petronas dynamic diesel euro-5 with Pro Drive and, Petronas. Premix. In. This. Episode we're featuring the new 5th generation, on, the CRV, and its closest rival is this the, Mazda cx-5 it's. A brand new second-generation, model and, it's expected, to give the Honda CRV a very, good run for its money and me, I brought along a proper, wildcard, here the Peugeot 3008. Forget. The weird old one this new version means business, and to me it's a proper alternative, to these to mainstream, SUVs. Yes. We could have gone with the Volkswagen Tiguan but, if you're going for a left field option we think the 3008 is the most standard candidate, after, all if you're going for a change you better go big or go home. The. 6'5 is the series, most obvious, mainstream, rival but the Mazda is a very, different, machine compared, to the Honda they take fundamentally, contrasting. Approaches, to making a family SUV. The. CRV, well, it's, not only seen as the ideal SUV, in Malaysia because, for a long time now it's the ideal family, car, period, regardless of, body, type as, its rivals gets stronger so, has the Honda, interestingly. All, three models will launch within the past one year so, they're all new, it's a level playing field there is no advantage or disadvantage and. Today, we'll also find out if the Honda CRV is still the, best family SUV that you should get and we'll give you a clear-cut, answer along. The way we find out which one's the most practical which one's the fastest, best, handling and of course the, most economical, in this group ok. Ok let's, not waste any time now and find, out which one of these three SUVs is the right one for you ready. Guys yeah let's, get it on. We've. Chosen what we think are the best variants, of each model here for the CRV, it's of course the top spec 1.5. Liter turbo, premium, two wheel drive version as it's the only one that comes with under sensing, it, costs, the most to buy among the three here but not by much, for. The cx-5 our pick, of the range is the 2.2. Skyactiv-d. Turbo, diesel, t will drive variant, it's, 10k cheaper than the all wheel drive version but, with the same exact.

Equipment That, also puts it pretty much on equal ground against, the CRV, pirjo, meanwhile doesn't have the luxury of offering, so many variants, so, the 3008, range tops out with the 1.6, thp earlier, that we have here it's, more affordable than both its rivals here buy a full 10 thousand, ringgit but, in turn it also loses out on active safety features which is a shame, see. The cars in the flesh however and you would think is the per show that is the most expensive car, here I love, the way it looks it's so modern and chic and the sharp lines go so well with the muscular body, I like, the interplay, of colors here to gloss, black body, color and chrome, in terms, of style I think this is right up there with the Lexus, and X, if passion, is your thing you can forget the rest this is the SUV, for you. The. Cx-5, on the other hand is not as flashy but, the thing is it is not boring at the same time there are three things that I really love about the front end of the cx-5, number, one is a large grille that you have over here number, two is this wide, chrome, bar that you have here and number three are the razor-sharp headlights. It gives it a very dynamic, look, when you have a quick look on the car it'll make you think that it's a concept car and there's also another thing people think that when you drive an SUV it'll make you look old but. I can guarantee to you that driving. This will, make you look young, now. At the back some might argue that the taillights look a bit too small for a car but, I really think that they look proportionate. Over here plus the taillights they give a very futuristic, kind, of look now, I'd like to bring your attention to, this wheel over here now, you're looking at a 19-inch. Wheel fitted, with premium tires of course the. Problem is the, wheels look too small for example the Honda CRV it, uses an 18 inch wheel which is smaller but, it looks bigger so, the reason why, it is smaller here could be because of the design it looks a bit too dark so overall, that's the only complaint, that I have in terms of the cx-5 exterior. Looks. Speaking. Of size the CRV, is definitely. The biggest car here and you can clearly tell just, by looking, at it it's, 50 millimeters longer than the Mazda cx-5 and about 150. Millimeters, longer than the Peugeot 3008. That. Is a lot, of extra, length and you, know what they say size. Does. Matter. But. Overall the design is a love it or hate it affair, especially. With the Volvo like LED. Tail lights personally. Though I kind of like how it looks because it is by far the most premium, looking, CRV, we've had to date. Tell. You what if premium is what you want this is it the pusher looks and feels like a proper premium, car in here and I say this both in terms of perceived, build quality as, well, as design, this. Wraparound, cockpit, looks like it belongs from a sci-fi movie and, it has genuinely, unique, elements, - like this weird, gear selector, fabric. Inserts on the dashboard, and small. Square, steering wheel and of, course the PSA resistance, the, eye cockpit, digital, instrument, cluster now, this is even more impressive than our DS virtual, cockpit, it's. Not all perfect of course because economics, are truly, and deeply French. Take, the econ controls for instance you need to work both the physical button and the, touchscreen for, something that you do very very often that's. Not good and let's, not forget the. Silly cruise control stock behind the steering wheel right where, you can't see them, vive. La France I suppose the. Honda is the direct opposite, of that because everything, you want is exactly where you'll be able to find them there's a set of dials, and buttons here for the climate control and one more up here for the volume and the, screen itself the interface, is very easy, to use but it's not the best one in this, overall. The cabin is not as plush as the other two but this is by, far the most impressive. Honda cabin we've had today and what, it lacks in so-called premiumness. I mean look at this boot trim it feels a little bit like the 90s in here again. What, it's lacking it makes up for with here, practicality. There's lots of cubby holes everywhere around the car and check this out this huge, center, console box is, so, big. You. Can fill your hand back in there. Now. The master sits, somewhere in the middle it is not as lavish as a perjurer but it is better than the CRV, for, example, the door cuts over here the upper part they are all wrapped in leather and there are a lot of soft touch points throughout the car even in the rear cabin so in terms of build quality this, is top-notch having, said that the, analog meters look really old-school now next to the fancy digital dials of the other two cars here and the center armrest box, is really small for an SUV, controls.

Wise Mazda has taken a very minimalist, approach which, I really liked the entire thing is right up there with BMWs, iDrive it, uses a knob as well as a touchscreen but once you start driving the touchscreen will be disabled, because master thinks that would distract the driver moving. On to the rear now, space has not been the cx-5 strong suit in fact for any Mazda, now this model is a bit bigger than the one it replaces but it's still not that great finally. We, have a convent's, at the rear the. Only thing is that it's a bit too low another. Thing is that it, has a center hump over here whether it's a two wheel, drive or a four wheel drive version you still get that another, thing, the seats it's actually designed for two instead of three but one thing I really really love is this the. Centre armrest has. Two. USB ports, the. Pressure is a little bigger in here with a bit more legroom compared, to the Mazda even though on the outside this, is the smallest car here the, backrest can't be reclined like we added to but, the bench itself this is the most comfortable one here as for, the floor it's also the flattest of the group because this car is not designed to have all-wheel drive in. Any other markets, but. Other, than that this is not particularly, practical because. The. Center headrests is pretty much useless. The. Center box here juts out so much if you sit in the middle you're gonna hurt your shin and look, at this a 12 volt socket instead, of USB charges, for the rear passengers I mean, last, I checked it's, 2018. Already and here. We come to the CRVs, party, piece this, car makes the other tool feel like Perodua, as yes back here I mean just, look at the amount of legroom, I have back here and that, by the way is my, driving, position, for, families and long journeys this is easily, the most practical. Option, the, seats are well shaped and comfortable, you get nice and big hit rest as well and the, backrest. Reclines. A little bit more than in the Mazda down, here the floor is not quite, as flat as the pirjo 3008. But. When you have a space this big I really. Don't think anyone, is gonna complain about this. Advantage, is carried over to the boot space - as the CRV, has been biggest best, shape cargo bay at, 522. Liters it's just slightly larger, than the pirjo but, for the rear seats flat and you have a cavernous load bay to carry bulky, items it's, also the only SUV. Here to have a full sized spare tire instead, of a space saver as well, as a power tailgate. The. Borough is close behind with a 520. Lead boat and an adjustable floor board to carry taller items the. Tonneau cover slots in here neatly when not in use -, with. The seats folded the cargo bay isn't quite as deep as a CRVs, by, the 3000 it has a neat trick where you can fold the front passenger seat down for the occasional trips down to Ikea as for. The Mazda again, it comes in last in terms of practicality, with just 422. Litres of space that's. Significantly, smaller than its rivals here and that's, with either the seats folded up or down, on, the plus side it does have an advantage of a, 40/20/40. Split folding. Seats so, you can carry long items, while keeping 4 seats available it. Also has a clever tonneau cover that's attached to the table. Now, put practicality. Aside you'll quickly realize why. Mazda is becoming, a mainstream, brand, among automakers, right here in Malaysia they. Make cars they're a nice Drive so, let's start off with the engine first the, cx-5, is offered with two petrol options one is a 2-liter and another is a 2.5. And they, are both normally, aspirated but. The one that we would recommend could be the 2.2. Turbo, diesel which is the one that I'm driving right now it's definitely, I feel the best among the 3 cars that we are comparing today now, turbo, Diesel's they have a lot of talk and all, you need to do if you need a bit of power is just step, on the gas a bit and there, you go and this happens in any. Gear so, there's, a lot of talk from download. The rev range numbers, wise the cx-5 diesel, makes 173. Horsepower and. More importantly. 420. Newton meters of torque that's. Way more than the CRVs. 1.5. Liter, turbo engine which, makes 190. Horsepower and. 243. Newton meters of torque Hojo's, long-serving, Prince 1.6. Thp unit, is the least powerful here, with, 165. Horsepower, and, 240. Newton, meters, against. The clock to measure the cx-5 to be the quickest car here taking, just 9.1. Seconds from 0 to 200 coming. In second was the Honda CRV taking, nine point six seconds well, this one is a little further back again it dips just under the 10-second mark but. All those numbers don't tell the whole story the Peugeot, here may be slowest, from zero to hundred but, in everyday, driving conditions, it's actually quicker than. The Honda CRV this. Is the, lightest, car here and it really feels it it takes less of an effort from the engine to move it from a stencil it's, less, of a struggle competitive.

And. This. Is a sweet, sweet, engine just listen, to it rev yes. It's all by now but it's still a nice car to drive in, terms of engine, and performance, I still rate is higher than Honda's. VTech double unit, when. Honda first announced, that it was going to introduce a 1.5, liter turbocharged. Engine to replace the older, 2.4. Liter engine a lot, of people were skeptical, you know they'd be asking a. Big. Small. Engine to, power one can, move on well. Obviously, it. Can and, under. Full throttle, I might, even say that this car is actually pretty. Fast, but. A problem is when you're driving slowly, in traffic, or especially, when you're accelerating, slowly, the, car tends to feel a little bit sluggish like, it's lacking that low-end, torque personally. It's not a problem for me but. If you put it side by side next, to the diesel, cx-5, then you're gonna see that this car is actually pretty lethargic. For. Those of you who are thinking that the CVT is the one to be blamed here, let's. Not jump the gun because it's actually one of the better built CBP's. Out there it's, smooth, and it doesn't have the rubber band effect or even lag it. Also has a step, function to mimic a conventional. Automatic, transmission. In this regard I have no complaints, whatsoever. Now, the cx-5, is even, better it, uses Mazda, 6, speed automatic transmission. Which is infamous, for being a bit slow it tries to change. Gears, faster. So, you can save more fuel but with a turbo diesel engine it works perfectly because it has so much of torque so no, matter what gear you're in you. Have power already the. Pressure also runs a 6-speed, automatic, gearbox sourced. From Ison, here, it does the job just fine but, there's always the rubbery feel to the throttle that is typical, of automatic. / shows it's. Fine but it's. Not great, also. Average, is the purchase, handling, the, steering is really quick, and together with this tiny, steering wheel it feels light and Dottie like, a much smaller, car body. Roll is also well controlled, especially, for an SUV but, it just doesn't feel anywhere, near as dynamic. Or as fun as the Mazda, on. The move the Mazda cx-5 is quite impressive it has a sharp steering and the body roll is quite minimal as well so, if you're looking for an SUV, that is very car like to drive this, would be it it's very close to the Mazda 3 but, there are two issues that I would like to point out number one being the steering wheel is a bit too weak when you are driving on a straight line say, on the highway and the, next one is the brakes it feels a bit too soft, so you have to go deeper, in to get more power out of the brakes but other than these two issues the. Car is very very. Enjoyable to drive and I love it, the. CRV makes no claim of being a fun car to drive and. The. Days of everyday hunters being sporty, well. They're, long gone anyway. Compared. To the rest the CRV has the most, body. Roll and it's definitely, not built to chase up certain cars I'm camping for example, but, in terms of stability high. Speed stability especially, the. CRV, is, definitely. Among the best up there. It is surely, surely better than, the older, CRV. In. Essence this one is getting more to its comfort rather than sporty. Dynamics, and being. A family SUV I think, that should be a priority. Right it's. Easily one of the most comfortable, car in this group and through, rough potholes, and speed bumps the. CRV, is gonna feel the least disturbed. Here. When. You go faster, it's a different story now the cx-5, generally. Has a more, steep suspension, setup compared to the CRV but when you start driving it fast, say, above, 60, km/h you'll. Notice that the stiff suspension gives. You a more planted. Feel on the road so you feel a bit more stable, you, don't rock as much or compared to when you're in the CRE for example as. For the 3008, it's the only one here to have a real torsion, beam instead. Of independent rear, multi-link, suspension. Well. By right you expect the right quality to be a little bit crap, but, somehow it manages to have the best ride quality, most, control, and best damn suspension, here how, kosher has gotten the most sophisticated ride. Quality, out of the most basic cheaper, suspension, around, God. Knows on. The refinement, the pleasure again has a very strong showing here and the full throttle we recorded a maximum noise, level of just 70, DB for, the pleasure which is quieter, than a cx-5, 72. DB the, Honda CRV is by far away the loudest, at full load at 75. DB. Yep, Honda's. Usual, issue with subpar, refinement, continues. To affect this CRV, as well it's. Not just the engine, noise either, which. By the way is really, loud. And. Sound insulation from rolling noise that's. Severely, lacking as well at. A steady cruise of 110. Kilometers, per hour again.

It's The Honda that's the loudest, at a maximum, of 70. Decibels the. Other two registered, a similar, max of 67. DB which is a big, big. Difference, now. Master claims that it makes the world's, most refined, and quietest. Diesel engines, and, yes I have, to agree the. Diesel, feel in here it's very quiet, you, don't feel the diesel, clatter even an idle the only time you would feel or you realize. That you're driving a diesel power SUV, is when you accelerate hard but then again it. Sounds kind of good. Phil, efficiency, is one of the most crucial things for family vehicles, such as these Euro, 5 diesel is recommended, for the cx-5 so, we tested it with Petronas, dynamic, diesel Euro 5 with pro drive engineer. With learnings from the Kaka rally the new generation, sulfur, free high, performance, clean diesel delivers, a smooth Drive and superior, fuel economy roof, cleaner emissions the. New formulation, is also available in selected, stations, in Sarawak, has to. Be expected, the mazda cx5 diesel used the least feel overall averaging. 15.3. Km/h /. Everyday. Driving conditions, next. Up was the petrol peugeot 3008. Managing, 12.1, km/h for. Larger. Heavier honda, cr-v with, 11.3. Kilometers, per liter this. Means the diesel mazda is a good 30% more efficient, than its petrol, rivals. Alright. So we covered pretty much all the basis for each of the cars here so it's time we take turns to see what we like and don't like about the cars freeze, you. Want to take a shot at, the CRV don't, go all cocky now man but yes the CRV is indeed, a very well-rounded, SUV. But. It's the only one here to not have Auto up-and-down functions for all windows, come on man this is supposed to be one of your flagship, models it. Also comes in last in a traditional Malaysian door, slam test. See. Little sound anywhere near solid as the other two one. Common complaint is the lack of a seven seed option for Malaysia which is available in quite a few other markets, but this time I think on a malaysia I made the right choice because, having seen the 7 seater up close the, last two seats are pretty much next to useless and they don't even fall flat. The. Mazda has blind spot when it is by the Honda offers this lanewatch system, instead, it gives a clear view of the left side but no help on the right, the. CRV is the only one here to have adaptive, cruise control well. I don't see this as a safety feature per, se it's a nice convenience, feature for, high reuse. Mazda. Didn't market its active safety feature as aggressively, as Honda but this one does come with its own active. Sense suite there's, no adaptive, cruise control but, there's autonomous. Emergency braking, or, AE, be present, in more models, instead of the top spec one just, like the CRV, that, to me is more, important, and it even comes with this brilliant, a EB, function, when you are in Reverse. On. To the warranty, the Honda may come with the best warranty, coverage here with five years and unlimited, mileage but, the Mazda counters, that with three years worth of free, service, not. Bad, on. The. Flip side it gets this old-school keyless, entry compared, to the touch sensors, that you can find on the other two cars I mean, come. On. It's. Also the only SUV. Here that doesn't come with apple carplay or, Android. Cotto in this day and age that's quite a shame really. The. Mazda also has the most expensive, root tanks at nearly 600. Ringgit per annum compared, to just 100, on the rest well. At least it uses less fuel away, now. I have to agree that the pirjo is the, best looking car here it's very Gaia, and it's very futuristic looking, but, there is one thing that don't get these. Things that is supposed to cover the exhaust area what. Is this laughs. Another. Thing the. Display screens they are very sharp on the inside but the problem is the moment you put the car into reverse, it's. Like watching a 3gp, video on the 4k, screen. Now. As usual the French cars the glovebox is, tiny now, this what I call a lazy left-hand, drive to right hand rev conversion, and. Another thing is that this is the only car here which has an ISO fixed front seat but remember if you want to use a BBC please make sure that you turn off the front airbags and the other thing is that this car also has electric child, locks. One. Thing I do like though are these sequential turn signals, it makes the car look more premium, nice, one per job. Okay. So we've covered everything, there is to cover so now it's decision, time right.

The Honda CRV is really a complete and capable, SUV, it's quick it's fast it's comfortable and on top of all that it's, just the most practical, car of the lot but. It is still loud and it's, boring to drive and my biggest complaint, is that interior I mean it's fine in isolation but put it next to these tube it just feels cheap man that's. Where the Mazda, stands, out the build quality is top-notch and it's even comparable, to certain entry-level BMW. And Mercedes, models and the, driving dynamics it's very nice to drive and the engine, especially. This 2.2, liter turbo diesel it's perfect, conveniently. Keeping, the pathway it's the tiniest on the inside that's right I mean even the smallest car here the pressure is more spacious on the inside you know and obviously. The best looker here by far it's also the most comfortable the most refined it just feels expensive through, and through and, it's the cheapest car here come on but. The driving is just about, average and the. Reason why it's cheap is because certain safety, features were not spec tint right, that's. True then, again every, car has its own strengths, and weaknesses, time. For, the final, verdict, frizz you got to take this man alright, alright the, first row has, to come in third place I mean we have to be realistic it's still very much a left field choice especially, with a big question, mark over its brand image and of course resale, value especially, against these two more mainstream, brands, but, that's a pity because I think otherwise, it's a fantastic, car and it's still my personal, favorite and. The. Mazda comes in at a very close second, and the, main reason why it's not in the number, one spot is because the. Practicality, from the CRV, is better but, if you are okay. With not having a car that has as much space as the CRE or if, you put driving, dynamics above all else then, the. Cx-5 is the best car for you so, yes ladies, and gents the Honda CRV is once again the top pick for our class. It gets all the important things done just right. In the window of being, a family-oriented, SUV, so, that's it for episode of driven however patronage dynamic diesel euro-5 with pro drive and petronas, premix, thank. You for watching and we'll see you next time bye-bye.

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good luck

The CRV design looks really disproportionate and awkward against the 2 other SUVs here. Definitely not in the same league in terms of design refinement.

@chris tan haha precisely!!

Thayanand Palanisamy not too old for vtec yo

Thayanand Palanisamy i think it tries too hard to be hip and trendy. They put too much design elements that just do not work with that car design.

chris tan an oversized and disproportionate one

Very true. And it looks more like a old man SUV. I do not know why people always said CRV win cause of practicality. Of course it is designed larger due to 7 seater placement.

The front looks like Storm Trooper

3 best host together in a video, well done paul tan

Sportage and tucson not even in the league?

Mazda win.. But why compare cx5 diesel, why not compare cx5 2.0 petrol..

Amar Official compare the higer range.

Love the design on the 3008 very much, but am truly scarred with Peugeot brand after having to maintain the 308 turbo for 7 years which would cost up to 5 digits figure in repair costs every year

Azlan, I had the SAME car. 6 years. turbo keep having issues, in and out of workshop, extremely expensve to maintain. After 6 yeasrs I let go last week ( got a new car ) . turbo and engine fault and all, I only got RM 7.5k for that car.

pug in msia.. haih

What about nissan x trail?

Can you make a video like this for mpv?

After sales service which one had better value for money?

another good episode of Driven! Thumbs up!

Gta V!!

WTH those BIRKINS!!!

Bring out the Toyota Harrier pleasee

If Peugeot don't have shitty after sales service and a better resale price, I will choose the 3008 since it have the best design overall.

3008 looks stunning

looks only... sad

What about the Rav4?

Suhaila Deni it isn't available in Malaysia

GTA V effect

Why not the Tiguan?

kavi nesh that’s out of the price range

i bought the cx-5 2.2 awd

These cars are awesome! However, I still prefer the Fortuner any dayyy

those GTA reference hahahha

Great review from u guys...i can's the return of the king...good job honda & mazda

wow nice GTA 5 transition and nice birkin bag. hahahaha

That handbag though...haha good one Matthew! Probably most expensive than all three car reviewed

7:17 nice one haha.ROastmah

I hit the like button even before playing this video


For a long drive, the peugot rear seat gets really uncomfortable

Paul Tan's Automotive News oh well to each his own

We think they're the most comfy here.

Nice one

The Honda is ugly as hell and the Peugeot is over designed and gimmicky. The Mazda is a little better but nothing I would turn my head back to. It has a good diesel engine though.

Y no subaru xv instead of puegeot

Dunno why the voice audio is always whispering soft as compared to music in most Paultan videos recording, izzit just me or editor ears? just my 2 cents

Amazing turbo diesel fuel economy for the CX-5 . If you're not stuck in the jam all the time, I don't see a good reason to buy a petrol hybrid car which does not consume much lesser fuel than a modern turbo diesel . This C segment SUV with 19inch wheels already can get 15.3km/l which perform alot better than alot of B segment small petrol engine car in terms of fuel economy.

Wait, is driven changed another video shooting team? It looks different from 2018 episode one! It looks so normal, I Guess they want to be usual&common video instead of fine tune of Color adjusting and cinematic feel. Please bring back the quality of episode one

CR-V > CX-5 > all

Honda CRV's quality has dropped a lot since the G4... lots of problems to boot.

CR-V clearly the winner. Still enjoying it!

When are we going to have driven for 7 seater SUV?

Wait u guys don'tt get the panoramic roofs?

Love this series. Keep it up guys. Love my 2.2 Diesel CX-5 too.

Canción citas de amor

Is peugot assembled in France?

Really good comparison review guys!

Mong Cha Cha all new cars reliability we don't know much about .

Jay Tee Kay yeah not very objective at all bad review. The peugot is impressive regardless of brand image

Peugot has way better design and interior

Kev Tan probably because there is a difference between the european peugot and the Malaysian one. You have to check where it's manufactured this is more important than people think.

Sheldon Gannon what makes the engines for puegot?

Silver Low peugot way better design especially interior and Mazda is a good second. Crv is really ugly

Peugeot reliability is always an issue for the brand.

My bro also have 308 turbo previous gen and his fair share of issues, but so far not serious. Also he noted the turbo engine is best used with RON97 since RON97 already use Euro 4 standard. RON95 still Euro 2, which I think may explain many problems with the engine because it was designed for Euro 4 and above. I learned that direct injection engines are not tolerating Euro 2 fuel very well.

Hi Lan...totally agree with you, maintenance and aftersales service just pull the hand brake for me to getting another peugeot

Reliability should be top notch now

crv all the way

Where is this place?

Nicely done! So Honda being the cheapest-feeling is not only here in Indonesia eh ? The Indonesian CR-V got some issues like the gear lever button can snap off while driving. Contrary to this, the Peugeot is the most expensive here in Indonesia (750millions IDR or around RM 214K) but it only comes in GT-Line, much more expensive than the Mazda CX-5 2.5 GT (we don't have diesel opt) in around 550millions IDR or RM 157K. The Honda is much more cheaper by around 513millions or RM 146K.

According to Mazda and many other sites CX-5 has 506 liter boot space.

Thanks to Tun Dr. M, now most automotive companies are busy collecting new orders (Demand More than Supply). But watch out the Sep - Dec sales drop later. Unless year end promo coming up to boost up the sales. Good luck!

Waiting for more video like this

CRV turbo engine has any problem like they faced in the china market?

Similarly priced

Great review. Love the various viewpoints

Paul Tan's Automotive News surly you could order the larger engine??

Malaysia has beautiful people. Thanks for review.

Love the review! May I know the location where you shot this video? :)

3008 owner here, i really think the cruise control is position / design right at the location.. i really dont need see it and just so nicely reach without 2nd thought. Nice review BTW~

Why it's not Kia Sorrento or spotage

very good review boys

Nice video. Really good presentation. But here's my comment. I had to connect a speaker to my phone so that I can hear you guys talk clearly.

3gp video on a 4k screen lol

Beckham Tan s90 t8 obviously

Both Honda CR-V & Peugeot 3008 are Petrol engine. Why compare Mazda CX-5 2WD Diesel, instead of Mazda CX-5 2.5 2WD Petrol? Should have include Volkswagen Tiguan WILD

@5:10....4,596 mm - 4,550 mm = 46 mm. 4,596 mm - 4,447 mm = 149 mm. 50 mm = 5 cm. 150 mm = 15 cm. Size does matter?

The comedy is making a gradual but welcome return to Driven. But there’s still something missing. #BringBackSamLoo

Nice editing. I do feel the 3008 deserved better. All those positive points, but then you just put it on last place because Peugeot is not an established brand in Malaysia. After watching the video I was expecting that the CR-V would end last, but it finishes first because it's the most "practical"...

for me 3008 should compare to HRV, and for CRV it should be compared with 5008, the spacious cabin and full safety feature will make the new CRV far in comparison...dont tell you me you also dont have the new 5008 in Malaysia?

Love these guys l just can't stand the accent.

you people are bitch!!!! no contest here HONDA killed it!!!!!

John Benedict Villa Their HRV model is still the best looking.

MrWalker1000 they still have limited CBU stocks. It's the first batch.. Hurry B4 they're sold out, colour choice is limited by now. I wanted Red, but only got Copper Brown.

Driving the 3008 at 140 kph, it was still quiet.. Maybe it's CBU?

Artur K well, they think, Take it or Leave it...

Hafriz Shah Did you tested the Pug in Sport or normal mode?

Mong Cha Cha, that's why u can't really trust on-paper performance specs. Manufacturer's claims are not always the truth. Though, one manufacturer who is quite honest with performance specs is VW. VW typical real time performance is really close to the on-paper specs, sometimes even better.

Sheldon, Malaysians only get the 1.6 THP version of new 3008...and no, no special order available too.

Hafriz Shah The 0-100 km/h was tested using stopwatch or any OBD standalone such as Defi..?

Noisy, body roll, etc. just because of practical, it can get no1? I just can say, Paul Tan's standad is not my standard. My std are fun to drive, nice exterior and interior. I do not need too spacious as my family not those more than 180cm. Do not tell me RSV, if you are keen on RSV, you get nothing but a boring car at the end. Do not tell me reliability as can you assure Japanese car now is reliable? Please learn from oversea, esp Europe, they only comment what you can test from the car and never tell you something based on their assumption.

Nice comparison. But I'm sure that there are measurement differences between these three models. There's no way that 3008's trunk is that much bigger than CX5's. In European documentations, CX5's trunk is rated at 505 lt, not 422.

CX5 wins any day

Great review guys!

for SUV comfort, interior size and horsepower is what the most important. Add the resale value CRV tops the competition. If you wanted driving performance get a civic or mazda 6.

Nice comparison. How come you guys do not included Subaru Forester?

The mighty, all conquering Peugeot 3008 "suffers a dubious brand image'??? What planet are you from??

great review as always! very informative. thanks

The Peugeot's worth like 184.700 RM in my country. We only get the top trim which is GT Line and no other trim available.

yeehaaa CRV Gen 5 the best ..very practical and fun to drive (minus the noise)

ease of resale is important to me. Honda is the way to go for me

what the hell the new mazda call this a new mazda ? and honda what the hell? good job peugeot !!!!!

Well reviewed guyss.. really helping me to find out which one the best.. plus the humor as well tho

Honda CRV is definitely the winner here.

Crv is greater than the other two vehicles. But the looking ruins everything. Honda need a new designer.

í lσv pєugєσt 3008..

great show guys

Was this video shot at Bagan Lalang beach?? It's a beautiful place. A must visit beach. By the way, good review. I will go for the Mazda. Peugeot is still a 50-50 for me due to reliability issues in the past.

What about Toyota Rav-4??

Honda CVR !!!

With so many quality issues, crv is going down the drain for malaysian customers

But CRV got 193 HP with only 1.5L engine comapre to mazda 2.0L engine.


It's awesome

Out of the trio, I would pick the Honda CR-V. The CR-V looks attractive especially the interesting long rear lights and chrome accents, interior design with plusher materials and flexible ergonomics, practicality includes more rear seat space to stretch and bigger boot and great equipment levels incl. sat-nav, Honda Sensing safety suite, power tailgate etc. Despite all of this, it may not be real fun to drive compared to the two but it has a new 1.5-litre TURBO petrol engine which is powerful, still comfortable to drive and is stable too.

They put peugeot at the back then why this car wins the car of the year and engine of the year twice i just dont get it was it about the resell value? .

Getting better every time good job guys

Volkswagen toureg

I'm comparing between the 3008, Ateca and Tiguan guys, what do you recommend?

The amount of torque on Mazda CX5 is jaw dropping..around 420Nm that's more than average pickup truck for sale! And its 2WD too, as for me I prefer the Mazda CX5 but the Peugeot 3008 looks stunning. The CRV is just meh to mainstream

I don't understand how Honda won this comparison. It doesn't make any sense... it is only more pratical according to them.

most GTA V players can't afford these car lar lol

Actually CR-V shouldn't be in this comparison. Coz for Malaysian it's a no-brainer. It has the biggest space, reliable Honda brand and low maintenance. But everything else about it is underwhelming and it doesn't have a character. But Malaysian families don't care about this. The comparison should be on the Best Alternatives - Mazda CX-5, Peugeot 3008, VW Tiguan and Subaru Forester.

peugeot unreliable french shit box

Hi What's the exterior of the puegeot?

how can the audi virtual cockpit more worst than the peugeot ones.. its by far the second best ui behind the bmw i-drive

I'm agreed the Peugeot 3008 is the best SUV nowdays but mazda cx 5 2018 is the best to driven compares Honda CR-V quite okay but the behind design like Nissan vannete.

i'm a simple guy. i choose honda

These companies ask for so much money, but why there is no option for captain's seat?

shoot at Bagan Lalang.......

What would happen if I fill the CX-5 2.2 turbodiesel with regular diesel eventhough it is recommended to use Euro 5 diesel? Will there be any bad effects to the engine and driving performance?

Petronas fuel is garbage. I put some in my mazda 3 mps and it made the engine so rough. Any other fuel doesnt do that.


there is no way, cx5 and typical jap Crv compare with Europe spec 3008, which gives you both comfort and safety,as well as “something fascinating” to entice your vision, the design in and out,beautifully and futuristic crafted . you can’t compare a bottle of red wine with teh tarik.

Where is Kia Sorento?

md najib exactly

excellant nice report ..i enjoy it

Honda CR-V ugly design both interior n exterior eventhough leg-room comfortable , Peugeot spareparts not easy, Mazda beautiful design interior n exterior but leg-room not comfortable so all I dont like.

What I know it's the 1.5 turbo variant you must know how to take care a turbo car or else get frustrating problems

That GTA V style tho

Is there a minimum speed for AEB when automatically activated?

3008 is the SUV to beat since 2017 design came to fore. The stature alone tops them all.

I love the mazda cx-5 because i use that car

3008 best by farrrr

Hie, Ron 95 or 97 for CRV 1.5 T ?

Interior crv still boring

good video , camera work can be better though !! well done !

CRV might be the best selling SUV in Malaysia but CX5 is the best selling SUV in the world, huhu

You missed tuscon. Its the closest competition or rven better than crv

No offense.. but isn't 5008 supposed to be here instead 3008

3008 2018 has a ton of safety features more than the two competitors suv.

Which suv in malaysia is the most fuel efficient and safest and reasonable midrange price?

Crv i just love crv

Honda boring..try test drive tiguan and crv..then choose which one the best..i bet u cancel booking h

Any problems with the CRV's engine? Oil dilution/fuel leaks?

Buang Masa Je aku tgk. Last last korang pilih CRV .

Lol Mazda won Malaysia car of the year 3rd place, Peugeot 2nd place so I have no idea why it lost. Volvo XC60 won though

When vtec kicks in..

So you guys put a diesel CX5 against petrol engines? Are you kidding me? That is review 101. Pls get your cars on the same level...get a petrol CX5.

Mazda & Honda joint 1st, Peugeot last, I would never buy a french car again they are unreliable and uncool.

Is it true about the Honda economy mode was engaged during the test accidentally? WE drove Mazda and Honda featured here. Only the Mazda 2.5 can win a straightline acceleration 0-60. Not the 2 ltr version. I like good cornering cars so my preference is for the Mazda.

rear light of 3008 and crv ugly

You in Malaysia are very biased against 3008. Very popular car in uk. Even in your summation you had the 3008 at the back BEFIRE you made your deliberations... tut, tut, tut

please review chr hrv and cx3 pleaseeee

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