Duchesne Littles - Ho'omau Ranch - KZ Escape 23 Bunkhouse Review - International Peace Gardens

Duchesne Littles - Ho'omau Ranch - KZ Escape 23 Bunkhouse Review - International Peace Gardens

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Bigger is always better right well, this week on not your leisure we're testing that theory as we discover how amazing, little can be I'm, Corinne, smart and I'm Steven Heumann we're in Duchene County Utah finding, out how you can visit some of the most iconic destinations in the West but they're all within a half-hour of one rural town then, join me Zak seprieono as I jump across the Pacific Ocean for an ATV adventure that's part jungle part lava fields lastly, Reece Stein discovers, international, peace in the heart of the West a Yul starts now. Out. West we have a lot of big, attractions. You have places like the Grand Canyon Yellowstone. National Park, Lake Powell each. Bringing with it views, and experiences. Every. Bit as large and memorable, as they are but. These big destinations. Also, bring with them crowds, long drives and the notoriety that sometimes, sucks any mystery, from the experience, so. How do you combat these issues well. Maybe. Instead of going somewhere big, you. Need to try something. Little and, this, is why we're in Duchene County visiting, the littles a little Grand Canyon, a little Lake Powell and our first stop little Yellowstone. What's. Really, cool about the, Duchene county is the fact that we have everything, kind of miniaturized, we. Have Yellowstone Canyon which we're here first at today we, have a little, Grand Canyon which we're gonna look at later today we have a little Lake Powell we just got all sorts of stuff out here in the basin there's just unbelievable, you can get to so, quickly. Move. Yellowstone, here it's called Yellowstone, because of this big yellow formation, we, don't have geysers but we have 18 heats which you get in a in Yellowstone, Park there's. A river drainage that is phenomenal fishery. Love to fish the Yellowstone, River it's like a little miniature Snake River and, it's so much in similarity. To Yellowstone, Park the pines the, Aspen's. Wide. Open meadows up higher it's it's just a great place to be. I. Think we're about to find out the overall oh my good night, alright well that that's cool that's, why it's called little Yellowstone, let's take a look at this I feel.

Like I'm a kid stuck in a western movie I like, the old the old times where they would come home because this is what Wyoming look like yeah. It. Is I, mean literally it is literally, Yellowstone. So what. Is it just, a massive drop-off, yeah. It's just a big drop-off, from. - Shane you're gonna come north - like, you're going to Altamont, or moon lake and you, follow that up and you'll see a sign and turn off to Yellowstone, make that turn and you, come right to our trailhead, well. I've been to a lot of the big parks been to Yellowstone, been to the Grand Canyon been, the Zion and, their. Huge. Excursions, you take full days full to three days to go do something here. I can where we're here at Yellowstone, today we're. 45 minutes, from home and I, can get up here and hike around and do everything and be back in my bed and sleep comfortably and the next day I'm at the Grand Canyon, that's just so incredible, to have such an that unique experience so, close to home alright. Well that's the first of our littles we have two more coming at you later in the show but right now we got to catch up with Zach he's eight evening in Hawaii. Ranch. Life isn't something wholly unfamiliar. To us in the West especially in, Utah we have dozens of rodeos every year horses, run in the plains and cows all over the dang place I was, not expecting however. To run into this aesthetic while exploring the Big Island of Hawaii but. That classic ranching adventure is exactly, what we got to do thanks, to whole mau wrench here, at their entry have 1,600 acres it's a very diverse piece, of property, we've gone from open, pastures, all the way to right, here in the bahia. Forest it, was a working ranch from, the 1950s, and, it. Was used for many purposes, sandalwood. Was grown here there. Was a lot of coal that was grown here we, have the Zugibe mines that was grown here we, also was. Well known for the Black Angus cattle we offer, horseback. Tours horseback, rides, ATV. Rides UTV, rights we, also have vacations, stay here. At the ranch oh my Ranch is just very, beautiful it's, nothing like I've seen before, we. Love living here there's, so much land and. It's. Just very diverse. We are home to the native, endemic, indigenous, palm. Species, lolu which is one of the rarest palm species in the world you don't find too many places like, Cole bar ranch especially. On the south side of the island we. Are one of the only outfits. On the south side of the island this is probably one of the most unique places. And adventures you'll experience. Here in Hawaii, do you like Hawaii so far. We. Came to the ranch with a big group all with different interests, and somehow, omal. Ranch was able to satisfy every, single one of them from, the equestrian, activities, we, ride horses and I'm so excited, to seeing the day-to-day of a working cattle ranch we. Just moved the cattle from one paddock, to the next just so that do have. Fresh grass I don't know all the 150. Head out there which one's your favorite all. Of them. They. All taste the same. Martine. Just caught one mm-hmm. Oh that's. Pretty soft what. You got there duck. And. That wasn't the end of our animal adventures, well we have Black, Angus cattle we. Have horses for our horseback riding tours we have goats dogs and chickens so you have a tortoise. I. Feel. Way strong do you feel strong squirting but with so much acreage to explore, we left the critters behind mounted, our machines and headed, out into the forest on the property, well they're right in the beginning is more of open pastures, and a smoother, road and, that. As you, come up higher in the elevation you notice that the scenery, changes from an open pasture to a more. Covered. Thicker. Forest, and then up into an open, Ohia and puh-puh-puh, fern forest I mean none of it is real aggressive or bumpy it's, pretty smooth riding it's. Just beautiful, everywhere. You, beautiful. So. I feed this told us that this right here was, a lava flow that came through here in 1926. That's. Pretty recent, you're like this is the most relaxing, ATV, ride I've ever been on something. About the island we have behind me the lowly palm it's. An endangered palm only found here at home our wrench, try to grow it in. Different parts of the. US. But it only tends. To just flourish, here, the. Coolness of the forest the vivid colors of each individual, plant the, aroma of fresh, island air and the taste of local fruit this.

Land Was a treat, for all of our senses especially, when we turned off the machines made, our way up the path and just. Listened. Listened. To the song of the island I. Love. The period. I love the weather the. Air the. Peace and quiet, the. Fact that we get to, enjoy. Nature and be outdoors this. Is a very very special piece of property when, I look. At the other people I think. Of my first reaction when I first came through here and I. See a lot of common similarities, of the, vows and the whole. Look at this and stuff like that so I kind of it makes me smile when I get to see the smile yep, booking. A tour with home mal ranch is easy and can be done on their website it's, an experience, the entire family, can enjoy and will never forget, once. Again Mahalo, Hawaii more, at your leisure after, the break. In. A place that is beyond words there. Is nothing to be said. Except. Take. Your tongue in, Bryce Canyon country. Living. In Utah we're, lucky we can enjoy riding our recreational. Vehicles year-round in the mountains at the dunes rock. Crawling or. Road, riding. Steadman's. Recreation, has Utah's, largest selection. Of Honda. Polaris, yama and beta machines see, them all as Steadman's recreation, in Tooele need, a tune-up new tires or accessories, Steadman's service department, can help, Steadman's recreation, in Tooele you may think it's 300 miles out here but remember it's only 30 miles back. Too. Often we find ourselves and shoes like these or. These, wouldn't. It be nice to change into something more like this or, this how. About these put. On whatever shoes you prefer, and come, to beaver county we, have exactly the adventure you need to put under them, so. The next time you want to change out of these come. To beaver county where you could jump into a pit of these. Beaver. County Utah lace-up. For adventure. The. Utah Farm Bureau began as a collection of farmers supporting, each other to raise the food we enjoy today, Farm, Bureau membership, encompasses, everyone whether, ranchers, growers, or just, everyday folks like you and me members. Enjoy discounts on items like vehicles, and ATVs, or insurance. That's very affordable, you don't have to be a farmer, to join and dues are small but together we make a big difference in keeping our food supply local, and abundant. Join. Utah. Farm Bureau, hey. Here's the question of the day for you you got a young family, growing up and you want to grow them up in the outdoors, I've. Got your answer it's the escaped 23, foot bunkhouse. By K Z bunkhouse, because, it has a lot of space for people to sleep inside KZ, has spent a lot of time developing a, good insulation, system, in their hybrid wall manufacturer. Now in addition it has a alumina, tough roof system on it's one piece aluminum, which. Gives it great durability, and it makes it leak proof they actually put nitrogen, in the which makes them run a lot cooler in the summer and gives, them a durability, that you may. Not find otherwise though there's a lot to see on the inside for, a value price trailer and it's time that we go there come on, okay. So, I said this 23 footer sleeps, 8 so your first instinct, would say gosh. It's got to be pretty crowded inside but, take a look it actually, has a lot, of space part. Of its due to this one gear driven slide, that sits on this side of the trailer mom and dad have this front area for, the master bed you, have a couch, here that. Is a double fold out which slides down your, dinette converts. Into two beds and then spin, around and take. A look at the bunks behind, you KZ, employs, a one-piece. Laminate. Countertop. On all their tables and counter tops which, means that it is not susceptible. To water creeping, in and separating, the lamination, in. Addition to that they, use all plywood, construction, on the sides in the cabinets, underneath. The counters and they use a tongue and groove system which, means that they lock in so they can't warp and pop out you'll always have nice straight surfaces, inside the KZ trailers, like. All the other KZ units we've looked at it has an advanced, entertainment, system that has a Bluetooth and an NFC, way, to connect, that, has indoor and outdoor speakers, now, for a trailer of this size they have put a lot of thought into what to do with the bathroom particularly, if you are traveling, as a family, this, unit has a tub across the back end of the bathroom, that allows you to take a shower and debate, the little kids it's, a great way to keep all that splashy, water contained, of, course if you're traveling with a big family they got a big food requirement, no, skimping on refrigerator, this is a full size RV, fridge or freezer they, do have air conditioning, so those visits.

To The campground, are comfortable, so. Let's do the math on this you're traveling with a family of eight you get a motel room 75. Bucks apiece that's 150, a night well. As we write about we're a monthly payments, gonna start on this unit because they have them on sale right now for twenty two thousand, five so basically. For. One night stay in a motel your family, can have one month on the road which. Would you rather have. I'm, Chad booth for this week's a product review for race City RV we'll be back with more of a true leader in just a minute. Kawasaki. Mule side-by-sides. Are some of the toughest machines around work, hard to play hard with the new mule Pro MX you don't have to choose. It's. About having the right machine, to fit the way you live and. It's. About strength. The, all-new, mule Pro MX the strongest, because I said so. There's. A little place, all. The Utah, man. Where ours raised where. My heart's at, where. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In high, the. Stars come. Oh. In the basin with the Ute reservation, skill starvation. That. Do same county, line. Meet. The new leader in off-road utility. The completely. It's got the most power the, largest towing capacity, the highest, ground clearance and, the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest, working smoothest riding. Ranger. Ever built. Is. Your summer getting away from you it's already August well. If you had an RV from race city RV there are so many wonderful state, parks like Wasatch. Mountain state parks that only an hour hour and a half from home you, could be making a midweek, trip or even, a weekend trip to get out with your family and get that little extra connections, remember. Your, RV, trips can come true with, an RV from ray city RV serving, Utah since. 1946. We've, already hit little Yellowstone, and so now we're off to our second, diminutive, destination. Starvation. Reservoir, aka, little. Lake Powell right off highway 40, in downtown, Dushane. It. Actually didn't come from us it came from our visitors, some, visitors that frequent Lake Powell all the time you, know we're closer to the lake house so they started coming here and they said wow this is like Lake Powell. Things. Are a little different but this, reminds us so much of late pal because of the water temperature, we've, got some sand cliff formations, people like to jump off the cliffs and and, the clean, clear blue water I wonder, how long they'll take Steve to fall off into paddle board I'm, guessing. 15. Seconds from. Where we're at now which is the main marina that you, really can't see the whole reservoir, at all you're only seeing maybe, a quarter of it so. If you take your boats around the hidden, corners to, the north to. The west you're. Gonna find some sandy, beaches that. Are away. From campgrounds. So if you pull up on there with your boat you're away from people, got your own little beachfront, and then, some some cliff formations, you know back toward the bridge to the west night, Hollow campground, there's. A home base for anybody, wanted to ride an ATV in, the campground, so. You can camp by the water bring. Your ATV, and boat and do. It all at the same time. Are. You ready to try your hand at paddle board yoga I'm. Gonna do some paddleboard yoga I, am know. Let's. Do this I did, it you. Will fall, of course all fall that's, all. Right now arms out, like. Your oh. Yeah. Warrior. One all right for your - and on the back leg yes, oh don't, look down Wow. They. Have like paddleboarding kayaking. Steve, falling off the paddleboard. If. I were to go out let's. Say to the north side of the lake there'd, be nobody around I can have perfect silence and all I would hear is just my.

Paddle Hitting the water that was the experience I was going for but then I could, have a speed boat and, I could go blow it across the water and wakeboard, and do, all this I. Just. Love everything about starvation. I love. To be here I've been here a while and I love it here, let's. Head up to our truck head brought to you by Rocky Mountain atv/mc. I'm. Reese Stein at your leisure wondering. When was the last time you came down to Jordan. Park and the International. Peace Gardens to celebrate, the color and diversity. That makes up our community, the, International. Peace Garden stretch. Across 11 acres in the northwest, corner of Jordan Park on a bend of the Jordan River, conceived. In 1939. But not built until after World War Two the gardens was dedicated, in 1952. As a citizenship. Lesson, and peace and understanding between, nations, wanted. To come and see. What was at the International Peace Garden there's, a lot of cool sculptures, a lot, of different elements to the different countries, that are laid out thousands. Of people from all over visit. The gardens family, groups and couples and dog, walkers yes, dogs are allowed enjoy, the paved loop trail that, connects the individual, and unique gardens of 26, countries the. American, garden was first and is the largest dominated. By a towering, sculpture, by renowned Utah artist Avard Fairbanks. Dedicated. In 1976. It's actually, two fairbanks, sculptures, the female peace on earth in front and our, hope for the children on the side but. It's the Swiss garden, and the nearly 50 foot high steel of plaster replica of the, that, anchors, the park all, punctuated. With fields of glorious, red day lilies Utah. Swiss population wanted. To make a statement and here they more than succeeded, the, Norway, garden stands quiet today the, twenty two-foot tall bought a statue a 1972. And gray version of an ancient obelisk, silently. Tells the story of Norway, and its people, the two-year-old snobbish, historic.

Farm Storage shed is locked up now but, it's open and busy one day each May when, Utah's Norwegian, community, gathers in mass to celebrate the, 17th, of May the, anniversary, of the signing of Norway's Constitution, in 1814. A brass, band dancing, and lots of food highlight, the largest, annual festival, held in the Peace Gardens, unique. Icons such, as the Eiffel Tower in the French garden bring an artistic, and historic, touch to many of the nations in the stunning garden of Mexico, a copy, of the famous Olmec. Head sculpture, and the Sunstone an Aztec. Calendar highlight. The country's sophisticated. Pre-columbian times. A pair. Of stylized. Lions guard the gate to the 1959. China garden the, gate is flanked by a variety of flowers, and the only active, water feature in the entire grounds. A more, modest gate with equally, imposing, lions marks the entrance to the Vietnam garden, and a, series of tile, top stone walls dedicated. In IT 85, marks, the extensive, Korea exhibit, while the Russian garden features, a sculpture, of two children. Playing cat's, cradle much, to the delight of one, of the many Jordan, Park bushy-tailed, squirrels, bikes. Are okay in the garden and Fred's, far and his grandsons, Max and Luca taken, the Greek garden, on their wanderings, we just truck, around looking for stuff, finding. Lots of beautiful country. The. Boys pause at the Japanese, garden to refine their artistic, skills just. Three years after the end of World War two a patron. Of Japanese, art donated, these three, granite, lanterns, from his Tokyo garden, they're thought to be 300 years old Japanese. Cherry trees flank the entire gate the, first thousand. Cherry trees were a gift from Japanese, boys, in 1951. But, unaware, of American, plant regulations, those, trees had to be burned and were later replaced with, domestic. Cherry trees and kitted, out in their Highland, finery Carlene. And Tom cosgrove, head for the Scottish garland, at, its zenith the gardens, boasted, native plants, and flowers from, many lands including, Edelweiss. From Switzerland. 30 types of Swedish lilacs, and thousands. Of Dutch tulips, the flowers, are gorgeous. It's, international reach, dine at your leisure at the international, peace courses, in Salt Lake City's Jordan, or. The. Polaris, factory, authorized, clearance, is here, get the year's biggest deals, on the world's best-selling off-road. Lineup chase. Adventure, on a legendary, sportsman, get, more done with a hard-working. Ranger, or attack. The off-road with a high-performance. Razor now, is the time to buy with rebates up to, $2,000. During the Polaris, factory, authorized, clearance. And we. Will see you next week on the county seat. Kawasaki. Mule side-by-sides. Are some of the toughest machines around work, hard to play hard with the new mule Pro MX you don't have to choose. About, having the right machine, to fit the way you live and. It's. About strength, the. All-new, mule Pro MX the strongest, because I said so. So. For interview ever been to the Grand Canyon before, I have, it it's. Actually really cool mean it's you, get up on the edge and it's just massive so. I'm really interested to see how, the. Little Grand Canyon, compares to the big Grand Canyon because I can't imagine it being Grand, without being grand you know what I'm saying. First. Time I ever saw it it went this. Is a little Grand Canyon simple, as that first time I'd ever seen it that's that's, was my first thought, we, called them wrinkles road because it kind of wrinkles around it's. At the very bottom of duchesne County it's, flat, and then just opens up into a great, big Canyon but. I, bet, you more.

Than Probably. 70% of Duchesne counties never seen it I'll bet and most. Of the people of Utah has never seen it it goes from a little tiny River. To just, a great big expanse, it, looks just like the Grand Canyon in some respects, there. It is oh my gosh. Take. A look how. Far do you think those cliffs go down I got it's got to be at least a thousand, feet and when. You think that the Grand Canyon is like a mile yeah you can see how this is a little Grand Canyon but going right up on the edge you, know it's a long way down and you can see four on a clear day again. Just like with Lily Olson you can see for like two miles, the, wrinkles rode it really shows the. Diversity of our, County going from the high you Anna's the, Yellowstone to complete. Desert complete, isolation, I've. Been on that road for four. Hours, never seen another vehicle, we. Welcome, people to come and visit and see what. Kind of a special place it is all. Right that's the end of the littles right now why don't you take a look at next week's show we're. Playing a TV soccer in seven days and finding out whether or not there are more floppers in this sport plan the real thing I highly, doubt it jadon we are enjoying the paiute trail Jamboree discovering, what makes his event unique and why you need to hold on for dear life from, there I'll be doing yoga and the water incredibly, gracefully, with no Falls whatsoever. It will be and, you'll. See it all next week next, week so looks like so much fun and, if you want to know more about the little that we visited today. Make sure to check our Facebook page or you can go online we'll have all the information there, right now we have this week's giveaway winner, I got, it actually let's check it out all right guys I'm here at Fish Lake on an a while sticker on this truck let's check out the license plate number back. Here. W17. 7ch. You, are the winner call, us today two one nine four seven eight eight eight eight now, let's find out what your prize is you've. Owned a Camp Chef stove it's a Denali a great way to cook in the outdoors call us this week and we'll ship it out to you. Now, let's check out our calendar of events first, off August 22nd, through the 25th, is the beaver county fair they'll have a rodeo and demolition, derby you can find out more at Beaver County Fair Calm we. Want to give you advance notice of Steadman's red white and rode motorcycle, event it's on September 14th and 15th in, Tori Utah they've, been holding this event for almost a decade now and you're, invited, to join for one of the most iconic rides. In the West go, to ayl, tv.com, for info.

We'd. Like to thank Duchene county tourism for showing us all of these great destinations, today and they're all within, a half-hour of downtown it's all in one county Duchene county so make sure to come visit it alright well that's all the time we have for today remember get out there and create your own adventures. Now. Let's check out our. Alright. What's. The worst thing you've ever done this. Interview.

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