Dugin's Shanghai Lecture1 IR 讲座 国际关系

Dugin's Shanghai Lecture1 IR 讲座  国际关系

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Oh. Knowledge, of. International. Relations, that. Is dedicated, to the discipline, to the size that, is, called. International. Relations, I. Will. Try the. Course, general. Course. Would. Have four. Lectures. Today. First. Is. Discipline. Seconds. To, geopolitics. Third. For, the theory open multipolar. World. Will. Litigated. To the China in all this. But. We, cannot. The. Basis, the. Basis. So. You should be, you. Should pay attention. From. The very beginning, because. Because if you lose, something. If. You. Afterwards. So. First. Of all, to. Understand. That. International. Relations, it, is Western, mystified. Ask. Me what. Does. It mean Western. Decent life Western. Science, but. Now at. The press dissipation, we should be very careful, because. No. Way what is it post-modernism. What. Is modern critics what is modern anthropology. We. Should carefully, distinguish. What. Is, Western. Because. Often. The. Western. Science. Western. Approach, tries. To impose, itself, as universal. One it. Is in fearless aspect. Of the Western, mind. It. Is racism. In. Recently. Present, in any kind for, Western. Western. Thought is ethnocentric. And, more. Than half a century it. Doesn't. Recognize, itself, as etna century and this, kind of implicit racism. Is worse, than, explicit. Process. Because. Western. Liberal say we. Are, depending. Universal. Values, when. They passed them what, do, you mean by. Universal, values they. Begin. To explain, Westerners. As universal. Individualism. Libertarianism. Progress. Materialism. And. No. Place, for, metaphysics. Or spirits. No. Biblical so, after, life and, in. Instances. That. Is Western. This. Product. Of Western civilization. Historical, product, that. Pretends, to be universal. So, when. We. Forget. That. International. Relations. As well as many other science, almost almost. All science, we are studying in university, at Westar. Elusive. Very important, aspects so, we are pulling in the track to. Regard this discipline, that theory decides as Central, University. We. Need always, remember. We, are dealing with the Western vision, in international. Relations more. Than elsewhere. More. Because. That is Western. Vision, of how, things. Are. And. Even. What, hope in China or. In Russia today, if. We consider, ourselves the, subjects. Of the history not. Simple. Objects, of, the history, done. By others, we need always. Remember, this distinction. That. Doesn't mean that we should, refuse. Western, science or should resist. Against, Western science should, be the norm Western, science, that. Doesn't mean that. We need always. Always. Remember. That, it. Is. Western. Had no central, vision. But. May be very. Very. Bad we. Need the canned food. Theoretical. Chinese. Both, it, in epistemological. Field. So. When. You stop some, internet. Connections. Over. The border of your country, you. Are trying to to, make distinction. What, is, wrong and what is, possible, for Chinese, culture the same wall. Is. In, the, epidemiology. Group. Next. International. Relations. Deals. With. State, as subject, it's, very, important. In. The name of this science of its discipline. Various. Nature. Nation. In, Western, understanding is. Political. Boy so. The West things, in, politic. Politics. In terms, of national, states that. Is normative. After. Mr. Fallon beast, normative. Attitude. So. Nation. Is, national. State, nation. It. Is not, the people or ethnic, group, international. Relations. Are. Relations. Between, the. States. What. Kind of states modern. States. Modern. Western, states. First. First. Principle, is very, very important, so, when we are dealing, with, the concept of the state we. Are dealing with historical. Western concept. Of. How. Political. Reality. Should, be organized, and should. Be studied. Next. It. Is modern. Paradigm. Modern. Brother means, that is Western, not in all, the history of the West but, only, in the, majority.

Because Modernity, has transformed. Western. Mentality and. Has. Taken, only part of traditional, Western. Mentality of, Middle. Ages or, antiquity and. Transform. It in UK, new versions, so international. Nations, was burned as this supply in, the beginning of 20th century, so. It is, mr. and modern. Western. Modernity, is different. From. Western. Green, water. And. That's very, important, from historical. Point, and. Next. Point there, is always. Implicit, hierarchy. In. International. Relations implicit. We. Can say, given, hierarchy, so. The Western, concept, of international, relations, is based, on, the idea, that there. Are examples. Of normal. State. And normal. Relations, and that, is precisely Western, world all, the rest are. So. To, be, underdeveloped. Under. Western. But. Striving. Intended. To, become, West, so. There is a kind of hired. So. For, principle. We should remember. Always, studying, international. Relations and. I would suggest the other standard, well. So. As. I have said, international. Asian is where students applying modern day supply. About. Science. Is not irreversible with historical, which are graphically. Advice, so. Already. Told that I. Reflects. Western ethnicity, reason for centuries. I suggest, that book of John Hobson that is called. Eurocentric. You're. A centrist. Tendency. In. International. Relations English. Of the very very critical. Means. Western. Hegemony but, we're in both of John Hawkes that's. Stresses. And a central, aspect of this site Eyre, is, not. Revelations, not Universal and reflects temperament, western part of humanity, so, that, remark. Opens. The possibility. Or question. Or. Cow. Shoot. Non-western. International. Relations. Theory, look like. Are. They possible, other. Desirable, and, so. On but this remark, is very important, internal. Relations, is essential, at what a blessed one it, deals with modern, state and international, system. Created, after. West. Berlin treaty, when. There. Was a very important, shift from, dream eternity, in the international, political system, toward, majority. And when national. Sovereign. States, were. Accepted. As normative. Actors. In. Global. Foreign. Politics, that. Was not the case before because. The religion, or dynasty. Played, a central part before there.

Was Not concept, of new, early, rational. With, national interests. Calculation. National interest sovereign. Body as the state before. There, was the state and with. A mission, with, religious, mission resolutions, that mentioned, was Catholic. Politics. Inside, of Europe and after the end of the, 30. Years War there, was the new political, system. In, Europe. That. Is. Accepted. As universal. Normative. Progressive. Necessary. For, everybody. So. As. To. Conceptualize. The, international. Political scene, and, though. It is established, as. Knowledge. Academic. Science. Of this apply in West and. After. The West in, imitation, of the West elsewhere, so. We're teaching, intervention. Relations, in, Russia and exactly. I. Guess. Next. So. International. Relations status relations, and interaction, of the, states. So. It, is the. Fundamental for. International. Relations is state to, state relations, so, that is better state. To, state not. People to. State. This. State is considered, a second state the. Secular. And, sovereign. To. Has been very involved. What. Means. Secular. Secular, means, there is no, religious. Aspect. Or mission, recognized. In the state so it is purely professional. What. Does. Mean sovereign. Sovereign. Means there, is no higher. Government. Above. The state the, state is, the most the highest point. Of, this there. Is no. God. Above, the state and. The state is the, prophet. Of itself sorry that is a kind of absolute, ization. The. Liberty. Of the state. There. Is no other. Authority. That is the basic concept of serenity. Serenity. Sovereign. Is. Who. Has, no, other. Ruler. Or. Legitimate. Instance. Itself. That is the definition or John burden of serenity it. Was applied, first, to. Protest. And concert, politics. And. Directed. Against, the. Authority. Of, food, and. Catholic, Church that pretended. To be super. National. But. Stay. And after. That was recognized, as normal so serenity. It's modern. And it's, business. Because, it is entire, empire, it, is for, example in the Chinese, history. According. To. Professor. But. Is. The power based, on the force or the. Hegemony. The, force and there is no other. Bunda. It. Is the kind of moral and. Spiritual. And mystical, power. Of enter so. It is not only biggest. But. It. Is completely different that is qualitative, change. It. Is no serenity, it is mission, Vanda. Is, mission, but. There is no mission serenity is mother, it, is bad. So. Status, is. Conceived. As separated. From delusion ethnical, tradition. Comfort, civilization. State is, kind. Of. Different. Things that all they say. This nation, and national. But, means national, and modern political center state, is based on the individual. Citizenship. So. The concept of normative, state. Consider. That. There. Is the. Individual. That. Is the, subject of the state and. All. Individuals. United. Nations. Citizens. Who. Is not citizens. Is, outside. Of national, body outside of the state so and the. Next things. Every. Citizens, are politically. People. That. Is it well national. So. Concept. Of national state is water. LA and modern. It, is not traditional. Because. It considered, all. Citizens. Politically. At least people and. Individual. They, don't, recognize, glasses, or other work. Of professions. Or. Different. Layers, of society, they. Have, no political meaning. In the, modern, national, state, national. And nationality. Is made based. On, individual. Citizens. It's, very important. So. Smaller. State as, the subject. Is. Rational. Without. Permission this, revolution, Everest, with nearly calculable, national. Interests, so. It is rational, boy. Nation. Is operational. Creation. In. Order to organize, individuals. And, to propose, for them support. Instruction. If individuals. Are not happy with that they, could change it they. Could saw the concept, of. Some. Social. Public, treaty. Because. This. Day is nothing transcendent. Nothing. About. No, mission, in. A better shape and could recreate, it could be destroyed degraded. Individual. So. It is based on public treaty agreement. That, is agreement, that is contractual. Nature. Of, motor state it is based on the contract. It is almost, contract. Agreement. Between. Economic. Groups they. Decide. To go, that way to. Put together de capitals. And they, go, they, decide, to stop so. They would stop a great neutral so. This is. Conceived, is conceived, at all to, be kind of curb commercial. Firm this. Bush rock and its roots. Modern. State is going to be sovereign. So. There is. Very. Involved. So. It is opposite to religious, state of our kite community, and. All. Because, it is based on the progress very important, modern, state is based on the concept of the progress, so, it is. Regarded. As something that. Gas, after. Historically. Empires. Religious. State. Archive. Communities. And. All. Of them are considered, to be promoter, and modern, state it is new. And more progressive, form, of. Organization. Of organization, so, modern state and bourgeois. Concept. Its. Obtains. Acquires. The sense and meaning. Orientation. Of the progress, if. We. Challenge. Workers. So. No, modern state not not, a state's state, has no sense, outside.

Of The progress so, they got. Together. They, go, together, always, so. Progress, modernity. Modern. State, it. Will say oh there is no such kind as modernity, is this side. Part of history or, if we for. Example except, the myth. Or, the concept, of the degradation. So. So. Progress. The concept of progress is. Even better. Next. Implicit. Hierarchy, in international, relations. So. International, rates generations. Can see with all states and being Western. Or, similar. To the best modern. An ego. People, because, sovereign. It's simple and. Deal. With them. As such, reality. Reality. Check, is. Different. Because. There, are not with the state as they, are not, as they are thought to be they. Are not, bricks, thank you stay there law states all, of them are, sovereign. All, of them can. Place, in. United. Nations Organization but, Monica. Small. Luxembourg, it is the state sovereign, state and China, person. There. Are incomparable. Huge. Sundanese small. Rate. Of. Interesting. Contradicts. To the bicycle concept, of every sovereign is, equal, to the other solid, state but, nevertheless they, exist, and there. Are debates in, the international, relations how. To. To. Explain. And how, to represent. This. Part, so. And that what, old. Western, racism. Comes. Into, play in, the game traditional. Racing. Was. Formed. During colonial. Time. And. Little. By little step. By step, has acquired. Three. Layers, concept. The, normative racism. Will consist. From the. First class. Humanity. White humanity. Second. Class humanity. Yellow humanity. And third. Class the. Lowest. At all black. That. Was considered, reflected. In so-called. Anthropology. Of 19th, century or, morgan for example, with, some. Explanation. What. Means. Cyclization. Yellow. Men's. Barbarity. Or quasi. Secularization. Something, like, civilization. But not civilization and. Black. Man's. Savagery. They. Are such they have no no. Image of civilization, death yeah, living, in that wild. Forests. As, gatherer. Small. Banners, and happy. So. Now. We. See the same exactly. In international, relations without. Racism, because, it was distributed during. Nazi. Germany, Germany. Spirit. They, have. International. Relation implicit, not. Not. Official. Hierarchy. That. Divides. All. The countries, of the world in, three, we. Group first. World, first, it. Is. Or center, in that system. Of water style, it. Is the rich not. This. First, world, it is culture, and. Precisely. Is, the Western, white. European. American, civilization.

So Appalled. Old. Racist, concept, here so. Then why they are first world because, they're more. Progressive, more progressive, more, rich, more. Developed. More. Human. Rights or. Liberal, more, freedom. More KP. And. Death. Is a normative but, this is old, eccentric. History. Imperialist. Hegemony, and Kalani so. The. Other. Like. Ass and worse, thing. Since. The West and. Now. It is not believed. To. Recive, presence, of this house so. Yes. But first, world. All. Racism, in you. Good girl, political. Currently. Second. It. Is gold in the other Stein's lifespan. Assistant. Send, it very very. Represent. China. Russia, legend. America, India. Some, is Thursday. That is called, barbarity. So. They say. The. West says, they. Are corrupted. They, are authoritarian. Their. Totalitarian. They. Don't. Human. Rights properly. They. Make. Dictatorships. And create, some, corrupted. Acessories. Regimes. But. They, have all been cast the first, they. Like. Us but. They. Are in the lane and we. Will help them to develop, human. Rights with, world when use. Transparency. And, they. Will one. Day maybe, they. Will, catch, up with us and will be white so. Exactly, like us. What. And. There is your, world. That. Is. Periphery. And. As. Tony. Has said. In. The. West and the rest it. Is the rest all. The rest is the third world. It. Is undeveloped, so. They. Are. Hegemonies. Of, the second. That. Is more or less implicit, higher because. We could not understand, nothing. In international. Relations, if, we dismiss. It, will, ignore, this. Implicit. The. Most. Since. Her authors. As, Craster. They. Another. Yes. Their rate. But. It. Is a little bit awkward more, because. To recognize. International. This, is the same as recognize that. Races, nature, of. Its. To. Avoid. But. It is implicitly, here always. In anything. I. Can mean to international. Relations but is, very important, the very necessary introduction. Now we will see the content, of the science international, relations. As. The discipline. Has. Some. Different. Scores, they're. Different in assesses, first. Fully. Established. School. Classical's. Was. Italy. Later. Basic. Basic. Schools. So what, means. Positive. Positive. Aesthetic, it means that this these. Schools, recognize. That there is external. Reality. Extraordinary. Ability material, reality, as the subject of international relations. So there are states, there. Is. Interactions. Of States there, are nations, there, our economy, and that exists. Somehow. Independent. From how we, describe. It that in, that sense positive, there, is the, positive path. That. Could be. Regarded. Study. Explore. Without. Our. Subjective. Relation. It, is. Materials. Materialism. That regards. That, everything, goes by itself and. Human. Presence. Is, here to, describe. It or, deal. With it but, there is always the positive, reality. Outside. Of our interpretation. And, independence. So, our interpretation depends. Doesn't. Depend from, so. It is as such. Materials. The. Beast was positivist. Schools. They now they are very more. And more and more ground, in the, science. Of, international. Relations. Based. On, post-modernism. So. For, example, epistemology. Measuring. Football, that's. Challenged. The, existence. Of positive, effect and describe, that wasn't in fact as a, pathological. Struggle, the. Will to knowledge it is the will to power, to. Be, shameful for it, is the basic, postmodernists.

Hypercritical. Ontology. That. Doesn't. Believe and existing. Anything. Outside, of our explanation. This. Quantic. Mechanical. Attitude, as, any mechanic. The. Position order, is. Linked, to the process itself so, different. Different process with observer, and without so. It is kind, of. Based. On the construction, the, construction of. Discourse so, according. To post positivist, there is there. Are no. International. Relations, there, is discuss. So. There. Is no States, without. Explanation. On documents, of text everything, is written, everything. Is in speech in this process and. Changing. The discours we're changing their ality so. That is the basic, concept of what was, not a very, important, I suggest. China's. Students. To study. In. This, growing. And, without, understanding. Of. Basic principle. We could not, understand. Anything, in, the, present West. Because. The present West. Affects. Us. So. We, could not understand, ourselves without. Understanding, what. I. Said, this. Semi-periphery. Is. No attention, not, sufficient, attention to. Post-modernism. We. Need to study. Because. Otherwise. We. Will be easily. Tricked. So. What's. Positive school don't believe in existence, of independent. Material, reality, they, think that material, reality, is created in, the process, of. The speaking or thinking of. Discussing. About this, matter of reality because. There is no that, is lightw it begins time to stay. Late, concept, that there is no positive effect, because. Positive, effect, always. Isn't. Better than the interpretation. So-called. Lynch, language, gave exactly, exactly. Language. Which. Game. Debts creates. The meaning. Without. Meaning nothing. Pink. Is. Burned. When. There. Is the, process for, the language that's. Very weight. Within style that is the basic, principle. So. What's. Positive School, Challenge stay. To school, modern, science. Generally. And, in international, relations that, is critical. What, would a service attack. Positive. School same, pure idols, videos. So. You have turned the things that, belong. To the past there progresses, as well post-modernism, but. There, are critical progresses. The, majority, of them option, on the Left axis. Axis. So. And. That, is why costs. Positivist. Science. Fantasy. Challenge. Existed. Because. It, tries to. Transform. The. Epistemology. In, international, relations and glass by, this means, it, transform, the reality because. The reality is, kind. Of, the. Same. More, or less the desk and demitasse.

There Is no nothing. But attacks, people are, changing the, text. Virginity. Reality, so. That is revolutionary, aspect, of, post-modernism. And was, positive, school, so. This, positivist. Schools are, fully established. So, there is hundred. Years of debates. Of, schools. Different. Conferences. Their countries, and kind of thousands of books and manuals. Written. In, favor of. Silver. There is well there is controversy, that. Great. But. Positivism. In. The, resolution is new it's. Just. But it is getting more and more ground. And. We. Need taken, consideration. Almost. Not. Posed in, any, conference. Dedicated. Today. To. International. Issue there, should, be. There. Are the. Create scandal. There. Looks. Look, marginal. But. They are now. They are part of. Established. I would say attitude. And in, modern models. Dedicated. To international, relations, the. Second part is, always. Reserved. For. Explanation. Fixed, position for most. Positive, is doctrines. So if it is not. Innovation. Now, it's just already. The. Part of, the, discipline. That. Doesn't. Exist. But. It. Begins. To. Establish. But. This. Challenge. Universalism. Parallel. With some. Positives. But. It is beliefs, all the presumption. Of the multitude. Of civilizations. And, that. Is, not the case for. Most foreigners. Postmodernist. Are Universalists. They, are pro resistance, but. Universal, they, believe, in. The liberation. And. Democracy. And enlightenment, but they try to enlighten, unlikely, to. Develop develop, development. To, make more. Modern, than majority, they think that modern modernity. Is not more, modern, enough, they. Try to liberate. And bring. To the admin, process, of liberation so, post modernity is. A kind of futuristic modern. And. Multipolar. School business. Doesn't. Accept. The. Linear of workers and. Normative. Status. Of the list. Multiple. Of system. Deals. With different, civilizations. Wins. No hierarchy. At all it. Is based on completely. Incomparable. Comparability. Of. Different. Civilization, that we need to study, without. Regard. To normative, status. And. It is based. On. Anthropological. Pluralism, and. Positive. Evaluation. Of diversity. So. The concept of the pattern it. Is decided. Completely, different, with that in traditional Western. Western. Approach. So. We could say it, is not. Western. What, it. Does. Means present, the panels and. Why. It doesn't, it isn't mentioned, during, discussion. And. It's. Outside. Globally. Understood. Western, essential it is not your century. So. It, is not by the chance. This. Is. Developed, in, the same territory, and. Based, on. New, anthropology. Of evader the Kasturi. The. Skull. Anthropologist. That. Affirm, that including. Archaic, tradition. Have. Traditions. Have their our ontology, and, agassi ology, and we need to accept, them as human, and not as, the big, soft. Subhuman, test in, the. Progresses. Races. Wester. Centuries. Epistemology. So. My. Positive, school. In, international. Relations. There are next. Division, there, are main two main schools. To. My school's. Realism. Represent. Us founded, by. Morgan's. Morgenthau. Or. There. We. You know for, example you can understand, what Israel is and. What. Is new Brazil. Interesting. The concept of really, what, is the international. Relations that. Is idea. That. There. Is and, there. Should not be and. Can. Not, be. Supranational. Organization. So, then. He believed. In. Us already, in. The. Swiss, and. Because. Very. They, believe the realists. Because. They be. In. Serenity. Real, estate there. Is chaos. International. Chaos. In positive. On not, your concern, so.

Chaos. And. In, the, international, relations is something other than can, use. Normal. Language. Disorder. It, is absence. Of a. Higher. Level. Of authority. That. Could, average. Leg. This. Thing to do anything. So. This. It's. Absolutely. Free. Absolutely. And if. You, put not. Organized. And to move our team or prevent them or doing. I will punish them. The. Leg up living. It the support literally you could punish you could oblige but, not legally, legally. There is no person so, there is always. International. Relations, as the built, based. On these 10. Years in international relations because. Sovereignty. Is so, great and. Recognizing. Serenity as absolute principle. There. Could be, only. Only. Relation. Of power you. Keep you are more. Of you, could apply but. Not by the law not. Legally, and. This. Was. Possible, and this is known as well but. Yes. Yes, that. Is realism. So, you, measure, the forces, for. Example they. Are. You but. How, the small, countries, small, states could. Survive, it's. Easy all, where there is something. That. Is, bigger, maybe. Because that is against, other things, so. Please, if you to. Make. You with them and they, will come to you for. Example there is small you train in, big, Russia Russia. Attacks Ukraine. Ukraine. Calls, Washington. Please come, here, well attack Paris and. Washington, can, so. Dennis, what. Was open. Sedation but when a rush. Ukrainians. Repressed. Russian, living, in Ukraine they equal Russia Moscow. Yes. It. Was. So. Let's second, rated. That is the great. Representative. Of. What. Is liberalism. In international. Relate. To. The. Politics, and economy different. So, that is the concern liberals, in. International. Relations, with. Very special. And precise, meaning. Generally. Funny. Guy. Hugh stirs. Open. And friendly and. Relish a very hawkish. People. So. Concrete. And, besides. Me what. It. Meant that there, is the progress. Death. Gas. From. State. System. Toward. New, world. System, with, world. Government, the. Idealism. Recognizes. Necessity. Or creation. Of super. Super. National. Level. Of. Decision-making. That should. Be. Legally. Legally. Applied. To, any state so, that is critical. The other type of state, state. Above, the state and. In that sense, when. The global government will be established. Any. Party, should. Follow the order. As. Any. Citizens. Should. Pull, their. Order, of government in, national states the, same system. But. Establishment. On, the global, planetary. Planetary. Level. So, the. Idea, and. That is explained. On the, concept, of the progress, both. Realist. And liberals. Accept. The progress but. Realists. Accepted. In the Sun a, related. Sense. And globalist. Belief. In progress war, that. So. For. Example. Human. Right theory. Is based, on this liberalism, international. Relations. Because, II try, to. Make equal, citizen. And the, men it, is possible, only on the, supranational. World, if we recognize the same the, inmate. Main aspect, the same right citizen. As the part of the national state and men. So. Human, be with, no connection. Concrete. And. Certain. Connections. With, political. Status as. Citizen. Citizen. This cosmopolitan version. Command. Human. Being with no citizenship. If. You recognize, them. Legally. Equal. So. You need in order to empower. And force that you. Need global government you need a kind, of. Level. Of authority, that, should oblige a. Branch. Different. National, state to. Treat this. Human. Being, as. Global. Government, or liberals. Things. They, should so, and as legal. So the, liberalism, tries. To. Recap. National. States, to. Reduce they. Have subreddit. And, to install. International. Order. Instead. Of chaos. That. Is precisely, the, second, cut of the, Western scholars. In international, relations, represent. This. Literacy. So. Liberalism international, areas that is globalization. Cosmopolitan. Individual. Human, right ideology. Progress. And. Idea. To, destroy. National. States and. Destroy. Any, work of citizens. Creating. Citizens. Of the world only. One. But. In order to do so you should dissolve. National, states because. They. They. Pretend, to be sovereign in. Preservation. So. The. Debates, between the two, schools. Represent. The history of the 20 century. Creation. Of, League. Of Nations, after, the first world, war creation. Of United, Nation creations, of hug, hate. Tribunal. Ratio. Of European, Union. Creation. Of, European. Court. Of Human, Rights. All. These. Moments, are horror, of. Implementation. Of the theory, of liberal. International. Relations, that. Is not by the chance it is not based on the agreement, between. The states it. Is idea. Of. Liberals, in international. That is theory. Theory, based on protests that nation. State is. Not, the best thing as. Realists. But. A. Stage. Of, human. Social, political. Cultural. Development. So. Global. Is globalization. Is. Theory. Is salt first, of all it, is not that bad it. Is. Discussed. This, was represented, by liberals. Relations. Openly. Advocates. Creation. Or, world. Governments. And destruction. Emotional, states it is no conspirator, favorite it, is the part of the minerals if. You carefully read, any.

Existing. Metal. On, international, relations written. In. Indian. Culture so. You will discover, maybe, with astonishment. Concept. Of global government. Is global. Governance, it is not a conspiracy. Theory. The. Idea of some small, elite that. Tries to important. That is, openly. Nice, Theory one over, to. Two. Main, theories. There. Is two other school. They. Are. Speaking. Now. That. Is English :. Generations, it. Is the kind of middle, they. Say they. Should be. School. Saying, they, should be. Serenity. Of the States no, world, government, but, me, progressive. State. Should create a club a, club. That will be not, punished, literally. But exclude. Who. Make. It more pressure, or, for. Example g8. Transport. Energy cell we. Were, punished. By the club. That. Was illegal, there is no g, 8j. There. There are no such. Institution. But. This is the club they. Could accept. And. That is English. School concept, is here, that they, would be border but. Based on the, agreements. And order. So. The rules of the club but. Not the, law. Not. But. Instead, global. Club that's. Very interesting can, remove burden. Light. Particles. On one, of the brilliant. Scholar. Of. He. Explains. The, formation. Of the nation system, through history, that is history social. Historical, sociology. Very, very nice, interesting. Scholar but that, is more or less in, this part, that the doctor described. There, is much school, in international, relations, it, is not so, familiar to, you. Know. Stalinist. Maui's facilities. It, is browser, trustees. That. Is because. Our, politics, and our, tradition. In China and, Russia they. Were best on carelessly, much more recently. With some, special. Special. Details. System. More. Or less, Russia. Centric, or China century, openly. But. Marxism. Something. That. Affirms. That there is. Global. Global. Worlds from the beginning that. Is terrible, so. Capitalism. Is global, and the. Diffusion of national, states is a kind of formalism. Is, burned in the West and, it, should expand. Expand. To all the oh. And. Only, but everybody. Will. Be capitalist. Will. Be with her every. There. Will be no. More nations. People. Races. And, every. Quality classes to classes capitalists, on the top of, international. Nature, and, proletarians. A. Path. As well. In traditional and. Marxist. In, international, relations they, are. Against, Russia and China and Chinese example. Because, that was a kind of national version. Of, colonies, and they. That should be absolutely. International. Everything. No nationality, no tradition, no languages, operate. Class relations. International. Food rising ultra, against. International, proletarian. And when they say international that mean that people ISM should be and, after. That we'll. Come revolution, but, first of all it should mean globally, so, they were it whatever, it was to the birds so. Let's, then after. That we will come. That is more or less. Multi-tools. An empire. So. That it's more or less more. Or less. Two. Main school, represent. The majority of, discourse. They, for. Example in, the. United States, everybody. Is. War. That, is normal. Position, they, make. Debates, but, the child. Is relish he. Will into this literal. So. Crazy. We have is crazy we broke so that, doesn't. Nice. ISM is as well accepted. English school is part. Of this, part is. Studied. In. University. In any curses of international, relations next. A video. There, is normally. The few that's. That, affirm, that it, will create. It. Norm. So. It. Is not reflects. Their gravity but it creates the reality everybody. Will follow, the law for. Example if you try. To do, punished. Violate. On. The street. This. Nor. Energy. Creates. Correctly. Because, there are not so. Change, ignores. Which. Is reality, that is. Critical. Theory it. Linklater. They. Are trying. To. To. To. Criticize. Their. Inconsistent. From the postmodern, point of view, ideas. Of the. Liberals. And realists. Showing. That. They. Ways. Very. Different status. Or they're biased. Politically. Intellectually.

Structural. Bias so, critical, theory, shows. How. Biased is. The discourses, reservations. That is. Versus. Postmodern. Theory. Passionate. Italian and many other. Says. That, international. Relations. Consist from texts, only. Text that is a kind of demitasse, application. So. If. You. Deconstruct. The. Text, you. Will see that, there is nothing. Behind. So. Everything, is based on the corrupted. In promotional. Cards. Change. Informational. Currents, will rearrange, the, fact you. Will receive. Immediately. Completely. Different, image and, the reality, so, that is the tail. Is. Waving, the dock so. Soft. Power it is the but. Applique. Applicative. Parts for this idea. But. What's. Modern theory, is glazing, on D construction the construction of, discourses. Next. Feminist, theory, and what a teacher far. Away feminists. And international, relations, affirm. That all. International. Relations, were. Made. Can. See, describe. Proposed. And, promoted. By males. So. That is the kind of hierarchy. So. Because, for example males. By, but, to struggle, to, fight so. Everything, is basic, based, on the concept that is individual, or normal if, we put female. Instead. She, presumably. Will. Create peace prosperity. Friendship. And, good relations. Between. Countries and, between so, there will be no state there. Will be no pattern, there will be not tired, there will be no verticality. International. Description. Of. The others so, if. Pretend. To be man dealing, with international, relations. But if the woman tries. To. Rest, and. Describe. The reality from woman's, point of view. Standpoint. There. Will be completely, different. Construction. Of international, relations, and everything. Will be a kind, of, that. Is relative. Ization of the, male, dominance. In, the discourse of international, relations, displayed. Grow. Weak. And. I suggest, that. Feminism. Should be, taken seriously it. Is not a joke, it. Is the part of. Civilization. To, maybe try to find the Chinese culture. On. The. Historical. Sociology Cobden. And Colson Jocasta not have much time for anything, they. Try to to. Put, discourse. From international. Relations with historical, context, and they criticize. Center. Your. Saturated. Example. They. Affirm. More. Or less the same as the other they say we need to construct, not, only to deconstruct the. International, International, race we should construct. Main. Thesis. Of Anu. Was. The world of our meeting, so. We. Make there. Is no world, the. Only world that, exists. It. Is. Idea so, let's create God, it's. Because, we are dealing with the fixed, frozen, solid. Solution, imagination. There is no positive. Reality, let's. Construct. The. World would dream, it. Is possible, because we're living in. The imagination. Of other. Words. So. Multiple. Just. The. Sun. Originated. Theory. Of multipolar. World first, political theory, that, is precisely, and, working, on. 30. Years. There. Are many texts, that. Is more or less accepted. Position. Of Russian. Strategy. Very. Chinese. But. Interesting, that concept. Approach. This. Author. It's, not a realism, but, maybe. The.

Antietam, Is. But. Nevertheless. All. Of them tries, to. Establish. The particularity, of, Chinese. Civilization. And. I like, the. Concept. Ciencia. Tisci. Theory. That. Regards. Historical. Relations, of china to other, people. Not. As the viewer to germany not. As the order. Of force or the position for, example the. Vietnam vietnam. Is very, interesting. Case it, accepted, all chinese. Culture everything, up. To details, but, never recognized, the right. Direct. Physical. Brutal. Rule so, fighting, again SHINee's. Attempt. To submit and, at the same time being inside, of China, universe, Japanese. Empire. Chen, SIA. It is not only China as such a state, it is China, as, the fall, of civilization. Oh. Martin. Was multi-layer so that's very interesting and. Dependent. In. Present, situation, I think. Because. It's, challenges. They. Are. Many. Many. Similarities. European. Knew right. When. The Benoit Greece French. French. You right there. Are not libro there right, anti, develop. More, nationalist European. Is nor. Catholic or Christian, pregnant, very interesting, idea to recreate, European. Civilization. Returning. To the green modernity. And. Because. They're living inside. Of. Globalization. Of the Western, modern. Then. Remarks, and theories, are very, important, for, the, countries. And cultures, outside. Lecturer, than super diverse your food on there it. Is very interesting. Spanish. Theory. Of Marcelo who they wrote from. Argentine. That. Represent. Their, idea, basically that, Latin America should, not submit to. North. America, and. Global. World. Over and, there's. The, theory. Developed. And, very. Very, famous in later. This growing importance in. That's. Bull. Master. Would, its. Spots of this multipolar, discussed this is completely new. And. Brazilian. Culture, and. Remar Chi from. Brazil. That. Is idea, that the, South should be united alternative, to the Lord not, following. Not not, not trying to catch up with. Yes. Different, waves. Creating. And with, some. South. Asian, countries. Very interesting. Concept as well mark based on multipolarity, what, is important. In, all this, they. Change, your. Centers, they. Consider, international. Missions be, provincial. In, present, state provincial Western, coaster, with. Hegemonic. Universalist. Colonial, liberalism, potential and they, try to reduce. Western. Theory. Of international, relations in much. More broader context. Defending. Their. Rights. Of peoples. And big, civilizations. Instead. Modern. States or global. Government instead, he, litigates. Livers. And grills. And. Against. Kozmo. So. We could. Consider. Second, part debates, rallies. Against. Liberalism, in international. Relations it. Is a much more mature part, of the sites so to supply international, relations this, dedicated, to, this how. They affirm. The caliber, of thing, that the. Universal, peace is possible if, we. Reduce. The, serenity of the state how, realists. Responds. That it's not the case because. Everybody. Will try to use this international. Institutions. At the flavor they. Really, say or United, Nations planes. Liberals. Say you know it's better than. Absence. Of some international. Institutions. That are thousands. Of books. On, that and, precisely. What. Is going on in international, relations on, the practical, level at, the West it's, always. About them and. Honestly. About that. Speak. On Americans, so, they call. The. Things by the names they. Know. Chinese. Chaos. Internationalism. Confronting. Her. Demons. Attacking. Each other so, what they are, honest, at that and. Only. They when. We come to Europe there.

Is Beautiful. It achill currently there are no dual purpose realism. In Europe in, Europe is impossible in, Europe, realist. Relations. It. Is kind of precious. So. There, is overwhelming. Overwhelming. Bluebird. List in international, relations in the euro in the, meadows, certainly. You, will read. Registers. Of realism. Of magnet, out of car or, what is chaos, and relations. But. In. The weights in. The official, debates, in. European. Diplomacy. That. Prevails. Exclusively. Liberal. Liberal. Internet relations, and the. Realization. Of it is, European Union, that, is Supra. Nation. Structure. That. Shows, how to, put, the. Liberalism and international, relations, in, the reality, so. That they, are not joking, they have liberals and. Before. They were, there, were different, points good, reason for example showing the world they, were. All. The history, of of Europe. Was, really. Real. All, the history was it strikes. Wars, and fights between the nations, but. No liberalism. Is. Prevailing, absolute. Over enemy, so maybe including. When they do something quite, realist, there. You don't recognize, that that, is hypothesis. The. Uh promoting. Human. Rights. Are. Always, everywhere, including. When, they'd simply, destroyed. Some countries. In order to. Destroy. Support. Radical, Islam, if. It corresponds. To human. Rights so it. Americans. Who, say it's our business, business. Like business nothing. Personal, we are supporting, for, example we are closing the eyes for. Somebody, and arabiya in some, situation. Because they're our allies and. We are open our rights when something, is, going in Russia for example and, when, nothing. Is too much in Russia Google just, just. Imagine. That, just. Just. Stories. Yes. It, is most, most, important. To promote, them. The. Division. Of the reality, in order to better. In. Isolation. Spectrum. Such. That, apart other, words so there is. In. Europe. There. Is no now, such, clear. Possibility. They trace the, Liberals try to demonize the. Realist. Call. Them fascist, extremist. But. Now they. Hungary. There. Are the government's, briefs. Grammy's. Exists. It's. In spite, of. European. Rules. Political. Correctness. Realities. It, is as well in Europe, so. The other. More. Interesting and more charged, with with, irony and humor, is. Positivism, versus postpositivism. Its philosophical. But international, relations, did acquire the, special diamond I suggest. I. Suggest. Intention, to. Make. Broader, this. Thing, it. Is not only for most of the abstracts. Of play, of the concept, as. Lacan. But, is. Everything. Is is. Very very concrete. With. Everyday life, international. Relations so you can see how, possible, relative works it's, very interesting it's, fascinating. But. That. Is the path of normal.

Conferences. Or. San, Pedro. Scores. They. Discussed. That sorry. You, will be up to date. So. And. Next. Cert. Debates. Is universalism. Eurocentrism. Versus. Prerogative. Of civilization, it's precisely. Theory, multi. Overseer. That, is on the, first. Stage. So. My, main principle. Of prayerlessness, is. Main. Principle, absolute, serenity. National. Interest, discount, everything. Basic. Operational, population, American. Tourism in foreign trade that, means the state should control for the trait. By. Texas, no. Supernational. The, gt-r. Topological. Pessimism, it's interesting why, cowardice, explain. That should be the stake because the men are, even. And in. Order to put them in order, we, should, cut the state, otherwise. They, will behave in, predictable way, in destroy everything so, they, are dishonest, and, try. To put. The community of the your place. Basic. On their mutual, agreement, nothing, no other Arabs agreement. But they don't believe that human. Nature. Could be, changed. In the progress so, the. Same. Relative. Serenity. From, chaos to other. Supernational. The legal system, international. Interest, should prevail, international. Interest, something, in, convincing, for, graphs, there, are no international. Interest. For ellis cose, yesterday. Liberalism. In foreign trade direct. Several by links no state wonderful e140 trailer texas no regulation, in foreign. Dispositor. Universal. Peace is the imperative what, is worst of all. Government. Political globalization. Internationalism. Pacifism. Anthropological. Optimism, here. Of the progress that humans, can be better more. Peaceful more. Friendly. More alone, nor, keep stir more. Educational. Progress should. Be political, means in, order to destroy, national, state, using. Epistemology. To. Promote. Human. Rights individual. As universal. Nor. There is no concept, of citizen. But. Put. Together we. See quite. Symmetric. Opposition. Turn. A mister application, indication. So. What's. Realist, every, and except. Literacy. International. The. States. States. Indirectly. He. Directed, control. By, their love, will. Test us in director, in. Mark. System. Is volitional, states are fictions, debates. Between. The state. Is myself. Of. Society. Is. Necessary, is. Necessary. It creates, real, international. Yes. Because. In. The. Construction. There, is no independent reality, they're. The subject of international. Relation. Is this. Is. Created in the process of this was, speaking. About international. Relations we are creating, is. Such. Locations. All, the spheres are unnecessarily. Biased so. No. True. Would, not have natural. Or scientific. Objective. Discourse. Because. International. Relations reflect, not the state and seek back the will of the creators. International. Relations, is the fight of what revelation and, each other and nothing, else so there is a, political, propaganda. All. International. Relations according.

Is. Nothing. But, direct. Political. Propaganda, in order to submit all. The humanity, and install. Their operational, system. There. Is no need to create there. Is a need sorry, to create new critical, theory against discourses, for power, in, international relations. Hypotheses, of all positivist, theories as the merit is for permanent authoritative, discuss. Their. Operative, proposals, that should be waste of most positivist, version, of that. Is very. Diverse. Yes. So. My, idea. -. I. Tried. To make concise. Introduction. Of all the course that in, Russia I'm making, happen, here so there, are. Twelve. Or fourteen, fourteen. Lectures, together. In this one so, sorry. Lecture. I suggest. You to make a some homework. Write. A small text, of, the daughter Chinese, scores for resent, realism, in international. Relations, Janice, course we'll share the liberal international. Relations, Chinese. Scholars, will strictly applied Marxist, analysis, in. Lecture. Other. Authors. And gender who explore. What it is. So. It is just. And. Would. Like. To suggest special. So, you could make it in Chinese you could make it very short, in order to just. Two end points so, you. Understand. Something so you. Can, apply. Your understanding to. The text small text you could keep the. Next lecture maybe the. End but. Acquisition. It's. Special. For work. See. What is say why, on this Yuri are not enough for modern China this. Your. Your. Vision so some. Reasons it is creative. This. Is what. Those, who are really, interested. Created. Such. At. A special. Proposal. Translation. Of most importance Turkish lira terms used, in lecture in Chinese, with, variants, because, the translation, is important. Where, we are speaking about relations. And entire. Panel. In Chinese. Science. There are many, hidden, meanings. I would, like to, concentrate. On that rotations. Information. Stay. Inside. Actually. Better. You.

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