Earth Day! Special Edition of the Tour of Consciousness with Dr Dain Heer

Earth Day! Special Edition of the Tour of Consciousness with Dr Dain Heer

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We're. Streaming, oh, my, goodness hi, everybody. My, goodness what a pleasure it is to be with you here. On Earth Day, I'm. Wearing my Earth Day suit see it's like the earth that's like a little explosion of, Earth plus, I'm in Japan so I look like a walking talking, cherry, blossom, I wonder, if people will take pictures next to me go oh my god I saw a cherry blossom oh well. Anyway. It. Is truly. A pleasure to be with you I am. Really. Friggin. Excited oh. Look. At the little little. Bubbles. Hi, I. Used, to see y'all. Mm-hmm. So ah. Goodness. I'm so, grateful Earth Day is right now. No. Day. Like, the present, to contribute. To this beautiful, planet of ours and. It'd. Be so grateful if during. This if you could if. You just take a few moments to. Perceive. This beautiful, planet and and, perceive, the gifts, that it offers you, know and I'm looking at over Tokyo right now and there's. Skyscraper. After skyscraper. High-rise building, after high-rise, building, just as far as the eye can see and. And. It's. Interesting that the so few people seem to say. Thank, you or you, know thank you so much for being. Here thank you for the contribution, you are if, I would have one favor to ask of you it would be every. Morning when you wake up just acknowledge, the earth and go hey earth just. Want to say thanks and I'm here what can I contribute to you today what, can I receive from you today and also. I was. Watching, a. Let's. See, I. Got. A couple easy, questions, I'd like to ask you but, also I was watching this show. On. Netflix, called our planet, if you haven't, seen it please. Watch it it's, 8 episodes, and you also want to watch the making of part, of it that I didn't, know existed that's in the, extra, section, it, is phenomenal. I, mean not only is it beautiful. Photography and. They capture some things you've never seen before they're just so amazing, but, what they do on there is they they talk about how. We're. Having an effect on, the. Planet and you. Know obviously all the creatures on the planet and they give the statistics. For for, how things are changing and species. Going away because we're just not taking. Them into the equation but, also they show all these places in which we are changing, things and making things more sustainable. And how, it's, just working like Nature has a way of working things out when, we get out of the way and the, whole reason why everything, is so out of balance right now is because we. Human. People's, humanoids. On the planet have been have. Been acting. As though we can just take whatever we want without without. Using our awareness without using our consciousness. Of how. Can we still, get the same result and maybe even a greater result but, also create a sustainable living. Earth and my target is to create a sustainable living, earth for the next 10,000, years here's. The thing if you would if. You would allow yourself. To. Expand. Your sense of time see. Most people are looking. A week ahead maybe or they're looking to their next paycheck or their next bill cycle, or the next paycheck slash bill cycle, and then, the dip that occurs after that and what. That does it creates a it's, it's, looking.

Right In front of your face so one, of the conversations, have been having recently is, if, we would expand, our sense of future and take. It from. A. Week. A month a, year, two. Years if we would expand, it out five years. Ten. Years, 20. Years 50. Years if. We would expand it out a hundred years 500 a thousand. Ten. Thousand, does. That broaden. Up broaden, out your perspective, and what. It's, what, it kind of reminds me of is have you ever been late for something, I know, none of you have just me perpetually. I always do this I'm like I'm always at the razor-thin. I don't want to arrive more than 30 seconds, early. So, I usually arrive right on time, but, if you've ever been late and you start running around frantically, trying to you, know do things faster like wash it or sell fast or whatever can. I point out that doesn't really work okay, you, the five seconds, you saved washing, yourself are gonna be eliminated by the eight times you drop the soap okay just, doesn't really work and this, this thing of looking you know 30, seconds, to a week to a month into the future and some people who are like big planners, they look a whole year into the future. It's akin. To that and what, I found is and this is just another useful, tidbits for you you're welcome. Just you know little, extra, consciousness, for you is on. Those mornings where you really like or whenever, at. Those times you're really light instead of going frantic what you want to do is the exact opposite you want to slow. Down and. Be more space and it's, almost like you do, things, more. Methodically. And more present and, if you'll do that, you'll. Start changing, your perception, of time which. Will change how you interact, with time, and so. Let. Me tell. You where I'm going with this because you're like what the hell does this have to do with the earth well. This. Sense that we have of only looking a week a month a year into the future if that is. The. Same thing as, being. Frantically. Running around living, your life whereas. If you expand, that out to, a hundred five, hundred a thousand, ten thousand. Years it's. Like you go oh and. The. Thing is if you're gonna create a change, for, ten. Thousand years in the future and you start now all you, have to do is change one molecule and, you, can create a whole different world a whole different universe and what, we've been looking at is we must change the whole thing right now otherwise. Things, will not change except, that. I think is one of the lies that we've been buying so, all the lies you've been buying. That. We have to change everything now and you can't see what it is that needs to be changed but you can feel. It needs to be changed you can perceive it needs to be changed you can sense it needs to be changed but you can't tell what to change and you. Think you have to change the whole so, because you can't tell what to change but you know it has to change and you. Can't, have a big enough perspective so. What happens is now now, you just get depressed because you can perceive it needs to change but, you don't know how to change it because you're trying to change the whole thing right now in the next week in the next month rather, than going wait a minute if I had ten thousand years what else would be possible, and then. You get that space so, everything, that doesn't allow you to perceive nouvion receive a ten thousand. Year awareness, of future we, destroy, and uncreate it please right. And wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds, now, this also, is. It's. Interesting because this. Part, of the conversation, is, vital. In, how. We actually. Start, to look at our future on planet Earth and one, of the other things I would ask of you ask you to write this down please, is if, I were creating, a sustainable.

Living, And a. Sustainable, living earth for the next 10,000, years what, would I choose today. How. Would I be and, what. Would I create, everything. That doesn't allow that right, and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds now, if you got invited to this page by somebody who really likes you and or. A facebook friend that you don't even know that it shows up on your feet or something you're like I'll check that out why not. This. Thing, that I'm doing is called the clearing, statement we have a website where, you can get it explained I'm just not going to take time to do it right now but, it's a phenomenal. Way of changing. All the in your life to something else okay it's called the clearing statement comm right, in the center that is something called POC and pod I like, to call them the superheroes, of consciousness, point, it stands for going back to the point of creation of a limitation or the, point of destruction that a lot of limitation, to exist whether it was last week or 100 billion years ago and ask it to dissolve and change so. Everything. That doesn't allow you to perceive Nobi and receive the. Capacity. To be aware of ten, thousand years into the future because. You can't think that far in the future this is a beauty of it your mind can't figure it out and a lot of you I say that you go but how I don't. Know how actually. You as a being know, how this is how you as a being function, it's, just your mind that, can't figure it out and as, we say in access your, mind is a dangerous, thing wasted, because when your mind is not involved your being takes, over and the, awareness of the being that you are and what the awareness is your infinite being has can, then be present, so everything. That doesn't allow that everything. That doesn't allow you to perceive know be and receive that will you destroy and uncreate it please right. And wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds so. What this is about is us being able to walk on the planet as this space. Recognizing. That, all we may have to do to change something. In 10,000, years is to, change a point of view now, but here's the thing okay I've. Said this for a very long time, scientists.

Have Talked about this without. Realizing, what they were talking about your, point of view creates, your reality reality. Does not create your point of view I. Highly, suggest also watch the movie Tomorrowland, okay, because what. Goes on in this planet is a collective, of of our points of view and so, what happens is in Tomorrowland. The, earth is within, days, of being destroyed, because. Everybody. Has bought into the idea that it will be destroyed, and therefore, they're creating that destruction, you, know you see the two the teen suicide, rate on this planet skyrocketing. Year after year why, well my sense is because these, people who were these, kids who are going into the world knowing they need to somehow create a future they, don't see a future anymore and they're, wondering if we're even gonna have a planet to live on and they see all this destruction going on around them and they're like well if there's no future I don't want to be here bye-bye and so. This. This, sum total, of these points of view it's vital, that we start to get this but, it's also vital, that we take a more aware point of view remember. This leads what's true always makes you feel lighter Ally, always makes you happier true. Always makes you lighter alive always makes you heavier so if you're taking a point of view and it makes you heavy there's a lie there somewhere either, it's not your point of view because we pick up on stuff from everybody, around us or, it's. Some lie that you bought that you're functioning from so, for example, when. Not well, that, let. Me use, this practically, okay so the. Scientists, are now saying we have about 12 years to. Reverse, the. Devastation. And the pollution that we're doing to the earth otherwise. You will not be able to sustain us and. If, we don't change it within 12 years ago the earth won't be able to sustain us well, no. So look at that for a moment if a, lot of you may, have heard this and ignored it or I'm saying it you're like oh but I can't I just can't I just can't be with that right now because I don't know what to do well. This is the exact same thing I was talking about is we. Think we need to change this in, the, next five minutes because. We're so, instant, gratification. Oriented. We, think we need to change this in the next five minutes otherwise it's not going to change but. Let's, look from a different perspective for a moment so, if we get that and we get that urgency. Well. Realize. Also a huge, part of what creates, that is, the. Collective. Points of view that we all have and.

So. Your pick on everybody else they're picking up on yours this. Is how we create a reality where two or more people align and agree with the point of view that's, where a reality, gets created, and so, how many of you have aligned and agreed with the idea that there is no future how, many of you have bought the idea and think that's actually true how, many of you have decided it's probably, true how many of you can perceive, the sense. Of impending doom that so many people have and you're, buying into, it and you. Know you may have like a little Doomsday Hut somewhere so you know and the world falls apart you can still live you, know underground, with your family and that. Doesn't sound like very much fun but everything that is and, all the lies that you bought that this is not changeable, and all the implanted, points of view that it's not changeable, we destroy and uncreate it please right. And wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds so, my question, to you is what, is it that we can choose that is what is it that is actually changeable. That, we haven't been acknowledging, that if enough, of us got together and went hey we're changing this could. Actually change it everything. That is times a gazillion we destroy and uncreate it please right. Wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds and if, we got over running, around frantically, wondering what to do and how to get there on time if. Instead, we went okay, I'm, gonna be the space, that allows a change to occur I'm, gonna what's. I'm gonna be the space that, allows the change to occur when. You are space, when. You're not aligning, and agreeing and resisting and reacting, when, you're not doing trauma and drama and positive, and negative and fight against. And fight for what. Happens is you become this space that. Allows other possibilities. To be perceived, to allow, allows them to be known by you and other people allows. Them to be received and that, if. We could just be that space. What. Happens is that's what our planet, is is. Dying. For the lack of so. Everything. That is times a gazillion we just running crater please Ryan. Wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds now, what, happens is so we have alignment and agreement which is the positive polarity you align and agree oh my god there's only 12 years and then, to try to combat that now you resist, and reactor like what can I fight what can I kill who can I kill what well, that's part of the problem is we're aligning, in agreeing and then, we're resisting, and reacting rather. Than going what space, can I be that will change this what, can I choose, that will change this and what, can I be, that, will actually allow. Our planet, to have a future. Everything. That doesn't allow that right, and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys, and beyonds and one, of the other things you want to recognize, is we live. Here on this planet and we have this thing called this reality, it's, the way everything, seems to function here you know all the laws of physics and all this sort of stuff and, yet we've, got, hundreds. Of thousands, of people writing, books telling stories about miracles. Okay. Miracle. Miracle, errors, we like to sign us it's a miracle, okay, it's a miracle the.

Miracle Somebody'd. Make a suit like that and put it on a boy. I. Can't. Wait for walking around the streets of Japan where everybody tries to fit in okay. Anyway, it's just fun for me I like, you know when people stare at me and go what. Anyway. You. Could start liking that too you don't have to avoid people's. Judgments anymore because every. Judgement you're willing to receive increases. Not only your bank account but your. Allowance. And, it, also increases your capacity, to be a gift to the world anyway. Back to my story so, if. We. Recognize that, here's. This reality if we look at it know here so, okay. This works in two ways okay so and, if, you've ever had. If. You've ever. How. Do I put this okay so, let's do it this way okay so it, when let's. Say this reality is at this level of consciousness whatever, that is a lot, of you are going there is no consciousness in this reality Wow okay so let's say it's this level of consciousness, and. You. Know let's say here, somebody, functioning, around in this drama and drama and the pain and suffering and all that and they want to get out of their life so they create cancer or. Something. And. What. Happens is. From. This level of consciousness. Something. That changes, miraculously. Looks like a miracle, okay. But from somebody whose level of consciousness, is out here and I don't really believe, in levels of consciousness, I just know some people are choosing to be more conscious than others which means what. Is consciousness. So access consciousness we have a definition, for consciousness where, some of the only people on the planet who have actually come up with a definition for consciousness and it's so friggin simple it's where everything exists, and nothing, is judged so. There are certain people who will choose to judge less when. You judge, less. More. Possibilities. Come to you when. You judge more you, shut out possibilities, because with every judgement you have every. Decision every conclusion. Every definition so. Let's just say every judgement in every definition in every conclusion, you have. Somebody. Said I dropped am I still on. Okay cool. Let's. Make sure it. Says live on Facebook, I feel very alive okay, you see how I start, talking about judgment and the, technology, is like no, no, ding. No stop it I'm just. Kidding that's, sounded. Like a conspiracy, theory I was just kidding um I'd. Like to kid a lot cuz. I'd like to be happy I don't know about you but I like to be happy so, here's a way, for. Every judgement every decision every conclusion, you have nothing. That doesn't match that conclusion. Can come into your world let. Me give you an example I was in a relationship with, a woman many years ago before. Access, and I decided she was the perfect girl for me, and what. That created, was I couldn't see that she was, judging. Me I couldn't see that she wasn't actually really kind I couldn't. See actually that she really didn't like me and the only reason she was with me is so she thought I would make a lot of money eventually. Even. Though I wasn't then that, I would eventually make a lot of money and she. Could you, know use. Me that way but. Because I decided, she was perfect, and the perfect girl for me I couldn't see any of this it, wasn't until the abuse. Basically, the unkindness, got so intense that I. Had to look from someplace else and I was like what's really going on here and then, I started using some, of these access consciousness tools, and I started seeing what was in front of me as I let. Go of my judgments, and so and. The reason I'm going into this conversation about judgments and then we'll talk about consciousness. A little more after this but, remember, consciousness. Is where everything exists, and nothing is judged where. Everything, exists, and nothing is judged and from, my point of view what. Is actually required to create a future, for our planet is to get out, of judgment. Period. Get. Out of judgment and get out of conclusion, and then, possibilities. Come into your life and into your world and into your awareness that. You never saw before now, it's sound and, it is literally, that simple and, there. Are complexities to, that because most of us don't realize when we're judging but. Let, me give you an example like if you've ever been. Around somebody and you feel this weird twist in your guts that's usually a judgment that they have or you have or, they activate, a previous, judgment that you if we're truly gonna create a different, possibility for, this planet's future our prime.

Target From my point of view is to get out of judgment because that, is what will allow us to perceive other possibilities. Think. About it how many judgments did you have that you didn't even realize we're judgments just today, and. With. Eight, billion, people doing. That sort, of non-stop, both. Good and bad judgments. This is the other thing as we keep thinking judgment, is just the bad stuff no, judgment, the, more sticky. Judgments, are the good stuff and I'll explain that in a minute so all the judgments, you had today they're you'd now be willing to let go of whether, they were of you or somebody else or the planet or the planets future or money, or a relationship or the people in your life or the people that don't get it or the stupid people or the great people what, are you just dronin great all that place right, and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds so, here's the way this works then is, what. Happens is our. Good. So, in, the clearing statement is right and wrong good and bad that, stands for what's bad Tara what's, sorry right and wrong rights. Okay, easy for me to say that, stands for what's right good perfect and correct about this and what's bad terrible vicious, mean and awful about this meaning. It's, the good judgements and the bad judgments, so I just gave you a good judgment that stuck, my life for three, years and that, was that this person I was with was perfect, a perfect. Man perfect for, me whoa, do, you realize perfect, is the most intense set of judgments that exists because, if there's anything done that's not perfect what, happens is either. You can't see it which is the case with, the good judgments or you. Have, to judge the person, for not being what you decided, they were but. They were just being them you're the one who made the decision okay, so, the, bad judgments, we know what that's like right oh my god I'm bad I'm wrong oh they're stupid oh they're ugly other fat oh whatever it is okay. And, that's, a judgment by the way and. Then the good judgments. My. Friends the. Good judgments, are and. You may not want to be in the war if, you're on my room Wireless maybe. Maybe. Not unless, it's still going and we're good okay cool forget, what I said, we got the lay here helping me out tech, wizard, okay. So. What, happens is the. The good judgments, we have are like that thing of oh this person is perfect or this, is the right thing to do not the wrong thing oh this, is gonna work out great notice. There's no question, in that so. This. Thing about going beyond judgment from my point of view is the biggest, thing that we can start to change and all, of us have choice over that okay now if enough of us start to get out of judgment what, will happen is you'll start to get lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and then, all those people that you always wanted to change you know and wanted them to get happy and everything what, will happen is they'll start wondering what you're doing and they'll go hey, did you cut your hair have. You lost weight and you're, like yeah I lost about 3000 pounds of judgments thank you very much I'm actually getting happy now if, we did that if we did two things if we got out to judgment, and we. Actually chose to get happy, my. Sense is we that.

Alone Would, allow us to have, the information we need to create a sustainable living, earth now, let me explain that a little bit further because some of you are like but wait a minute what about plastic. You, know what, about you know all these things that need to be changed well okay. So let's, let's talk about this for a moment okay, judgement. Is one, of the biggest, killers, of, possibility. That there is doctors. Say it's the biggest judgment. Decision. Conclusion, discrimination. All of, those things are forms. Of judgment and that's, what keeps us in tunnel, vision so, we can't perceive another possibility. So. If we were to get out of judgment what would happen if we. Could if there were enough of us getting, out of judgment what, would happen is, we. Would start, to perceive possibilities. For how we can handle, all, of this, stuff that's going on so, for example, the overfishing. That's, going on the. Pollution. That's going on that's killing so many animal, species the, deforestation. In the rainforest, that's going on see. Their lot. Of technologies. That have been developed and, we all know this somewhere like we've heard of them you know we've heard of ways, of getting energy that, are. Cheaper. That that do not consume. But. We, also have a world in which the. Judgement is you must hold on to what is and you must make money and, etc. And by, the way money's not bad either and if you're judging that you want to pop and pop that judgment, because can you change the world more with money or without money with. Money because then you have way more choices available and what you can put that into to, create change everything. That brought up right and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds so. A, lot. Of us you know a lot of people have the judgment that technology, will save us I. Don't. Have that point of the other point of view that if we get out of judgment, we start becoming as conscious as we are you, know in, consciousness, is total awareness of everything we, start be getting, out of judgment and becoming as aware as we are we, will become aware of the technologies. That we can use and, create. And also the requests. That we can make that. Will change things so. It's, not the technology per, se it's. The awareness that, allows us to create new ways of doing things, that is actually. What, will create the change so, a. Lot of people have this point of view you know once again about plastic, well yeah. You. Know and and. And. If you think about the continent, of plastic, that's out in the Pacific Ocean and the you know the trash, and the the you.

Know Filling up of landfills and all this sort of stuff but. What they do is they focus on the smallest element of it which is the plastic what. I would like to do is I would like to take that conversation and broaden it to what. Can, we be and do that. Will change not. Just the plastic and the pollution but. Change how we function, with all of this to start creating everything, more sustainably, and, here's. The other thing is some of these initiatives that we have in the world it's. A it's a great start, in a different direction, you, know like eliminating, plastic bags and doing this sort of stuff but, it is way too small, for what we require it, is a good start but this is the other thing is people people. Like to make little changes because, it makes them feel good but, they don't want to make a big enough change because they don't want things to change too much I'm. Like okay, now, I've spent my the last 19 years of my life doing, everything I can to make the biggest changes possible being. Extremely, uncomfortable a lot of the time but, then coming out of the other side of it with more space more awareness more possibilities, more choices more creation, and. So. Everywhere. You decided, that if we change too much it will be destructive. Rather. Than recognize, that, if we become, more conscious it will always become more creative and somewhere. In your world you know that, consciousness would be the most major change, that you could choose, but. What if it won't be destructive. What if it will actually be creative, so, all the lies you bought that are limiting the change you're willing to be all, the lies you bought that are limiting the change are willing to create we destroy, and uncreate it please right. And wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys, and beyonds I was, taught to point out in Japan. Right now we're doing a symphony of possibilities, class and there. Are a lot of amazing people that are in that class right now doing. Working. On each other using this symphony. Of possibilities, sop, energy and there's, a couple, of things that I showed, them in the last couple days that, are it's. A way of basically. Going. Beyond, your mind if you will getting, accessing, that space that doesn't. Require all, the, artificial intelligence systems. You call your mind to. Be an existence, so can you just everybody. Around the world just happen and receive that and. You don't even have to tap in you just go yeah I'll receive it that's that friggin simple this is the whole thing about consciousness, it's so easy. In, fact our mantra. In access is all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory and we. Do mean all of life meaning, there's. Gonna be good stuff that happens there's gonna be bad stuff there's gonna, be ugly stuff but, all of it comes with ease with, joy and with glory if, you use that 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening you'll, start to access more, of this space that we're talking about just, from my point of view getting. To, and how do you do it all of life comes to me with ease enjoying glory all of life comes to me with ease enjoying glory all of life comes to me with ease in joy and glory all of life comes to me at ease and rowing glory all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory I just. Did it five times but, it if you do it ten times it takes only twice as long so. With. This from, my point of view the. Gift that we have to offer this, beautiful, planet and each other is the. Gift of our. Spaciousness. The. Gift of our, no. Point of view the, gift of our no. Judgment the gift of no. Wrongness, heaped. On anybody else or ourselves the, gift of no rightness, but. Recognizing. That every choice creates, something, there's, not a right choice there's not a wrong choice every. Choice creates, and if. As parents, with our kids if we had brought them up like I see a lot of access parents doing which is so cool because, the kids who take access they become the leaders in their schools just. Amazing, and in their peer groups I see. It all the time but. Their parents have been using access tools to show them that everything, is changeable but, also one. Of the vital, differences. Is they. Don't say to them this is bad don't do it this is good do it which. Is what most parents impart, to their children, which, is why we have a world that looks the way it does right now what they say is look if, you choose this it's. Gonna create this result is that the result you want to create and if, we all started, looking not from having chosen.

Badly, Or chosen wrongly but. I chose what did that choice create and if I acknowledge what that choice created, what, can I choose differently now we got to realize guys our choice creates every, choice you make today, creates. Your life that shows up tomorrow okay. Every, choice you make today creates, your life the life that shows up for you tomorrow and it's. Not, just tomorrow actually see, if you do this thing of making, choices, that. Affect 10,000. Years in the future there's. A, totally, different way of looking at the world now. I know a lot of you probably are on here and you're like Dane give us some solutions, for changing, the earth help. Us save the earth dr., Dain it's Earth Day. Guys, I just want to point out that is exactly. What I'm doing and. But. It doesn't. Look the way you thought it would or maybe it does for some of you for some of you're just along for the ride you're like oh I'll get whatever I can but, this is the thing I'm talking about about judgment, and also. Projection. And expectation. And what. Happens is if you have a projection. Of someone or something or an idea that this should turn out this way and it, doesn't turn out that way so, you have this projection and expectation. And it, doesn't turn out that way, then you, reject, it and separate. From it and go into judgment of that person or that thing or you go into judgment of you and. It's. This recipe, for separation, the. Greatest, way of being in the world to, actually. Create the space, that, our, planet, so desires and so. Would, love us to be is by. Not doing projection. Expectation. Separation. Judgment and rejection and. Instead. What. Will my choice create, what. Would, I like to create and what. Can I choose and so. This is a totally, different way of looking at things we're how, do we change the planet well we get out of judgment number one we. Expand, our sense of time and the, future, that, we're willing to be aware of and what our choice can create. Based. On that we. Instead. Of running around frantically, thinking we need to change everything today we. Ask okay, what can I be in do today, great, a sustainable. Living earth, 10,000. Years into the future and then. So. Let, me go back to my conversation about, this reality and its level of consciousness, because this reality functions, primarily on judgment of good, and bad right and wrong there, are a few things beyond, the rightness and the wrongness that can be perceived and received sometimes. They still snake in though, so. I was saying how so. We have all these ways that things are supposed to happen and yet you, know we have near-death, experiences. We have people getting, healed from diseases, that they should and we have people going from. Tons. Of money we have people going from no, success in relationship, to total success so miracles. Are sneaking in here so. If this, reality is this level of consciousness, so whatever, that is right, you. Know when. A miracle, occurs here, or when something changes massively, and quickly here the person, in this level of consciousness goes it's a miracle, however. A person. Who's more conscious, looks. At what just occurred and goes. Yeah. You see, why it looks like a miracle yes according, to this reality is a miracle you are correct and guess, what it. Was actually, just where you undid, your unconsciousness, your unconscious, and anti conscious points of view and your limited points of view so, that your being which. Is unlimited which is infinite, could, actually function. The way that it actually can in other, words you stop buying the points of view of this reality and now. Are actually functioning, from your reality, oh, so. This whole thing that I'm talking about is us choosing, to get out a judgment which expands. Our consciousness. I know, a lot of people go no you must meditate and you must do this well actually let, me tell you the whole purpose from my point of view of meditation it's, to get to the space beyond. Judgment and. See. What happens is a lot of people go but I meditate, so I can connect to the divine I'm like cool. If that's what you have to do that's great do whatever it takes to connect, with the divine but my point of view is you.

Are The divine okay. In other words consciousness. Includes everyone and everything, and judges, no one and nothing even. Einstein said, every molecule has consciousness, and our, thought at something. Starts, to change it because it is willing to change by our request now. If we recognized. And we put all these things together and recognize, we, have this, truly, miraculous, capacity. When. We become more conscious we. Start to realize that the, greatest gift that we can give the world is to get out of judgment and become more conscious what. Happens in that kind, of like people who meditate whatever, they do to, think. They're accessing the divine where. They're actually accessing, the fact that they are divine, but. That's just my interesting, point of view oh. Yeah. And I live it and enjoy, my life a lot but don't anybody oh and, I live from ease joy and glory but don't tell anybody that either that's probably not possible without a thousand, years of meditation and, oh, my. Gosh maybe this and. I'm saying, this because, people. Who. Have a particular, way that they believe is necessary to, access. Their consciousness, or they call it the divine I would call it consciousness it's. Like. That. Like I said whatever. It takes for you but, what if it could be infinitely, easier so. Even if you meditate what if it could be infinitely easier what. If you could be a walking talking meditation. Which. Is what with access consciousness bars, and this. Tool we have called who does this belong to to let go of the thoughts out of your head it's. Like that's what people in, Access start to have they start to become a walking talking meditation. Even in a city the size of Tokyo with lots of people and. So if, we were to do that and be that spaciousness, what, happens if we get out of judgment, we go beyond, this reality, in our awareness, so. One, of the other things I would like to ask of you all and at some point I'm going to ask for your energetic contribution, for a few things because, this beautiful, planet my, goodness, what. A caring, gifting, kind, generous, brilliant.

Extremely. Beautiful, planet. This is and please. Recognize, the planet has a consciousness, it's. Almost like a really big really, really really big being that's, like high you. Know like if you had a friend who was like I don't know, I. Don't. Even know how to say. It but if you had a friend that was, like one of your best friends but, they were the size of Earth that's, earth yeah. That's what I'm talking about no, it's quite the dynamic. That was almost like philosophy did you hear that okay cool so it's, like that I mean really there's a being here there's this consciousness, here that we can tap into and just. Once, a day if you would just be like hi earth like. Earth is your friend okay and you can ask it hey earth what what, what. Can I receive from you today that I have it what, can I contribute to you today that I haven't and what awareness, can I have about. What's possible, and what, it'll actually take for us to create a future. Everything. That is right wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds so. Having, said all of these things. As. You get, out of judgment your, level, of awareness of, what's possible actually. Expands, now, if we do that, see. So we have we, have these things that we all know are going on we have we, have war we. Have pollution, we. Have. Plastic. WPP. You know we got these three things we, have a lot of things we know right but, number one if we got out of judgment, of it and we looked at all of them and went okay this is going on what. Can I be and do that will contribute to changing it and what. Can I choose today, that. Will allow this to change right away now. If you look at plastic, war genocide. You know pollution, all that sort of stuff it, makes no logical sense, that. You could do or be something that would change it but, does, it it all makes sense to you that our. Environment. And our outside world is, in some way a physical. Reflection. Or a physical, actualization. Of what. Is in everybody's, heads. Huh. So. If you start to change what's, in your head is it. Possible. That what's. Outside your head can, start to change now, from here, as you. Start to become more aware with less judgement, this. Information. Starts trickling into your world and, one of the things, that I see that access consciousness is so here we have this reality and what, we're doing is we're bringing beyond this reality possibilities. And awareness. As little trickles, into this world and we've been bringing them in so dynamically, that, they're like in their kind of work in their magic, to be able to make things bigger for everybody because. Once again we all live on this planet together, and if. We can start recognizing that, and functioning, from that what. Can, we choose what. Can we change what, can we create together this, never been possible before, and, you. Know it's like I was born in the United States but in no, way do I consider myself an American well not in no way I mean I really like hamburgers, and I like driving fast on you know big freeways and stuff without. People on them but. Actually I'd rather in Italy, or China Germany. Yeah, anyway story, for another time. But when I say that it's like yeah I was born in the United States but I'm, a citizen of Earth what. If right now you, allowed yourself to. Expand. Into the space of being a citizen of Earth and there. Are certain countries like the u.s. you. Know where we're so insular, we feel like we have everything there that one could mean and so, only 15% of Americans have, passports that's. A sad statement from my point of view because I've gotten so much awareness of what. Is available from. Traveling. Around the world in the, differences, in cultures and the gifts that each culture, is and the, the gifts that we can all be for each other well. What if just energetically. You were like okay I may not have even traveled but, I'm gonna start exploring the world I mean, part, of the beauty of it is you can explore part of it from your frigging couch and computer, if you. Don't have the resources to be able to travel yet but, just. Pick a country and go I'm gonna learn about this country I mean and you'll. See but but really to get it so. You can learn about it learn, about the culture is what I would learn about how it got to be what it was but, to really, get it you really need to go there and experience it, you, know and and rather, than holding on to the point of view that your way of doing things is right because you grew up in a country where that's the case which, is a lot of what we're told in the United States our way is right and we.

Have Big things and we have Cusco and we have we, buy. Lots, of stuff and we consume, and consume and, we do and you, know if you look at how we grew up as a country you know we're like little kids were 200, years old and. We. Have. This way of doing things because of where we started because, of the conditions. At the beginning because of all the land that we had because. Of the people, that we had that came in and were like yes we can do something different let's create a totally different reality and we did that for a long time and, then. We became, normal average real and the same as everyone else and now, it's kind of going mm-hmm. Well. That may be a point of view though if we, change the point of view that it's going below and. It doesn't have to you, know if we change the point of view. Okay. Come back okay. I was, phrasing on my screen. If we change the point of view about that now here's remember, I said your point of view creates your reality look. At anything that, feels like it's not working and go what, points of view can I change here that will change this so, for example, a lot of Americans, have the point of view that it's kind of going. Downhill and they don't want to acknowledge it but, what if once again what, if that's just a collective, of people's, points of view our point. Of view creates. Reality, it's. Not the other way around, reality. Does not create our point of view you. Can have two people who, experience, the exact same thing who have totally different points of view about it and they. Respond. To it and their lives and futures are different, than. Each other because they each have a different point of view like. The people in Hurricane, Andrew that. Were is a long time ago watching, a news thing and all, these people are. Believed. God would do this so a great God right now bla, bla bla bla bla and there's one guy old guy standing, there in his underwear and they're like sir what's your story and, he goes Wael, moved. Down here from the north because the doctor, said the weather would be better for my joints and, everything. I owned was in that house back there and he's standing in front of a concrete slab, everything. I owned was in my house back there and it's, all gone I didn't, have insurance and. The, lady's like sir you must how. Are you with this and she went hey, I'm, okay I still, got me I mean, wow, okay, what, a miraculous, creature but, so he's. Gonna he's, gonna go on and live his life and and be happy no matter what all those, other people are gonna have years of suffering maybe, they never get over it remember. It's our point of view that creates our reality so. When I talk about this, you. Know once again please, watch Tomorrowland. And, realize. That it's the collective, of our points of view that create what's going on so. What points of view can you change for you, that. Will create a sustainable, living. Earth for the next 10,000, years everything. That doesn't allow that time, is a good zillion we just run and create it please right. Wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds a couple, other questions that I wrote down I don't they write down questions but I wanted you to have these. All, right I was talking to my friend Gary and I'm like Gary have any input for this anyway. Yes so, what is the earth showing, you that you keep trying not to be aware of everything. That is times a gazillion register right and credit please right. And wrong good and bad pod and POC all 9 shorts boys and beyonds, one. More time what is the earth showing, you that you keep trying not to be aware of everything. That is times the god zillion will you destroy and uncreate it please right. Wrong good and bad pod and POC all 9 shorts boys and beyonds now, this one I'm. Going to run this a couple times and then. Give. You some awareness it just came up when I looked, at it so, what is the earth trying to give to you that you do everything to try not to receive. Everything. That is times a gazillion we destroy and uncreate it please Brian.

Wrong Good and bad pod and POC all 9 shorts boys and beyonds, one. More time what is the earth trying to give to you that you do everything to try not to receive, everything. That is times a gazillion where you destroy and uncreate it please right. Wrong good and bad pod and POC all 9 shorts boys, and beyonds what, I just looked at in that is so. The earth has consciousness. Right, there has no points of view. Even. With all the destruction, we're doing on its surface it's like oh children. Come. On you. Can do better than this you know it. Never gets angry it never you know you, think if the earth actually got angry it can probably just shift the poles. Instantaneously. We'd, all die and it's like ah now. I can finally breathe ok but it doesn't do that so, what. Is you're trying to gift us well if you realize that the earth has no point of view number one other than the desire to contribute to us um. Do. You suppose, the. Earth. Maybe. Has. An. Awareness. Of how, to create, a sustainable, living. Future. For. The next 10,000, years to be, willing to ask it every day maybe. Put it on a reminder, on your phone. Ok. Dear, earth, what. Do you know and what. Can I receive from you that I haven't been willing to receive about, how to truly create a sustainable future for all of us everything. That doesn't allow it right and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds. I. Don't, know about you guys but with some of the changes that I've seen in facilitating. And in, in the, speed with which people have been willing to receive and with, the speed. With which they've been willing to get over points of view and soften, up and enjoy being alive I've. Got more hope, now, than. Ever before, and I. It's just I feel like we're just getting, started. And. I'm. Actually getting, to speak, with people and have them have this sense of of. These, possibilities. Be available, and for. Me it's one of the greatest gifts there is so, everything. That doesn't allow you to have hope. Also, what. Are you destroying create please right. And wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and. So. I hope they, this, conversation, has been helpful so far there's a couple more things I want to do.

Before. I go facilitate, the fourth, day of this amazing SMP, class so, if you're able to I'd like you to go ahead and close your eyes please. Like. You to take a deep breath in from the top of your head down to the tips of those cute sweet adorable little toes of yours. Thinking, your beautiful, body for being the gift that it is. And also, thanking, the earth for, being the gift that it is and one. More deep breath in from the top of your head down to the tips of those cute sweet adorable little toes ah. Once. Again thanking your body and as. You do just allow yourself to, however you do it everybody does it differently however. You do it sort. Of like connect, with your maybe you have an energy line running down from your heart. Through. Through, your legs whatever, down into. The earth of the center of the earth that's. One of the ways I like to do it and sometimes I like to just expand, out so, my. Being is like the size of the earth or my awareness is the size of the earth or. Both, actually. Like to do both sometimes. Okay. So we're just going to connect with this beautiful, planet and, its energy. And its. Space, and its consciousness, and its contribution. And its. Joy, like. The movement, of the molecules that it has and it's, gifting, and also, it's receiving, and. Also its awareness, of what's actually possible. Just. Have a moment with that. And. What would be possible, if we had never been taught limitation. What. Would be possible if we had never been taught what the future is going. To look like by anybody else and instead. We together, could, create. What is the earth know about. All of that that. It can contribute to you and all of us right now. And. Also where is the source of joy and. Would, you allow that to begin to unlock. Thank. You right. Wrong good and bad pod and POC all 9 shorts boys and beyonds. And. If. We together. Energetically. Could. Be. So. If us being together energetically. Is something you would acknowledge what. Can we do and be together. That. Creates the space of, the, possibility. For a. Truly, sustainable. Living. Earth and, living. Us for. The next 10,000, years if, we, were gonna live for the next 10,000, years not. Just the earth not we, live for 70 years or 80 or 100 and die but if we could, find a way to live for the next 10,000, years if. You, wanted to you. Don't have to but if you wanted to what if it's possible and. What if the earth has within at that awareness. And, what awareness do you have about that that you have been hiding from. You and everyone and pretending, doesn't exist, everything. That doesn't allow it right and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds. And. Would you be willing to unlock. Everything. Within. Your being, that. Would allow you to. Be the source the, force the contribution. The invitation. To. Us. Having. A. Dissolving. Of barriers, between us and possibilities. Would. You be willing to ask what beyond this reality awareness. And possibilities. Are available, but be honest reality acknowledgement. Can I give myself but. Beyond this reality brilliance. And awareness, and consciousness, can, we now bring here. On, four. One two three four, one, two three four one two three four one two three four. Now, as you do this I'd like to ask you to expand, out in all directions so, that you're. Encompassing a space at least the size of the earth. All. Over. The surface and through it so. That you can access every, country, every culture every. Government. Every. Religion, every person every plant every animal every, tree every bird. Every. Stream, every mountain. Every. Ocean every, seat, every lake. Every. Blade. Of grass and. Every leaf on every tree, oh. Wow. Oh. Wow. When. I asked us to do this more often. You think about it. Now. I'm. Going to ask for. A couple things. I'm. Going to ask us to do some 15, for. Creating. Statesman. In the world and a statesman, is. Someone. Who. Is truly, benevolent meaning. They. Do it from a space of good. For all what is good for everybody now, you can keep your eyes closed or not we still are. Sort, of in mini ESC, mode and not. So. A. Statesman. Is someone, who looks, out for everyone the, other thing about a statesman, is they tend to have an awareness of future, and.

The. Most politicians their only awareness of future is, the. Next. Election, cycle and, so. That's the only future they're willing to create so they get reelected The. Statesman truly. Has everyone's, interests at heart is, doing the best to create the greatest for all and has, a far, longer, awareness. Of future, so, let us invite more people like, that, to stand up and what. We're gonna do is some, 15. 15. Is change, or die okay. Let's. Do that all over the planet for anybody in a place or space of power in any organization. And. Gift. The, possibility. For change indifference. On, 15. And we're going to do some for teens also which. Is an, energy, of. An. Energy, of. Well it's an energy I won't say what it is right now but it's an energy that contributes, also so 15. Please 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14, 15. 15. 15, 14. 14. 14. 14, 14. 14, 15. 15 14. 15, 14 15, 15. 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15. 15 14. 14, 15, 14, 15 15, 15, 15. 15 oh. Okay. I guess you can open your eyes now if you haven't already. And. So. This. Thing that we're doing and and you. Know if you've never done any of these things before you're like what and the. Way it came about was. My. Best friend Gary would have people standing, on the side of the road you know begging, for change and if. They asked for change he. Would say do you really want change and they go yeah and, it would pull all the money out of his pocket and as he did he went fall and hit. Him with his both of energy and he never saw them standing, on the same street corner again, never. Saw them standing on any street corner again, and, we realized that there's this capacity. We have to ask for and create change when it's from consciousness when. It's from no. Point of view from. Awareness and it's from contribution, to people we can ask and so we have all kinds of these ways of doing this in, Access, and. One. Of the things that you can do if you want to every, morning you do 15 and 14 is kind of like we just did today. And. That's, part of your. Part. Of the contribution. That you can be and. It's. It's, really amazing, what I've seen is. What. We, functioning. From no point of view and functioning, from a desire and a request for more consciousness, can. Create, in every. Aspect of the world if we, choose and. In. Other words I've seen it change all, kinds of different aspects of things for people is what, I'm saying and, with enough of us together from, this space. Seems. To me, that, if, we just get together enough, and make these requests. But. It's got to be from no point of view it can't be from the point of view it's got to happen this way it's got up in this way it's got up in this way because it will always backfire, if you have that as a point of view okay so, you want to truly get to no point of view which. Is also why I had you tap into the earth and get a sense of it and that, energy that was going and it's still going somewhat is something called I call an ESC energetic. Synthesis, of communion and it's, a way of I don't. Know accessing, the space that exists between the molecules, that connects, us all. But. From. This like if you were to if you saw. How did you tap into the earth using, this, because. The earth has no point of view but it also has a sense, of possibilities. And this, is crucial that we get the difference between having. A point of view that this should show up and the, sense that we have of the possibilities. That can show up because, when we function from the sense of the possibilities, that can show up with no point of view we, go and we head in that direction and, then. If, we're truly, doing it no point of view what, shows up after about three steps it opens up an even greater because we're. Not doing that judgment thing of saying it's got to show up this way because. When we do that judgment thing it's got to show up this way, usually. That's from this limit it's always when we do judgment limited but it's from this limited point of view about what was possible and how it could show up that. So. We then project that and it's got to be this way for me to know what's right and not wrong we do know this thing is working for me to know that I'm actually doing what I said I'm doing and, there's all these things and it keeps it and then if it doesn't show up that way then, we go into judgment of us and then we go into judgment of the, fact that we can't create a future and all that sort of stuff no it's, the fact that instead, of instead.

Of Having no point of view of how it showed up but, perceiving, the possibilities, I'm heading in that direction which. What that does is because. You could the possibilities, you perceive today if, you just head in that direction with no point of view and let. The universe show you what, needs to be handled what needs to be changed what, other information is, available what are the technologies, available to help all that sort of stuff if, you do that what. Happens is you'll take about three steps forward and then the, thing, that you perceive there's a sense of possibilities, will get even bigger but. If you do it from it's got to be this way and we must do this and this and this and this is the right way to save the planet planet. Doesn't need saving we do um this. Is the right way to do this change then. Number. One it will never show up that way so you'll never be right and you'll never realize it's actually occurring but, number two you're so limiting, the universe when you do that because, you're saying universe you must fit between these two walls and I have decided with the two walls of my head must exist. What, a way of, ourselves, up everything. That is times a gazillion and everywhere you've done it in your life everywhere you've done it with the future of the planet and everything, you've done to actually buy into the crap that we don't have the capacity to create and change to, change the future and create a different future we, just run and create please right and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds and everything. You've aligned and agreed with and resist, and reacted, to that. Makes. You buy into the projections, expectations, separations, judgments and rejections, that all, kinds of people have because. They can pick it up from other people and then they spout it out to others, energetically. We just run in crater plates right, and wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds every, time you hear or see anything about. How or. Or get the idea in your head that we don't have a future blah blah blah you know who does that belong to POC, and pod all that and then ask yourself what. Is possible, to change here here's. Another question for you I want, to do one more thing let, me ask this question first, because I think it'll help my thing that I want to do and then I'll let you go thank you guys for being on with me this long I'm so grateful hope, this has been a contribution to you so far and a, couple other things I want to I want to give to you and, one. Is this question, what. Are the infinite, possibilities here. Okay. Now I've. Been asking this question for many many many years and I didn't realize how much I was still couching, the, infinite, possibilities within. The idea of the possibilities, I decided, could exist so. What this about is what are the infinite, possibilities here, so, here, we are remember, here's this reality here's you know all the stuff your block for. Anything, that, you desire anything. You're doing let's. Say you're I, don't know going. On a date let's say you're buying. A house let's say you're gonna. Go facilitate, a class let's say you want to class let's say you want to write a book whatever, it is not. Just for really big things but for anything you. Want to ask what are the infinite, possibilities here. Or. What are the infinite possibilities for, this and what happens is what that does is that allows you, to access, the. Thing beyond this reality and the, universe, has been looking the gift to you you, know it's like you've been asking for money and there's these two little angels flying above you with, this pot of gold and they've been waiting to give it to you but, you won't ever ask and, they're, like look we've solved your money problem here you know and finally after following you for about three years they're like it we're just gonna drop it on your head and kill you like ask. Dumb, dumb you, know we have to ask but we also have to open up to the receiving this is a great thing to ask what are the infinite possibilities so I do that before every session I do it before every class I do it before every business, meeting I have me do it before every telecall, I do it just a lot, but.

I Don't do it like it's not a rote automatic. Thing I go okay what are the infinite possibilities here, and I just let the. Universe make, something greater show up so, what are the infinite possibilities for. Us in. Changing. The devastation, on the planet changing the pollution changing the destruction, and. What are the infinite possibilities available, for us and creating a sustainable, living earth and. Sustainable. Living for ourselves for, the next 10,000, years everything. That doesn't allow it right and wrong good and bad pod and POC all 9 shorts boys and beyonds now. Part, of what's embodied, in this. Facebook. Live is this. Energy, this space please. Please please please please go back and listen to and watch this again I would, be so grateful, because. There is this this, energy in this space if. We be more of this. Wiebe, what the planet has been asking us for because. Most people are like this in their heads out in time they like I can stake there like this. Most. People walking, on the planet right now they're like you. Know and it's like when you can be this that's exactly, what the earth desires, I mean, what's it like when you go out and nature when nobody's around it's. Like. If. We be that walking, on the planet we, give the earth a taste of its own energy basically. Can. We allow more of that please, everything. That doesn't allow it times a gazillion we just running great it please Brian, wrong good and bad pod and POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds. Okay. My beautiful friends one last thing it's. A 16. Which. Is specifically, and you only do one 16. Okay. It's, specifically, to create a sustainable living. Earth and the possibilities. Thereof and to open this up and I'm, going to ask you to, recall. That. Thing of being extended around the earth and allow yourself to expand around the earth again and, here. We go one two, three, four. Five, six. Seven, eight, nine, ten. Eleven. Twelve thirteen. And. Let the earth contribute. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Okay. Wow. That. Was friggin awesome and. My. Headset is dying right on time. Thank, you all just. Thank. You so much, for. Being on this with me today and I wonder what else we can do. And change and create in the future and please any points, of view like, like, be willing to receive how it shows up be willing to receive how whatever. Change we ask for shows up but, please POC, and pod all the points of view about it please don't let that cloud what, it can show up like because, who knows how the this can show up when. The Gulf oil spill occurred 82. Days after, that is, we've been asking can we contribute anything can we contribute anything can we contribute, 82. Days after the spill we. Got. It yes we, sent out an email to everybody in access asking them to do and all we had at the time was the old 1 2 3 ok this thing we just did only. The what we have now is like on steroids when, it's an appropriate time but, so anyway we send an email out

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