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What. Are you doing. Street. Art festival. Yeah. Had, a pretty good time. And. Then just walk home no feeling, a bit so. Down there, good, morning, everyone. So today, it is Friday. It's a Easter, weekend. So. We decided to vlog this weekend, I'm still pregnant I mean, we've got a few thing going on so gonna, record the whole thing and. Share. It with you. Yeah. Because we've got them we, had a, mosquito. Attack. That's. She said E and. Then to, exert him for me and then he said to go back to save and, nice. Guy. Say. He's gonna that was my mom but I feel oh yeah, he was doing his, trading. Stuff. So so. Then. We know when Bitcoin dropped. Below 7000. 300, USD because, I knew that was a critical. Time because I'm waiting to buy the due process I, came in that I've been up since 4:00 accumulating. Bitcoin. Spending. So much money. Yeah. Using. Okay. So we, gonna go down. Yeah. And. Feels, very weird. Forgot. To mention that we just actually, did. All of that, downstairs. Just so relieved in a building, are. You doing some gardening put. It back in. Yeah. And. It's. Quite cool because we've got all that big. Area. I'll. Show you. So. This is where, we live. And. That. Space around. And. Trampoline. So. When it's good weather it's actually, nice because even, though we don't have a house. We. Can still and hang, out here, I'm, thinking. If. It's still good weather you know, a few weeks when I have the. Baby, well, then, even. In the morning, when we are bit late I don't necessarily have, to go. You. Know super far we can just. Get. Down here. And. You know even have a picnic, or, you know have a snack in the grass. You. Like, that one. Very. Pretty. Spinning. Spinning. With, the wind you, should, make one. Where's. It stop. Yes. Good, job. It's. A rectangle. Hot. Bobo. Swear. Can. You see the strawberry. Mmm. The. Grace. Yeah. Okay. So we are on our way. To. That. Free. Mental. Art. Festival. Is. It street. Art street, art festival. Expensive. Burrito. Yes, $13. Very. Spicy burrito. But. Honey. It. Is. That. Time of day, eight. City. Where. It's bedtime. For. Its yeah and. You. See. It's. Always here just before, as. You can see. So. I'm. Gonna give you that. Alright. What's. This. Crocodile. Good. Morning, or good afternoon should, I say, he's. Been hit acting, this morning, we. Woke up got late, and then, Peter. And, Alicia, went. To the gym so there's a crash there so, I could actually record my, video that. I, wanted. To become for so long on, my. V back my, vaginal birth, preparation. Because. If you don't know. 37.

Weeks. Tomorrow. So. Yeah I've been prepping for that and, then I'm. Doing some dishes and, I've been making. Lunch. Finally. So, it's best I'll is like a tomato, sauce, with, tofu. Mushroom. And. Plan. Did. You think you'll pass that over. Yeah. Me. When. I first. I'm. So full, now is all these. Cows that we've had. So. Delicious. And. Now it's already almost. 2. P.m., already, I can't believe it I feel like I don't know if you are, the same but I always feel like I'm just trying to catch up on all, those things that I have to do and I'm always feeling, late like. Alicea is meant to. Ever. Knocked around like 12:30, or 1:00, maximum. And it's already - what, are you doing I. Think. You do with that. That's. A camera. You. Looking at the screen you. See. Your face. So. Yeah. There we go. Phone app together. So I will. Take. That time. To, try to do some more editing. Probably, and hopefully, now. We just let the other have, like 1, hour. Nap. Or one and half maximum. Because sometimes, she goes for two hours or more and then, she started, to wake up her enemy, at like 3 a.m. and, she's like so excited, and loving, and you, know she wants to start a day and like, that if they don't wake up too late we can do, something. Afterwards. Go to town, and. Check. What's going on, there's some music, going on. 2000. Years later. Why. Are you sleeping. You. Oh. I. Was chicken. It's. It's. 10:00 to. 3:00 so. Almost. I think. I went down to or to sunny anyway took, so long for her to sleep. Side, you go there because sometimes you, know you need you like, change it up like your thumb there she'll not sleep she'll be too excited, and that Peter comes and it's actually. Changing. Changing. It for her and she would come down. So. I came there and like me after like five minutes, she, was. Because. It's ready. For, study. Even. Later, so. We could have a snack. Then. You gotta go to town, to, check the, Evans. Some. Music, and stuff going on. Do. You want a snack. Good, grab a snack. To. Some dates. You. Think it's funny maybe, see your face. We've. Been poker. Parties. When. You'd say for that. Procrastinating. Not. Even sure I'm, in yeah. We've been name it. Thinking. It. Was time to go it was time to go but, we're still here. And. Now it's time. Quarter. To. 6:30. Sick. Bit. More n'est. Pas. Oh. I. Don't. Have enough energy to. Do. Anything about, it. Just. Will, just stay like that. Okay. Ready. Let's get ready. Yes. Let's. Get ready and then we can go out. I'm. So stylish. These days. I'm. Wearing a dress. With. Jogging. And. Sonís. It's. Yeah. Hey, so. Have. Really struggling and finding, stuff, and. Fits. Me. And. Doesn't, show my belly so, and. So how could you and actually. I'm. Ready. I. Don't care. Better. Do is good mister. Fashion. Right. Here. He's the man of the year at. The cutting edge train. Who is this. Beautiful. Headband. Has, been. Fined. And. The, upshot. Take. A look at. Even shines and the lights on it. That's. An in-between, while my hair gets longer who, they lent, kit the, girls like it that's a thing.

At. Least I beauty. And. My attention, right I've. Gone up dramatically, no. I did you see that, wasn't good advice I gave you. Good. Or bad. Good. For you. That's. The green one. Yeah. Luckily. Yeah, I feel like I'm in Thailand. Luckily. She. Said no chilly that's, real it's. Real my shop. Just. Arrived home I don't, even know what time it is, so. Tired, but. That, was actually quite good tonight. I had a good time his. Ice cream was, amazing. Peanut butter and cookie, and vegan. Avicii and. Yeah. Had, a pretty good time, and. Then just walk home, no I'm feeling a bit sore. Down there, so. But. Nothing. Crazy. How, wish has. Done to get the some, cramping. It's April Fool to that I wanted to actually fake. Having. That really bad contraction, and then my. Water breaking. So. Much better with the mercy. Thank. You, think you're gonna find some chocolate, eggs, yeah.

2018-04-23 07:39

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Let me know what you think of this vlog :) make it until the end so you can see a preview of next week episode where we prank Peter faking my waters broke!haha tell us what was your April fool this year!

Trop top cette vidéo, j ai remarqué les changements dans l appart, les progrès d Alysia t surtout le style des videos qui ont bcp changé!!!! C est 2 x plus drôle !! Meme,si ce n est peut tre pas le but !!! Lol oh my god j attends la naissance maintenant .....suis au summum de l impatience bsbsbsbs

Chrystèle Lusci haha merci

viiite la suite :) ( melanie haha )

What a great long weekend - great Vlog!

thank you!

J'ai trop hâte de voir ce poisson d'avril

je dois dire que je me suis bien marree aussi!! ca me donne envie den refaire dailleurs!haha heureusement il a de lhumour :)

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