Eating only CANNABIS for one day

Eating only CANNABIS for one day

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This will be a language-mixed video both in Polish and English so turn on your subtitles now. I won't be promoting any CBD producer, or any illegal activities in Thailand. It's just a challenge of eating and drinking only cannabis for one day. Thailand is the only Southeast Asia country that allows using medical marihuana.

Before, it was totally illegal and you could have ended up in prison. It's still not allowed for any other purpose, but now you can find many places offering CBD products. Or you can get something stronger in the clinic. As I'm not a doctor, I won't tell you how good it is for your health. It's not why I make this video. I just want to show you what you can get here.

And what are the prices in Phuket. Which is the only open district, so, pop up and get some stuff... But I'm not promoting anything... It's only for fun! Let's start! The very first place we'll visit is nearby an oil station. It's in Phuket Town and opens at 10 AM. We went earlier to some other place but it didn't work out.

And here we have... a Japanese-style cafe. Looks Japanese to me... It looks so undistinctive from the outside no big green leaves anywhere... But the word is, they have something we can try... Let's go and see! Let's be nice and polite... does not work?! You broke it! It's disturbingly cheap in here...

I expected higher prices and here the coffee is for 30 bahts. That was to be expected, we won't find any vegan desserts anywhere yet. Look, there's something vegan here. But it has nothing special inside...

I don't want THAT... Cookies... Brownie tarts.

That's what they call it. They look great, right? Leave it, it's not vegan! That's mine. Let the audience decide - which one is better? Dry waffle or delicious chocolate tart.

Right... It tastes like a normal cake, I'm not sure there's anything in it... It does not have this smell... like the tea? Yes, I can smell it. But it's so well baked that the taste is good. It tastes like chocolate.

It's good! We'll try the tea with the cannabis leaves. They're mixed with the normal tea leaves. It smells a bit like... the substance... Tastes like the herbal tea not everyone likes it but it's OK for me.

Tastes bitter. I had a headache in the morning, but now... everything is fine... I can relax now... Nah, I'm joking nothing's happening. Will see what happens.

- What's wrong? - I feel funny... My eyes keep watering, and I feel out of sorts. - After two biscuits... - Yeah. And now I'm shivering. I don't know what they've added... C... BD... or THC...

I did something wrong? Come on! Vlogger's life... Muzzles and cameras all the time... All these bags...

It's a hard life. - Very... - I'd rather work in a factory. And we're in a factory now... We thought they're selling something... But it's just a notice.

That drug using is illegal, according to the Act this and this... it won't be tolerated... under no pretense and it will be reported to the police. That's what it says.

So, they're not selling? It's so empty... only staff and us... They have this special place outside Right, for the SEASONED smokers. Big marihuana leaf... those three colors are everywhere...

rasta... Usually, they sell the tea, but at the moment - nothing. Maybe inside? Right, I'll check it... it doesn't work? No, it's a.. something like that...

Cool, 2 in 1! I can see the tea... Shall we seat? Somewhere you can't hear the music... Look, a Christmas tree! It's Christmas soon! There's food! - Can I choose something? - Omlet - not vegan, chicken - not vegan. Desserts... not vegan. Anything else? Spaghetti... pizza...

The prices aren't so bad. No, it's expensive, look! Not VERY expensive, but not cheap either... - But those here... - Right, these are OK. A hundred, it's cheap.

But we're not eating that today, only this! Right, it's cannabis day. You can only drink and eat things with cannabis. Precisely.

You can't even drink water today. And they're too lazy to do something special for me. But, let's hope, the change will come.

And... So, they won't cook spaghetti with just vegetables and sauce. There has to be meat too. She said they can't but in fact, they simply don't want to.

You just don't add meat, and that's it! We're leaving. They don't want to cook for me, I'll eat leaves. A cat with one eye green and the other blue.

Dosage? For the big finale we're heading to the cannabis restaurant nearby Rawai Beach. Who is this couple? Here's my shot... I wonder, what's inside. - What is it? - It's with cannabis. It's still forbidden otherwise.

Cheers! I have it here, cheers! It's a special tea with an additional amount of CBD. For the bigger knockout. It tastes like herbs... similar to the tea.

But it will do. Right. It's my place. At least they have a decent menu.

And every single dish is with cannabis. You don't have to ask. The choice is wide. Breakfast, stakes, kinds of pasta... And they've made something vegan just for me, no problem. You really have something to choose from here.

here are drinks protecting from... You just have to drink, an additional one, only for 30 bahts. It's a cannabis leaf! The drinks are the best, with those big leaves. And they taste good, right? Cheers. And they're sugar-free. Bon appetite.

It's a fine replacement. Nothing is irreplaceable. How do you feel? I feel a bit chilled out...

Right, a delicate chill-out... Perfect for an evening. For going to sleep.

It's from the restaurant I guess... She's so light, zero kilograms! That's fun after cannabis! What's going on here?! It's like throwing a feather... Why do you think I'm not a romantic? Unfortunately, Marta's not a romantic - she's sensible and pragmatic. There's something to do and we just do it, everything in perfect order. And no admiring the sunset...

Is that a good or bad thing? It depends... I'll diplomatically say... And what do you think? OK, let's wrap this up... Paweł's left us, he can't stand us anymore. He took offense...

2021-08-29 03:34

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