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Hello everyone its Alaina and I'm back with a number blog it's about ten past four in the morning and I. Don't really feel that but. I feel like I look a little bit dead but oh well and. I think probably like the tiredness, that's gonna kick in in a few hours but now I'm just gonna carry my two bags over to the other end of college because I'm gonna meet up with C Jen because we're taking a cab together and then we're going to Edinburgh, so, yeah let's go. Yes. We made it to Edinburgh and of, course we went to McDonald's, because. We traveled across the country for that also, they have fees like special. Edition, Mex Larry's and I'm. Really excited to see how they taste because. They was like there's like cream egg which season, and I both tried and, it. Was it. Was iconic, but I almost died of a sugar shock I have to say um. So yeah. I'm. Really, really exhausted. And, actually almost fell asleep listen here max which was a new low did you break with this amazing hot chocolate. This. Is actually, like vanilla. White hot chocolate, guys. You got warm, cookie, we need to check their like how amazing, is that, yeah they're really nice like a pacifist service. Going. See the room. Where. This. Is quite nice, hi. Yeah. This. Is good it's. Good I'm happy well. I think. It's. Fine it's like the street it's. Actually, really spacious for, a hotel room yeah. Yeah. Anyway. We have a good room so we're happy okay so we made it to the hotel and see Jim's already eating a cookie oh good. Okay. And I. Think I'm just gonna sleep because, officially, been awake since 3:00 a.m. this morning and, it is 16 o'clock now and I'm. Done so. Yeah. I'll. See you guys later okay so it's a few hours later and I. Just need to rest it a little and yeah like have slept in a way I'm so that's good and now we're gonna go and we're gonna get some dinner I think we're gonna get some Mexican food right. Yeah. A. Burrito, for takeaway and then we're going to watch Black Panther because I've never seen it.

Come. On. So. Anyway and we can get food and then we're gonna go back watch movie and then, probably sleep because tomorrow morning, we have a tour of the Scottish Parliament which. We managed to get into it because you have to sign up and it was like was your like group name and like. The person. You talked to for the group and stuff so, we were scared we can get involved, they, gave us a spot so yeah okay so we get two burritos and, drinks. And then we also got a free bottle of wine from our hotel, thanks, to Expedia so. A feat it did not sponsor this video yeah, we are not sponsored, and we wish we were. But. Yeah this is really nice um we're glad we got this and we actually got the, burritos and a drink for a five pounds, each because, it was a student deal because teaching is amazing, and finding deals. Yeah. Exactly so this is a good deal so now we're gonna eat these and, watch black panther and just chill and, then it's probably gonna be an early night good, morning guys um so yesterday we just watched a movie and then we basically fell asleep so. That's that and, yeah. Today, and we're gonna go to the Parliament. So. Much fun yes basically we have to leave now and then. We're gonna do a tour we don't we know it's gonna be on the tour because they said they're like catering, the tourists who wants to groups and since, we just said we're all students interested in devolution this. Might become like a revision, exercise, for us which, is well. Yeah. Hopefully. We actually know enough to ask questions, um but. I mean how are you Sam another coming up we kind of ask the hard-hitting questions, I'm sure they wouldn't answer it I mean. It's gonna be interesting since everything. Is going on with brexit right now it's. Really topical so yeah, let's see. I. Took. Our beaches on this problem and there. She is always hold us in our hot yeah, and physically, the, same thing you know. Our. Wife don't know but. All. The oxygen. For. It was a scoundrel it's. A candle, it's. A candle no. That's not okay, comment, down below if it's a candle, a bottle, or what, it's actually first referendum agenda. You to a percent. And. Up. To the person part of it was also like all over there lamps, on everything but yes let me get it always otherwise, so a big swing the ball but it was. And. Now. This. Looks so good oh my god love. It okay. So we are at the palace which, is the Queen's official residence, in Scotland and we're, gonna go and see it. Okay. So right, now we are we just finished a audio, tour of the, palace of holyroodhouse it, is really, pretty the art in there is, really. Amazing, and anything. On this page that doesn't receive any public, funding so everything, you pay for all these things like your entrance fees it.

Just Goes towards, the maintenance of all the palace all the art collections, and the, jury so it's. I. Think I think we really nice in this summer when. The. Gardens are open and you, know this, is. Definitely. Recommend, and it's absolute you were surprised like. Once you like went through the entire thing you realized it was worth the money and the audio guide is so useful it is really, detailed yeah. Really, good so now we're, gonna look for some cake what. Time is it I don't know but but it's cake time so. Let, me get some cake and they, were gonna go for a whiskey. Also. Guys we just realized on the way out I'm you can get a ticket stamped, and then you can come back for free for an entire year so, that's really amazing cause like we literally paid for the entrance once and you can come back here like literally. Every day for a year if you want to. Hi. We're. Back yeah. We made it um we tasted we. Did it first time in my life you know maybe dish, yeah I actually. Tried a little bit as well I finished. My. Face is the reai feeling of getting rid like. It. Will get rid I didn't drink enough beer I think they, gave us like really we need a little but like it's a long way, 25%. Alcohol content, it's like really high, about. Content so you. Know you're getting that high. Alcohol, content, from. A little bit but. It's really informative at all and there, are super super well-organized, like they, weren't going through what a super smooth yeah so, yeah I give it five out of five I think you you need to come here if you're experienced caller because, whiskey. Is such an integral part of, this publish experience, so you ever don't drink you're. Gonna like give. You out your soft drink and get the nice bill company. Definitely. So. Yeah five out of five stars from us and. By. The way guys if you're interested in anything that like you know we're talking about I'm going to link all the places in the infobox below if you guys interesting, and by the way you get student discount here so, defecate, till I say your student when you book this yeah and yeah, now we're gonna find some food you, guys we made it back to hotel room and we, went to a Chinese supermarket and, we, have the essence of life in the, room by. Chop in, case you don't know this about me a basic eat drink is like water and, this. Is probably not healthy but. I love, it so we. Happy is and he finally, I've. Cracked again and. We've got some cup noodles so basically the plan for tonight is shower. And, then we're gonna watch the episode with the bold type because, it's an amazing TV show and we're, gonna have a little cup little party so. Yeah that's our name hi guys, good morning it's like she afternoon, right now because, you woke up in ten and. It's. All because we haven't, woken up Soviet for a very long time so, you have a breakfast, at like 11:30, and. This is super quick a cycle of crumbs they have the most amazing King and device and then it's kind of rustic, super. Super cute highly. Highly recommend, it it's gonna be big Dumbo those silly yeah it's five out of five check, it out you have to go and so. Right now in, front of Edinburgh, Castle which. We are not going to because we're machala 17, pounds for entry and we're. At try to set it on food yeah, and there's no student discount so now.

So We are at the market like. A farmers, market which. We're, gonna get more food because breakfast, wasn't enough but we got cake so we're, getting it like cheese, sandwiches. Tomato. Soup and a, sausage roll okay. So. We're. Giving this five out of five it's, a cute place I get five out of five it's quite small but it's lovely. So. Yeah what recommend so. I'm we made it for our first market and it was really really good we're. Giving that five out of five the food was amazing and, now we had a second market because yeah. Today. Is basically our food day yeah, we're gonna go to the ice cream cheese just across the street yeah, so not, if he's just 12 there's almost 100, most, one okay we. Haven't had like a single thing that like actually looks, like a full meal yeah. Yeah. We had cake for breakfast, then. We have to be help in between now we go my way. Anyway. Ice. Cream and, then we just. Probably. Visit, waterstones. We. Got she Melina for a bit she said, she would buy three on her stop playing uh she's six it's, a 200%, increase. Well. Actually I feel like it's not my fault because, it was your job to stop me and then, you abandoned me and. Well. She's. Just she just straight went to all the murder books and left me alone in like the poetry and fiction section and that's, when. Things just happened, I love mother. Well. Yeah so we're gonna find a nice cafe and read. A bit of our books that, we should have bought so, we bought six books and, now. We're. Here and. We're just gonna read, a little bit in our books and drink, some cheese. So. We've been here for a good hour and we've, just been reading and by the way this book is pretty nice. It's. Like poetry. But it's not like too. Tough. To read his poetry it's pretty easy like, very accessible poetry, and, it's about fairy tales I really really like it also I really love the atmosphere in here it's so nice. It. Feels like a library. It's, lovely like you can just come pick up a book and start reading we. Went to five go look. At that. How, is it, is. It good justice better than McDonald. Can. We believe that. Really. Good. Hey. Guys so we're back in our room and we, had a pretty, good day I think we ate a lot of food I mean we had cake for breakfast, and. I gave up my highest food rating ever which is better than McDonald's I, mean that was like the highest you can get for me if you, don't know that I'm addicted, to McDonald's, you probably have never watched a vlog of mine because, McDonald's is probably featured in almost all of them so.

Yeah, Anyway. I thought it also Sheriff you guys what we got because um, yeah, I had a little quick moment of Waterstones uh-huh, yeah. I actually, like meat, myself with the rule that I'm gonna get free books um. Shishun, was supposed to enforce that and like I I told her like you allowed to threaten me of physical violence but instead, she just ran off to the crime section and, got lost in like the murder books and, making. Me sound like a freak, I, mean. You. Literally did run to the murder books. I. Guess. Every law student would kind of understand, if you're not a law student you might think we're creepy um, so, yeah but we thought we just quickly sure I guess what we've got today because today was also like a bit of a shopping name, and. Best thing is I got a little unbootable. Union. Jack and I don't know if you guys can see this. Okay. Now we get to the books because that's the more interesting past um, so. See Jen got two books which guess, which section, they came out crime. Oh. Okay. You're, branching out yeah it's about it's. I love, the cover look, at this. So. Cool I forgot about halfway through and it's a pretty good book so and, then. I got this called blood orange about. Murder. And. A. Criminal. Defense lawyer who, is defending. Someone. Who. Is. Accused of murder. If. You get interested in anything we link it, for. You know late. Night calling. Me you know you know this is this. Is my bedtime. Okay, so season spokes were slightly. Creepy yeah but okay. They're pretty cool though I think I might borrow them so, yeah I think I have some light to read so here we go um so. The first book okay, I said, I have light hair is bad this is American Psycho yeah we're eating stuff about a psychopath, but oh well. The. Next book that I got was the establishment, and how to get away fit which, funny thing I saw stranger, reaches in a train and I. Thought, it sounded really interesting so, since then I wanted to read it so yeah thank you for inspiring me to buy this book I hope it's actually good and. Then, this book came just the first book I picked out from, all of them and it's. About a. Girl no not a girl a woman who, struggled. Quite a bit in life you know she, actually was, blind and then she got a surgery which almost true miracle gave her partial sight and you. Know despite all odds she actually like you know ended up going to Harvard having two kids getting married I was really good and then. She goes to the doctor one day and finds out she's terminally, ill and she, basically writes, this about like the end of her life and I don't. Know this sounded so, amazing, and like that somebody has the strength to actually write about this so, I decided to buy this and you know give it a read. What. Else did you have oh I. Actually started this one, and. This is poetry which. Is very much connected to fairy tales as the. Title fierce fairy tales gives away, and. This is pretty light poetry, um but it's a really nice read I think um so. Yeah if you guys like you like a lighter poetry, book depth you, can also read like before you know you go too bad or anything like you don't need to like heavily analyze the poetry too much it's, very accessible um, yeah. Would highly recommend for that and. Then. We have making, evil the, science behind humanity's. Dark side which, basically like analyzes, like for example why do people become sadists. Or you, know why do people follow movements, like the Nazi movement and stuff like that and I thought that was very intriguing they're gonna give us a read and a theme and then. Defining. One, how. Democracies. Die, yeah. Well, we're being really positive. Really. Lighter. Than murder okay. So. Yeah I'm. Not trying to make a political statement that I actually think democracies, are dying but, I thought, this was quite interesting because I fear not a lot of times like we. Don't even really talk about like, know whoever democracies. Are like the thing of the future and. I really hope they are because I really like them and I, haven't yet discovered like a better political, model but who knows maybe there is one um. So. Yeah but the offers basically arguing that you know there are some signs that we can see already like, for example for him Trump is an example of like how, democracies. Aren't, really working and so, I'm interested in like seeing his arguments, and yeah, let's, see if the book is actually good and so.

That Was my book shopping good, morning guys it's the next day and actually, see Jen finished, her book which. Is a bit chocolatey you. Were done like last night yeah, every really fasten is a really short book but. Was it good yeah. So. Yeah that was that um. And now we're, gonna go it's our last full day which, is actually sad because I didn't, realize so, yeah. It was it went by really quickly yeah because you've just been chilling, and everything it's good for your mental health I get away from Cambridge, for a bit yeah, like you need to leave Cambridge after town like, just. To get out like even if you just take a train to London like just so you don't like, see the university over time but, now we're doing a little bit of a museum date so we're. Gonna go and yeah explore, a little bit. You. So, we're, back in the room we, actually came back quite like a while ago but they, forgot our room, Wendy, were doing the rooms so. Yeah. Basically we just I went to the lobby worked a little while of day cleaned your room and. See. Jen was so kind to get us take up so. We're, eating some. Japanese noodles today and. I hope they're good and we also actually, need to empty our fridge today because. This. Is everything. That we need to drink guys tonight. So. They gave us the wine the wine was on the house okay we didn't pay for this population, looting wine goes done. It. Just has to go now so. We'll. Just take the wine they gave, us water. And. By the way the wine was from experiencer, thank you Expedia. Not. Sponsored we, wish, some. Lip nicety vitae okay I'm gonna drink the visor I mean that's not the problem I mean we, all know I'm addicted to this. Yeah. And the orange juice so this all needs to be done for us tonight. Now. I'm. Gonna have my, noodles. So. Yeah we're gonna eat dinner and then we're, just gonna have our baths. Because. We finally have a bath two-for-one. And, yeah. Then we're just gonna chill. Today. The lazy day yeah it's. A good name so. Me when editing this realized, that I never actually explained, to you guys why, we actually ended up buying bath bombs so, the reason was it was super super windy and cold that day so we decided not to keep walking around going, to different museums, because, we were literally just freezing, cold so, instead, we ended up at lush and we just bought some bath bombs and then each of us took a bath because we can't do that while we're at university, so this was really kind of something special for us and so we basically just shelled in our baths for a while hey, guys um it's. Our last day it's about 11:50. So we have about 10 minutes to, leave our hotel room we. Woke up at like 7:30, this, morning you. Okay so, yeah. You were a couple later I did my makeup first um. And, since. Then the, only productive thing we did is get breakfast, mm-hmm. And then, we just later in a bed didn't ever. Lazy. Um. Yeah. We were being like busy like the perfect University, students um. No. It's just because like we really didn't know what to do ourselves we were actually planning should I go out and walk around a little but then kind of laziness, overtook, us all so we weren't awake until like 1:00 a.m. yesterday.

So, We took our bass by the way oh my god taking a bath was so nice it, was so relaxing, like. Wow I loved it I haven't, done this in so long and then. We watched, an episode of the bold type which is an amazing TV show I absolutely love it yeah. I introduced, each into it because she has never watched it before and, then. We watched a Disney movie. So. That happened, and. Yeah. Now we're, just going to take our stuff goes to the airport and. Leave. Scotland. Yeah. I also get lunch and then. We're leaving and I'm back here in my room in Cambridge so I made, it home and I'm. Really sorry I didn't really block a lot today I basically filmed one clip this morning and then. I just didn't vlog anymore because, traveling, is stressful, so. I, just really didn't have the time um you know we just like had to make our flight and you know make sure that we have all our stuff so. Yeah, unfortunately I didn't vlog and honestly it wasn't very interesting you would have just seen, us walking, for the airport and then getting at our trains so, yeah, but I did manage to finish this book for, your Sperry tales by nikita jill and it's, really, really good I think it's very accessible poetry, so if you're just starting out with poetry does it's really a great read and. It, really doesn't require a lot of you know knowledge about any particular themes, the. Only thing you do need to know a little bit about fairy tales but if your, parents have read them to you as a kid that is enough knowledge to, you know understand, what she's talking about in this book it's. Very feminist. Um in terms of like what you know the topics are and what the message is of the poems are but. I think it's a really interesting book to read so yeah just finished on a train looked really like a couple of minutes ago and. Then I also immediately, started my new book because it's the kind of person I am, um so, um you, know I thought I'd really like change. The type of book that I'm reading so now I'm reading American, Psycho, and judging. From the introduction at the first couple of pages this, is a drastic, change in, genre but, you know what I think.

It's Gonna be a good read though it probably will be quite disturbing but. You. Know what I'm interested so that's, what I'm going with and so. Yeah that also, concludes my blog I, really. Really got that I got two troubles - Jenn and I really really enjoyed it and I just wanted to use this moment also to say thank you to her um. So, yeah, I really, hope you enjoyed this travel as much as I did and yeah. Just thank you so much for traveling with me I'm really, glad to have you as a friend here and yeah. Thank. You so much for an amazing time and thank, you all for following us around and yeah. That's pretty much it first lock thank you so much for watching have a nice day bye.

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