Egypt is not just the Pyramids

Egypt is not just the Pyramids

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Possessing. One third of the world's moments is full of objects, of admiration and, wonders, that may be underrated. Or not as popular as the fifth car in, this video we are going to explore three of Egypt's ahead and touristic places in, order to show you how, agents, cultural, importance, lies, in the heart of its history. And. Is, an important, field. Tourism. Attraction, examples. Are numerous, archaeological. Or cultural tourism which, is the oldest type of tourism beaches. Tourism, therapeutic. Tourism, sports, tourism Safari, tourism, desert. Tourism, meritum. Tourism, festival, tourism. And culture events conferences. And exhibition, tourism, and much, more. Egypt. Had its turn of receiving, a series of civilizations. Throughout history first, this country pass through the pharaonic, civilization, that, lasted for thousands of years second. The Raman and great civilizations. Affected feeding then, the, Coptic civilization, also did and they, all lived, here fingertips, in Edom, in the form of historical, memory. All. Weeds that fast through, the reign of Edith, Hatshepsut it was one who left a Great Divide. According. To National Geographic Celeste. Egypt better than she founded to created the next camp talk to mr. Perry who ended up being Napoleon. In tech enlarging, its inspired beyond, anything, it had ever seen, she was very candid, in how she is ideology to, set herself up with unsalable. It's. Not my own voice but my father the goddamn brain is broken to me and. Told, you that. She. Was so. Interested. She. Was not such fun of sending, military. Campaigns. But. She was. The. Crowning jewel of headship suits achievements, is her mortuary, temple, strategically. Placed on the west bank of the Nile next, to the temple of mental health of the second to reinforce, her position, among kings her. Temple was known as Jessie Regis rule which means Halle of Holies and decorated, with scenes from her reign we, can also find an abyss the god of the dead Hathor, goddess, of fertility Amon. King of gods and Ray the god of the Sun. Alluring. In digital. Food vendors. On Saturn. Phone trifle, hello Sarah from food the funding set for your love College Udacity, bogosity threat, will develop, a he. Said that controls the fun c'mon. Akira, said for vendors, on sale at home a, temple, of hatshepsut has, three levels connected, to each other by Cosway of hundred feet that, in ancient Egyptian times, was probably lined with sphinxes during.

These Times the first level was full of exotic trees, and shrubbery like frankincense. That, had come from the Queen's trading, expeditions, to the Land of Punt. So. The. Paintings, still. Survives, are as, if they. Were just painted, yesterday despite, that nothing, was repainted it all dates back to the 15th century, BC. It's. Really. Many. Of the reliefs on the multiple, columns depicted, hatshepsut strips to punt, unfortunately. They, were all destroyed after her death the, remaining reliefs are all about thoughts must be third in the transportation. Of two large obelisks, down, the river not the. Second level contains one of the first ever recorded pictorial, documentation. Of a trade expedition. More, precisely the, reliefs retell, had shipped suits high officials, journeyed upon the last three years and includes. A shrine for the goddess Hathor had. Ship suits birth is depicted, on this level as well and is sometimes called the birth colonnade, statues. Of Horus in Falcon form are situated, on each side, of the RAM that leads from the second level to the third this. Third level houses, a particle, or a roof, supported, by columns with, double rows of columns, that face the front behind, this is a courtyard and several, chambers, running off of it the, separated, columns were constituted, of enormous, statues of hatchets. The. Disease for me. Aleksef. On Lemire, our children, Archie food in tamale, affecting the feast differences, do, do. Not refund, on the underwire, we, equate of noses buried as it is Oprah Winfrey get the money part the. Fees the, thought, forces due to the Buddhist point I. Still. Remember when I was a kid we would go to Marcel. We. Were around three or four families together we, would rent two apartments, for one week and spend the day at a different fee to do today, at night we, would burn bicycle, the ice cream all by the beads and stay up late to get this city there are innumerable beaches, with soft white sand and calm transparent. Waters. According. To each of travel, Cleopatra, Beach sits at about a 14 kilometer, drive northwest of MRSA mature around. The base thin tentacle, of land the, sea here is a breathtaking turquoise. Shade, and the rock formations, are exquisitely, next. To the beach there is a statue of Cleopatra, where tourists, take pictures. Cleopatra's. Bath is a natural, pool that legends say was the queen and Mark Antony's, bathing place but, you can't actually swim because of the waves and rocks off shore and because, the sea is quite rough the. Large rock is closed from two sides and the top from the other two sides the water is renewed with every movement of the waves the. Sea waves are high enough to enter inside the rock through small carved, tunnels then the water flows out of its openings, in a wonderful, shape in the, roof of this rock formation there, are openings that allow the entry, of sunlight which works to heat the water inside. Churches. Are all overeating as Christianity, has played a huge role in forming, Egypt's past as well as its prison visiting.

These Churches help us learn more about its famous Coptic history one, of the oldest churches in Egypt and first, built in Basildon style is the hanging church also, known as the Church of the Virgin Mary, which, dates back to the 3rd century from. The 11th, century until. The 13th, century AD it became the official residence, of the Coptic patriarchs. Of Alexandria. This, church is recognized, as the place of many ups and Mary's appearances. Mahoney, on Bessolo Shannon, was. Abandoned. When. They are now, best. Buddy Thurmond elect Ellison, insane. Its, name comes from, the fact that it was built on the top of the southern gate of Babylon fortress the rommel fortress in Old Cairo in. A way that its core is suspended, above the passage, this, location, gives the church the impression, of hanging, in the middle of the air the, church Arabic, name el Malacca literally. Means the suspended, this, church is twenty three point five meters, long eighteen, point five meters wide and nine, point five meters, high it's. Wooden roof is in the shape of Noah's, Ark you, can enter from the street through iron gates located, under appointed, stone arc there. Are three sanctuaries. In the eastern side of the church the, one in the middle is dedicated, to the Virgin Mary the. One to the left is named after Saint George and the one to the right is named after John, the Baptist the, wooden screen is a true piece of art that is willfully, decorated, with geometric patterns. And crosses, in Ebony, in ivory a total. Of 110. Icons, are kept, in the hanging church in, which we can find icons of Jesus Christ Saint Mary, Archangel, Gabriel, Saint Peter cinn John the Baptist st. Paul Archangel. Michael st., George st., mark and a lot more the. Pulpit of the hanging church dates to the fifth century and rests on 15 wrassle comes across. Is depicted, above three steps on each side of the pulpit symbolizing. The three days in which Jesus Christ was in his tomb and his resurrection. Laxus. Karnak temple valley, of the kings valley, of the queens channel, connealy elephantine, island the temple of Abu Simbel Kara's, Egyptian Museum the, white desert CL, wases, st. Catherine's Monastery Mount. Sinai, Alexandra. Port Aswan, High Dam temple. Of Colombo Saqqara necropolis. Ecology, of memnon pyramid, of djoser citadel. Of Cod Bay Namib. A Abdeen. Palace Cairo tower temple, of horus at edfu bibliotheca. Alexandrina nubian. Museum then. There are temple complex, mir monumental, tombs Mumtaz. Apalis, catacombs. Of comon shook off the island, of plants Alexandria national museum tombs, of the novels and much. More. As, Janet Erised client steward said Edith is full of. The. First round has been on the, place where I was born my, second mother. It's. My love I find my way back home to you. Thanks. For watching this, is Sandra Madhok from the heart of the event. Mandy. You.

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Wow it is amazing video. Good job Sandra really I enjoyed this video. It is very important for our kids to know how is beautiful their home country . Thanks Sandra for this great video. Wishing you all the best in your future.

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