Eight Go Rallying The Road to Saigon, Series 1, Episode 2

Eight Go Rallying The Road to Saigon, Series 1, Episode 2

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Taxi. For. Celebrity. Juelz wolf. Again. In search of adventure I mean look at this, have. Traveled to the heart of Southeast, Asia, hi, Thailand. To. Join one of the toughest, car rallies in the world. I just. Want to touch the time. They'll. Be covering over 3,000. Kilometers, in just 12 days. Terrified. From. The northern hills of Thailand. To. Saigon in the south of Vietnam. Along. The way they'll experience the sights and sounds of. Three. Incredible. Countries, as perfect. It's. Unlike, anywhere I've ever been and, face some of the most challenging roads. World. Nobody. Call the medic, it'll see even the strongest of relationships, put to the test bring it round. Surely. Trust me as the. Teams do whatever it, takes. To. Make it to the finish line. Telling. You a good driver. It's. Three days since, the celebrity, teams started, their epic adventure, joining, the road to saigon endurance. Rally. Last. Night the for driving, duo's arrived, in nakhon ratchasima in. Southern, Thailand. 1200. Kilometers, from their starting point in Chiang, Mai. I said. To Shirley last night do mine so if they could give out medal for the first leg you guys. When. You walked in last night after. Ten. Hours and. Still smiling and, still. But. For a tease mega couple, Martin and surely Kemp, there will be no driving, today having. Rolled their mini on day two in, a speed test. When. I was hanging upside down with my hand Travis yeah. Team. Keeping, it wheel Jordan. Stevens, and Tinchy Stryder have, also been Carlos since the engine of their Hillman Imp blew, up after a grueling, day of hill climbs. Only. The oliver's and the admins have managed to make it this far in their own cars with. Nolan Liz arriving, before the other celebrities, on most days. Today's. Mission is to cross the border into Cambodia in, good time. I. Think we could actually enter a country before, know which he'll hate. As, ever the teams work in pairs with, one driving, and the other map-reading. Having. Recently failed her driving test the, makita is in charge of navigating. Cleaning. Andy was the sole driver. It's. Before 8 a.m. and by, leaving ahead, of all the other rally cars they're, hoping to reach today's destination, first. Thank you. Straight, up is too straight ahead and then over across bridge to get to the remote. Well, this is not good, where is everything. We're. At Andy Makita I think, the left how long ago. Itself. Early you. Have to chase after the Morris Minor yeah, that won't be a problem. Teen. Fast, and curious. Noland. Liz Edmunds in there nippy MGB, GT, good, morning lucky have, impressed, with their expert, navigating, and near faultless, driving. But. Their half an hour behind the oliver's. Past. Experience, suggests they'll, still finish in pole position. Five. Six. They. Were right. This morning I love you. Let. Me just see what we can find, Martin. And Shirley are back at the hotel. Along. With Tinchy and Jordan they need a replacement car. When. The rally drivers, smashed, their car they obviously haven't got a spare car right, so, we. Need to talk to them what do they do if they're stuck suppose. They'd, like a higher something, to. Carry on with the pack, you. Leave it with me girl. Yes I will ha keep packing they're. Not very comfortable that's the only thing with the old vintage cars, Martin used to have an e-type car. That I'm really, really, comfortable in I know it sounds spoilt is a 4x4, he, was sitting in his loverboy, kind of style, era, and, I was pregnant and, I had to get in and out of this e type and I was like you have to get rid of this car it's, most stupid, and I thought it was a bit of an embarrassing, phallic symbol car so.

I Made him get rid of it I think, there may be bitterness, there somewhere. But. Time is running out as. The rally schedule, dictates, that all teams must, leave Thailand together by lunchtime. Yeah. They've, got a, mini, estate, do you want that no. This. Morning the remaining, 30 rally cars will cover 250. Kilometers. Leaving. Nakhon ratchasima in. The early morning before heading, into rural southern, Thailand, then. They'll travel east through the town of Buriram before, dropping down to the border with country, number two the, kingdom of Cambodia. Yeah. This is quite experience. Jordan. And Tinchy are rejoining, the rally by taking, it in turns to navigate, for an expert, rally driver so, every time he gets our next print ticket, yeah once, you've gone through your first couple of junctions, yeah. Okay. Really. Okay. All. Right thank you thank. You very much good. Luck I'm down two scores now back that book, reading. Now. Be good w it that we could jordan. Hacks it Bobby. Would with. Sat Navs and GPS, systems banned route. Directions, are given in these tulip, maps. Intricate. Documents, detailing checkpoints. Exact, distances, and diagrams, of junctions. It's. Been a couple. Of days where we, haven't been on the rally I'm trying to think of messing. Up but you know I think that's a natural part of it so I just got to enjoy it, all. Right listen so I put the first off for this journey you've got a second off of this journey you feel confident I feel good yeah. Oh, love. The velvet bro. Alright. Dave Ellis in the road. The. Boys driver, for this dash to the border is a veteran, of seven, endurance, rallies. FFF. No-nonsense. Northerner. David Roberts in his trusty, triumph, tr4. Just. At the kilometer they should be assigned to call Kyle. That's inside there actually. Tinge. Come. On boy you're gonna rough it with us. Via. The. Remaining. Three celebrities, we'll be traveling by taxi, to rendezvous with a rally.

All. Teams, must reach the border by one at the latest. That. Drive missing, all, of the different terrain. And. Then sort, of the lowlands. And the little villages, and tasks and then suddenly this, place. Having. Failed to complete the course in the allotted time on, previous, days the. Oliver's are playing it safe by taking a shortcut from the official, route. I don't. Like losing right away I keep saying it's not raise bits of race just because you call it a rally doesn't make it not a race it's a race as someone has to win someone, has to lose we really. Don't want to lose. Believe. They left before. Us I just can't believe how, sneaky that was this. Traffic it's done really. Difficult. Team. Fast, and curious, are still in nakhon ratchasima. So. It's three point six four and, we. Could take the flyover, so it's an easy right I got a red light down here. The. Handbrake. Bad, smell weird. Alight not, happy. Found. A breakdown yeah. Oil pressure 60. No, water temperatures gone mad, yeah. Absolutely got mad let's. Get off the road. Turning. Off. Don't. Go anywhere in the area just in case. Fan. Belt is broken. By. 9:00 a.m. the, rally car should be out on the open roads heading. East for Cambodia. But. The wave to everybody. Jordan. And rally veteran, David have, reached the ab skirts of the city heading for Buriram. 34:26. Twelve oh to the bank. I work, today. The fast-food section of the greyhound stadium. So. It's like flipping burgers and, like making, chips and, like every time I got like a free 15 minutes, I just get cheesy chips and run into the stockroom and just shut my face, I used. To have this layer of grease on my face after every shift. - Kalavati before changing, sides of the road. Rather. Than wait for the mechanics. Noland. Liz have decided to make their own repairs, but. There are no tools in the car we. Call that a nut, and, we need the tool. You. Are wonderful. We'll. Buy a television in a minute. Excuse. Me. They. Must fit a replacement, fan belt in. Hot. Just. Make sure that he doesn't. From. Size finally. After. 20 minutes waiting list. Takes over from the boys. That. Was the one my, father had. His own haulage, company and, I, was kind of brought up with vehicles, I learned how to drive them and a, certain amount of repair work shall we say people. See you and they think oh you know she wouldn't know anything about engines, or cars or I, think, they immediately, put you, in a category. In a box I. Don't. Fit in that box at. All. Until. We take, that off. Could, you're coming this way. Useless. And I am really but. This is so mechanically-minded. This. Will not be happy unless she fixes this car oh. You. Got it. Thank. You 12. Minutes after Liz takes charge the, engines fixed. But. You know buts about doing that I'm, not really nervous that has. That not sure, tin. Cheese getting some last-minute coaching. Before taking over from Jordan in the triumph tr4. Says. One one. Don't. Know whatever it was it me. Dudas. Turning left at 4.2, kilometers, Jordan. And David are approaching, Chang international. Racing circuit, the rally's first official, pit stop of the day, you. Can about spring. OK we've nailed our gun may. Hey, that's, wicked huh I. Myself. A, small website now as like, a freelance, navigator, so if anyone's good conversation. Did. I mean a couple jokes like. You know then. I'm available from, around well unless you get your car which would be ideal would chase under to be Cindy's, navigator.

Tinchy. Will be taking over for the next 70 kilometers as the rally gets closer to the Cambodian border I. Decided. That there was no room camping with went rap so, yeah, no, pressure no better yeah, I'm. Just a DevOps just, a navigator sorry, everybody at stuff gonna relationship, that's what you need. Yes. Navigation. Yeah. So. Far Tinh she's only been behind the wheel so this, is his first experience, of navigating. I. Let. His car. So. We're gonna come past the market on the brand side arch, ball go under the Audrey must, be a red right here. Get. Better move on that we get behind. Wow. After. Their breakdown, Noland, Liz are lagging behind the rest of the fleet. That, is Exhibit, A as, far as I'm concerned, I suspect, it's got Andy's, fingerprints. All, over it, yeah I think they want to win. Well, I suggest next, time you see Andy you just confront, her with. Just. And look in the oil yeah. Or. What's. That oh, that's. What she'll say and, then you know you know she's guilty, oh I. Wonder what that is. Their. Best chance of catching up with Andy and Makita is. To leave the rally route and also. Take a shortcut. Five. Seven. Tyreq. We're running club at, our behind I still think that we'll. Manage to catch them up. Teen. Bop gear are now under a hundred kilometers, from the border but. Makitas flagging, from her early morning start. Door, gets. Don't. Go to sleep. I. Think. This probably keep that's very girly, girl like young teenage. Girl yeah absolutely and. I think that's kind of lovely actually I think it's quite endearing and. That's also, partly. My from I think it's a sort of single. Parent reflex or something, where. I am I. You know I spoil her and I over. Compensate. All. The, time for things I think I might have done wrong which. Helps, her to remain deeply. To, again, brace position, yes. Knoll. And Liz are making, up time. But. Petrels running low so they're forced to take a pit stop. We. Do not want to waste any time. Well. I need the money, hello. Right. Right to the top like woosh. Woosh. Bang. Look. At the cow look. At the cow in the truck. Hello. There. Chums. Actually. I'm quite upset by them I. Know. I know it's a different economy I know it's a different way of life, but. That as an animal welfare issues, actually, very upsetting. Also. Because I wonder where they're going great. Thank. You thank. You thank you, let's. Go guys. Well. These, cows. Wow. Wow. Look. At oh wow Wow, big. Carnival, balls okay. Somebody's. Placing remind me when I'm in Ghana, yeah. Some that you don't really see this lattice in London. I was, born and raised in Gardner and then I went to primary school day, laughs. Was so laughs fun. I really, really enjoyed that and how experience at Palmer left. Everything. From how passion everyone is an out open. And welcoming, in it's so humbling because I see a lot of people that don't. Have what we have here or, they're happier. And, that makes you feel that well that laugh and love is something you call my combat. You can't pay for happiness or love. You're. Not available a wave that's a bit so you. Okay. Tell. Me left. To be a bit quicker with those instructions. Tene. Fast and curious, are now back on the official, rally route and hoping they've caught up. You're, acting like a proper navigator. I. Think. We just, see. Them by the side of the road with the pointing up. Electing my competitive. Streak to take over. Oh I, can see a repertoire. No. Roma Rico. Dad. Are. We thirsty. I don't, see any other colors Bubba. At, 11:30. Andean, Makita reached their destination. And. Now I need them to come here so we can just tell them there's. No one to tell though it's tough let's tell them we are anyway. Wait first, are they we're first right, hi, so, Eddie car number, one no, number. One number, one. Selfie. Vote. This. Year we're, adjusting our LPG. Sign on the right that's. Where my be tapered. So. I got a feeling, we've. Lost, No. I'll, be there Sunday with, it. Yes. Well. I mean if anybody was counting, is this, so it's a view Oh. Boys. It, it's. Awesome Belle she. Did it just actually, broke. Look keep checking my eyes to see my lucky. Pick. Ticket narrow pick. It up yeah. Tinchy. Has successfully, navigated his, half of the route. He. And Jordan are the only celebrity team, to have followed the rally's instructions, all the way to the official, checkpoint. Okay. When. We back, in our new car, I think, cuz now you know Jordans, let's learn more than about navigating and the, drive and I was always cool but it's only gonna get better so hopefully we'll catch up to know Liz and even keep everyone everyone, and I don't know how to again we don't know what what I believe. In RCA we've. Got this yeah, love thank. You so much buddy I appreciate that what I do that's all we do Jordan. Got the best wave in technique yeah oh yeah. BB. Levens a big part of it for ya I didn't, know. Really. Good we can. I. Know, we have been. With. The rallies time in Thailand almost, over, the.

Celebrity. Teams leave in convoy. Right. Thank. You Thailand, thank you and. Head. Towards, their second, country on the trip. The. Next. Leg of the journey will, be an epic three-hour, 170. Kilometers rive through. Northern Cambodia. The. Route will take them south where, they'll endure rough and dusty tracks all on the opposite side of the world, before. Reaching the next overnight, in the tourist, mecca of Siem Reap. Right. Oh right. Yes, we are yeah. Oh God. Cause. The villa you. Place. Amazing thing right it's usually come across, the border you can see the country. Change Kearney. Right. Erica, tempura, is. The. Rural border, province, of Adami on she is very different, to its Thai equivalent, oh. My. God, my goodness. That's, called the escape lane. Wow. After. A decades-old. Conflict with, it's much richer neighbor, the. Area is littered with over two million Minds. A. Significant. Percentage. Of Cambodia, which is. Ostensibly. A no-go, zone. You'll see a lot of houses they're, right next to the roadside. If they're afraid to come it going. I mean, what a terrifying. Terrifying. Why, do exist. You know what scares me is this information. That there are landmines in place yeah. Is very Sochi, because I'm always getting out of course I go to the new, like. Actual. Instruction, don't you run, into a field that hasn't been cleared because there will be like - Wow. Cambodia. Is one of the poorest, countries in the region and, it's. Roads are far more challenging than, anything the teams would have so far experienced. Incoming. Passenger. Jet. That wasn't bad. To. Avoid collisions, both, driver and navigator must. Act as a team. We, take, it in turns to drive. But there is a difference, I don't. Sit there when, this is driving, going, all. A. Gypsy. And checking. In the mirrors. And. She. Is monitoring. My, driving the. Whole time, true. Or false. Bright, spot yeah, thanks to that. The. Teams are heading to Siem Reap the. Spiritual, center for the ancient Khmer civilization, a. Thousand. Years ago it was the largest city on earth. When. The Khmer Empire covered. All Southeast, Asia and its capital was home to a million, people but. It's. Safer, to reach the city before. Nightfall. With. Just two main roads in 170, kilometers the, navigators, can take a break from their tulip map duties. Very. Handsome. Yes. Oh you. Sleep. Oh. All, right glad you say that my job. Joining. Some tireless. Is. Meant. To be like the buddy. Oh sweet people wave. Who's that, sorry we'll, say you didn't. Chose to spin to fly. As. The Edmonds motor on Andy. And Makita need to stop regularly, to fill the Morrises smaller fuel tank we. Want to fill up yeah. The. Actual act of it yeah you've gone. Thank. You thanks hero max don't not into the sponge, it's. A chance for the team to pick up a little local knowledge so. How do we say hello. Chum. Ritsuo. Hombres, sua would, thank, you oh oh. Oh. Beth, give us a sir oh cool oh. It's. 5:30, p.m. and. The. Edmonds are still over a hundred, and twenty kilometres from Siem Reap. Lights, on your face beautiful. Noland. Liz first met late in life. But. Have been inseparable ever since. Until, you find, that, person, you, don't know how good it is I. Adore. Her I'm besotted with her and. I'm. Sure I'm not the easiest person to live with, she. Always said she would never go out with a presenter. High-maintenance. She said I. Can't. Believe I'm behind. Two. Time, it's. Okay thank. You thank. You very much. We. Do have the kind of same attitude, in life. You. Got to live it so. Many people just seem, to exist. You. Got to get out there and. Experience. Things. After. Nearly 10 hours on the road the, Sun finally sets. This Skype. The. Sleeps before sky. It's. Now 6:30, and, the main rally cars are already at the hotel. Something. But. The celebrity, stragglers, are not home and dry yet. Why. Is it my simple lights. Don't. Like the same side of the road oh whoa, whoa. This. Is madness, here you've got some cars with no lights bikes, with no lights people, on main beam I mean. Jesus, you can't see. What these people are doing. It's, not fun. More. People died on the roads than anywhere else in Cambodia, with. Next to no streetlights both. Team members need, to keep their eyes on oncoming, vehicles. Later. Today I just need to my I don't want any sound. You go just like do. It's. Like dog. Russian, Roulette yeah. Hang. Back. I wanna. Quark. These, are very big buildings, are we coming, to something. Maybe, it's a mirage. Love is definitely.

You Know getting into my face. Yes. Is turned into the, quieter, chaotic, like. Bustling. Surprises. A little. Buzzed down. I'm hopeful. Dirty. Cars. The. Edmonds are the first of the celebrity, drivers, to arrive at the hotel in Siem Reap. They're. Welcomed, by some of their fellow drivers. Yes. You're talking through it. Yeah. Clear. This area please. Hello. We. Made it I'm, squelching. Yeah. Sam. I hate to think what the view behind looks like. Tracking. 15. Minutes behind our, team Bob Geer. Rally. Cars, God. It was covered in dust, yeah. Come. Repsol yeah, sure Jim rips or. You. Your own wafer, get away from me yo every I'm new I'm nervous, mom go again yeah I'm just saying hi. To. Repsol children. Soon, yes. Soon, rip. Sword, shall. Reap soy don't, live sorry. Having. Spent the last four days traveling, the 1600. Kilometers, from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap. Today. The rally is enjoying a day off from driving. It's. A chance for the teams to carry out essential, maintenance. Coming. With us for. Some entrance though more. Drastic, action is needed. Really. Distress that one. Of these. I. Think, the cars actually got back now, now they've dust yeah girl yeah, and they look like they've been in on rally. After. Writing off their cars in Thailand, the. Kemp's alongside Tinchy, and Jordan are hoping to find replacement, cars so they can rejoin, the rally. It's. Important, to be part of the rally again in whatever capacity I'm, happy to jump on a ped I mean I'll probably be a couple weeks behind everyone, jumped, on a bed. The. Point is being part of rally oh yeah. With. No classic, cars available. They've. Come to Siem Reap premiere second-hand, car dealership, mr.. Sam's. Kind. Of dirty enough to, take across Southeast, Asia, I need a 4x4. Something. Like that we good that one oh no. That's too big and. I don't want the Corollas. Damn. We're. Driving, at a moment from Thailand, yes across Cambodia, and finishing up in Vietnam we've, lost our car the boys car, blew, up so we need two cars. Following. Rally tradition, teams, that have broken down are allowed to find what vehicle, they can so they can continue to the finishing line, yeah. Bottom attic cars. Through, this dark wine for. Surely this is a chance to find something more luxurious than, the 1972. Mini she crashed on day two. Shirley's. Comfort zone is, central. Pay really. And. Anything. Outside of that she, gets, quite stressed. And. I'm worried about Shirley, getting stressed and I'm worried about me getting stressed, because Shirley, stressed because, in those moments I I know for a fact I would rather be on my own because. I can cope with it. Oh I'm. Gonna be on it yeah you. Don't like him right now. New Oh what I'm saying is, it. Is a bit older than I thought I don't, know. Tint, you can fit bit ooh bring it as well for, Tinchy used to driving a Range Rover Sport back, in the UK these, cars still aren't right I've, never done a left hander before yeah, but isn't that easier to do on the right hand side that's supposedly. Found. One no, I'm used to lash gear once that way I'm not dancing I'm yoga, nation but these are all somatic, try. This one, your very own in that one. With. Worries about safety, and, Shirley's, concerns, about hygiene, the. Teams leave empty-handed. Do. You like those cars did you.

I Mean. We, don't know what the breaker be it. Was to be to. It's scary but I still whether or not I can just find you a car that, has belonged to a nonsmoker. Now. Something. I have promised. I think, you're taking me to extremes. The, rally must leave Siem Reap tomorrow. So. The teams have to hope an alternative, solution appears. For, the admins, with their mg, running smoothly and all oiled up for the next day's drive, there's. Some time to give their bodies a service. For. Sprightly, 69, year old legend. Of broadcasting, no led man's it's. A chance to unwind and reflect. I'd. Like to think that I, deal, with most, precious. Quite well the. Man who told me aya cancer. Dr.. Rajesh posad he said when he uttered, that terrible. Word that he dreads telling people yes you, have cancer I was, the only person to laugh and, I. Knew I had it I just sensed, it and I, knew what I was gonna do I knew, what my attitude would, be and the only time that I got worked, up about it was when I had, to tell these, because. I felt as if I the letter down. After. Successfully, battling, prostate cancer. In 2013. No. Of us come under fire for claiming his beliefs in positive, energy helped, to cure him we. Are energy, beings that's all, we, are we're. All connected everything. Is connected by energy, the. More I've got into, the science, behind it more excited, I've become about. Positive. Energy as. Being, health. The. More grateful you are in life, the. More wonderful things happen to you and the. Upside, of it is even, if I am fundamentally wrong. About the power of positive energy it's improved, my time while I was here, because. I'm more, optimistic more. Creative, more determined, to make the most of every day I, think. Something's, going to go crack. With, the Sun setting on their rest day all, of the teams have a pilgrimage, to make before leaving Siem Reap tomorrow. It's. Still racing. A short.

Tuk-tuk, Ride away. In. The middle of the jungle. Sits. A breathtaking, sight. Anker. What is, Cambodia's, spiritual, gem. The. Largest, religious monument in, the world. Built. 900, years ago over, an, area six, times bigger than Disneyworld. I. Don't. Have ever seen anything like this so I started from a movie. Honestly. Isn't it real. That. Is perfect. In. Its day and kawatte, was the centerpiece, of the largest empire, on earth. While. Europe was in the dark ages the, Khmer thrived. Amassing. Huge wealth through agriculture. And trade. It's. Unlike, anything I've ever seen. This. Is incredible. Are you feeling anything spiritual. I'm. Just in awe. Jumping, in again. I, feel. Like I'm just that. Getting not emotional. But some feeling I'm trying to think well just loads of thoughts and memories it's, amazing. Man and obviously I'm I'm holy let I pray, a prayer prayin, this is like a it's, a feeling there's something I wanna hear or know, about man I'm kind of let I don't say stunts bomb not stun bomb. As. I'm looking down you seen all these every single thing something means something it's not by accident so, its, deepest deepest deep when I'm so grateful to come here. We're. Doing selfie. There. Are many theories as to the purpose, of the temples, at Angkor Wat. While. Some believe they were built to honor Hindu, god Vishnu. Others. Think the layout was built to reflect a constellation, of stars, whose. Designers, might be of, another world. Something. About this place that. Does not make sense in. Terms of, man. Crafted. Religion. It, suggests a. Relationship with. A higher power, and, I. Think that higher power is something we have still not discovered, yeah. They knew about it and. Just. Imagine, for a moment just. A mansion, the. Places like this and places, in South America, and other parts of the world were, actually. Part of a civilization. That when it all went wrong, left. Yeah. Oh you mean leave the planet yeah. You, say something wacky to me I don't go in I. Think. To myself that's, interesting, I want, to find heartburn, so. When people challenge me on the positive energy I said you're quite happy to, accept. That when you take your mobile, phone and you send a text message to Australia, that it gets there, how. It. Just asked that question a bit though well. It's. Sort of caused it. Right. So. How is it possible that, a.

Tree, Can send a message to another tree. Fact. I'm. Gonna go dance the speaks at a month I wanna see so much yeah go okay. Report, back. Inside. The inner sanctum goatest. Monks offer blessings to those making the pilgrimage to the temple. Thank. You. Thank. You. Thank. You I thought that's really emotional, in there the all these places always make me emotional you. Know when I see the monk giving you the blessing. I've. Never been christened I've never kind of had any holy water kind of thrown on me really so I would, have regretted not getting it, done, I thought he was really spiritual. Andy's. Brother Sean died, in 1990. Of sickle cell anemia aged, just, 27, yeah. Make a wish let's make a wish for what your, family you know family, what you love my brother or the garbage oppressor, yeah okay, so I've got careful. Thank. You. Step. Up downtown. Dance. On my district my. Have. A good day for the duck you come back just. Now your, processor of stable. Jobs here we have a conductor. Yeah. -. Uncle, yeah it's, good, isn't it, it's. Perfect, thank you so much. Oh I. Came out of nowhere it does that though you know and, that's how I always feel about my brother you know that he's with. Me all the, time then sometimes I just get really overwhelmed and I just miss himself. Like. Really, strong. And I. Guess. That nobody goes away cuz he totally quite a long time ago now and I don't really, think that's ever gonna change but. I also think it. Drives. Me and, gives, me strength. To be to, do the things I need to do and be brave when I need to be brave, so. Just moments like that are really important. To me really special thing and. I for. Years sat, sat, on it and, I made myself quite ill by. Trying to just you. Know tough it out and kind of ride over, the top of it. And, they do, come. We're gonna walk he's, gonna live outside there. It's. Not bad it's just a lot is. It that way I'm lost this, place is like a maze. Five. Days ago the celebrity, teams joined, the prestigious endurance. Rally association's, road to Saigon. This. Morning a surprise. Awaits them. With. No suitable cars available in Siem Reap a deals. Been made with the nearest hire company, 300, kilometres away, they've. Delivered the Kemp stirrers new wheels to the start line a 2. Litre 2010. Nissan, Qashqai. Team. Keeping it wheel are also returning, to the rally in a hire car. Wing. Ngerous. In. Fact it's a Skoda Fabia need. A brand new day new, car, Skoda. Didn't, ever think I'll be driving a skirted cars, just about how you get pumped for comfortable, with it, fond of it you know so ain't, over yet so hopefully, it, ran smoothly it looks like tall drive better than what we had though. I'm. Just glad we got car good. We. Have written underneath other side up just in case yeah. No. You need to early, about that well. All. Of the celebrity, teams are back in the rally one, way or another. Today. They will head out of Siem Reap on the 300, kilometer, seven-hour, drive to the Cambodian capital, Phnom. Penh. I. Would. Wish you luck we don't really need that copy, right. Yeah you guys don't be fun. Away. From the breezy hills in the north and south half. The teams will have to suffer temperatures, of over 40, degrees centigrade. Oh. Good beginning. The. Other half will, be in air-conditioned. Modern vehicles, I. Do. Feel a bit bad I know I do you know I think if I was in that car looking at someone sitting in oh no I don't feel bad I'm happy, with this I know you're I'm. Really happy with this but I do feel bad for the others who, are in the hot cars. 31. Degrees. After. Getting beaten to the border by the Oliver's, sneaky, head start on the previous, leg the, Edmunds are leaving first. Let's just. Outside. Air temperature is 30 degrees, inside. The MGB, GT we, are at 33, point 1 and climbing. Rapidly. 8:12. In the morning. His shibori woody. For. Two of the drivers it's, their first time driving in Cambodia, on the right-hand side. Everyone. Is so happy here, it's. Confronting, to think how little people smile at each other at London yeah no soda yeah cause man it's almost like having more. Takes. Away some kind of. Common. Decency. The. Ones just on that rat race yeah, yeah I. Guess everyone anyway everyone's got a reason, where they but at, same time people. Say you know keep us off yourself but here that doesn't seem to, be.

Grateful For in London. Tinchy. And Jordan are on a high but. The Kemp's have mixed feelings about, their new car. I can't. Tell you how, much happier, I am but that's not the point of a rally the point of the rally is it is a classic, car rally and, don't, calm yeah. This. Is my type of injuries. Well then you should join, another rally yeah, called. Called. Higher car rally, that's right rent a car rally yeah this, isn't the reason why we came here if you like the rowdy stuff I do know, I. Owe. You. And Andy could do something, else I'm just saying, the key to could navigate, for, me. All. Right you don't have to get rid of me already no I'm just saying but. It could be a possibility. Let's. Just oh you. Know what I'll stay in this car ah there, you go. They. Might all be back on the road again we're. Veering to the right but. They're still over 2,000. Kilometers, to go before the celebrity, teams reach Saigon. In. Old fire. I will. Feel. We. Got a shocking. Breakdown, yeah we've, got the shocking accident, yeah and. Now we've got your shocking, driving. But. We're all together on, the, ramp. Scale. Sk, o d theta a if. You're in fun then we're beeping away Hong, Kong gear, move over pinchy and Jordan rapping that's colder. Next. Time. The. Team's experience deepest. Darkest, Cambodia, such a good man. And. Are, faced with their longest drive yet, one. Big gamer ticularly a minute. This, rally is a marriage wrecker. You.

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