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♪ And youth seems to gradually close there are so many love affairs ♪ ♪ There are many times being lovelorn ♪ ♪ There are so much sadness and happiness ♪ ♪ Why do we find each other ♪ ♪ Isn't that unconscious, why don't we just protect each other once ♪ ♪ Looks like it's too late ♪ ♪ I have no chance ♪ ♪ Just come over and comfort ♪ ♪ Build with you like that ♪ ♪ I wish I could go back to the old days when we walked together in the rain ♪ ♪ I'll scream loudly for the world to hear ♪ ♪ I love you! ♪ (You are ma boy) Episode 3 Trust We arrived. Where's the button? Hey... There's no button. Maybe I owe you something.

You even cannot take off the helmet. Owe? I pay now! I over slept. Did you sleep last night? What do you mean? You and Minh are together yesterday. I'm so tired of you. What? What's wrong with your hand? Ah ... my hand is scratched a little, nothing at all. I hit something that needs to be beaten.

How? Do you conceal your friends? What? Yesterday you went to eat street food with a famous idol, While I really want to go to the restaurant but I can't. It's not happy Ah... You make me remember that I must ask for money. (Although your income is better than mine, but the money is not easy to earn) (So I just accept the loss.)

(Haha... what's loss?) (I can't let you take the loss) (I don't want to be in debt, split the money !!) (Haha, you wanna be clear like that?) (But I did offer to treat you, let me do it!) What's wrong with you? I have to ask you. I'm OK. Karma you! Karma you now. Uhm...

Nam heard that just now, it was OK. Just keep going like that. Linh says nothing, Nam. Please concentrate more, Nam. This is Nam's comeback plan, not Linh.

Nevermind... Now Nam will hear when Linh is saying. Where did Nam go last night? Why did Linh not see the plan Phuc asked Nam to give me? Best of all, Nam should stop hanging around with that kind of person. It's not good for your frame.

Now, must Nam tell Linh what I do, wherever I go or with anyone? That's right. Linh is Nam's manager I have the right to know. If Nam doesn't want to be controlled, Don't come into the entertainment company anymore. Only with a small action of Nam, all of those here could be out of work. Finish the meeting here.

How scolded is speech! She scolded that make me so scare. So scared of women. Nevermind.. Let's go to a coffee for some relief. Uhm, Ok.

Ah... Help me give it for Ha. Give it for Ha? Oops? Are you assistant or me now? Because of you Because of you, my eyes are dark like this. Now I meet her, the other eye is not healed. And this is working time. Didn't you see Linh is so angry? Uhm.

Nevermind it. But I see you invest a lot today. Who lets you see? But... I don't see you smile happily like that a long time ago. Let's come there.

Alo I'm here mother. When can you back home? Your father is so weak. Go home to visit your dad. Yes But does he want to meet me? Yes. You only need to promise him to manage the bakery. It's not OK mom.

Just promise. He'll pleased and quickly recover. Not OK. I can't promise without doing it. Hey, where do you go? Why are you so sad? What's this gift? Whose? This is the gift of...

Ah, confessing love is fail, right? Oh my God Seeing your face, I know you are fail in love. There's nothing. So tension. What's the matter? Nothing. Are you wandering around alone without something? It's going to rain Don't say that you intend to emerse in the rain. I like.

Your hobby is so strange. Did you not like taking rain showers when you were a child? It's that. Children like taking rain showers because they feel happy Once the adult wants to take a rain shower, the adults definitely have confidence.

How? Nothing at all. Nothing... No problem. Do you think I'm a 3 years old child that believe your words? So what? What do you concern me for? You are VIP customer of my store. You buy cafe and cakes everyday, so I must concern you better than others. Why do you stop while walking? Sorry.

I'm keep going, OK? Uhm. Oops? Why do you scold me and then suddenly stopped? Uh.. This is my house. Let's go home carefully by car. If you still want to confide when you are at home, Call me baby.

Bye bye. Thank you. It's only been two days that you've saved me twice. What? It's new day.

New day? Oh my God, Is it so late now? Uhm. It's raining, let's book a car. If you are sick, I'm also I'm also beaten so much Uh...

I scare there's no car this time. Maybe you can't book a car now. Let's wait a minute, I'll drive you.

Probably so. Now I can't book a car. Maybe after 15 minutes, the rain will end. Do you want to drink something? Let me make a cup of cocoa. Thank you. I have help you twice.

Can you help me one thing now? How? Let tell me Why did you go around alone? If I tell you, you are helping me I don't help you anything. Where? That's you help me. Because if you tell me, I'll have something to say with... With who? With your real fan who makes me try to have your signature. & Heart rate is increasing& & The mind is non-stop decreased & That's enough, I tell It's you. Refuse a toast only to drink a for feit.

Let's tell Why don't you study? You only watch TV all day to hear music and dance Let's study now. Watch out for me. Why do you always play the guitar and sing? Give me the guitar.

The exam is coming. You must study. Hey dad, let's eat apple. If you disobey me, leave home. Don't be back here, OK? What an rude and disloyalty son! Leave my home.

Nam... Nam Nam, don't leave. What are you doing? Come in, Nam... Let him go.

Nam... You should cherish your parents They can't live with us too long. But I'm considering this and don't know how to say. Let's tell it. I always listen to you. Do you not feel hot? Oh... I thought I was sitting next to you so my body temperature rise quickly

I'm an idol, not a stove. I hear that an idol is so hot, isn't it? So an idol is as well as human Let me turn on the air-conditioner Do you think I like you? Let me turn on the air-conditioner Why is there no wind? Do you know how to fix it? Don't make it broken. Don't disregard others. Oh my God How long have you didn't clean it? Let see. The dust does not form layers but becomes lumps.

Maybe a lot of bacteria live here. Have you exaggerate? Oh my God Give me a bucket and a towel. Hurry! Oh... Do you wash your face? So crazy! Hurry up! Now you wet the towel and wring it dry, give it to me to wipe this. Oh my God, It is said that Men are most glamorous when they are working. It's true.

How? Do you like me? Ahh You are crazy Don't kidding. Who will take responsibilty for my life if I have some problems? It's OK now. If everyone use the air-conditioner like you, mechanics probably quit the job Uh so... Omg cockroach! What? Here.

Where? Here, step on it, it's here. What? Right your foot. What? Watch, beware... Step, step, step... Do you also scare cockroach? Everyone scare it. Your chest is so hard.

I have something harder. You have kill that cockroach. There is only a cockroach, you also fear.

Then step foot on it until it die. The life giving birth to me but also there is a specie that is both ugly, dirty, and foul, and can fly. What makes you laugh? Am I a joke for you? I'm sorry. Don't tension. How's you now? Are you going to come back with your parents? I don't know. If no....

I'll come back together with you. How? Do you like me? Wake up. I come back with you as a represent of your fan to give you more motivations. Do you understand? Fighting! Uhm... It's OK. Can you come with me on the weekend? Uh. Ok, it's not raining I go home.

You also know the way to go home. Uhm. & Thundering & It's not OK Maybe heaven doesn't support me It doesn't support me too. Ah What? Do you still have empty spaces in your bed? Let me here overnight.

He still haven't come here this moment. Eh. Oops! Why do you startle like seeing a ghost? It is strange if I'm not afraid when you stand behind me. Luckily, I have a strong heart.

If no, you must raise me in whole life. Raise you? Small issue. You raise and then eat, right? Looking at your face, I know you want me.

Crazy boy. I know it's not easy to eat me, but why do you breath so much? I scare you wait me too long, I try to run here in only one minute and thirty seconds. So shy. But I must still wait for you. Let's go to bus station.

Let me carry your suitcase. You just fully armed preparation. Hey... Wait a little My company's car is coming. Why don't say at first? Have you use car sickness medicine? I'm not sick when traveling by train, boat or plane Traveling by car is nothing.

Uhm. Oh? There is someone say that they are not car sickness. Hey, drink it.

When did you buy it? I bought it before. I know certainly there is someone will be car-sick. Thank you. You are in the store all day and rarely go out. Hey Drink it and sleep I'll call you on arrival.

Let's keeping sleep. What are you doing? I don't need it. Now you are not based on me, right? I'll based on you. Oh... hey guy? So talkative. You cough a lot, let me take you to the hospital to check again.

Go to the doctor all the time but it doesn't recover. You say that all time. Drink a little water. Are you waiting for someone? No, I'm not waiting. Don't wait him.

He'll not come back. What are you saying? He's also your son. I don't have disloyalty son like him. Don't remind him with me. Hey Where do you go? Why don't you come in your home? Go to Sai Gon. Are you crazy? I have been with you here, if you don't come in, I'll come.

Hey... I changed your mind, go back to Sai Gon. It's not OK Your father is sick, you must be filial with him. Come on, OK. You still scold loudly when you are sick. You cough again, can you see? Best at all, until now, you never remind about him.

Do you understand? What did you insist to keep that old thought for? You don't see that our son is successful, He also has his fans and money. Come on, let's go. Give up my hand Do you dare to step more? You are a man but so weak.

Hey! I'm not weak. There is doorbell, let me see who it is. Helllo aunt Oh, who do you want to meet? Mom, I just go home. Oops Nam, are you back? Give me. Oh God, your dad is waiting for you.

Come in, please. Hey aunt, let's me carry it. Oh, you are... I'm Duong, Nam's friend. When? Uhm...

I'm older than you. Don't mess. Come in, please. Yes mom. Do you still know the way to go home? I think you'll leave forever. Oh God, Our son just come back. What are you saying? Dad Are you still know I'm your dad? How lucky I am! You scold and cough again, can you see? Dad, I just back.

Let you see these unhappy things, I'm so shy. Nothing at all. Are you Nam's friend? I huff him so I say that Make yourself at home. Thank you. Hey! Can you live together with Nam in his room? Yeah, I'm raised easily. I can live anywhere.

Please. & Knocking the door sounds & Come in. I'm still a guest. I don't dare to do anything.

Are you calm down? I always calm. Everything can be solve Just sit tight. Your father is angry, you must calm Then everything will be solved.

He's still so. He didn't listen to me. I make efforts during four years to prove him, but after all, He don't consider me only once Hihihi.

So what? Are you tired? Take a bath and sleep. Let me dress for you. Nevermind, you take a bath first. Let take a shower together. Stop it.... I take shower first.

Eh! What are you doing? Let me go. Take shower together. What are you playing? Let me go. Let me go.

A little, I insist. Release me.... Is Duong still intact? Don't kidding that way.

I prepare...Oh. End of episode 3

2021-01-24 12:53

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