Engaging people for nature - This is our EVS

Engaging people for nature - This is our EVS

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Hi-yah. I was just visiting other, places here listening, to different culture. So you're in the right place. See Beckham is not quite as its center theme the ancient perfect mythology, and, places. And sagas as always, going on and on with the cultural development of a population so, you're right, perfect. Place to start my journey and. Can, you tell me something more. My. Job is to accompany our tourist to discover. The beauties of the park and the. Story that runs through it so we can go that's, good. What. Is this, this. Is the Tree of Life it shows, our smell, it's an environment, and their interpretation, of the structure, of the world and you, can also find it in the cultural and it as, people, enjoyed liberation. A very, interesting, so, this is not the real tree isn't it no of course it's not a. Special, part our main goal is the protection, of landscape, my diversity, but, I can show you something similar ok. Wow, this. Is actually a really huge but. How, old is it six hundred years old, this orchid part of our natural heritage but, it's not the only charming place in this part we, all serve a mythological thought, through the forest with such as carving stone. Representing. The main gods of the Lithuanian, factor. So. Sorry, there must be a lot of sagas, and legends connected, with nature here but do you know them all I'm, working, on it but it's another ending learning process, so did you take a lessons kind, of actually, our nature school it's another big part of the work here instead wettable let, me show you something. As. A volunteer, and you're both to learn as well with children and educational, programs or. Sometimes. Just as photographer, as you can see from the amount of pictures. So. This is literally, a magical, place isn't it it's, true but now it's time to go I have to visit Stefania. From our city initial part just, went two kilometres from here okay, so have. A nice trip thank, you bye. It's. A deep friendship equals, poor blood relationship, there. Are so many amazing aspects. Of the tagging relation, between people, and bees in this way Nia bees, were sacred were part of the family and were highly respected. As. You. Can see in the museum you can discover, about honeybees about legends, traditions, and how beekeeping, developed and important. You can also understand, the value of bees. In. The Gremory you can see some tents these, are just few examples of, the thousands, fans that. Are pollinated, by this Oh. So the party it's a good place for cultural, environmental education. Exactly. Now come with me we move from these two dragons, okay. But. What is the dragon. Actually. We're on it, this is she mr. sweet. It's. A marine left, from the glacier, in the last ice age all the area was shaped by the glacier, which created, such a special, place with more than 120, lakes, about 150.

Kilometres Of rivers and specific. Habitats, for many and rare species. This. Place is amazing, feels like being on an island in the middle of the lake well. Things, you can see are six different lakes and on, this hill. People used to make sacrifices to, the. God that's led up the Great Mother of the earth and still, it's an important place for celebrations. Tourists. Come here to really enjoy nature, mostly without damaging. It indeed. The stuff of the park got people around so they can appreciate this, magic place but also understand. Why it is important, to protect the cultural, and natural, heritage. So. Sarah this is my Super Bowl now I go to visit event original. Just. Pay attention to the board because these kind of trips are full of surprises, okay, bye, bye bye. Hi. Stefania, I'm doing some bird monitoring, how about you. Well. Today, I'm specifically, monitoring, for Kingfisher. Kingfisher's. I'm the red list of in dangerous, missions in, fact there are so few of them that every, year there is a monitoring, to maintain control of their numbers as an Erasmus plus volunteer. I managed, to take part in its to help with the conservation, efforts really, naturing. The Venter Regional Park is fascinating, with undreds of higher constitutional. More, than 100, species of birds including, the, last Espada meal and my story, and so. Many many more species of animals over. Here we all work for the conservation. And. She was just helping me with. The. Jurassic alcoves, in pappyland and it's vicinities, are unique in the baltic region and our great scientific significance the. Outcrops, attract researchers, on Jurassic period and are visited, by students, of geology, from vinius university each summer, due. To the long history of investigation. Rich, collections, of forces from papillae are exposed. In geological, museums of many, European cities with. More than 300, species of forces having. Been identified. In Jurassic, rocks present, here. This. Tower is only 15 is high but it is perfect for wonderful view of the expressive, value of the river, appeal it's own and its attractions, as, all to use we normally work around, here helping the staff maintain the park in the best conditions, to receive visitors. Hi. Guys, so. Funny wants to meet your friends, I have to go to the center right psalm education. Actually. My friend is. Already here Oh handsome. Honest, I hadn't seen you there so, how long have you been living in papilla I. Moved. About billing. 1861. So, not that long ago I. Died. Here in 1864. But, truly I am alive in the heart of all trainings. Being, the first story, in an order to start writing in your native language between. Abstemious, region, due to its cultural, offers, amongst. Them my house here, in papilla which nowadays, is, the Simonis. Now contest' Memorial. Museum or, for, example the, pharmacy, Museum in Vienna, which. Operates. Out of one, of the oldest, pharmacy, buildings, in the entire country. Hey. Sandra. Don't you also have, a museum, at your visitor, center. Indeed. We do Simona's and now we are going there to meet Antonio. This. Visitor's, center was built in 2015. And it houses an exhibition, that really details the best parts of venturi, general park in all, its aspects, natural. Paleontological. And cultural. It is, our pleasure to work here as volunteers and, to be able to resist tourists from all over the, world and it, is definitely not a problem to interact with everybody since. We at the park can speak seven different languages. Linnaean. English. Russian. Polish. Italian. Portuguese, and, Spanish, so. Don't, be shy come and visit. Like militia. So. Let's go enjoy. So. Do you travel. To other parks in a very cool experience. I, think I'm gonna go and check what he's doing. Gordo. Amber's. Comes, from the sea, I'm receptors. On the beach of the great storm a security, and the sea comes down. From. The 30 century. Business. Abuses, long and a scalloped scrutiny. Yeah. The Dutch one has landscape, yourself in my use Rachel parts covers, 100, tragedy, attack teleports. The, highest point is calling the Dutch one has healed and it is a powerful community, device out of the scene at 24, meters and was blown over, by Amorian, reach and, this is the hyper speed of seashore, anyway.

Oh. In. Good condition, I start, to paint. And. Now let's go to fill the fish what's, good. Now. I don't know if my job is to feed the fish of this aquarium, where we can found the throw and the father of the buttocks. So. Quarrier what else you do here, we also monitoring, the local fauna by, using a trap, camera and dispirited. Camera, cocked, picture. Of deer. Green. And. White Peaks, and. Now. I need to monitoring the Quran, let's go let's, go let's go. So. Claudio why are we here and why, are we dressed like this we. Came here because we need to monitor in, the Quran and we have this suite. Because this world the tech a lot. Nobody. Wants to be covered in colorful yes, no they didn't, know you, must know that until 2015. Cobras, came here just to ask for tree but, for 2016. The status to settle here and the population, always go a lot in last figures in, fact in, 2016. The number of nests was, 86, and last. Year's this. Number, increased a lot arrived. 5, under 250 nets and. Now, let's, go to count how many nest days this year. Super. Glue how many nasty recounts I can't 400 knots cog, 315. Yeah the total is 750. Of operations, groans, Wow. It's. Really a good time to go swimming. I love, you but. Five. Field. Jara. Oh, I. Was waiting for you welcome to the original car 52 minute thank you but, it's a little bit colder this morning oh yes, I ever a, towel, in my backpack, oh cool. What. Are you doing here I'm, cutting rid oh why. The, portal for the ecosystem oh yes. But. The overgrowth, occupy. Sites of other plants and shirts. Become. Inaccessible. To, the holidaymakers. Due. To human impact and for the fertilizer reads, go faster, and higher, and. It's also, important, to take the cut weeds out from, the water because. They could deposit on the bottom and the, lake could, tilt up accelerating. The process of transformation, of the lake in, swamp and, they impress it but, are you the only one who does this work, oh no. I'm not every. Summer a lot of people are involved in cutting rates like, locals. Abs. And international, volunteers, the, Directorate, of the Regional, Park of T to vinay and also the municipality. As the, Avs volunteer, I'm glad to help the society to, take care of the environment, I feel useful. I'm. Really curious for the surprise it's a party. Piece. Of energy under focus I have some pictures. I. Can. Show you it's.

The Biggest event here, in t2 Vinay I have, per day organization. It was instituted in 2010. As a simple, trip ride bike now. There are a lot of activities, and competition, for adults, and children cool. Which. Activities, for. Example you can play volleyball basketball. Paddling. Race, by bike and others, after, the award. Ceremony, for the winners there are usually love, avenger who sing and play the night hand, so with dances, oh it's. A pity will be for the next year but now I want to know the surprise. What. Are they there. Are cranes. Really. Amazing, amazing. Every. Year hundreds. Of them come through Scandinavia. Of the looks of Tama they. Stay in Lithuania, for about two weeks and, then, they move her for the winter waiting room our country's. In. Something, Europe and northern Africa. Queen, is also, the similar of our Park because. This area has one of the most important, swing for only for you with Queens the Gathering. Hi. ELISA. Oh hi, Kiera, how are you I am so surprised to see you here yes, I'm here to see the beauties, of Russia, my team is on fire oh great you won't be disappointed. But what, are you doing with this oh this. Is an entomological imagined. I was doing a butterfly monitoring, you, know as a volunteer, here, I often, help ecologists. To monitor, and preserve, our precious biodiversity. But, now you see the Sun is gone so, but. I think you will be tired why, don't we go to our visitor, center and get a cup of coffee maybe yes. I really need it okay come on. Here. Often, I have visited. With schoolchildren and. The finest I show them our exhibition. The. Ground floor is all about history of gluttony and gematria National, Park in stem 50 90 91, to preserve, landscapes. Cultural. Traditions, of the region t/ta, region, I'd like to. Do. You know that this lake is the deepest cleanest, and the largest one of also, military region Wow, amazing. And. What. You, hear. Is all about nature, you. Can touch wood smell. Flowers. See. It read about different, wild, animals, and hear their goals - can. I try. But. You also talk about culture. And tradition, yes let's. Go dances I will show you something, really really unique, a platinum. We. Are amusing things or capture, those men, lovely. 19th, century but. Yes. Okay. But. We're not here for this table come with me. This. Is the widest, and most peculiar. Exposition. Of ogia, Venice the traditional, Shrovetide. Here. Are stored, more than 200. Handcrafted. Masks, even if, this is the Christian, celebration, here. It is still strongly, connected with, the seasonal, victory, of spring, on winter and every.

Character, Has a specific, meaning. What. A surprising, place, can. I try one of them yes, of course when, I should have one here. Okay. Oh. What. Is this. This. Is one of the four missile, silos, of the base they used to contain nuclear, rockets well. And. Now and now, we can see it inside over, there there is the old entrance, we will see inside. It. Should be the entrance. I. Introduce. To you the Siberia, tower Wow. Amazing. From. Here you can see all the most typical, landscape so visual mightier National Park. Old. Full Christic villages, made swamps. Forests. And I, as a volunteer. Can, play an active role in preserving and, promoting all, this heritage, by. Cooperating, in exchanging. Ideas with a local community. It's. Very charming landscape what. Else I would. Really like to tell you about our, pathways. And, our nature, monuments. And our culture, heritage, more but now. It's time for me to go to the Kea National Park so. I live. My magic, back to you thank. You have, a nice trip thank you see you soon listen. What. Is the railway doing in the middle of the road oh yeah, we, are so close to Belarus, so, in the past they, used to go to below. Us with. This railway, but now, it's closed. So. What is this amazing. Place, here. We are at Chick Corea state, reserve, this. Is the very heart of the valley the largest, race bog of whole area. Everywhere. In the park, you see pine woods but here nature, was at its best as, for, biodiversity. It, all began with. A post glacial lagoon, Shores was. Sent, was, blown, away to, form sandy, dunes then. Humidity. And warmer temperatures led. To an excess, of moisture, that, combined, with precipitation. Gave. Way to the formation of wetlands. And. Characteristics. Where. Are we now we, re mistaken. It's still, part of the sukhiya National Park famous. For its beekeeping, tradition, when, I learned more about it of course, show me let's, go. These. Will. Help us make. Candles. Look. At that, here. Inside it's works, he told start with words taken. Directly, from here, from the apiary and. What's, next let's, see first do you need to have the instrument, okay. You. Wrap it around the stick. And. Once you did that just. Rub. It to, keep them together. And. Once, we did this, the. Wax should be matted, Hey look it. Is my, turn, yeah. So. Let's. Make candles, once the wax is melted, you, can submerge. The frets in the, hot wax. One. Two, three, more. Times until you. Get the, final result.

Here's. A present for you. Sukhiya. National Park in all of this beautiful, work and I hope this. Candle, will guide, you through your, journey for. Sure this, will guide me but not just me this. Light.

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