Enjoy most romantic Valentine's Day 2021 | Sharjah Collection by Mysk | Vlogs by Zubinology

Enjoy most romantic Valentine's Day 2021  | Sharjah Collection by Mysk | Vlogs by Zubinology

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*Sings an old classic malayalam song* I believe you all (mallus) would have heard this song But not like this, an entire vlog of this song had gone viral where we went to CZN Burak on instagram We are on our way to 2 facilities that are a part of Sharjah tourism 2 sustainability projects And nobody has been able to visit this place yet So today we, team UAE mallu vloggers will be visiting there and showing you all the facilities there So please be a part of this video and watch it fully Do let us know your feedback down in the comments We are almost near our first spot Take this exit All this is in Sharjah itself If we take the University Maliha road straight we get this exit After this exit we have 35 kms remaining This is our first place Al Badayar Retreat So we have reached our first destination Along with us we have all the star mallu food bloggers This is the first time that we are coming here We have come to see what all are the facilities that are there This was an unexpected plan for all of us We are the VIP guests of today is what they have said We are inside now! A traditional heritage vibe it is That's an old mosque Firstly we are greeted with a towel This is very refreshing We should have had the dates first As soon as we got in you could see the greeting The Qahwa was really good as well as the dates Now they are going to explain everything to us seated there The lunch is ready, it's around 1:30, let's go and see First we had middle eatern dishes then Greek and now French Every type of dish is available here It's very fishy, everyone may not like it This is our jacket, we expected it to be cold here but it isn't Anyways expecting it to become colder in the evening we will reach our next destination by then He is our main guy who co ordinated everything They have an entire area back there only for women It's worth a visit for everyone, do come and check it out They take you out to the dessert as well There are horses, camels and all I think they charge you 50 dhs for the camel They have archery as well as bonfire and all there It's like a camp fire and not for barbecue or so It's a nice spot, a good resort for getaway in the dessert It is very rich in heritage, they say they follow things from the medivial ages They follow all such stuffs here It's quite a different experience I have never seen such a place in Sharjah Great view! A little tiring to get up here but worth the efforts This is 1000 dhs for 2 hrs for a couple There will be private chef and all for you two No we are heading to the rooms This is the standard room, all of us first check how clean is the toilet when going somewhere right They have really good washrooms! There's a tent as well, which we will show you now We are about to show you the house villas These are the rooms in high demand here and the rate is around 3000 Dhs No idea what is going on here, it's filled with cars It was told there are only 4 rooms here, so let's go check out We can see the exact sunset here It's a nice vibe here, everyone is seated in bean bags and enjoying the sunset We are here at Al Faya Retreat and here they have provided us with a sunset view dining area We just witnessed how Brazilian coffee is made We will be eating all this now and letting you know the reviews This is for Bonfire, at night during the cold it's really nice here The sunset was from this side, they have placed everything according to that If after watching this video you liked the place, there's a great opportunity for you Follow me and this hashtag on instagram, share all our contents and give us your feedback We will be giving you an offer over here To know what it is follow us on instagram and check our stories The camel meat is not so widely available The meat is very soft and tender It's a really good place for couples, after the sunset a dinner in such a cozy ambiance The lamb chops are really juicy and tasty, the previous plate was a little overcooked but this is perfect

2021-02-05 00:41

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